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  1. 800a03f2 error on "Public Class PREAUTH"
  2. Help Crystal Reports creating Invoice showing One Field from Database.
  3. GetSaveAsFilename making trouble!
  4. copymemory wm_copy issue
  5. Filling web form from VB app
  6. connrct vb with mysql via internet
  7. moving from one form to another in VB 6.0
  8. How do i connect a VB 6.0 Form to an Access database
  9. VB 6.0 and Access Database
  10. Onpaint Dynamically
  11. Currently Browsed URL
  12. i stuck with multiple addings to databse
  13. VB 6 won't install on machine
  14. flash projector wrapper
  15. How to break a range or series number
  16. VB6 combo box list items
  17. VB6 Multilingual Application Setup with InstallShield
  18. Insert Table into Rich Text Box
  19. convert codes....
  20. how to create calculation codes by using V.B
  21. Change user groups permission in Ms Access
  22. How i can type code in Dll to be called when register it
  23. VB 2005 Problems returning a structure from a function
  24. Urgent help required ASAP Please!!!
  25. Software Inventory Database
  26. Access 2003 and VB 6 Date issues
  27. VBA - Combo Box
  28. vba forms in excel
  29. About the not very good Record set
  30. How to make an exe file in VB 6.0 to move to systray
  31. 'Child list for field DebBacsfmDestAccs cannot be created'
  32. vb2005 & SQl 2005 - Child list for foeld cannot be created error
  33. adding about on right click menu of vb program
  34. Data Environment
  35. Need MSFlexGrid Tutorial
  36. Excel Macro - javascript
  37. ShellExecute
  38. DbGrid
  39. Hi. Receiving and sending SMS
  40. Generating registration numbers.
  41. Insert a table in a form
  42. storing mails to a local folder depending on senders Email in VBA
  43. Please I need Help Urgently on this
  44. do i have to set ole applisrunning to false ?
  45. Unnable to shut down window
  46. VB6 File association through installer
  47. Transparent color in PictureBox
  48. retrieving client MAC Address (Media Access Control)
  49. How to ? vb to sql
  50. table's name in a variable - in sql stmt
  51. Looks like a wildcard would work: Any ideas VB 6.0 VS Access
  52. Problem connect vb6 to sql server
  53. database application in VB
  54. Save routine not working
  55. difficulty in manipulating datagrids
  56. Save routing not working
  57. Algorithm used in inventory
  58. Help!
  59. Text book on Payroll Development
  60. Insert data from user in datagrid
  61. using OLE container
  62. web service invocation
  63. How to solve the Alignment problem ? .txt files in VB textbox?
  64. Loops beginner, please help!!! URGENT !!!
  65. HTML Directly from wintin the EXE...
  66. Displaying Checkbox String Results in a Label
  67. Slot Machine Game, need to have frmMachine wait for frmRandom
  68. RTE 1004 when using Access to create/populate Excel
  69. start position of vertical scrollbar in text box
  70. Error message boxes (VBA newbie)
  71. create database view in VB
  72. get values from pass to batch file !!!
  73. how do i place a dial up icon on my VB application?
  74. VB6 load filename into textbox
  75. problem in webservices
  76. implementing finger scanner (Vb6)
