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  1. Resizing graphic files in Image or Picture Boxes
  2. Visual Basic 6 help--add button and flexgrid
  3. Application as MDI Child Form
  4. need swf files
  5. Security of Access Database...
  6. Dataview rowfilter problem
  7. Noob question: Excel VBA entering information on java forms
  8. Password verification
  9. How to store image to Mysql database using vb?
  10. Adding file names in a combo
  11. Setting Font to a control from a file
  12. How to Hide a Label of a Bound Field
  13. Sum a specific no using SQL Query
  14. how to read HDD No
  15. How to delete .exe
  16. problem in vbmodal....
  17. To design Form Template
  18. VB 6.0 and SQL query retrieval
  19. VB Application Development
  20. Automatically add item to combo box
  21. close Power Point After set time
  22. how to capture right click ...
  23. Reading Text Files
  24. how to display message in msgbox
  25. populating a datagrid
  26. Delete a row in MSFLEXGRID
  27. Loadpicture and Msgbox issue
  28. vb6 connection to crystal report
  29. Save data from listview to MySQL DB.
  30. Openoffice Through Vb
  31. looping through the access table....
  32. PDF path problem
  33. BindingSource AddNew Problem
  34. Make a PDF file
  35. allowed websites
  36. Slow For Loop with string matching in very large ranges
  37. how to get particular id of computer
  38. Problem with label visibility
  39. How to save CustomDocumentProperties >255 characters?
  40. Adding scroll bars to a form
  41. Database Protection
  42. How to design an online ordering system with VB
  43. write all data from web import into single cell
  44. how to protect my project
  45. Is MSFlexGrid editable in VB 6.0?
  46. Replace letter with any other letter (inputted from user) in a long paragraph
  47. How to find of the tangent of a pixel(s) ?
  48. How to get and use treeview in visual basic 6
  49. storing monthyear in the same field
  50. Datagrid Problem- Run time error'6'- overflow
  51. Compiler Error: Can't find library
  52. Data Report Printing
  53. can anyone check my linkedlist implementation in VB6 if its okay..thanks!
  54. How to Know the BindingSource Status?
  55. Basic guessing program
  56. Dynamic query in MS-Access
  57. Select duplicate names from listbox
  58. first application
  59. about DIM
  60. How do I create scrolling text
  61. Configuration in .net 2.0 question
  62. Running a Windows command in VB
  63. graph on monthly basis
  64. Reportviewer changing color at runtime on dataset field
  65. Word macro: Copy long text to listbox, set field lengths in template.
  66. Extract PDF contents to Excel using macro
  67. Data from random access file has unwanted trailing spaces
  68. Storing of points
  69. vertical scrollbar in visual basic
  70. Excel macro to loop and copy selected data
  71. I want to select a row from datagrid and paste it into 10 text boxes
  72. how to check if an excel file stored on a network drive is in use?
  73. window in visual basic
  74. Images in Oracle
  75. How to save the BindingSource --> Me.Validate()?
  76. selecting dup names in a listbox
  77. Open a .csv file into Visual Basic 2005 Express
  78. Opening files listed in filelistbox
  79. PictureBox scaling
  80. Help needed on VB initiated keypress.
  81. Need a way to determine Prime Numbers
  82. How to do this in VB using SQL?????
  83. timer control for word count
  84. Excel inputbox
  85. Any one has My SQL software
  86. Changing connection data depending on which button is pressed.
  87. conncting a form with another form
  88. Automation error
  89. Need urgent help !!
  90. Copy / Clone DataTable?
  91. Need a help on Finding a whole word in Textbox
  92. hi help in playing wav file in vb
  93. help for developing project
  94. Crystal Report v8
  95. browse button in VB
  96. To list all the *.mdb files
  97. How to clear a bindingsource completely?
  98. VB Project Walkthrough
  99. need help how can i retrieve db query records in vb6
  100. Saving and Opening HyperLinks?
  101. to identify pc locked or not ?
  102. How to make Shell() function synchronous ?
  103. What Is Mean By Data Grid Control In Vb?
  104. Need a simple looping program help
  105. update year and month
  106. can you please help me with the dbcombo?
