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  1. Programmatically set Asp.Net in IIS
  2. The previous picture disappears
  3. Dynamic Variable Array Issue
  4. How to connect microsoft access to visual basic?
  5. Creating a dropdown list box that will call another dropdown list box in access.
  6. Change Access Table Name from Excel VBA
  7. Macro in excell
  8. Connecting VB to SQL Server 2000
  9. Combine/Merge Multiple EXE file (urgent help!)
  10. to add command button or label in status bar
  11. can anybody help me how to use MSFlexGrid in VB?
  12. crystal reports9
  13. text to excel file
  14. create unique number for naming file using VB
  15. Sending mail through VB6
  16. displaying a word document in a web broswer
  17. I need help
  18. macro help needed
  19. writing and reading to excell 2007
  20. macor in excel 2007
  21. Selecting values that are not on the listview
  22. Adding nth integer in an array
  23. good online tutorial or book to learn VB 6
  24. Vb6 Database to populate textbox in sequence
  25. Runtime error 3265 - im using Access 2003 and VB6
  26. Serial Comm Help
  27. Input data and test
  28. Question about the DateTimePicker object
  29. Set size of table
  30. Add from one label to another label!!!!!!!!!
  31. date
  32. Query Sybase Database Directly from Excel using Visual Basic
  33. cant read in excel data?
  34. cross tab
  35. How do i make program configuation. I don't care how..
  36. How to navigate on unbounded forms ???
  37. Invert Colors
  38. windows services
  39. Typing application
  40. how to reduce the time to upload data from access to excel
  41. search box
  42. pop up
  43. parameter query in datareport
  44. Run Time Error '91' in Equalizer Settings
  45. hours worked
  46. crystal report
  47. randomizing numbers
  48. Text Box Enter - vb6
  49. MAPI - attachment not working, and how to specify multiple recipients
  50. how to display the result of double data type in the decimal places request by user?
  51. Count the number in Crystal Reports
  52. neede a little help........
  53. search for a subfolder with a wildcard
  54. Excel - UserForm_Initialize() - need idea to improve the code
  55. FTP commands from VB6
  56. Form Load checking
  57. ERROR 3705 - Operation is not allowed when the object is open
  58. Making the cursor invisible
  59. Opening a file(any file)
  60. Including the VLC Vedio OCX File in VB
  61. crystal report problem
  62. Compare string like file name compare
  63. Create Installer
  64. Interfaces in vb
  65. How do i create an OO interface in VB 6.0?
  66. How to display only date with DateTimePicker control
  67. Import txt file with vertical fields into access db
  68. Adding TreeView at runtime (VB6)
  69. help on a command that will only run on first start of program
  70. Cost Block Allocation
  71. Loading the image from the url in to picturebox in VB 6.0??
  72. Database Query
  73. Bound ListBox Values
  74. file paths
  75. MSGBOX displays running as a process
  76. Check Box
  77. Randomizing objects on runtime in VB 6
  78. Error on Release
  79. Multiple selection from SQL
  80. Connect to Oracle from Visual Basic
  81. Center Form Stretching
  82. Dynamically add timer
  83. VB6/CR8.5 - print in bold depending on checkbox
  84. how to set a scrollbar to a image.
  85. Registering dll
  86. Error Number: 339
  87. Enabling Radio Button
  88. FileListBox update as string
  89. accessing data from database using Visual basic 6.0
  90. What is the code in using the progressbar in Visual Basic 6. 0? Thanks..
  91. How to use the Data Report in Visual Basic? Please Help me..
  92. help me anybody: sending numpad enter to dos application
  93. Excel -Copy variable range from one sheet to another & copy formulas & then total
  94. VB6 processing mail attachments
  95. How to retrive HTML Content from a given URL with VB 2008
  96. Upload using VB6
  97. Importing multiple sheets from a excel spreadsheet into multiple tables
  98. when i use this code to copy a text file and paste it in a specific path:this error a
  99. Sql Error
  100. VBA Variables Already Initialised
  101. very urgent please
  102. Unicode to non unicode conversion problem
  103. Doing Sum in VB6
  104. Timer
  105. how can i copy a text file and paste it in a specific path
  106. Cross-thread operation not valid
  107. programming access database with visual basic
  108. Searching a query in vba
  109. Network Disk Space
  110. how to avoid either eof or bof error
  111. Screen Saver
  112. Sort Names!!
  113. Problems with List box programming
  114. Updating Database
  115. help me: sending numpad enter to dos application
  116. Sorting Eggs with VB... HELP PLEASE
  117. Forms AfterUpdate
  118. Sorting MSFlexgrid by flexStringAscending by 10th column
  119. TextBox Text
  120. Retrieve date with file for listbox and sort
  121. Capture creation of window and determine its title/name
  122. trying to seperate my string with a space, html, or something ??