  77. Setup wont work!
  78. Back Button in excel
  79. Split settings
  80. VB5 help
  81. search and display a value in excel
  82. Help needed to create a Word document using data from VB6
  83. How do i make a fully working progress bar?
  84. Need software to transfering data from a workabout with scanner to a PC?
  85. Code for Splash screen
  86. True Db grid with VB6
  87. VB 2005 Newbie Questions
  88. How to generate Machine id(Mac Id) of a computer
  89. VB6 created program will not run in XP
  90. Problem
  91. VB6 File associations
  92. sites
  93. ComboBox in Datagrid
  94. Not working shortcut key when Datagrid has focus
  95. com/dcom
  96. Looping a Input box
  97. From Vb6 Date Inserting Problem In Sql Server7 Database
  98. TimeStamp of a file
  99. VB6 Consumes Java Webservice problem
  100. Access to Micosoft SQL - run time error 91
  101. Binding Keys
  102. The computation of exponent
  103. The Exponent written in VB or Acess
  104. stand alone .exe output from vb 2005
  105. vb6 datagrid and access 2003
  106. Locking DBCombo Box
  107. shellExecuteAny and mailto
  108. Updating Database
  109. Problem With Databound Combo Control
  110. writing to an external file
  111. Invoking OCX file from HTML page
  112. Problem in Web Services
  113. Help in OCX files
  114. Comparing of dates
  115. Creating an "Encoder/Decoder" in VB
  116. software for signing the cab file
  117. Need to print an image which is larger than the screen???
  118. Hi there How would you connect frontpgae to visual basic?
  119. Reference to an object
  120. How do I, Cancel a Print Job when in a loop
  121. ListBox read item on double click
  122. Is the Name Object limited to 256 members?
  123. Strange VB6 Datagrid Problem
  124. Where do i find winsock?
  125. case insensitive InStr
  126. Adodc And Data Control
  127. call a control's invoke from other window form
  128. problem in downloading an cab file on client machine
  129. Registering a ocx file in a client pc
  130. Using vb macro to delete a Command Button and it's code in Excel
  131. Getting the process from the Application
  132. Paste Special - Keep formatted cells
  133. to register ocx file
  134. please help,
  135. Visual basic windows media
  136. Does the microsoft internet control best suit for the web design for vb?
  137. how can i get the NYSQL in vb6
  138. Consuming a .NET Webservice in VB6, and Creating a ADO RecordSet
  139. how to write activeX Programs in VB
  140. how to shutdown windows using a VB program?
  141. Parsing a text file and pick and dump into sql database
  142. VB passing variable to C++
  143. VB-SMS Help
  144. How do i restore my sql2000 database on remote sql2000server
  145. Reading text file into excel automatically
  146. help with this anyone plz....
  147. Printing / exporting graphics
  148. Problem in class
  149. IsNumeric Function
  150. How to make a value visible to anywhere in my app?
  151. Problem with searching due to spaces
  152. MS Access Pivotchart code
  153. Buttons in data access page
  154. Visual Basic Editor Excel: using filters
  155. Help Needed again
  156. To register an ocx file automatically
  157. Hi need help in debugging
  158. VB Code: Storing Value In Variable..... Replacing Part With Other Variable (more)
  159. To pass values from vb and store it in lotus Notes database
  160. How to compare the mscomm data recieved using RFID and Compare it with my Text
  161. Visual Basic Help Please
  162. VB6 VS. Microsoft Access
  163. VB from ASP
  164. Text-To-Speech
  165. How do i bind a key?
  166. VB Install Program
  167. VB6 and Access 2003
  168. Calender- VB Express 2005
  169. Helpfile Function with msgbox anyone help?
  170. Find the first day of the month..?
  171. Open IE and follow a link
  172. How to stop paper ejecting in vb while useing printer object
  173. problem of embbed microsft office into ole
  174. networking VB
  175. uploading photo
  176. Reading settins from .ini line for line
  177. Problem in WebServices
  178. starting disabled service VBS/WMI
  179. inserting picturebox image into MS Word OLE object
  180. enhanced button control
  181. passing public variables mid forms
  182. Help Please
  183. Help with creating a label?
  184. how to add 2 8bits binary number by using VB ? help me pls
  185. How to convert decimal numbers intostandard floating point format (SEEMMMMM) ?
  186. read specific lines in a .csv file particularly the last line
  187. Visual Studio 2005 Reference Problem
  188. VB6 File Flag
  189. starting a visual basic career.