  107. Ole Closing
  108. Printer Orientation In Data Report
  109. How To Change Page Orientation Of Default Printer In Visual Basic ?
  110. How To Change Value Of Caption Property Of Report Label In Data Report In Vb6 At Run
  111. action on mousemove event
  112. Saving Text Box to File
  113. Streching a Picture
  114. VB Number of Indices is less than the number of dimensions in array
  115. How To Change The Coloumn Name In Flex Grid
  116. How to sum the records of a field?
  117. Round number to exactly 2 decimal places
  118. Database connection
  120. Make a CAI about planets
  121. Serial number in datareport
  122. serial port access
  123. How can i make backup of sqlserver 2000 using vb6
  124. accessing year and month part frm the entered date
  125. How to import VB6 Forms and Object to WINWORD
  126. Side scrolling problem with Key events
  127. Getting HTML content from web page using VB 6.0
  128. Strange VB2005 Form self minimizing "debugging or not"
  129. Multiple sound effects in VB6
  130. SQL Query Problem
  131. Problem with Passing Values Between Procedures
  132. moving shaps
  133. Positioning forms
  134. VB code
  135. how write query for cry stal report
  136. Convert Vba To Vb6
  137. comparing values..........
  138. visual basic 6.0
  139. win32 method called when a project gets loaded
  140. Directional Data Points
  141. guidelines to establish connection?
  142. DHTML and VB 6.0 Interaction
  143. Can i get Forms collection of a project within another project in same application?
  144. control panel with links to other pages
  145. How to open a HTML page in vb?
  146. Disable warnings using MAPI
  147. windows media player
  148. how to upload resume
  149. Select a directory
  150. Close a form when opening another
  151. Where SQL
  152. WIA Automation Layer Scanning Question
  153. convert base 2 to base 16
  154. Search Access dataBase by Date
  155. Close Button
  156. Need help creating an Excel AddIn
  157. How to connect VB6.0 to Oracle 9i
  158. Object Variable or with block not set
  159. Reading access in VB
  160. Vbscript error Object required:'server'
  161. converting flexgrid to word document
  162. converting data to excel or word or pdf
  163. keep a changing variable accesable over differnet forms
  164. Having to open a db manually before i connect
  165. Using Tab Strip
  166. Function HELP!!
  167. Anums9
  168. How To Import Various Excel Into A Table In Access
  169. open image as binary
  170. how to use graph
  171. Navigate DataGridView by BindingSource
  172. auto number generation
  173. default Printer
  174. Control Array Help
  175. File names
  176. Initially Empty Labels
  177. Need help compiling an Excel AddIn (xla)
  178. Stored procedure
  179. Excel Chart within VB
  180. faxing using vb6 code
  181. Help With Writing A Word Macro
  182. Skinnable form
  183. Select Case is not running
  184. Updating the datareport
  185. Capture keyboard input?
  186. Recognising blank CD-ROMs and DVD_ROMS
  187. DataGridView with Combobox in Column
  188. Word mailmerge from VB6
  189. Change file type in vb /
  190. Choosing Data in Range
  191. Database Connection
  192. Commands to display text from database
  193. Help Required In Uploading Excel Files Into Access
  194. to print msflexGrid
  195. How to open recordset using DAO
  196. multithreading or multiprocessing? and how to do it..
