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  1. making backup utility for access
  2. Adding images in the menu
  3. help
  4. type mismatch error when date in 4/01/2007 and 4/31/2007
  5. Question on limiting range
  6. passing a .vbs file in the command line
  7. TO Dependent listboxes on access forms
  8. If xapplication is open, Then
  9. Login System (Need help with problem)
  10. Listbox - Help needed
  11. problem with Adodb
  12. Relative paths
  13. get path of folder
  14. inserting problem with datetime value
  15. Can i preview a form that is printable
  16. Launch unique URL in default browser
  17. Check / Un-Check to display or hide a sheet
  18. Disabling Save As documents once they were saved in Word Documents
  19. ArrayLIst in VB
  20. Using dlookup to auto populate a form field?
  21. Summing Odds and Evens
  22. How to use Maps
  23. Little Bugsy
  24. Passing variable in TextMatrix property of VSFlexGrid
  25. immediate help needed
  26. Inducing After Update Code.
  27. create login problem !
  28. Hope to creat program can not be affect in end task
  29. I am using adodb with the help of oracle while printing the it prints multiple rows
  30. how can i open files in my computer using command button
  31. Iam trying to print a form bit i am getting run time error as "printer error"
  32. MS Access to MS Word
  33. Datagrid or dbgrid row color change
  34. JPEG to UTF-8 conversion
  35. Excel Macro
  36. how can i drag/drop a label with the use of an image.
  37. Getting message - Action cannot be completed because the other application is busy.
  38. VB in MS Access - Using < and > ...Please help
  39. How to create menu
  40. Display text in multiple columns in VB6 listbox
  41. help for date in query
  42. Document scanning help!!!
  43. Text Box Restrictions in MS Access
  44. aligning text in textBox
  45. how to add data to database ?
  46. Getting Data to Save to Database
  47. calling a form from within a form
  48. 'System.Data.DataRowView'
  49. how to close forms
  50. Runtime error 3021- Either BOF or EOF is reached , unable to resolve this
  51. Locking VSFlexGrid without locking Scrollbar
  52. compact password protected database
  53. Datacontrol that make use of Data Enviroment
  54. Opening access form from VB
  55. how can i open save file useing vb cord's
  56. what is VBA
  57. Resizing Image in Crystal Report
  58. How can i store my collected data to notepad through VB
  59. i am using adodb with the help of oracle while printing the it prints multiple rows
  60. i can't make a library system help please
  61. Data Report
  62. Can i print a form
  63. Checking if an image is loaded.
  64. Need help with a timer.
  65. Microsoft Access Problem - Stopping Macro if After Update Fails
  66. Drilling down for zip files, how can I reach every subdirectory?
  67. Help with the form
  68. Visual Basic and Excel
  69. extracting substrings in VB6
  70. Saving Form As Jpg
  71. Animating a Picture
  72. Hi Group
  73. How do i change the forecolor of a command button
  74. Converting currency!
  75. code in VBSCRIPT
  76. How to get SMTP Server Name
  77. How to protect text box for writing of number and characters VB6
  78. Print Current Time and Date
  79. Locking cell in VSFlexGrid
  80. Winsock control in VB6
  81. SQL data connection not in all forms
  82. HOw to edit in command in crystal Report when MS.Access(darabase)
  83. Data Environment help please
  84. insert the text boxes at run time
  85. How to capture WHEEL_DELTA
  86. abt visual studio 2005 code
  87. Translucent Forms & Fade Effects
  88. How to user Data Report in VB and how to Print report
  89. VB Excel Help
  90. Random function 1 - 4
  91. A Hand Would Be Nice
  92. Help with Visual Studio & opening windows with buttons
  93. VB / MySQL different locale settings
  94. visio textbox resize
  95. writing data to the database vb .net 2005 2.0- Important!!!
  96. Help me with this program...
  97. IMPORTANT!!!! Microsoft visual studio .net 2005 2.0 - Adding records to database
  98. Using a variable to allow opening multiple Access databases
  99. Printing Picturebox problem
  100. inseration time
  101. help with keypress enter...
