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  1. Printing Reports
  2. Random Selection of Records
  3. Text Database Question/Problem
  4. Form Scale Mode
  5. creating custom text file from directory listing
  6. VB Component not runningproperly in ASP
  7. SaxComm8 and svcit.ocx
  8. Audio Stream Validation....
  9. Load a form without blinking...
  10. Runtime and Designtime ActiveX Visual Basic 6 question
  11. Alpha blending / fade in fade out
  12. Database access?
  13. Sherman.msi headaches
  14. Charleston, SC: Software Engineers, Developers, and Architects needed
  15. zlib1.dll compression
  16. Closing A Form in VB.NET
  17. How to "Find store locations near you" in VB?
  18. Data sharing between childforms, plz help
  19. VB6: delay(100)
  20. Please help my friend
  21. value to a perl script (vb access)
  22. Adding to a date
  23. How do I make a HTTP (POST) call to DLL to make HTML?
  24. Auto add Option Explicit?
  25. Text control: desired behavior--HELP
  26. Drive Status
  27. problem with win32 API call from vb using CreateFile(), WriteFile() sending to LPT1
  28. Changing Project Paths
  29. toolbar in mdi form
  30. SQL expert needed - update TableA from TableB in access
  31. Can I see which ports that are open on my computer?
  32. Only Numbers
  33. "non-reentrant method"?
