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  1. Last four digits need to display in VB 6
  2. AutoCAD Problem in VB
  3. connecting two forms
  4. VB2005- how to manage multiple checkbox result
  5. Data Reports
  6. No Permission To Insert Objects
  7. Run as background process
  8. vb program to unlock excel workbook
  9. crystal report
  10. Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with
  11. password
  12. ODBC connectivity
  13. If-else,skipping else
  14. exit loop by pressing a key and come back
  15. Disable ActiveX Combo Boxes in VBA Word Document...
  16. Connection ERROR
  17. search
  18. Read an XML document using VBA
  19. Receiving "Type Mismatch Error"
  20. DataGridView Unhighlight active cell
  21. VBSCRIPT- Binding to a process Doubt
  22. Dynamically changing information on a reportview
  23. Read Node values from xml inVB
  24. splitting the message seperated by , or space
  25. DELETE Statment Problem in VB6
  26. Run Time error '- 2147206429 (80043ae3)' Invalid TLV Record
  27. insert username
  28. Slider back color
  29. Login to one .exe file with multiple database
  30. Date in Sql in vb6
  31. Search Form Using Database
  32. Date Time Difference...
  33. Check whether records exist in Access table
  34. Array Refrencing
  35. Deleting all the records in an access table
  36. Getting user input for file/ directory copy
  37. All Files copy from a folder to other folder
  38. List box value
  39. Exporting and formating Excel Spreadsheet from VB6
  40. checkbox indexing
  41. Excel VBA Problem : issue (shows up twice)
  42. ADODC by date problem
  43. Visual Basic code for displaying data in the user form
  44. add AUTOSHAPES to excel doc in VB 6.0
  45. connecting to databases
  46. Problem with find and replace macro
  47. to draw charts using visual basic progam
  48. How to Delete records (Access/Excel)
  49. Close MS Word document through VB 6.0
  50. how to call servlets using visual basic
  51. IF..Else statement in sql.
  52. Need Help excel to access conversion using vb6
  53. How to test whether date is today
  54. can somebody help me out
  55. reminder date
  56. Unrecognized database format
  57. VB to ACCESS headache!!!
  58. how to write a data into excel sheet from vb6
  59. Automation Error 440
  60. Calendar
  61. Problem With My Adodc
  62. Problem With Adodc
  63. forms
  64. SQL SUM Function
  65. VBA code won't run in Access 2007
  66. MSDN Problem
  67. English To Hindi Translation Using Visual Basic
  68. create log files
  69. Oracle is installed or not..
  70. transfer data from one access db to another access db in vb6.0
  71. vba error : 'Object variable not set...'
  72. Automatically increase checkboxes depending on data
  73. Create command button in a different shape
  74. Write from VB6 to MS Word
  75. Marquee
  76. How to connect Crystal Report to VB 6.0
  77. Handling pixels of an image
  78. add items
  79. Custom in VB 6
  80. Reading files by line number
  81. Using more than two recordsets on one report
  82. I want SQL query to retrieve data
  83. Seven Segment Counter
  84. Listview - Simple code but sorts in different format
  85. read text from image file
  86. Show results of union query in combobox
  87. Word Document not running VB Code......
  88. Filling a ComboBox with Unique data
  89. Help! System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMExceptiion (0x80040154):
  90. Vb6.0 + Pdf
  91. Commandbutton, OptionButton, Combobox help please?!?! No VB experience!!
  92. How I display all records using Dynamic queries on a report.
  93. Tell me where i went wrong
  94. Tree view third party component - Urgent
  95. Display values in a ComboBox?
  96. Transfer variable to other form
  97. Pass a value from child Win form back to textbox of parent Win Form
  98. Visual Basic 6 problems with (Custom)
  99. VB script to insert text anywhere into a Wordxp document
  100. Editing the registry on a different partition
  101. MSFlexGrid and ColAlignment
  102. String to Type
  103. expression works under XP, not under VISTA
  104. Create Text Boxes at Run Time in VB.6
  105. Data Report Error; 'Report Width Larger than paper Width'
  106. Take Print on DMP
  107. multiline database field causing chaos!