  123. calling C++ from VB
  124. Writing to Excel Using Visual Basic 6.0 form (textbox)-HELP!!
  125. Connection to Sql and Explicit declaration
  126. need help adding a note pad
  127. vbscript failes to execute on a W2003 box
  128. Upload a file using VB6
  129. New to the programming world
  130. Deleting Row from Data File
  131. Reading a Microsoft Access File
  132. How to: Update Records
  133. how to convert VB EXE to Source code?
  134. Crystal Report 8.5 Parameter Problem
  135. crystal reports
  136. Report
  137. XY plot?
  138. Accessig online database - VBA
  139. Hung Auto-Complete Combo Threads
  140. Data type in flex grid
  141. Issues while reading an excel file from vb6
  142. wisock
  143. Create Access table using VB6 code
  144. Deleting a row of data from data/text file
  145. VB 2005 / Access 2003 integration
  146. Changing the color of a chosen MSFlexGrid Cell
  147. Deleting Row from data file from MSFlexGrid
  148. Searching a string array
  149. Embedding Amzi Prolog to Visual Basic
  150. ToolStripProgressBar appears multiple times?
  151. Problem in accessing cd drives
  152. reading .pst(outlook) file
  153. Creating a reminder
  154. human finger as pointer mouse
  155. Log file
  156. to create Report in Visual Basic
  157. how to calculate the number of looping?
  158. data grid
  159. open a form
  160. date and time subtractions
  161. Run Crystal Report 10 without Crystal ActiveX Viewer
  162. Change reference of flexgrid
  163. looking for information to use inpout32.dll in VB6
  164. How to connect Postgresql through VB6
  165. Searching a folder for certain files
  166. access class module from two forms
  167. Start a new worksheet per month
  168. finding the same occurrence in the database more than twice....
  169. Reading text files into a password
  170. Nu 2 VB -- Type Mismatch Error
  171. VBScript conversion ideas?
  172. Dynamically Creating Web Pages
  173. Combobox
  174. Detect textbox's on a web page...
  175. Problem while entering data in Text Box
  176. error in updating records in access db...
  177. about haystack in vb
  178. VS flex grid problem
  179. Download Visual Studio 2005
  180. auto zooming the drawing result
  181. Can't make text bold
  182. VB6 QueryDef Code Worked in Access 97 but not 2002?
  183. Deselect all radio buttons in a group - VB2005
  184. Back up
  185. txtCustCode_Change()
  186. Calling Forms
  187. Moving a Picture With Human Finger#2
  188. Help with inputbox values?
  189. VS flex grid
  190. IP address
  191. Building a web browser - how to handle Java apps?
  192. Access Variables in Other Forms
  193. flowchart for vertical scroll bar
  194. How to use SaveFileDialog
  195. connecting VB 2008 with ms access database
  196. VBA Excel how to emove drop down from custom toolbar?
  197. TextBox - SelectAll() Problem
  198. Graphs/Charts
  199. data report parameter
  200. Borders In Data Report
  201. Can Any Body Help Me:- I Want To Send Numeric Enter Key To A Dos Application
  202. How to print a text file in Visual Basic
  203. extract a substring from string
  204. edit database using visual basic6
  205. Calling any Exe or Bat file by VB6.0
  206. update records in access db..
  207. Data migration
  208. minimize to task bar not system tray vb6
  209. problem with isam driver
  210. how to calculate the number of days in a month using vb6.0
  211. multiple copies of the same form
  212. Reloading DataGridView
  213. How do a copy a field value from a previous record based on criteria?
  214. New Form Exits Program
  215. Starting applications authomatically.
  216. how to use goto s
  217. Array Problem
  218. How to Get SubFolder of a Particular Folder
  219. Range in an if statement
  220. Comparing Form Properties in Visual Studio?
  221. Problem reading from a serial port
  222. Error On Next Record If Already open..
  223. List API Functions
  224. Can't delete a checkbox
  225. Deleting a Selected Row from MSFlexGrid
  226. Caller Id Pickup
  227. Image Update on Multiple Access Reports Via a command button on a From
  228. A macro from words in VB doesn't works in Explorer local
  229. setting date to current date ???
