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  1. How to create a loop that exits when I press enter twice?
  2. Thread Safty w/ WeakReferences
  3. looking for java based OCR
  4. isDigit & isLetter methods
  5. Can anyone help me to solve that? RSA encryption/decryption
  6. How to decrypt byte after encoding it to a string?
  7. How to Filter Multiple SharePoint Lists with Form Web Part?
  8. How to enable keyboard,mouse(windows-swings app)
  9. Why am I getting the Error "No source is available"?
  10. how to detect bluetooth devices near by a pc using bluetooth in java?
  11. Problem with tabbed pane containing an image - never calls paint method on tab select
  12. This doesnt give a resultSet but it updates the db
  13. could not find DB driver
  14. How to write a static method for an array list.
  15. While loop Problem
  16. How to completely stop autodownloading or prompting to update java versions?
  17. dynamic value for the offset attribute of logic:iterator
  18. How to create a login window with particula password?
  19. How to set the size of a button in java when the text on it is empty?
  20. How to turn this to mirror BACK to FRONT
  21. How to print 10 prime numbers per line and continue on the next line?
  22. How to get the array list values in jsp?
  23. How to replace a number in an array
  24. How do a get to read the next line in a text file?
  25. Could you suggest me a free software to practise on Java exercises??
  26. Regular Expression: how match a whole word?
  27. Double Join Key Map, possible?
  28. How to turn a colorful image into a black-white one with java?
  29. Check if a phone number is valid
  30. How to fix a NumberFormatException error?
  31. How to connect web page to program before server
  32. How to get url from web browser in java
  33. Why am I getting a static reference error and how do I fix it?
  34. Clarification for quicksort
  35. How to write strings with double quotes in csv files?
  36. how do i get the number to display only 2 decimal places?
  37. How to change color of a text box based on tag value
  38. How to configure the Download file button in jsp page design?
  39. Listener Class not found
  40. problem in javax.comm package . it is showing package does not exist.....
  41. How do I turn this for loop into a for each loop?
  42. Simple check box value return
  43. How to design my application
  44. what is the syntax to this for loop in java for(double a:accounts).
  45. I can not figure out how to set the first, second, and third to equal correctly.
  46. what is the maximum size of the array list in java
  47. Is it possible to write a constructorless class? if yes, how?
  48. Negation detection in text
  49. What is the difference between object !=null and null !=object?
  50. how to write a print statement,& to calcualate running totals at the end?
  51. Help testing two words, then printing the cross of where the same chars are..
  52. How do I test the implementation of my ArrayList class in netbeans?
  53. Can I access one object from another?
  54. Regarding PrintWriter
  55. Experiencing a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  56. How To Loop Checkboxes and Radios and Display in Alert
  57. How can I add a node in a singly linked list with a value x after i node ?
  58. Not sure what is wrong with this code
  59. Batch program cannot execute JAVA command
  60. Can't install Java on my Windows 7 system?
  61. How to develop a "small" application in Java?
  62. How to convert a long string into an array for encoding and decoding purposes?
  63. Why java Runtime.exec("rasdial.exe MyVPN login pwd") freezes Win2003 server 64 ?
  64. How to call an array in one class in another class
  65. how do I make a binary to decimal converter?
  66. Commons-logging not found, logging through JDK logger
  67. How to sort the columns using gwt? Is there any direct method to sort column in GWT?
  68. How to execute one java program from another?
  69. Problems with a Java infix converter
  70. How to combine "implement" and "imports" in java?
  71. cannot access a string
  72. How to copy an image a few dozen times into the same picture with dif coordinates.
  73. Application of Java in BlueJ
  74. how do I fix a "string index out of bounds" error
  75. How to get the variable value to pass to other methods.
  76. How to use checksum in a DatagramPacket in java?
  77. Cannot find symbol class (Java swing)
  78. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException ( Partition )
  79. How to add a backspace in using swing?and remove the decimal
  80. illegal start of expression errors?
  81. unable to connect db with java program
  82. i am getting class not found exception
  83. Add, subtract, multiply, divide fractions...
  84. java socket programming
  85. Binary search tree implementation problem
  86. How to read text file via JSP
  87. file uploading functionality and tag description in jsf 1.2
  88. org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP:
  89. How to create instance of a class in jsp
  90. How to Add, Update, Delete Save and Cancel New a Record
  91. link to download beans development kit ?
  92. How to connect to Database Table in the Embedded JavaDB in NetBeans
  93. Dynamically create textboxes
  94. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException:
  95. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException:
  96. How to make an array without setting the size first?
  97. java.lang.ClassCastException:
  98. How to Write the Read-only file in java?
  99. how can i put multiple classtypes in 1 array/arraylist
  100. Unable to delete the file after writing
  101. How can I convert a byte array to an object ?
  102. why strings in java when we can have array of characeter or viceversa?
