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  1. How do I reference a spreadsheet I inserted in a user form?
  2. Rss
  3. Books for VB6
  4. Reading data from card
  5. Video in VB 6
  6. dvd player
  7. Split!!!
  8. doubt in find and replace option in MS WORD
  9. ledmeter how can you get to work
  10. Using Dcount in vb code
  11. replacment of characters
  12. Visual Basic Topics?
  13. Access 2000 Forms
  14. Opening a HLP file
  15. Refresh contents of my textfile
  16. SerialNET.Port
  17. Parameter Query of Access is not Available in VB DataReport
  18. Generate Auto Number
  19. how to print from usb port in visual basic
  20. About Image...
  21. Extracting a Picture from a Exel Spreadsheet to VB6 Picture Object
  22. Convert date format
  23. Convert date format
  24. Help Me With Load
  25. Listbox to excel sheet
  26. programming port parallel
  27. Arguments for the Main function and run from the command ligne
  28. Help Needed in referencing dll
  29. vb installation problem
  30. Whats the difference between this two line of codes ?
  31. I need help uploading files in vb 2005!
  32. Class modules with OLEObject kill own instances
  33. Updating a textbox
  34. Text Stuff
  35. saveing a txt file with a unique name?
  36. Convert the Access query to equilent SQL query with VB as front end
  37. problems with changing the defaults
  38. Insert data based on a range
  39. I need a 64-bit representation of a double in VB
  40. Transfer RFID tag data to Access DB
  41. how to create new workgroup information file (.mdw) through vbcode
  42. - Treeview
  43. Visual Basic help!
  44. Kill a Workbook
  45. how to export a Tool bar (created by using macro) in ms word 2003
  46. Image resizing
  47. Can Any one help me Problems in Inet control
  48. Run Time Error In VBA Code
  49. Hiding command buttons
  50. How to change the properties like border,etc of a table in open office through VB6
  51. My First Project in vb6
  52. How to import access forms in Vb6
  53. How to join two tables of different db(MSAccess) in Vb6
  54. How to make one form as a container for other form (not mdi)
  55. can anyone translate this into Latest VB Code
  56. VB6 Playing Video with MCI
  57. Restore an Active Directory deleted user
  58. getting text from 1 form to a label on another form
  59. VB Help for recognitions
  60. Run-time error '-2147217900 (80040e14)'
  61. Retrive Xpath for given value from XML file.
  62. Can u say how to enable a click event of the picture.
  63. Need Help
  64. Importing an Excel Worksheet Column into Access Table
  65. how changing the color of caption of command button
  66. Run-time error "7": Error executing statement! Error:[Microsoft][ODBC dBase Driver]
  67. Help with validation problem
  68. Problem with Excel file
  69. VB array? multiple textbox output?
  70. Count occurences of a value in a column
  71. Error when logging into exchange account only in vb6 program, but not in outlook 2003
  72. Access Dynamic Report
  73. I can't connect Access database into more form please help me
  74. Run an Excel Macro from VB
  75. Write to excel file using VB
  76. resizing and zorder(vb6)
  78. caption-like...
  79. How to Make 30 cmdButtons Run Same Code Without Adding Code to Each One
  80. Modify macro to loop through Word table???
  81. Just a heads-up...
  82. Adding form to a form
  83. Running a VB project using java?
  84. Using Dataset to get rows from MS SQL Temp Table
  85. Object variable or With block variable not set error II
  86. Conditional Formatting
  87. Visual basic :How to do the code for Search button
  88. C++ library files
  89. How connect and operate with FTP server?
  90. how to use datagrids
  91. Get System Date From Ibm Server Db2
  92. Add elements to array from text
  93. Web application - Treeview control
  94. how to make exe file to dll file
  95. What is a windows startup registry?
  96. Have to activate a VB 6.0 application on receiving an e-file??
  97. How do I manipulate characters within a cell?
  98. how to add/delete registry keys from VB 6.0
  99. ToolBar ButtonMenu click problem
  100. Code For Loading a pic into a picture box
  101. dynamically filling pdf
  102. please help with script for clearing IE cookies, etc.
  103. Display a web page in a VB program
  104. How do you save ListBox Text to FIle
  105. regarding VBA
  106. how to display image using Adsp imageviewer
  107. is there a way to know to which drive ms office is installed in the computer
  108. remove minimize, maximize buttons...
