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  1. Inconsistent behaviour while importing tables
  2. Command Button
  3. Use Excel Library 10 in Office 2003 Excel
  4. Retaining values between Subs!!
  5. Sending data to serial port
  6. Script to refresh an orders screen.
  7. How to determine position within a text file under FSO model?
  8. Spreadsheet - Prints Blank Pages And Unnecessary Underlines
  9. Distinguishing keyboardlayout type
  10. default dropdown list
  11. getting application to the front of the screen
  12. Removing items from string & adding new line
  13. DataReport
  14. how to use xml in visual basic 6.0
  15. unselecting a listbox
  16. Trying To Select A record Using The Listbox
  17. Convert date format
  18. What kind of VB6 Project will be use?
  19. hi all
  20. HELP Keyboard
  21. Printing text from a text box
  22. Getting the data from a Db using selected values in a listbox
  23. Get last and first day of previous month
  24. visual basic
  25. Disable the Windows key
  26. keep value of a cell and go to requested cell
  27. vb access+ serial port?
  28. Close button on MDI form
  29. runtime error 6 overflow
  30. how to make a dynamic datareport?
  31. upload to file in webserver
  32. error while installing the software developed by me.
  33. Inserting into Oracle Database using VBA
  34. Form connection VB
  35. import and store data from visual to microsoft access
  36. Help in writing VB program to read 1000 word documents and extract required info
  37. Connection to sql in VB
  38. How to search the file on the 2 table
  39. How can I update Crystal Report 4.6 Pro
  40. Need Crystal report for Vb6
  41. Need Crystal report for Vb6
  42. Adding Extra Folder while Packaging
  43. Reading Registry using VB6
  44. Registry Edit
  45. Queue Implementation
  46. COM Basics
  47. Visual Studio & SQL database
  48. Randomly filled Array
  49. Sending an email using vba in excel
  50. Remoting serialization exception??
  51. Power Point Presentation From Access
  52. WriteProcessMemory not working (VB2005)
  53. Visual Basic Starter
  54. installation problem
  55. Print button on datareport is not working ?
  56. vb5, msflexgrid and Vista???????
  57. VB 6.0 Application shows Run-time error '713': only in Vista, not in XP and 2000
  58. Validating Valid Combinations from Word Dropdowns
  59. duplex settings of the default network printer
  60. display data in datagrid using adodc through code in depending on query
  61. Runtime error 424
  62. Can i capture form level events in app. level in VB 6.0 in desktop application?
  63. command button problem
  64. Error in test Connection VB-oracle--- OracleClient n networking comps not found
  65. OracleDefault_HomeTNSListener Service startup error 1067
  66. Ocx About Property
  67. msgrid
  68. Vb 6.0 Ado
  69. Two questions - create a screensaver, convert numbers to words
  70. Keep a document visible while MS word is not.
  71. Exporting from queries in vb into excel with Header
  72. exporting datarecord set from queries into Excel with header
  73. Need an alternative location to write application data in Windows Vista
  74. Make VB platform-independent without ODBC
  75. Regarding Birthday Pop-Up
  76. compile error with checkbox sub
  77. VB6 and Frontpage
  78. vbscript email disclaimer
  79. Visual Basic 6.3 help copy a pdf page
  80. Run-time error in excel update to sql
  81. Cross-thread operation not valid:
  82. msn
  83. ERROR: "Object Required" when trying to add parameter to ado command
  84. Selection from a list must be exported to a excelsheet
  85. Image/Picture Box and Image list
  86. Disabling Copying
  87. PDF to XML
  88. Maximum message size allowed
  89. How will i use tagging?...
  90. vb 6 vs excell
  91. DataReport please help...
  92. Progress Bar
  93. Enabling Disabling Devices
  94. Shortcuts
  95. Data Report Grouping/Group header - How to?
  96. If Condition
  97. System Information
  98. error msg like 'runtime error 13' & type mismatch
  99. data report
  100. User-defined Paper Size - VB6 Printer Object
  101. Out of bounds error?
  102. Progress Bar / Gauge
  103. Webbrowser Control
  104. Spreadsheet Creation from VB
  105. Datareport In Visual Basic
  106. which control has focus at a given moment
  107. questions about saving/loading multiple variables from .txt file
  108. VB using MScom
  109. VB Script one of the Method help Needed
  110. HRESULT: 0x800A1F52 error when running mscomm
  111. visual basic 6 and citrix sessions
  112. Save HTML file to disk from webbrowser control
  113. dll could not start ?????