  108. Disable keys in program
  109. Using InputBox to change file links
  110. Visual Basic SDLC
  111. VB 2005 RadioButtons
  112. Multipage : Page increase
  113. Excel instance won't close
  114. Basic
  115. If
  116. DAP Pet Peeve problem
  117. Visual Basic 2005 Express Crystal Reports WinForms
  118. Use of INet Control for downloding from HTTPS site - VB
  119. adding and removing Registry keys VB6
  120. Encountering challenges with the Random Function
  121. how to clear the value stored in a temporary variable
  122. Open Password Protected ExcelSheet
  123. Textbox in vb accepts only numbers
  124. textbox in vb accepting characters and numbers only
  125. VB6.0 Pdf
  126. WebBrowser Control Puzzle - Setting Folder View
  127. Data report
  128. Runtime creating relationship in ACCESS using VB 6.0
  129. DataReport without DataReport1 object.
  130. reading and opening textfile.. Need help...
  131. Visual Basic Basics
  132. Select multiple items in combobox, to display in textbox
  133. Using Multimedia with VB 6.0
  134. VB Script for windows application.
  135. Having a problem with the following code...Please help!
  136. save data from mshflexgrid
  137. Create a screensaver installer
  138. Full Screen for Media Player --> Catastropic Failure?
  139. Autoexpand a combo box
  140. how to check the duplicate value in listview
  141. Extract time and change in morning, noon, afternoon
  142. Stand Alone Applications
  143. change date format to 'Morning', 'Noon' and 'Afternoon'
  144. Send Click
  145. How to Calculate the Employee TimeSheet
  146. Macromedia Flash in VB 6.0
  147. Code for validation.???Not working
  148. About SSN
  149. Progress Bar while receiving data from ADODB recordset at Crystal Report
  150. Append into file
  151. AutoCAD interface
  152. how to make the exe file be a single application on running mode
  153. File input help
  154. Generating XML using VB Script
  155. List View Problem
  156. Good Graphics to VB6 Apps
  157. Blocking the Download Files
  158. Exporting a datagridview to .csv
  159. Error 3421: "Data Type Conversion Error.
  160. result of a sql query to variable
  161. RUN TIME ERROR 2147217842(80040e4e)
  162. Making Packages on VB Project
  163. How to do this?
  164. Filter records in listview using sql statement.
  165. Out Of Stack Problem
  166. Problem in inserting a row to MS-Access Table
  167. Assignment solution please
  168. Who'd like to join a development group?
  169. Birthday Reminder-Direct Start Up
  170. Setting System Time and Date from VB6.0
  171. Checking the presence of a disc in the drive
  172. About Sections in DataReports
  173. scrolling listbox?
  174. Connect VB with database
  175. Random Database Info?
  176. insert into table error
  177. Fade effect in a usercontrol
  178. primary key in vb with database sql?
  179. data report
  180. Problem inserting database value of numeric type into Excel
  181. Working with Cash Dispensing Unit
  182. Visual Basic
  183. Start Application When Windows Starts
  184. Help make auto clicker
  185. Assistance please
  186. How to write XPATH with conditions,
  187. Windows Service Development in Visual Studio
  188. Maximize Form
  189. How To Copy Locked Access Database
  190. VB Code - Word "Range" changed case to "rANGE"
  191. .Dwg inage display in small size
  192. Send key "Windows Key + E"
  193. Link with Text
  194. Add the values of a listbox
  195. textbox control
  196. about global variable
  197. Can't we add page break in report?
  198. how to print report for all vendors
  199. Unicode input in VB 6.0
  200. MsgBox and redirect problem
  201. Copy multiple rows from one Listview to Another
  202. print word file to pdf from outlook macro
  203. Question about datareports
  204. Geocites replacement VB3 disks
  205. What does mean := in VBA ?
  206. Run-time error '5': Invalid procedure call or argument in VB
  207. data report
  208. VB 6.0 Access Database
  209. how to connect access sheet in vb program
  210. vb6 question
  211. read a line from a text file
  212. How to make vB remember a value between forms?
  213. Need Help on How to check if the excel table is empty
  214. Deciding offense and defense in a basketball game
  215. Really slow filestream
  216. Cool Form
  217. print from visual basic 6.0 to word or excel
  218. Applying To a form
  219. Database connection help
  220. save file or download
  221. Edit large textfile
  222. how to execute a google search ?