  34. Need a good book for a beginner.
  35. ActiveX for pdf (Adobe)
  36. Problem using MSComm32.OCX
  37. Learning VB6 - what about VB.NET ?
  38. Fax application in VB
  39. Passing data between forms
  40. VB - Menu Editor Dialog Box - NegotiatePosition
  41. VB6 mail merge w/out MS Word?
  42. How to code for check boxes to select more than one answer?
  43. Visual Basic 6 <--> Access
  44. Database Reporting
  45. how do i make sure num1 is larger then num2
  46. CSV importing problems
  47. Tabular editable output?
  48. text replacement
  49. Routine to avoid bad windows characters in a filename ?
  50. Testing to see if an array has been initialised
  51. Date/time stamps from directory files
  52. Text File Help Needed
  53. Array mapping coding question...
  54. Code using check boxes to select more than answer
  55. Way is my program still running after i have pressed the X on the form?
  56. HELP! Data control error (I've looked everywhere)
  57. Multiuser database issues - VB & Access
  58. How do I Retrieve Dir of my COM object?
  59. Creating a Notepad HTML editor
  60. Inter-Application Communication
  61. Graphics in CmdButtons
  62. Donde encargar o solicitar rutinas de Visual Basic
  63. I want to send a command to WinAmp and NOT wait for a return value
  64. Visual Basic 6.0 and Excel
  65. Keyboard shortcut for Cut/Copy/Paste in Win XP .
  66. Quitting a window, using GetActiveWindow() API, returns 0???
  67. Tab Control Advice Needed
  68. 8-byte floating point number
  69. Search and Delete Files Based on Mask
  70. avoiding global variables
  71. Changing a form object in a page by using WebBrowser component?
  72. Tab Focus
  73. VB 6 new user...
  74. Arrays and CopyMemory
  75. Date Time Conversion
  76. Can I see if an app is bieng closed if I have it's hWnd?
  77. combining two columns in a datagrid
  78. user login status
  79. problem attachments
  80. Component management
  81. tab order
  82. Axctive X help/Advice
  83. VB6 help- using VB5 files
  84. How do u make keyboard arrow keys move a picture box?
  85. result set invalid use of property
  86. Build VB ActiveX Dll to call functions
  87. Intelisense Not Working in Visual Studio.NET
  88. RS232 9bit Protocol Driver
  89. Compare different versions of VB6 EXE file
  90. Online quiz using check boxes and radio buttons
  91. How to Undo a VBA macro?
  92. Whet to do after rebuilding OCX
  93. NETSEND Application in VB6
  94. Visual Basic for Applications
  95. Tabbed Dialogue Question
  96. Send a mouse click?
  97. How to get User Info
  98. Quiz in VB - Multiple choice and single choice questions
  99. WinLirc problem, Sends stuff two time???
  100. Coolbar / Toobar problem...
  101. You're still using VB?
  102. How to pause the code in VB
  103. XP look in VB6
  104. 6.0 end user requirements
  105. How to convert indented text file to XML
  106. Simple Telnet client using Winsock in VB6
  107. Moving a picture with mouse
  108. Looking for testers for a new WYSIWIG layout/imaging/pdf and html component suite
  109. Call VBA from VB6
  110. league style program
  111. reopen discussion about movefolder
  112. Z-Scores and Probability in Visual Basic
  113. Clipboard problem for Latin 2 (Hungarian, Polish)
  114. Catching errors
  115. vba - Current Line in MS Word
  116. Were can I learn to program a IR remote control?
  117. desiging VB application
  118. Monitor status
  119. VB Controls
  120. Out of Memory Error during reDim Statment
  121. creating acrobat file
  122. Verify URL existance with VB6 Pro?
  123. DBASE Database Corrupting after IO with VB6 Pro
  124. lost: VTEXT.OCX
  125. testing
  126. email outlook express
  127. Want to buy Visual Basic 5 or 6
  128. opening .htm file from VB
  129. SetSpeed
  130. APR Calculation
  131. Why's this happening?
  132. Load web form from text file.
  133. How to emulate a mouse click?
  134. Macro's
  135. VB IDE changes case
  136. link problem with sourcecode.....
  137. How to detect Dial Up Networking Windows?
  138. Weird Intermitent Bug/Problem With VB Accessing MS Access
  139. MaxLocksPerFile
  140. looking for a tiff viewer
  141. problem!!
  142. What kind of algorithm sould be the best for my case ?
  143. access application
  144. Excel workbooks getting hidden
  145. MSChart Format
  146. Converting Variables
  147. KeyPress Event & MouseDown event
  148. VB / Access code to compare textboxes
  149. VB Classes: Thanks
  150. ???
  151. Variables Help
  152. Form Fade in/out
  153. Exponential Looping
  154. Winsock Control (listen) hangs in IDE ?
  155. Move to the next question and return to the previous question
  156. Previous/Next Question
  157. Add application to Windows Task Scheduler from VB6
  158. VB Classes: Bit more info...
  159. VB Classes
  160. Want to increase font size in menu bar
  161. ListItem Edit
  162. Does VB6 have an equivelent to C++'s SetTopIndex for a ListBox, so I can always see the last String in the listbox?
  163. problem with package & deployment wizard
  164. WebBrowser - VBScript Issues
  165. AVIs, Pictureboxes and multiple layers
  166. Internet Explorer Tools - Immediate Window Add-in
  167. is it possible to exceed the 2083 chr limit for an url?
  168. SQL Question
  169. Error 7: Out of memory
  170. Listview internal padding
  171. Invalid Property Value
  172. aol mail workaround problem
  173. Program works in design mode but not after compilation, Any ideas?
  174. Simulating keystrokes
  175. grabbing data from screen using VB code
  176. Windows key combinations
  177. Member Not Found
  178. No answer for your problem ?
  179. time calculations
  180. aol screws up sendmail method
  181. excel vb size
  182. Sorting a multiline textfield
  183. Scroling ListBox
  184. Don't save the emty lines, or not to open them?
  185. Filling a treeview control
  186. creating shortcut on desktop AND prgram tree
  187. VB
  188. C++/C# and VB.NET developers needed
  189. Time format MaskEdBox
  190. How do I do a ListView Search?
  191. drag and drop
  192. open the pc's default browser with VB
  193. FILELEN() Function slow to update?
  194. Help with IE Browser Menu in VB (Question for experts)
  195. how to control write actions to a folder
  196. Missed it
  197. raw image data -> picturebox ?
  198. Programing for Palm OS
  199. VB 6.0 Questions
  200. Api seams not working
  201. DAO OpenDatabase
  202. Reading a file on the web help
  203. manipulating images with the mouse
  204. XP Look in VB6?
  205. ScreenShot
  206. Error in "double = double - double" statement
  207. IRR Problem
  208. WriteFile (or CreateFile) Why doesn't this work
  209. dll problem
  210. Save query return in variable
  211. I can't use an Array thats in un other Function in an other class??
  212. SOAP SDK setup/usage - not recognizing httpconnector type
  213. anyone have obsolete rope.dll from soap toolkit 1.0?