  114. client server in vb6.0
  115. subtracting base16
  116. Randomize not working
  117. Randomly shuffle a list
  118. Count columns in Microsoft Access using Visual Basic 6.0
  119. Need some logic to do math with factorials
  120. Get location stored in a .lnk file?
  121. Text Box In Visual Basic
  122. Sum database column for an ATM simulation
  123. help about bakup sqlserve database through visual basic
  124. RichTextBox Colors
  125. Applications from system tray
  126. make windows always active
  127. Show/Hide Frames
  128. files are out of date !!!!!!!!
  129. Setup Project validate file exists
  130. Save Image data into a file
  131. password protection
  132. crystal report problem
  133. Conversion of characters
  134. combo box
  135. Print Preview
  136. need to get a path/folder name from the registry
  137. closing form / X Button
  138. VBA & MS Outlook. How to find all files names and folders names...
  139. how to capture keypress for Printscreen
  140. Getting the values into the grid?
  141. Writing combo box to text file
  142. grouping columns in Excel by VBA
  143. Visual Basic 6 Report.
  144. tranferring data from vb exe application to another
  145. Error while opening a PDF file which has been converted from doc to PDF Using VB 6
  146. Use a variable name as a control
  147. Help with Autoplay Option
  148. problem in upload through http winsock from non-english OS
  149. Error obtaining printer information
  150. How to make a drop down calendar in combo box.
  151. Invoking a PDF
  152. Export to word from grid
  153. How can i scan image through vb
  154. Printing with VB
  155. Distinguishment between T(red) and T(black)
  156. Problem with checking if a value entered is equal to one in a DB
  157. Minimize wont show on form
  158. Form not showing until File Functions complete
  159. Returning IndexNumber of Array
  160. DoCmd.CopyObject for acform doesn't work
  161. How to add numbers?
  162. Ignore Excel formula errors using VBA
  163. How to play around with date?
  164. Very, Very Complex Array!!!
  165. function with no return value works without problem
  166. Upload CSV file data into Oracle
  167. how to take run time database backup using visual basic 6.0
  168. Getting records from a database from on form to another form
  169. User name and password validation
  170. Help My Application To Do"formatting"
  171. vb6.0
  172. redimensioning a multidimensional array
  173. Installation Error !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  174. Deleting data
  175. Report Problem
  176. Data Updating
  177. Data from CD
  178. How to avoid Acrobat "Save as window..." When saving .doc file as .pdf
  179. Tracking Keyboard hits and Mouse moves using VBA
  180. Need Text Box Help
  181. Return a resultset from a Dynamic SQL
  182. Getting a result set from a Dynamic SQL in MySQL
  183. Export SQL to txt file from VB
  184. VB Command button return total count from another worksheet
  185. How to program the calendar control show that it shows the system date ?
  186. problem with my graph
  187. How Do I Get Text From A Site?
  188. Passing Treeview node.checked values to Excel
  189. Help with a Non-Escaped, Non-Redundant Brackets question?
  190. how can i check if an access field is null using VB6
  191. Data Reports
  192. Disable User in Active Directory
  193. Paragraph splitting
  194. linking database(access) to vb6
  195. Referencing a listbox in an array
  196. Sending Emails Using a macro
  197. Zip in VB for windows xp
  198. closing an exe
  199. Deploying a project
  200. Net IRR formula
  201. how can use search button in visual basic
  202. Font Sizing in Metric
  203. Pixel sizing
  204. Retrive BIO's Serial number
  205. Publishing project
  206. can VB textboxes refer to webpage textboxes
  207. converting a column of names & addresses to a list of rows
  208. retrieve data from database with duplicate values
  209. Emailing Files
  210. VBA Syntax error
  211. adding row numbers to datagrid
  212. icon with submenu
  213. modify selected text in outlook mail body
  214. Problem in Package and Development Wizard and Setup of Project
  215. Retreiving Database Structure in VB
  216. Problems about VB101SamplesBCL2 - UsingTheSerialPort. Pls help me :)
  217. HELP ME ~~ I found error "6:Overflow" in my logs file :(
  218. Error in loading image in excel at a runtime from vb 6
  219. Windows service
  220. Finding The Records
  221. button control are selected randomly by arrow keys of keyboard !!!!
