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  1. Clearing specific Combo-box values on selection of new value other combo-box
  2. Permutations From Excel Cells
  3. Excel through VB
  4. Print Files As A XPS Document in VB
  5. Display records between two dates of ms-access database using vb6.0
  6. check if workbook is open and run a macro
  7. Autonumber in my textbox
  8. need help!
  9. 800A0408 Invalid character
  10. User and Employe Management
  11. Setting Proxy username and password
  12. Declaration of form level variables
  13. need help with my first "For Loop" assigment, any suggestion would really help!
  14. how i can fix this error :(
  15. I dont know how I did it , i think there has mistakes
  16. How can I tell what username is logged into the PC?
  17. How to find the largest number from a list of number in a textbox with a for loop?
  18. how to refresh one opened form from another form?
  19. can anyone help me out for creating a searching table
  20. VB6 RichTextBox string processing: Create like VB Code editor
  21. Detection of whether image exists in web browser.
  22. Need help With access 2010 and VBA
  23. What sql should be bulild to update or insert in follow case?
  24. How to connect data base from VB 6.0 to MS excel sheet? Datas should save in excel?
  25. can anyone help me out with the error operation not allowed wen object is open
  26. displaying multiple crystals reports as output in vb6.0
  27. Every other day
  28. how to use Doevents in multiwindow
  29. Changing screen resolution in Excel by VBA?
  30. Need to see how to use Send Message to press buttons in another application
  31. VB6: Subscript out of range
  32. increment alpha numeric using loop
  33. How to open and close usb CD ROM in VB6?
  34. how to assign replacement text to string Variable?
  35. how to use Word find and Replace to search inside a string
  36. Event Before Print in Excel, I want "Save As" to run before printing
  37. How to include help file (.CHM) in the project
  38. Invalid Interval of a Word.Range
  39. Excel If and Vlookup
  40. What's the code in vb 6.0 to locate a file in the computer
  41. loading multiple tables values from access to excel into single sheet using vb6
