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  1. Locating Reports in Business Objects Infoview using .net
  2. string comparison
  3. Connecting application to Tally using RTS dll
  4. Calling Javascript from WinForms WebBrowser
  5. what are pros and cons in using for and for
  6. Getting Integer value from an HashKey
  7. cant to access readxml method
  8. dataset to html
  9. How to connect to Business Objects Infoview using a C# console application
  10. How to programmatically assign the Border position to an Excel WorkSheet using C#?
  11. C# .NET windows form application (store rest API authenticate)?
  12. Password for net.framework
  13. Page alignment changes when tried to upload unsupported file
  14. Scope in Oracle PL SQL development Versus .net web development
  15. Socket application getting unstable with many connected users
  16. Microsoft JScript runtime error: Object doesn't support property or method '__defineG
  17. Cards Game - Subset Sum - Can the following algorithm be optimized?
  18. user.config corruption issue
  19. how to set the height and width of crystalreportpages progamatically using
  20. ASP.NET 2.0 ImageField Upload Image Insert / Update
  21. inserting browsed image to database
  22. Problems installing .NET framework
  23. StreamReader to read word file-(output-Strange Characters)
  24. Prevent the designer from trying to run specific code
  25. Storing of image in DB using open file dialog box
  26. Downloaded file is corrupt
  27. connect combo box to database
  28. error when inserting into table having instead of trigger from entity data framework
  29. Problem linking VB.NET 2008 to MS Access 2007 BE
  30. Not getting the scroll bar in mozilla
  31. About . Net Scope
  32. not all code path return a value
  33. import xml data in sql server through
  34. Which transaction isolation level should i use?
  35. How to convert nvarchar into varchar and int?
  36. DataGridView ComboBox Problem
  37. outerxml throwing out of memory exception
  38. How to code sign a cab file???
  39. Passing Values from Silverlight Application to Outlook Add-in
  40. Date format after deployment application
  41. Response.WriteFile & Response.Redirect
  42. binding gridview data using jquery
  43. serial port data decoding
  44. SqlDataReader dr1.Read() coming false
  45. Double click event of GridView
  46. Add a Select all Checkbox on the column header.
  47. C# As if ALT doesn't get released - using shortcut keys / Alt+key combination
  48. WSE 3.0 - Byte array being encoded as Base64 and not “MTOM-ing” to binary
  49. how to upload and save an file from app_data in
  50. Jquery vs postback vs gridview event.
  51. MS SQL inserts but NOT Updating
  52. Server error in '/' Application
  53. LINQ TO XML get node based on multiple conditions
  54. Debugging a webpage.
  55. Reusing textbox value in another form
  56. essentials basic
  57. could not open the path
  58. <customErrors mode="Off"/> Runtime error
  59. threadsafe hashtable
  60. global.asax
  61. Uninstall .Net framerork 2.0
  62. datagridview add in scrollbar how to make
  63. Changing default value of a property of a control (DataGridView).
  64. How to retain the textbox value after postback occurs.
  65. hi..I use sqlserver2005 as backend in my C# application i write following query
  66. Regarding parsing XML Efficiently
  67. 500 - Internal server error.