  109. Delete value in between array of bytes
  110. Escaping punctuations and quotes
  111. How to transfer database from VB(MSaccess) to tally?
  112. Insert value in array of bytes
  113. Placing controls in toolbox
  114. Listbox Help on VB6.
  115. Change labels on a chart in VB
  116. Control format of input
  117. Splitting an input to a text box
  118. Connect Access table to VB6 application
  119. Select all text in a text box
  120. Does anyone know of a alternative to mswinsock
  121. Responding to text in a game (VB2005)
  122. run-time automation error library not registred
  123. capturing login popup window
  124. Selectively refresh pivot table
  125. Vb:i Need Help To Add A New Element
  126. If Then statement in Excel
  127. serial communication in vb script without MSComm
  128. using call function and exit sub together
  129. insert date time
  130. how to use crystalreports in visual basic
  131. how to use validation in visual basic
  132. Adding controls to a collection
  133. Active x development
  134. read from Text file using VB and Insert into SQL table until eof text file reach
  135. Creating DataGrid at Run-Time in VB6
  136. Problem with Msflexgrid VB
  137. Microsoft Date and Time Picker 6.0
  138. checking(ticking) the reference check boxes using code in vb6
  139. Set background picture for form
  140. Contains IF function
  141. Sum above in Excel 2000
  142. runtime error 424 object required-help
  143. How to Make Only one column Editable in vsfflexgrid
  144. create folder using Visualbasic program
  145. Save image in database
  146. how to stop the search in the middle
  147. Maximize/Minimize Button
  148. how to change the color of the text in VB
  149. "Object Does Not Support This Property or Method..." error
  150. how do i refresh datagrid control
  151. Find button coding
  152. MSFlexGrid Controlling
  153. Remove text in richtextbox between specified words/tags
  154. insert data to the database problem
  155. How to declare
  156. MS-Flex Grid Control
  157. Run?
  158. exam processing system
  159. Hiding a program from the 'Task' Part of Windows Task Manager
  160. How to create a reference to a spreadsheet in a user form?
  161. What is hDC when Displaying DIBs in an Access form
  162. Need to return multiple values via same function using VB6
  163. Visual Basic Com+ error
  164. canu give me complete guide line to connect vb form to access database
  165. How to retrieve all the data?
  166. LookUp Function in Multi-deminsion Array
  167. ComboBox losing first item after selection
  168. Where did you get the best buy on a book and the CD together?
  169. Adding Pictures
  170. DataGrid Column Not Auto-Incrementing
  171. Help With Rounded Exe File?
  172. Linking on button
  173. vb ide gets shut down
  174. if then errors in vba. please help
  175. Fading Style
  176. Convert PDF to Word using VB
  177. how to retrieve data from access using ado
  178. I need to unlock a word document which is password protected
  179. Get rid of html tags and everything inbetween them
  180. hello again to ALL the master of vb6.0 teach me please.
  181. Hello 2 all the master of vb6.0 can you help me how to use the winsock to send a data
  182. Print lines on an invoice
  183. simple database addnew record
  184. VB6 Repeat Detection?
  185. Reading CSV file
  186. My applications can't find the files on the path written by me!
  187. How to Pass Variable Values Between Forms?
  188. VB 6.3/Word 2003 Problem updating specific variables
  189. How to create a reference to a spreadsheet in a user form?
  190. VBScript - Open 2 Explorer windows and resize
  191. Displaying of number field in datagrid from VB
  192. MSH Flex Grid
  193. Unreconized data format
  194. Help please.....How to select a row from datagrid?
  195. VB6 - Email
  196. Getting data from a restricted adodc
  197. data set
  198. Starting Button With a BMP File?
  199. A newbie needs help here!! Login Form!!
  200. Visual Basic run time connectivity with crystal report
  201. Insert Date into datagrid
  202. Multiple tables in one form
  203. Vb6 project does not "unload" in processes when close
  204. Recall defined lists in combobox
  205. how to block a set of instructions
  206. Noob in need of help.
  207. Access VB Bounded Textbox value
  208. capture live video running in processor and display the image through network