  42. How to insert image to database?
  43. 3251 Run Time Error with FindFirst
  44. How to save multiples files into one
  45. How to run setup all version of operating system .VB application
  46. Error When Create a Blank Word document
  47. How do I refresh Environ(Username) on workbook open (Excel 2010)?
  48. Convert Word Doc to PDF
  49. Too Much orthographic errors to show the document
  50. Attach Multiple files to an email via listview
  51. remove html element
  52. Access form need critical stop VBA coding
  53. Hellp .exe make my project error show
  54. Excel worksheet.value to VB6 Label.caption
  55. Convert Roman Numerals In A File Into Digits and Output The Digits
  56. Insert into a word document an Image from Database
  57. Having some trouble using increments in While...Wend loop
  58. Copy the content of a word doc to another
  59. listbox item forecolor change
  60. Save Report (DataReport) automatically to PDF - VB6
  61. Putting variable (Looping) into Report
  62. Working with a giant quantity of characters
  63. Order the objects on the word doc
  64. How to add scroll bar control to textbox in VB when texbox is disabled
  65. Word Doc with Image, text and table
  66. Create and Customize a Word Table Doc using vb6
  67. how to add two numbers of the grid columns and display in another column
  68. .vbs file to parser a .csv
  69. Cursor information - the hover over info of a value held by a variable does not appea
  70. How can change .dll file not ( Resource Editor ) only File
  71. How to print on small printers
  72. Losing Content Controls when .docx is saved as .doc
  73. if statement for button when clicked it will follow instructions
  74. How to add link label control to the desired datatable column cells at run time
  75. VB to save an xlsx outlook attachment as an xls file
  76. What is the best topmargin and bottom margin for data report in vb 6.0 with 8.5 X 11
  77. connection in xml file in windows form 2008
  78. Targetting treeview node by name
  79. print a selected record using listview
  80. Refresh an ImageBox from a CommandButton, plus an AcceleratorKey ‘combination-key’ ch
  81. Subscription services
  82. Me.Controls equivalent for private variable
  83. Excel Radio Buttons
  84. VB export Gridview to PDF
  85. syntax error insert into statement
  86. Missing some data problem (Visual Basic 6.0)
  87. How do you search by a Serial Number and return a Computer name on a network?
  88. How to find duplicate records in access database using vb6
  89. saving and retrieving pictures using vb6 and ms access
  90. Open an excel file downloaded from a know website
  91. How to Stop and Restart a BackGroundWorker
  92. Macro to copy data to new sheet based on criteria, error 1004.
  93. programatically Alt+tab through all open windows
  94. Using VB6.5 in a Word - I'd like the user to choose yes or no from a dropbox
  95. EOF While not EOF - not scan all file
  96. Getting Sum of Amount paid from a ms Access table using modules in vb6.0
  97. Move fields from one spread to another spread
  98. Running VB5 under Windows 7
  99. How to add picture on vb-access? how to save? how to retrieve?
  100. Setfocus to IE windows using excel macro
  101. How to pass a variable by reference to a Form
  102. HTML Help File doens't launch in compiled vb6 app when pushing F1
  103. How can i read an Open Office File using VB6 and eventually save it in SQL database
  104. i create a log in.. but everytime i run it error 91 apears and .movefirst highlight
  105. Changing the color of whole page of the tab created by SStab control
  106. Printing frame in visual basic6.0
  107. Copy content from one TextBox to several others
  108. subcription out of range? how can i fix this problem Pin
  109. Import specific column from excel into access using visual basic 6
  110. Run-time Error 3061 - Recordset
  111. Pause Console Application
  112. How to get startinfo.arguments in the called program?
  113. OleDbReader -Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  114. VB5 on a Windows7 machine
  115. How will I get the Previous Balance added to current Balance
  116. insert the values in access table not showing any error but also not saving values
  117. Notification to administrator from a user in ms access
  118. Remembering startPosition
  119. Label painting issue when form moved offscreen
  120. Invalid qualifier after adding "option explicit"
  121. problem in fitting graph in accurate Cartesian
  122. updating month function every end of the month
  123. Com port 1 dosn't work with VB5 on a new PC
  124. Sort excel sheet from VB-5
  125. How to access controls on a form by ID/index?
  126. VB6 under Windows 8 - problem with error capturing
  127. Multiple fields options controlling one checkbox
  128. Access VBA & Citrix 2003/2008 sessions.
  129. getting junk values in text box while getting correct values in simulator
  130. C# dll in VB6
  131. How to Register DBGrid32.Ocx
  132. How to display tamil font from sql table to vb 6 flexgrid tool
  133. Add new line in message box...
  134. For some reason, my program is running in a loop and the condition is being ignored.
  135. Different styles in one DataGridView cell
  136. Taking Screenshot and saving to file
  137. how can we rotate a commandbutton in vb 6.0?
  138. Error : Run-time errors, class ID not registered, Look for an object with CLSID
  139. Scaling - Enlarge a pixel to a bigger size
  140. Block NumericUpDown ValueChanged event til button released
  141. Numbering records on a form
  142. selecting type of phone number for specified individuals
  143. how to get records from database?
  144. Data Grid no show data when i fill with coding
  145. writing Armenian in Msgbox and in all visual basic 6.0 codes
  146. How to replace text in textbox with next line from text file
  147. execute and close application in vb6
  148. Page Ejection control by Printer object in VB6
  149. Updating an Access Database using SQL in VB
  150. I want to generate Random numbers, but dont want it to be repeated
  151. Complex counting of items in CSV
  152. can't get full code in source code window in vb watch debugger
  153. How to retrieve a value from a function using return in
  154. Expand on a CSV File Read VB.NET 2012
  155. Convert txt file to csv file
  156. Looping with Multi Threads
  157. how to copy data from PDF 10 to Excel 2010.
  158. VB.NET - Read CSV file, look for specific data
  159. VBA - automate resizing of PDF files (by sending them to PdfCreator?)
  160. Redirect exe file output to text file
  161. how to import the data from ms access to ms flex grid
  162. find ocr project and library using VB6
  163. how to make code in vb 6 play video and audio files?
  164. report view how to print the particular record in vb 6.0
  165. How to sort total?
  166. how to have tooltip appear under mouse cursor when you hover over item in list box?
