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  1. ODBC connection failed error 3146 (used to work)
  2. VB - name inpput with format conditions
  3. String.CopyTo() method
  4. Send worksheet via email using command button
  5. Won't save as .EXE
  6. how can i know the keyAscii vlaue of "delete" key
  7. Combo Box
  8. KeyAscii code problem
  9. Error 424
  10. Excel Object conflict
  11. how can i get all system names in workgroup
  12. the attachement of coding and print screen
  13. Back up database using VB
  14. need help
  15. need help
  16. Connect both MS Access and MS SQL database in one visual basic form
  17. how to search for system-faculty budgeting system
  18. save the picture
  19. Images
  20. please help me with this problem
  21. Multiple option search engine
  22. Global variable
  23. Open command?
  24. can files and dropdownlistselectedvalue can be matched in vs 2005.??
  25. Using Windows Form to display Excel files
  26. Write data to serial port using Visual Basic
  27. Trigger a disabled button?
  28. List Box values disabling
  29. Partial matches in database search engine
  30. excel files
  31. SQL Server
  32. How to Add Wildcard Coding for Game
  33. Tick box conditions
  34. what is error with this code
  35. Exporting data to MS Word + Formatting??
  36. Get Running Applications Names in Task Manager in VB 6.0
  37. Serial Number in Data Reports
  38. Hold down certain keys = action?
  39. Performance of Mid$ and possible alternatives
  40. error when commiting the row to the original data store(urgent)
  41. Page save as .mht file
  42. single character check
  43. only Zeros in telephone number field check
  44. how can i create user controls so that it work at run time also
  45. crosstab query problem
  46. Excel Charts
  47. how to set the format of date?
  48. How to put a picture in a menu?
  49. text files
  50. ado vs adodb
  51. how to remain original value at parent page after updated at child page
  52. Problems Automating Excel from Vb
  53. Combine single .TIF to Multiple .TIF
  54. Excel VBA Userforms - enable/disable command button
  55. Visual Basic Forms with data base related
  56. How do I disable a button if First Row of DataGridView selected ?
  57. Opening a text file from the internet
  58. my application on taskbar
  59. Closing all regions
  60. How to Send and Receive Message between Two Computer Using ComPort
  61. VB - modify shortcut target property
  62. Array assignment
  63. Save a file with the common dialog control
  64. Tab control - Changing Page
  65. captures the text contents of any Windows
  66. How do I find next Tuesdays date?
  67. how to put time and date in status bar
  68. Colour functions - RGB -> Greyscale (sloooww~...)
  69. Shared MS Access Database
  70. Word Macro to find LeftIndent
  71. multithreading in VB6
  72. how to restore an application from the sys tray by hwnd
  73. how to get a mouse click on a color
  74. Missing 'Data Environment'
  75. VB6 kill a process?
  76. How can I deal with consecutive delimiters during the transfertext cmd
  77. VB 2005 Xpress Install
  78. Combobox reset
  79. After Idle for so long... I need the WebBrowser Control to Refresh
  80. Incrementing a variable name
  81. Problems with VB4 and Access 2002 (compatibility)
  82. Looping through XML with VB6
  83. Adding records automatically
  84. Invalid ranges bug
  85. saving form contents to file (and emailing?) ideas?
  86. Send an e-mail with the click of a button in vb6.0... Thanks!!
  87. irshad
  88. irshad
  89. Difference between VB6 and VB.NET
  90. adding .gif pictures
  91. adding audio or video files to a form
  92. Passing an adress to a dll
  93. Create a .exe file from scratch
  94. Scanning in VB
  95. Help in HTML using VB
  96. use the protected access database in vb data environment
  97. Queries in Vb Script
  98. Retrieving data from Microsoft Access
  99. Network
  100. Automatic update
  101. Click Event
  102. Please Help me Writing this SQL
  103. Missing Data Environment
  104. because they do not have the same signature?
