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  1. Creating own file format
  2. Problem with absolute references
  3. VB in access to format data in Excel
  4. Link combo box with pivot table firld on another sheet
  5. Problem in closing a command
  6. Help with low level file reading (Open as Input, etc, etc)
  7. rs232
  8. moving picture
  9. adding textboxes
  10. whats the difference between visual basic to
  11. User logins with usernames and passwords
  12. User logins
  13. Re-routing outgoing net traffic
  14. What Win32 API to use to get Text from a 32770 dialog with edit box
  15. Help adding richtextboxes
  16. Progress Bar for unknown time
  17. Storing data methods?
  18. combobox with junk items
  19. update statement troubles
  20. Windows Key Delay?
  21. VB-mouse whelll problem
  22. How to connect VB to Oracle and also checking UserID & Password
  23. to draw sin graph using console application
  24. storing image
  25. Papersize problem in Crystal Report 6
  26. Area of a Trapezoid
  27. Help with vb code
  28. System time from remote PC
  29. How activate Standby mode using vbscript
  30. how to append query result from ms access to .txt file
  31. Visual Studio 2005 DataGrid records retrieval
  32. VB 2005 and retrieving data through stored procedures
  33. VBA Access date time
  34. Effect with visual basic 6
  35. How to establish connection in VB Script
  36. programming - basics
  37. How to create report for Microsoft Access 2000 using Crystal Report 7.0
  38. Next line?
  39. Object variable not set or block width not set error
  40. data report runtime code
  41. Need Some Help With My HW
  42. Combo Box Font Size Chooser - Please attend to this thread, Moderator
  43. Executing Functions/Subs based on a string value
  44. Fire event on Computer Lock from a VBS script
  45. How to gather data via RS 232 and import it to Excel using VBA
  46. Saving form submitted by user to Excel File
  47. How to check proxy setting?
  48. how to create array in VB using field from .mdb
  49. Sorting Dates
  50. Sample Code Primary key in a table
  51. VB6 datagrid
  52. Distribution List
  53. I'm going nuts please help with homework
  54. Creating TextBox dynamically in VB6
  55. Creating table to insert data inside it
  56. Unable to display intermediate results during loop
  57. Loop issues for textboxs with variables
  58. Simple socket connection, HELP!
  59. Dynamic Keyboard Mapping
  60. Read ME I NEAD HELP!!!
  61. Error with ( brwWebBrowser.Width = Me.ScaleWidth - 2300 )
  62. timer and loop
  63. Relationship between SQL & VB
  64. Automated dialer...
  65. invoke stored sql procedure, from vb2005, with parameters
  66. IE7 gotcha
  67. Help: Read a file line per line!
  68. How can you start a program with an key?
  69. adodc
  70. How to travel between Previous and Next Records
  71. New Application
  72. ole container contents
  73. Run a function from a custom toolbar??
  74. Adding Buttons and Misc Items
  75. Capitalization
  76. Linear Regression
  77. Saving VB rtb contents into a .txt or .c file
  78. VB Help for Two Database Connection
  79. VB help for Data Report- Using Date Range parameter
  80. Redirection Question ?
  81. Problem on insufficient memory in ms word when using OLE
  82. prevent multiple forms from opening.
  83. how to move cursor & press a button??
  84. VB6 - multi-threading?
  85. Where did the .Print method go?
  86. How to display a different windows form?
  87. Nested Loop Not working
  88. RS232 port
  89. Script Errors
  90. Changing color of a button when clicked?
  91. I do not get any results with my stored procedure
  92. VB Project
  93. unlocking a database
  94. Saving worksheet
  95. Rnd()
  96. Formatting numbers with a comma
  97. Data Environment in Citrix
  98. Need help with random picture array VB6
  99. Email using MAPISendMail,
  100. data report problem.
  101. need a help!!
  102. making .exe of vb project
  103. VB Compiler
  104. about the VB using MS Access
  105. how to display values in text boxes retrieved from db in printable format
  106. help in visual basic..??