  167. Winsocks and conflict of systems/ports
  168. VBA code to determine program logic; if X divided by Y is an integer
  169. Successively divide a Positive Integer in VBA
  170. Visual Basic code to convert Current time (12hr) to 24 hour
  171. Errors during load. Refer to 'E:Path\file.log' for details.
  172. View all the record in Microsoft Access using VB 6.0
  173. How can i enable MS COMM Control
  174. Sum data in a column of msflexgrid
  175. Unhandled Exception using DotNetZip
  176. Problem receiving data in vb6 using MSComm
  177. How to deduct sold item from quantity in access database. VB6.0
  178. How to display more than one variable on a label?
  179. Call Function ?
  180. Round up the wgt ?
  181. How to display the year on printer ?
  182. vb 2008 get listbox items
  183. how to write code for check list?
  184. How to convert Decimal place to round number ?
  185. Message Box
  186. Configuring a POS printer for remote printing using push service
  187. Error - Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  188. b8controls4: where can I find the b8sidebar in VB6?
  189. Fix "/" in Date vb6 text box so that user does not need to type it
  190. how to make different accounts for teachers and show the data on website using php
  191. Ms word file search in my computer
  192. mapping network folder using vb6
  193. Validation based on numeric type Access 2003
  194. move files or folders from remote computers in My Network Places to local drive (VB6)
  195. search a text box by character length in Visual Basic
  196. Searching for files and sending mail
  197. Empty COMMAND-string under Windows 7
  198. null row records in access displays in ListView
  199. Auto increment student number
  200. Byte Array to send over socket
  201. vb6 and mysql or loop to select certain dates in the database
  202. connect to sql server 2005 from another computer to share database
  203. Visual Basic 6 Problem in Table
  204. Datagrid not showing newly added record
  205. problem adding COMCTL32.OCX, COMDLG32.OCX and TABCTL32.OCX
  206. How to connect ADO dynamically
  207. adodc in vb6: showing error "Unable to bind to field or DataMember"
  208. Textboxes saving to Excel when clicking on a button
  209. How to replace certain string in whole codes
  210. dates and msflexgrid problem trying to loop dates on a grid control for 2 weeks
  211. Help needed with picture box problem
  212. SQL request timeout, can't find the way to extend the command timeout
  213. How to number records in data report
  214. auto fill text box
  215. List of employees with images
  216. Run time error '3021' message
  217. indenting of numbering data
  218. run a program from a server
  219. numbering data problem
  220. run vb project in another computer with networking - database form doesn't open
  221. checkbox disabled problem with ADO next record
  222. Filtering text box with input validation
  223. load different images for employees
  224. making a label Semi Transparent in VB6
  225. Creating a database and linking the database to my form
  226. Summing data column with 3 to 4 criteria in summary, from excel2007 multiple sheets
  227. error object required at "If ((rs.Fields(0) = username.Text)..."
  228. User Defined Function in Excel VBA not recognised
  229. save image in oracle using vb 6.0 code
  230. Distributing a system developed in vb 6.0 and SQL Server database
  231. How to use BEFORE, AFTER and BETWEEN in vb 6.0?
  232. how to print a datareport with output of 300 fields per record from 3 tables?
  233. How to extract server's CPU serial no.
  234. stopwatch function with button
  235. Missing Data Environment in vb 6
  236. displaying records from SQL SERVER database by typing a letter in text field
  237. To connect and login SAP application automatically using VBScript
  238. Listbox response to change color of grid.
  239. Permission denied 'GetObject' - ActiveX component can't create object
  240. how to solve this error Private Sub mnufd_Click() in following vb6.0 code
  241. how to solve Report As New CrystalReport3 thisuserdefinend is not type error in vb0.6
  242. how to solve liListItem As ListItem this userdefinend is not type error in vb0.6
  243. Separating a zip task in XML
  244. Debug 424 "Object Required" when typing the report file name
  245. Writing multiple entires to an XML
  246. MSChart graphs unexisting point
  247. Removing items from a listbox and from object collection
  248. Reading a XML tag that is not constant
  249. How to save the music in vb6 so then this program can be played in other computer?
  250. Sorting 2D-array
  251. Anyone made a Remote Task Manager?
  252. Declaring variables on same line fixes overflow
  253. dtpiker control in visual basic / win7
  254. End of statement expected
  255. How to embed powerpoint itself in vb6 like Easyworship
  256. How to set data to 2nd Y axis in mschart?
  257. runtime error 3265 item not found in this collection
  258. How to subtract hour from DateTime in VB
  259. MS Access with VB6 - Can't delete LDB
  260. count the list box items but don't count the blank spaces.
