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  1. POST/GET to an HTML form
  2. List box help for a beginner
  3. UNIX style date
  4. VBPrnDlg.dll - "ImageList must be initialized before it can be used"
  5. txt file in sql server2000
  6. save code
  7. How to set alignment property of Listbox
  8. Data source name not found or Default driver is not specified
  9. Filter
  10. Syntax Highlighting RichTextBox...
  11. Reading Access Database Values with VB 6.0
  12. loading a notepad file (.txt) to a listbox
  13. Problem with numbers from -1 to 1 in VBA-datapull from SQL
  14. Save data from grid in a database table
  15. Program that runs another program
  16. Adding a password
  17. randomizing names
  18. how to create a search function in vb6
  19. How to draw a line graph?
  20. How could I control the volume of recording?
  21. Adapter.Update not working
  22. Regarding 10x6 page setting printer command in vb code
  23. Visual Basic for Excel 2007 - FileSearch not Available
  24. how to update database?
  25. how to get data from excelsheet in vb application
  26. manipulating the textbox command in VB6
  27. Regarding Flexgrid
  28. any limit for controls that can be placed on form or any control
  29. Get the max value from database and display it in text box using the variable
  30. How Do I Wrap a Variable in Quotes
  31. System Hooks
  32. making text appear from a line of a text file
  33. macro to calculate cols values.
  34. Program Watcher
  35. Button help
  36. adodc with sql statement
  37. Adodc.tlb
  38. WSH: Get remote information
  39. Saving Contents of a Dir to a .txt file
  40. End Edit of a DataGrid so that it updates itís DataSource
  41. Inserting security to an option!!!
  42. [Question] Is vb the right script for game?
  43. Calculating age by taking the input
  44. MS Access record colour change
  45. VBA Word : Save a copy of the active document
  46. How to call function in VB 2005?
  47. vb with oracle
  48. Saving Problem
  49. vb6 parsing and adding to .txt
  50. Runtime error 3265 in Visual Basic 6
  51. Changing data in text file using VB 6.0
  52. i want do the do while process
  53. Clearing MSHFlexgrid's data
  54. Extracting RFID Tag's CRC Hex value using VB 6.0
  55. File count within folder(s)
  56. Mixing Visual Basic With other Languages
  57. need help with loading data
  58. Defrag vbscript
  59. Extracting Information from a CSV File
  60. Want to use Scanner
  61. hi
  62. doubt on vb6.0
  63. Dates with future years
  64. Need Help for a vb app using Bosch Matrix and Divar
  65. how to connect oracle database with ADO Data control 6.0
  66. Running ACCESS query in VB
  67. Help with chat client for LAN
  68. Running Process on my machine
  69. Vb .net - To Read Big Text File (1gb)
  70. Filter then copy
  71. How to import and export text from text-box to a txt file
  72. Remote Access
  73. Checkbox in ComboBox
  74. Pausing Using VB, version 6
  75. [ODBC Driver Manager] Data Source name not found and no default driver spcified.
  76. using button to control a label
  77. Open MS Word file in VB, read lines and save it in MS Excel
  78. Excel VBA-memory Counter ?
  79. combinding many csv or xls files into one worksheet in Excel
  80. Referencing a column in VB
  81. Type Mismatch Error
  82. Unmatched PInvoke Signatures
  83. reading excel though record control in v.b 6.0 is working but one row is being missed
  84. Running balance on several purchase orders
  85. Excel to Xml
  86. why does my dialog act wired when closing the app?
  87. How assembly can be use in VB
  88. Reading Keyboard value without focus
  89. Label to ListBox
  90. Oracle Stored Procedure in VB6
  91. Changing the Font Size in Visual Basic 6
  92. How to Call SQL Store Produ.
  93. out of memory error
  94. Open text file and remove 2 spaces from every row
  95. KeyAscii Value
  96. why shifting bit?
  97. Opening Multiple Files Simultaneously for an Image Gallery
  98. Using Memory in VB6
  99. How to run sum() Function in VB6?
  100. Copying a column in Worksheet A into Worksheet B
  101. Run a batch file from VB6.0
  102. how to use sum() funtion in VB6-MS Access
  103. Help me for using Crystal Report
  104. get month
  105. delete a row
  106. Writing a text file
  107. Help with recordset EOF option
  108. VBA- how to hande
  109. Excel VBA to change time
  110. Pull Out Section of a string
  111. Visual Basic 6.0 Help!
  112. How to create a share on a SAN(emc).
  113. working with excel and vb 6.9
  114. Read all FormFields from a Word form into a VBA array
  115. display the results of a SP in excel?
