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  1. excel VBA paste special
  2. Progressbar
  3. urgent help
  4. Infinity error!
  5. vb 2005 report
  6. how to link another application exe in vb 6.0
  7. can you do this?
  8. Float Value in textbox control in vb6.0
  9. read a text file and take a selection to rename another file...
  10. Runtime Error 3265 in VB6
  11. How to find cross table values
  12. Stop Duplicates being entered
  13. ASP compilation problem - name not declared
  14. Barcode details
  15. the end of satement error happen in vbscript
  16. Create skin
  17. Capturing Keystrokes
  18. Create user profiles in VB6
  19. VB Command Grouping
  20. flexgrid combo Box
  21. Problem With Creating Template....
  22. Function with Different Number of Arguments
  23. Picture manipulation in vb
  24. New to VB
  25. Create an Internet Connect with VB 2005
  26. C/C++ wrapped for VB use
  27. VB to make the radio button to work..
  28. Query an excel database
  29. task manager control?
  30. Script for XP
  31. Two programs working on a same control
  32. equivalent to c# continue
  33. Help with VBScript
  34. VBA function to get the first letter
  35. Uploading Files to a webserver
  36. Generating PDF from Form
  37. Copy Word Doc Line by Line
  38. PAssing Variant datatypes from .net to com
  39. Printing outlook forms in word
  40. I want change the color of the panel if i click checkbox using javascript
  41. deletion of record
  42. width of listview
  43. Com Dcom
  44. Visual Basic Tip of the Week #4
  45. Printing Long Narrow Excel Worksheets
  46. How to send an EMail from my VB Software?
  47. Database auto-update of the total quantity
  48. VB dialog box - data filter
  49. Extract filenames from a string
  50. data control and dblist
  51. Password Protected Folders-vb
  52. Store a picture in an ms access table using vb 6.0
  53. HSROLLBAR and VSCROLLBAR in vb6 for list view
  54. Where to download a lvbuttons ocx?
  55. using many checkboxs on a form
  56. Declaration shortcuts
  57. sort number field in list view vb6
  58. Need Help: Displaying Records
  59. bullet format strings cannot have number placeholders
  60. Need help with forms.
  61. How to Export Data Display from DataGrid to CSV or XLS
  62. DaitTimePicker Events
  63. genealogy tree in Visual Basic 6.0
  64. Somthing I would find helpfull
  65. Need vb code to control robot using parallel port
  66. Vbs Importing XML into Excel problem
  67. Where can I find VBA API for Powerpoint?
  68. vb is only looking at first digit in number
  69. Can Someone Help Me To Solve These Problems Plz?
  70. Autopopulate text boxes after selecting a combo box entry
  71. help me in the DATE query
  72. Ms flex with Access
  73. keep application on top
  74. MSFlexGrid in Access
  75. What's wrong with this sql query which uses a date range?(I'm getting a syntax error)
  76. Compile error - Can't Find Project Or Library
  77. Download MSDN
  78. copying odbc drivers
  79. How to save textbox contents and restore on next run?
  80. Access 2007 formatted field in VB
  81. how i can check the size of a text file
  82. Can VB transmit data through the hyperterminal?
  83. list view databound example in vb6
  84. retreiving output of an oracle query in a file using vb6
  85. Help Me Run this one!
  86. Move a control to random positions
  87. Problem for creating the exe file
  88. How to extract the records from datagrid to excel
  89. Sales Tax Calculation
  90. Making a MapleStory Bot
  91. Where?
  92. Custom PropertyChangedEventHandler
  93. How to Alter an Excel Spreadsheet After Export from Access
  94. Regarding executing T-SQL command using excel macros
  95. i want download my prog and run it on any opreating systems
  96. Problems with INSERT statement sent to Access
  97. Save checkbox settings on close
  98. translating to vb 2005 (form.hWnd) using directX 7
  99. copy MS Outlook calandar
  100. The rule of 72
  101. How do you set a tabs background color using the SStab control?
  102. access documents in another html whin the frame | VB:WebBrowser Control
  103. Filtration problem
  104. Inline and <Script>
  105. Progress Bar for sql statements in VB
  106. Subroutine woes
  107. Browser Object NN
  108. Radio Buttons Question
  109. Force Mouse Click
  110. vb6 and Store procedure oracle return string example
  111. VBScripting and TIFF images...
  112. word through vb
  113. How to get the correct Window Handle for a application opened using createprocess api
