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  1. Excel Cell Searching/Formatting VBA
  2. move next commands
  3. Does anybody out there knows how to connect microsoft frontapge to vb 6.0????
  4. Does anybody knows how to connect the microsoft frontpage to vb 6.0????
  5. help with email parsing..
  6. ADO, DAO, MSACCESS and non unicode characters
  7. Controlling XY position of printer output
  8. Need Search Code For VB to access database
  9. Closing VB Application
  10. how to set up my program on another computer
  11. VB macro in xls help
  12. Selecting multiple check boxes
  13. Call to a function in another project in project group in vb6
  14. Help with randomizer please.
  15. VB6 Is it possible to return the caption of the clicked button??
  16. Passing values from one sub to the next
  17. Help with Treeview
  18. Create a pause in
  19. i want to get into my VB program an icon from other program
  20. Multiple actions with Inet
  21. API Documentation
  22. Help on VB for MS_Access
  23. Create a pause in
  24. how do i change the mouse icon in my program?
  25. Gauss-Jordan Eliminations
  26. Detecting resolution for Printer object
  27. where can i get some tutorials?
  28. Help on USB gsm Modem communication
  29. explain what is purpose if vbtwips in vb
  30. How to pass listbox values into an sql statement
  31. filepicking and comparing of fields
  32. How to get field names and put in a string
  33. Please explain this ADO-related code for me
  34. how to use keyascii
  35. VB Text reader saved as Text/Ms Access
  36. Use Proxy Server with VB6
  37. can i change the color of the text in a message box
  38. help me with my buttons.
  39. the name of a specific MSSQL instance on the
  40. help needed with coding
  41. Help - KeyUp doesn't seem to be responding
  42. How to prevent Program from running if the program is already running?
  43. i need help
  44. Very urgent. Please help me...
  45. To pass a whole array by reference into a function
  46. Help me
  47. Annoying Macro problem - Is there a solution?
  48. I Need help with an Auto Button Basher...
  49. registry key
  50. Detect arrow keys at form level
  51. programing school
  52. help me with my program.
  53. help with making a command button display an image in an image box
  54. How do I Input data from a file?
  55. How to show picture size status.
  56. How to line break..
  57. classes help.....
  58. dbcombo in vb
  59. custom save as
  60. help me ( codes)
  61. just starting
  62. Textbox Border Color in VB Express Edition
  63. help
  64. code fro print
  65. very very very small doubt
  66. Crystal Report Database Problem
  67. Codings Help?
  68. vb deployment
  69. OpenFileDialog causing errors when application runs on mapped drive
  70. IE Debug window in Webbrowswer
  71. Login to Mapped Drive
  72. MACRO: Find, Loop, Offset...?
  73. How to discard the null value inside a string?
  74. How do I avoid opening multiple instances of same application.
  75. How to handle close window event?
  76. How to make this code change the font colour to white if black cell colour is chosen
  77. Excel related problem
  78. Writing an HTML file from Visual Basic.
  79. Packet logger inside VB Webbrowser
  80. Move one table in Live Server to Development server
  81. Convert Sql Server 2000 Table To Xml Through Visual Basic
  82. see it
  83. plzz remove error
  84. XL add-in installation program
  85. runtime error: 53, file not found
  86. Check error
  87. How read the names of excel sheets....HELP ME!!!!
  88. Change Voice Recording input
  89. how read data from the internet.
  90. Datagrid Control Problem
  91. Cropping an image
  92. student perfomance tracking
  93. How to use a primary key query
  94. How to check wheather a record exists or not
  95. Hi all ~! I have a question about time delay....
  96. Help me anyone........
  97. run time error:item cannot be found in teh collection corresponding to the requested