  103. (List)Web server n app. server
  104. numberformatException when i convert from string to decimal
  105. How to split a file into tokens
  106. How to fill drop-down list in JSP with JDbc on page load event
  107. What is the purpose of abstract classes and when are they used?
  108. how to display all ouput using pop up dialog boxes
  109. Multiple threads, require a synchronized list, which can hold multiple variables
  110. how to deploy web service in java using netbeans??
  111. Why am I getting java.lang.ClassCastException ?
  112. log4j writes to system out after changes made to unix system
  113. How to call a JSP variable inside a java class
  114. unreported exception ,exception to be caught r declared ,error is this
  115. Manipulation to be done in arrays.
  116. reached end of file while parsing
  117. missing some import class(may be)
  118. Reading a value from a string.
  119. Open Source License for my project
  120. Respond to key stroke in command line programs
  121. Using given WSDL URL and Key need to call web service dynamically in java
  122. Error: invalid method declaration;retrun type required
  123. Can't establish connection between Servlet and MySQL
  124. Dynamic invocation of web service client through wsdl and SOAP
  125. Java Inheritance woes
  126. System configuration for log4j
  127. Java split regex
  128. how to create a java method that removes a random element
  129. How to create a select list based on options from another select list
  130. How to round float values up at .6 and down if .5 and below
  131. how to read and write the japanese language in java
  132. Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space
  133. Array of buttons
  134. the import java.util.regex cannot be resolved... what am I missing?
  135. reached end of file while parsing
  136. This program won't execute
  137. No input source supplied to the exporter.
  138. Identical request in browser and Java with different responses, why does this happen?
  139. How to store information in the JSP form in the database SQL server 2005?
  140. java.awt.Robot - Stimulate Key Press Not Working
  141. How to change the values of a drop box based on another drop box
  142. I'm getting "Wrapped java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1" on DB read
  143. How to upload data to a server using gprs connection?
  144. Two problems in debugging: results var "cannot be resolved" & if stmt syntax error
  145. My COCINStudent Refused to Compile
  146. Having trouble understanding inheritance
  147. Recommendations for beginner Spring tutorials
  148. How to send Http Request in Swing?
  149. SshPrivateKeyFile-- Private key is not in the default format
  150. How to convert user input to Date
  151. How do I connect MYSQL to Eclipse?
  152. How I can solve the out of memory Exception in my java project?
  153. what is the use of interfaces in java?& why we interface in java?
  154. Trying to SSH to a trusted server
  155. apache tomcat
  156. sparce matix
  157. JXTable
  158. how to try catch this?
  159. how to access user inputted port number client-server
  160. import - cannot resolve symbol io.PrintWriter & BufferedReader
  161. how do i read data from a data file into respective objects.!!1
  162. ssh from one passwordless server to another passwordless server
  163. How to place links inside confirmation boxes.
  164. Request JDK 5 Download Link
  165. Can I have join between entities in openJPA with transaction-type="RESOURCE_LOCAL" in
  166. non-static variable calcGrade cannot be referenced from a static context
  167. hidden Iframe and div parent -child jsp
  168. What is diffrence b/w JDK1.5 & 1.6?????
  169. how to build a dashboard report in struts?
  170. Why doesnt my code correctly display correct and wrong answers?
  171. How to select Checkbox by clicking on a table element td
  172. Cannot connect to TIBCO bus using eclipse after adding tibrv.jar library
  173. How to make my programs as executable applications ?
  174. how to change date in one timezone to another timezone.
  175. How to modify particular cells just prior appearance to JTable
  176. Why doesn't character datatype take up more than one character ?
  177. How to execute "AT" command using java ?
  178. How do i run an applet on browser with permission
  179. what is the use of inheritance
  180. how to convert byte code to sourse code
  181. i want to override method with different return type is it possible?
  182. what is the difference between jdk1.6 and jdk1.7
  183. What is the meaning of "static" in Java
  184. what is use of public static void main
  185. File.delete returns false.
  186. My program gives the same result whether i input the correct account or not
  187. why is my program printing the same thing twice
  188. how can i incorporate my reader file to my program
  189. What does the following stack trace means and how can I correct my codes?
  190. Why my run method is not working?
  191. HasSet vs ArrayList and modelling issue
  192. Need to create XSD from WSDL using Eclipse IDE
  193. I can not run Apache Tomcat for servlets!
  194. May you help me create a java program that performs integer division.
  195. class or interface expected error
  196. how to get a boolean value with the conditions given here?
  197. i want to autorun a program
  198. Test Input Java
  199. java threading question
  200. Java in web page using object tag
  201. Database in j2me
  202. how to compare contents of two files in java?
  203. how to get the divisible of 3 using do?
