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  1. VB help
  2. Need help for slideshow
  3. help with saving windowsapplication1.....
  4. Novice attempting to use ByVal to automate an Excel spreadsheet
  5. vb 6.0 Design Patterns
  6. VB in ASP vs. straight Visual Basic code: Server.MapPath
  7. Help: SHAPE statement
  8. package deployment
  9. VB6 exercise help
  10. Baffled by dataset error.
  11. Working with files in VB 6.0
  12. How to find Last User Logon
  13. Ms-Access to display more than one record during form load
  14. Left$ Function, Looping through: This is a mouth full. Vol 2
  15. Convert Cell Colour in excel in RGB component
  16. how to design data report in landscape in Visual Basic
  17. Using Case Statement
  18. AppActivate applied to cmd.exe
  19. Send Key Commands to modeless dialog box
  20. Need help with sort macro.
  21. i need a vb application
  22. Checking if a Folder Exists and if not, creating it.
  23. Retrieving BLOB files from MSSQL in VBa
  24. How to play a sound
  25. Adding SourceSafe buttons to VB5 toolbar
  26. Adodc
  27. How to execute VB codes stored in a Database(Access) Table using VB
  28. Remote DataBase Connection
  29. Hide and Unhide Code
  30. Get MAC-ID,User Name without WMI
  31. InputBox(Password)
  32. Lode word file in Rich text box
  33. How do I access series of files in perticular folder
  34. Visual basic
  35. passing data to an already open browser using VBA
  36. Copying data in one table to another with VB
  37. Difference between Excel.Application and WBook.Add.Worksheets(1)
  38. Difference between Excel.worksheet and WBook.Add.Worksheets[/B].item(1).
  39. Hi anand here
  40. Problem regarding Activex control
  41. Working with listview control in visual basic 6.0
  42. I want some basic Knowledge about VISUAL BASIC 6.0
  43. how unload all forms at the same time
  44. Help with login Form
  45. Using VB, Google Map and databases
  46. Data entry - indexed
  47. Left$ Function, Looping through
  48. vb with a dbase mysql that is in the webserver in the net
  49. Input by popup?
  50. how to send picture box to a printer so that the entire picture fits into the paper
  51. Difference between excel.workbook and excel.workbooks in VB
  52. may any one help me to learn SQL Server DataBase
  53. How can i print the data in VB
  54. how to insert the value into combo box
  55. runtime error 2147217887(80040e21)
  56. is there any thing like bookmark in ie as in word
  57. Getting System Information
  58. Insert from excel to access works, update I cannot figure out the proper code
  59. How to add an anchor in ASP.NET using VB?
  60. How to start another exe at run time in VB6 program
  61. Combo Box Problems
  62. Help with auto updating a .text file
  63. VB Script help
  64. Opening MS Access Reports In VB
  65. Common fax coding in msdn, ask for help
  66. Alem
  67. How to execute codes stored in a table
  68. How to retrieve the background color of an object in VB
  69. Upload and Download Data to a Web Database
  70. Moving of texts
  71. Password characters to an InputBox?
  72. i want Decode This code 62EH&5gx0wiqoQFw i dont know the algorithm of this code
  73. can any explain me the concept of arrays in short
  74. code alteration -Help Needed
  75. Need Help with Progress Bar
  76. Save file as HL7 format
  77. Does a progress bar able to run on a standard form in VB 6.0
  78. Textbox
  79. Visual Basic 6.0 Timer Issues: Running Multiple Events
  80. Excel Dependent Lists on an Visual Basic form
  81. Using the Set statement without first delcaring a variable
  82. help a newbee (go to heaven). calculation problem with a textbox.
  83. Need a Windows Script Host VBScript File that Moves a Text File...
  84. Generating Random lottery number
  85. Excel VBA basics
  86. SavePicture problem
  87. Directory change with the keys
  88. Excel VB Code - Formula Reference Cell
  89. MSComm receive data
  90. Transfering and recieving images using winsock??
  91. DBMS in RDMS
  92. Process Memory changing
  93. Running a access Macros in vb6.0
  94. Can V Have Animated Buttons In Vb?
  95. to set interval time over 1 minute with VB6
  96. how to create link in visual basic that will connect button with specified program???