  98. unpack Acrobat 8.0 PDF package
  99. Runtime error '-2147467259(80004005)'
  100. Mergin images
  101. Inserting audio data
  102. Running the same code for multiple worksheets/series automatically
  103. Pass Control to Access From VB
  104. Passing a recordset to a form
  105. I Guess It Has An Easy Solution But I Couldnt Find
  106. EOF and BOF Errors
  107. How to use Determinant Function
  108. barcode in vb
  109. Invalid use of property?
  110. How read the names of excel sheets
  111. Can anyone HELP me Please?
  112. Data Report Designer
  113. firing javascripts events
  114. System tray information in Windows
  115. Count CMDButton
  116. How can I get The leave date from the MS Acess Table?
  117. Memory could not be "written" in vb6.0 programe
  118. DBCOMBO retrieving data problem
  119. How to place value in Excel worksheet from VB
  120. Blinking
  121. about shockwave
  122. Using Pivot Tables in VB
  123. VB 6.0 - how to detect empty line in a Word document?
  124. how to do this microcontroller programming
  125. Compile Error: Procedure declaration does not match description of event...
  126. using Max function (SQL)
  127. Calculating total and subtotal
  128. Get data from USB
  129. How to use data grid to get the search result
  130. Getting specific software Name
  131. runtime error: you cannot add or change a record
  132. how to connect opr link frontapge to vb 6.0?
  133. Vb6 and Vb6 professional
  134. Imporint Excel Data into SQL with VB6
  135. Returning True/False records from a table using VB
  136. error in .vbs FTP routine invoked from VB 6.0
  137. Rule based system by VB
  138. Writing DWORD values to the registry.
  139. Access Database
  140. VBClient COM/DCOM
  141. Save as dialog
  142. How to print the contents in a form?
  143. VB and sql server 2005
  144. recordcount for textfield is it possible
  145. access server file from client
  146. using 2 combo box to populate other field
  147. count function
  148. How can i set the InputBox value as * ?
  149. Codings help?
  150. problem filling individual elements of array
  151. Random sounds/Embedding project files into self-containing exe
  152. Technique/Form renaming dilemma
  153. (VB 2005) Read from txt
  154. Help in Random Accessing a file
  155. spacing items inb a listbox
  156. Opening File
  157. Error Opening a Table in MS SQL Server
  158. Leave days calculations
  159. navigation
  160. form is not displaying
  161. soft ware for allignment of data in Note pad and then copying pasting it in excel
