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  1. Hide when minimized
  2. Report width is larger than the paper
  3. Connection for Acessing the database from server machine to client machine
  4. Sending e-mail
  5. Populating ListBox in excel with visible cells in filtered Range
  6. Archive database
  7. 'Class not registered' error during adding Crystel report8.0 in vb6.0
  8. To join Ms-Access to VB try to write my code please help me
  9. how to count how many table in database at runtime in visual basic 6.0
  10. back up sql database at runtime.
  11. Copying a Treeview data from VB6.0 to Excel 2000
  12. Crystal Report - 2 Commands in one report
  13. API Tutorial For Dummies?
  14. How to create a new table at runtime
  15. Conversion to array
  16. Change Resolution
  17. Is modulo in VB6 broken or just odd?
  18. Something like Tool tip
  19. Up Arrow Key
  20. How to convert Excel files to MS Access table and load the data to the application
  21. Problem with TAB
  22. Getting content of objects from another windows
  23. Action on form dragging
  24. Benefits of MDI Form
  25. Reports having Data from MSFlexGrid & TextBoxes
  26. VBA Obtain SessionID
  27. Reports having Data from MSFlexGrid & TextBoxes
  28. Create Label Via User Control Property Page
  29. hex
  30. Hdc ???
  31. Combo box help
  32. Try....which is faster?
  33. Problem in switching between 2 different DB2 subsystems in VB deskto application...
  34. ABout Data Report
  35. Animated Gif Problem
  36. Update data using Connection
  37. Filecopy With Ip Address
  38. Problems with Remote Data Object (RDO) & MySQL
  39. No operator limits?
  40. Date
  41. Embedding VB code into a Dreamweaver web page
  42. MDI Problem
  43. Create Txt files & Organise
  44. error on datagridview date field using mysql and vb2005
  45. help with login password.
  46. outdated information
  47. Visual Basic Info
  48. ForeColor of Command Button
  49. direct print a textfile
  50. Accessing Registry Through VB API
  51. Reading DLL through VB
  52. winsock
  53. Convert String, To Object, Then To Form
  54. Append to file; paste to Paint; Fast form hiding at startup; GetAsynchKeyState issues
  55. Help setting a variable for the name of a program that is open
  56. Trying to SendKeys when someone presses "F" with VB08
  57. Help on String and Integer
  58. VB Code for playing two audio files at the same time
  59. ODBC error in Excel macro, on one particular PC
  60. DataGrid Control Events
  61. Adding a decimal to a raw number
  62. Microsoft Word (VBA Program printing problem)
  63. How to use Parameter in XPATH Queris
  64. disable right-click in vb6?
