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  1. Visual Basic 2005 - can someone help me?
  2. listbox help
  3. Inherited Key Down Event
  4. BHO - downloadbegin
  5. Capital Letters
  6. Folderbrowserdialog Search
  7. Simple MAPI to save email attachments automatically
  8. How to create command codes
  9. Need help with SQL message I am getting in my VB code
  10. Excel Reports in VB
  11. Hi,Problem is this.........Insert image in Database through VB
  12. Oval Shaped Button
  13. Image Help
  14. Visual BASIC program to hide a program in the taskbar
  15. help needed for macros in XLS
  16. How to open Outlook Shared calender from VB
  17. vb to flash combobox (componentes)
  18. graduation project and I really need help
  19. AboutExceptionss
  20. Need Help (Search Program)
  21. gET AND seT
  22. VBA version compatibility - Menu Editor
  23. Lost Mouse
  24. heeey plzz need help in using powerpoint with visualbasic 6
  25. Passing Variable from WebBrowser to VB Application
  26. VB2005 modifing Access 2003 with Update command error
  27. Problem in retrieving member properties from msolap dimension data
  28. how to fill values of text box in data grid
  29. Toolbar problem in VB
  30. Urgent
  31. visual basic
  32. IF THEN & this & that etc before ELSE ...VB6 (Newby)
  33. help with datareport
  34. file transfer
  35. Help on searching inside file.
  36. text encoding
  37. MS chart control
  38. ArgumentException and ArgumentOutOfRangeException
  39. How to search file with VB
  40. SDK for Hamster (by NITGEN)
  41. Fill the colour of a cell in excel using ColorDialog box
  42. Image Inserting problems
  43. Need an example of updating an item within a SQL Table
  44. db connection without DSN
  45. Visual Basic - Help with class project
  46. .Net Compact - Scroll bars on forms Solution
  47. How to do the opposite of PSet in VB
  48. Randomize operators such as ( *, /, +, -)
  49. can this stop piracy
  50. Replace unwanted characters, ask for help!!!
  51. GUI problem
  52. Seeing Background Images in ReportViewer
  53. Printer Object
  54. Creating 30 day trials for my VB applications
  55. A Simple Example for MSFlex Grid program
  56. Skipping to a line of code
  57. Method to Restore a Database
  58. About Graphical User Interface(GUI)
  59. How to tell if a number is positive or negative?
  60. How to read from a data from a file - for a game
  61. Error No 91 in VB
  62. a button that adds text to a textbox
  63. text file operations with vb6.0
  64. Help with text files and delimiters
  65. problems if i send e-mail
  66. Can visual basic give mathematical answers in roots?
  67. visual basic 6 project explorer vanished
  68. Card game in VB
  69. Pythagorean triples
  70. combinations
  71. How do I? add spell check to locked forms
  72. Removing Field Codes
  73. Plotting points using Picture.line by entering an Equation in a Text Box
  74. ADODB Update Problem
  75. Passing a parameter to Visual FoxPro Stored Procedure thru Visual Basic
  76. Plz Helpme soon (how i make report in vb 6 through MsWord or Ms Excel)
  77. insert new variabel in header image
  78. output from dos in .net
  79. Microsoft Active X control
  80. Record Count
  81. Morse Code
  82. Help With Search Function, I don't know where to start!!
  83. Control Box Minimize vs. Minimize Button
  84. string search in an Access combo box
  85. Multiple Issues: Sessions, Code not updating, etc.
  86. Public variables
  87. vb6 and MS SQL Server 2000 network problems
  88. UPDATE statement
  89. Bold Button Help
  90. font change in message box
  91. MSFlexgrid in VB 6
  92. Conversion
  93. Search Engine (File Locator)
  94. how save data in msword through vb6
  95. Bold Button
  96. fore color in combo box
  97. Data Report Footer Problem
  98. How to insert and read an image from and into an access database using SQL statement
  99. how to separate serial data ?