  197. visual basic
  198. Import from excel to sql in vb 6.0
  199. Modal dialog box is hanging out when trying to reopen
  200. Other way to retrieve the user of computer over the network.
  201. Printing to Picturebox
  202. auto close web query warning return no data
  203. Running SQL statements with VB 6.0
  204. Excel VBA Macro Question
  205. Coding Sum If For Multiple Criteria
  206. Updating a second table
  207. Please Help... Updating 2 separate table simultaneously.
  208. Selecting A Range Of Cells Relative To The Current Cell
  209. Security Error -2147417848
  210. Formatting Crystal Reports at run time
  211. Time calculations in VB
  212. Problems with scaling controls on a panel
  213. How to view API
  214. Date formatting
  215. VB date format
  216. Dont move without close top form
  217. Selecting a color from background
  218. OCR Imaging
  219. Click through a form
  220. Visual Basic[How to save a Record]
  221. How to send SMS in VB?
  222. Printing Issue
  223. Select case problem
  224. Type 'Application.DataSet' is not defined
  225. Frozen Main Form - Form and all controls are frozen and unresponsive.
  226. Show a Form when a textbox in other form got focus
  227. Connecting Database!
  228. How to fade a form in?
  229. How to remove grid from MSCHART
  230. GetOpenFileName API Hooks
  231. How can I programmatically add text boxes to a WinForm in visual Basic 2005?
  232. Add post button to an Outlook form
  233. How to break a data in parts.
  234. Rotating a shape
  235. how to plus the numeric value in MSFlexgrid in VB6
  236. How to call matlab executables from VB6.0?
  237. Problem regarding the Database Connection through ADO in Crystal reports 8.0
  238. data report with MSHFLEXGRID
  239. Regarding Textbox
  240. How to Fix Runtime error 6: Overflow
  241. Viewing Items on the Desktop in a listbox
  242. first record not add
  243. mysql queries dynamically
  244. carrying ftp through vb code
  245. datareport problem
  246. Datacontrol / Combo-box
  247. withou F5 how to run a vb project by code
  248. Start form
  249. How to Scan a picture in a PictureBox ?
  250. how to transfer data to MS Word file
  251. Undo
  252. Make a global data structure in VB 6.0
  253. DragIcon
  255. Filter the DataGridView itself
  256. How can i run a .bas file (module) dynamically in vb6 code?
  257. Open files
  258. BMI calculator
  259. From MS Acces > VB6 > MS Word
  260. How do I eliminate the Error msg although criteria is found?
  261. Sort numbers
  262. msgbox on top
  263. Positioning objects using VB
  264. Print a flexgrid
  265. about graph generation in vb6.0
  266. Problem in connecting MS SQL server with Visual Basic 6 on window XP
  267. Record Delete - ExecuteNonQuery requires an open and available Connection
  268. read a csv file for only data you want
  269. Drag form by dragging a label
  270. Transparent form but not controls
  271. Regestration Key Crystal Report v10
  272. ADODB replacing values in your DB
  273. Image display question
  274. Textbox input restriction on the Keypressed event procedure
  275. Arrays in VB
  276. MSCHART Control
  277. Removing the trailing comma from a string
  278. If i want a user to type numbers only in a textbox(ID number textbox)-how is it done?
  279. More Control While Opening Word
  280. How to open MS Word Inside VB Application
  281. Problems in exe file of project
  282. 3D in VB
  283. Computer to SMS through a vb application
  284. how to pass arguments from vb to dos prompt
  285. BindingNavigator Problem
  286. Vb 6.0 - Spreadsheet Rows Has Hidden Data
  287. Find on page
  288. Exporting from Crystal Reports in DIF format
  289. sliding images through two command button
  290. about daily attendance acceptance
  291. Add numbers which are present in db
  292. clever spreadsheet!
  293. how to creat code for button in vb?