  162. Reading data from Modem
  163. openRecordset error
  164. TextBox Space in VB By Default as padding
  165. how to fetch records from 2 tables
  166. combobox value not saved
  167. Hi tehre;;
  168. Detecting Network Printer
  169. Add Format Controls to a textbox
  170. parsing a table field through a form
  171. Map printer by IP address in logon script
  172. VB Color Question
  173. Waiting until loop finished.
  174. VB Script timer
  175. Installing MSDN
  176. To Add Record
  177. VB Barcoding
  178. compiling a text file
  179. CLASSES!!!!helpppppppp
  180. Code to lock the computer on the click of button
  181. Display image in crystal report which is stored in access table.
  182. how can i add Multiple datatype in any grids using vb
  183. Select Statement with Order By
  184. Connecting VB with Rational Rose 2000
  185. Need Help on DTPicker
  186. Help me update data by using textbox and datagrid.
  187. How to call a access report from VB 6.0??
  188. Webbrowser URL Change response?
  189. Need code for identifying that a form is inactive
  190. Array to another page
  191. I need explanation for this code pls help
  192. Whats are the steps to sending email through vb
  193. Do msvbvm60.dll need regsvr32 registeration?
  194. Raising an event from a different Sub.
  195. Adding EULA in setup
  196. Moody SendMessage
  197. Html Form change into VB?
  198. Convert C .h file to VBA .bas
  199. Text to a text file...
  200. Send text to MS Word using VB Code
  201. Calculated cell in GridView
  202. creating backup of MS SQL database
  203. URL Grabber / Splitter help?
  204. VB Code to BackUp Data from SQL to Access
  205. Vertical Scrolling Text
  206. parsing a text file
  207. how do I print in landscape
  208. How to Update Records from 3 Tables
  209. Variable Values inside Global Strings
  210. Can I change the following code?
  211. Store a Listbox Items in Ms Access Db
  212. How to crop image?
  213. menu bar items in a popup menu
  214. Checkboxes
  215. Opening folders
  216. How to open MS Word?
  217. Visual Basic "Line By Line" text file.
  218. VB ActiveX Problem
  219. Using VB to run an Access macro from Excel
  220. very new to
  221. Error in Updateing my table
  222. MsSqlService
  223. Using VB6.0 to import Excel files
  224. This Code give a wrong argument pass. What else should i do?
  225. how to open another application
  226. ADO Connection
  227. ADO Connection in runtime
  228. what is Active control
  229. how to play a video using visual basic 6
  230. how to burn cd using vb6
  231. help....!!! vb6.0 + crystal report7.0
  232. how to make vb.exe file to video file
  233. send an e-mail with vbs
  234. Reading DLL Resources in Visual Basic 6.0
  235. import from excel using vb 6.0
  236. How to import data from excel to mysql
  237. code stuck in endless loop
  238. Next / Back Buttons with an Array
  239. Open a form with a specific name
  240. Reference a variable by a string
  241. passing parameters to openform cmd
  242. How to bypass a SSL cerificate programmactially when open a secure URL?
  243. Programatically get Printer Serial Number
  244. Welcome Me! [magic21 needs vb install help]
  245. Search Entire database for String???
  246. Display Issues with VB App
  247. HELP with .net 2003 window app using VB6 to FTP to Unix server
  248. Is any error in the following code?
  249. How to change activeX control icon
  250. how to save rest of my fields
  251. Codings help
  252. combobox problem
  253. Update SQL database using VB code.
  254. Call Activex control in email
  255. Group Headers Headache
  256. Embedding Word in Excel
  257. Need help in organising data
  258. Importing Text Files in Excel
  259. I need help in Calling specific cell in sql database
  260. Help Me!!!
  261. Locking and unlocking DataCombo via code
  262. Why is comsvcs.dll getting unregistered
  263. how to save image to backend
  264. CheckBox Help
  265. How can I search Datewise
  266. problem in picture box
  267. Binary files and 100% CPU usage haunts me
  268. Problem with AT send with GSM modem
  269. developing software
  270. Message box help
  271. setup and deployment setup wizard
  272. System.Threading.ThreadStateException
  273. work
  274. Changes to VB.Net RE:
  275. Prioritization of values retured by queries
  276. Option Buttons
  277. Compact Access Database thru software
  278. run vb application
  279. Storing and retrieving data in property bag
  280. Export to Excel
  281. how retrive the values into a data grid
  282. add Image and checkbox on data report (VB6)
  283. CSocket and UDT
  284. Searching the database for numbers
  285. databse scanning
  286. I have the doubt in date format
  287. data report print in landscape
  288. Change Local administrator PSWD code needed
  289. ComboBox Problem
  290. update problem cannot see why
  291. deleting database records
  292. EXCEL VBA Problem
  293. date of birth in vb 6.0
  294. How to use a function inside a dll
  295. Hanging up the modem
  296. Updating forms in an ADP Production Project from an ADP Development Project
  297. how add time from 00:00:00 to 23:59:00 to a combo box as items
  298. How to get Parent Menu information of child menu in VB
  299. open (*****.bat) file by command
  300. Question about Overwrite prompt window
  301. interacting with other applications
  302. Controlling a random function
  303. SAM VB 6.0 HOW TOs
  304. moving to next line in multiline text box after reaching 70char
  305. problem on a recordset for a ADODB connection.
  306. VB6 MSCOMM Handshake line Interrupts
  307. Running a .exe with parameters
  308. Help required in storing a variable
  309. student marks
  310. subject: renaming a file w/ wildcards in name
  311. Hyperlink Buttton in excel
  312. retrieve many records with VB 6.0 from an ORACLE Database
  313. Parallel array
  314. Couldn't Find Installable ISAM
  315. traffic..
  316. how to read ms word documents in VB 6.0
  317. Help for Flexgrid control
  318. Winsock stops throwing dataarrival events?
  319. display data from serial port....