  68. GetBindingExpression(TextBox.TextProperty) issue
  69. sort alphanumeric values
  70. How to connect to Sim via Sim reader from C# application?
  71. How do you set a default size of a control that you can resize?
  72. how to hide a process from task manager programatically in c#
  73. How to use the response from a post to a web service
  74. How To disable the back button of browser in Mobile Application.....
  75. eroor in quiz application in using c#
  76. Help me Convert this WPF to Silverlight
  77. How can add a user in Active Directory around 30 characters in length ?
  78. How to rollback using cancel button of message box while using custom installer?
  79. c#
  80. how to cosume wcf service hosted without IIS from SSRS 2008
  81. English
  82. Calculate Sum of times
  83. SocketCoder samples: Voice and Video chat simultaneously
  84. combobox
  85. Drawing lines in XNA or DirectX?
  86. How do I change the displayed text color of individual list box items?
  87. Dockpanel suite in windows
  88. Vertical Scrollbars
  89. WPF browser Application or ASP.Net
  90. URLs not resolving Correctly
  91. URLs not resolving Correctly
  92. Multiselect DropDown
  93. Specified argument was out of the range of valid values.Parameter name: value
  94. Show PDF in aspx page from sql server
  95. what to use
  96. Customize text in Source column of the Event Viewer (EventLog)
  97. In gridview
  98. Call Instance Method From Static Method (C#)
  99. Paging on a Datagrid added from code behind C#
  100. How To Read a File that Already used by another Process
  101. Web Services won't start
  102. A using namespace directive can only be applied to namespaces;
  103. Infragistic UltraWebGrid pagination is not working when Browser="Xml"
  104. Windows Service to monitor HTTP requests
  105. How to call a WCF service in silverlight
  106. click anywhere in a row in Gridview
  107. Need Help with this Enter Parameter please....
  108. Wrap an element if it starts with text
  109. Xpath validation
  110. Delete Row from Datagridview
  111. application with postgress deploying
  112. Panel Scroll using arrow keys
  113. save data in sql using listview
  114. C # Search Table
  115. update custom.dic
  116. Multi-Inheritance, Recursion and Stack Overflow Exception
  117. DeploymentManifest: How to compute hash value of ManifestInformation Attribute "Hash"
  118. error in object reference not set to an instance of an object
  119. how to show a progress bar while generating a excel from database
  120. How to export data from SQL Server 2005 to Excel
  121. How to Compare every record in Excel file and save to Database Table.
  122. How to call the built-in Copy Form of Windows from Vb.Net code?
  123. Object reference error on merge sort application via GUI
  124. Linking a Fortran dll to a VS2010 - C++ Windows forms application
  125. Deserialize XML Document Where XSD Schema uses "xs:include"
  126. DATEFORMAT null or not an object
  127. Problem Custom Summary propety FLV file
  128. Embedding Browser-Based component in Winforms
  129. WCF: OperationContext null for Listeners
  130. Disable combo box value once selected
  131. How to make setup project (application Shortcut) run as admin in .net
  132. Query Execution Time in sql and .net
  133. Windows service vs Exe
  134. How to add commas to factorial loop
  135. read xml using its index??
  136. How to create and access a class
  137. windows services to move files from one folder to another
  138. Reading Email Using C#
  139. Looping in Datagridview
  140. Want to Convert .aspx file to .html file
  141. Linq to EF (EF4) deleting entry from many-to-many joining table
  142. Crystal Reports XI SP2 and windows 7 32 bit
  143. Convert Karthigai Masam Calendar into Gregorian Calendar
  144. Sanitizing XML of serialized objects
  145. Getting little square characters instead of Text
  146. Serialization happening in Debug mode but not in Run mode
  147. Datagridview and database
  148. SQL Syntax error
  149. Accessing xml attribute values
  150. Inheriting BindingList(Of T)
  151. Crystal Reports
  152. Check File/"MIME" type
  153. While debugging in C# / Silverlight, how does one output validation code to the outpu
  154. VB Classic vs VB.NET
  155. Datagridview and ms access problems
  156. which is the WM_SYSCOMMAND that gets fired when clicked on the taskbar window ?
  157. Use If Exists Statement to check if field exists in Access?
  158. Unable to browse Website using IIS 5.1
  159. How to get value of hiddenfield from ascx.cs page to aspx.cs page
  160. how to fill dta in multiple combobox from databse
  161. not able to open an a web service
  162. Picture User Control
  163. Why can't I run ASP in SharePoint 2007?
  164. UnManaged object clearance without dispose or finalizer
  165. MIME attachment from a java based webservice -- Access using C# .NET client
  166. How to change the url according to the combobox value in mvc3?
  167. How to use cross join to show data in datagridview.
  168. Data grid image change
  169. Can I just copy this?
  170. grid for API for .net winform
  171. Live-stream video on ELearning
  172. How to embed c# windows form in ASP page?
  173. How to give read write permission to file in C#
  174. How To avoid Flickering in my following page...?
  175. Using AutoComplete in aTextBox [windows C#]
  176. Translation by Resources Files in MVC3
  177. Do assemblies automatically unload when idle?
  178. Reporting Services Toolbar
  179. Unable to clear all the controls
  180. How to add parameter into data adapter
  181. passing variables between pages
  182. Index (zero based) must be greater than or equal to zero
  183. converting scale
  184. print button implementation?