  114. VBA Excel If function
  115. Counting number of clicks
  116. Importing .csv Files Into Excel
  117. visual basic report
  118. VB to ORacle 9i problem in stored procedure
  119. Populate Textbox, VBSCRIPT
  120. Modem Port
  121. Using VB in Access to shuffle a record set then copy it over to another..
  122. random number selection and display
  123. Is there any way to take a n application that was made in vb6 and see its code?
  124. Excel VBA Check Box Properties ??
  125. Autofill in Combobox
  126. Database Problem
  127. Vb-to Access Data With A Particular Unique Id/no
  128. remove table border in word from vb
  129. Storing Pictures in Access Database
  130. vb6 translating: form1.hWnd
  131. VB .Net 2003 TabControl.DrawItem 3d line
  132. Working with tabbed pages / enable - disable
  133. Slider control in MS access
  134. Join multiple rows in VB
  135. Forecasting Error
  136. Buttons to adjust Directorys
  137. vb for excel
  138. Windows controls
  139. TextBox Issues
  140. excel not switch between sheet
  141. Travelling Salesman Problem
  142. Doing calculations on a data report?
  143. Kill a Windows Process
  144. how to call a function in VB from c++ dll
  145. help in editing information in database
  146. Sockets Sendprogress? VB2005
  147. Resizing Groupbox and closing forms
  148. Application.Wait
  149. Twin ListView Scrolling
  150. Opening a file in paint using VIsual Basic 6
  151. error :Method 'DocumentHTML' of object 'IDHTMLEdit' failed
  152. How to pass command line arguments in VB
  153. Using Authentication for sending Mail in VB2005
  154. importing text file results to active frmDocument Window
  155. Create a File Extension
  156. VB to open a ppt with password
  157. Playing multiple sounds
  158. The Combo-box with the Database?
  159. Edit RDLC by client
  160. Reading Data from WeighBridge
  161. Easy Way To make graph at runtime
  162. Saving an image in a WebBrowser in VB6
  163. Vertical Scrollbar
  164. Recording a Phone Call
  165. Connecting MS access with VB
  166. visual basic program
  167. Difference between datagrid and MS flexgrid
  168. Get the next page using VB
  169. export to word document from grid
  170. Printing inVB 2005
  171. stop a procedure
  172. Printing multiple records on one line
  173. The following custom formula hangs excel
  174. Trying to save Access Data to Excel
  175. Trying to Compare 2 txt files using VB Script
  176. Help with VB 6.0 MS Data Grid Contol
  177. creating a new class
  178. calculation for total sum
  179. background process
  180. mapping external keyboard input with PC
  181. Moving items from one form to another.
  182. Making an action repeat?
  183. Radio buttons
  184. test
  185. Moving listview to module help
  186. Problem of printing the controls in pictureBox
  187. VBCode to retrieve and display datafields from Mysql database
  188. Return the value between two specified values...
  189. NumericUpDown Control
  190. How i can read value Magnetic Card Reader
  191. Retieving Data of MS Access by VB6?
  192. how does LIKE operator work?
  193. Importing text file structured as report
  194. Assigning a value to radio buttons
  195. Mid Function in SQL
  196. how to send an email from a vb software
  197. What happens with this code??
  198. Lock and Unlock Folders/Files thro' VB
  199. Looping in Excel
  200. Copying File
  201. How run a macro when i open my out look (with out going to macros and running)
  202. The Form Properties!
  203. opening a new excel sheet using VB
  204. how to create toolbar and operate save edit in toolbar
  205. how to show the table in the list box
  206. please tell me any 1 printing code in datagrid in visual basic 6
  207. VB6-to-Power Point
  208. how to show the 2nd decimal point if it is a zero.
  209. Close CD Tray with VBScript
  210. Include Files on Publish
  211. Visual Basic app to copy and paste from website
  212. make/import a control
  213. insert picture in word through vb
  214. NEED Urgent help from the group re: comparing 2 columns thru VBA
  215. Pop open form when opening a spreadsheet
  216. How About the MAX() function
  217. Recordset or Array?
  218. question in using the data control
  219. accessing serial port in VB 2005
  220. How to set auto timer in VB
  221. How to Open a Visio page in Access through VB
  222. vb code for chaning a password
  223. USB interface
  224. Formatting DataBound Controls
  225. run VB6 from excel?
