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  1. How to automatically overwrite files w/VB macro?
  2. MultiLingual Application (English/Espanol)
  3. VB.NET or regular VB ?
  4. VB and Access
  5. Can the name of a Class Module be obtaigned dynamically?
  6. Automated Word Mail Merge in VB 6.0 and XP
  7. format conversion
  8. Print MS Access report form visual basic
  9. Logging onto web page, sample
  10. Help needed for getting Software projects
  11. Textbox Maxlength mystery
  12. how to get adapter (adaptor) name from connection name
  13. Getting the Entry Points of a DLL
  14. Database application with Visualbasic front end and foxpro backend
  15. VB code to TELNET a port and get status
  16. File System Watcher - Renamed Event - Watcher Failing to detect Some files
  17. error message about msdxm.ocx
  18. Help in translating a few lines of C
  19. Determining width/height of graphic?
  20. MS Word to BMP
  21. Deleting Regedit Values in Visual Basic 6
  22. Integers
  23. Integers/Strings
  24. Arrange Text in a ListBox?
  25. Quitting "Word.Application" Help Please
  26. Timer1 problem.
  27. Why is Class_Terminate method being invoked?
  28. graph32.ocx in XP?
  29. Determine Code Line Count...
  30. Simple games?
  31. Where's me underscores?
  32. Control Array
  33. How long will VB be around?
  34. Select all in text box
  35. Error handling in property procedures
  36. Stupid Code
  37. Mouse position?
  38. Include
  39. Stupid code
  40. visual tool for brainstorming and planning
  41. vb4's User.exe, how to get them in vb6?
  42. Trapping the Export button click on Crystal Reports
  43. in code objects
  44. Inlining?
  45. excel
  46. screen.fonts() returns wrong name?
  47. Trappable Errors
  48. Copying Form contents
  49. Menu Bar in 3D
  50. Passing forms bwtween projects is vb net
  51. maybe weird question
  52. Network shares
  53. Trap Input
  54. List box behaviour
  55. undo-redo for listview
  56. Numeric data validation problem in class module property get/let routines
  57. Snmp agent
  58. simulating d/click in a Dir box item to open the directory above the current selected
  59. How do you get bitmap data?
  60. Visual Basic: how to use DLL
  61. Sliders not possible to get disabled
  62. Drawing lines using Image Editor toolbar
  63. Sending a jpg file to internet explorer from my VB program, How???
  64. VB.Net does not kill off procceses attached to vb6 activeX object
  65. Getting handle on Handles?
  66. Serializable Objects in Collections Over a Web Service
  67. More Word VBA peculiarities
  68. MS Word - Adding FormFields dynamically through VBA - Help!
  69. Returning an array from a function
  70. KAR-fileformat
  71. Registring the COM
  72. Help with Banner control formation
  73. Is it possible to access and search in Clipper databases
  74. Stupid Code :o)
  75. Using 2 instances of Line and PSet on same image?
  76. Enumeration vs making a list
  77. database and query
  78. Internet Transfer Control not Timing out?
  79. Would there happen to be...
  80. Get time event at a specific time
  81. default for command box
  82. Boot Sector
  83. Help with VB .net
  84. Call executable and get output
  85. Tax calc
  86. VB6 vs VB5?
  87. Send snmp trap
  88. "Cannot Quit" error in application when shutting down WinNT 4.0
  89. Disconnecting from LAN
  90. VB.Net Standard 2003 and MSDE
  91. Creating programs that will control my computer
  92. read from LAN
  93. How do you execute code that resides in a Text File...
  94. Accessing the Created Instance of a form in my modules
  95. Function to build string from array...
  96. Converting from UNC to local path
  97. Arrays of controls
  98. Anagram a word
  99. VB6 Install Problem
  100. Can't keep regional date in SQL
  101. determine the maximum ubound of multiple arrays in a clean fashion
  102. Knowing from VB6 when a file is completely trasferred
  103. Writing to Files
  104. autofill combobx
  105. network communications
  106. ADO SQL statement coming back wrong
  107. VB File System Object and Removable Storage
  108. File comparison question
  109. Timing out calls to wininet.dll
  110. a DLL in C problems
  111. Mouse Move Event Question
  112. Resizing jpg?
  113. file attachment in vb 6 and access 2000
  114. ADO Event InfoMessage
  115. ADO Scallable Search
  116. VB6.0 UserControl Transparency with PSet issues
  117. Trouble using the Collection Object
  118. Help with array of objects
  119. Setting the enter key for a specified task
  120. Download VB6 Run-Time DLLs only if needed, how?
  121. ADO and MySQL database problem
  122. query problem
  123. Drawing on a Window from an Array?
  124. MSDN Library
  125. MAPI vs. Outlook OCX Using VB 6.0
  126. why won't this simple code work???
