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  1. Combine worksheets
  2. VB6 deployment
  3. Add today's date to another cell after cell value changes ExcelVBA
  4. Scarping Data Of web
  5. How can I Automate the links between Powerpoint and Excel?
  6. Extracting data from Access to create a pivot table in excess
  7. Email using Outlook from Excel
  8. VB6 Compile error methord or data member not found
  9. The ConnectionString property has not been initialized
  10. Combine worksheets
  11. Subscript out of range error 9
  12. visual basic query
  13. VBA (Excel macro) Import Data From Webpage Error-handling
  14. Checking for empty text boxes
  15. SaveSettings & GetSettings
  16. VB6 unable to run script error
  17. How to fix object not found error when concatenate 2 strings using &
  18. Updating in Visual Basic
  19. Automation error
  20. Timer
  21. Select case with public variable
  22. Outlook Exchange Visual Basic Help
  23. Combine worksheets
  24. Comparison operator in excel macros
  25. Update summary workbook
  26. How to create buttons dynamically inside grid element?
  27. Copy and paste in excel with vba
  28. execute more exe files in vb
  29. Evaluate a passed string variable
  30. Change select list in combo2 after update of combo1
  31. User Forms to Search, Display and result
  32. FlipMsoHorizontal images in a folder
  33. using netshow player how does previous and next button works?
  34. Stamping File name of word into excel
  35. Show Hide MSFlexGrid Row/Column
  36. data from gridview to database access
  37. Looping Marco thur url
  38. Variable not Defined for excel 2011
  39. Run-Time error '1004'. Application- defined or object-defined error
  40. Problems with VBA using Excel 2003 (missing DLL's)
  41. Excel 2003 using Visual Basis (missing dll's)
  42. End If without block If
  43. Log files: leave them open during processing or open-write-close them as needed?
  44. Userform search (if Possible)
  45. Digital Persona FingerScan
  46. keep a tally in Visual Basic 6
  47. Visual .net 2005 and Crystal reports XI sp2
  48. E-mail alerts for when Tape drive down
  49. Drag and Drop items in a ListBox ...
  50. finding sum in datagrid
  51. Boolean variable Help
  52. Error: Run time error 13 , Type mismatch
  53. Unable to access MSDN help
  54. What is correct syntax to use a Dlookup in an access form?
  55. Arrange child form in MDI form
  56. Populating a combobox base on another selection
  57. VB Percentile Data Report
  58. Runtime error: could not find file
  59. Mouse coordinates to record click events
  60. Value of type '1-dimensional array of String' cannot be converted to 'String'
  61. Extracting File Name
  62. How to attach a range for attachment
  63. asking for a VBS Handling advice
  64. VBA noob Trouble with DateDiff in VBA application
  65. Calling the subroutine from another form
  66. unexpected error occurred in code generator or linker,view error messages?
  67. VB Scroll Bar Half Percentages
  68. Printing Barcode to TSC barcode printer from VB6
  69. vba excel, try to work with relative path
  70. change the direction of characters using vbs
  71. I'd like to pull fields from QB Enterprise into Excel 2007 spreadsheet
  72. vb6 find the window caption / text of the active window?..
  73. DataReport is giving error
  74. Creating palette for XtraChart
  75. How to close windows picture fax viewer from excel VBA?
  76. how to secure file throw Manipulating it's binary data?
  77. How to update FlexGrid using data entry form?
  78. how will i plot a ac voltage waveform in vb6
  79. Assistance with my VBA code No Records Found
  80. MSDN collection does not exist.Please install MSDN
  81. how do i display checkbox value from my database MS access in a visual basic 6 form?
  82. Remove admin rights from local users
  83. i want to send data from microsoft office excel 2007 to msflexgrid?
  84. i want to select table from my database, using combo box?
  85. vb 6 and oracle problem of fetching date
  86. object variable or with block variable not set
  87. Opening files
  88. SaveAs taking too long.
  89. About msgbox
  90. VB Code to address a MySQL LongBlob Field from a MS Access Form
  91. Excel input box to insert data into new excel row
  92. Pass a parameter to an excel function using vbscript
  93. How can i change view from win98 to xp?
  94. [Error] Excel found an unreadable content in ".xlsm" . Do you want to recover..?
  95. operation not allowed when object is closed vb6?