  320. OCX related
  321. Further Day of Week Program
  322. getting value from another column based on a status column, with a twist
  323. Extracting Data from embeded SQL select statement
  324. Binary file to Text file convergen through VB6 Program
  325. Selection of Combo Box using VB
  326. retrieve data
  327. How to change backcolor of a row in datagrid?
  328. Day of Week Program
  329. Invoking an Webservice Method
  330. how to download a file from server to desktop of my computer
  331. Urgent help:Inserting csv file into SQL Server 2000 databse from VB6 code
  332. i couldn't able to include components
  333. vb 6
  334. problem in macro
  335. How to import any excel file in datagrid using vb6
  336. msflex control
  337. Help!! Table Field References
  338. how do I pick up the path names of selected files in the operating systems open folde
  339. Data Report not returning all records
  340. Closing A Word Document Without Saving Changes In VB6
  341. Its about linking 2 tables
  342. Code in Sub doesn't recognize label on form
  343. function to randomize data
  344. SQL Server CE and VB 2005
  345. Receive data from RFID reader using MScomm
  346. Printing a selected record
  347. Control Arrays with a index starting from 1 and not 0
  348. How to get Parent Menu name in VB
  349. Compiling
  350. Accessing different workbooks using VB???
  351. How to remove Rows with blank data
  352. Data Report in VB.6 + Group Header
  353. VBScript to insert text into text file and save as new filename
  354. a prob with excel file in vb6
  355. Problem while setting ActiveConnection property of ADODB Command object to NOTHING
  356. picturebox to shape control
  357. Working with MS Word documents in Visual Basic 6.0
  358. Image & Pixel
  359. How to call an web service
  360. Error with opening excel file
  361. batch script or vbs help
  362. Sub Compiling error
  363. Need help with Visual Reports from Sparrow Technologies
  364. how to write a vbscript to open and read a web page?
  365. activex.exe in 2005 clickonce deployment
  366. Script to insert text into text file
  367. how to execute a VBScript file from a VB6 subroutine?
  368. Mouse location
  369. VBA commandbar - lost inputted text
  370. Need Help adding the columns in sheet
  371. file picker
  372. New Class Module
  373. Automation Error
  374. Question on Data Report
  375. Invalid ActiveX State Exception
  376. Invalid ActiveX State Exception
  377. Array Usage and Product Keys
  378. Merging Arrays
  379. New Member
  380. License Key Registration Sample
  381. How do I get data from a callback into my form?
  382. Button to send an email that includes specified objects
  383. Backing and restoring of Data
  384. Need help with my Web Browser
  385. Error message in creating installer for my vb project
  386. Need help with hex and winsock
  387. Use Rnd to choose lottery numbers
  388. MS Access and Visual Basic
  389. strlen function in VB?
  390. Calendar in mysql
  391. Edit a row
  392. problem in connection
  393. connection problem
  394. VB 2005 text to ASCII to binary
  395. Basic Ideas About Accounts
  396. duplicating database
  397. Print in Records
  398. 40 percent done!
  399. What is the Difference between Global and Public, Dim and Private variables?
  400. date variable: first day of this year?
  401. Date/Time Picker Questions
  402. Exception_acces_violation
  403. How to control application
  404. Send Excel data to Outlook in message area
  405. How to Display Time on the status bar in VB
  406. how to use the date type in the following code or correct the code below
  407. Execute VB code from a string
  408. LogIn
  409. Web Browser Control
  410. Copypicture very long range of excel..
  411. Retrive MAC-ID in Visual Basic 2005
  412. Sharing a dataset across multiple forms
  413. Load form parsing errors
  414. How landscape a datareport in VB?
  415. VB code on MySQL database and table
  416. Writing Records to Table with Spaces in the Names...
  417. MSGBOX title source is a mystery
  418. Invoking an existing Listbox within an Excel VB code execution
  419. How to get pointer position?
  420. Need Help !!!
  421. Easy One
  422. Please help me
  423. how to access MS-Access -Query through vb coding
  424. code in vb for pc to pc communication using rs232
  425. How can I handle opend application dialog box
  426. validating text in box
  427. Printer Object's attribute
  428. CSV file import into Excel sheet
  429. need urgent help
  430. help! ado connection string variable
  431. Loading Form Back Image
  432. How to prevent changes in textbox when we use Ctrl+V or Paste using mouse
  433. Get Current Folder - ActiveX DLL
  434. VB to text file
  435. How to create an event object in a dll without adding the dll into the project
  436. how to telnet to linux
  437. How to create File System Object with using keyword "New"
  438. Opening sequential files
  439. Validating Datain textboxes
  440. Automatically Sending E-mail
  441. how to get controls inside a frame
  442. need VB codes
  443. e-mails in vb
  444. Looking for help from J French
  445. Converting binary file to text file
  446. Quiz programme with VB effects
  447. Examination processing system
  448. how to pass image value to shape?