  294. Open Directory
  295. how to generate dynamic menu hotkey in vb6
  296. Problem with MSCOMM in Visual Basic
  297. textbox problem
  298. Print problem
  299. How to add numbers in a textbox
  300. System clock
  301. Conversion of .NET PortalSecurity.Encrypt in Vb Application
  302. Print .dwg file from VB
  303. Help me make a timer that logs.
  304. Refer to Different Forms in same SubProcedure
  305. algorithm that compute and print
  306. Wait until browser is finished loading
  307. Convert Binary Data To String or Text Format
  308. Inet Control
  309. 429 ActiveX component can't create object
  310. SuDoKu challenge
  311. Inner join
  312. Vb 6.0 Data Grid Coding
  313. Same Controls on different Tabs
  314. refresh subform after adding records to related table
  315. Custom Deployment
  316. Browse Directory
  317. Form in a Form
  318. Converting XLM macro into VBA
  319. Browsing Button
  320. Print an image file (.dwg) from VB
  321. Pos Poject
  322. Problem in blinking an icon.....
  323. Returning two database fields from a single function call
  324. how to get data from database using combobox
  325. identify the master table
  326. Change back from ASCII code
  327. how to get the user currently log on other computer
  328. Function return value
  329. Connection property has not been initialized
  330. putting info into richtextbox
  331. what is ole
  332. Print .dwg files from a directory
  333. How To Disable The Resizing Of Vb Form....
  334. SplitContainer.Panel VS keyDown(Enter)
  335. Clicking window close button doesn't terminate VB program
  336. Changing XP Theme
  337. SSIS and visual basic
  338. Convert Text to VB Command
  339. Need vb text help
  340. Changing Computer Name with WMI
  341. What do you call the upper-left corner of the datagridview?
  342. barcode
  343. get Key Code
  344. vb code to identify pc locked or unlocked in xp/2000
  345. vbscript problem
  346. How To Compare Arrays
  347. vbscript:To find old files and archive them
  348. Determining if a range varable is empty
  349. Delete Record Arrange Records
  350. Calling to external DLLs while developing in VB6
  351. Update value into access table by using vb as front-end
  352. How do you control an RTF Box? (bold, colored text etc)
  353. VB Assitance Needed
  354. accessing web services using VBScript
  355. What do all the commas mean
  356. Breaking a "Do While" Infinite Loop using a command button
  357. Is it possible to extract code from exe..
  358. Apply formatting to FieldInfo array
  359. *.OBJ files created while creating exe
  360. How to exit a While loop
  361. Linking vb-with word
  362. file attachment in VB project
  363. Simple Time Sheet:
  364. "please wait" message
  365. how do you remove the sort of datagridview?
  366. Hot to conect from VB to Oracle Batabase
  367. SMS using MSOutlook obj
  368. datagrid column header problem
  369. Problem Regarding the openning the crystal report
  370. compile error; can't find project or library
  371. Problems with the age function
  372. Error: opertion is not allowed wirh referencing to closed application
  373. find a specific application which is running
  374. default value in the view?
  375. Changing resolution
  376. Exporting a DataBase to a Excel file or a word file or HTML
  377. Using Text File as Dictionary
  378. Appointment book in Visual Basic
  379. Appointment book in Visual Basic
  380. How will i locked the numeric/character. please help me!!!
  381. Error Accessing System Registry
  382. Sql Commands
  383. In operator
  384. Pull random records from database
  385. MS Access Tables
  386. Excel VB Macro need help incorporating vlookup
  387. Printing to an HP PCL printer from VB6 - Selecting a Tray?
  388. Write a new file each time
  389. Environment.ExitCode
  390. On Click show ToolTip
  391. Time In and oUt... (time OUT- Time IN) HElP
  392. Regarding Printout through dotmatrix printer using vb code
  393. filling HTML forms from VB
  394. Data reports
  395. Compileerfout
  396. Searching for files
  397. Altering startupPosition at run time
  398. Finding Blank cells
  399. Search error
  400. date comparison problem
  401. school course allocating system.
  402. Start Password Protected Ms Access MDB/MDE in Runtime
  403. VB and word
  404. Spliting a Text into parts
  405. Creating a Pivot with a Macro
  406. Making a Library System in Visual Basic Program!!!
  407. Mask password field in a datagrid
  408. How to change VB 6 exe icon
  409. Searching in a database
  410. Use Dictionary Control
  411. Sorting Data
  412. Can't show vbmodal after I have created a intermediate wrapper file
  413. Dynamically set up database search on multiple fields
  414. Help INSERT INTO Statement, Using VB in Access 2003 Module
  415. multiple forms and arrays
  416. Word macro for using access databases
  417. MsComm32.ocx
  418. Run External Programs
  419. Graphing a Multi Range Area
  420. Crystal Report v10
  421. Download a file over HTTP with VBscript and HTML
  422. Issues with update sql command on OleDb Database
  423. Help with the TIME command
  424. Run-time error '1004' Unable to set the XValues property of the series class
  425. calling crystal report 8.5 from vb 6 with sql as the back-end data base
  426. Export HTML from Crystal Reports
  427. duplicate dates different times
  428. Crystal reports
  429. Vb Login ....
  430. how in the world do i sort a datagridview?