  96. Counting Assests
  97. Problem with opening a database, VB 2010 and Access 2007!!
  98. Network connection
  99. Print form with label, image and listview
  100. How the project in vb2008 express edition can made executable file?
  101. How to place data from Data grid to textboxes in VB 6.0
  102. Displaying counter within a string
  103. Automation to directly update charts of Powerpoint Presentation from Excel using VBA
  104. Question about Photoshop Reference
  105. VB6 keeps closing down.
  106. [Error Handling] Run-time Error '9'
  107. VB Script that copies a VBA function
  108. Initialize printer
  109. Autonumber generation in VB
  110. Combining Data
  111. Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)'; Method 'RenderHTML' of ocject 'IPage' failed
  112. Windows 7 Vb 6. exe not working on Windows xp
  113. How to change the position of menus in VB6....
  114. Typing Unicode into WebBrowser Control
  115. runtime error 3011
  116. VBScript for IE navigation
  117. Most recent data selection
  118. Pause while QueryTables import
  119. Howto update records with foreign key
  120. Saving excel with VB
  121. Duplicating a worksheet
  122. Export Data to text/excel file
  123. to move controls with form while scrolling in vb6
  124. Object variable or With block variable not set
  125. Possible to set paramaters in Adodc Control
  126. Adodc filter function
  127. Listview Error :Invalid property value
  128. PasswordChar in Datagrid
  129. Disabled Label but change forecolor
  130. How do you put the curser, upon form open, in Access's built in search box?
  131. List all open tabs in IE8 and Firefox
  132. User Control Photo
  133. How to set range for multiple items?
  134. Error in updating records
  135. run-time error '75' the specified path/file name cannot be accessed or is invalid
  136. connecting vb6 with orcle through odbc
  137. How to fix this error application uses wrong type of value ?
  138. How to search string for specific word and return "M" in next column
  139. TimeFormat output combines both 12-hr and 24-hr format
  140. how can i print in "arial" font the chr(1488)
  141. COUNT.IF conditions/CRITERIA
  142. How do I use OpenRecordset?
  143. How to code a counter?
  144. Sub or Function not Defined
  145. Select Main Form Record via Sub Form
  146. RunTime Error 80043ac4 "Invalid directory"
  147. Convert RFC Dates to VBA Date
  148. VB6 Data Report in Code
  149. Import Multiple Sheets From Excel Into Access
  150. How can I open a Word document from my VB application?
  151. in Access 2007: problem setting text box to text format of Rich Text
  152. how to update table of db2 through vb6
  153. In drag & drop how do I prevent user dropping on the wrong textbox? VBA Userform
  154. how to read a click on datagrid
  155. timer for traffic light,that decrements each & light changes when it becomes zero...
  156. Array out of bounds Visual Basic
  157. help required MS Access subform Object control.
  158. How to mach string with regex
  159. Replace statement for VB6
  160. VBA code if value > 0 MsgBox
  161. What would be better VB or Python ?
  162. Need to fill in a textbox from data all based upon the same variable
  163. Reorder Stock code
  164. accessing data from table error = no value given for one or more required parameters
  165. How to enter data by keyboard and saved to a text file and load it to another progra
  166. MSComm: data not received
  167. Error: Unclosed quotation mark after the character string..
  168. how to link my vb6.0 login button to a database of names and passwords
  169. Data Provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status
  170. How to get the first row in a range using input prompt
  171. Duplicating a Form and subform in MS Access 2007
  172. ListView invalid property value???
  173. All I want to do is print a string!
  174. Syntax Error in INSERT INTO statement and missing operator in query for UPDATE
  175. Search a string and display all items containing that string
  176. How to get the sheet name from a prompt input
  177. Create dictionary in VB6
  178. In Excel can VBA be used to make an Array to sum device quanities
  179. VB6.0 MSflexgrid to Notepad and Notepad to VB6.0
  180. how to clear the MaskEdBox as empty or NULL?
  181. Code not working when parameters added, too few parameters expected 3
  182. Simple stock taking spreadsheet?
  183. Array not printing out beginning and end
  184. Speed up Excel Data Read
  185. tryin to remove and clear info in listview
  186. How do I update a listbox in a userform when the data in the row source gets updated?
  187. converted visual basic 6 code to visual 2005 and stuck with upgrade report...