  65. how to find a control array exists or not
  66. TextBox thing...
  67. UTF8 problem
  68. Stopping multiple instances of program from running
  69. report generation error
  70. Selecting date and time
  71. Delete table using EXECUTE cmd
  72. asking about vb programming
  73. Data Report!!!!
  74. Radio Button question
  75. Face recognition
  76. java script in VB coding
  77. Passing an array name to a function
  78. Output in VB08?
  79. Accessing Terminal Services on handheld device via serial port - where to start
  80. Open file based on combobox selection
  81. I need a Excel macro to delete zeros in selected cells.
  82. webcam problem
  83. DElete Top XXX Query
  84. Searching for a directory by date
  85. Ado
  86. Urgent : Data grid not refreshing properly
  87. Visual programming laguage
  88. Newton Raphson's Method for solving an equation
  89. Hiding a Label and Textbox in DataReport
  90. probleum in displaying the price in decimal format
  91. dataGrid Question
  92. fcfs
  93. String Search and Add to
  94. Password protected Access file in VB6
  95. Does anyone have a VB Keylogger Tutorial?
  96. Updating text fields on another form
  97. Writing XPATH Queries
  98. listview printing
  99. Problem with Datagrid
  100. evaluating strength of a poker hand
  101. dim problem
  102. Send email with an attachment by smtp
  103. have no idea how to and its imperitive i find out....please help
  104. Method 'Range' of object '_global' failed during sort
  105. Automatic Lock
  106. Listbox items
  107. Custom
  108. Creating PDF Files Using Visual Basic
  109. Error user-defined type not defined with cdosys32.dll
  110. Query In Vb
  111. Parent-Child Relation
  112. Add text from StreamReader to TextBox
  113. Using Triggers / Stored procedures
  114. adding to textbox
  115. Creating a questionnaire, please help!
  116. InsertCommand Required after Databasechanged....
  117. Vb App - Schedule?
  118. Updating subject
  119. Using Tabs in Visual Basic 2005
  120. Visual Basic & RDC
  121. Call: Is it necessary?
  122. Access 2003 FileSearch / TextOrProperty
  123. Regarding ComboBox of VB6.0
  124. using multiple database in one program
  125. Auto ticket generation in vb 6.0
  126. VB2005 : Help Making Splash Screen To Load Reference
  127. crystal reports error : a string is required here
  128. Anyone know how to program the transfer of CSV data to web page form field?
  129. I'm New to VB and Programming - I've only used Command Prompt
  130. inputting from a data file
  131. Recursive error
  132. SnapShots in
  133. Create an exe from a program.
  134. Image in mysql database
  135. Application Error on client pc
  136. Noob simple question
  137. dbl click
  138. Graphic VB 2D line can add trendline?
  139. Preventing the user from changing the system time
  140. API functions
  141. SQL Help(Connection)
  142. Posting data to https site using Internet Transfer Control 6.0
  143. Checkbox State Question
  144. text numbers
  145. Query SharePoint List
  146. Validating List from Different Workbook
  147. system control program
  148. Custom Validation Help
  149. mouse event capturing in IE6
  150. How to set Page margins before printing to a printer
  151. Tutorial 4 matrix
  152. Dual Cursors Dj application
  153. NULL value Problem
  154. Picture as Background
  155. forward only recordset
  156. How to Index into
  157. Excel - filter row instead of column
  158. VBA Error in Excel under OS X
  159. Redirect Output from a script/batch to database
  160. Automate IE via VB - Change focus of object.
  161. Reading Certain lines in a text file
  162. Backup and Recovery (MySQL & VB 6)
  163. Validation not working: run-time error '-2147417848 (80010108)'
  164. Help needed with deleting a file.... Error: File is being used by anohter process.
  165. How to Connect MySQL Servers & Clients 3.23.52 from VB 6.0
  166. VBA Excel SheetChange event - nothing happens when i make the change
  167. Recordset update problem
  168. Closing form HELP!!!!!
  169. Split PDF files
  170. opening a new form and closing when done
  171. How to check which application has the focus on my pc?
  172. KeyPress within a web browser
  173. Date Formats
  174. Visual Basic 6.0 debugger issue
  175. Select Case/If Statement to total a group of option buttons
  176. Calling Executable from VB6.0 Code
  177. Inputbox
  178. bho for ie6 tutorial in vb6
  179. Simple CheckBox Question
  180. Database(ADODB)
  181. Data & Table
  182. Draw table using line between rows and Columns
  183. Multiple-step OLEDB operation generated errors
  184. Print report Weekly; bi-Weekly; monthly
  185. Blocking a particular machine from accessing my machine.
  186. How can I Export MS Access Data Report to MS Word document from VB 6.0
  187. Import/Export Data for use in Quick Books
  188. Frnds How To draw a parabola (U - shaped curve) in vb 6.0
  189. VB front end, with back end using another language
  190. how to clear an array dynamically
  191. DLL COnnection in VB
  192. matrix multiplication