  190. ComboBox
  191. How do you connect a Query to Data control
  192. Datagrid shows mm/dd/yyyy
  193. parameter passing to EXE file and reading the parameter inside the EXE
  194. Object doesn't support this property or method occuring beacuse of Query why?
  195. Using another XL spread sheet
  196. How to pass parameters from Visual Basic to SQL Local Package
  197. Recordsets
  198. some one please help plzzzzzzzz
  199. Visual Basic
  200. Device ID in SerialPort
  201. VB6.0 setup.exe?
  202. format for datetimepicker
  203. association
  204. VBA Excel Help - I need an cell placeholder
  205. Commas in strings
  206. Identifying a Cd from another CD
  207. Need Help Really Bad Please!!!!
  208. capturing results of ping.exe
  209. VB 6.0 - Displaying items on a listview but they appear in different colors
  210. Finding the range
  211. delay in embbed microsof word doc into ole
  212. I need your help!
  213. Hi..Help Needed for deletion using VB
  214. Programming Help with Access Database
  215. Run-time error 91
  216. vb application error
  217. datagrid cannot show active hyperlink in access
  218. to pass an value through XMl
  219. how to convert base 8 number into decimal number ? help me pls ... thks
  220. Joining tables in VB via Access using Visdata
  221. Attachment macro in MSwords
  222. help
  223. TextFile Automation
  224. Converting xml to PDF using VB
  225. Visual basic 2005, table layout
  226. Arrays; searching
  227. Invalid use of property
  228. How to enter a date with format mm/dd/yyyy
  229. trouble creating login in excel
  230. Move Record Selectors in a subform MS Access
  231. dbgrid
  232. VB in access referring to subform
  233. Hi....Need one help
  234. logins using VB
  235. Passing Unsigned values by reference for COM objects
  236. VbPrnDlg.dll in Access 2000
  237. create table in ms word using visual basic
  238. changing pictures
  239. VBScript in MS Outlook 2003
  240. Accessing other excel spreat sheets
  241. Re-Image of Employee on the Startup Form
  242. How do I rename an Access database field via VB6?
  243. Help with Code
  244. VBA Script problem in Access?
  245. To store values through a webservice
  246. Can Someone help ME
  247. how to change date format
  248. Please Help!
  249. Object doesn't support this property or method
  250. how to create a help file ?
  251. Sending file with winsock
  252. Adding a function to an interface????
  253. Industrial Database
  254. vb graphs
  255. mdi child and parent forms
  256. VB6 and Access 2003
  257. Name a Worksheet from clipboard?
  258. i got stuck!
  259. Sorting
  260. VB Script to create a folder with UNC path (HELP)
  261. MS Access and VB
  262. Alternate Credentail
  263. Validation (VBA newbie!)
  264. VBScript to create Folder (Help)
  265. runtime error 424 object reqiured
  266. help me with help files
  267. want to Submit a form multiple times with one clcik
  268. Open a text file using VB6
  269. To run an application using VB script
  270. Retrieve a column's data from an Existing Excel Sheet through VB Code
  271. VB2005 Class Issue
  272. Help to CC++ a Visual Basic 6.0
  273. VBA listbox help
  274. help on Line Input statement
  275. Simple VB Loop
  276. vb script with alternate credential
  277. Input # statement Visual Basic Editor (Excel)
  278. Create variable amount of labels (Visual Basic newbie)
  279. receiving data by VB6 from a microcontroller
  280. Rs-232 Vb6
  281. Oracle in VB
  282. to get a list of installed software in a machine
  283. VB2005 Replacement for Control Arrays in the old VB6
  284. Saving array data to a file (.dat, .txt, access or excel)
  285. allowing the user to add a command button
  286. How do I make a picture of a form?
  287. How do I access media file data (attributes)?
  288. Flat File Import to Access DB
  289. Primes Numbers
  290. Image of Employee on the Startup Form
  291. ftp multiple files
  292. Saving Text Without Extra Line
  293. I have 2 questions
  294. Excel Automation
  295. how can I use two txtbox to enter aphanumeric value and change it
  296. Problem sorting tables in visual basic
  297. I need Recommendation
  298. The Best Windows Operating System and Windows Office for Visual Basic 6
  299. how to Import Table from Html to msflexgrid
  300. visual basic and usb
  301. regarding the count of line in text file
  302. Following rich box
  303. how to load data from database to combobox
  304. how to convert database data to spread sheets
  305. excel cells to text box
  306. Check for File Existence in VB6.
  307. Someone pls help with my program
  308. how do i use visual c++ 6.0 to solve a quadratic equation
  309. keypress during a running macro
  310. autoformatting option buttons
  311. connect another computer on LAN
  312. Crstalreport's DLL file can not installed when we installed package in client machine
  313. how to store a picture in sql server and retrieve the same in vb?