  100. timers for a math quiz
  101. Retrieving Collection objects from class Propert Get
  102. general method to create a icon
  103. Plotting an Equations Points on a Graph in VB
  104. VBA SQL - difficulty with delimiters and WHERE clause
  105. is it possible to write a win32 dll using vb
  106. Display Pictures In ReportViewer or Crystal Reports
  107. save file without show save window
  108. Crystal reports
  109. wrapping text inside a table cell
  110. fore color in combo box
  111. How can save utf-8 encoded string into file?
  112. Convert Word Document to HTML file
  113. unexpected error 76 has occured: path not found
  114. KeyPress Function
  115. search in text file problems
  116. place images on Data Report VB6
  117. Pixel Programming
  118. scrollbar control volume
  119. Questions pertaining to adding rows in a recordset.
  120. taskbar
  121. how to insert 'find next' in the code
  122. Altering Size of Arrays
  123. Run-time error '3251' - While trying to link a table in VB6
  124. Excel - VBA: Need Help in Extracting Data From A Source File
  125. How to search contents of files within a folder
  126. vb 6.0 Out of Memory Problem
  127. Connect to Access from Excel
  128. dynamic picture in report( vb2005)
  129. Copy values from VB program to spreadsheet
  130. Checking for a Blank Row
  131. Queries
  132. Online e-assessment system
  133. how to open excel sheet through vb
  134. I need help concerning datagrid
  135. insert data in array to sql table vb6
  136. How To Connect MS Frontpage With Visual Basic 6
  137. Find And Replace String
  138. VB6 and DOS Commands
  139. Text Font Size
  140. VB Programming Question
  141. 'Object variable or With block variable not set'
  142. transfer data between forms
  143. key in data into another application using vb6
  144. Copy Userforms
  145. how to network games using vb6
  146. how to open the database with password
  147. Webbrowser using winsock?
  148. Listbox values? Possible to hide data?
  149. Does Mscomm work with USB port??
  150. Converting Cobol To Visual Basic
  151. Please Help me Answer this Problem
  152. Saving by overwriting the exe file itself
  153. Reading data from an XML file in VB6.0
  154. Line Break in MS Word Doc
  155. Find database path
  156. 'This function gives max value of int array without sorting an array
  157. Converting Memo to String(VB & Access)
  158. Help with Coding
  159. Using external files
  160. Creating applications with GUI
  161. Form Focus
  162. runtime error 91
  163. invalid use of proprety
  164. How to delete or change input database with VB
  165. Getting A Database From Access
  166. VB6 - Sql server 2000 -- retreive table names and create views
  167. Error in .Net 2003 (Can not open file)
  168. Configure Auto DSN
  169. Scrrun.dll problem for CopyFolder
  170. Send Email to selected recipients
  171. open dialogbox
  172. vb6 and store procedure
  173. How can i update my datareport at runtime
  174. VB6 with Windows 95,98,2K, NT or XP with I/O Driver inpout32.dll For LPT-1
  175. can anybody help me about instr in visual basic?
  176. Getting data from msaccess to a combo box
  177. Add-In help
  178. help needed in converting hex to float......