  193. getting totals
  194. Can't use Dialogs.Item(wdDialogFileOpen)
  195. COM/DLL object with ASP Reference
  196. Check if variable exists.
  197. Save each excel sheet (unknown amount) as csv file
  198. VB ASP form
  199. Subscript out of range?
  200. help me about this insert command
  201. Using Tab key to move to next Text Box
  202. Library of Code
  203. Classes In VB6
  204. Error handling in VB6
  205. ADODB Connection...
  206. Pasting from clipboard with F12
  207. One-Dimensional Arrays in VB6
  208. Connect to MS SQL Server 2000 from VB 6.0
  209. How can I Export MS Access Data Report to MS Word document from VB 6.0
  210. Copy text from txt file to clipboard
  211. Voice over WinSock
  212. Navigation buttons
  213. Working with classes
  214. Error during doing loading
  215. owner drawn contextmenu
  216. Could Not load ftp4w32.dll ERROR.
  217. Sendkeys in VB6
  218. SQLServer
  219. can we automate screen capturing of SnagIT
  220. Image loader for Powerpoint... is this the right scripting to use?
  221. searching on treeview
  222. How Do You Link Keys To Cursor In PPT VBA ?
  223. Problem creating an array in VB for Crystal Rpts10
  224. Variable not defined?!?
  225. Adding a user to "log on as a service" to local security policy
  226. UserName & Password
  227. Trouble with outputting data via MSCOMM
  228. Scan drive for a file type and delete
  229. Component in VB for Pattern Recognition
  230. Delete Selected Rows in Datagridview Msg
  231. Compare items in two list boxes
  232. Selecting a file by its location rather than its name
  233. Crashes macro application in Microsoft Excel 97 under Windows XP
  234. Data report
  235. Installated VB application does find a DB
  236. Report Size in Crystal Report 8.5
  237. insert comand can modify structure of table?
  238. i am using vbprndlg.dll for the first help me
  239. Using Visual Basic to control a lighting dimmer
  240. Static Variable problem
  241. Update selected records on datagrid
  242. Moving ellipse within a PictureBox Control in
  243. Need Help for Search
  244. can't refresh records
  245. Set message subject here ...
  246. this is how to know drive type
  247. table of only number using procedure
  248. Help with Login form that validates users and passwords from text files(VB 2005)
  249. Create objects such as buttons, edit their visual style
  250. totals from a datagrid
  251. vb send string to asp
  252. how to use stored procedure in ms-access through the vb6.0?
  253. how to get the total possible combination for a series of characters
  254. getting totals from a datagrid
  255. Runtime error -2147467259 (80004005)
  256. how to display all items from combobox to textbox when selected one item in combobox
  257. How to get the name and other porperties of folder/file
  258. VB and True DBGrid issue
  259. Returning subfolder name with path name
  260. Visual Basic - Looping through files
  261. Registry Access through VB
  262. Problem with DTPicker
  263. Bill In VB
  264. Difference between Trim and Trim$ Function?
  265. Connection Between VB6.0 and Excel
  266. Esc key
  267. System Date
  268. Code,please go through
  269. Calculations
  271. need help with VB and SQL connection and creation
  272. VB6 script Dynamic Combobox in webpage
  273. multiplication of 3 matrix that produce 6x6 matrix
  274. Using Text files
  275. making a pdf file 'read only' using vb
  276. Search box
  277. Progress/Loading Bar...PLEASE HELP!!!
  278. Dynamic report Run time error '-2147217904'(80040e10)
  279. Tabbed Userform
  280. VB6 Determine the operating system
  281. How to show images on ms-excel through the vb6.0 code
  282. problem in printing vb6 form as a Landscape Manner during Run time
  283. Error handling for vb6.0
  284. find a vbscriptcode to know status of a remote machine
  285. VB6 and tmp files
  286. Limit what is printed on a report
  287. Change modified date on msg file
  288. How to use left function in VB2005
  289. Send mail using Internet Explorer
  290. Need help with ini read/write
  291. Invalid Use Of Property in User Control
  292. Hiding a form: If conditions
  293. Creating An EXE file
  294. How to Add Table in a MS Word Document from VB6 Application
  295. msdn
  296. Run-time error '20' Invalid index
  297. Reading data from excel file
  298. put things in frame
  299. vb application
  300. Access Databse Exe
  301. please help me about the code/formula
  302. Changing Vb publish path
  303. Get a file name path from a text file
  304. Excel VBA question (Userform search field)
  305. help regarding time
  306. Help Needed About "Next" Button In Visual Basic!
  307. how to create reminder by using an email
  308. sending a reminder to recepient via email in vb6
  309. imagelist return "INVALID PICTURE"
  310. read bios core voltage with vb
  311. VBA and Filter Question
  312. Custom CommandBar
  313. What's BitBlt's DSTINVERT supposed to do?
  314. backgroundimage = none how to do it?
  315. Print Screen to picture
  316. interface between SnagIt 7.0.1 and VB6?