  188. how to underline the part of the string .
  189. Password Validation needs to accept both uppercase and lowercase entry
  190. connecting visual basic with C#
  191. why error like "Input string was not in a correct format."
  192. populated combo box value by a SQL SELECT statement.
  193. How to view the access table details in DataGrid?
  194. how to connect the access database to visual basic 6.0
  195. Fetch the data from table if combo box value is choose (drop down list)
  196. VB5 problem when selecting data from SQL
  197. "Memory Full" Crystal Report Viewer using external PDF417 dll
  198. can i extract a perticular column of data to a combo box.
  199. How to copy paste data from excel to webpage
  200. Library for exporting data into xls or text file using VB6
  201. Discount code on a 5 items for the price of 4
  202. How to connect EPOS written in VB to web site written in .php ?
  203. How do I do an extended SQL search with "where" from VB5
  204. Need to find cell in column 3, given name of cells in col 1 and 2.
  205. fetching data between 2 dates
  206. Why it is not loading or adding item in the listbox?
  207. how can use condtional format to ask the user enters wrong character in a field
  208. call function that written in form from module
  209. Loop problem with array
  210. Ms Access XP VB code for getting data from user in a form and Creating new record
  211. treeview populate with database.
  212. How can I open all excel files in a folder and its sub folders
  213. webbrowser problem in vb6.
  214. [ADODC] Datagrid Question
  215. Using arrays to calculate medians
  216. Redirect to SStab menu accordingly
  217. How to put an interactive line on a chart?
  218. changing the password/user name in VB6 runtime
  219. how can i display decimal in datagrid?
  220. how to insert multiple items in the database
  221. Is it possible to generate multiple images using only one picture box in VB 2008?
  222. How I store long date of datepicker control in access in the format-Friday,4 February
  223. Displaying results in a user form rather than in excel?
  224. how to put a titlebarless MDI form under taskbar
  225. How to fix access too few parameters error?
  226. Can someone fix this time subtractor to return negative value
  227. Data Type Mismatch
  228. How to open files being used by someone else and not show their name?
  229. Can I pass a form's data using Access 2007's filter cmds in the ribbon to a report?
  230. Error 3709 in ACCESS 2007 but not in ACCESS 2003
  231. How to pass complex data type from vb to webservices?
  232. I want to create a logon form in Access with code of VB
  233. How to detect a conflict on class schedule?
  234. Open form with 2 where clauses
  235. How to save data in a file?
  236. compile error: Else without if
  237. label captin not displaying stopwatch smoothly
  238. Creating a TV Programs timetable with vb6
  239. Call form from module
  240. How to alter a Yes/No Messagebox to say Hold/Rehold isntead?
  241. How to change the color of a button when clicked?
  242. command button and keyboard macros do not respond same
  243. ListView problem (MSaccess database
  244. VB6-How to display image on crystal report 8 from a path stored in access database.
  245. Run-Time error -2147217900(80040e14) Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement
  246. Code for Signatures that may be null
  247. Capture the data from the database into combo box
  248. Having a problem how to view Monthly report....
  249. Is it possible to access Windows common controls to display progress bar through VBA?
  250. How to put frame and buttons always below the chart even when resizing the form?
  251. Calendar function in MS access
  252. How to call and interpolate data from a table?
  253. Adding values from checkedboxes on groupbox VB 2010
  254. How to create a Powerpoint slide with a number that gets incremented once daily?
  255. Weirdest Request by customer...transfer his db to encarta like app
  256. Check box value
  257. Blocking a field with gender
  258. Go into a different field when using Yes/no field?
  259. how to compare file string?
  260. How to access the oracle 9i database from remote pc through remote PC
  261. FOXPRO 2.5 Table Created From VB6 - Not a Database File Error
  262. Problem in using Where Clause in the Join
  263. Summation of per Column in DBGrid
  264. need help to get file list onto form - using filepath from field on active form
  265. how to switch between picture boxes by the name ?
  266. How to import the excel file in vb form
  267. How to set widths and dec places of Foxpro 2.5 tables using ADOX?
  268. How to select randomly Single String from multiple Strings in VB Script
  269. How do I a create ms access calendar schedule like Outlook calendar?
  270. XMLHttpRequest
  271. msgbox not showing on server vb6
  272. How do you put the form on top of other windows?
  273. how do you jump to tabs in a different form using a button in another form in vb8?
