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  1. Dom creating a root and element with 2 or more attribute
  2. what is the command to kill application in task manager
  3. Get instances of Winword.exe
  4. DataGrid Search
  5. i am new and i need help
  6. Capturing and validating fingerprints
  7. Masked Edit Box
  8. Clicking calendar date transfer it into a textbox
  9. aggregate Sum
  10. Automatically update date and time in access form fields
  11. runtime error '-2147467259 (80004005)'
  12. access an e-mail program
  13. screen scraper
  14. Need a Tutor!
  15. correct & incorrect?
  16. Difference between Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0
  17. Datareport Passing ForeColor
  18. Stored procedure in oracle
  19. Date modification
  20. Help with a listbox
  21. Displaying Records on a MS Access 2000 form (frontend) using MySQL (backend)
  22. Adding date and string to lisbox
  23. Validating a Textbox to numeric
  24. Extracting data from an EXCEL file
  25. .filter
  26. Saving text files from a listbox
  27. Run Time error '383' 'Text' property is read-only
  28. splash screen
  29. Using For Loop through an access Database
  30. program
  31. Checkbox in VB 6.0
  32. How to get the full path of a Word document
  33. opening a new Excel
  34. DataReport in visual basic 6
  35. Retrive all web sites from the system at a perticular time
  36. visual basic
  37. access 2003 is not recognized by vb6
  38. how we insert a new project into sourcesafe
  39. Hiding the taskbar completely
  40. VBA, how to sum up all the amount which from the period I want?
  41. VB6 Appl IDLE for sometime
  42. Open Word document in visual basic 6.0
  43. How do I fill a List Box from a drop down list selection
  44. AfterUpdate for ComboBox in VB6?
  45. application monitor/watchdog
  46. Using 2 Items for Combo Box? Displayed Choice and Underlying Value
  47. Dvd Codes
  48. Opening the VB 6.0
  49. Date and Time in VB6 Form
  50. Run Stored Procedure from Excel
  51. Problem in export data to Excel
  52. Foxit Reader Problem in VB6 or other languages
  53. MSFlexGrid in Visual Basic - subscript out of range
  54. Sort datatable
  55. VBA pausing by tenths of seconds (or milliseconds)
  56. open excel sheet
  57. How to Copy group of cells from SpreadSheet to Mail using VB?
  58. opening excel file with common dialog box
  59. VB6 drivelistbox problem in Windows Vista
  60. create ocx with lvbuttons
  61. Connection to DB2 from Excel Sheet
  62. VB6 Hides Modal Window
  63. VB6, VirtualPC and SourceSafe
  64. Timer based, calling of webservice.
  65. call crystal report 9 from vb6
  66. Date code in vb6.0
  67. Sum Of A Field In Vb6.0
  68. MsgBox and Tabs
  69. Day View Calendar
  70. Loading text files into a listbox
  71. Visual Basic form
  72. Simple application monitor
  73. >>> Colored Vista Progress Bar <<<
  74. >>> Vista Style Progress Bar <<<
  75. Link SQL Server table to Microsoft Access database using Visual Basic 2005
  76. type mismatch error
  77. Problem with MSFlexGrid in Visual Basic
  78. how to style my vb project as vista
  79. how to link combo box?
  80. Drag & Drop in datagrid.
  81. Font problem
  82. Accessing Hidden Files
  83. Run time error 429
  84. Access Denied....
  85. how can i read and execute VB6 commands from a text file
  86. How can i run a .bas file (module) dynamically in vb6 code?
  87. error in between operator
  88. Converting QBE Query to SQL string
  89. The sum amount of a table
  90. Filter numbers
  91. Create textbox at runtime
  92. Excel Macro (VBA)... How to Align the values to right
  93. random number between 97 - 122
  94. Sum Of A Field In Vb6.0(problem In Coging)
  95. VB6 Runtime Error 5 Invalid Procedure Problem
  96. Switch between forms in a vb 6 project
  97. How to get Ports' status from Registry Key
  98. Working with List Boxes
  99. Data Connection
  101. displaying of LABELS one by one.