  226. How to extract just the letters from a string
  227. Best way to learn VBA? Start with Visual Basic?
  228. Display a PDF from Visual Basic 6.0
  229. Select Case worksheet
  230. OLE automation
  231. Greyed Out Checkbox
  232. plugin
  233. import data from excel to msflex
  234. Using arrays to simplify this code
  235. how to show the results of MS Access database query in Visual basic
  236. Passing Arguments
  237. save number 001 and so on in access database
  238. Crystal Report help
  239. Run time Install help
  240. The Resize Function
  241. public function name() as Boolean ... boolean help needed
  242. Im having a problem in getting the Handle/Process ID in a existing application
  243. How to pass variable from VB to crystal report?
  244. problem with Datareport please help me iam final stage in my project
  245. Uuhandled exception : User breakpoint
  246. scroll bar problem argent
  247. PC Games by accessing mobile keypad
  248. Finding System info
  249. Datagridview bug(urgent!)
  250. open files with pdf and view
  251. Getting Data From Ms Access And Putting It In An Existing Excel File Using Vb 6.0
  252. Can't see my posts
  253. Using buttons to redirect a webbrowser
  254. Redirect webbrowser with a button?
  255. Tools??
  256. Visual Basic Tip of the Week #3
  257. HElp needed for a small Excel macro
  258. TextBox Return Key problem in VB Express 2005
  259. Enable checkboxes based on textbox value
  260. Web browser tabs...
  261. division by zero
  262. MS Access using a dir function with a error_handler
  263. Merging in excel vbokay
  264. (Workbooks.Open) with code on shared drives with different lettering in name
  265. using datagrid
  266. Timer to launch VB code?
  267. GetSaveAsFilename
  268. vb code for auto sending e-mail
  269. Convert the numbers into alphabet
  270. perl plugin
  271. How to retrive the Data that is stored when MS access is the backend
  272. To compare two word docs and make changes in one to make it same as first one?
  273. problem somewhere i cannot find
  274. DateTimePicker in DataGridView Msdn2 example
  275. What are the differences of VB programs?
  276. Need help on transfering data from on form to another ASAP!
  277. I need some features on my Web Browser
  278. Using Dir() to list folder names
  279. Overflow? What gives?
  280. Excel Help
  281. Excel VBA set active document
  282. VB Help!
  283. Urgent Help Required
  284. Writing files to my.resources?
  285. TCPClient connection problem
  286. Searching for a particualr word in a text file,using VBA??
  287. VBScript Compilation error 800A03ee expected ')'
  288. Command for insert picture
  289. How to start a VB program with access?
  290. Reading Content Of Web Pages Using Vb
  291. shortest path with forbidden pairs algorithm
  292. Recordsets
  293. Hi Everyone, I Need Help
  294. Sending E-Mail problem from VB.
  295. multiple lines
  296. Changing the shape on buttons
  297. how can i turn no 1 to 000001, 2 to 000002 and print them into a text file ?
  298. Creating a Webbrowser Link
  299. random image selection in VB
  300. Folder Browser Dialog.
  301. VB range of values
  302. Excel VBA Function Name?
  303. Dynamic Table
  304. tranferspreadsheet problem
  305. Moving through files in a folder
  306. visio save as
  307. How to get the value of a data point in a chart
  308. DateTimePicker control - how to display a blank date when the form loads?
  309. Turning customerID-number "10205" into layout "10 205"
  310. show event on destop in my form
  311. How can i know it's NUMERIC
  312. How I Can Connect And Handle Webcam From Visual Basic
  313. Prevent Duplication Of Records In Access With VB!
  314. How to get the Handle/Process ID?
  315. Citrix: Setting Default printer
  316. Help With Triangle Program!!!
  317. How to display current Date in MDI toolbar?
  318. Data Flow Diagram
  319. accessing oracle Stored Procedure
  320. how attach text file with e-mail ?