  127. papersize or paperbin
  128. Runtime error 91
  129. Execute other Program...
  130. Shuffle card deck
  131. Form order in a Project
  132. setting height of main area of form (excluding titlebar)
  133. Bar Codes in VB
  134. DataReport Memory Leak Problem
  135. getting error 12007 from httpSendRequest ApI function
  136. Passing an HTML form to an VB component
  137. type in a class problem
  138. Value of a "string"
  139. Ignorant
  140. Registration Dll
  141. Optimizing code
  142. Accessing data from one form from main form in Visual Basic 6
  143. Version Comparison
  144. How to get procedure names in DLL's
  145. visual version compatibility
  146. Create new network drive in VB.NET
  147. Date Time Picker and empty databases
  148. Access 2000 and SQL
  149. Date Time Picker + Database
  150. Shaping Polygons
  151. If the form you want to load at runtime isn't the first form created
  152. Enter key to activate
  153. Help Sending newsgroups with vb6
  154. selecting Microsoft Data Binding Collection reference
  155. simple question...
  156. How can I order the nodes in a TreeView? (VB5)
  157. .NET Prof. Ed.
  158. help.
  159. Deny access to a tab
  160. Alternate Colors on DBgrid rows
  161. printing multiple pages
  162. Porting 16 bit to 32 bit
  163. Academic Research
  164. new to using format$(xxxxxxx."currency")
  165. Directx and keybd_event
  166. text boxes
  167. printing contents of a textbox in vb 6.0
  168. Referencing an Instance of a Form
  169. Visual Basic encryption libraries Vs. Delphi
  170. Capture text from active window like PGP
  171. ado datacontrol refresh
  172. Cna i program VB6 to VB.NET ??
  173. Very very simple
  174. Suggest a reporting tool?
  175. Connect to Paradox Table
  176. MS Access Icons available in VB6?
  177. LPR using VB
  178. Recordset won't open in specified mode, WHY???
  179. How do I make a form stay on top and is there a way to change the taskbar Icon color?
  180. Forms Collection
  181. Visual Basic MUD??
  182. UNICODE support in VB 6.0
  183. Possible to get a remote computer's system information?
  184. Reading Files with GET
  185. Datareport with NO datasource specified
  186. How to setup a PPP connection with VB6.0?
  187. Update 2nd table from text
  188. Still same search problem
  189. Defining a default function for the Enter button
  190. the 'getpath' command
  191. API Confused
  192. Don't escape "=" or ";" in URL
  193. Convert textbox contents to files
  194. How to determine the Operating System (95/98/XP)
  195. Query when textbox is changed in VB 6.0
  196. Code Generators for VB
  197. How to prevent the menu of the right button of the mouse to appear in a Textbox ?
  198. Obtaining Windows' Version Information... OK... but can I do it remotely?
  199. Opening printer port.
  200. How to unload after a Close?
  201. search in vb 6.0
  202. MS Access Database Replication from VB
  203. .dll's not registering with deployed dhtml
  204. Print manager: set title of print job
  205. help: can't save picture with pset on it
  206. Detect whether clicks are inside or outside a flexgrid
  208. problem with external dll
  209. how can i install only VB documentation from MSDN
  210. Possible to return a list of installed software titles through VB?
  211. Visual Basic MUD?
  212. KeyLogger Help
  213. ANSI-compatible telnet application?
  214. OLEDragDrop w/ Directory and File List Boxes?
  215. VB developers needed; fluency in Hindi required, H-1B OK
  216. Vb code works in vb not by self
  217. Drag file onto my apps icon
  218. GetIPFromHostName(ByVal sHostName As String) returns empty string?
  219. How to save a VB6 form to file at runtime?
  220. printing
  221. Database Index
  222. problem: Crystal Reports 9 & vb6 (only after installation of centura runtime) - some integers empty
  223. text to picBox
  224. Automatic Download the missing patches
  225. Programatic scrolling of web browser comtrol
  226. total amount
  227. VB6 application automation question
  228. Password Usage
  229. Open password protected Excel workbook in Visual Basic
  230. Printer installation script..
  231. ADO problem runtime error
  232. " Unrecognized Database Format 'xxx.mdb' " error message.....
  233. Visual Fox Pro
  234. sendkeys, keybd_event, sendmessage/postmessage directx?
  235. changing font type in RTB
  236. Lanciare un eseguibile
  237. How do I see DB data in my project???
  238. I don't know why but sometimes, this software 'forget' one or a few mails ...
  239. Question about how to use INET
  240. Wierd CommonDialog MultiSelect problem.
  241. Java Serialised Objects through .NET
  242. Using .NET to access Java Serialised Objects.
  243. Question about ADODB
  244. Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0 provider and mdac_type.exe
  245. 32-Bit Icons with an Image control
  246. finding numbers in RTB
  247. What happened to the Setup and Deployment Wizard?
  248. Registering VB4 OCX's in XP?
  249. Purchase info VB6
  250. Outlook Object & Vb6
  251. Components with VB5 on XP
  252. need to write VB app - never done so - HELP!