  179. Repetition Structures: Looping
  180. Problem moving Excel ranges in VB6
  181. Adej
  182. Content Bais Image Retrival from digital library
  183. DTPicker: Problem getting user input to a text field
  184. Textbox control
  185. browser object and imbedded applet
  186. XP text to speech
  187. I Am Making A Hour Work Sheet Of Emloyee..
  188. guys i have a query
  189. a query
  190. VB6 Beginner Needs Help Reading Excel into VB6 and Writing Back to VB6
  191. how to export data like images, text into Powerpoint for Presentation
  192. Problem converting byte() to string and then back to byte() in VB SCRIPT
  193. Thump impression checking
  194. recently used programs
  195. i want to run an application but it should not be displayed in task manager
  196. to run an application but it should not be displayed
  197. What may be the reason for Error(VB & MS Access)
  198. Parent Child tables and Saving Table
  199. VB Creating A Program Questions
  200. Using tooltips in Visual Basic 2005
  201. How I can Restrict Pirated Installation of My Application
  202. How to connect Crystal Report using Connection String?
  203. very New to VB Express need help
  204. Long time bug in VB6
  205. Beep wont turn off
  206. search in html page
  207. Delete file or folder
  208. how to conect media player using VB
  209. Getting error 80004005 Could Not Find File
  210. SqlDbType is not declared ??
  211. Combine tables in a single form
  212. Can anyone Help me on how to use adodc
  213. HELP ! Picture Box problems
  214. visual basic and oracle connectivity
  215. send sms using cellphone connected to pc
  216. displaying large amount of data in vb6.0
  217. How can I capture input from another program
  218. Populate Controls Randomly from Access Database
  219. Use vb2005 to detect the pen driver
  220. MDI Application
  221. Need help on Serial Connection to textbox
  222. bad file name or number
  223. How Two Finger print or thump impression compare in visual basic
  224. ListBox Item Renaming
  225. Way to wait for form to close before continuing?
  226. Need VBA Code to place color on a bitmap image
  227. combobox down list
  228. QuickBASIC help.
  229. Begginer's Question- Please, please help! VB
  230. writing & in a string for VB 2005
  231. Trying link ado to access table to no avail
  232. Copying TextBox contents to a listbox
  233. How to move to a row in an unbound datagridview control
  234. VB program Performance
  235. Need Sample script for mscomm controls
  236. Shared file attribute
  237. preventing users other than doing things related to Access report from in vb6
  238. Modify many label at once
  239. Vb
  240. Access report & VB6
  241. VB Script to export data from Outlook tasks
  242. How to use coolbar ?
  243. CDlgEx bugs in Vista
  244. How to use Onkey method in Visual Basic 6.0
  245. How to recognize the data format from GPS-M1zz?
  246. RunTime controls
  247. Vb
  248. Parsing data from a .dat file and putting the data into Excel
  249. DataReport not updating at run time in vb6
  250. How do I program to get Key Pressed using Windows API
  251. reading table names from the database.
  252. Passing data
  253. Is It Possible To Write Sql In Data Validation Rule?
  254. connecting to ms access with vb6
  255. Mysettings passed to a function or sub
  256. Day of Birth generator...
  257. Using VB6 with a MS Access database back-end: configuring access levels
  258. Web automation in VB 2005
  259. Determining whether an application has been entered or exited
  260. Automated Regression
  261. Trying to read a record that contains binary and Ascii data
  262. HELP Print Custom Forms in Outlook 03 w/User define has error
  263. Arrays
  264. dynamic crystal report
  265. ftp uploading
  266. Need Help for interfacing with serial ports
  267. multiple opening of text files in vb6.0
  268. Like RUN Menu help...
  269. Change My Application's Icon
  270. How secure .mdb file at time of deploy
  271. Writing files in VB6, stumped.
  272. Getshortpathname()
  273. How to disable pasting special characters in text box?
  274. Gnupg - Encryption/Decryption
  275. I'm unable to connect Oracle10g using vb6
  276. Convert numbers to string in text box
  277. vb ms chart
  278. Saving an Excel Spreadsheet to an Access Table
  279. searching a text file
  280. data structure and array
  281. Regarding Components in VB 6.0
  282. Saving from an active webcam Picture box
  283. vb6 frames
  284. ApplyFilter....again
  285. Couldn't find an installable ISAM.
  286. Can someone explain this code for me pls!
  287. Visual Basic and Access
  288. Help on vb
  289. help/sos!
  290. Access report & VB6
  291. Data access in VB6 equivalent in VB2005
  292. How to set different periods for a Payroll Program
  293. How to find a weekday
  294. Multiselect in VB.NET 2005
  295. Report in Corel Draw
  296. How to pass parameters using a crystalreport object in a console application?
  297. How could I
  298. dissable confirmation message
  299. Voltage Monitoring through PC,s LPT-1 Port with VB-6
  300. Upgrading VB 6 to VB.NET
  301. Problem in VB
  302. Is it possible
  303. 2003 I am so lost
  304. Unable to change back serif font
  305. Two Text Boxes
  306. opening a file
  307. Playing Sounds in VB 2005
  308. question about for/next loop
  309. Baffled by dataset error....
  310. Applyfilter
  311. VB6 - Access db connection
  312. looking for a simple guidance immediately
  313. VB viewer
  314. How to load multiple instances of a form
  315. Hardware Interface with PC's Using VB 6 & Windows XP
  316. Run Macro made in MS Word.
  317. Opening Images
  318. Visual Basic Data input
  319. Kylix SMS Activex Control 4.0
  320. Showing and Hiding forums
  321. How VB6 creates Shortcut on a user-desktop
  322. login that shows specific record in access db
  323. how can i make a search engine in visual basic?