  116. Mshflexgrid control (Copy entire Row from one to another)
  117. Updating Form Elements
  118. different forecolor in different rows of a MSFlexGrid
  119. Richtextbox related doubts
  120. Richtextbox related some doubts
  121. help!
  122. contentType of file
  123. Microsoft Access can store how much of data?
  124. How to use KeyAscii without any KeyPress.?
  125. How to send email to another person with using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.?
  126. Please Help With My VB code
  127. Change Form Interface
  128. Change Desktop Wallpaper
  129. Process List
  130. VB Form like an Input Box (Multiple Input box)
  131. Images to dataReport or Crystal Report
  132. Date problems
  133. InputBox
  134. StartUp
  135. Help! Weird scene..
  136. Handling Tab and space-delimited strings
  137. Help regarding reading numbers from text box into a variable!!!
  138. MSHFlexGrid
  139. could you help me with this question ??
  140. MSComm Receive Hex Data Error
  141. How to direct KeyAscii with using CommandButton Only.?
  142. Extract data from an Excel file and put into another
  143. Subscript Out Of Range
  144. get date
  145. Change Date format
  146. Search Using Combo Box Results From Access Database
  147. Random Number Generator
  148. Filling in
  149. data input on form1 and data output on form2?
  150. Anti-wpe !!!
  151. Calling Function in Back-end
  152. Naming a workbook in VB
  153. What is the KeyAscii of " "Tab" key" ?.
  154. Adding Field Selection From a Combo Box To Access Database
  155. VB6 ListView Control
  156. Office developer edition and Security issues
  157. Hide Process name
  158. problem in reading the pdf file in vb6.0
  159. Need Assisatnce PLease
  160. crystal report help
  161. Get Running Process
  162. How to Parse Non-Printable Characters
  163. Moving a sprite through a maze
  164. extend size of control array
  165. compress file
  166. How to Programatically make DSN to a Password protected Access DB
  167. Vb to program
  168. data type
  169. sql stmt - error in from clause
  170. get the whole week date
  171. Generate an XML file
  172. Print reports on webbrowser control or dhtmledit without header and footer
  173. Change in Datagrid
  174. How to increase and decrease the value of a Progress Bar
  175. Error: execution canceled in vb
  176. Random number generation in vb
  177. Capture ENTER key while working with textbox
  178. Vb 2005
  179. Hide/Unhide a form
  180. Any controls for Folder selection Not File. When I click "Browse"
  181. password protected folders
  182. killing or terminating the excel process
  183. How to print reprot in HTML format in VB 6.0 and in VB 2005
  184. Random Solution
  185. Can I get past a password -VBA 6.? running in Excel2003/office 11
  186. VB in Access Problem (I think)
  187. VB 2005 MS Access Time question
  188. Checkbox to Lock a Specific Record
  189. scrollbar pushing table
  190. Send text from one instance to another?
  191. vb databse record to excel cell
  192. Corrupted .vbproj file
  193. Need to get network printers serial number and model
  194. need help to simply my code (LOOPING STATEMENT)
  195. Largest Variables
  196. Sorting numbers..
  197. can anyone send me VB2.0 or 3.0?
  198. LOOP Testing (True of False)
  199. Function
  200. export data
  201. I need a code, to extract xml file, from Indesign using VB.
  202. Import many excel sheet into the active workbook
  203. Split a big folder
  204. Embedding excel objects in VB
  205. COM & DCOM
  206. Overflow Error
  207. Open a PDF file
  208. Crystal Reports what's an animal is it ?
  209. How to add a watch to VB expression
  210. TextBoxes on Multiple Forms
  211. Difference between method and function !!!
  212. How to access a webserver using VB
  213. Progress bar with webbrowser in vb
  214. vaSpread in vb6.0
  215. Help in Trackbar
  216. Import multiple .csv files to Excel with semi-colon delimiter
  217. Pausing WHILE loop until button clicked
  218. Last Accessed Date and Last Modified Date
  219. Image Storage in DAT files
  220. Transaction
  221. How can I save vb 2005 dataadapter data to Oracle database
  222. Opening a file in VB6
  223. copy table data in excel
  224. MS Graph Chart Control...
  225. code for changing the keyboard language with SystemParametersInfo
  226. Image Insert
  227. Inserting Hyperlink to Outlook Email through VB
  228. Save Data into Excel
  229. Listbox Query
  230. DateTimpicker Jumping position
  231. functions in data report
  232. weird datagrid..