  185. Element required on view
  186. how to bind data to dropdown list from database with out postback in asp.net3.5
  187. how to give order to the Columns in DataGridView.
  188. when i am trying to run the site, i got this error (System.NullReferenceException: O)
  189. How to Print Data displayed in GridView at the Click of the button
  190. Is there a way to plot XY Scatter Plot Chart using .net framework 4?
  191. How to have a subroutine run constantly
  192. SmartClient/ClickOnc: Resign deployment manifest dynamically in a LAMP Enviroment
  193. Silverlight warning: DTD is prohibited in this XML document
  194. Firefox not recognizing left click event in datagrid textbox
  195. WCF Rest Post Service issue
  196. Fatal error:Con not open cximage.lib
  197. How to get the Cell value of datagrid hyperlink column
  198. Order of filenames which robocopy works
  199. If loop of datareader
  200. Regex.Replace not working as required.
  201. unable to edit the gridview edit eventhough gridview outside the updatepanel
  202. .net interfaces project type
  203. show output in console window from remote object
  204. Host .net remote object in win form application
  205. Creating database in SQL 2000 and connecting it in .Net
  206. Autonumber for datagrid
  207. popup dialog box on top of main window, how to move to rightside of main window?
  208. Find SQLServer Instance on other computer on LAN
  209. How to login yahoo finance
  210. How to generate GIF image with these properties Non-Interlaced GIF (CompuServe) 89a 2
  211. FaceBook Graph API
  212. Links for .net learning material
  213. Removing old MFC code to enable a .NET port
  214. How to use a lock the data in .NET
  215. error in web.config
  216. Operation must be an updateable query
  217. How to pin a pointer to managed object in C#?
  218. Unable to cast object of type 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataControlLinkButton' to
  219. DisplayFormat/DisplayStyle property of TextBox (Visual Studio 2010, .Net Framework 4)
  220. fetching data from Ext JS grid
  221. Getting a error while assigning parameter to dataset
  222. Cant hide text box in IE but is hidden in Chrome and Firefox
  223. Windows services failed on windows 7 when remote desktop
  224. WIALIb 1.0 in Windows 7
  225. browsing slow, and postback not working
  226. C# serial port programming help
  227. how to search using dataset
  228. Fixed Header Issue
  229. DataGridComboBox
  230. Error : Could not find installable ISAM
  231. use a loop for LINQ result
  232. Error when using LINQ to dataset
  233. Can I call C# code from unmanaged C++ code?
  234. Help Me :SYNTAX ERROR: INSERT INTO STMT (at line cmd.ExecuteNonQuery())
  235. HelpMe: System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException: SyntaxError in INSERT INTO statement error"
  236. 404 - File or directory not found.
  237. Play embedded video resources as stream
  238. Question about Datarelation and dataset
  239. How can Validate SAML Assertion in .NET
  240. Error in LINQ join
  241. I am not able to convert multipage .doc file to .GIF
  242. ASPNetVideo control
  243. How to query COM port devices of Windows Tablet?
  244. How to position the IME window on custom .NET control?
  245. How can we fire a click event of drop down list remotely from some other applications
  246. Put some animation on form resize
  247. Scrollbar question
  248. VS 2005 project build:.NET 2.0 error MSB3073: copy /d exited at code 1.
  249. how do you catch unhandle exception in .net?
  250. Unmanaged to managed
  251. What data type would be best for storing the money formatb of data in C#?
  252. Windows service not able to capture Login/Lock/Unlock in win7
  253. Converting videos
  254. Oracle.DataAccess
  255. How to access Resource file from a Class Library ?
  256. regsvcs failed
  257. Filter database record
  258. LayoutTransform error in silverlight TabPage
  259. listbox."want to check a item during fetching"