  107. option buttons in powerpoint
  108. Help with writing procedures
  109. Need help with a control
  110. VBA Charting for Ranges of Variable-Referencing Cells
  111. Command Button
  112. Can somebody help me in Navigation of recordset using ADO
  113. Confirm window appears
  114. Running a function with a macro
  115. Enter data into TextBox in VB6
  116. String Manipulation
  117. how can i update the datagrid
  118. SQL Server not recognizing the user
  119. recordset
  120. Ascii Values Of String
  121. Get data from Finger Scanner Machine
  122. Wierd Date Format Problem In TextBox
  123. Status Bar
  124. Selecting a control based on cell information
  125. I need help
  126. Button Password
  127. Could any one help me? (Fibonacci)
  128. Need help to write a auto-click,auto-key prog
  129. Calling One Form from Another Form
  130. DOS from VBA
  131. Get Command Line Argument
  132. Find Coins
  133. RichTextBox with Zoom and alignment
  134. filling a word doc by unicode parameters from a VB6 app
  135. Error 94' - Invalid Use of Null
  136. Convert Ms Access 2003 Graphic Reports in to a HTML file
  137. data store simulation
  138. setting multiple label.text properties
  139. Passing correct value types from ASP/VBS to VB/DLL Function
  140. adding in a loop
  141. I want to protect my database from use out of my application (2)
  142. DVD menu for mp3 fiels
  143. store Images as OLE Object in Access OLE Object Field using ADO in vb6
  144. How could i get CDROM Drive Letter using VB6.0 code
  145. Editing a record while using adodc in ms access
  146. Jump to a cell in excel
  147. open office with VB6
  148. Vb6/MS Access 2003 point of sale application; "could not update; currently locked"
  149. Notepad
  150. ORA-00911: Invalid character when using ADO and OraOLEDB.Oracle in Excel VBA
  151. Help with Strings? Thanks...
  152. How to blur an image
  153. create database using createdatabase function
  154. local sharenames drives
  155. code for connecting a SQL Server table to an access database using ADOX
  156. backup postgre in vb
  157. Using ADO to link Microsoft Access Database
  158. save picture with label
  159. Making a retired employee INACTIVE instead of deleting his/her name from the Payroll
  160. need code in vb6 to embed audio to me pls
  161. How to search word in txt file and display the result of all the line its connected
  162. Menu name control properties
  163. Using DataGrids / DataBox with Access 2003
  164. Setup Package Creation
  165. Help Me
  166. MS Chart -column Value
  167. Form not showing in debug.
  168. Public Overridable Sub
  169. Question_sequential file access
  170. VB6 Open Database Command Options
  171. Populating Row Source of Combo2 based on value from Combo1
  172. How to write a macro for a MS Excel button for resetting value of a cell?
  173. Making a quiz in vb6....need help
  174. confussed on the commend
  175. A bit of a Masked problem???
  176. Where do I go from VB6 if I want to make .exe's available online?
  177. date range.. help!!!
  178. DOS-style INPUT from Keyboard?
  179. Databse Security
  180. Question about For Next loop. Need help.
  181. How can i detect if a Value Exists in a Registry Key?
  182. Microsoft Direct animation Plz Help~
  183. converting units in VB!
  184. Generate auto number by code but not repeated.
  185. ShowWithoutActivation isn't working
  186. how i can add country name in combo box from
  187. basic HELP! txt file saving and writing
  188. Determining a Chart number eg. Chart 243 for a chart that has been copied
  189. insert into oracle date values frm vb
  190. Filling a combobox without using loop
  191. LsitBox Problem in VB6(PLZ help)
  192. How to open a cash drawer connected to serial comm
  193. GMail Capturing
  194. Please insert the disk labeled:
  195. Read VB6 variant from a binary file with .net
  196. Crystal report does not load to the system
  197. backup and restore MSAccess in vb
  198. Midid\ Form
  199. %p
  200. how to make hyperlink html to another form?
  201. how to connect html to vb
  202. Web Browser Control's HTTP error descriptions
  203. VB and Outlook Object Model issue
  204. VB code to delete a file from Access DB.
  205. Backing up and Restoring the Database
  206. Help needed to populate combobox from SQL database
  207. format tagging in word documents
  208. Excel File to MsSql by VB6
  209. How to call SQL Server stored procedures in Visual Basic?
  210. How to get pass number varible in the sql query in where option
  211. ActiveX UserConnection?
  212. Update <table Name> Set <fields> where condition
  213. urgent ... plz help for 2467 error
  214. Limit any number to four digits?
  215. ActiveX EXE showing in Task Manager when multi threaded
  216. Convert excel file to access database
  217. please help me....