  261. Connection Ms Access database on web
  262. reminder to calculate the next date of inspection
  263. connect VB front end application to Excel as a back
  264. How can I Print Data From MSHFlexgrid in vb 6.0
  265. How to get Outlook Calender events
  266. Combine image (JPEG)
  267. View a movie file via lan using VB6
  268. how to run a program to a remote pc
  269. Computerize Quiz
  270. Save function that works on runtime for form data
  271. linking vb to hyperterminal reg
  272. creating images from code on a form in VB5
  273. How to format a day name to short day name, i.e if monday means "mon" tuesday "tue"
  274. Pulling database information from visual basic to Excel
  275. How To Link 3 Tables With Single Adodc Control
  276. Want to read all characters before space from each line of a text file
  277. i am getting error method or datamember not found
  278. How to display milliseconds in VB6?
  279. calculate sum of all record valyee of column & display in vb form
  280. Add the number count (Visible) in a listbox
  281. syntax error in insert into statement
  282. How To Create Windows Media Playlist in vb 6.0
  283. Visual Basic 6.0 DatagridAutoFILTER to sort field by a specific field and the whole r
  284. How to add and delete records from database
  285. add data to msflexgrid
  286. column ctid does not exists error in vb6
  287. programmatically detect WMI Service corrupt
  288. time and data?
  289. VB6 integration of AVTech IP Camera AVN314/304
  290. How to convert bmp to dxf file??
  291. 8 bit grayscale?
  292. How do I set up users without their having admin priveleges ?
  293. How to create a message box if a column contains certain text any of its cells
  294. Comparing Values at the DataReport, Is it possible?
  295. Auto populate additional new records
  296. How to link two computers so that when an action is taken on one it saves on the othe
  297. process scheduling usin Visual Basic and Back end Access
  298. I am getting error "user defined type not defined" while compiling code in vb6 .the b
  299. How to use WrapText Property in c1flexgrid cells
  300. Application running problem in win7
  301. End Of Statement Error with VBA formula for Excel
  302. How can we solve the missing reference library issue
  303. How to delete a record from database using Data tool not the ADODC-vb6
  304. I would like to translate application that display messages in English to Chinese
  305. How to Save and Retrieve Picture from and to database using vb6
  306. How to create transparent forms and other controls
  307. how to use any coding with 1 alphabet
  308. How to embedded Long sensitive data in VB6
  309. How to add data to my database it is giving runtime error.
  310. MS Chart Control 6.0 - possibility of removal of left and bottom Margin of the chart.
  311. how to create search engine in vb 6.0?
  312. how to get code in dicounted 5 item
  313. Problem while sending Autoemailer
  314. How to save the cam pic file in vb
  315. visual basic source system with windows 7 automation error
  316. VB Logic
  317. Control placements don't seem to compute
  318. query in capturing a pic in using web cam in vb
  319. data ranges, size, type and capacity
  320. When i type DataEnvironment1 there is no ADD option that normally pops out in VB6
  321. Capture order of files selected in file dialog box by OS-Hook
  322. How to include a parameter in Pass Through Query
  323. read smartcard with pcsc framework
  324. Grayscale Saving problem
  325. enforce single instance of the app over a network
  326. Picturebox question
  327. VB logic
  328. getting data from finger print scanner
  329. Through a System Tray Icon, turn Wireless Radio On or Off depending on current state
  330. Read-only data instead of Updatable records
  331. filtering on a date field in Access using VB6
  332. Visual Studio VB 2010 SQL/MySQL/Access queries
  333. how to connect date picker values to adodb?
  334. VB program to load icon on system tray during startup to enable/disable WiFi radio
  335. Expression is not a Method.
  336. Using a simple VB Form to rename files using CMD Prompt (done in Excel - screenshots)
  337. textobject create dynamically
  338. How to place exact score on my message box
  339. Manage the size of a checkbox (image) in datasheet view
  340. Print Header..Change font size and also the colour
  341. Need help with making a button to select the next text or file on a listbox
  342. how to use different fonts in listview in vb06
  343. Why Grid control column accepting up to 6 digits in VB60?
  344. Load album title, artist name(s) and song title from CD in to VB6 program
  345. how to printing receipt with continuous paper?