  97. Retrieving a range of dates from the Database
  98. help in coding
  99. tell me the meaning
  100. security password in database
  101. detect serial hardisk
  102. who is using ms access database
  103. problem in moving the memofield of ms access into vb recordset
  104. Codings To Insert The Selected Check Item
  105. How to modify existing excel sheet in VB
  106. delphi to vb convertor
  107. How to copy all the files which are shown in file list box
  108. Excel Spreadsheet
  109. create folder
  110. how to find the system path in VB
  111. ITRACS cable management s/w
  112. how to get windows system path
  113. pic vs pc
  114. Creating secure database with ADOX
  115. DTS to VB
  116. how to loop a form without the msgBox
  117. Please Help
  118. I need help to develop a user control
  119. Help me on data repotrs
  120. creating db using access
  121. how? please tell me
  122. need help
  123. controlling parallel port via lan:
  124. measure frequency,ampititude from sound(urgent)
  125. Setup.exe error
  126. how to allocate file to perticular folde by name
  127. Help?
  128. Anyone can help me........
  129. Error while inserting data into table
  130. attach or register db mdf via vb classic
  131. sending image to a printer
  132. Validation List - VB Reference
  133. vb help! help
  134. help me
  135. whether the crystal report is ActiveX control or not
  136. Hi Guys,
  137. Background color of RTB
  138. scrpit
  139. Error when calculating probablity
  140. Excel '02 Workbook to workbook link...HELP!
  141. Mass label command
  142. HELP! ErrorReport.dll - Error code: 0xC00402CE - "Email"
  143. Monitoring exe's in visual basic
  144. 32 textboxes to 32 tables
  145. Timer Events
  146. query on crystal reports vb
  147. Help with Creating Textboxes During Runtime.
  148. List Box
  149. SMS Problem
  150. VB & Outlook
  151. Trouble finding the proper control
  152. Vb6.0 -data Report And Data Environment.
  153. Ben3eeE want if i don't want the message box just... (Yoda)
  154. Save from a Datagrid
  155. Wants Wrong With my loop Code (Yoda)
  156. Structures
  157. How to shut down windows
  158. Want Form To Loop Infinet Times
  159. How to send signals from my Ir device?
  160. Screen Resolution
  161. Mid function
  162. Hai
  163. How to Tell When Crystal Reports 10 Report View is Busy in VB6
  164. Creating an INSTALLER
  165. Bar-Code Reader
  166. message queue hooking
  167. converting a date ie: 10/1/2002 to October 1, 2002
  168. Listng Files in Single Directory...
  169. Packaging and deploying using visual basic 6.0.
  170. Visual Basic-data Report
  171. i'm stuck!