  218. Change Settings of Text File
  219. Detecting open forms
  220. HI i need some help with looping
  221. GetRawInpuData - Multiple Mice
  222. Total Pages for Report inside MsgBox (Access2000)
  223. Excel problem visual basic
  224. input and report in urdu
  225. Need info on creating a simple data table in VB6
  226. Saving Image From Clipboard
  227. Any Freeware SFTP tool for upgrading FTP to SFTP in the VB environment.?
  228. Text files content handling in Access 2003
  229. Exact permutation or combination
  230. powerpoint in VB 6.0
  231. Save recordset values to txt file
  232. DataReport page number
  233. create permutations or combinations
  234. learn VB6
  235. Papersize problem in Crystal Report 6
  236. Single insert command for Different Database
  237. Problems with Batch Files
  238. How to create games using vb?
  239. How to connect microsoft frontpage to vb?
  240. How to make games in vb
  241. How to create a windows media player?
  242. How can I read from a Drop-Down List at run time in VS using VB language?
  243. Comparing texts with missing or extra letters
  244. Variable Loses Scope in Recordset
  245. Easy Vb Problem Needs Answering!
  246. How to clear stored variables
  247. Web Browser HELP!!!
  248. Register Program
  249. Please Help! Simple Vb Problem!
  250. VB TreeView access of Excel worksheets
  251. Bulleted list in VB6 (help needed)
  252. Loop
  253. can someone help with this
  254. Date function in VB
  255. Problems WIth Graphics - VB Assignement
  256. How to code in VB6 to convert .xls file to .dbf and copy it to msaccess data base
  257. ODBC Error
  258. calling matlab exe from vb6
  259. Saving VB5 Project Backups...
  260. Need some tips about bisection method in VB
  261. Data on the Datafield
  262. how to change text when user entered a switch option?
  263. Body Mass Index programming visual basic help
  264. Ucase() function
  265. VB6 Excel Worksheet help needed
  266. Sequential Numbering Help
  267. String convert to date
  268. extracting lines of text
  269. Package & Deployment Setup Disables Norton Internet Security
  270. Dynamic ActiveX controls memory leak (URGENT)
  271. Search Engine?
  272. Vb6.0 DataReport
  273. How to: create a silent install project for "All Users" in Visual Studio 2003.NET
  274. String formatting problem...
  275. how to connect Foxpro 2.5 or Foxpro 2.6 in visual bacis 6.0
  276. New to VB please help
  277. Hay Guys can u help me
  278. How to amke games in visual basic
  279. How to create a windows media player?
  280. Help needed, networking lan vb6.0
  281. generating "bar chart" data in a text box.
  282. Help needed!
  283. Problem with Loop and ListBox (VB 2005)
  284. Virtual Client/Server
  285. rounding numbers
  286. How can you open a file from a web server?
  287. how to upload photo in visual basic
  288. a question regarding loop and string manipulation
  289. how to connect ms access in visual bacis
  290. Hemant &ALL STDEV of last 20 values in the databse column
  291. Code Conversion Quick Basic to ?????
  292. Is There a batter way to implement Checkboxes?
  293. need help for saving the forms
  294. round query
  295. Removing the Minimize, Maximize and Close button
  296. Need Hlep For Commond Dialog Box Class
  297. common dialogue box
  298. Fast math needed
  299. getting data from excel and storing in MySql database
  300. help me with crystal report 9 with vb6
  301. Search all computers in domain for *.pst file(s)
  302. HELP - vb 6 error - not sure why it errors
  303. How do I protect my mdb and vb application from been pirated
  304. Accept this challenge
  305. HEMANT !!!!!!Standerd deviation of database column using vb
  306. Fixed number of columns - Variable number of rows in Excel
  307. creating formsLedgers
  308. How to create VB project setup
  309. Getting data from Excel with VB6
  310. checkbox in treeview
  311. insert images in mysql databas using vb 6.0
  312. VB 3.0 Professional Edition. Programs with data files won't run.
  313. how to connect html or microsoft frontpage to visual absic?