  102. search function
  103. databound checkbox control
  104. Copying web page that uses POST method
  105. Media Player Code
  106. Installing VB Express 2005 Ed. on ghosted computers - registry question
  107. Ctrl not working in Visual Studio all of a sudden?
  108. How to Calculate Year To Date Values
  109. flexgrid
  110. How to deactivate........
  111. Problem using the PrintDialog Control
  112. Help needed on reminder application in VB6.0
  113. Excel Print
  114. Flex Grid
  115. tree in VBA
  116. Convert Excel Cell from date to general through VB
  117. How to Interface USB for PC to PC communication using VB
  118. Anyone know how to sort 3 arrays?
  119. Resize problem in VSFlexGrid
  120. increase the form size
  121. how to make library system in visual basic
  122. Map/Add a printer in .bat file
  123. Making a Picture Background for the Form
  124. How to create a Invoice Report in Active report in VB6
  125. XML SelectSingleNode issue
  126. Need Help to delete records using 'recordset.Delete'
  127. print a form in vb2005
  128. Memory leak and external DLL
  129. Sha1 code
  130. MSChart handling missing data
  131. MSChart
  132. Looping Question
  133. Problem in getting public variable data
  134. .NET browser control stops responding
  135. VB6: MSchart - moving points on a graph
  136. How to get dates on my data report (Vb6 and access97)
  137. vb connection with msaceass
  138. sstab
  139. rich text box cut
  140. Preload Dataset
  141. Creatng DataGrid
  142. MS Chart Programming Dilemna
  143. MCI video in PictureBox not blitting to another PictureBox (Overlaying?)
  144. VB.NET Command Line Arguments
  145. Myitem.send Problem
  146. MS Access - Send Email to Query List
  147. Import Data from a text file...
  148. Error handling
  149. installion program show in VB code
  150. Object doesn't support this property or method
  151. Overflow with 'long' variable type?
  152. Problem with Combobox in VSFlexGrid
  153. Problem in Running Media Player Application in VB
  154. ExamResults Read Program
  155. Searching in array: Visual Basic 2005
  156. Popupmenu and Listbox query
  157. Advanced Programming
  158. How to use the crystal reports in vb6
  159. SHA-1 in microsoft visual basics for 160bit message digest
  160. Print Flex Grid
  161. Escape code to delay Printing?
  162. how to connect ADODB with oracle odbc
  163. How to set tab settings in VSFlexGrid?
  164. Connection client server TCP on ssl
  165. how to draw a line graph using vb6
  166. sql Backup using VB6
  167. Vb time validate
  168. Filtering using common dailog control
  169. how to read/write meting notice into a shared calender in outlook from VB
  170. Filtering a List Box of words
  171. Picutures in Visual Basic 6 to MS Access
  172. Visual Basic 6.0 to MS Access to MS Excel
  173. syntax to pass a variable when loading a report
  174. Adding new row to table from form.
  175. How can i load picture in image control in Report..
  176. Viewing Access report in VB Frontend
  177. Help! Need to activate a javascript function with VB6!
  178. sum() access function help....
  179. Move an image
  180. Date Comparison !! Please Lend a hand to Beginner
  181. Cannotplace a background behind my scroll div
  182. Code for standard Find / Replace dialog box
  183. VB & Access Send Email
  184. vb6 + crystal report + psw + base données access
  185. Help! Changing Text with vb
  186. in datareport i'm getting multiple rows i want only selected row in datareport
  187. vb and c
  188. how im going to let the cash drawer open using code in vb.