  102. random words
  103. integer to String convert
  104. New to Visual Basic
  105. Date/Time Load to the Form
  106. filling Datagrid in vb 6.0
  107. How to check the Ports Status on a remote server using VB Script
  108. ADODB vs. ADODC
  109. Error on Insert into statement
  110. i have problem with my rich text box
  111. Help in writing a query
  112. VBscript hell
  113. Required the first part of string from right
  114. csv to xls
  115. Object in a zombie state
  116. Clearing a picture box
  117. Need tutorial on how to use Get Chunk and Append Chunk (Step by Step) Tutorial
  118. Error while email from vb6.0
  119. Auto 'DESELECT' a vb6 treeview node after it has been clicked
  120. how to access a ms access database through LAN in vb6?
  121. DAO Not opening the Access Database on LAN N|W
  122. Need Help Urgently
  123. Could use some help... How would I sum an array... and yes i am a noob ^^
  124. Converter
  125. Locking Excel Cells in a VBA Code
  126. How to save the table in Access to an external memory disk
  127. How to create a text output file from access database?
  128. another regular expression question
  129. Convert "Jan" to "01"
  130. books
  131. Deciding the winner in Tic-Tac-Toe
  132. DataGrid Visual Basic 6.0
  133. Replacing bmps in a Picturebox
  134. Query with dates
  135. comparing records of oracle table with access table
  136. help about xp style format
  137. Data Range Copying Over Time
  138. Run an Acess.saved query from Excel
  139. Error 13 ( Type mismatch
  140. VB House Assignment
  141. RTF embedding image & saving
  142. can i copy my database to a new databasefile using VB6?
  143. is there a way of seperating the date and time in vb6?
  144. problem in detecting letters and spacing in vb
  145. how to remove the error couldn,t find file
  146. Permission Denied in Document Designer thru Data Dynamics using VB
  147. Optimization Help
  148. How To Export Functions Present in a ActiveX Dll
  149. problem when adding data, i can't view the newly added correctly
  150. moving data from one table to another
  151. reading list view items
  152. File Date Stamp
  153. Result Management
  154. signature to be recognized as good Macro (and not removed)
  155. Difference between If statements and Cases
  156. include class libraries in .exe
  157. sombody help to access serial port in VB on windows XP
  158. create dual primary key in access vb
  159. Two problems
  160. convert the code in to VB 6.0
  161. Merging of folders data into another mdb file
  162. how do i update a field in a recordset ?
  163. picture box
  164. urgent need
  165. trim() function does not work
  166. Updating A List Box Items When Clicking On A Button From Another Form
  167. From Mohammed Shafeek
  168. Problem communicating with serial port
  169. Use Excel Sheet in Vb6
  170. How to stop Piracy and Copy of CD/DVD?
  171. VB6 Command button
  172. Colors Pallette other than that available
  173. Scrolling Text on the Title Bar
  174. OpenRemoteBaseKey
  175. Updating Problems
  176. input boxes
  177. datareports error on dif pc
  178. compare matching data in different sheets
  179. EPOS System, how do I do this????
  180. How to get Version of Installed software product using VB Script
  181. DSN ERROR: ORA 1857 : not a valid time zone while connecting to oracle
  182. Visual Basic 6 - Getting value before a "-"
  183. calling c program in vb
  184. Merging Of MDB Files
  185. How to find out which operating system is the system on
  186. Picture
  187. Problem with MSFlexGrid in Visual Basic
  188. Getting error when try to fetch the value from datagrid dropdown
  189. Pack and Deploy
  190. How do I attach multiple files to Mail?
  191. How Do I Auto Number Ms Excel Forms?
  192. What is the best vb6
  193. Coding a picture box
  194. Calculating Coins
  195. Automatic Time Manager (ATM)
  196. combo box: (drop down method)
  197. Vb6 writing to excel.
  198. How can I make scroll bars operational?
  199. Automatic Time Manager (ATM) for On/Off Timer in VB6 through PC's LPT-1 Port
  200. Kill all instances of an application if it is running
  201. arry with a text file
  202. How to assign all fields returned by a SQL SELECT statement to an array?
  203. Reading a space-delimited file in Visual Basic 6
  204. List and Update code of SQL...
  205. User Defined Error in DTS VBA module
  206. Sum up Column Values from a Query using a List Box
  207. Tic-Tac-Toe
  208. Using Mid Function
  209. VB Runtime Error - 2147217887(work in debug mode but fails when run from exe)
  210. saving a file without opening it (using VBA
  211. Clear checked radio buttons
  212. Using 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons to switch between tabs
  213. Adding Files To A List Box
  214. Delete All Records From All Tables
  215. Just point me in the right direction
  216. delete all non-unique values from array
  217. Excel-Word-Outlook merge controlled by VBA
  218. checking if value exists in array
  219. VBS and Perl
  220. How to set Data Source property for Data Report?
  221. Can any body correct this formula
  222. Writing to a .bat file?
  223. flow chart diagram using VB?