  233. SQL Statement
  234. Open dat,mpeg file
  235. How to compare ......
  236. datagrid empty??
  237. VB 6 webbrowser problems
  238. .torrent API/Library
  239. ReaderVar.Peek <> -1
  240. How can I set the data source location through coding?
  241. Reading text without an Open File dialog - visual basic
  242. Displaying data in a textbox array
  243. How to tell if a datagrid is empty
  244. Database Comparison
  245. 2 excel tables in 1 MSHFlexGrid
  246. Add the values in datagrid
  247. Programmatically Right Click the mouse - how to do it?
  248. Help Me Code Connect 4 Please
  249. How To Convert A Program Into A Setup
  250. Using VB to merge Access data into a Word Document
  251. Using Microsoft Script Control
  252. Datagrid and recordset..
  253. Need program to calculate average of 5 values
  254. how to print data into word document using vb
  255. Mapi Mail service
  256. masked box
  257. Recordset. Help!!
  258. detect if Ctrl R has been pressed
  259. Random Numbers Generator
  260. How to replace an object name with a variable?
  261. How to create user difned controls? in v.b 6.0
  262. Play a wav file.
  263. Somebody guide?
  264. How to align decimal point numbers in Crystal Report
  265. substring
  266. Lan chatroom
  267. sendkeys issues
  268. loading a textbox with several strings of text (multi-lines of text)
  269. Inet control - multiple downloads with one command?
  270. Automatic Paper Eject
  271. Print to Printers on other computer
  272. Build an app from an app
  273. Data Report with Data Envoirnment
  274. run my prog on server
  275. Opening exe Files with Microsoft Visual basics
  276. How do i check if a key has been pressed
  277. MSSTDFMT.DLL - how to remove it from a VB6 project
  278. I need your help in tables..
  279. sum() function problem help plz...
  280. access2000 mde unlocked but modules is not open
  281. Instal a project
  282. padding a string
  283. Help Regarding Vba!!!
  284. Web Browser Doubt
  285. VB Password
  286. help with my code
  287. Connection from VB 2005 to Foxpro database
  288. Printing a box of astrisks with a blank diamond
  289. open a seleced folder and have its files put into a list box
  290. Drawing inside a picture box
  291. Combo box sort problems
  292. Autmating Word Insert Picture Functionality in VB
  293. Make vb application invisible in task manager?
  294. Need help in Sorting in VSFlexGrid
  295. Vb-how To Insert Header In Logfile
  296. How to connect Vb with Oracle
  297. VB 6.0 DatePicker format
  298. Create a search function on a web page
  299. text file argent pls
  300. Vb Ole Excel
  301. Preventing Duplication
  302. Random Number Help
  303. Browsing to web folder (MS-Sharepoint) in VB6
  304. when I press enter...