  214. Database, inserts, etc
  215. Getting XP look with tabbed dialog control and tab strip control
  216. Pausing Code
  217. Help! It does not scan all the records of my database!
  218. Where is a good .NET news group?
  219. Help! It does not scan all the records
  220. Richtextbox upper limit
  221. I'm looking for a Delphi to VB converter.
  222. Redim computationally expensive?
  223. Read file line by line and...
  224. WithEvents does not work for me in Win98?
  225. how do I set a radio button = true in webbrowser1
  226. news: attachment-finder
  227. color in datagrid
  228. changing GUID
  229. ASP.NET Image Control
  230. Web Form Filler
  231. Using Access With An SQL Find Function
  232. Byte by Byte
  233. Using Excel Objects
  234. VB.NET and Fonts
  235. MsChart Again...
  236. Detecting IDE Devices in Visual Basic Help
  237. Detecting IDE Devices (Primary/Secondary & Master/Slave) in VisualBasic Help Please
  238. collor in DataGrid
  239. simple problem, no one has an answer it seems...
  240. Problem running simple VB6 app...
  241. Getting data from external applications in VB.Net
  242. Trying to use Visual Basic 6 to open a Microsoft Access .mdb
  243. Parallel port under Windows XP Familly
  244. MSChart again
  245. Strings in executables
  246. Truss and Plane Frame Analysis Programs
  247. FontColor for VB Calendar
  248. simple VB .NET question
  249. Working with Dates, VB3
  250. Winsock and XML
  251. QueryUnload
  252. Visual Basic 3
  253. Problems with VB-client when using and WEB-service on UNIX
  254. Open a new browser window
  255. MSChart??
  256. Is a from loaded
  257. Remote system updating
  258. vb.Net 's inherited DataGrid dosen't Work in parent-Child mode
  259. Can't Dynamically Size RichTextBox Control??
  260. good practice for VB code
  261. Code move
  262. VB 4.0 UK full package - 50 euros !!
  263. Develop an VB6 programs to run on Terminal Services for Pocket PC
  264. Data Conversion
  265. 2-D Array
  266. Comparing VB6 performance to VB.Net info wanted
  267. Public procedures in a Form are not visable to other Modules ?
  268. How can I prevent CPU Usage increasing to 100 percent when copying files from CD?
  269. Vb.Net
  270. Make Control Work Automatically?
  271. how to change cursor shape in RichTextBox
  272. Rookie Question
  273. JDBC type 4 from VB
  274. Un-source safe a project...
  275. i have a prob installing .NET
  276. Package and deployment wizard
  277. Anyone know the Unicode equivalent of Clipboard.SetText?
  278. How do you tell if two variables are the same?
  279. simple macro
  280. option base
  281. Displaying a title, but using 2nd value from a drop-down menu
  282. How do I interchange forms without any notice?
  283. Passing STDPicture To DLL Class Module
  284. Assign a hot key to an application
  285. transparent backcolor
  286. Making an installable program
  287. ActiveX Questions - Expert Needed
  288. Reply to J French (other returned)
  289. Notepad Component
  290. why use visual basic?
  291. Adding Mime Types
  292. Shelled Programmed as MDI Child
  293. Question on Slider Bars
  294. P&D wizard: subfolders, include, how?
  295. process owner name
  296. InputBox
  297. Making labels stand out
  298. User Agent for Inet control
  299. What kind of problems is visual basic best at solving?
  300. VB and MSDN collection
  301. Extracting AVI frames
  302. Compiling a Program for Distribution
  303. Visual Basic Dates
  304. Q on event-trapping during build-up of figure
  305. VBGALIB update and URL change
  306. Search encrypted database and display
  307. Access 2002: Call VB module from report
  308. Printing to a device other than the default
  309. string manipulation, file input problem....
  310. Microsoft VB 6.0 Professional Value
  311. Line Input Method
  312. enter texts into msaccess 2000 form from vba form codes
  313. is this possible?