  172. Run-Time Error -2147217904(80040e10)
  173. Is there any way to convert VB Exe file to VB Source code
  174. Compile Errors
  175. Centering a form regardless of screen sizes?
  176. hi happy new year to one and all
  177. "Rubber Band" Problem
  178. need help with code
  179. control Excel VBA macro with a VB 05-designed user interface
  180. Timed Recurring Key Press
  181. Slow using compute command
  182. Ethernet I/O in VB
  183. Ethernet I/O in VB
  184. Formating Inputes
  185. How to Create A file to save data in Database Program
  186. Troubles creating my own datagrid
  187. strung with a String
  188. save cell id
  189. Why i can't exceute the "show databases" query
  190. How to Create the dll file
  191. How do I convert a Text file with variable length records to fixed length records?
  192. Failed to share
  193. binding list box to a datasource
  194. Sound card
  195. Populating records into RTF reports from Access Database tables
  196. Help in Visual Basic 2005
  197. How To Insert Into The Database
  198. MySQLProv
  199. Excel - Sorting
  200. How to save all search engine results urls in a text file
  201. Using Visual Basic to print
  202. Where can I find hyperlink MousePointer (hand)
  203. Help me in designing my first Access database based project
  204. Query vs Table
  205. Integration of SAP Browser and WebBrowser into Vb Form
  206. how to convert MDB to XLS
  207. Practice Projects in vb
  208. load pictures in a image which is inside a usercontrol
  209. VB6 ActiveX DLL - Exporting a function
  210. question about directory list boxes
  211. VB Info moved to MS Word/ MS Excel
  212. Grid lines
  213. VB2005 WMP & Auto playlist
  214. tell me find record from the button
  215. VB6 - haveing contols in variables
  216. Problem with SQL statement
  217. Adding records to database using custom connections
  218. Calling an webservice
  219. Please help me
  220. Pringting Payslips
  221. I need Tutorial
  222. download vb
  223. Compile an .exe with VB 2005
  224. Spalsh Screen removal
  225. Systems of Equations in VB
  226. Common Dialog Print Trouble
  227. Fax via modem
  228. Validation of Inputs to Text Boxes
  229. Members of a shared folder
  230. Font menu in vb
  231. I need the VB codings to get the current Time and Date
  232. Important: WaitforSingleObject fails (does not wait)
  233. restore button - activate
  234. TransferSpreadsheet works on some pcs but not on others.
  235. VB MSSQL Connection
  236. Listbox Contents Printing
  237. Finding a path to a program
  238. test
  239. select file window
  240. Getting the trendline equation - Regression analysis
  241. accessing database on another server
  242. Changing Currency Problem
  243. Standalone EXE in VB6
  244. Collection
  245. Run-Time error when editing Database
  246. VB6 Report generation From a Form
  247. Hi Guys,
  248. VB and CCTV
  249. VB6 Access Jet Problem
  250. vb progress bar
  251. DIsplaying Negative Numbers With A Masked Edit Textbox
  252. Oem To Ansi
  253. Draw Straight line on picutrebox?
  254. Changing text colours in list box
  255. How to drag an Image
  256. Problem in downloading a CAB file
  257. Vb code to add an image over other
  258. software
  259. data report
  260. Hi there !!! How to create a movie in vb 6.0
  261. NTLM Proxy Authorization
  262. Selecting text in a text box
  263. MessageBox
  264. TableDefs selection and modify/enter records
  265. run-time error '1004' method 'range' of object '_global' failed
  266. True db grid
  267. Digital Image Process
  268. Data Report for VB.6
  269. Notepad appliction in VB
  270. insert records in a table on sql server with identity constraint on it ??