  260. How can I write real-time log message to a RichTextBox using log4net?
  261. In C# how do I order elements inside a DictionaryBase by their ID
  262. Treeview node click event
  263. Invalid parameter type between C# and Oracle
  264. c++ managed and unmanaged static library
  265. COM DLL caching problem
  266. the byte string is same in python and c#,but md5 hashcode is different
  267. How to format numbers to display commas?
  268. Enter key does not works as tab key
  269. Web Service - Getting Past the Proxy Server
  270. How to Start the C# Console Application when windows os is Switch On?
  271. How to catch event of fingerprint scan on machine
  272. How can i add parent,child,sub child nodes on treeview in
  273. itextsharp - add image to existing pdf file in vb2010
  274. WPF NavigationUIVisibility properties
  275. Connection pooling in ASP.NET/IIS for socket API-calls
  276. How to deal with .dwg files
  277. Login failed for user 'WEB4DUNIYA\youngsvillacom_
  278. Splitcontainer in windows application
  279. Regular Expression for Array Variable as ABCD[1]
  280. all rows from excel are not getting imported to datatable using oledbconnection
  281. Insert into two tables selected from two combobox
  282. SQL to Access insert into statement
  283. C# - split method - cannot convert char to string
  284. In the OpenFileDialog the files list doesn't show up
  285. How can I use XMLSerializer and XML attributes to deserialize "numbered array"?
  286. SHA1Managed.ComputeHash returns different value when called from .net 2.0.
  287. How can insert a null value into Date column?
  288. Loading a Namespace or Assembly
  289. Creating Sub Domain
  290. WPF(MVVM) Dispatcher object question
  291. Calling a method in design time
  292. Disabling Close window option in windows 7
  293. Using npgsql to connect to postgresql from
  294. javascript in scriptmanager doesnot work
  295. getting error in coded file
  296. textboxes binding in gridview...
  297. setpassword method taking 1.5 minute to complete
  298. add data to a cell from c# based on the cell's value
  299. Problem clearing browser cache from ASPX code
  300. Best Way to Generate Text Files
  301. Stack Overflow exception ..
  302. How to retain scroll bar of a panel at the end.
  303. Crystal Reports Xi:Result of split function Display in multiple rows
  304. Is type safety compromised in .NET ENUMS?
  305. Installing Acrobat SDK with later version of Visual Studio files
  306. fatal error VC++
  307. reception serial frame
  308. I want to print only panel, that area also which is seen by scrolling down the panel
  309. Why structures are impicitly sealed? I could not gert proper answer from any site.
  310. Debugging MultiThreading in VS 2005 and VS 2010
  311. Debugging CSharp COMInterOP DLL from C++ Application
  312. how to download files (2mb>) [server to client]using networkstream from a mailserver.
  313. Where WebService stores its variables data?
  314. Problem in Form Activated and Deactivate events (Windows app, .Net 4.0).
  315. LPBYTE and PBYTE vc++
  316. mfc90d.dll not found
  317. Backspace is not working in c#???
  318. Backspace in not workinf for textbox in c#(WINDOWS APPLN)
  319. Problem converting types of Webservices
  320. Edit Single/multiple Cell of Datagrid with save cancel button
  321. How to change the output of a keyboard press?
  322. Sub procedure to display description of selected items on a Listbox and update
  323. How to calculate end point lat long given start point lat long azimuth and distance
  324. File Manipulation
  325. Read file
  326. How to call parameterized stored procedure by "OdbcConnection" in
  327. Is writing a .disco file is an or way for publishing our Webservice? (without UDDI)
  328. Is it possible to datagrid binding single data field in different columns?
  329. Multiplay text box entry with predifined number
  330. error on contact form
  331. How to create an onscreen numeric keypad to send values to Excel
  332. VB NET Custom Control trashes when not focused
  333. Why does not my textbox values change?
  334. getbytes function
  335. I want to remove user control dynamically.I have added same user control many times.
  336. Encryption in java and decrypting string in C#
  337. How can I pass an ArrayList as a command line argument to a c# program?
  338. How to call an event in another event?
  339. getting HWND
  340. Is it a good practice to save dataset in session?
  341. Unable to open the WSDL URL from my desktop
  342. How can I save the image which in the richtextbox,don't use clipboard
  343. Set Value Of XmlElementAttribute That Is An Enum Contstant C#
  344. MSCOMCTL.OCX raising exception in 64 bit OS (Win 7)
  345. how to view "ToolBox" using Microsoft Visual studio
  346. UI design for .Net windows console application
  347. Connecting to MS-Sql with slow internet connection?
  348. How to parse excel data into the crystal report at runtime?
  349. CString to char* conversion VC++
  350. char* to byte[ ] conversion VC++
  351. System.Xml.XmlException: Root element is missing.
  352. XSD.exe Generated Classes With No Hierarchy
  353. How do you change the cache for downloaded files in IE
  354. Creating solution file in VS2008 for web application?
  355. Unable to View the Database saved image in IE 6 and higher version
  356. Dynamically loaded User Control, reading data on postback
  357. How to architect a 60,000 hits/day web application?
  358. DataBase image not display in IE 6 browser higher version with ASP.NET
  359. .NET Client - Server application gets frozen, need ideas to fix!