  305. Do Loop to find double majors question
  306. How to load text files into flex grid
  307. creating a multidimensional array help
  308. How to exit a While loop when key pressed
  309. Error-Object variable or with block variable not set!!
  310. Help me pls.. How can I create a flexible fillby/search in VB 2005 express?
  311. VB + SQL Server with Data Environment and Data Report
  312. Storing trailing zeros
  313. Rename Field
  314. How to do formatting on numbers in Crystal Report?
  315. Outlook contacts drag&drop and write to db
  316. How to read excel sheet through v.b 6.0
  317. Duplication Issue
  318. dynamic checkbox in vbscript
  319. How to make conversion?
  320. Save Game Info and Read Info Later
  321. VB6.0 : Limits of control
  322. Checkbox wit list of items
  323. Crystal Reports Duplicate Lines and Resourcea
  324. How to connect my progect with date?
  325. Reading from an Array
  326. Problem with string termination in VBA (Excel)
  327. Displaying labels and checkboxes at runtime, but getting errros
  328. Vb
  329. baud rate in VB
  330. Working with Inet Control in Vb
  331. Explain please...
  332. Loop Structure
  333. Comparing Records In A Table
  334. Question about rebuilding solution
  335. Wake up Thread from Sleep in BackgroundWorker
  336. Regex
  337. Searching a textbox
  338. ListView Auto Focus
  339. Issues with access database locking in VB windows app
  340. How to update access database rows from datatable memory
  341. How to update access database from datatable memory
  342. Disabling a text field
  343. Tabbing Through Controls
  344. Vb
  345. Parsing Based On Capital Words.
  346. Invalid use of property, returning recordset object from a function
  347. vb6 to html
  348. saving image stored in vfp table through vb code
  349. Macro wont play
  350. vb
  351. Print of Current Time continuously
  352. Runtime error TOO FEW PARAMETERS, EXPECTED 1
  353. Sql Problem ( Adding Records)
  354. WordPad window as a control?
  355. how to select treeview nodes using right click
  356. How to create a text file
  357. Form resizing
  358. how to make a xy graph?
  359. Adodb Saving Method Problem:
  360. Learning Curve
  361. help on progress bar on error: "overflow" is the message.,
  362. VB6.0 : How to make the form can be scroll by VScrollBar
  363. VB Report Generator
  364. Progress Bar linked to External App
  365. How to sum a 'column' in a listbox holding tab-delimited text
  366. How to create a .VBP file
  367. Crystal Reports using Visual Basic 6
  368. vbgrid
  369. excel vb macro - Row Count Filter
  370. open a excel window and display the values
  371. how to make an object point to a file
  372. Merge cells in Flexgrid
  373. Help Regarding Errors!!!!
  374. Error Message!!!!
  375. Logout session code
  376. Hi For Loop Problems:
  377. Compile Error: Expected Function or Variable
  378. Extract Data From Mssql To Mysql
  379. VB Configuration file encryption
  380. System tray icon in VB6
  381. Excel file open and read/write to it
  382. VB6 Form resize diable user from manually resizing it?
  383. Shell Command
  384. 'Not a Valid bookmark' error
  385. LAN connection in Visual Basic
  386. How we open PDF File
  387. Path/File Access Error
  388. VB .Net 2003 TabControl.DrawItem 3d line
  389. Invalid Procedure call or argument while using shell?
  390. Visual Basic procedure to find and replace text
  391. How To open another Form in Visual Basic 6
  392. Controlling MDI parent from child
  393. Open and Save as .txt code in VB6
  394. Assistance with Word VBA
  395. triangle in a PictureBox
  396. How t o retrive password from excel file
  397. Update Record Set - Error
  398. how can i create objects at runtime in a picturebox?
  399. DataEnvironment
  400. Problem with staying logged in on webbrowser.
  401. connect MS access2000
  402. Load up notepad
  403. ActiveX component can not create object
  404. i want to use vb as a slave device.
  405. Visual Basic Computation
  406. Ceystal Report Problem
  407. Geting only the file name
  408. stop a process
  409. How do I get the column names of a recordset?
  410. ASP.\/BScript
  411. password through a sheet
  412. Show and hide text boxes
  413. Open Multiple Excel Sheets - Automatic Save and Close - Data Updatation
  414. MSChart 3D graphs
  415. Open and operate an external application
  416. Invalid use of null reported when adding db field to listbox.
  417. Date Problem in Visual Basic 2005 and Sql Server 2005
  418. how to search for a file in the computer and execute
  419. alteration in msword2003 from vb6
  420. how to create table
  421. List GPOs linked to an OU
  422. Procedure too large error
  423. BeforeDelete
  424. Error opening text file 0x80070002 (Works on XP)
  425. How to create report using crystal report via VB
  426. send html mail
  427. Button help!!
  428. Physical Database Not Found
  429. Formating a column in access using visual basic
  430. Executing program with vba
  431. Make a new variable on click in my.setting
  432. Reading from a text box control?
  433. run-time error 5852 Word- Mail Merge Macro
  434. VS 2005 - Setting a Language Cookie
  435. How to use three axes in MSChart?
  436. adding checkbox to message
  437. Update Ms Access database using visual basic
  438. Code (Excel VBA) not working any more. Please help
  439. VB Excel Populate Cells from List
  440. Read a sequential file character by character in VB
  441. user defined types (vb6)
  442. [MSChart]How to edit RowLabel?