  431. sql to excel to vb and back
  432. Integrate VB application with SAP
  433. Records Affected
  434. Please guide me.
  435. txt to xml conversion
  436. Overflow
  437. Using VB with DBASE3+
  438. Playing two sound files at a time
  439. Joining two fields in a query
  440. DataReport - How to display expression
  441. Noneditable combobox
  442. Counting In a database
  443. Finding the Biggest Number
  444. loop problems/memory problem
  445. Searching for sometext from a database
  446. datagrids
  447. Filling out headers with date in Word
  448. If a value is between two other values??
  449. VB6 DragDrop with dragmode =1
  450. While loop to add items in a combo
  451. DayOfWeek
  452. Help!!!!!!
  453. Input with tabs from RichTextBox to string
  454. Factorial
  455. CPU temperature
  456. how to use power point slides in vb
  457. Form Automation Basic
  458. search
  459. search
  460. ORACLE -ODBC Error
  461. Using checkboxes as a Radio buttons in VB form
  462. Convert Byte() Array data into image in VB 6.0
  463. Making Boxes
  464. new to vb, opt buttons and imgs
  465. 1 running
  466. need help with the following statement
  467. Video Converting
  468. Importing C# namespaces into a Visual Basic 2005 application
  469. Retrieving HD serial number using fso & DOS
  470. Package and Deployment Providing Options to Select Applications
  471. Searching for a registry entry
  472. VB 6.0 - Spreadsheet - Underlines printing even when not necessary
  473. VB 6.0 And spreadsheet - Printing problem
  474. Strip string before # (a charc)
  475. Sving a URL
  476. controlling the dynamically created labels
  477. VB Digits Help
  478. power off while running exe
  479. Vb 2005
  480. Program security (preventing sharing)
  481. System Fatal Error During Runing Setup File
  482. Error running exe but no error in code
  483. Export data from datagrid to ms excel
  484. Auto Detecting the programes
  485. trigger action when file is saved
  486. migrated access > mysql now checkboxes wont work...
  487. vb overflow
  488. DTPicker Changed as Picture Box
  489. Visual Basic Electric Billing program
  490. Input Validation for a Shipping Form
  491. atm machine program vb
  492. component one vsview 8.0 vsprinter control
  493. Allowing Make Table Query overwriting existing table in mdb via adodb connection
  494. Invalid use of null
  495. Error => Could not save; currently locked by another user.
  496. Counting - Ms Excel
  497. How to get only the year in the date in vb 6.0
  498. is this the right forum
  499. primary keys
  500. DataMember property 'RELATION_Name_Here' cannot be found on the DataSource
  501. Open form inside form without closing previous form
  502. control array events
  503. stopping people from entering non numeric values
  504. Random Number Generator
  505. data grid control in vb6.0
  506. Saving items from an array
  507. text box error
  508. Naming Solution
  509. Random Array
  510. Regarding the handles of winword.exe
  511. How to access source code
  512. need suggestions and help
  513. Dealing with binary values in VB
  514. Indentation Problem
  515. opening an URL with Excel
  516. details of an application
  517. CD Label
  518. Terminating applications
  519. Opening a file
  520. Is there anybody who know about Registery?
  521. treeview in vb6.0
  522. export to txt file
  523. Search a table / field if a value is present
  524. Run Application at windows logon.
  525. Set control to a button in control the tool bar
  526. Reading Registery Using VB6
  527. connection b/w vb6.0 and excel
  528. requiring a source code for communicating with parallel port in visual basic
  529. Tab Control Change
  530. Adding values to VBA Combobox from recordset
  531. text selection..
  533. Adding data to Datagrid from textboxes
  534. Inconsistent behaviour while importing tables
  535. Command Button
  536. Use Excel Library 10 in Office 2003 Excel
  537. Retaining values between Subs!!
  538. Sending data to serial port
  539. Script to refresh an orders screen.
  540. How to determine position within a text file under FSO model?
  541. Spreadsheet - Prints Blank Pages And Unnecessary Underlines
  542. Distinguishing keyboardlayout type
  543. default dropdown list
  544. getting application to the front of the screen
  545. Removing items from string & adding new line
  546. DataReport
  547. how to use xml in visual basic 6.0
  548. unselecting a listbox
  549. Trying To Select A record Using The Listbox
  550. Convert date format