  346. How to Display Value of Textbox in VB
  347. How to add both records value against same name in database?
  348. Cannot get InStr to work in VB 6 program
  349. How Do you Loop through VBE Column cells?
  350. loading html or txt file to visual basic program
  351. how to clear dynamic arraylist?
  352. How To save data from Msflexgrid to DataBase Access in Vb6 ?
  353. how to add table in microsoft access database using vb6 ?
  354. what condition will determine whether a recordset is currently open?
  355. How to select rows randomly in MSFLexGrid and export them to excel?
  356. CopyMemory of a Variant holding an Array
  357. is there an easier way to write the following If Statement?
  358. How to sum up all the integer values enteres in a list box?
  359. To SUM a table by month in VB6
  360. How to include another field in a form while i have two dynmic combo
  361. spilt and write in excel
  362. Fetching the data from access to excel
  363. VB6 compiled program accessing Access in W7 64bit sp1
  364. copy Access 2003 table over to excel 2007 on startup
  365. Backup sql file using vb6 code
  366. Add Quotation Marks every TWO words in Text Box
  367. How to merge cells in msflexgrid with different data
  368. VB6 Landscape print problem in windows7
  369. How to change paper size with VBA code?
  370. MS Access VBA Use of Windows Media Player - Getting WMP Status ?
  371. saving data from a text box to excel using VB 6.0
  372. portability reg
  373. vb 6 and windows 7 64 bit
  374. to copy,save ,cut,paste in vb6.0
  375. crystal report formula field display all fields as in data structure
  376. search a record in a database using Ado data control.
  377. Import 2 worksheet from excel to access
  378. How do I select multiple SPECIFIC sheets from an Excel Workbook?
  379. How to change frame back color transperant in vba?
  380. Can you tell me what is wrong with this print command?
  381. Active Form With Hotkey
  382. Program works when programmed, but when re opening Excel I get a Compile Error: Expec
  383. How to get average values from a flexgrid and dump them into another flexgrid?
  384. Convert CSV (semicolon separated) to XLS using VBS
  385. how to close an excel file automated by vb
  386. How to make a own vb project to autorun
  387. How to refer a particular excel sheet through vb6 code
  388. In Excel taking number or text as 10 in other cell
  389. Managing 2 excel file to get product code
  390. clearing the selected value from the combobox in vb6
  391. what shall i do with this object required in string portion.?
  392. Converting image file to binary data
  393. Copy a record from one database to another
  394. How to import a csv file into a matrix
  395. How to write an Access program that update a text tab file created from Access query
  396. storing many items in a list box to a single variable
  397. read bar code
  398. How to add data from DataGrid into ComboBox list?
  399. method range of object globally failed error
  400. Saving the database to excel file from vb
  401. Getting error "Application defined or object defined error"
  402. saving an excel sheet vb6 code
  403. Assigning a variable value as an Excel cell's address
  404. adding a new record to an existing record in a single Excel sheet
  405. RegEx Question
  406. TEMP file UPDATE query VBA
  407. template for an UPDATE query that shows how to UPDATE multiple fields
  408. how to use jquery scrollbar like scrollable-divs ?
  409. TEMP table records from 2 other tables
  410. I have a picturebox that the image will change with ever record the user inquires on.
  411. What the follow line do
  412. Data Member Not Found
  413. array and list box connect?