  324. How Can we Print(Hard copy) the Contents of a MSFlex Grid control
  325. image in datareport
  326. Problem In Vb
  327. Problem with accessing other form variable
  328. Problem with Combobox in VB
  329. Desperate need of help - fast!!! Treasure Hunt
  330. One decimal point, and 2 numbers :)
  331. error trapping using mapi control
  332. Visual Basic problems
  333. Using a time delay to make a label flash colours
  334. Help with the tables in VB 2005
  335. Message Box Help in VB
  336. Probably an excel problem
  337. Problem with datagrid data entry
  338. Regarding Word 2003
  339. vb6.0 connection from ms-access
  340. How to use substring function in VB
  341. How to count no of rows in DataGrid at runtime
  342. Tapi,sapi,mapi
  343. DataGrid problem
  344. May anyone explain me how to use DBGrid in VB6.0 ?
  345. How to change the color of textbox at runtime in VB?
  346. Excel
  347. Arrow Keys
  348. vbCrLf with a richtextbox
  349. How to plot graph
  350. listbox1 nagivate to url
  351. Checking for repeated values
  352. Help required to update information in an XML
  353. Deploying .Net application with Crystal reports on a network share
  354. Run-time error '91': Object variable or with block variable not set
  355. DataGrid in VB
  356. MsgBox help?
  357. Read a word document line by line
  358. DBGrid Locked
  359. want to take user input in a flexgridcell at execution time
  360. Error during load of my VB project (MSFlexgrid control was missing)
  361. Openning a programme/Software at the time of windows/computer start
  362. Changing Datasource of crystal reports for vb
  363. Protect user for modifying back end (Access Database) of a program.
  364. Urgent 1
  365. Help Needed in Visual basic coding
  366. how to create parameterized reports in VB6.0 using data report
  367. how to manipulate digital cameras using system in vb6
  368. Integration of plugins
  369. Urgent
  370. Easy question for anyone with basic skills. How to open a dialog
  371. TAPI,MSCOMM port communication with modem
  372. Hi, I'm Vijay having a little bit knowledge of vb6 and oracle
  373. French VB
  374. Visual Basic 6 Assignment
  375. VB update concurrency exception
  376. Activate a button on a website
  377. Getting the Dimensions and size of a Picture
  378. using the cur(time) to create tenths of a second
  379. Dynamic Labels in a new form
  380. Datagrid Child Rows direct nesting.
  381. Unwanted characters in file.
  382. Checking Empty textbox
  383. Namespace Class -Methods research question
  384. Guess Number
  385. If statement asking if values are the same
  386. VB3 won't install
  387. Error in opening the exe
  388. Error
  389. Accessing an MDB over the network from a DLL
  390. Import array from space delimited file...
  391. How to use a search command in datareport
  392. How Can we Print(Hard copy) the Contents of a MSFlex Grid control
  393. Help on creating vb program to send and recieve sms from wavecom
  394. How to use DBGrid1
  395. form1 attach with form2
  396. autonumber generation in datareport
  397. VB 6.0 - inserting long text into a Word table cell
  398. Checkbox help?
  399. Codings help?
  400. Exporting Access Pivotchart to Excel
  401. help me plz..
  402. Finding Default Mail client
  403. Programatically responding web pages
  404. Creating a project as a Trial Version.
  405. doubt about combo&listbox
  406. Lasso tool...
  407. How to find Default mail Client
  408. Reading input cycles.
  409. Visual basic 2005 and excel
  410. Bad Length error - Very Urgent
  411. Saving a Record
  412. Counting in an Array
  413. Help with data grid in VB 6.0
  414. PID Example
  415. to call a custom dialogbox
  416. VBS Error in WEB Page
  417. change msgbox buttons' label
  418. Web Service API vb6
  419. Printing Tables from visual basic please important for school
  420. VB Compile Error.
  421. Getting Error in running VB6 programme
  422. Help, get system time with milliseconds without Timer control
  423. editable grid in vb6 who is ...
  424. Textfile manipulations in vb6.0
  425. Mouse over
  426. How to Send an Email
  427. how to split a string
  428. How to display combo box in Excel spread sheet upon selecting the Cell
  429. crystal report with MS Access
  430. Visual Basic Design
  431. reading a file in excel via vb
  432. need help with upgrade of from vb6 to
  433. Application defined or Object defined error in VB appln
  434. how to search in text???