  105. How to DataBind Custom Properties (ones you have made yourself?)
  106. connection string
  107. Printing on Dot-Matrix Printer, Stop and Restart
  108. Printing in VB6
  109. Enable/Disable button
  110. Vb Code Problem
  111. Distribute my system
  112. how to unpivot an excel file using vbscript
  113. DDE MenuitemExecute
  114. vb access and execl
  115. VB with Access
  116. Linking/Embedding Images
  117. odbc
  118. open website source into richtextbox
  119. Code for passing from form to form
  120. invalid page fault in msvcrt.dll
  121. how can i load a picture in a picture box to a image's picture
  122. Active Directory LDAP Phone List
  123. VB and Ms Access
  124. Beat detection?
  125. MS chart
  126. Cannot use any reference on *some* computers
  127. Multiselect in a listview (VB6)
  128. Help!! Infrared transceiver using rs 232 connect between two computer
  129. Last Row in Datagrid
  130. vb 6 sytem in a network
  131. VB6 with Access 2000
  132. Change button caption in msgbox
  133. Need a replacement for sub underneath sub
  134. How to increament variable by 2 using For loop.
  135. Adding Date to File name
  136. how to retrive saved files using while...wend
  137. reading different sections of a text file at a time
  138. "*" pattern in nested loop
  139. imageadmin.ocx,ImgScan.ocx
  140. how a picture can be saved as .bmp in v.b afrter some modifications
  141. trap the number of days in a month and year
  142. Problem with codes
  143. How can i increase size of commonDialog Box in selecting file?
  144. Regarding Flexgrid
  145. Excel Automation
  146. NNTP - Is there an "or" condition in wildmat
  147. How to link a Microsoft Access database to a combobox?
  148. Excel Automation-With Visual Basic 6
  149. Richtext box changing colours
  150. Export Web Page
  151. How do you take the value of a dropdown list and put in into a query?
  152. Exporting Access to Excel or PDF
  153. Parse a text file with two carriage returns at the end of each line
  154. 3 tier security problems app run from server
  155. Merging two excel files, joined by ID
  156. Copy lines from text file to textbox
  157. How can I scroll text in a textfield using the wheel of the mouse
  158. hai daa
  159. Prevent printer ejecting page
  160. Using a list box
  161. How to install MSHFLXGD.OCX
  162. Code To Transfer VBA Modules
  163. How to use MSChart control?
  164. how to use msflexgrid control in vb
  165. help how to resolve this problem with msvcrt.dll
  166. help on web browser....
  167. Don't we have a separate group for discussing on VB Scripting?
  168. error: Row cannot be located for updating. Some value may have been changes since...
  169. Problem with Insert into Query
  170. SQL Query in Visual Basic Problem!
  171. how to make a image as a start up image to v.b application
  172. reposition Datagrid
  173. how to fill the image with a particular color(pls don't say replace one img by anothr
  174. Combolists
  175. calculating and adding time
  176. how to delete the lines from txt files in vb
  177. Exporting to excel
  178. msdn
  179. VBScript - regular expression for date in DD MONTH CCYY format?
  180. Timer run from DataBase
  181. how to call out the "whole number" from "double"
  182. Change in Variable value as an Event in VB2005
  183. vb code for IR receiver
  184. mdb file
  185. How To Make My Vb6 Project Online
  186. Drop-down menu-button?
  187. Getting the display bitcount (i.e. 'colour depth')
  188. Reading in Login info from outside
  189. installing MSDN library
  190. Display of current time in status bar
  191. what is easiest reporting software for use with Visual Basic 6?
  192. Script my data set and need save it to text file
  193. New ADODB.Recordset
  194. MSDN Help
  195. Keeping data in VB
  196. Problem in Import text file to VB
  197. random picture but not repeating
  198. VBA- Order of Precedence for Events
  199. Negative Value in Excel Cell
  200. Key function changing?
  201. VBA code for access -- Moving record to another table
  202. where to start?