  271. displaying data in datagird
  272. Randomizing a function?
  273. problem with my code
  274. How to use Keypress Properly?
  275. vb6 setup file
  276. Auto Run Macro In Power Point
  277. Using SQL in to Delete a Record in Database Table
  278. problems making an automated mail merge
  279. multiple search using adodc and displaying in datagrid
  280. Sign an CAB file
  281. vb6.0 and Image storing
  282. Creating a picture?
  283. Change in DB not showing on form
  284. Not Associated with a trusted SQL Server connection
  285. read file in VB
  286. EXE file Generates Run time error:-24
  287. Searching for a row in a datagrid
  288. InStr Return type
  289. Parallel port programme
  290. Excel Data To Ms Access
  291. To create a word document using VB6
  292. Declaring a variable size array
  293. wrong display of absolute position and recordcount
  294. Error on Ado search
  295. Need help padding numbers
  296. Searching Date filed, numeric field & text field simulteneously
  297. Problem with my codes
  298. How Can I Concatnate ?
  299. Vb Input Box
  300. VBA MultiPage Tab Switch?
  301. Problem with ListBox
  302. Can we write a vb program in macros of excel sheet
  303. can we write a vb program in macros of excel sheet
  304. Excel to Powerpoint
  305. Fax via ADSL
  306. Searching Date filed, numeric field & tex field simulteneously
  307. Getting Hardware information in a pc
  308. Auto Perging data
  309. TimeSync?
  310. Need help on homework (I'm just learning)
  311. vb6 report designer twips issue
  312. VB6 and Excel
  313. need help with listbox stuff
  314. System.NullReferenceException was unhandled
  315. Excel and VB 6
  316. calculate working hours
  317. NEXT and BACK functionality
  318. Xl
  319. Query problem
  320. Outlook 2003 Contact form: emailing field data
  321. Reading binary file in vb 6
  322. MS-Word: Special auto-numbering using vba
  323. display the selected records in the data report
  324. deleting a directory
  325. changing image colour using scroll bars
  326. File movement
  327. Lottery genarator
  328. Formatting text in Ole
  329. Excel VBA form
  330. Deleting a Record When ADO is Used
  331. Help Please! Populate Listbox from Access?
  332. filtering dates
  333. changing vb objects appearance
  334. photo in vb
  335. Windows Systems Error Lookup
  336. DB Connection String
  337. Problem with crystal reports
  338. getting 1 line out of a multi line file
  339. Disable and position office toolbar
  340. Editing file data.
  341. Textbox Entry that Filters Combobox display
  342. VB 2005 Using the SaveDialog to Save media Files
  343. vb 6 and outlook
  344. how to creat and print multi page document
  345. Target Column & Row question
  346. vb program
  347. Getting Volume Information
  348. Binary Tree
  349. finding the boundary of an irregular shape
  350. on click
  351. Help wit rtf files.
  352. VB6 Intergrate dependant files into main exe
  353. serial number in data report
  354. How to Connect Controls via ADO to Ms Access By Codes
  355. Validate and enable event
  356. Runtime Error '3131'
  357. About Crystal Report
  358. VB, searching for something on my screen through code
  359. real time graphics and charting
  360. I Need A Timer For Vbasic
  361. VB Code
  362. Comma in between menu items
  363. Visual Basic 6 Problem
  364. Stating that a Cell Range is FULL!
  365. VB 2005 express SaveFile and Media Player
  366. easy peasy is still japanesey
  367. changing the appearance of objects in vb6
  368. VB Runtime error -2147217887 (80040e21)
  369. Storing data and images in Oracle 9i via VB6
  370. Automation Error
  371. Automation Error
  372. how to generate a fixed length data text file using Scripting.TextStream / filesystem
  373. Upgrading form VB6 to VB.NET --> 'as Any' and library 'kernel32' problems
  374. inputting data into webforms
  375. More Hard Drive Data
  376. Opening Access 03 reports in vb 06
  377. editing datagrid
  378. Query problem
  379. Load text from File to array??
  380. Database Problems in VB
  381. Access 2003 and VB
  382. Number of Possible Combinations!!-Help!
  383. Writing Formula's In VB
  384. Problem!!!!!
  385. RightToLeft CrystalReport
  386. Inser Date & Time to a logfile
  387. Visual Basic Beginner - Help!
  388. Chat Client Help
  389. VB6 compile time directives
  390. Help with Visual Basic code for RS-232 circuit needed!
  391. How to change something in an form from another form
  392. Randomizing order of letters?
  393. Passing Values
  394. CSV carriage return problem
  395. setting stretch property
  396. changing colour
  397. Keeping the orginal Database
  398. changing add to subtract
  399. Array that will store answers to questions
  400. Auto Perging data
  401. vb 6 and access report
  402. View the source of web browser
  403. Excel --Use VBA to delete all cells with numbers in column?
  404. In VBA, how can you Invert a boolean variable?
  405. VB - Select case
  406. Reading queries from Access into Crystal Report
  407. Procedure Size
  408. Reusing the same application Instance
  409. Automating applications using VB
  410. Unloading form problem.
  411. Is there an AND IF Function
  412. How to Manage pictures in Visual Basic ( Hellow Banfa Please Help Me)...
  413. Format the text of a richtextbox with vb6
  414. 2 IF Statements on the same macro????
  415. Searching the database of adodc control joint by various Tables
  416. Keeping the orginal Database
  417. Print to user selected printer without changing it to default???
  418. CD Protection
  419. biometrics/ finger print in vb6
  420. Forcing a form to reload
  421. Status bar ocx
  422. Help Out A Newbie
  423. Link two separate forms by the unique id
  424. Help with loops.
  425. Vlookup!
  426. DAO OpenRecordset and NULL results?
  427. help with vb
  428. Vba
  429. Selecting Each words from text box
  430. Invalid Data Source
  431. Database encryption
  432. Airline Reservation in VB6
  433. adding the text box output to a txt file or excel sheet
  434. Someone who used SetupPOS from Epson Expert ?
  435. Deploy a CAB file across the network
  436. net send command not working.