  223. How to Print
  224. file writing
  225. Images in Rich Text Box
  226. Reading XML from VB 6.0
  227. how to increase the no of menu item
  228. Need Help With Appearence!!!
  229. error 3021
  230. how to run the annimated gif
  231. parallel port communication
  232. Sort a ListView
  233. Draw Excel Chart from Visual Basic
  234. about Infragistics Active splitter , Active thread plus, Active toolbar Plus controls
  235. excel macro to run sql query for specific date input and save the file
  236. Networking With Vb6
  237. Download MSDN VS 6.0
  238. Pls Help!
  239. Calculate Person's Age!
  240. add colour in cells
  241. Data Environment Designer in VB 6.0
  242. help with listbox alignt eg. {0,-1}
  243. dataview.rowfilter not filtering
  244. stopping a running script with a keypress
  245. How do we add backgrounds (bitmaps) into our games?
  246. How to update single data in different sheets
  247. how to close all forms in vb
  248. comparing two richtextboxes
  249. list view control
  250. how we insert date in excel sheet with visual basic
  251. is it possible to access the files kept in one server through vb appli -Urgent.......
  252. error: whlie making setup file
  253. adding, saving, editing database without adding adodc or datacontrol
  254. crystal report error
  255. Fixed image in CR 11
  256. problem with CopyFromRecordset Access>Excel
  257. Creating a database at run time
  258. Checking the status of a speaker
  259. Making a setup in vb6.0
  260. Error Handler For Whole Project
  261. Edit a text file
  262. Shell as Administrator?
  263. How to make the value of every array outside of the range "00"
  264. msflexgrid
  265. Syntax Error
  266. crystal reports
  267. Fast then slow, using bitblt
  268. How do i open a text file as input that may be in two different locations?
  269. Validate Text and Tab inside DataGridView Row
  270. find method
  271. 12 Days of christmas VB Pogram help
  272. Hiding an inherited public function
  273. Redid the script
  274. VB6 & SourceSafe
  275. VB connecting to oracle
  276. Help ! Find and remover !
  277. how to make a single setup file
  278. Display Y/N on report instead of -1/0
  279. mscomm control
  280. Converting decimal to ASCII in array
  281. Run-time error '5': Invalid procedure call or argument in VB
  282. Check for Valid E-mail ID
  283. How to detect a conflict on schedule?
  284. How to get current directory
  285. is it possible to include a power point slideshow in vb???
  286. How to make an excel file as an exe applciation.
  287. "Out of Bounds" Datagrid Scroll Bar
  288. Getting Data from Worksheet which matches Cell reference
  289. Embed Outlook Message Viewer in Windows Form
  290. VB report, Pls
  291. Connecting to the DB in Crystal Reports
  292. Keys
  293. Form to populate Excel worksheet and Word document
  294. Convert a long string to integer
  295. Connect to Network With Authentication
  296. reading and opening textfile per character
  297. Printer Port Programming
  298. read specific line in text file
  299. Image file insertion into Database
  300. Re-spliting a split - Type Mismatch
  301. DataGrid Jump to Specific Row
  302. How to grayed 'Read only' in property of Explorer of Windows with VB?
  303. Need Help Please! Validation Vba!
  304. Access/Excel link for data download and upload - interesting bug
  305. VB setup file
  306. Search
  307. error in scanning
  308. Button and If Statement
  309. startup script via gpo does not delete registry keys
  310. how to download MSDN files for VB6
  311. Problems getting a picture via a file path stored in a database into the DataReport
  312. Hoe to Open notpad or doc file in vb 6
  313. If statement
  314. INSERT INTO MS Access DB with dates
  315. entering data into a listbox?