  314. Connect to SQL DB and edit the data
  315. Changing soundcards.
  316. How to see again this control that became invisible?
  317. wait or pause in script
  318. Files in (sub)sudirectory
  319. Editing binary registry keys
  320. igrafx flowcharter VBA macro to copy all text from text objects
  321. Generating html - design issues
  322. Couple of questions
  323. (OT?) vb script
  324. Importing values from form to module
  325. Communicating with objects running in other applications
  326. Clear a number of textboxes in one time
  327. Comment afficher l'URL d'un favori du dossier Favoris?
  328. CrystalReport1.PrintReport returns 532 ??
  329. ListView edit
  330. CE Menu
  331. MCIsendstring
  332. Colors in SSTAB
  333. auto-generate a fixture list
  334. LostFocus Event help
  335. Reading a picture in an rtf file
  336. Q : How to get images to DATAREPORT access
  337. Sound in visual basic 6.0
  338. Internet connection code
  339. Using a module
  340. Persisting a Worksheet
  341. How to use combo box with adodc to retrive field in access database.
  342. Simple Arrays
  343. Tabs
  344. Set enable property for all items on a SSTAB control
  345. stopping a "For Each" loop at EOF
  346. listbox
  347. Animated GIF in
  348. Importing Classes
  349. Quicken Style Grid Question
  350. need a web server to write wev services in vb
  351. Setting Tabstops in a Listbox Control
  352. common dialog!
  353. Changing Visual Studio workspace directories (HELP!)
  354. Outline a cell in MSFlexGrid
  355. Virtual listbox (need to handle more than 32767 lines) How to get it to work ?
  356. installshield init dialog
  357. Crystal Report Stop Responding If Too Many Fields Are Selected From MS SQL Server
  358. VB 6.0 Extinction
  359. Simple question regarding opening/finding/saving data in text files.
  360. Common Dialog
  361. Using graphics for thwe first time... help please.
  362. ADODB and Data control difficulties
  363. Replace comdlg32 and/or mscomctl
  364. Print report in VB6?
  365. Design Patterns
  366. Determining menu height...
  367. Determining proxy server settings in IE
  368. Accessing RAS info in VB6
  369. While Not EOF(fn) ... Wend
  370. .NET Versus VB 6
  371. Auto populating a database
  372. Output to and Input from printer port
  373. QUESTION: Can the programmer steal my idea?
  374. Visual basic 6.0 media on CD ???
  375. Looking for ADO statement for SQL Database
  376. Printers
  377. VB + Text Manipulation
  378. Number Prefix Lookup Table in MDB
  379. Desperately require help with Visual Basic / SQL Server 2000
  380. New Forums
  381. Dll files
  382. VBscript Web Form Automation
  383. screen shot
  384. Saving picturebox usercontrols
  385. WebClient doesn't accept cookies
  386. Inet ftp SEND Question
  387. newby qu?
  388. VB1 Decompiler ?
  389. Winsock
  390. Limiting Mouse Cursor Movement
  391. Icons in a module
  392. convert Excell files
  393. counting number of results in a string search
  394. How to determine printer type?
  395. user control in Access database file ?
  396. PDFreader?
  397. Extracting text from a string
  398. Annoying but probably easily solved loop question
  399. Office AutoShapes in VB?
  400. Disabling a component with an API?
  401. StringTable.res
  402. OS compatability with VB versions
  403. String Parsing question. (winamp.pls)
  404. changing image on interface at runtime
  405. Programming MS Multmedia control
  406. Ranges
  407. ShellLinkObject --> GetIconLocation (return path AND index)
  408. Web Server controls
  409. INI
  410. Detecting dtmf tone by mscomm
  411. Scrollbars
  412. Databases and recordset
  413. Playing sounds in VB 6.0
  414. Require long interval
  415. Searching find for contents using 'contents includes' box.
  416. Print pictures or logo.. help
  417. Which codes can WebBrowser use of the file ' system32 ' so that my project remain compatible with all the ' Internet Explorer'?