  222. What to use for displaying the results of a Search in vb?
  223. What should be used for displaying the results of a Search in vb?
  224. Convert Excel data to DAT format
  225. Runtime Error 9
  226. Text Color
  227. Anchor Labels in PictureBox
  228. Naming Excel Ranges with VBA
  229. reading each individual character in a file, array style
  230. Test all cells in a column
  231. How to use 0 to access outside line while calling using tapiRequestMakeCall
  232. Text Box Update To NULL Value
  233. Is A Report In Vb6.0 Machine Dependant
  234. XP style in VB projects
  235. How to print a DataReport in a desired size ?????
  236. disable the mouse - working first time
  237. Emailing to schools on our database
  238. Please Help Me In My Project Bisection Method!!
  239. Save record in Database
  240. position right bottom corner
  241. bubble sort and shell sort
  242. Looping in VB
  243. Mouse movements in form
  244. Return Exact Decimal Point
  245. Creating MS Word Document using Vb 6.0
  246. How to bind a datagrid with the records of a recordsource through coding ??
  247. Variable Variables in Visual Basic
  248. Can't get milliseconds on WM application
  249. check if shape exists in worksheet
  250. need help with property bag equivalent in VB 2005...
  251. crystal report with store procedure
  252. Need an images to act like a button
  253. THESIS on traffic simulation. (need help.)
  254. multidimensional listbox
  255. Object recognition through VB in IE
  256. how to rotate a Label
  257. crystal report conn
  258. Add checkbox in listbox
  259. ADO Recordset sorting problem
  260. how to lock a box in a form?
  261. Textbox in overwrite mode
  262. setup my project but getting error
  263. Read information from magnetic card reader and display in various textboxes
  264. Grids in Excel VBA
  265. sorting
  266. To Add record in Database
  267. animations on visual basic
  268. Delay for buttons
  269. Executing File In Same Directory...
  270. Find a changing value in a text box with the help of non changing data
  271. Connection Problem
  272. VB with Shell and Argument.
  273. vb capture image
  274. How to bind a datagrid to a recordsource through coding ??
  275. Unable to save data with report, the save data is incomplete generate the saved data
  276. vbKeyNumLock
  277. DataGrigView Sorting Problem - Experts HELP Please
  278. What to use for displaying the results of a Search in vb?
  279. How to remove single quotes i.e. ' ' ????
  280. VB 6 -MSHFlexGrid
  281. touch screen
  282. making datareport using SQL SERVER provider
  283. db combo box
  284. How to capture all double clicks
  285. Random labels.text
  286. How Do IOpen Another myBrowser Form When A` URL Is Clicked
  287. Is this possible?
  288. Function Returns wrong value
  289. VB6 Transparency
  290. focus popups
  291. create table in microsoft word
  292. Executing SQL in outlook VBA
  293. Publishing project
  294. Displaying result set using a data grid
  295. Hiding a form and display another form
  296. How I Can Add Alternate Color To The Rows Of Dbgrid
  297. Ghost keys
  298. Log in help..
  299. Simulate a gas pump
  300. Add New Line in MessageBox
  301. help me to avoid 3704 error object not found error in bolds
  302. Sample project for Medical shop
  303. Timer control to refresh textbox?
  304. errr need major help:)