  253. why does vb html email arrive as attachment?
  254. visual basic error
  255. memory could not be "written" when application terminates
  256. optimize code
  257. creating a file format
  258. Password problem with AS400 from Windows 2000 (ADO)
  259. VB 6 statement question
  260. Unknown Licensing Error
  261. Help: webbrowser control and vbscript
  262. Custom browser using WebBrowser control
  263. Playing a WAV File?
  264. Trapping/Validating Paste'd data
  265. problem with passing "Page" as parameter
  267. Subclassing problem... CROSS
  268. advanced search in RTB
  269. looping throught sub
  270. Visual Basic .NET pointers
  271. FileSystemObject in Visual Basic
  272. How do I know....
  273. A question of Excel...
  274. VB6: Packaging Problem
  275. SingleUse of an object in a VB dll
  276. Global Error Handler
  277. Capturing key events...
  278. Visual Basic for Applications - WRQ Reflection
  279. vba with Word question
  280. Who has read Advanced Visual Basic by Matthew Curland
  281. Code Editor
  282. about XP-look
  283. Reading values from a textbox
  284. INET problem
  285. Goto: & Labels
  286. opening a file that exists, but says it doesn't
  287. Printer.line Help Please.
  288. Good Source code
  289. Catching up closing a form
  290. Sorting a text array.
  291. Command on the press of a key?
  292. Packaging / Installation Issues - VB6 & Win2000 - ??
  293. Open a file
  294. Passing objects as arguments to a function/sub
  295. String Array Space
  296. form search access?
  297. treeview AD code inside - need help
  298. Open Windows "Active Directory Users and Computers" dialog
  299. Using non American date formats with Microsoft Access and Visual Basic
  300. control in a form
  301. ATP (Analysis Tool Pak)
  302. VB: How to change command captions AND how to create objects after compilation ?
  303. Global Variable Declaration
  304. Crashing getfileversioninfo function, what did I do wrong ?
  305. vb/Excel: How to read an excel file in a column WITHOUT specifying the range ??
  306. Joins, Execution And Stuff
  307. Picture Problem - jpg won't load
  308. ShowInTaskbar VB6
  309. how to interpret the  symbol
  310. formatting or deleting the contents of a disk.
  311. differences between VB6 and VB.NET ?
  312. Accessing Oracle from VB
  313. ActiveX Property Page Issue in Visual Basic 6
  314. How do I shorten Someclass.Class.SOMEFLAG to just SOMEFLAG
  315. Est-il possible d'exécuter seulement un msgbox dans l'événement clik d'une ToolBar mais ...
  316. Finding specific char in a rtf file
  317. help with right click shell intergration please
  318. C plus plus vs C Sharp
  319. Read file bigger than 2 Gb
  320. Updating Application outside the template
  321. Help: WebBrowser Control
  322. opening folder
  323. Insufficient base table information for updating or refreshing ...
  324. read BIOS or HDD or Machine Serial Number
  325. OLE
  326. VB TreeView Background Color issue
  327. Determining the required column width of a ListView control
  328. Printing a flexgrid that runs off the bottom of the page
  329. app running as os service?
  330. Rich Text Control SelBold settings
  331. Combinations...
  332. Really need help with this one please.
  333. Microphone Input Level
  334. image display inconsistencies
  335. Datagrid Control
  336. How 2 print Reports from VB 6.0
  337. Setting up an installer to install a VB app on an NT Server 4.0
  338. format word Document usin VB
  339. Can't load coolflex.ocx
  340. creating a folder on each drive
  341. Getting Mail ID
  342. HOW: waiting for Shell process to complete?
  343. Modem
  344. VB6 opening screen ?
  345. printing problem
  346. Drawing handles for vb controls
  347. How to write a remote server management software?
  348. Disabling all textboxes on a SSTab
  349. VB:How to import the data of a excel file to Access
  350. using word.printout in vbscript
  351. input within a textbox in VBA
  352. calling functions from one vbscript from another
  353. Where can I get VB6?
  354. Table name and RecordSource
  355. Recordset
  356. VB6 IDE Bug?
  357. Dynamic modification of code
  358. Where am I?
  359. How did they Hack my VB6 EXE passwords inside my APP???
  360. How can I get this to work Please!
  361. what replaces contol arrays in VB.NET?