  317. Need a simple Server Prog to listen to ping request
  318. Graphs in userform
  319. Problem opening Excel from VB
  320. DataReport?
  321. exe problem
  322. I need help in tabularizing and printing my outputs
  323. Cannot update 1 of 2 tables - Dynamic SQL generation is not supported
  324. Change Height of textbox in vb.net2005
  325. Automatically adjust form layout when maximized
  326. Shockwave ActiveX Control
  327. checkbox values
  328. How to lock the item in combo box.
  329. hello needing some help
  330. convert vb6 project to vs 2005
  331. URL of Current IE WINDOW IN VBS / VB
  332. Vlook up code on different worksheet each time
  333. how to separate first and second 8 characters from line and store it in new txt file
  334. Matrix Analysis
  335. How to read Binary file
  336. Create XML in VB6
  337. Check Out This Code Please..........
  338. Memory Issues in VB
  339. Dynamic Tree View Control
  340. Image Arrays
  341. Error in VB 6.0 : Class not Registered. Looking for object with CLSID :{....}
  342. use gambas as network sniffer interface
  343. How to Load the dll into vbscript?
  344. Voice Over Bluetooth
  345. Unique & Complex Sorting Program
  346. Help in puting numbers for each items on the group
  347. DSNLess Connection: VB 6 + SQL Server 2005
  348. max records
  349. ucase
  350. See if window is open on the hand of the window text
  351. OverFlow - Runtime Error 6
  352. dates problem
  353. what is mean by automation in vb
  354. Auto number problem
  355. Runtime Error '1004' - Specified value is out of range.
  356. prjct query
  357. Monthly report
  358. WebBrowser Showing New URL Right after it was clicked
  359. export datareport to pdf format
  360. msaccess report output to word inconsistency
  361. CR 8.5 Export To PDF and create problem
  362. crystal report does not show up in vb6
  363. Novice Excel VBA coder - type mismatch error
  364. opening in dataentry mode
  365. Textfile & Arrays
  366. Textfile
  367. Concatenation of a parameter
  368. Error 13 Type Mismatch
  369. List View Control Columns From 2 Tables???
  370. crystal report in vb 2005
  371. How To Copy Files
  372. How to display date in a datepicker
  373. Date Range search with VB UserForm
  374. can we use picture box as a place holder
  375. Use Crystal Report to get the Current Date
  376. how to encrypt a string by coding??
  378. timer with random number
  379. Tab key won't work
  380. Find Newest File in VB Exp.
  381. datagrid and a datalist
  382. Problem with MANY checkboxes
  383. Visual basic To make a random image
  384. Type Mismatch Problem!!!!!HELP!!!!!
  385. How to load a .Net Activex Control in to Vb 6.0 at Run time
  386. Validate msflexgrid's cells
  387. Are there formatting commands for the Print #, command
  388. UBGrid
  389. Pyramid shape
  390. Please go thru this code,,,,,UPDATE QUERY....
  391. port32.ocx
  392. Crystal Report 8.5 and Visual Basic 6.0 Problem
  393. Sounds
  394. Excel modify in VB6
  395. DB2 remote connection string on vb 2005
  396. using an array of shapes parameter in vb6
  397. "Programing in visual basic 6.0"
  398. Show GIF or Flash animation on top of everything
  399. semi colon
  400. Reading/Writing to excel
  401. Passing Data Types To A Function
  402. Subtracting from units In Stock
  403. Vis basic and Bisection method
  404. Writing XPATH Query Problems
  405. Upload File to server
  406. Saving in visual basic
  407. Add or Delete a Column in backend database in VB project
  408. two columns in a listview can be from different tables???
  409. Handling Application Exit Event
  410. VB - Oracle Connectivity Issue
  411. visual basic 6.0
  412. How to set 10 number of records to display on one page of datareport in vb6.0?
  413. which function is used to count the days of selected month in vb 6.0?
  414. Creating a Registration form to log in
  415. out of bound error no 35600
  416. please help me... how to compress an access database by vb6.0 coding
  417. ms word still running after closing the bound control object in an access form