  435. Calendar + right click
  436. VB 6.0 - using variables in multiple forms in a program
  437. ToolStripmenu
  438. Re-creating an install from a ST6UNST.log file ..
  439. 3D graphics
  440. Srs
  441. VB6: Password Changing Help
  442. copy an Excel workbook from one drive to another drive
  443. Select Case Confusion
  444. Error In running packaged program
  445. Creating or editing existing xml file with vbscript
  446. Vb Software
  447. Loading a Combo Box with Employee Names
  448. does anybody know how to insert a mp3 file in vb6
  449. sql syntax checker
  450. Hyper link capture
  451. For Each Next loops
  452. open cash draw
  453. Visual basic Code for Blocking & Knowing the URL address of the explorer
  454. search about statement in text file
  455. How to get the valules of a row
  456. Move Cursor along with speech
  457. can you help me on my problem?
  458. Problem with Speech
  459. hi can you give me a code on visual basic that the output looks like this
  460. How to connect visual basic 6 with mysql
  461. Using Word in VB 6.0
  462. Using VB6 to Connect to MS SQL Server
  463. Numerical Recipe in VB
  464. Serial Communication problems with VB6
  465. Excel File For sharing
  466. Finger Scanner using VB6 with MS Access to save and read scaned finger
  467. How To Use Different Themes?
  468. mde not finding backend.mdb
  469. ComboGrid ?
  470. why is it not reading the commission Rate?
  471. DLookUp in VB6
  472. Dual Monitors
  473. project idaa
  474. Hello
  475. fetch data from combo box or list box
  476. help to communicate using mscomm
  477. timer
  478. Update problem
  479. picture position in Excel
  480. Memory leak?
  481. Msdn
  482. how to use the inet component in vb
  483. Led With Vb6
  484. Use Full Functions
  485. mschart control missing first record
  486. how to retrieve a cell value from HTML page using VBA
  487. VB6 recordset.update , field selective update (Beginers Q)
  488. Who will answer it?
  489. Help with VB application
  490. DateDiff Function
  491. DateTimePicker Control for VB6
  492. Use Tab to move to next Text Box
  493. Running the Windows Extraction Wizard from VB in Access
  494. Help! Digital Scale on Serial With MSComm Controll
  495. incorporating database into VB6
  496. Save a excel "sheet1" as a web page using Visual Basic 6.0
  497. File Creation Problem
  498. Run time error 91
  499. data report problem
  500. how can i edit a datagrid at run time
  501. VB6 Plugin directory over-ride
  502. How to use a primary key query
  503. How can i inactivate a row
  504. List View
  505. check box visual basic 6.0
  506. assigning propeties to a global variable
  507. can i make a label transparent?
  508. custom listbox help
  509. Converting pound to euros
  510. How to connected visual basic 6 with oracle 10g express edition
  511. seeting a date type in a form
  512. Data Grid
  513. Call VB script into vb6 Form
  514. Question about VBE object
  515. data send on display board in vb language
  516. vb 6.0 help
  517. how to generate the single report in vb
  518. Validations in VB
  519. Accessing data throught SOL querry
  520. VB with Excel
  521. run time grids
  522. print and use the fields of a temporary query in VBA
  523. Postioning Name and Image of Employee in MS Access 2000 Database on VB Form
  524. Retrieving binary files
  525. Need help transfering data from one access db to another
  526. send html file FAXCOMEXLib
  527. Playing sound files
  528. generating a single xml from many .csv files
  529. Adding Microsoft Frontpage on your form of visual basic 6.0
  530. a problem with copymem API
  531. Getting the FileName
  532. reading the serial port
  533. Parsing
  534. vb programs
  535. VBcode, send worksheet to printer before Excel exit
  536. knowing running application in Windows XP
  537. help!!!
  538. How can i show record in datagrid
  539. RS232 Comms
  540. Create the database by using DAO Engine
  541. Please reply anyone
  542. Combine All Command button into ONE
  543. combo box
  544. movenext command is not working
  545. vb .net arrays
  546. DTpicker tool??
  547. Crystal repors in VB 2005
  548. Find and replace in multiple files inside a folder
  549. keyboard coding
  550. HELP W/ VBA in EXCEL