  274. Writing a batch file to download many .pdf files...
  275. Compile Error: Expected Array
  276. scroll datagrid with mouse in VB
  277. How can I pause and resume my countdown timer?
  278. Handling a button click in a module
  279. Is there a code to make Crystal Report refresh a picture file before printing report.
  280. how to use a data grid and msflexgrid in vb 6.0
  281. How to retrieve the data on the last row of my datagrid
  282. How to perform validation on multiple combo boxes?
  283. How to bring a commond dialog control into my user form?
  284. How to handle unusual input for an Access parameter query?
  285. How to calculate cell data in DataGridView VB Express?
  286. How to show changes in open Access Database Table in VB?
  287. How to connect to access database with multiple tables and add/update the records?
  288. Why does calculate button not work?
  289. How to replace Arrayname in function?
  290. How to fix "Compile Error Expected: end of statement" in a query?
  291. How to filter DataGridView in VB Express?
  292. Is it possiple to use file dialog box to search for a single file in a folder?
  293. How to fix "Compile error: Expected End Sub" in VBA Macro?
  294. How to open Access 97 files in Access 2007? Is there a conversion tool?
  295. Can a string variable be used as a line of code in VB?
  296. What is the equivalent of an ODBCdirect workspace in Access 2010?
  297. How to extract specific info from a space/cell from access into VB?
  298. Is it possible to put a textbox on the footer of your data report?
  299. How to Create an outlook task from access?
  300. How to return a number that represents the row after certain criteria is met?
  301. What is the reason for runtime error 5 invalide argument ? How to fix that error?
  302. How to program a modbus driver to a plc in
  303. How to make a combobox as dropdownlist that stay white?
  304. How to make this "if" statement faster in VB Express?
  305. How to rename a series of files within a PLMXML file and Windows folder?
  306. How to use the "Shell" method to open up a file?
  307. How to get the values from MultiSelect listbox?
  308. What is the Preferred VBA Model for XML Generation?
  309. How to update a form when a a button is clicked?
  310. How to count the number of times when word document is opened?
  311. What are the parameters required in calling richtextbox_keydown?
  312. How to clear a Specific Row in DataGridView?
  313. How to move to the next row an so on in DataGridView?
  314. How to make a database that allows four users to Critque Forms?
  315. How to go from row 1 to 1000 without writing every row or column 1000 times?
  316. How to add flash work in form application.?
  317. How to clear Contents for multiple ranges once graphic is activated?
  318. How to disable checkbox once it's been checked?
  319. How to find duplicate employeeid entry in vb6.0?
  320. How to use check boxes to review a form and once checked its permanent?
  321. How to save, load, and print?
  322. How to automatically run a macro in another workbook while it's being updated?
  323. How to extract data from a text file using VB6?
  324. How to copy worksheets from one workbook to another?
  325. How to copy sheet in workbook to another copy of it?
  326. How to call a dos variable in visual basic?
  327. How to save data in a form?
  328. Why this variable is becoming blank or null?
  329. Why does my treeview have no nodes property?
  330. Do I need an ADC if the signal is in voltage to read from USB?
  331. Problem porting C# to VB
  332. DCount using criteria from Form field
  333. run time 70 permissions denied trying to update( delete info) on a vista Pc,
  334. How to show last record in combo box?
  335. How to change the Caption of a Borderless Form while Minimized using a Timer?
  336. Runtime error 3012 How can I fix this?
  337. How to fix "ERROR Data type mismatch"?
  338. Online form - multiple checkbox help
  339. Is there a way to save form values after closing Outlook?
  340. Connect Excel via TCP/IP (Ethernet)
  341. How to replace all items of a Column that are Like OR Equal to "Funny" in table??
  342. Problem setting Access Report Recordsource at runtime.
  343. How to Set the Currently Selected Row(s) to Font.Bold in MSFlexGrid?
  344. How to auto-resize objects on a form and set their appearance while not in use
  345. How do I append a file in Remote machine using VB SCRIPT?
  346. how to convert my vb6's code written in iso8559 to utf-8 ?