  437. Retriving System Date Format
  438. If and Elseif not working correctly ?
  439. Listbox or ListView Control with RadioButtons?
  440. Problem with CAB file
  441. save serial data to pocket excel
  442. need help with calling a program from vb
  443. HoneyWell RFID
  444. hi everyone
  445. VB 2005-MessageBox problems?
  446. VB 2005-MessageBox problems?
  447. Problem with a timer
  448. help with my 2-D array and sub modules
  449. Carrying variables across forms.
  450. ODBC Connection
  451. Copying a file?
  452. drawing in a picturebox
  453. short cut keys
  454. Database Update Problem
  455. Help with field modification on the fly in VB6 - no .NET
  456. Help with listbox
  457. How to find a file?
  458. VB Tips & Tricks
  459. moody SendMessage
  460. COM Example
  461. V# or JAVA?
  462. How to read manufacturer serial number
  463. Add-in manager
  464. ado connection
  465. Problem in CAB file
  466. visual basic
  467. List box comparison
  468. a simple question
  469. crystal report
  470. get the record number from the access db
  471. Item not found in collection error
  472. VB Print folder contents
  473. Referencing event caller in VBA
  474. ResultCodeExtended Error POSPrinter
  475. Parsing from SQL Server to Acces with VB
  476. Return Cell Location from Combo Box
  477. VB TreeView Background Color issue
  478. Adding values in object field in MS-Access through VB programming
  479. Two Tactil Monitors - Full Screen
  480. VBA Help needed. Thanks.
  481. VB Data Report Help Needed
  482. Enter a variable input in a query
  483. Need to Undock Computer
  484. I want to sort the text content using array ! help me !
  485. creating a database with barcodes
  486. refreshing in crystal report
  487. How can I post a message
  488. winsock server hang
  489. excel macro needed to score points with boss
  490. HELP!!!!! Save data from data grid view to text file
  491. Compare 2 worksheets in Excel and delete rows not contained in both.
  492. Only allow instance
  493. How to use single point SQL results in Access VBA code
  494. Inputing a specific line from a text file into a variable
  495. Inserting Variable into SQL LIKE Statement
  496. Problem with an SQL command
  497. TextField Parser - writing to files..
  498. Access: Update Listbox from query
  499. viewing mp3, wva files using radio buttons
  500. Making a Form ReadOnly
  501. vb help! help
  502. connect to LAN system
  503. Textbox Data Movement
  504. VB6 Flash Player going portable
  505. I want to sort the text file contents using arrays in VB
  506. Connecting to sql server from different machine
  507. about contols
  508. Using DataEnvironment to connect to an SQL database
  509. Loop Errors in VB 6 and Access
  510. Using VFP 6.0 data to connect with VB 6.0
  511. reading a text file and open it in a textbox!! and translate it to another langauage
  512. help a noob please!
  513. multiple values for options
  514. URGENT!!: using access to pull data from an excel file
  515. Need Help VB 2005 buttons. pleeease
  516. entering file contents into an array
  517. Compare dates in Access SQL?
  518. Help with VB 2005 with message box
  519. adding new row to a DB
  520. FileListbox DirListBox HELP
  521. Too Few Parameters Error
  522. VBScript launched from GPO in AD fails.
  523. Date Tranfer from VB to Access
  524. Clarification
  525. How to use an sql variable in a connect string to ORACLE
  526. Setting an alarm
  527. Text/Message or Buttons help (new to VB)
  528. How to see camera in windows on the form in VB
  529. FlexGrid Error
  530. help with vb
  531. Getting Data off of a Flexgrid
  532. read list box item on mouse event
  533. database Access
  534. Matrix and Inverse matrix
  535. query run successfully in sql*plus but return 0 records affected in vb6
  536. usb & vb6
  537. Convert Access Forms to VB Forms
  538. Problem in Deploying an activex control in CAB file
  539. Working with clipboard
  540. Importing the Excel sheet data to VB 6 flux grid
  541. Variable information between Forms
  542. Need help with Tab control (MS Access)
  543. simple LAN access
  544. reading specific text lines
  545. Database Problems
  546. A few VB 6 noob questions.
  547. Combo Box Help w/ Access
  548. Write vb6 arrays to .csv file
  549. VB 2005 Search for Running Apps and Close them
  550. MS Access VB text box glitch