  224. Hourly VB Macro
  225. How to save an array to a text file Using c# (C Sharp)
  226. VB DLL problem
  227. Connecting DataReport with DataEnvironment
  228. Enable Macros automatically but only in a scheduled event
  229. stock control
  230. Whats the problem with this code?
  231. how to connect visual basic with oracle 10G?
  232. Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create object
  233. Loops
  234. Rs 422-serial port (please help)
  235. how to add, edit and delete item
  236. How to put a random answer into a label.
  237. Changing the text from a textbox to a label.
  238. Memory could not be written
  239. how to show graph in vb
  240. How to get Enabled Port details using VB Script
  241. highlight text field or masked field on got focus
  242. Backing up an MSAccess Database
  243. Need to reset a count at the beginning of each year
  244. VB5 Code to VB 2005 conversion
  245. Progress Bar Help
  246. VBScript
  247. Saving
  248. Rotated Number
  249. Looping through all controls problem
  250. importing flat text files
  251. VB, tab delimited input file and using it...
  252. VB 2005 Express - how to compile an EXE
  253. System Time
  254. Looping the time
  255. Shutdown windows at a click of a button (vb6.0)
  256. Find duplicate records in Access database
  257. Need help with Hyperlink in excel
  258. VB6 connection to SQL server database
  259. Problem in date fields
  260. Hardware info through VB6
  261. SSH using VB Code
  262. DAO35.dll Register failure in the Win Vista
  263. How to creare for my visual basic system setup file
  264. Syntax error
  265. How to get Local Admin accounts info using VB Script
  266. how to print data from database
  267. Pig latin program
  268. VBS Netmon
  269. openDialog Cancel Button
  270. Changing font in Text Rich Box
  271. Change Case
  272. Macro to build formula in the first empty cell
  273. Data Connection Problem
  274. TEXTBOX Validation to currency VB
  275. Combo Box connected to Database
  276. Visual basic FlexGrid
  277. Active Cell property - Visible?
  278. format an excel cell
  279. Disabling the Sheets Unhide feature in Excel
  280. Rounding a Timespan
  281. Auto Select Upon Start
  282. Data Report Print
  283. *VB Script
  284. Print? List
  285. Keyboard Program on Visual Basic
  286. How to hide the preview control in Crystal Reports 10
  287. UserForm, Excel, conditional colour
  288. ASCII of the character entered
  289. Dynamic ComboBox in DataGridView
  290. Help for rs422
  291. vb6 & mysql?
  292. Making an executable abruptly stops in between
  293. how to connect access database which is on web server (
  294. Datagrid Problem
  295. My outlook add-in performance.
  296. Inserting Sections in Crystal Reports
  297. how to update a database in sql by taking the value through an input box?
  298. Updating MSGraph datasheet in Word from VB
  299. common dialog file name capture
  300. Copy Range below another one
  301. running executable with shell
  302. Datagrid1
  303. VB6: Using Print Command in the code
  304. Copy file from source to destination
  305. New Line in vb code
  306. traffic lights
  307. Urgent with data environment
  308. Use Dbcombo With A Remote Relational Database
  309. Logon Screen to a Remote Computer
  310. VB6 Form icon removal
  311. Barcode Enable Application
  312. File Write(Append)
  313. Split a text file
  314. Run time error 13: Type mismatch
  315. creating a browse button with VB6
  316. Data Reports
  317. how to transfer a file from server to sharepoint through vb script
  318. Force page breaks in word via VB6
  319. Help needed with excel macro
  320. VB6 & Excel Read only problem
  321. Insert records and search the records inserted
  322. to run Gif file
  323. Technical Document- Guide
  324. CreateProcessWithLogonW will work In WinXp Sp2
  325. Link to html file
  326. Need help on a Project
  327. on Error GoTo ..... not working properly?