  360. How to convert the aspx file to pdf file using c# in ?
  361. How to reference usercontrol from a loop
  362. Order-insensitive comparison of serialized XML / order of property serialization
  363. Could you give me the color and color name in System.Drawing.Color of .NET Framework?
  364. How to to fix Lambda expression?
  365. Why does copying a Bitmap Change Its Resolution?
  366. How to bind simple XML File in WPF?
  367. How to retrieve SOAP header from AXIS web service?
  368. Regex validation of the querystring
  369. How to retain user control property values
  370. How to convert binary data from a table to a viewable file?
  371. How to fix "Session state can only be used when enableSessionState is set to true"?
  372. Process.Start don't work in Windows 7
  373. Using a windows service to open an Excel file
  374. Exporting a c# datagridview.
  375. How to solve 'A registration already exists for URI http://localhost:42444/Harp'
  376. Question on CrystalReportViewer.
  377. Moving code from one machine to another
  378. LINQ to SQL one to many query
  379. Filter a folder before copying it
  380. problem in validation of fields in wizard
  381. What is the best approach to implementing the IDataErrorInfo Interface
  382. edit mode gridbind
  383. How to fill a datagrid with data in
  384. Docking windows form in
  385. How To Shorten The Output Filename In xsd.exe?
  386. How to add the braces after every 3 digit for phone numbers?
  387. Will aspose 6.6 dll work in microsoft 1.1 framework
  388. .net remoting issue
  389. Problem in resizing controls (.Net 2008).
  390. Why is Excel file app Not Displaying In AxWebBroswer?
  391. How to fix "satellite assemblies required are loadable and fully signed" error?
  392. Why doesn't Google Map in User control work for multtiple instances?
  393. Why is TFS build output not reflected?
  394. Why exporting MySQL blob to XML then importing it back doesn't get the same result?
  395. How to delete rows in datagridview and database?
  396. How to fix "Specified Module could not be found" error in winfrom application?
  397. How to handle ErrorEventhandler with a thread to update a SQL table?
  398. Why is the resource(.resx) file not showing the Image?
  399. Is there any ways to restrict the table layout for all resolutions?
  400. How to resolve i"nstaller interrupted" error while installing Aspose.words?
  401. How to detect syntax and change the colour of the string using regex?
  402. How to scroll text of window in MFC?
  403. How to apply autocomplete in gridview (in asp.net3.5 with C#) using jquery?
  404. How to use ManagementObjectSearcher to get properties of client system?
  405. Master pages and validation groups.
  406. How to enter data in textbox, save it in table and redirect to paypal?
  407. How to set Custom Subject in email trace listner in Enterprise Library?
  408. tough listbox question
  409. Why won't background worker execute code inside _RunWorkerCompleted event?
  410. How to set the hmacsha1 key to hex?
  411. How to Detect Malware Implementation in .Net Code
  412. How to fix .NET 3.5 web application that gets to 100% CPU load?
  413. How to customize a sharepoint list library to show only the user's documents
  414. Is there a way to keep getting Windows messages while the UI-thread is suspended?
  415. How to implement USB event handlers so I get notified even when UI Thread is blocked?
  416. How to migrate VS2003 Web Application Project into VS2008 Website Project?
  417. How to select the whole Excel sheet in Excel.Range object (c#)?
  418. How to manage database in an application ?
  419. How to save current date in table in using C# ?
  420. How to design an event notification engine for a large web app?
  421. STA, MTA conflict warning
  422. Why some mails sent through web application goes in spam?
  423. How to keep connection alive?
  424. How to preserve the formating of contents of eml when storing in string?
  425. how to retrive javascript function return values into code behind?
  426. How to save a list of links as PDFs?
  427. How to find network device using UDP?
  428. Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  429. How can I make a VB.Net form and owner of a VB6 form?