  347. Is it possible to create macros in an excel file during runtime and run the same?
  348. How to print the string values line by line ?
  349. How to Hide WinXP START Menu Through VB 6.0 Code?
  350. How to attach photo for evry employee when entring emp detail in vb6
  351. Dynamically sql connection
  352. append records to a different table based on list box multilist selections
  353. How to Know When Previous Lines Have Been Processed in Form_Load?
  354. Developing IDE for TASM. How to work with batch files using vb6.0?
  355. How to display copyright symbol in Label ?
  356. Why "Method or Data Member not found" message is showing
  357. how call crystal report9 file in vb form
  358. How to find the lower of 6 dates?
  359. How to write a macro in Office Outlook that sends e-mail with attachments?
  360. How to convert datetime value to double in access and SQL?
  361. How to replicate file/s "x" times in a directory all with dynamic values at runtime?
  362. vb6 program like windows picture and fax
  363. Error on insert: Invalid input parameter values..
  364. Pages Per Sheet programmatically for N-Up Printing in visual basic 6
  365. How do I change backcolor of textbox based on the value inside it?
  366. Compile error: User-defined type not defined
  367. Drawing line graph using MSChart control using data from MSFlexgrid
  368. How to Connect Automatically using ADSL Modem from VB Code?
  369. How to Use SelectionStart and SelectionEnd with WMP.dll ?
  370. How to Play Audio File using Media Player OCX without Buffering?
  371. How to Change Audio Speed without Changing its Pitch?
  372. How to Implement Shift+DoubleClick for a Tray VB App?
  373. I am recieving 424 - Object Required error. What to do?
  374. Opening Balance in Report.
  375. Timer not change if timer system changed?
  376. Urgent help I want my VB script to insert an excell formula in a specified excel cell
  377. how to view data by using the next button
  378. How to drag drop file/s into a textbox from winexplorer?
  379. Why can't I export entire Crystal Report?
  380. How do I assign shortkeys to text boxes?
  381. syntax error (missing operator) 3075
  382. Calculate numbers from MSFlexGrid
  383. HELP with Financial.DDB
  384. prob with menu item
  385. i can't seem to get it to move next colum
  386. How can I add the Datacontrol in my VBA macro app?
  387. How to create a MS Outlook Provider using SQL Server?
  388. Visual Basic & OPOS
  389. How can I use a Visual Basic variable into a SQL query?
  390. i need to export the infromation from msflexgrid1 to tbltransfer in my access.db
  391. Buttons stay down?
  392. How to Update Pivot Table Field Values Based on Other Pivot Tables
  393. compile error on goto record from onscreen numberic keypad
  394. How do I access a Reflection for IBM session from an Excel macro (in code)?
  395. What is the best way to validate a TextBox for Date input using VBA?
  396. run time error 3265 "item cannot be found in the collection"
  397. What causes VB to throw an exception because of a new untouched Windows-Form?
  398. how to make functions activate in my programs whe I hit the enter key
  399. Create a timeline and plot details on this timeline
  400. Trying to generate password from text
  401. How to fix syntax error when extracting data from SQL Server into Excel?
  402. Need help with program containing Financial.DDB method
  403. Error Handling in VB 6
  404. Error message, operation not allowed when object is closed
  405. Is it possible to put a button in a cell of VB 2008?
  406. Need help coding a search form in Visual Studio 2010
  407. How do I make a field reference the contents of another field to create a new record?
  408. registering dll and ocx files?
  409. Search and open a file by entering a keyword
  410. Three greater then less then statements and not getting correct calculation
  411. How to show Access form results on Excel Report?
  412. How to convert svg to html using LINQ in visual basic?
  413. How to select an image/picture in vb and edit it?
  414. Listview: 3 columns to be linked with combobox, others with textbox
  415. Check box automatically clicked upon change of date
  416. How to get the max value from query in ms access with visual basic
  417. How to Edit Record In Ms Access?
  418. How to Change Text Highlight Color in RichTextBox?
  419. how to code to display simultaneous crystal report in vb6 ?