  209. Opening a .val format file
  210. vb or
  211. appilcation using com components in visual basic
  212. Writing Data to Xml file using Vb 6.0
  213. excel in read only mode
  214. Creating print preview in vb6 where form is from access ?
  215. Dotted Lines
  216. HELP: Sending keys to minimized application
  217. Picture controls, Access Image controls, DIBS and BLOBs
  218. callback function in vb
  219. Using XML in .Net
  220. VBSCRIPT with .xls exception fields???
  221. Palindrome code for Visual Basic 5.0
  222. links in richtextbox vb4
  223. Combobox list from another Sheet
  224. Helper Function - TextBox MaxLength to DataColum MaxLength
  225. VB 2005 question regarding reading text files
  226. folderbrowseDialog Question
  227. VB prog with parameters running from another pc
  228. VB Decompiler Pro Version
  229. To remove items from a Combo Box list permanently in VB6.0
  230. Powerpoint vb help
  231. Adding items to combo box during run time
  232. vb6 parse textbox data (XML)
  233. Lifetime Counter that Doesn't Reset
  234. Polymorphism in VB
  235. Using If statement between 2 text boxes in VB6
  236. VB with Text File
  237. Can not pass variable value to insert into statement
  238. Input text from an INI file
  239. Excel Chart
  240. Select distinct fields in an array
  241. Newbie with Process.Start problem
  242. Reference a control through a string?
  243. Show date and time on form
  244. Option strict on disallow late binding
  245. Go To Record
  246. Stop VB Code from running during "Save As" function
  247. Substitute word for number in textbox
  248. Dialog Box
  249. Using API to set focus to application
  250. visual basic for excel
  251. Having my VB Program open with Excel
  252. How to export to excel the data of a VB Report
  253. Run time error 3251
  254. Excel - Obtain the sum of all numbers in the row containing the selected cell
  255. Application Control Issues
  256. Printing other fonts in DOS node from Visual Basic
  257. Form as control
  258. Object types
  259. arrange the excel format
  260. List View Error
  261. Connecting Crsytal report 9 to Visual Basic 6.0
  262. Blocking User input until password is entered
  263. Make a x-y coodination
  264. how to search word with regex
  265. Connecting to Access database
  266. Need Help With Visual Basic 2005 Login Form!! Please:)
  267. Keydown event in excel worksheet
  268. Pls HELP!!
  269. Can I grab the SFN(8.3) filename from an existing file.
  270. drag and drop
  271. Excel VBA Question - Locating a Cell using listboxes
  272. fetching messages in messenger
  273. Excel VB question
  274. code for previous comand button
  275. how to convert ascii text to utf8 text
  276. Application-defined or object-defined error
  277. Multiple Linklables in single Datagridview column in Winform
  278. date picker problem
  279. Sorting producing wrong result
  280. Sum in Excel 2000 VBA
  281. Calculating text boxes in VB6
  282. retrieving data in a text box
  283. getting a total?
  284. VB6 problem in Japanese Microsoft OS
  285. Compiled VB program fails trying to use Excel when run on another PC
  286. importing background music
  287. Import data from .CSV file into a 2-d array
  288. Help with zeller's congruence
  289. db connection
  290. VBscript select case syntax
  291. Progress bar
  292. Listbox not taking next items.(VB2005)
  293. Database connectivity
  294. menu hilight color in vb6
  295. How to add Lvbutton.ocx component to project?
  296. common dialog box trap error
  297. login profile for rdp user
  298. now i think its correct
  299. Why don't u answer my question if u know how to connect to M.S word with V.b 6.0
  300. need help to get Printers object in vb
  301. VB 6.0 connecting to Crystal Report 8.5
  302. Plotting Graph
  303. telephone dialer
  304. control (i) in data reports in vb6
  305. Opening the files
  306. importing sound(.wav or .mp3)
  307. Can I combine a Type with a variable?
  308. Is it correct ?
  309. inputbox using vbscript for password
  310. How To Rewrite The Corrected Value
  311. How To Print Form
  312. Datagrids and SQL
  313. input boxes
  314. Prevent right-click in textbox
  315. connect VB with SQL Server !!
  316. Counting clicks in a listbox....
  317. **Newbie - LOAD FROM A *.*MDB file to Datagrids....
  318. Retrieve data from MSAccessDatabase in vb6.0
  319. an excell sheet in vb program
  320. Help me in Using Activex Data Objects (ADO)..
  321. remove special characters from a cell in VB6
  322. Sign in , Sign out Application
  323. VB help with SQL variables and textbox
  324. VB to connect in unix (sh/ksh/csh) scripts?
  325. vb script for remote desktop users
  326. how to insert data into a table from a text box its urgent!!!