  189. File.ReadAllLines() doesn't read all lines
  190. Dynamically adding row at runtime in VSFlexGrid
  191. EXE Protection
  192. Zoom Graph OnMouseOver
  193. Ms Access
  194. Pass array elements of a form into a flexGrid
  195. How to Terminating process?
  196. hospital arrival time - find hour from TIME and day of the week from DATE
  197. How to enter data into VSFlexGrid at runtime
  198. data report
  199. Message Box Problem
  200. In Access, how to use SetFocus within the LostFocus procedure (for same control)
  201. Creating a pong type game to played inside documents
  202. Reversing characters in a string
  203. String Concatenation in VB
  204. Calling Functions in VB
  205. Script to change the filename of an Excel FIle
  206. String Manipulation
  207. Barcode
  208. Extension renaming in Excel Column
  209. How to Call a Function as a argument in another Function
  210. Compare 2 worksheets
  211. Help with IIS please
  212. Speed up loading .csv file on treeview
  213. how to call a standard Find and replace dialog box
  214. Split the data in Text file After Receiving it using Mscomm
  215. ComponentOne VSFlexGrid
  216. Error 91 Object Variable not found (Urgent)
  217. Programming
  218. Is Visual Basic compatible with Windows Vista?
  219. Copy paste!!!!!!!!!!
  220. Link an access database to Arcmap
  221. count click
  222. About searching records
  223. How to read excel sheet in Visual basic
  224. How to use the shell function in vb6.0 to copy file from one directory to another
  225. How to use multiselect property of FileListBox
  226. Reading Mac address in VB6
  227. Opening a program running in memory
  228. if v pass the parameter value one means ,we have to add the msg Updated successfully
  229. How to read "binary" file sequentially?
  230. unable to get data from my database
  231. Visual Basic 6.0 Datagrid
  232. VB6 Print Picture Problem Puzzle Poser Perhaps?
  233. Learning VBA
  234. check box in excel
  235. Creating a Shipping Charge Calculator
  236. problem of transfer of data from one table to another in microsoft access.
  237. ADO Insert Queries Incomplete
  238. cross page postback
  239. HELP needed with Visual studio 2005
  240. Web page to enumerate groups in active directory
  241. Opening a parametric query from access 2000 in VB 6.0
  242. Database Calculations in VB 2005
  243. converter of VB program to JAVA?!
  244. Print and Preview about Report Access 2000 in Visual Basic 6
  245. Calling a function on an webpage with VB6 Webrowser
  246. Control Array with ComboBox
  247. "method or data member not found" using Toolbar button
  248. [2005] multiple form help!!!