  328. VBA RTE 424; Object Required
  329. copy from spreadsheet to textbox
  330. User form closing on click anywhere except selectors
  331. export a sorted datagrid
  332. Using CommonDialog in V.B 6 to open a text File
  333. Printing the data in the output form in vb6
  334. very urgent
  335. Highlighting text
  336. Access says that database is already in use
  337. Automation Error 2147417848
  338. Report size
  339. Sorting Lists
  340. passing an Array to a search function - ?
  341. Refresh text boxes dynamically
  342. Automatically Sorting a Validation List
  343. Converting Currency in Wording
  344. Vb 6.0 and Ms - Access 2003
  345. How to print Excel data through VB
  346. sort ASC an .mdb file from visual basic
  347. how to insert image into database
  348. how to execute a file on vb forms
  349. How to find out DOS(CMD) running status in VB
  350. Problem s DAO a RDO
  351. how to connect access database which is on web server (
  352. Where did my post go?
  353. VB6 and Crystal Reports 9
  354. Form_QueryUnload
  355. String separation
  356. Automatically resize form
  357. Executing Scripts from VB6.0 Code
  358. Timer Check for Days to Offline
  359. how to connect access picture(OLE) with vb6
  360. Merging 2 PDF Files into 1
  361. OLEDragDrop and RichTextBox
  362. change appearence for textbox
  363. Link ODBC table in Access
  364. genreate report in .ods format
  365. VB6 Form Not Closing, relaunching when press close
  366. How to get Drive letter frm Uncpath
  367. Check Box in Visual Basic and Value in Access
  368. Date Format in visual basic
  369. how to load the database into msflexgrid????
  370. ADO and DBGrid pro7, sample code
  371. commission updation
  372. how to get menu item's in menu editor in run time from vb6.0
  373. BindingSource IsDirty Property
  374. How to handle user input file name
  375. date in datareport????
  376. How can I retrieve the data in the database by using date value?
  377. VB and MySQL
  378. Convert 6.0 to net
  379. use vb6 to play an MP3 sound, cmd button event
  380. App hangs up while inserting records into SQL table
  381. Need Simple Looping Help
  382. I developed a visual basic program and database couldn't go with it why??
  383. VB Oracle Crystal Reports date problem
  384. Simple Find and Replace Problem! Please help me find a solution!!!
  385. How to find range of an excel sheet???????
  386. Printing.Datagrid. problem stopping loop
  387. Flexgrid cell alignment...
  388. Access database connection in VB
  389. Set all forms in same place
  390. Data Grid...
  391. How to hide msgbox duing automating excel..
  392. Inserting records in a batch
  393. One form open at a time and close others
  394. Copy/Paste VB
  395. Run a word macro through VBS
  396. The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable - Urgent
  397. Text Box And enter key
  398. search a node in treeview
  399. Error running exe in XP
  400. Reading Values from HKEY_CURRENT_USER
  401. To count the ChildNodes
  402. Problem with vb modal...
  403. rollback and commit transaction using VB 6.0 as development tool and sql server as ba
  404. VB6: formatting textbox (#,###.##) in every LostFocus
  405. dim problem
  406. Button Array controls
  407. class libary
  408. Library Database using vb and access help
  409. Numbers in Strings
  410. Trying to make a button the close the form but ask before it closes...
  411. Using Array Within For Statement to Call Dynamic Procedure
  412. How can I find browser versions using VB Scripting
  413. Search in database
  414. Search Panel
  415. ListBox - How to reference column name instead of column number
  416. open folder in dialog box
  417. Adding two different object arrays
  418. Serialport problem
  419. error during installation of Pakage
  420. Special characters and hyperterminal
  421. Recorset Objects
  422. Put DB field contents in a label
  423. Image height and Width on Image Object
  424. Override left arrow and right operations on combobox
  425. Convert .txt to sql using VB6
  426. List Box And Adodb Combination
  427. Allow spreadsheet to be opened max of 10 times
  428. setting color
  429. Is my sql commands correct
  430. get the return value executed in dos command
  431. Item cannot be found in the collection to the requested name or ordinal
  432. Access 2007 Report Output to Excel
  433. Setup file for VB project having ADODC
  434. Using VB .NET to Generate An E-mail
  435. About VB6.0
  436. Problem sequencing my records
  437. Error 424 (I know the problem, i forgot, how do you register a class?)
  438. how to Connect access database which is on web server ( using ado
  439. Search Database
  440. how can i group the database by dates and by names
  441. how to add images..