  314. DataGrid, FlexGrid
  315. To get a installed software in a client machine
  316. calling an webservices
  317. listview problem in vb6
  318. help for calculate page total in crystal report 7
  319. Automation error
  320. Computerize Temperature Controller Through LPT-1 Interface Using VB-6
  321. displaying multiple variables in one textbox or caption
  322. help me for array in vb6
  323. VB code to check the latest version on website.
  324. VB Desktop Calendar how to show current date and time
  325. run executable file through code in vb
  326. Start a VBScript (.vbs) from VB6
  327. need help asap
  328. Windows forms Datagrid control sort arrow?
  329. cOde for LEDs using parallel ports
  330. vb6 windows login
  331. VB in Excel
  332. visual basic 2005 help
  333. Calculate the factorial
  334. VB IMport
  335. Set column size in dataset
  336. Excel-Macros-Loops #2
  337. how to bind datacombo with msaccess
  338. using objects in visual basic
  339. VB6 Package & Deployement Wizard
  340. Excel-Macros-Loops
  341. Ability to select a folder path
  342. datagrid control object
  343. Parsing text in .NET
  344. Monitoring incoming e mail
  345. Leading and trailing String spaces
  346. Difference between "Module" and a "Class Module"
  347. How to place Icons in the menu of an MDI-Form in VB 6.0
  348. COM and DCOM Technologies
  349. Question????????
  350. Extracting attachments from Outlook
  351. Ftp
  352. VB 6.0 and MS Access
  353. Searching a two dimensional array
  354. rename the filename thru vb
  355. XML webservices From Activex Control
  356. [Q]: How to extract data from GPS by using VB6
  357. DataGrid vs. DataGridView?
  358. Two dimension Arrays
  359. IF statment problem
  360. Checking if multiple textboxes have equal value??
  361. Novice VB user needs help to create a program
  362. leading zero in spinbox?
  363. Shell Function
  364. Change Text on Form to another language
  365. Learning VB
  366. Help I am new to VB and have a program due
  367. vb programming
  368. i need help please
  369. VB6 & SQL2000 Invoice print
  370. Compare two Table(Any efficient way)
  371. Generate a rtf file
  372. Help: Reading a Txt File, Duplicates, Appending
  373. IJL - what gives?
  374. how to connect html to vb
  375. How Do i API Hook?
  376. VB script help needed
  377. message box automatic response
  378. My Pack & Deploy. Wiz created setup does not create program sub-folders
  379. How to Burn to cd from VB
  380. Searching the database
  381. Custom Command Button of Irregular Shape & of Different Color
  382. Can I load a frame with its compenents together?
  383. how to invoke image in to a picture box in run time ?
  384. Microsoft Common Dialog Control is not printing range of pages correctly
  385. Trying to make program to press a button every X minutes.
  386. display OLE object stored in database to visualbasic form using code
  387. Help : Consuming Java webservice with VB6
  388. copy fileds from xls to mdb
  389. VB queries
  390. connect ddatabase using odbc
  391. creating a right click menu in vb6
  392. Help : Consuming Java webservice with VB6...
  393. VB 6.0 Professional + execute Left() function through module
  394. Loading and unloading forms
  395. Picture Box Slide Show
  396. Runtime Error 3251 Updating not allowed
  397. Timestamp within sec. accuracy
  398. Date field
  399. receive sms using vb6(codes)
  400. Convert Corel Draw slide to tiff file using VB
  401. Print multiple data fields (pre-formated) into a text box
  402. reading from USB bluetooth doogle
  403. calculating interest
  404. Reached limit
  405. error
  406. VB Newbie!
  407. scrollbars and labels!! Help!!!
  408. Reading from USB
  409. Manipulate print jobs
  410. Mail From field populated from dataset
  411. DataReport Problem
  412. Access Splash Screen Question
  413. Grading Students Scores
  414. VB Temp File Problem
  415. Find and Process Text in a Loop Query
  416. How to pass image path to crystal report 8 through VB6
  417. Create a folder using input from a text box
  418. Consuming java webservice with vb6
  419. Insert TIFF formatted file in MS WORDS using VB6
  420. How i can view?????
  421. Event Tracing
  422. VB6 ADO Crashing When Trying to Access SQL Server under Win XP
  423. access to php mysql
  424. MSchart Scale values
  425. how to use vb code deploy ODBC
  426. IJL11.DLL - variable compression?
  427. VB .NET question...
  428. Populate combo box with only unique values
  429. how to get username on remote computer
  430. Mschart With Horizontal Bars
  431. problem in "Calling a Dotnet Created WebService in VB Client"
  432. make it installer/make package
  433. split function in vb 6.0
  434. lvbutton
  435. Visual Basic ListView Help
  436. Displaying contents of multiple files at the same time in different dialogue boxes
  437. removing commas, double quotes in output file thru vb 6.
  438. Help Regarding Counting of how replcement has been made in word document
  439. Plz Help Me(Drop Table Problem in SqlServer)
  440. write in text file thru vb 6.0
  441. 1:N getChildRows ?