  230. validating Text box input
  231. Import CSV text file to MS Access DB
  232. V.B. 6.0 codes for procedures and parameters
  233. Using Barcode Printer for vb development
  234. I am affried to ask a quation
  235. SQL stored procedure to visual basic macro
  236. query regarding properties of datagrid
  237. connecting vb with to access database without using adodc...
  238. playing a sound using MMC, the second time no sound
  239. how to become expert in coding ?????????
  240. New Form In Same Position of Closed Form
  241. package & deployment wizard
  242. ** Index of VB Articles **
  243. Making a Quiz - Help! How to Open new form???
  244. Reading the .txt file twice ?
  245. Import C DLL functions into VB
  246. Using variable cell references
  247. Try This
  248. parameter passing in query Of VB DATA REPORT
  249. Reading data from a word file and opening the file with the data
  250. Loading MSFlexGrid in Form_Load()
  251. error
  252. Best way to Jump from One to another !
  253. Restrict Label's Caption Length
  254. database programming
  255. Vb Data Report Problem
  256. how to connect vb to access db....
  257. Help with looping
  258. merging similar file types during runtime of VB6.0
  259. error in creating a view
  260. Random Multiselection of Rows in MSFLexGrid
  261. File rename
  262. how to reconnect the mainframe
  263. excel2007 active x control
  264. backup SQL database at runtime
  265. Working with .dat files
  266. syntax error
  267. Capture <ctrl> t from a textbox
  268. Map a network drive thats protected
  269. Change default displayed by dropdownlist in Visual Studio
  270. Templates
  271. Reading from word file
  272. Problems using Dtpicker in VB6
  273. simple question/correction
  274. Select Distinct Statement
  275. Working with .mdb files
  276. IIf statement
  277. Crystal Report 10
  278. Online Learning
  279. Probleum in printing the value
  280. flex grid component
  281. Lcsd
  282. Far point grid
  283. i had an array with duplicate values
  284. secured access db
  285. How I can keep items in order
  286. Need Help with radio buttons
  287. CMD to verify data has been written completely?? small script
  288. help with making a web browser ( vb6)
  289. vba in excel to rs232 interfacing
  290. Keeping form always on top of fullscreen game
  291. Email option in Crystal Report
  292. need help making a web browser on vb6
  293. Syntax Error
  294. Generate age from a datetimepicker
  295. How to set Database Path(Access) for Crystal Report XI by coding in VB
  296. Error: Constant expression is required
  297. VBA - Automatically create relationships after importing Excel to Access
  298. How to do the continuous form in vb6
  299. how save data in diffrent language in access data base
  300. To pass sql query from VB6 to crystal reports
  301. to read pathname filename date of creation of all files in a directory to excel sheet