  203. Deleting data in binary files
  204. Public statement in VB6
  205. *.mdb files with same structures, Need combining program in VB or MS Access
  206. Html Editor
  207. Basic Question and Help
  208. Vb to
  209. Help with check boxes!
  210. Extract JPEG metadata newbie VB express 2005
  211. images
  212. How to Hide Word 2007 Title bar / Ribbon
  213. Timestamp current date and time
  214. manipulating the backcolor of a cell in excel from vb6.0
  215. Carriage Returns stored in SQL as Text
  216. Generating crystal report using VB6 code
  217. how to use microsoft access with VB
  218. Tables in VB
  219. passing Values
  220. VB6 Project Help
  221. Copying and pasting similar controls from one tab to another...
  222. Can vb 6 connect to .db file?
  223. Multiple forms
  224. update problem
  225. How to trap the ESC key programmatically
  226. How to insert data into VB6 DATAGRID without connect to Database?
  227. How to save datagrid back to dataset
  228. Print datagrid
  229. Sorting Access Tables in VB
  230. delete error
  231. Selecting a Control
  232. VB6: Load Website / Retrieve data
  233. What is the best way to format an Excel sheet?
  234. How to get list of LDAP groups for user in VB 6.0?
  235. progress bar
  236. Runtime Error 13 type mismatch Please I need some help
  237. VB 2005 textbox border style 3d error?
  238. How i Can Make the Setup File ??
  239. Accessing array of controls in EXCEL2003 using VBA
  240. Programmatically navigate PDF file
  241. XP MAPI "Automation error The object invoked has disconnected from its clients"
  242. Validate times used in Easyflex
  243. Send password to another applications login window
  244. Populating a listbox with records from access
  245. ActiveX Permission
  246. Opening Outlook Express with attachment through VB6
  247. Sending commands on comman prompt
  248. Increase the amount Len can handle
  249. Saving Forms at runtime
  250. How to disable minimize button of mdi form
  251. How to display Unicode in Treeview
  252. KeyPress and KeyCode
  253. Embedding Excel sheet for printing
  254. Vb 2005
  255. Excel VBA does not display form locks excel
  256. help
  257. convert rows into columns
  258. Invaid directory while exporting crystal report
  259. treeview children count
  260. DataGrid Editing Problem
  261. Embeding Video into Word using VB
  262. How do i Set an autosize(or auto fit)an image into the picturebox
  263. Browsing the files!!!
  264. Time
  265. Adress book help
  266. how to call out the data from database access?
  267. I want use send to like window explorer
  268. Minimize to Syste Tray
  269. How to get a form on top of all other windows
  270. 1.detect word clicked 2. highlite words with events
  271. Storing Images
  272. Disabling Maximize Button
  273. Deleting the Record(FROM THE FORM)
  274. Image Controls
  275. Reference of VBA
  276. how convert wav file to txt or binary file with VB
  277. mshflexgrid
  278. Add product to SQL via VB
  279. VBA, interesting question
  280. Undesired text wrapping when sending email from VB
  281. Class does not support Automation or does not support expected interface
  282. Storing Images
  283. ole automation component
  284. help req
  285. Dialog Box
  286. open a file using vb6
  287. i need help, error: "user defined type not defined"
  288. Changing the length of a string at runtime
  289. Word Document Properties in VB.NET
  290. How to run the Excel Macros in parallel
  291. Display text on front of each active window
  292. Consistency
  293. how to use "weekday"
  294. Mathematics Operation on Flexgrid
  295. causesvalidation property
  296. get from notepad
  297. Simple GUI with VB .NET - Help, this is an easy one...
  298. Dir function except file type
  299. A VB program for LPT1 pin interface to Robot VB program
  300. New to Visual Basic
  301. Macro in Excel: Sort and Delete Columns Based on Column Names
  302. Uploading File to HTTP web server
  303. List Box thru the sheet
  304. Input statement
  305. Retrieving data from a share drive
  306. Need help with dbcommand text in Web Developer
  307. userform textbox to a cell on a worksheet
  308. Space(),format() function not defined in library.
  309. Excel 'freeze panes' from Access VBA code
  310. vb + mysql
  311. enable and diable of the usb port
  312. How to run the Excel Macro in parallel
  313. how to open binary file in visual basic and do comparision
  314. how to connect database for visualbasic
  315. Related Shell
  316. create user form in vb6??