  314. how to animate an animated gif
  315. how to do windows emdia a player
  316. How to disable a taskbar
  317. VB6 and Create a field BY ADODB
  318. SQL problem (Problem with ALTER TABLE in VB6)
  319. Exam Test Program
  320. Activate Word document after closing vb2005 dialogbox
  321. Please Help With A Simple VBA Macro
  322. replace "managed by" field name on computer object
  323. Copying creates compiling error
  324. Button Click to launch MS Access DB Issue
  325. Package and Deployment
  326. uploading and down loading files
  327. how to back up database
  328. Print without preview
  329. Can't add a dll in VB project
  330. Notepad URGENT PLEASE
  331. Simple Listbox questions
  332. Using Folders to change pictures.
  333. Active Directory search
  334. SQL Sum() function in vb
  335. search engine
  336. Selecting and printing multiple pages in Excel using VB Script
  337. Text Boxes
  338. Winsock crashes application when .Listen invoked
  339. vb5 runtime files and ocx files
  340. Changes to VB in word 2003
  341. how to produce output restricted to just 2 decimal places?
  342. Vb-sql
  343. replace fields values
  344. Please help
  345. How to add Command Button inside Listbox
  346. How to animate gif using microsoft internet controls?
  347. MDI Child in VB 2005
  348. Sending Fax through VB Code URGENT
  349. Problem With String Manipulation in VB6
  350. use of variables across more projects
  351. Division by zero problems
  352. CSV file to SQL data base file
  353. multithreading in VB 6.0, bad idea...but,
  354. how to automate selection of items from list the
  355. Listening to ports
  356. Parameters to signed vbs scripts
  357. Insert borders using visual basic
  358. Add a crystal report in VB
  359. Creating a report
  360. compare two strings or compare two files?
  361. how to animate my gif?
  362. How to craete a windows media player?
  363. Can VBExcel form display summary information (values) to individual inputing?
  364. question about VB 6 file creation
  365. How can I use the Folder Browser Dialog in web application
  366. Fibonacci and Pascal - Newbie needs help!
  367. crystal reports - iteration
  368. Data validation in VB2005 (HELP)
  369. Reading and Writing text files
  370. small project in VB 6.0 file searchinf and comparing
  371. how to load images in database access using VB?
  372. How do I duplicate objects in VB6?
  373. count forms opened
  374. Same day each month, Access.
  375. Select list box's item by right-clicking it?
  376. Swapping text from one textbox to another using drag'n'drop?
  377. Authenticating with HTMLDocument
  378. help! passing parameters in bat file
  379. is there an easy way to compare the real time with a list of different times?
  380. Teaching myself SQL and really stuck on query syntex
  381. webbrowser control
  382. Button to validate input
  383. Text Box
  384. Transfer text file data to oracle
  385. About Boxes
  386. Need some help please
  387. Saving data
  388. Is there any way to change the text box multiline property at runtime?
  389. PaintPicture ???
  390. Fraction
  391. vb6 and locked windows.
  392. using a command button to set focus to a tab
  393. please help me...