  316. Deployable exe in VB6.0
  317. VB5 build issue
  318. VB - loop
  319. VB6 : DataGrid absolute (current) position problem
  320. visual basic code help
  321. VB6 : Create DSN Programatically
  322. Opening a file in VB
  323. Change Row Index at RunTime
  324. Which control to use for displaying text,tables and pics?
  325. Extracting Files
  326. MsFlexgrid.. Color in a cell
  327. Toolbar control
  328. Using .png files
  329. creation of inputBox from combo box selection
  330. Reports in vb,Help Me
  331. Delete Cells With Repeating Values
  332. This code gives an error that DrawArc is not a method
  333. VBA coding - Automating Table and Figure Captions/References
  334. How can I get SQL Server and other tool.
  335. Can set picture in RichTextBox and how
  336. VB feat C++
  337. Opening IE window without title bar
  338. visual basic and .net
  339. Question on P & D Wizard
  340. login screening converting from DAO to ADO
  341. Export Table Or Query Through VB
  342. Refreshing Data Command
  343. VB Script to download CSV Files from SFTP server to my computer
  344. select folder
  345. crystal report help
  346. display data to datagrid
  347. ComboBox List Remover on Select
  348. Check thru listbox
  349. datagrid entry
  350. How do I create an username input box in vb
  351. duplicate entries in combo box
  352. Flexgrid data to access
  353. Winsock Connection Problem
  354. program
  355. vb colors
  356. VB rounding error
  357. amount in words
  358. Detecting Conflict Day and Time
  359. VB6 Creating a class based on (Inhereting) RichTextBox
  360. Saving data to a sequential access file
  361. I need an idea : How to save a user layout?
  362. changing the date format in monthcalendar
  363. Stop results reseting
  364. Text box formating in vb 6.0
  365. Moving Message in VB6
  366. Visual BAsic 6 Report
  367. Date function???
  368. Runtime error
  369. Bound/Unbound Data Report?
  370. Do while loop
  371. Visual Basic 6 Professional - Academic Price?
  372. update in DB using stringbuilder,datarelations
  373. How do i display differences between dates using 2 datediff results?
  374. Saving data field to document
  375. Validation, Exit Loop
  376. DTPicker-
  377. image crop
  378. changing colours or encircle dates in bulit in calender
  379. calculate amount of hours worked
  380. Handling Unload Event
  381. Trying to calculate Text Box inputs - please help!
  382. enable disable proxy
  383. How can i print the contents of a datagrid?
  384. how to create ticker in visual basic
  385. connect server database from client machine using VB6
  386. VB loop questions
  387. Vb 6.0 Xmlhttp
  388. Handling The Close [x] Button Of A Form
  389. Export from Crystal Report
  390. Slabwise & Pagewise Datareport
  391. Creating a ATM program
  392. Execution error when running on non-English XP
  393. Read fields from .txt file and write to a table
  394. Option Buttons and Instant Label Display
  395. Problem with Dataenvironment
  396. Opening User Forms
  397. VB6 Enter button
  398. Problem about listview
  399. datatype mismatch in vb
  400. Winsock sending of data by Bytes
  401. Winsock Problem
  402. how to visible the tooltip automotically
  403. how to include checkbox in MsFlexgrid
  404. VB6 Equivalent
  405. hi output parameter value in Procedure)
  406. VBA calling IE with credentials
  407. Is it ok to install both VB6 and Visual Studio 2005 on Vista?
  408. Moving Focus using Tab key....
  409. retrieving more than 1 row in access with datagrid
  410. connect to a website database from vb application!!
  411. Change to bold
  412. Determine whether system date is correct
  413. Using VB and SQL
  414. Fixed Size of a Window
  415. try catch blocks
  416. vBA : Replace Function
  417. Validate entered path, close form
  418. Runtime error 91
  419. Asking for better solution
  420. Printing out a Hardcopy of a Particular Tab Form
  421. copy a row from a datagrid and put it into another datagrid
  422. Paasing an sql server result set from one MDB to the other
  423. How to lock screen using visual basic 2005
  424. validation between two dropdown list
  425. Help regarding OpenOffice and VB
  426. How to check the max length
  427. Line Help
  428. How do i create icons?
  429. How To Install Crystal Report For use in Visual Basic 6.0
  430. WebBrowser
  431. Splitting a string
  432. Send data to 3270 terminal from VB
  433. Script to move files older than x days old
  434. How to send Line command graphics from form to printer?
  435. saving data
  436. Mscomm Modem via Bluetooth Problem
  437. How to create a shortcut key to evoke a built event
  438. Masked Edit Box Problems
  439. increment
  440. Option buttons + Price + Grand Total
  441. Hyperlink from labels to Word documents
  442. error in connecting with sql server
  443. "SWbemServicesEx: Quota Validation" Error while executing a VB Script
  444. Programming in VB using excel sheet
  446. weird integer rounding error
  447. how to call any control value of one VB Dll from another VB Dll - Urgent
  448. how on the caps key
  449. suggestions in connecting to an access database?