  305. Resetting Values in TextBoxes
  306. printing form
  307. Check for last modified dates using vb
  308. Query Locked
  309. search records in mdb using vb
  310. VB6 - Capturing from webcam to PictureBox for analyzing image
  311. Combo box items from webservice
  312. Multiple Databindings
  313. Pass all files listed in a FileListBox to a collection?
  314. center backgroundimage
  315. File Path from Open File Dialog
  316. Need help with generating an excel document using VB
  317. ComboBox Visual Basic 2005
  318. chagning a number to american currency
  319. Instrev Function
  320. data report displaying problem
  321. How To Design A Report In Vb6.0
  322. crystal report help
  323. Regarding ADOX -Catalog.Procedures
  324. Identify Function keys
  325. Create popup menu on switchboard in Ms-Access 2007
  326. MP3 in VB 6
  327. Showing a processing icon while data is being transferred
  328. Regarding Word Application in VB 6.0
  329. creating a visible timer in visual basic
  330. Refer to array for scrollbar navigation
  331. Set variables upon opening an executable
  332. How can I call and get all the information in the "System Properties"?
  333. WrapText in an AxOWC10.AxSpreadsheet Control
  334. Understanding a code -vb 2005
  335. Reporting on current query
  336. ReadProcessMemory (VB2005)
  337. Vb 6.0 Msdn...
  338. Minimize ribbon with VBA in Excel 2007
  339. Connectivity with SQL and VB
  340. Capture text from textbox in another application.
  341. Error Executing Query
  342. Copy Chart
  343. SQL to sum items in table for each ID in master table
  344. user control
  345. Inserting a value from an Access form into a SQL pass through query
  346. encode/decoder algorithm to secure password
  347. handle ctrl+enter
  348. putting drawstring in listbox
  349. Opening a existing word document, excel file in Visual Basic 5
  350. Shell function on mouse down
  351. VBA code for excel DDE link formula
  352. VBscript to delete games
  353. fingerprint scanner
  354. .dbf to vb
  355. Searching a local DB using VB
  356. Converting vb6 to - openfiledialog question
  357. Scanning File
  358. Screen Resolution
  359. Arranging Data
  360. calculation height to millimeters
  361. Opinion Needed: Information transfer over TCP
  362. Deleting Records
  363. deleting files
  364. Inserting a value from an Access form into a SQL pass through query
  365. Help needed with Janus GridEX
  366. How do you turn Visual Basic off
  367. IRR function
  368. Importing Excel 2003 to Access 2003
  369. Sending email with Oulook from VB6.0 project
  370. Insert multiple files in VB and Access
  371. how to retrive the data frm txtbox in vb Character vise....
  372. excel to access in vb
  373. what is the difference loading excel using msflexgrid or OLE
  374. COM in VB
  375. VB & Excel
  376. VBscript to delete games
  377. How can I enter a value on the database using combo box.
  378. Save process through commondialog
  379. Help~how do I do nested if?
  380. VB3 Dilemma
  381. Using excel data in vb once its in my application..?
  382. Stop while...wend statement on Unload Userform
  383. UInt32 Question
  384. what does <object>["text"] mean?
  385. Sending Emails with Files In VB Script URGENT
  386. getting INSERT INTO syntax error for this code
  387. Caption of command button not displaying until clicked.
  388. print invoice of select parameters
  389. Using Novell SDK with Visual Basic
  390. Is this even possible? Visual Basic loading vars from ASP
  391. Updating and printing a zpl file from VBA
  392. Nested Dictionaries in VBA
  393. DlookUp - Multiple conditions
  394. Casting to the correct type
  395. List of commands
  396. how to copy selected item from listbox control
  397. VB 2003- Supporting UInteger as an Unsigned Integer
  398. How do I type something in a textarea with Microsoft Internet Controls (WebBrowser)
  399. Get the created date for a Table in MS Access
  400. ListBox Blue rectangle for Selection
  401. Square of numbers in even rows in Visual Basic
  402. How to download activeX control in FireFox
  403. changing header and table text in word programmatically
  404. Dropdown List
  405. problem with textbox dropdown in VB6
  406. Dropdown List
  407. How do I check a checkbox in a WebBrowser on VB?
  408. Search speed in mssql 2000 server
  409. How to delete data by clicking
  410. vb programming in excel copy paste problem
  411. problem in getting absolute positon of recordset
  412. VB 6 Textbox gotfocus event
  413. Trouble Compiling a Console Application at the Command Prompt
  414. Proxy setting programmatically
  415. how to work in visual basic 2005
  416. sudoku game
  417. Refresh Datareport in SQL Server
  418. Task bar Control
  419. Ocx About Property
  420. Using the Keyup() with an array of Textboxes
  421. While loop
  422. Executing a Stored Procedure using Command Text
  423. Open the schema of tables
  424. Inserting collected data into a access database
  425. in textbox only number should enter
  426. Deploying MySQL ODBC with .NET application
  427. calculate data in the database(access)
  428. Vb Database Connection Through Internet
  429. working with dos prompt
  430. Multiple Monitor Support Mystery Solved!
  431. Difference between Masked Box and Textbox
  432. how to search data?