  394. Auto Fill dates
  395. MS Grid displays right-to-left
  396. Problems creating 8 deck card shoe in Basic
  397. pdwizard
  398. Getting a variable from string
  399. update of subject
  400. recordset.find
  401. making a tab the 'current tab' via a Call statement
  402. How do I pass parameters from VB6 to a Query in MS Access?
  403. Deploying 2 applications, one will call ther other one.
  404. how to add date time picker in VB6.0
  405. SQL connection
  406. msn style popup messages in vb6
  407. multiuser programming using ms access and visual basic
  408. Equivalent of RunningSum Property
  409. KeyAscii
  410. Calling .Net Application from an OCX Control
  411. Excel loop, run when cells value changes
  412. Using Enter, Shift, and Arrow Keys to control Size and Posistion of a shape
  413. help !!! using vbscript in visual basic application
  414. Interoperability issue VB6 and VC7 Components
  415. autorun
  416. HElp me with Visual Basic database
  417. Assigning value to textbox when an item in combobox selected
  418. Access / SQL query
  419. Crystal report in VB6
  420. making a stop watch in vba
  421. multilanguage display in VB 6
  422. Help im doing a calculator
  423. What is animated bitbit?
  424. Display report, backup n restore tables Ms Access, and open HTML file using VB6 code
  425. winsock help
  426. Add a field to exist access table by ADO
  427. Lable Resizing
  428. Run SQL Query, then Save
  429. Adding dependency arrows to Rational Rose
  430. Help please
  431. Charactor Removal
  432. Picturebox queries.......
  433. Tab to next text box
  434. visual basic
  435. Visual Basic 6.0 Setup Problem
  436. reading Html file from visual basic
  437. Convert MSaccess db to sql2005 db.....pls help!!!
  438. How to make a button look flat in VB?
  439. FindWindow and GetCursorPos
  440. How to flash a vb form
  441. need help with vb shell command
  442. How to create excel sheet from MS outlook 2000 email Input box???
  443. open a new form in a form
  444. How to animate my gif
  445. Help with Excel (hope this is in the right discussion forum)
  446. Form Hangs when called from an eventhandler.
  447. Using DAO (NOT ADO !) With MS access 2000
  448. Date field and NULL or Space
  449. How to write an "Undo" program in VB6 ?
  450. FindWindow and GetCursorPos
  451. I can not use DAO ...(DAO problem)
  452. Can't see output with Data Environment
  453. Using Activex with Web browser (IE & Firefox)
  454. Default Tab on Open
  455. need help with winsock
  456. Array.Copy
  457. code to create/modify word document from access
  458. problem with displaying data through DataGrid control in VB
  459. Need User Control Example Program
  460. VBA Progarmming
  461. how to encrypt data with VB?
  462. How to make an office2000 style toolbar?
  463. Posting to web page form
  464. need some fields not editable in data grid VB 6.0
  465. networking with visual basic 5 question
  466. Kind methods for Create Menu by code
  467. animated gif file to vb form?
  468. Key checker
  469. Oracle-VB
  470. Drawing circles in Visual Basic 6.0
  471. Vba
  472. Need Chart Example Program
  473. ADO runtime error 3251
  474. About Activex.exe And Activex.dll
  475. What Is Model And Module In Vb6
  476. Visual Basic 6.0
  477. how to insert data in a linked table through a pass through query?plz help....
  478. how to hadle database login failure in VB
  479. How could I make the cursor mpve to the place back automatically.
  480. how to split datas in mysql and to access in vb(flexgrid)
  481. How am I animate my gif???
  482. Send e-mail via outllook
  483. in need of example program, to access mysl to vb(flexgrid)
  484. flex grid in vb
  485. Finding first empty row in worksheet
  486. write statement
  487. MSHFlexGrid Display Issue
  488. How to populate ComboBox on VB6 from Excel
  489. Add New Line to String
  490. Add New Line to String
  491. Filling Combo Box
  492. How to create database in & connect MS-ACCESS with VISUAL BASIC?
  493. How to create database in & connect MS-ACCESS with VISUAL BASIC?
  494. Biometrics/SmartCard Recognition
  495. MS Word - How to add 2 tables through VBA
  496. VB6 Package and Deployment Wizard
  497. I want to Write ADO Code for ActiveX DLL to use in ASP Page
  498. I Want to Call ActiveX DLL from ASP Page
  499. Newbie question...Image insertion with VB
  500. Data Reports
  501. what is object
  502. For the experts
  503. Help me plz ! emergency
  504. [URGENT] Help Needed 4 Project!!
  505. please help me!!!
  506. locking
  507. how to do a windows media player
  508. I had a problem about my gif
  509. VB 5.0 runs fine on Windows 2000 but not on Windows XP
  510. create a new field
  511. Attach FONT
  512. Create Password
  513. PDF to Tiff Conversion
  514. Map Network Drive With Username And Pass
  515. How to code a form open upon load
  516. Classes Confusion
  517. Installer problem
  518. how to export data to excel format from Visual basic
  519. tiff
  520. ActiveX DLL
  521. animate gif
  522. Reg Interfacing USB Camera
  523. excel formatting & user defined functions
  524. Help with Access Coding
  525. automaticly running of a program that was installed by the setup of VB6
  526. Setting form color
  527. open e-mail from with an option button
  528. I need to scroll while in the code window of VBA. Running XP.
  529. Authentication using VB to develop Cognos ReportNet Companion
  530. VB6 Report problem, need help
  531. Help me fast please
  532. Send Mail from VB
  533. Select multiple files to add to listview?????
  534. Excel to MySQL
  535. To Mr. Milkyman
  536. Highlighting a text box for data entry..
  537. I need VB6-6.0
  538. Connection problem in VB6 & Sql server 7
  539. How to get the Key press function working
  540. How to debug VB DLL user defined function from VB project class module.
  541. visual basic-picturebox
  542. Page total in crystal report
  543. Designing a Trade Capture system in VB
  544. Trade Capture/Risk Mgmt System -- Help Appreciated!
  545. AVI in VB6 Animation Control
  546. database programming
  547. Insert into Statement
  548. Visual Basic
  549. Recordset Addnew for an mdb
  550. Just a simple table... PLEASE!