  249. Linking Projects
  250. Requery a bound subform
  251. Webbrowser and Javascript -- Please help!
  252. Error in Strong name key
  253. Typing text into FreeTextBox using Webbrowser. HELP!
  254. using VBA to monitor Excel usage
  255. How will I know and get all API Function in VB.6
  256. Recordset.RecordCount
  257. SOAP Redirection
  258. VB error when using WIN2000 GPO with redirecting
  259. hOW TO SELECT dbgrid
  260. Help converting VB 6.0 to VB 2005
  261. Visual Basic.Net Help Please
  262. VB statements to connect to SQL Express.
  263. MSCOMM error- 8020 error reading from comm port
  264. How could I
  265. System CloseButton
  266. odbc problem
  267. MS Access email clients
  268. VB on Windows Vista
  269. Outlook warning when using Redemption.AddressLists (Delphi)
  270. Excel macro - error - too few parameters
  271. RichTextBox
  272. Obtaining Bit Depth
  273. Hi, I am having help with a macro and I'm stumped. :(
  274. vb excel help
  275. Retrieving value from webBrowser in VB
  276. CONVERTING DATABASE from ACCESS 97 to ACCESS 2000-2003 Version with VBScripts
  277. Adding methods and/or properties to an existing custom class
  278. Reading data from serial port and saving it in text file
  279. chess with computer
  280. Edexcel - Miscrosoft Visual Basic help
  281. Selecting an HTML Option in List Box using Webbrowser...HELP!
  282. Caps Key
  283. Passing an array of Chars byref to Delphi dll
  284. Runtime error '-1 (ffffffff)' HELP!
  285. Unable to retriew the data beteen oracle and vb by using ADODC control i.e if a table
  286. Autoprint screen (no dialog box to select printer)
  287. ACCESS combo box field how can i use setfocus with in the lostfocuse property
  288. Could any one help me in achieving Time internationlization in VB.
  289. view the image in VB
  290. Filtering data in Crystal Report
  291. Printing from a Database in VB 2005 Express
  292. Visual Programming.
  293. Help with Multiple Forms
  294. Selecting items from a combo box
  295. Ha ha Im so lost on this that it isnt funny..and if I dont get it done..then Im done
  296. Check whether file exist in computer, ask for help!
  297. create Save option in menu editor
  298. changing data in a combo box
  299. Parsing Strings_ Help me please in visual basic 2005
  300. Snap-to-grid Excel
  301. Option Box Help
  302. how to know the visual basic soft manual
  303. vb6 Data Report - Change text color at Runtime
  304. how to read/write data into MPP using VB
  305. Help port.dll
  306. Parallel array
  307. Having VB6 fill in IE7 Text Boxes Using WebBroswer
  308. RUN TIME ERROR 2147217842(80040e4e)
  309. Calculations in seperate reports
  310. Using MS graph and VB 6
  311. backspace code for my calculator
  312. VB 2005 discussion
  313. I have a script that works in WinXP SP2 but not in WinXP SP1
  314. text coding help
  315. FileListBox
  316. inserting values in datagrid in visualbasic6.0
  317. VB +mysql
  318. gui for telnet
  319. GUI for Telnet
  320. WINSOCK connection to a remote ip problem.
  321. Need Database Solution
  322. Run Time Error "91"
  323. Clearing textboxes
  324. Compare Date and Timer !!
  325. Array of buttons, each one using a common procedure
  326. VB and windows media player
  327. STOP records breaking in report
  328. Converting Numbers to Single Quotes
  329. dll creation
  330. Drop down box help
  331. Internet Usage Meter
  332. Problem in Installation
  333. Get a distance between 2 addresses with mappoint
  334. Refresh HTA row after file copy
  335. using information from a textbox
  336. Same problem of transfer of some access data to another access database
  337. VB Form goes in last background when click any whereelse
  338. Vb
  339. How to run a calculation
  340. Option Button
  341. How to make a data report as small as an index card 3" X 15" for creating a catalog?
  342. Tabbed Dialog Control
  343. Searching a directory for a file
  344. Remote checking of services on a server
  345. Using Vb Tags
  346. Pulling data from different tables into one gridview
  347. Display data in a windowsform datagrid
  348. Dynamically Shifting rows within a spreadsheet using VB
  349. need to delete dataset
  350. VB6 forms are not locked to the vb design window.
  351. Duplicates in subform
  352. need help...putting Excel Worksheets in Access
  353. setting of unicode language in vb6
  354. How to validate email in vb 6.0 using regular expressions
  355. Windows Media Player
  356. compare and replace visio text using excel VBA
  357. Security
  358. Filter search based on subform
  359. C# Printing
  360. Deleting Multiple List box items that are linked to a database
  361. using arithmetic operations to fill in data in the cells of an entire column
  362. How to Compute Year to Date (Values)
  363. Primary Key Problem
  364. connection to sql server
  365. ForeColor & BackColor Using Date Field
  366. MS Access Startup options
  367. connecting to access database with password
  368. How do I Sign My Code using a .p7b file?
  369. run time error '3146'
  370. converting numbers to column alphabets
  371. Identify SQLEXPRESS provider statement for Visual Studios
  372. macro to copy and paste values within a currently selected column
  373. C++
  374. Need a VBA Help
  375. VBA Knowledge vs VB Knowledge
  376. Catastrophic failure- Run-time Error-2147418113
  377. Make EXE
  378. Help with display query to a multiline textbox
  379. printing records
  380. Data Transfer from one Access database to another
  381. Data Transfer from one Access database to another
  382. how to access .net dll from C/C++ code
  383. Dtp Control
  384. Run Time Error
  385. vb6 to .Net wizard conversion problem
  386. How wide is a string?
  387. Return any character positions within a string
  388. Automatic Fingerpring Identification System (AFIS)
  389. Access VBA - CurrentDb.Recordsets is empty
  390. Problem with Deployment. Pls help
  391. Alphebetize (sp?) A combo box
  392. dxDBGrid & dxsidebar controls
  393. Updating database table using a datagrid and 2 datasets
  394. Beginner: VB6 or VB.Net
  395. Report Genterate
  396. Label refresh problem in Vb 6.0
  397. Input box Validation
  398. how to swap forms
  399. Form resize
  400. Form
  401. Selecting a file in VB6
  402. Visual Basic Tutorial
  403. dll problem
  404. Keeping text in text box
  405. Data Grid problem
  406. getting only numbers by textbox.
  407. How to copy files inside subdirectories in vb6.0
  408. Refreshing a form
  409. Checkbox and Textbox in a Continuous Form
  410. VB 6.0 how to delete a file in the code?
  411. creating a backspace command button
  412. Using a listbox value
  413. Vb Data Import Export
  414. VB6 and mailmerge
  415. HTTP Port 80 Monitor
  416. Help in Movement
  417. problem in using combo
  418. Enable / Disable Button and using a timer to Enable a button and Erase data in TextBo
  419. using scroll bar on forms
  420. printer selection
  421. What is new with windows XP in port programming
  422. send e-mail using winsock
  423. Difference
  424. VB6 to VB .net command
  425. printer selection
  426. countif and loops
  427. Help with new window in InputBox
  428. SQL Connection
  429. Lost Focus.. basic confusion
  430. Using a value in a listbox to display a form in an IF statement
  431. using "Session" in Windows Application
  432. Appending data at the end of text file
  433. how to write a code of counting items in the database
  434. Visual basic programming glossary
  435. picking and saving a value between two forms
  436. Key pressing
  437. IF...AND...THEN statements in ACCESS
  438. Flickering
  439. Displaying and Terminating Active Processes
  440. Excel sub total
  441. un aiuto per creare un programma in visual basic
  442. Help Regarding Text Box....
  443. Capturing Data Using MSComm via serial port
  444. adodb connection in vb
  445. Help needed! {Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement. error code: -2147217900}
  446. PC's LPT-1 Interface with Windows XP & VB-6 for BCD output of an instrument
  447. heloo
  448. help!