  321. Nearly finished...can't figure out how to update a label
  322. Is it possible to run IP based program on single-processor-multiple-terminals system
  323. Adding to database problem
  324. Issue with disposed event of MDI Parent
  325. How do I recall a value added when I re-open my EXE?
  326. Help With a Dynamic Array in VB6
  327. Unicode characters converting to minus-numbers??
  328. How do I print a .dat file?
  329. Removing a Character and the end of a string
  330. Almost there...need help displaying result in output Label
  331. In a Jam, need help quick-Mdf Files
  332. How to replace text?
  333. can visual basic6 programing can be done in linux federa
  334. How to pass SQL Query to DataReport at Runtime
  335. I got a little problem
  336. How do I change my MS VB file into an .exe
  337. Programmatically Press Key - How to do it?
  338. Question about numeric up/down control
  339. Errors only arise in the compiled exe file when accessing Access database
  340. If/then Problems
  341. Server object, ASP 0177 (0x800401F3)
  342. Placing a grid on a vb form
  343. table created dynamically
  344. How to provide shortcut keys to toolbar buttons?
  345. How to Get Window Handle based on a file name
  346. used vb6.0 hope to creat registration form
  347. Auto Refresh
  348. How to open a file using a specific application using vb
  349. Is it possible to send an EMail from VB?
  350. Get record count from Oracle Stored Procedure with out using Count built in function
  351. Registration form
  352. Tic Tac Toe on a 4x4
  353. How to list all databases on MS SQL server in VB?
  354. File Dialog Box Troubleshooting
  355. Changing Individual Column Colours in a barchart
  356. Same Access Table on 2 Forms
  357. Intentional Error on Boolean
  358. Find length of a string in VB
  359. Help with RecordCount Code
  360. Why Won't My Database Update?
  361. View Excel in VB APP
  362. how to get excel data in datagrid or msflexgrid
  363. Selecting Sheets (Excel)
  364. is there any vb line i can use
  365. advantages of using msaccess over sqlserver
  366. To validate that the Combo box save's only 6 digits
  367. How to capture event resize of an external program
  368. How to excel sheet in data gird oe msflexgrid
  369. FTP Check for successful status
  370. how to open picture file
  371. display superscript and subscript in grid
  372. Reading filenames and file properties in a directory
  373. getting data from a text file and putting it in an excel file using visual basic 6.0
  374. VB: Find default gateway and set persistent routes or output to a batch file.
  375. Declare Variable
  376. Using usb ports
  377. Why fptHIGH? ask for help!!!
  378. efficient algorithm
  379. picture in pop up message boxes
  380. Listbox and flexgrid
  381. Adding a column to a dataset
  382. Trying to send e-mail via Winsock control, state remains CLOSED
  383. vb6-Runtime error
  384. Infinite Session Timeout
  385. How do I get filter values in vba?
  386. convert word document to html file
  387. Help on Browse Button
  388. unable to understand a piece of code
  389. creating word document using vb6.0
  390. I need Help on Dataset URGENT ASAP!!
  391. Listview or Listbox with Combobox
  392. Display data problem in Crystal Report
  393. Help using recordset to insert data into a table **URGENT**
  394. Applications processing against IE browser
  395. Software selection help Visual & Database
  396. Access Results in a Chart
  397. Help with Multiline TextBox to pass to Crystal Reports.
  398. Saving form and contents as bitmap
  399. Open Excel with Webbrowser in .Net 2005
  400. excel cell format
  401. Listbox Selections
  402. Opening A Word Doc
  403. VBA - Linking Problem
  404. Repeat value of previous record field into current corresponding field
  405. copy picture from local disk to server
  406. VB6 - how to find a specific date in Access database
  407. Comparision of start date and end date in VBA in excel
  408. import text files into databases (such as access) using visual basic???
  409. How to read information from more than one line with out loop from file(plz help)
  410. Visual Basic Tip of the Week #2
  411. help me now.. SIP Phone
  412. disable an IFrame
  413. i want to Display report in Msword (.doc)
  414. i need print report in Msword
  415. Creating A DSN using VBA
  416. How to check whether the VB code is written in VB3 or VB6 ?
  417. How to create excel sheet in Visual Basic 6.0 and send it as attachment
  418. how can i call a form from another form?
  419. Check box codes
  420. formatting output of data
  421. wmp library access
  422. Help with writing codes for check boxes, that display/hides the labels
  423. Form
  424. vb textbox help
  425. how to display report for specific date
  426. Question: Regex in VB 5
  427. Turn off Name AutoCorrect with VBA?
  428. vb script to launch an html page at logon (AD)
  429. regex submatch (copied to vb for more support)
  430. vb6 and databases
  431. Excel : Simply yet I can find it. AutoFilter
  432. Error message: Expected Line number . .
  433. Shapes and Clicks
  434. Listboxes
  435. My.Application.Info.Directory wrong path (Urgent please)
  436. Passing value of textbox to Crystal Report
  437. can not lo gon
  438. Picture
  439. Enhancement to handle multiple files
  440. show the pdf file
  441. Save and Display the picture
  442. Activate a Macro when closing excel
  443. Sreejith
  444. User Form help
  445. Removing a Control Array
  446. Calling vb6 from
  447. help with database
  448. How to create/open a file on button click
  449. writing an event to that will inform a parent form
  450. how to moveprevious and movenext
  451. Error
  452. attaching the windows calculator into vb6
  453. Open Application on that PC using my PC.
  454. One Method - Multiple Events
  455. make own query in vb6
  456. please some one help me with this code
  457. Excel Checkbox
  458. Creating a Yes/No popup in a VBA userform
  459. microsoft excel file locked for to unlock?