  302. export more than 65000 records to excel from access table
  303. Ranomize 6 numbers without repeating a number
  304. grid component
  305. Error !
  306. Setup Problem
  307. Adding Column to Database
  308. Build a web browser in VB6 without using Enter key
  309. Excel VBA
  310. Create Pacman Using Vb6
  311. Quick script, Loop keystrokes 'x' times??
  312. Calendar
  313. VB 6: Store the value from combo box
  314. How to duplicate a series in the MS Excel chart?
  315. Exporting a Userform from Excel
  316. create a login form that checks info against a database
  317. convert variant to image
  318. Read And Populate XML Values in Excel Sheet Using VB
  319. Accessing Virtual Serial Port
  320. vb picturebox
  321. Connectivity to Maniframes
  322. Populate combobox from contents of folder
  323. Selecting a directory with the Common Dialog
  324. Show tomorrow's date in header of Vb Report
  325. vb queries
  326. Connect crystalreport 11 to Vb6 and Make EXE
  327. oPEN htmL FILE USING Visual Basic 6
  328. Mouseclick at screen position
  329. I dont want objreader to read spaces or character
  330. create a runnable file
  331. date problem
  332. How to make grid colums as noneditable by users
  333. How to provide shortcut keys for controls like text box,button
  334. Run Time Error:-2147467259(80004005)
  335. vb-very beautifull
  336. Image Display in gridview
  337. tabel level changes
  338. error during reading the names
  339. Capture image with Webcam and store to ms access
  340. how to count a particular symbol in a file
  341. How To Generate Serial No.In Data Report in VB6.0?
  342. Capture photograph using webcam and store in Ms access with Visual basic 6.0
  343. Change Cursor To Hourglass
  344. Newbie: Dynamic Variable Names
  345. We are two people who are looking for courses in VBA in New York
  346. How do I connect vb 6.0 to ms sql 2005 database?
  347. Clearing Clipboard
  348. Displaying data in VB (URGENT)
  349. Query a dataset?
  350. Array sort of thing!!!!!!
  351. vb - sql add record
  352. I use ADODC and ADODB together i have got a problem;
  353. MID function in Visual Basic 6.0
  354. How to disable events on treeview?
  355. Insert date value into Access DB
  356. problem in searching the records
  357. probleum in comparision between columns
  358. how to edit and update the edited data in Oracle9i
  359. How to save data extracted from a database in a txt file
  360. Setting page layout in data report in vb6
  361. Browse a file and then upload it to mysql
  362. Select week-ending date
  363. Currency Converter program
  364. SDK Problem????
  365. loading text from txt file from combobox to textbox
  366. Converting nullable dates from vb6 to
  367. Auto Generate Custome Number While Saving (Vb 6.0 and MS Access)
  368. VBA Visio Command line Call and output back to Command line
  369. Serach Box!!!!!!!!
  370. how to set page layout in data report in vb6
  371. opening a file
  372. conversion from xcel sheet to CSV file using VB script
  373. combobox
  374. Sending an email or phone alert
  375. Can I use ADODC and ADODB together if I can
  376. problem in accessing and creating .dbf file
  377. Upload xml record onto SQL server
  378. how to kill a apps using shell
  379. Searching textbox?
  380. Visual Basic Express
  381. Map to Full User Name
  382. how to write table name?
  383. need help in pie chart
  384. datagridview check if font is bold
  385. Got this error when I use "loop until" in the same module
  386. Did sql query fetch some result??
  387. Develop a CD/DVD player with VB
  388. Data Reports
  389. Trying to read a C dll and convert some code
  390. How to Add Spaces and Lines in Message Box?
  391. Vb6.0 Dll
  392. network or disk error
  393. help me soon DoCmd.TransferDatabase in VB6
  394. VB6 Pass Value from Dll to Exe
  395. Tool Hiring Database
  396. getting data from CSV file into a Flexgrid
  397. can i do
  398. 2 application with different date format
  399. Two Application with 2 date format
  400. how
  401. Enumerate installed software
  402. How to avoid Outlook security msgbox while sending email....
  403. How to use barcode scanner
  404. New Project
  405. Please Check the code
  406. will not work
  407. Reading the XML file and return the value
  408. Crystal Report 8.5 and Visual Basic 6 Problem(Again)
  409. Displaying Record at form when doubleclick the record at dataview.
  410. BlueTooth and Visual Basic 6.0 via MSCOMM
  411. Using CapsLock in the MsgBox(VBA)
  412. vb6 writing to access database
  413. Upload xml record onto SQL server
  414. API Function FindWindowEx works on my PC but not end user
  415. List of numbers to formula
  416. Please help with alphanumeric number handling
  417. Unable to delete Temporary Internet File folder
  418. Open a Excel File from Word
  419. VB| Text To Speech
  420. SQL Error HELP!
  421. ParamArray Problem
  422. Data Capture with many Textboxes (VB and MS Access)
  423. Helppppppp!!!!!!!!
  424. VB 6.0 and MS Access Connection String from the Server
  425. How to Create Demo Version
  426. access rights problems
  427. Linear regression code in VB
  428. What is the fastest way to eliminate duplicate records
  429. Help with loop and matrix in VB6
  430. Set and activate auto reminder at scheduled time
  431. Disable Some List Items from Combo Box !!!
  432. DoCmd.TransferDatabase in VB6
  433. Nested For Loop to populate matrix
  434. network printing
  435. VB6 - add data environment to project menu
  436. Connectionstring in code
  437. Issue in the VBA macro of MS word.
  438. how can I write a small database program, that can be used by several computers?