  449. Saving into microsoft access using vb6
  450. Generating automatic numbers in SQL Sever Using VB6.0
  451. bamos!, can someone help me with arrays....PLz.........
  452. Using SOAP in Visual Basic 5.0
  453. help please
  454. create dll files in vb
  455. WebBrowser control - tutorial/reference available?
  456. synch to network server time
  457. Son et fréquence
  458. creating a custom Message Box
  459. Database comparing
  460. Please Help
  461. Word Templates using Visual Basic Editor
  462. layout configuration
  463. Commands Array
  464. Loading EXIF data from JPEG files
  465. how to bind a column to a combobox
  466. dll registration
  467. ActiveX Control Property
  468. Parallel scrolling in Listboxes
  469. Code for Retrive data from from the controls(Ex:Text box, Dropdowns) in Visual Basic
  470. Vb6 Move Forum Code
  471. capture image thru webcam using vb.6.0
  472. Dll problem
  473. is Internet Transfer Control the solution?
  474. How can i get .addnew to work in access 97
  475. VB array tutorial
  476. Listview: add new row
  477. File Program
  478. MS Excel ---> <----Visual BAsic Pl Help!!!!!
  479. followhyperlink bizarre problem... Any help would be great!
  480. Calculate Checksum VB 6
  481. help
  482. vb 6.0
  483. How can I do it
  484. vb6 subroutine to ftp a file?
  485. Data Comparison
  486. VB Script to start Service auto
  487. Adding Scrollbars at runtime
  488. limit input in textbox
  489. Counting business days
  490. Update?...
  491. adding a new form input row in VB2005 (windows application)
  492. Send Fax problem using FAXCOMLib
  493. By George I have got it
  494. Saving records in an Oracle database
  495. opening .txt files and using them in the program
  496. Help about exportin datareport
  497. Please Help Me To Write Code For Banker's Algoritm In Visual Basic 6.0
  498. Electronic Signature
  499. need help with making a slideshow
  500. InStr function Position Glitch
  501. How i can control an Excel worksheet by VB 6.0
  502. Setup Package in VB Code
  503. can any one show me where is the mistake in the code below
  504. DAO350.dll problem
  505. Progress bar properties don't work if I change window setting
  506. what could cause inability to "Debug..step into" code?
  507. text help in Vb6.0
  508. EXCEL listbox: carrying selected value over to amother worksheet
  509. Need help with an error
  510. Problem!!!!!
  511. Connect Direct work with VB6.0 Application ??
  512. Change backcolor on vertical scroll
  513. Using codes to create Database Table
  514. VB 2005 WMP Not playing files
  515. VB Script to send an email
  516. SQL Server Settings save
  517. Using OCX control which created in VB5, in VB6
  518. How to insert data of datagridview into a table in database
  519. Datagrid
  520. How to download web page using vb6
  521. Pc As A Controller With Vb6 Programming
  522. 8 BIT Data Input with VB-6 For Digital Read Out From PC.
  523. getting current date
  524. VB6 code to know database and table in MySQL
  525. Print an open Word doc with VB6
  526. Problems with VB Express 2005 Ed. on our Network
  527. Convertibg VB program to Web
  528. Imagelist image quality decreasing
  529. Can I write Copy Constructor in VB?
  530. How to detect Vista UAC
  531. Sending a worksheet as the body of an e-mail using VB
  532. Command line error D2003 : missing source filename
  533. how to export the result set of mysql database through
  534. Find data in excel through word vba using mac os - Please help me
  535. highlight the object vb.line when mouse_focus
  536. file stream
  537. VB codings to take print out
  538. A search query using VB
  539. Rotate a report by 90 degrees
  540. Rotate a report by 90 degrees
  541. Setting Object Variable
  542. learn how to use visual basic within excel 2000
  543. explain a code
  544. Good One.....!!!!
  545. Visual Basic (Studio 2005) DLL called from VBA for Excel (error 453)
  546. VBScript Question
  547. Registry keys
  548. Data Type Help How do I convert SQL Numeric/Decimal to SQL BigInt?
  549. Adding keyboard keys to an Application
  550. Run time error in find method using vba