  420. SQL2000 Database Engine for VB6 Application
  421. How to refresh the Crystal Report?
  422. How to get ip address from mac address?
  423. Can't display text in report footer
  424. Detect insertion and removal of a removalable media with vb6
  425. How to highlight route map by selecting from dbf table?
  426. Report footer problem
  427. subform edit issue
  428. VB lambda expression for sub delegate
  429. How to create a browser status bar in access 2003?
  430. I'm having a problem with "corrupt .resource" files.
  431. How to get content from a text file into a listbox using an array?
  432. file could not be found: "Rpt", at file location: "Rpt"
  433. How would I set more than two parameters in SQL statement
  434. To get file from remote server with sftp method using psftp command line app
  435. What is the correct date format?
  436. how to get column vise output in vb report
  437. The server is not receiving data
  438. how to activate a binding navigator
  439. What code will i use to remove previous transaction to the form?
  440. Incorrect results calculated from MSFlexGrid
  441. Search as you type in combo box
  442. Can visual basic 4 and visual basic 6 be installed on same workstation
  443. Loading Bitmaps into variables to use with BitBlt
  444. How to update the datagrid in vb 6 using command buttons
  445. How to group similar data?
  446. Passing parameters form vb 6 to crystal report 8
  447. Why do i get a error 2465
  448. Why am I getting 2465 error (vb 6.5 on vista)
  449. How to replace multiple words from the text box?
  450. Webbrowser URL
  451. That assembly does not allow partially trusted callers: How to solve that in VB2008?
  452. How to fix error when executing macro: "Compile Error Variable not defined"?
  453. How to display data from table to combo box?
  454. Which is better the FSO(FileSystemObject) or Open File for reading/editing txt files?
  455. VB6: How to get Frame Control to Drop after Dragging in Runtime Mode
  456. Get length of audio/video files
  457. Storing a calculated form field in table to send to outlook
  458. Error while generating excel report for 2nd time
  459. Validating Text Boxes and Focus
  460. How do I input data from a text file into a combo box?
  461. How to add control in VB
  462. Calculate a SUM after Combo box SelectedIndexChanged
  463. Import (1) Text File with (3) different Header Records (3)Different Tables
  464. How to Use the dtPicker Control ?
  465. How to do Browse button to select Excel file then link it to Ms Access?
  466. How do I set label caption and make it visible runtime?
  467. How to send and receive sms at when my phone is connected via usb?
  468. How to fix Compile Error: Invalid use of Property?
  469. Help with vb6 datareport
  470. Why can I delete text through VB but not if it is a number?
  471. SessionID to appear on the form
  472. How to fix error: EXPECTED: END STATEMENT? frmframe is highlighted in this code
  473. Does VBA not pass objects?
  474. How can I make spell check to load faster.
  475. parameters missing in SQL code
  476. scroll bar display
  477. how to hide/show taskbar windows using vb?
  478. How to fix this parameter?
  479. How to change date format from american defaualt
  480. getting function arguments of an API function
  481. How to set up a text box which will only allow positive numbers, Using VB
  482. How to Input text into swf object text field?
  483. mcisendstring returns error 346 or 289
  484. How to add new data to combo box..and make it permanent ?
  485. How to Multiply $50 times, by how many was input in the textbox?
  486. How to add objects into and array
  487. Why can't Listview show data using format dd/mm/yyyy?
  488. Advanced cursor control in a Textbox?
  489. How to export several queries to excel each having their own tab
  490. How to update sql table from vb6
  491. How to make visual basic return system information?
  492. VB6 with Access DB-processing child records
  493. How do I print the codes from an Access 2007 form?
  494. What are steps to convert single user vb6/msaccess project in multiuser lan
  495. What are the steps to run a vb6 software run on client server mode
  496. How to remove the blank space between details and botom margin of datareport
  497. how to prevent validation message boxes from appearing when clearing
  498. Format last character in table cell...
  499. Editing tables on a different Word 2007 page.
  500. How to print preview data on a form using print preview dialog component?
  501. Problem in Displaying Multiple Selected Item from listview to Crystal report Viewer
  502. How to modify code to include a duration?
  503. What's the command line you add within the programming codes to bypass alert windows?
  504. export data from vb6 to excel using ado
  505. Custom SQL Order By.
  506. If recordsource search has no match
  507. How to loop through DB and prompt whether to execute sql
  508. Problem with using Round function on even numbers
  509. How to loop through a column and highlight cells if not found in range
  510. how to use sendkeys in turbo C executable file? here is my sample code
  511. How Can I connect my Access file from Network?
  512. how to connect a table and form by use Id ?
  513. Upload data from excel to remote database server using VB Script?
  514. How do you create a custom error message when combo box is incomplete?
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