  449. The Forms in my 'EXE' program seperate when moved
  450. Rowset not bookmarkable
  451. Programming powerpoint with VBA
  452. storing large data in database
  453. save a text from rich text box
  454. How can I acess video file in vb/
  455. Automation Error
  456. Recording for multiple sounds cards
  457. Right turns to RIGHT and I get "Compile Error -Expected Array
  458. Problem With Vb6 Pdw
  459. vb6 link with visual prolog 7
  460. help in vb codes (opening worksheets)
  461. applcation installation in VB 6
  462. problem in connection with adodc control during connectvity
  463. blocking net surfing at a desired time
  464. want capture or insert data from scan imange in my application
  465. link database
  466. Calendar date control problem
  467. Vb 6.0 code to write into word file
  468. How to use Right-Click of mouse & Function keys in my program?
  469. Help-WindowsApplication.vbproj not installed????
  470. How can I Clear an Image during run time (Newbie)
  471. Code Assist
  472. Convert date in Access 2003
  473. Can not get .Find to find date
  474. open visio in Excel
  475. Need a basic VB loop
  476. data report
  477. VB6 ADO 2.6 miscalculating sums in an Access Union Query
  478. Get rowcount of a excel sheet
  479. Parsing / Splitting Strings
  480. vb code
  481. I need a Simple code for Image Load to Form VB6
  482. VB 6 and MySql Database
  483. Help comparing and killing.
  484. 1-demensional array string cannot be converted to integer
  485. request for vb code
  486. Is it possible to dynamically name a variable?
  487. Importing Data From a Text File
  488. Move mouse to Coordinates
  489. Hi,
  490. Setting up a Tab Control Form
  491. importing en exportingdata from excel
  492. Crystal Report Dynamic Query
  493. Gaming in Visual Basic
  494. Slot Machine Program
  495. End process, new process
  496. Please help me soon
  497. Strange problem while updating
  498. Removing Read only Attribute
  499. does anyone have Advanced VB ebook?
  500. can we increase font size in msgbox
  501. Textbox retrieving multiple values
  502. Copying file
  503. application should be opened only once...
  504. graph connect with micrsoft access
  505. Treeview
  506. Media player code???
  507. Picture Box Help
  508. Upgrade VB6 to 2005 help
  509. compile error invalid use of property
  510. Example help: Tic Tac Toe
  511. check box to select values only in selected table
  512. Record Set Issues Help
  513. Handling Notepad
  514. compile error invalid use of property
  515. Combobox Problem
  516. Background Reading
  517. Recordset Problem
  518. Calling EXE file in VB from another System.
  519. Creating a mail sender
  520. Capturing Data Using MSComm
  521. Error executing the EXE
  522. How to prevent validation in VB form as seen in Oracle Forms
  523. Please tell me how to connect VB forms with HTML
  524. Drive List Function
  525. Runtime menu creation
  526. Cascading Menu
  527. Declaring an array
  528. Which is better?
  529. radio buttons and listbox
  530. Visual Basic 2005 - can someone help me?
  531. listbox help
  532. Inherited Key Down Event
  533. BHO - downloadbegin
  534. Capital Letters
  535. Folderbrowserdialog Search
  536. Simple MAPI to save email attachments automatically
  537. How to create command codes
  538. Need help with SQL message I am getting in my VB code
  539. Excel Reports in VB
  540. Hi,Problem is this.........Insert image in Database through VB
  541. Oval Shaped Button
  542. Image Help
  543. Visual BASIC program to hide a program in the taskbar
  544. help needed for macros in XLS
  545. How to open Outlook Shared calender from VB
  546. vb to flash combobox (componentes)
  547. graduation project and I really need help
  548. AboutExceptionss
  549. Need Help (Search Program)
  550. gET AND seT