  442. error handling in vb6
  443. Help with VB database table creation
  444. Problem in Executable version
  445. To check whether form is loaded....
  446. how to access a field of one table from the other table in a database
  447. how to get data from database using combobox
  448. Runtime error 3075
  449. VB Registry functions- it can be worked after installing .exe another machine..
  450. Use of SOurcebook
  451. Setting screen resolution - why does this work?
  452. Mailto:
  453. Fonts, Colors and so on!
  454. Printing Zebra TLP 2742 in VB6
  455. Query computer type
  456. Help with Code that pulls Accounting Fomatted data from Imported Excel File
  457. can i get a hand seeing why this wont work?
  458. Need to capture part of a scanned page
  459. recursive function fails to return value
  460. coding
  461. Flexgrid problem........
  462. how to call a standard Find and replace dialog box for embeded word application
  463. How to prevent .exe running on CD or USB port
  464. Break down report by day or month
  465. catalog creation
  466. How do you export an access table/query to an excel file (several sheets)
  467. Show two fields from datasource in listbox or listview
  468. Help needed - Active window
  469. Use VB in a web page?
  470. DLL for opening connection(Oracle)
  471. VB database connection problem
  472. How to use ADODB in Vb
  473. Pop up containing information from worksheet in excel
  474. send mail thru vb
  475. How to delete .exe itsellf- Answer..
  476. very simple toolstrip question
  477. Excel Macro for the following to print as listed
  478. changing file extensions with
  479. vba Error handler for Excel - make it close on error
  480. Need help with rounding in VB
  481. how to make ledger in crystal report 10
  482. Serial Port name and number
  483. Private Const GOP_FLAG = &H1 Or &H2
  484. Disable Right Click Mouse Option
  485. How to create self creating /.exe
  486. How to open a URL from VBS
  487. Datagrid Problem- column not found
  488. VB Report - Run time error-2147217900-(80040e14)
  489. how to change password and to update the changed password
  490. Cell references in formulas
  491. Data Report Problem
  492. VBA separating 1 cell into 2 cells in Excel
  493. Touch Screen, Unitronics Vision 290
  494. Creating a PDF file from a form in visual basic
  495. vb with oracle
  496. how to calculate data at run time in crystal report 10
  497. Need script for auto-login, profile browse.
  498. Can you force an error's description into an active cell using vba?
  499. how to send emails without getting security prompt
  500. How to change the labels in Crystal Reports
  501. VBA question for an Excel Macro
  502. emailing code
  503. dynamic row height in crystal report crosstab
  504. Index of a flexgrid column....
  505. Set control to the first option in menu bar
  506. Regarding Refresh the desktop in windows.
  507. double-click in vb 6.0.....
  508. Increase Field Size in Ms-Access
  509. Connecting VB to Ms Access database with password
  510. opening a bitmap and checking to see if it exists first
  511. Combo box help
  512. Help on Error 6: Overflow within Access DB
  513. visual basic newbie help!!!
  514. VB6 and Animations
  515. how to connect access database on remote server
  516. How to add run time parameter to crystal report 10
  517. VB-SQL Server
  518. I'm making the game Lunar Lander and I need help with color detection
  519. Resizing graphic files in Image or Picture Boxes
  520. Visual Basic 6 help--add button and flexgrid
  521. Application as MDI Child Form
  522. need swf files
  523. Security of Access Database...
  524. Dataview rowfilter problem
  525. Noob question: Excel VBA entering information on java forms
  526. Password verification
  527. How to store image to Mysql database using vb?
  528. Adding file names in a combo
  529. Setting Font to a control from a file
  530. How to Hide a Label of a Bound Field
  531. Sum a specific no using SQL Query
  532. how to read HDD No
  533. How to delete .exe
  534. problem in vbmodal....
  535. To design Form Template
  536. VB 6.0 and SQL query retrieval
  537. VB Application Development
  538. Automatically add item to combo box
  539. close Power Point After set time
  540. how to capture right click ...
  541. Reading Text Files
  542. how to display message in msgbox
  543. populating a datagrid
  544. Delete a row in MSFLEXGRID
  545. Loadpicture and Msgbox issue
  546. vb6 connection to crystal report
  547. Save data from listview to MySQL DB.
  548. Openoffice Through Vb
  549. looping through the access table....
  550. PDF path problem