  317. Attachement as a column in datagridview-VB.Net
  318. how to find the length of an array
  319. Select data from different worksheet
  320. Where is VALUE property on Microsoft Forms Toggle Button on VB2005 Form
  321. Word Macros- adding a pause while auto typing.
  322. Zooming problem
  323. Why Control_Change() event is fired before Form_Load()?
  324. How to round off to only two decimal places?
  325. How to Store Outlook Mails as such in sql server 2000
  326. how to initialize the two dimensional array in v.b 6.0
  327. If any errors execute this line!
  328. Process text file, line by line
  329. Saving Checkboxes (that are an array) into a text file
  330. Creating a Q&A cue card like program
  331. School Time Table with VB 6.0 Using Msflexgrid (Is Chalenging)
  332. how to connect visual basic to the access
  333. Format a phone number
  334. Regarding Session Expire
  335. Table Corrupted due to NEW ADODB.RECORDSET
  336. Automatically set column width in flexgrid
  337. VBScript Variable Scope error
  338. problem of datagrid control
  339. How to use VBA check to see the Macro security setting?
  340. Time Format
  341. Detect Key Entered in Word Form Textbox
  342. i want msdn library
  343. How to connect to a LINUX machine using VB6
  344. Need Help Making My Program Stay Under All Other Programs.
  345. connecting vb 6.0 to mysql
  346. size of the screen of a program installed in another computer
  347. NEVERMIND THANKS THOUGH! how would you packaged a program after is all done?
  348. if statement date comparison in vb6
  349. How to select a combo box item programatically.
  350. Time spreading for tasks using macros
  351. running vb from a cd
  352. how do u capture an image from picturebox?
  353. Finding IP Address through Visual Basic
  354. Fill datagridview with array or structure data?
  355. Visual Basic and ADSP
  356. VBA Help screen is blank
  357. Eerie problem with compiler... need help
  358. reading from a directory into a variable
  359. Changing axis font with excel object embedded in VB6
  360. VB sqlUpdate Problem
  361. How To Make The Msflexgrid Cels To Be Word Wrap
  362. trying to connect to SQL DB
  363. Saving url in text file?
  364. How to convert an XML Document to a HashTable entry??????
  365. VB and Flash Problem
  366. How to know records in a DAO recordset
  367. vb forms
  368. create folder
  369. Image Processing
  370. msdn help file :visual basic 6
  371. Filtering Data from Excel Table and Show It in VB
  372. Using VBA to Conditionally Select Rows in Excel
  373. How To Copy And Paste An Access Table Under A New Name
  374. auto save report printed to PDF from code in VB?
  375. Password to Open disables VB in Excel 2007??
  376. opening another excel workbook through a button
  377. Outlook HTML in vb6
  378. How to make TableLayoutPanel panels resizable at runtime
  379. How to use VBA to check does a reference library exist?
  380. closing excel without saving and making macros work again
  381. making the file uneditably and editble
  382. Runtime error 3011
  383. How to insert data to a SQL database Using VB
  384. EXCEL VBA compile error help!
  385. Listview Vb
  386. Working QTP by coding in Visual Basic
  387. error in bv installation package
  388. Create GUI/Front-End for external application
  389. Setting Values of Cards
  390. vbscript memvar manipulation.
  391. Conversion from string "x" to type 'Single' is not valid.
  392. Adding Button in a cell of an excel
  393. Running a VB6 program on a different computer
  394. Sql Variable In Vb6
  395. Wia 2.0 not initiating dialog to get the camera ID
  396. Multiple-step generated error.
  397. about password
  398. Trouble with Loop Plz HELP
  399. Build Apps Monitoring Web Report in HTML by using WMI ( VB )
  400. Save data in word from VB
  401. convert string to integer value
  402. Method / Data not found, IBM Mainframe GUI/macro
  403. MAPI Automation Error
  404. VB6 and My SQL
  405. Retrieving information about a folder from a remote Network Drive
  406. sql syntax comparing fields
  407. Error 13 Type Mismatch
  408. msdn liabrary
  409. Blackjack randomizing an array help
  410. Excel Vba
  411. Use common dialog control to open a file
  412. checking file existance
  413. Visual Basic and J-DAM
  414. Printing in Visual basic 6.0
  415. Please Any One Give Me Open Code
  416. Question from a Newbie
  417. Import data to Access using Vb2005
  418. excel automation not refer to an ms application
  419. Run-time error '3075': Extra ) in query expression...
  420. VB-Access
  421. Axis2
  422. URL Redirection Issue
  423. Form repaint
  424. sql problem
  425. API to Control Maya 'menu'
  426. New Line in TextBox
  427. Developing PA System using Bosch Praesideo
  428. The best VB6 solution for ZIP / UNZIP
  429. How check the System.DbNull values from database
  430. How check the System.DbNull values from database when we retrive the data from databa
  431. how to plot graph
  432. vb ms access database connectivity
  433. How to validate an IP address
  434. FileSystemObject
  435. Copy text from a control to a file
  436. crystal report help
  437. Runtime error 424, no idea what is wrong with this.
  438. invoke url through vb
  439. multilingual file saving and skins
  440. Text/Form help
  441. Close all connections to database
  442. error to converting datetime format into character string
  443. Missing links in HTML Help for VB 6
  444. Where expression not reading Inputbox?
  445. Help me! Open a PP file
  446. data grid in visual basic
  447. to get out put in a file
  448. How to change the color of a PDF file through VB code
  449. converting a program from .exe to a macintosh type of format.