  418. Random Terrain
  419. k8000
  420. VB6 - read from text file
  421. Sendmessage API Good, Sendkeys Bad ??
  422. Finding a substring in a mainstring
  423. USB - VB6
  424. MousePointer
  425. Is a Shelled Process still Running
  426. Q: How to create a good exe file?!
  427. Change program-1
  428. Change program
  429. Synchronising 2 list boxes?
  430. Structure or Data Type I/O
  431. Are both of these .dll files required?
  432. run time error on windows 98 but not on XP
  433. How to create a new sub-menu in projet vb4 when there is already no menu at all?
  434. Please, I need this!
  435. How to create a menu via a button? and how to see, in a label, a link that the mouse pass over?
  436. Dropdown ComboBoxes
  437. Inserting PictureBox picture into Word document
  438. End of list in ComboBox
  439. How do get VB to start text extraction in a certain are?
  440. Global Variables nott Global?
  441. Magazine Please
  442. VB programming for a Psion workabout Scanner
  443. command prompt IN visual studio .NET
  444. Extracting a int32 from a string (VB6)
  445. focus with the text selected
  446. Data transfer time
  447. ISAM Error
  448. ModCode/FormCode Memory usage
  449. Use with Excel
  450. Basic List Box question
  451. Incrementing a string variable?? (A,B,C,D....)
  452. ActiveX Replacement with Visual Studio?
  453. adding stuff to a combobox
  454. Tanning Lotion for the Rebel in you!
  455. Auto-boot vb program from cd
  456. Is .NET/COM Interop a reliable product?
  457. Database using VB
  458. Problems compiling and running VB.NET Applications
  459. Converting VB6 project to .NET without the Upgrade Wizard
  460. help needed
  461. Event Log Collector - for the Event Viewer - to collect events into a database - How to?
  462. packing problem
  463. Function
  464. Creating Menus, Submenus and Menuitems at runtime
  465. Opening USB HID Device in VB6
  466. Help with timers.
  467. package and deployment wizard
  468. Callback issue
  469. automation error
  470. ComboBox Math
  471. dragdrop UserControl
  472. DDB again
  473. Visual Basic 6 Media Player Help.....
  474. copy menu from one form to another
  475. Startup position of form
  476. Install correction update
  477. Watch this important package
  478. Learning Visual Basic
  479. best format to store text
  480. screen resolution
  481. Right Click Image detection
  482. Password selection
  483. Strange string limit problem
  484. Help: Certain apps ignore X/Y info in CreateProcess
  485. VBA - User dialog - dialogfunc
  486. DDB
  487. .Filter for CSV and XLS files
  488. Launching a console process and waiting till it finishes
  489. Tracing a temporary file "If it Exists".
  490. Launching word from VB
  491. Install error message...need a translation
  492. VB Listview checkboxed disappear when changeing page (in multipage)
  493. Installation of Visual Studio .NET 2003 generates Internal Error
  494. Schedule Asignment Algorithm
  495. Report Bugs
  496. On the Task bar
  497. Show New Files in Windows Explorer
  498. New Forums
  499. By reference property?
  500. Alternative for ODBC (for .DBF files)
  501. Printing Question
  502. Prove these pack from the MS
  503. Use internet patch from the MS
  504. Wait For DLL Proceedure To Complete
  505. ::Controls Error::
  506. Browser Control StatusBar/StatusText properties don't work
  507. Starting an application from a file
  508. Localize Structure Definition dll/app
  509. single user software installation
  510. datagrid background colour
  511. RSet and Fixed Length Strings
  512. Problem with Arrays (TicTacToe)
  513. User Controls
  514. Problem with tabbing and option buttons
  515. Windows Hotfix
  516. Maybe I've been looking at this too long...
  517. Variable Reference
  518. PopUp Menus
  519. Getting a line text into a column
  520. Erase function in need of tune-up
  521. vb6 on xp trubles
  522. ***MSCOMM***
  523. VB6 Help files
  524. text overlay on AVI / bitmap
  525. TaskBar, how to create textbox for my EXE?
  526. Parsing csv file in VB (example included)
  527. VB6: Transparent Form - Solid Controls
  528. How to Create Object at Runtime
  529. TextBox input
  530. Saving in temp directory
  531. Timing problem
  532. Create Desktop Icon
  533. Do until loop
  534. Registering ActiveX .exe files
  535. Academic Research for USA I.T. Professionals (No e-mail required)
  536. Invalid Data?
  537. Menu Highlighting
  538. Formatted Number problem
  539. 90-120dpi Changes messing with Picture Box
  540. Good Barcode Scanning APIs for Visual Basic
  541. Recommend a book on general programming?
  542. Problems with VB6 installed on XP
  543. Referring to properties
  544. An odd situation
  545. Please help - Problem registering OCX Files
  546. Can I turn off images in the webbrowser control?
  547. How to automatically overwrite files w/VB macro?
  548. MultiLingual Application (English/Espanol)
  549. VB.NET or regular VB ?
  550. VB and Access