  362. ESC/POS Command
  363. keyboard input to contol animation
  364. Strange, strange...
  365. Creating A Program To Press A Keyboard Key And Create A Delay
  366. Problème avec CommonDialog1.Flags =
  367. retrieving control names of another process??
  368. TreeView and ListView Icons for VB6
  369. A2K tables and VB: delay to update and/or refresh ?
  370. Passing Form and Object Names
  371. getting path
  372. EXIF Data
  373. open file
  374. HELP: Printing carriage return character
  375. Please help with MSDN ...
  376. What is error code 367?
  377. Problems by using byref
  378. Help on slider control
  379. Reading serial port
  380. ComboBox Thread
  381. Activating Excel References within VB6
  382. Circles
  383. please help me again
  384. Error saving bullets in RichTextBox
  385. Coordinating treeview and textbox controls source
  386. Accessing IE DOM using VB6- alternatives to web browser control?
  387. filesystemobject does not iterate
  388. NooB...Database question
  389. Help with List view
  390. converting tabs into spaces?
  391. Text Orientation Question...
  392. Reorder unicode strings into 'view' order
  393. Malo cudno....
  394. Visual Basic 6 Accessing XML database on a web server
  395. Moving items between Listboxes
  396. How can you read emails
  397. Directory listing of a remote site.
  398. import contacts from outlook
  399. Programming parallel port registers
  400. Help needed in VBA for Access
  401. Visual Studio 6 Install and Crashing During Games
  402. Database searching
  403. Visual Basic 6.0 MSDN help Files
  404. Picture at website (saving)
  405. Getting variable value from Input Box
  406. Prevent Standby Mode?
  407. Sort problem when importing
  408. Vb.Net 2003
  409. Displaying Equations on a Form
  410. Active X control With VB
  411. FoxPro 2.6 access from VB .NET 2003
  412. Bad DLL Calling Convention
  413. Image List and animated GIF's
  414. Textbox Controls, PopUpMenu, and Almost-Solution
  415. WinSock
  416. Need help in Referencing objects in run time
  417. IE Address bar
  418. techniques to control cascading events
  419. My frmFindReplace obscuring rich text box
  420. changing UID
  421. Disabling the standard function keys
  422. Corrupted OCA file???
  423. Transfering to VB for applications
  425. I know this is my 2nd (and final) cross-post, but which NG should I use for data files
  426. I know this is a crosspost, but I need to know which is the best one for posting INET FTP queries
  427. Help!
  428. Tutor available??
  429. How to check if software is already running
  430. test
  431. String Munging
  432. INET Queries
  433. COM open/close problem
  434. progress bars
  435. Interprocess Communication
  436. TextBox (read,edit,write)
  437. MDAC?
  438. Picture browser and image scaling
  439. Why not Bound Controls?
  440. running and including executable files
  441. irc client in vb
  443. Problem deploying VB 6.0 app
  444. Visual Basic - How to read and save mails
  445. Null's and dates
  446. ADO.Net Question
  447. Detect Object Index
  448. datareport - help needed !
  449. help with excel
  450. VB5:Where to set ClientHeight and ClientWidth properties?
  451. Common Dialog printer hdc
  452. Word OLE object, .wiz
  453. "Call" function ?
  454. Locking the Screen
  455. control that gives me the functionality of a editor
  456. VB 5 and Data Report Designer
  457. anyone used vb/midi/midiox?
  458. shell
  459. how does CtxCreateObject work?
  460. a Picture Box question
  461. Switch between Outlook and OutlookExpress
  462. vb6 editor and thumbwheel messages
  463. Clearing the DOS screen?
  464. Which process accessed the file ?
  465. Performance issues
  466. Text Printer
  467. Writing to COM Port
  468. Hmmm..where do I start?
  469. Control Array Elements
  470. VB6 IDE - menu editor greyed out...why?
  471. Sound libraries
  472. unknown menu style
  473. Out of the closet..
  474. STPT - An ASCII data parsing tool
  475. Thank you for responding
  476. what is the difference between VB6 and VB.NET ?
  477. VIDEOSETTINGS.brightness
  478. VB6 running under XP
  479. System Error and sqlDataAdapter.InsertCommand.ExecuteNonQuery
  480. Where is king Randy Birch these days?
  481. Usage of vbContainerSize leads to inexact results
  482. Dragging a web address into a text box.
  483. Conveting to event driven thinking
  484. PDF to Tiff
  485. Need Tutorial on Memory Usage VB5 & 6
  486. recompile OCXs ?
  487. Object reference terribly slow with certain user profiles
  488. Outlook Object Model
  489. VB6 Exam
  490. Recomend a book for database programming in VB
  491. Public or Global???
  492. Visual Studio
  493. get an object from a hWnd
  494. Command for (IF variable LIKE ListOfWords)?
  495. Decimal Point Fixing
  496. Dual Monitor Support