  414. Excel Using Concatenate like sumif
  415. my database disconnects when I preview my program
  416. compare and replace visio text using excel VBA
  417. What is the better to learn? VB6 or VB.NET?
  418. Visual Basic access Images
  419. Saving data from visual basic 6 to an excel file
  420. how to find the active connection string
  421. Bin Packing Problem
  422. miling list with a standard email
  423. VBa in powerpoint
  424. Checkbox in Listbox
  425. Copying a portion of Web Page and pasting in Excel
  426. change the table name during runtime
  427. Run Macro on closing Powerpoint
  428. Downloading Unicode Text from txt file into excel collumn
  429. Delete table records with SQL when field is empty
  430. How to Store and Retrieve images in mySql or .mdb Database
  431. Application path
  432. how to adjust a column name header in vb
  433. Use a combobox to set the filter criteria of a table
  434. How do I make it loop back to Case 0
  435. wordwrap in msdlexgrid
  436. Create Groupbox and textbox at runtime
  437. Based on input number Creating textboxes and lablel
  438. Runtime 3075 (syntax error) missing operator
  439. Operation not allowed when object is closed
  440. Looking for a good book / learning tool for MS VB 2010
  441. Converting vba(excel macro) to vbscript
  442. Unneeded line after drawing graph on picture box
  443. Losing Formatting & Pic Position in Rich Text Template Automated Send
  444. Table interpolation..
  445. creating extention file
  446. Can Sub & Form Button Have Same Name?
  447. ExecuteReader: Connection property has not been initialized
  448. Filter Data In vb6 + Crystal Report 10
  449. windows 7 64bit client won't run VB 2005 assembly.
  450. user form excel 2007 - method or data member not found
  451. Refer to another forms controls using a variable as the form name
  452. Move a control at run time
  453. Replace Function Statements Subverting Automated E-mail
  454. Soft return detection
  455. Syntax error 800a03ea in vbscript for sub function
  456. Pop Up handling While usage of CUIT
  457. Rename remote computers with Visual basic?
  458. Detecting the number of lines in a label.
  459. Unable to go to a new record when opening a new form
  460. how to give column value to variable
  461. VB6 Event Handler
  462. textarea reformatting question
  463. Insert DTPicker in Access DB
  464. Outlook Automation Hanging On Address Book
  465. adodb connection string question
  466. How to Convert a Textbox from Access Form to Ms Excel cell ?
  467. Tab Control
  468. Elp in opening file in vb.
  469. Making a selectable gridview out of a combo box in ms access 2007
  470. Error Handling Loop...Stuck Inside!
  471. Assign string into an Object
  472. please suggest how to learn macro for PPT and excel?
  473. haw to make database and command in vb6
  474. windows border
  475. draw in imagebox
  476. how to connect 35 checkboxes using vb 6 to database?
  477. sending with outlook 2007
  478. Vbscript that automates an unzip operation
  479. problem read sms in vb6
  480. Prevent writing a binary file
  481. Run time error-424 object require
  482. Import text file into excel using vbscript
  483. code to insert comments at the right top of each slide.
  484. how to get date
  485. Vb6 & help files.
  486. Runtime Error 2147467259(8000405) The following tags were not closed
  487. Runtime error on exporting to excel
  488. Applying Skincrafter skin on VB6 form
  489. How do I Write Values into my Database
  490. vb
  491. Using VB6.0 how can i install a sql server with DB?
  492. Transfer data between sheets
  493. enable multiple checkboxes by clicking option1
  494. VB6 integer array
  495. writing multiple text boxes to one file
  496. How to query Windows Search 4.0??
  497. Filter in MSAccess Query
  498. How to set a value for a combobox in a Web page using VB script?
  499. multiple database access
  500. How can i re-write the excel file when exporting an access table
  501. multiple email - error is unknown recipient
  502. How to average numbers from an array?
  503. help :(
  504. visual basic 6 dialog box code needed to work save as and open dialog boxes
  505. Help: the existence of vbCr.
  506. "automation error library not registered"
  507. Why Does My Button Code Copy To "General" Object Window From "[My Button Name]" Objec
  508. Macros Removed in Excel
  509. Paste value in variable column
  510. How do I set a cursor start point over a label?
  511. Loop through recordset of form
  512. run time error '6160' data access error ??
  513. Where is the comEvaluation button in VB 2008
  514. Empty values return by random funciton
  515. error 3705 (updating recordset)
  516. Set a Textbox to receive from keyboard only
  517. Enable and disable checkbox
  518. Preventing a user from closing access through the X button
  519. mutli rows copy from datagrid to other datagrid vb6
  520. controling child window objects using VB in internet explorer
  521. FTP Filenames with Spaces
  522. VB6 changing database
  523. Function from another form
  524. How to display image in datagridview or picturebox from sqlserver?
  525. Getting into subfolders on a FTP server
  526. ADO.connection
  527. how to print all data from datagrid to printer??
  528. how do I randomise images from an imagelist without repeats?
  529. Command Button not displaying on form after a reload
  530. Want to update only one field (rs3!a_votes)... it is giving runtime error '3021'
  531. visual basic data type mismatch in criteria expression??
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