  439. vbscript date error
  440. Accessing Database Tables (Access Database)
  441. Doubleclick, select record and insert into another form
  442. Programatically Kicking users out of a Database
  443. Primary key foreign key
  444. create controls in VB script
  445. MDIFORM and Modal Form
  446. Display table on form
  447. Access Database From Internet Web
  448. Labels
  449. Forms List
  450. Help Pls-how To Create User Defined Data Types
  451. Want to know about Crystal Reports
  452. Pls help how to add record,
  453. Vb6 Listbox scroll to last entry
  454. how to create data reports in vb6
  455. Filter Date in The DataGrid using DTPicker1 and DTPicker2
  456. Returning dynamic array from C++ DLL to VB
  457. Need to upload files
  458. Dening Copy Process
  459. Crystal Reports With VB 6.0
  460. How can I get vb 6.0 MSDN
  461. For Each loop question
  462. VB To Make Word Clouds in PowerPoint - can you make me one?
  463. How to save as to a new file.
  464. I M Getting The Error User- Defined Type Not Defined
  465. Pls help!!FSO
  466. Black Shading a form
  467. Identifying processes
  468. Vb6 Object required error
  469. Sending Emails
  470. how to print via internet
  471. Finding the extension of a file
  472. Spectrum dance
  473. mini maps and a bigger map VB 2005 express
  474. Visual basic 2008 express edition
  475. Count No of Files
  476. How can run a MS Excel macro from MS Word Macro
  477. URGENT : Picking a Picture
  478. Access rights!!!!
  479. How To Validate Duplicate Id Number In Client Server?
  480. coolbar
  481. Treeview control works fine on XP but not Win 2k VB6
  482. DAO to ADO Access 97 -> Access 2000 very slow VB6
  483. error
  484. can xampp/wampserver connect to visual basic?
  485. forcing a mouse click
  486. Tips of the week? Question
  487. Log off/Change user in VB 6.0
  488. Timed Random number in 2005 Express
  489. Switch sort direction each time macro is invoked
  490. useing keys to press a key
  491. How to assign a string a numerical value for a drop down box?
  492. geting the x and y postion
  493. noob qustion moveing
  494. Stretching the Image on MDI Form
  495. Reports
  496. Problem with SQL in VB6
  497. How to export a SQL database into a new Access file Options
  498. How to bypass SQL query warnings?
  499. Create Folder on Remote Machine
  500. Build a Report
  501. Making design changes to a Multi-User database
  502. VBA MSComm troubles
  503. Can I display images on MS Excel by using simple IF ELSE statements
  504. Upload files to mysql using visual basic
  505. Programming for Windows CE with VB
  506. Add new to my listbox!!!!!!!!!
  507. Help with my SQL statement!!!!!!!!
  508. FlexGrid For Yes/No Option--Like CheckBox
  509. How to automatically refresh report/datagrid when new entry is entered
  510. distinct rows from a dataset
  511. Search for a suppliers in a table by post code
  512. Execute URL in VB
  513. Nested hierarchial data in treeview
  514. Updating cells with new data from CSV Files
  515. Using VBA, how can I copy an Access Form to a different database
  516. Running a EXE with parameters from script
  517. In a subform I want to select a row and open a main form
  518. VB6 Dynamic Menus from SQL Server Table
  519. Fetch Multiple Records
  520. Keydown event in visual basic 6.0
  521. VBA: Excel - automatically copying rows from one sheet to another based on user input
  522. Reading .dat file (input) into MSFlexGrid
  523. Multithread Problem
  524. Newbie - Finding first blank line
  526. I need a VB in Excel to find the data in one excel and gets in anoter excel
  527. project in vb
  528. Populating an MSFlexGrid
  529. Adding Tables in Visual Basic 6.0
  530. Calculate Time
  531. Rename Textfile by String within textfile
  532. computing time difference
  533. Questionnaire problems
  534. Set up the Data report into Legal size
  535. String into an array
  536. Selectin Hyperlinks via VB
  537. Microsoft Access 2003 SP2 and Visual Basic application
  538. Application Freeze problem
  539. Multiple Updates
  540. Nested Collection Classes
  541. Re: populating cobobox
  542. Remove separator from right side of line
  543. how to get formatted date
  544. Maze Walls
  545. MDI Form
  546. RecordSet Update
  547. acessing oracle 9i with vb(prg) in multpile system at a time
  548. Need help with VB making combine chart on excel
  549. Login script based on ou
  550. XPATH in side a XPARH issue (urgent)