  418. Excel Worksheet Range
  419. Bar Code
  420. Identify duplicate books in a library system
  421. Checking Mouse Over
  422. How to Paste from vb
  423. how to find duplicate values in a array
  424. Picture box problem?
  425. List View
  426. Finding record using data control
  427. xlNoSelection not persisting after the file is closed
  428. Can we use Webservices in Visual Basic 6 ?
  429. Data Reports
  430. VB 6.0 to CR 8.5
  431. Using Timers??
  432. Image Capturing
  433. interface in vb 6
  434. VB in MS Word
  435. OldValue function not working
  436. how to open and edit a Adobe acrobat pdf in vb6
  437. Excel VBA Sheet properties Question
  439. reference to shell32.dll
  440. Problem in VB SQL Query
  441. Is it able to transfer the values from one lsit view to another???
  442. Reading XML file in VB6.0
  443. software
  444. Excel to PDF
  445. How to have more text boxes with a scroll bar
  446. MS Word - show user form when user hits Save
  447. List box problem
  449. Save modified data after editing on datagridviewer.
  450. problem in tracking program usage
  451. HttpWebRequest
  452. Filtering a textfile datasource for mailmerging in Word
  453. New Progress Bar
  454. Determine correct state of HTML Browser
  455. Automate Java/Firefox actions from VB
  456. How to manage VB code
  457. Developing for a Symbol VR400 RFID in Visual Basic
  458. date problem
  459. printing text file in landscape
  460. How to upload file to with VB6 code
  461. how to save internet pages (pdf)
  462. ?? bind DataSet with listbox ???
  463. help with Database with vb 2005/8
  464. Saving Data when modified
  465. to get day of particular date
  466. How to create crystal report in vb6.0?
  467. How to display 10 records on one page of data report?
  468. Class Not Registered Error + Runtime '91' error in MSFlexGrid VB6 Program
  469. Excel To Mdb
  470. DateTimePicker BackColor DesignMode
  471. How do we multiply in L.B?
  472. Need Help with Leading Zeros
  473. Grid in vb6.0
  474. Setting DataReport Report Size
  475. Search of Website
  476. Keep form active?
  477. how to autoamatically change datareport page to landscape
  478. How can we take two perticular objects from MSHflexgrid while selecting object?
  479. Display auto numbers in textbox in VB
  480. retrieve value from array
  481. Display specified number of records per page in datareport
  482. How can we display Yes/No or True/False instead of -1 / 0 in datareport in vb?
  483. Error in Update Query Syntax
  484. Equivilent of Try (vb08) in Vb6
  485. how can we fill data in same mshflexgrid using two recordset?
  486. How to display "15,000.00" format in mshflexgrid?
  487. library system
  488. Print on Form
  489. Adding a node to an existing XML file
  490. Runtime error 91
  491. Downloading DBase updates from a specific FTP
  492. Help
  493. IntelliSense in vb 6.0
  494. Help!!
  495. To Make Package and Development
  496. Print a VB6 form in landscape mode
  497. DataGrid Control
  498. How to GIve Format to the data in mshflexgrid?
  499. Can I keep my database on external ftp
  500. Three way operation, Save on close msg
  501. how to use enumeration
  502. How to put Input mask in text box
  503. using other executives in your application
  504. Email in vb6
  505. Split String
  506. View SQL Server 2000 db in VB6 listview
  507. import and export
  508. free download version
  509. Printing VB08
  510. IE from VB
  511. Need to create web based application.
  512. VB6 form not responding while reading long text file
  513. Printing Data report in landscape mode
  514. visual basic mdi form
  515. Internet Control
  516. Creating search function
  517. visual basic mdi form
  518. Date as primary key?
  519. adodc1 problems
  520. Passing string values to batch files using vbscript
  521. Change extention of file
  522. i don't know..
  523. Code running on a particular time
  524. files in an application in its final level
  525. useless adodc
  526. dll and exe
  527. remote data contol
  528. VB6 Contents for text into label
  529. Controlling .dxr/.dcr
  530. Print a VB6 form in landscape mode
  531. opening multiple files through vb6's openfiledialog
  532. Multiply text in a textbox.
  533. compare text from clipboard
  534. How to zoom on webbrowser control
  535. Method '~' of object '~'
  536. distributing on the web!
  537. Setting Wallpaper by VB6.0 code
  538. Need to create exe file which can run on any system without installing.
  539. DOS printing through VB with stopping page ejection
  540. How to disable or make visible false to unnecessary items in propertygrid
  541. Insert a newline into a string
  542. Last four digits need to display in VB 6
  543. AutoCAD Problem in VB
  544. connecting two forms
  545. VB2005- how to manage multiple checkbox result
  546. Data Reports
  547. No Permission To Insert Objects
  548. Run as background process
  549. vb program to unlock excel workbook
  550. crystal report