  430. How to show messagebox on client when event occurs?
  431. Problem with retrieving data using DataReader C# .NET
  432. Help with ASP.NET UpdatePanel control!!!
  433. IRR Calculated by MS Excel is different from VBA Financial.IRR (.Net)
  434. How to get Session Start on every page load?
  435. Generic List Sort Issue with Same data?
  436. Dropdown item selection not updated from db/HtmlInputHidden control
  437. code for getting rest of the data by taking one textbox data as input
  438. How i Can add a Context menu to a dynamic treeview?
  439. onmouseover event for dynamic controls
  440. Scroll issue in web application
  441. How can I store and retrieve image in sql server2005, without storing image location?
  442. Web service gives empty response
  443. Error in XML serialization for TypeForwardedTo classes
  444. How to covert the text to speech in punjabi language using unicode(ASCII)?
  445. Reference type or value type ?
  446. about data seeking in
  447. On btn clk, read a word file, xfar on com1 port ,config com1 too, in .net using c# ?
  448. How to integrate FedEx web services into web application.
  449. how can change this to wpf.Here this.controls can not recognize wpf.Plz help me
  450. How can i use mouse_event method from user32.dll
  451. How to redirect another page after displaying JavaScript alert message in
  452. c sharp windows code to send an SMS to person by fetching his numer from database
  453. c# DataTable.Select LIKE statement performance
  454. Downloading files from ftp with "open with" dialog in .net web application
  455. How many connections (Maximum) simultaneously can be there while using BeginAccept()
  456. unable install vs 2005
  457. fetching data from multiple tables using nhibernate
  458. Word docoument automation on server
  459. WCF Servicehost in windows service
  460. Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component
  461. Please tell me what this error means and how to resolve it (in C#).
  462. using i need to validate a field has a future date
  463. Error in Sending Mail Server Actively Refuesed
  464. Adding two TimeSpan
  465. how this statements converts into c#.pls tell me,these state ments r in vb6.
  466. Validation TextBox
  467. Is there any alternative of webparts in
  468. Why doesn't C sharp support multiple inheritence?
  469. New to OleObjects, MS Access, .NET
  470. Start/Stop windows service dependent on wmi
  471. how to disable treeview checkbox.. it should show but user can not click on it..
  472. How To add 3rd party dll in my project
  473. XML double convertion fails
  474. What Is the Best Way To Manage Query Results?
  475. Nettiers System.NullReferenceException
  476. Problem with Postback
  477. How to access an HTML table with its id from csharp page...
  478. Failed to create AppDomain.
  479. Identify whether .mp4 file is of type audio or video
  480. how to disable right click on panel in
  481. Compiler Error Message: CS1002: ; expected . this error is thrown by browser
  482. In repeater bottom line is not disply for one column.
  483. How to call a web service using its url from a Windows application using C#?
  484. How to check whether a web service is running or not programmatically?
  485. Most wanted things with .net technology that a Developer needs to know?
  486. System.Windows.Forms.Application.StartupPath Not working in WPF
  487. Disable/Remove Enter Parameter Values Window in Crystal Report
  488. Problem in AutocompletecustomSource of textbox?
  489. Creating an Installation ID
  490. How to check whether a web service is running or not?
  491. JavaScript Code for Drop Down List
  492. Custom control click event
  493. Save changes from datagrid to same access table
  494. How to fix "path or page not found" error when running my project?
  495. How to do Custom Paging in DataList?
  496. How to get the horizontal scroll bar when application is wider than screen in Chrome?
  497. Drawing gets disappeared on opening of context Menu in Windows7
  498. Error regarding Page Validate Request tag
  499. How to automatically save a txt file on local machine from Web App?
  500. CopyFromScrenn - The handle invalid error
  501. How to convert KeyEventArgs.KeyCode to what the keyboard is mapped to
  502. How to call a web service from windows service application?
  503. How to delete files with kill dates at the end?
  504. How to insert A Textbox String Onto A Crystal Report?
  505. How can I get the Multicast/Unicast IP addresses for UDP ports in use on my computer?
  506. How to get scrollbars control into pdf file?
  507. How to create services for windows mobile?
  508. View derived class in form designer
  509. What should be the content of Global.asax file in Rainbow portal ?
  510. How to find windows service last start time?
  511. How to compare two text files char by char with c# in web appliction.
  512. How to fix Email can't send error in Wndows Mobile 7?
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