  460. How do you auto run a Vb6 exe
  461. how to create a object of any application like Excel or Outllook in Thread Programing
  462. runtime error 6 - overflow
  463. validation for a field on a form to make sure its not duplicated.
  464. Disable Close Button
  465. How to access(Run+ Monitor) VB application from other Computer on the Network
  466. Vb Code Meaning
  467. help required for inserting fields with the help of ADODB
  468. change cursor to an hourglass when a VBscript runs
  469. File saved is too large..
  470. how to update the data on grid view to access?
  471. Communicate Between 2 PC with ethernet
  472. List.Listcount property not working
  473. Use of drag and drop
  474. Remember position of scrolling in listview in VB6
  475. Opening a .exe file from within another.
  476. can i make my own query in vb6?
  477. Word/Excel disappearing with VBA doc automation code
  478. Display date value from date picker in vb6 on access report
  479. Network Chat
  480. circumventing internet explorer's cross-frame scripting
  481. Serial port and text files
  482. how to allow control to a form when VB code is running
  483. Data mismatch error...please help!
  484. Cystal Report help needed
  485. Need Help in my module.. of Delay Audiotary Feedback
  486. help required
  487. Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection
  488. Help Making Logging Program
  489. Webservice and xml generation/uploading
  490. Please Help With This Listbox/Combo Box Problem in VB!
  491. [VS 2005] How to get (Start Time, End Time) of media file using AxWindowsMediaPlayer
  492. Help writing a process for FTP Shell Function
  493. VB error handling via C++ DLL
  494. SetFocus Issue
  495. How do I use an ADO connection to look up 1 field in a database?
  496. Don't know how to search for files using VB
  497. how to move text repeatedly in 360+ Word documents without opening them
  498. Script for using SSH
  499. string getting cut off, why???
  500. Problems with Visual Basic 2005 and AD
  501. serching a perticular word from ms word
  502. Fax
  503. visual basic - dao350.dll missing
  504. hop to creat artificial intaligon program
  505. VB Script Help
  506. Problem in Data Report
  507. Problem in Data Report
  508. Displaying Data into Data Report from VSFlexGrid
  509. Output text to a webpage
  510. need help sorting a dropdownlist control on a webfom
  511. Need Help with a combination Generator...
  512. Move Visible Portion of RichTextBox to Desired Line
  513. How to use Onclick event with an Array of Buttons?
  514. VB Output in Exel
  515. how to highlight multiple duplicated fields in datagrid
  516. How can I open a Word document from my VB application?
  517. Updating From One Table to Another
  518. how to import .SQl file into MySQL with Visual Basic 6.0
  519. Problem with an Excel-VBA Script using PDF Creator
  520. Listbox item rename
  521. Problem with Data Report in VB
  522. Setting background for media player
  523. How to display current date in toolbar?
  524. Please Help - How do i get a value from an address
  525. Client does not Connect but Ping
  526. Making new records with VB
  527. log out problem. help !
  528. Validation of decimal numbers in textboxes
  529. How to save text data in my programme
  530. Problem in VSFlexGrid
  531. WebBrowser Without Microsoft Internet Controls?
  532. Event Calendar from Windows Form
  533. from Windows Form how do i create a LABEL in code
  534. touch screen
  535. Can't open Excel file after running VB program
  536. Using GetChanges without DataAdapter
  537. Can Not Set Databound textbox value
  538. how to use 8 bit values (black and white picture) to create a BMP picture
  539. Open and read a .DBF file into a datagrid
  540. Events
  541. HOW TO COUNT DATA in MSFlexgrid
  542. howto send data from vb to excel for printing
  543. Lock problem in VSFlexGrid
  544. Dll
  545. problem in Visual studio 2005 installation
  546. create a small artificial intelligent programme using vb06
  547. how to get windows (network) login name from vb
  548. Code for moving focus
  549. Error # 3235 in VB
  550. how to go to a particular record using recordcount