  327. Prevent paste of quote character
  328. crystal report
  329. infinite loop
  330. Display color text in richtextbox.
  331. Function to validate time
  332. Linking or inserting a record in SQL to a text field in VB
  333. Vb
  334. VB 6.0: Most of the OCX controls are not installed.
  335. VB6 problem in Japanese Microsoft OS
  336. Run-time error91 VBA
  337. Socket taking too long to close...
  338. VB 6 and trying to "call" an Access Form
  339. appending text at any point in a file
  340. Retrieving data from Sharedrive and listing it in ASP.Net page
  341. high school problem with LIFO
  342. Inserting pictutrbox from VB application at runtime
  343. Like the Date Between Function how to find whether time enters is between two ranges
  344. Send a mail from vb
  345. Print PDF
  346. Newbie Help
  347. Display color text in richtextbox.
  348. Vb and Excel
  349. FTP issue
  350. fetch the data from MDB file
  351. IDE Programming
  352. Mouse Move
  353. Selecting columns in flexgrid
  354. import .dat file to .xls(excel)
  355. import .dat to access
  356. How can I run an MS Access Query from within MS Excel?
  357. How to insert image to AS/400 BLOB field via MS Access?
  358. Change RecordsetType at running time
  359. code for VBA in EXcelsheet to extract relevant data based on textentries in vb form..
  360. Showing current processes
  361. NEED help on a VB script
  362. Error with Select Statement using the SQLDataAdapter Wizard
  363. Format issues with Firefox 2 when using VB .NET 2003
  364. Removing Custom Toolbars in Access
  365. Can you tell when a Batch File is Finished Running
  366. Vb With Msaccess
  367. Regrding Stored Procedure WITH VB6 Coding
  368. Application Error: The memory could not be "read".
  369. Help with VB and EXCEL
  370. DAO Recordset Error 3251
  371. HRESULT=0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect. Consuming a web service
  372. How to move file pointer to the start point?
  373. 4btye floating point number
  374. PI in DOM
  375. vb
  376. Can i connect a Access database without using DataControl or ADODC..?
  377. Getting a CAB location using Activex control
  378. Deleting Records and Password Requirements
  379. Communication Word Excel - default path
  380. how can i open a notepad in vb6
  381. vbscripts on password masking
  382. creating a file of particular extension
  383. Reports And Graph
  384. Not able to add new record and insert record to MS access database using ADO Control
  385. selected date from the month calendar in the textbox
  386. ms access in vb6
  387. stop scanning and display msg box after scanning reach EOF
  388. I seriously cannot find visual studio 6.0
  389. How to make a button redirect web browser?
  390. Programatically add field to database
  391. VB - loading from a dataset into an object?
  392. vbscripting to copy image file names
  393. Need help with Select Case
  394. Copy Chart From Database Form
  395. Hide a table through Code
  396. zips and unzips the files
  397. VB Question
  398. VB Open and Display a Power Point File
  399. Add (rather than concatenate) numbers from two text boxes
  400. VB Scripts not working in Win2003 IIS 6.0 environment
  401. Show Remote Comuter Ip Address
  402. how to create login page simply in vb dot
  403. Shell Command did work fine but doesn't now.
  404. why bad file error occur
  405. Dictation Reference
  406. The .exe icon.....
  407. How to Packaging VB 6
  408. help
  409. Storing pictures in database
  410. how to use this function
  411. Visual Basic Script input Password
  412. Possibilizing.
  413. Remote control of PowerPoint SlideShow using RS232
  414. Editing Textbox while macro is running
  415. Problem with ADO data control Update query
  416. OLE excel automation problem
  417. Add scrollbar to OLE excel sheet?
  418. converting numbers to currency?