  443. How to write values in database using visual basic
  444. commondialogbox
  445. VB Program remote Access
  446. Inserting a Form..
  447. flexgrid colors
  448. Access file closes when program ends...why?
  449. VB6.0 : Set textbox to Numeric
  450. VBA Code to export Access table to MySQL
  451. Newton Raphson not working
  452. visual bsic text file openning and using as array and oscillator design for mexing
  453. can anyone help me with a question reagrding vb and cookies?
  454. How do i put a picture in a msgbox?
  455. Writing my PowerPoint add-in into registry
  456. how to transfer a table from Access to sybase
  457. Please Help .. thanks
  458. Merged Cells - Paste
  459. "Find"-dialogbox
  460. Accessing Individual Rows/columns From An Array In Vba
  461. how to draw pie chart?
  462. VB Stored proc cr9 help
  463. Retrive password from excell file
  464. Calling Web Service with authentication
  465. VB .Net
  466. Good Day! anybody can move mouse pointer using keyboard in vb5
  467. Remote SQL Server Database connection from Visual Basic
  468. NEED HELP! database to msflexgrid, C#
  469. Runtime Error: 3021
  470. vb error when i run it.
  471. database to msflexgrid
  472. Winsock Problem, hangs app
  473. VBA and MS Publisher
  474. Radio Button Choice Displaying in a MessageBox
  475. Getting source of page?
  476. Opening/Edited/Reading a text file in vb
  477. Q's about saving, modules, and multiple forms. (VB6)
  478. MSDN Collection Library for Visual Basic 6
  479. Update Existing Data
  480. Non linear equation solver - Newton-Raphson
  481. Replacing character in txtbox?
  482. Vb-how To Moniter Changes Made In Excel By Using Vb 6.0 Software
  483. Excel Ole Automation Problem
  484. array to mschart urgent help
  485. Displaying access records based on selection made in a combo box
  486. How can i invoke the delete event in outlook
  487. Unhandled TypeInitializerException..please help
  488. Using ActiveX Data Objects in Visual Basic 6
  489. i need to know the basic syntax and semantic of writing programs in vb
  490. Help ppt in VB
  491. Neeeeeed Help !!
  492. Combo Box >> Help required ASAP?
  493. How to generate a report with distinct values
  494. alternative to EOF?
  495. Help in displaying ppt presentation in vb6.0
  496. VB 6.0, Data Environment & Access 2000 Databases
  497. Need help with VB6 method of changing IE settings from VBdesktop app
  498. Listbox SelectedItem addition
  499. Drawing Simple Graph in VB
  500. Multiple Opening of an Application
  501. need help!
  502. How run a macro of word while it is closing
  503. Convert .Exe To DLL
  504. Help in VB 2005
  505. compare between two lines from two differnt text file
  506. Reverse Engineering
  507. need some physics here...
  508. VB6.0 : Collect Data from many Excel file
  509. Retrieve data from MSHFlexgrid
  510. Macro question
  511. Multilingual application in VB6
  512. VBA books
  513. VB6.0 : Setting textbox to Caps Lock
  514. Mail Merge from VB 2005
  515. Aligning text to columns in a listbox when you don't know how many columns are needed
  516. 2 VB6 Coding Questions
  517. msflexgrid to mschart-urgent
  518. Pythagorean triples
  519. Combining several forms
  520. Play sound on window status change
  521. My calendar control
  522. Transfer array to excel worksheet using vb in ms access
  523. Printing in VB
  524. Merging Two 1D Arrays into One
  525. Data Environment Help required
  526. Find method and paste value problem
  527. Console Application
  528. data not being retrieved from Access database
  529. file not find problem
  530. adding to the listview
  531. Serial communicaation
  532. VB: shockwave flash problem.
  533. help for using shockwave flash
  534. Selecting specific records from Stored Procedure
  535. Grid
  536. background image
  537. Access & Excel Interoperability woes
  538. Having 1,00,000 Lines and need to put in excel sheet...
  539. Dragging an image in Visual Basic
  540. ACCESS Code To Populate Future Date From Numerous Values
  541. how to connect excel to vb
  542. Invalid Use Of Property Problem
  543. ** Index of VB Articles **
  544. FOR to NEXT Problem
  545. How to open a Picture
  546. VB6 - Looping thru XML elements into rs using MSXML2.DOMDocument40
  547. mic control
  548. Syntax error FROM clause problem
  549. Save data to Excel from Visual Basic
  550. creating a matrix