  450. Calling of records from table through command button and saving it to another table.
  451. Simple Randomize Help
  452. Problem with me.close
  453. I need help creating this program
  454. Update Access DB Schema
  455. TXT file parser
  456. opacity of label
  457. Error Code and how to get it to disappear
  458. How vb 6.0 forms working with dreamweaver 8.0 for build web pages in xhtml
  459. Problem in insertion of data in Excel
  460. text filtering with Visual Basic
  461. Run time control
  462. Insert data from a CSV into webform, and click "go on"
  463. Date Format in a datalist - VB
  464. How to take the server time in VB 6
  465. Convert Number to Words(ex. 99 ans. ninty nine)
  466. comparision between two columns
  467. How to do this?
  468. file upload problem
  469. moving emails in outlook - type mismatch error
  470. Crystal Reports 11.5 with Visual Basic 6.0
  471. Bitwise check 'attributes record' in database
  472. Decimal separator in Access database
  473. Problem with AT read sms from gsm modem
  474. how we repeat a column data
  475. Export Subreport Data
  476. End of parameter list expected. Cannot define parameters after a paramarray parameter
  477. Programming Code for calendar Converter
  478. Ms Sql Stored Procedure
  479. Why is this generating a message that file is not found
  480. Reading from XML File
  481. Find and bookmark function of adodc to a data control
  482. Flow control does not stop after clicking OK in message box
  483. Webform Textbox
  484. How do I modify this code to read additional lines
  485. Question about MSHTML
  486. The "And" Function
  487. How do I fill my listbox from a selection from the drop down list.
  488. morse code
  489. visual basic adoc control vs reference
  490. displaying date by counting on days
  491. Temporarily Closing DAO connection
  492. Textbox input Validation Question
  493. How to code an auto key presser
  494. Direct data entry using Dbgrid
  495. External Crystal Reports With VB 6.0
  496. Shell command in visual basic
  497. Insert the records in excel sheet
  498. database saving
  499. Which Datatype to use for Phoneno
  500. Animated GIG in VB6
  501. Changing pictures and playing MIDI files
  502. DTPicker question
  503. Get the parent form of an activex control
  504. Saving Serial Port Data To File
  506. Get Value from another form's textbox
  507. how to add the tabselection index in datagrid using VB6.0
  508. vb skins
  509. Modify the excel sheet
  510. Validating a textbox inside update panel
  511. encoding image to base64 string
  512. generating an excel file in vb 6.0
  513. suppress acrobat
  514. Run-time Error 50001 Unexpected Error ; Quitting.
  515. Add formula to Data Report
  516. please correct me
  517. File Path
  518. password on inputbox?
  519. string array ?
  520. Read Excel worksheet
  521. Case and Not operator?
  522. How to get Decimal Points in Numeric Value
  523. acrobat
  524. Hide and Restore third party applications from the Taskbar
  525. What might be wrong ?
  526. Add Items From A Database
  527. runtime error 50001 in visual basic 6.0
  528. Urgent:jet Oledb Initialisation Error
  529. Making connection with sql server
  530. Can I share VB project in a network
  531. Calling a C# code from VB6
  532. add date and time in vb form
  533. Highlighting characters in VB6 Textbox while typing itself....
  534. visual basic Data Control
  535. Can't edit module
  536. VB6 EXe Unable to run in Some computer
  537. Problem in accessing the Access Database
  538. Accumulating Sum in Label
  539. to assign parameter values from access qry to oracle stored procedure
  540. Read Ms word document line by line
  541. Compiler Error: Else without If
  542. Dom creating a root and element with 2 or more attribute
  543. what is the command to kill application in task manager
  544. Get instances of Winword.exe
  545. DataGrid Search
  546. i am new and i need help
  547. Capturing and validating fingerprints
  548. Masked Edit Box
  549. Clicking calendar date transfer it into a textbox
  550. aggregate Sum