  433. Read Data from Avery Weigh Bridge
  434. Retrieve the the computer a user last logged on too
  435. Null Value Problem
  436. open txt file and add contents to listbox
  437. Spreadsheet Maker Form
  438. listener program
  439. datediff function
  440. Call Oracle procedure from VB6
  441. Add non-embedded Font to Private Collection
  442. How to get firmware version
  443. Wait command in visual basic 2005
  444. Execute mathematical function entered in a string
  445. Trouble with Multidimensional Array Looping.
  446. Save CSV as XLS
  447. Enter data in Excel sheet by textbox through VB coding
  448. getting a System.InvalidOperationException was unhandled (no specific location given)
  449. Chr () Function and Device
  450. How to display The values of a query
  451. List Checkbox
  452. VBScript Question
  453. VB6 Save Cam Capture to file
  454. RS232 scale data string needs 'filtering' or 'parsing'?
  455. Back Space textbox using Command_button
  456. Creating A Report in VB from a database
  457. how to read/write System Registry keys
  458. displaying pdf file in vb form
  459. Upload pictures to Excel using vb6 with ADO
  460. how to use command button to load excel file from the listfile and then dispay it
  461. Command_button to textbox $ or input?
  462. Combine (2) Arrays into a Single Average Array
  463. IE Downloadcomplete
  464. Very newbie question about Navigation?
  465. how do I use a variable to change a color
  466. Import to worksheet ?
  467. changing the view of a form dynamically
  468. Array Sort Algorithm to find duplicate values
  469. Has anyone come across error 2301 when printing
  470. backup and recovery
  471. VSS Automation: Capturing the Action - 'Keep Checked Out'
  472. Word. Formula result
  473. Populating fields in a pop-up form from a master form
  474. Blinking Text
  475. Question On Combo Box
  476. Identification of pixel values
  477. Printing
  478. vb connecting to a website using a proxy
  479. how to pass objects to a array in another form?
  480. help for the code
  481. The output of my system of Profession Assessment System that i want.
  482. Problem reading Workbook password-protected Excel file
  483. Manipulate Visual Foxpro database with VB 6
  484. Small Excel Program that Copies data and pastes it into new file
  485. scrollbars and listboxes
  486. Combine 2 Arrays Into Single Array?
  487. Creating database records from a Text File
  488. Missing Library?
  489. FaceBook bot code release
  490. crystal reports
  491. AVI Animations
  492. Semi Transparent controls
  493. Semi Transparent controls
  494. Talking Textboxes
  495. Calculating Sum in grid
  496. Looping through each element in an Array with N dimensions
  497. Login form closing on loading usercp
  498. accessing clipboard image
  499. unable to connect oracle9i with vb6
  500. VB Multiplication
  501. connect the database
  502. how can I import (pass) data to vb from php?
  503. How to modify the if statement in VB 6.
  504. how to pass value from one form to another form
  505. How to modify the if statement in VB 6.
  506. .tmp files along with datareport?
  507. Concatenate two text boxes
  508. Changing column property through VB Code
  509. VB with Taskbar
  510. Winsock Controller
  511. backup and recovery
  512. Odd, Even
  513. export .csv with filename dependent on date
  514. picture collision
  515. VB/Excel: Aligning primary and secondary axes
  516. I need help urgently
  517. MSflexgrid1
  518. Array in Visual Basic to Table in Database?
  519. Issues with docmd.
  520. vb application to oracle connection
  521. hello me vb application to oracle connection
  522. How do i create shortcut keys for my buttons
  523. On Screen KeyBoard
  524. Adding Coumn in DataBase
  525. Set all font to capital letters
  526. connect
  527. VB 6.0 and MS Access
  528. change text in microsoft word programatically
  529. Wheel Mouse in VB5
  530. Images
  531. Please Help my script wont work even after it executes correctly.
  532. 13 databases on one control
  533. Fetching string
  534. How to show open windows in Windows Menu Strip
  535. Database Search
  536. Splitting Text
  537. how to do this function
  538. XML and VB6
  539. How to attach the Document through Visual basic in to database
  540. Adding new form at runtime and using it
  541. MSHFlex Grid Control
  542. Read barcode image
  543. Remote computer connection in Visual Basic6
  544. Traffic Light Code Sing Vb
  545. Ascii Codes
  546. Automating Calculation of Lagged Cross Correlations between Variables
  547. Textbox update every frame?
  548. Need advice: projected-sales-per-region application
  549. Access Data
  550. error keeps happening