  419. Read and Write from a listbox (VB6)
  420. How to get all properties of a control in vb
  421. run exe file in all user logins without using admin settings
  422. date entry msgbox: validation
  423. Help with VB Editor
  424. Find Date Match in a Date Range
  425. Automating the Email through the Visual Basic Code.
  426. Getting a target Path from having the path name as a string
  427. Format Function in vb6
  428. Reg: Alias name in declare statement
  429. Error Updating Label in Access
  430. combobox in VB
  431. How to import data from Excel to MYSQL Server using VB
  432. VB Help on Find Previous
  433. General concepts on visual basic(notes)
  434. Importing multiple excel into active worksheet
  435. save/open textbox as .txt file
  436. XML as data source
  437. Show progress for copy file
  438. Calculate times for a bundy clock
  439. Use combobox to accept input, save to database
  440. NumericUpDown and Closing Dialog Box
  441. Button Commands in Excel VB
  442. DTpicker to text
  443. Error during a Kill function in Access VBA
  444. Executing the exe in all User logins.
  445. How do I password protect folders in VB6.3
  446. How Old U Shud Be
  447. [VB .NET] RTF to HTML
  448. repeating data in multiple columns
  449. Array issue
  450. Windows properties
  451. "Optional" Array Parameters
  452. VB/Access file
  453. Sending database info to email address
  454. Getting Registry Values
  455. Obtain path to save a file
  456. Dynamically updated file list
  457. list box multivalues retrieval
  458. Need help with a few lines of code (VB6)
  459. Gridview control
  460. Scroll bar Control
  461. Dont allow a form to lose focus
  462. Return value of shell function
  463. Password
  464. string arrays
  465. How do I declare a global variable: strOperation
  466. password textbox
  467. Display data
  468. Matching Values please help
  469. Maths Division
  470. Run ASP script from VB
  471. VB- Datareport
  472. Screen Resolution
  473. Colorful text in textfield
  474. error message Printers' is not a member of 'printing.My.MyComputer
  475. prt files are not released with drw file
  476. I need a tutorial on making a calculator
  477. USB port printer
  478. hostname of machine
  479. Mp3 Player
  480. Associate mp3 files with a vb 6 application
  481. Using asp or .net to connect to SQL via VB
  482. Object reference not set to an instance of an object Question
  483. can we run a c code from vb
  484. Req: Game Making
  485. Printing Problem
  486. printing in vb6.0
  487. Need VB 6 Help
  488. help me urgent
  489. odbc call failed
  490. Trigger a sound file
  491. Req: Lan Connecting
  492. Multi-threading and balloon tips
  493. Vb6 and applets
  494. Reconnect Network Drive
  495. Newbie Question
  496. Here is a problem...
  497. Run-time error 429: ActiveX component can't create object
  498. Points versus positions
  499. VB Editor in MS Access: Accessing Data in Subform From Main Form
  500. Day Finder Program
  501. Horizontal Row copied to Vertical Column in Excel
  502. how to make the program to have ask for a activation b4 running it?
  503. Need To Get The Thingy Work
  504. Kill Files! Pause code until files deleted?
  505. animated pictures in vb
  506. Defining and comparing Images?
  507. Assigning a Keystroke to a Command Button
  508. can u say how to connect word app, with v.b 6.0
  509. Manipulation of tcp buffer in vb
  510. how to be expert in vb
  511. is it correct way
  512. dim mfile size as long
  513. Vba For Complete Idiots
  514. reading data until eof
  515. Record the user's login and logout (date and time)
  516. Add info to textbox, update a binary file
  517. Make Visual Basic to press a key
  518. how to display the output that we got in immediate window to normal form
  519. mfile size error
  520. how to call this function
  521. How to Export Access Data To Notepad or Excel
  522. For 1 To 12 Statement With Interval
  523. VB memory issue
  524. Need Select a File Randomly from a directory
  525. Displaying a worksheet in a userform
  526. Validate Date Entered is Between 2 serial dates
  527. Remove item from list after selecting
  528. need help with the checkboxes
  529. Non-Sequential Array in Excel Macro
  530. Problems with (not) updating database
  531. ComboBox For Loop
  532. help in vbs with and/or statement
  533. Random Generation of numbers
  534. Using Drive Names rather than Letters
  535. Looping character or number visual basic 6
  536. multicolumn combobox in vb6.0
  537. How to copy a database?
  538. Comparing data in the excel spread sheet with mssql2000 server table using vb6
  539. DTPicker control in VB6
  540. How do I convert LONG datatype to VARCHAR2?
  541. Access
  542. VB - excel chart!!
  543. Catch after NEWROW() is executed
  544. combo box
  545. what is wrong with this code
  546. draw a dot in vb express 2006
  547. How To Link Access Database In Vb
  548. how i can modify this coding.
  549. Finding a row in a DataGridView object
  550. VB Program Help