  450. changing the width of cells of excel from vb6.0
  451. Using VB, ASP, and SQL to retrieve data from Network Drive
  452. Image Processing
  453. sorting in access
  454. How to open save text data in C: in to text box
  455. How to open 2 files at the same and compare the contents in ascii format?
  456. Need help to split string
  457. Importing Animated Files
  458. dim null multiple fields...
  459. Open powerpoint file in Visual Basic
  460. Help with On Error GoTo
  461. Need Vba Help
  462. Just a quick question?
  463. userform to cell on differnt sheet
  464. Hi
  465. Sending information to Word or Excel from VB6.0
  466. Disable Word Close Button
  467. Datagrid in Visual Studio 6
  468. placing an x from a button into a cell
  469. Database problem
  470. vb6 and crystal report
  471. Second Mail-Merge document doesnt get created
  472. Form access another form help
  473. Data Report problem in vb6
  474. Change Maya Menue and Tool Bars
  475. how to connect and access data to MS Access or MS SQL database from a visual basic fo
  476. Open USB printer adapter
  477. Crystl Report Designing and Coding
  478. open the Graph Properties window throgh running code
  479. how to remove new line character
  480. Aritficial Neural Network using visual basic
  481. Reservation System Using Microsoft Access
  482. Disable/Enable
  483. Simple Line Input question
  484. visual basic data report problem
  485. Loading Access query table into MSFlexgrid
  486. Open A Txt File With Vb Macro In Excel.
  487. Printing a pdf file from Visual Basic
  488. How to use the Current Data in Data Report (VB 6)
  489. need to move pictures like items in diablo 2
  490. Data Access Error
  491. How to open TrueType Font File using VB 6.0?
  492. Gif
  493. Selecting data from a DataGrid
  494. Form Validation in VBscript
  495. Crystl Report
  496. How to insert record using datagridview in vb2005
  497. Saving and Reading formatted Text (RTF File) in MS Access using ole Objects With VB 6
  498. how to create 400 fields in VB 6.0 and stodre data in SQL server 2000
  499. Data Entry
  500. Need help populating an array from a MS Sql database
  501. video in VB6
  502. VBA - Excel FindNext Input box
  503. Subliminal Recording Systems Skyview Internet
  504. Auto fill Variable Cell in Excell
  505. Passing stucts between C++ and VB
  506. How can I pull up data from the Command Prompt using VB/VBA
  507. How to use VB to pull files.
  508. Can I create a remote access program in VB6?
  509. Follow link from VBScript in specific frame
  510. MSFlexGrid text subscripts
  511. Code only executes when in break mode - VBA bug?
  512. VB6 Reading MP3 Tags
  513. vb6 packging
  514. bingo codes needed
  515. Crystal Reports - show subreport once only at end of report
  516. timeout expired
  517. how can i move on the first picture from the last picture by pressing the right arrow
  518. How to set alignment property of Listbox
  519. Compare words between textbox and richtextbox
  520. Vb5 App Got Errors When Run In Win Xp
  521. HID numpad using VB
  522. Using EXCEL in VB
  523. unable to bind to field datamember
  524. convert excel into xml using filesystem object
  525. group header above page header
  526. VB 6/Excel Sending Data To Cells
  527. show report sort by period of time
  528. Excel Macro using VB
  529. POST/GET to an HTML form
  530. List box help for a beginner
  531. UNIX style date
  532. VBPrnDlg.dll - "ImageList must be initialized before it can be used"
  533. txt file in sql server2000
  534. save code
  535. How to set alignment property of Listbox
  536. Data source name not found or Default driver is not specified
  537. Filter
  538. Syntax Highlighting RichTextBox...
  539. Reading Access Database Values with VB 6.0
  540. loading a notepad file (.txt) to a listbox
  541. Problem with numbers from -1 to 1 in VBA-datapull from SQL
  542. Save data from grid in a database table
  543. Program that runs another program
  544. Adding a password
  545. randomizing names
  546. how to create a search function in vb6
  547. How to draw a line graph?
  548. How could I control the volume of recording?
  549. Adapter.Update not working
  550. Regarding 10x6 page setting printer command in vb code