  442. vb6 install on vs 2005 .net
  443. Search before asking!
  444. Copying/Pasting Text from/to Cells
  445. Problem selecting from database using partial string
  446. Excel Question
  447. controling the data control
  448. How to copy a file from SFTP server to local PC using Batch file.
  449. E-mail Attachments - Mapisend
  450. Creating Multiple charts in Excel
  451. How to find a string in excel sheet from VB
  452. retrieving data from text file thru visual basic
  453. Selecting a Checkbox from a dynamic list of Checkboxes
  454. Displaying user helps or hints for sub-menus on a status bar or label
  455. code for calling a project from a main project (both in one product)
  456. how to send email in vb
  457. Value for content-transfer-encoding
  458. Install
  459. debug this problem ' run-time error '91': object variable or with block variable not
  460. dtpicker
  461. Getting multipart messages from Outlook
  462. Access to SQL
  463. Tree View In Excel using VBA
  464. how to close all the opend files in vb6
  465. how to scan magnetic card into vb applications with a magnetic card reader
  466. How do I convert from string to double in an array?
  467. Trying to input data (double) from text file to array
  468. passing multiple arguments in a function to a click event
  469. VB 6 pro Webbrowser DOM help
  470. Accessing Outlook
  471. and problem
  472. A program is trying to automatically send email on your behalf
  473. Serialisation, Databases, and Word.
  474. Using an array to save details on a form.
  475. To take backup of a Data from Visual basic 6.0
  476. automatic back up from access data base ... ?
  477. Run-time error '1004' when closing Excel
  478. MSchart Scale values
  479. VB6 and bluetooth
  480. Update data from textbox to Datagrid
  481. A good challenge
  482. Outputting into a label
  483. Teaching/Trying to teach myself VBScript, what is a literal
  484. Easy Problem
  485. HTML prob
  486. Need to downgrade to VB6?
  487. Damaged Illustrator Ref Library?
  488. Im new here
  489. Soap and .net Web Service Types.
  490. MSComm
  491. Listing .Net control library dlls in vb 6.0
  492. Pivot table and SQL cube
  493. INSERT query in VB6
  494. Using DataCombo to search Recordset
  495. VB6 How can I download the html from a web page and save it to a text file?
  496. store Images as OLE Object in Access OLE Object Field using ADO in vb6
  497. VB 6 Exercise Urget help needed
  498. key in data in console...
  499. Page setup during printform
  500. how to Freeze some column for msflexgrid in vb6.0
  501. Saving Data into a text file
  502. How Do I Save Things With Vb 6 (At Runtime)
  503. Hindi Application In VB
  504. For each... next help needed
  505. don't want to show scale values of MSChart
  506. Need Stored Procedure Example program
  507. How can i add time to my form, in VB language?
  508. drag and drop problem VB6
  509. Sending VB Forms by email
  510. Hitch in VB6
  511. Disable mainmenu merges???? vb2003
  512. Change colors for selected item in listbox
  513. Creating Backup from access by using VB6
  514. move image
  515. Does this mean it can't be done???
  516. moveing the image
  517. SQL Calculated field comparison problem
  518. Helllo
  519. copy sheet and rename with vba
  520. need unicode version of ListBox
  521. search filter with textbox...
  522. ADO Data Control in VB 6.0
  523. naming an Access error log file following import using VB function
  524. Right Align of String Larger Than Text Box
  525. Hi! Crystal XI formula question
  526. dotmatrix print
  527. How to create batch file using Vb6.0
  528. How to call batch file from VB6.0.
  529. SQL Like Query with a variable as parameter in VB 6.0
  530. Import a text file into visual basics
  531. Export MSFlexGrid data to MS Word
  532. Please Help
  533. dynamic label array generation
  534. Printing the Screen
  535. data entering
  536. Macroing SQL Query using VB in Excel
  537. Proble with COM object events
  538. Creating own file format
  539. Problem with absolute references
  540. VB in access to format data in Excel
  541. Link combo box with pivot table firld on another sheet
  542. Problem in closing a command
  543. Help with low level file reading (Open as Input, etc, etc)
  544. rs232
  545. moving picture
  546. adding textboxes
  547. whats the difference between visual basic to
  548. User logins with usernames and passwords
  549. User logins
  550. Re-routing outgoing net traffic