  204. How to send SMS ?
  205. 2 variables in 1 "if" (new to java)
  206. Can a string literal extend over several lines?
  207. String.replace
  208. how to retain selected value of dropdown in jsp
  209. how to handle this java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  210. Please state the error in following program.
  211. Database in j2me
  212. Tamil font in J2me
  213. Object oriented design for more than one class . Java
  214. Implementation of RFB protocol
  215. difference between initialisation and declearation
  216. how to resolve Connection to mysql database from jApplet on webpage
  217. How to calculate difference between old date/time captured in mysql and present date
  218. how to access the database from applet which is embedded in jsp
  219. override equals and hash code
  220. Need help with creating a hashset and selecting distinct sorted data
  221. How to fix Servlet as is not available error
  222. how can i redirect jsp page on a blank page
  223. org.apache.poi.hssf eclipse compiler tells cannot reslove symbol?how can i solve this
  224. What does static int ConvertArg do? How do i evaluate this code?
  225. how to view the attachment ?
  226. how can i do web scraping using java?
  227. code for dialing a specific number (eg *123#)from mobile
  228. problem in checking the dimensions of an image.
  229. How can I use stanford parser package?
  230. display an error msg saying wrong format.
  231. Why is the java compiler throwing a NullPointerException?
  232. jar files not working
  233. setting path in java
  234. how can I stop my applet freezing?
  235. How to make a jsp look nice, Netbeans 6.5
  236. i want to create a session in jsp and i want to mantain it on other pages
  237. coding with java
  238. exception
  239. How to get result from 2 fields and populate a 3rd field in Acrobat 9
  240. server.xml:has to do anything with database access pools
  241. how can i connect jdbc driver to sql server2005 while i am having jdbc driver?
  242. How to find a word in multiple text files ?
  243. how to show the particular div in a jsp page?
  244. I want to use https:// over LocalHost tomcat (vista) but failed, I used
  245. how do i get my program to add a $15 fee if the balance falls below $400
  246. Image processing
  247. How do you flip an image?
  248. println whitespace
  249. I want to know how to store video into a MySql database using Java?
  250. How to connect two devices in an ad hoc network using JAVA?
  251. JSP Popups
  252. how can I get the source code of Algorithm Apriori_IMLMS in jave or any language ?
  253. JavaFX Sequence Declaration
  254. about NumberFormatException
  255. How can i open any file using voice command.
  256. how to run it on live server to make, a live webserver to a particular port
  257. Need webservice to tell JSP To change page
  258. Java Class.forName slowed down due to Xml Annotations?
  259. jsp-ajax-servlet
  260. how can i send request through ajax on servlet from jsp and and get back data on jsp
  261. How to use payment gateway in JAVA ?
  262. how should I make interface to stanford-part-of-speech tagger in java?
  263. an error while inserting data in access database through jsp
  264. Interthread communication in java
  265. How to forward to or run a Java Swing application from JSP?
  266. Read a PDF and print content in console
  267. Why is my server not responding?
  268. Custom loading class
  269. Send webservice parameters through java bean to exequte page
  270. how do I do this on java
  271. in what is the stream class used to restore state of object
  272. how to connect jsp page with the db2 database?
  273. How to make interface to stanford patrs-of-speech tagger (stanford-postagger.jar)?
  274. HOW detect EOF at below code
  275. Can you find the bug in <div> I do NOT get sample xml data[bookrss.xml]... RSS Client
  276. in package state of the object from the serialized stream
  277. Insert query problem
  278. How do I check chars in a string for predetermined criteria?
  279. data insertion problem
  280. how to pick a random suit/rank from an array?
  281. Want to make Text to speech example ?
  282. I am developing an application, Where i used a jar file and error pop ups as below
  283. How to make Text to Speech in Java ?
  284. Accessing an archived database
  285. differance between string[ ] and args[ ]
  286. Problem in including dynamic image in BIRT Report.
  287. Need help opening a project in Netbeans 5.5 with Tomcat 6
  288. How can i play Mp3 file by the Java program ?
  289. How to check whether it is first entry or second entry
  290. What is abstract how can we use it?
  291. how to send an object from a servlet to a jsp
  292. How to create a paint in java ?
  293. How to compile and java file by the use of Jsp or Servlet ?
  294. I want to make a java program for text to speech application.
  295. Help needed WRT text based adaptation of the TicTacToe game.
  296. packages in jdk1.6.0_02
  297. email input displayed on another page
  298. How to count the number of times each word appears and store in table?
  299. i have a question?help me
  300. how to copy database as it is to a new database by java code
  301. How To Configure Firewall Access For An Application By Java Program.
  302. Registry Entry For A Application in Windows\system32\ Directory
  303. JCombobox Problem
  304. How To Create "Startup Entry" With Java Script in Windows XP?
  305. why we use goto statement?
  306. What is goto statement used for? Provide a simple example
  307. I get a jCarousel....abort when I use How do I eliminate this error
  308. upload file in jsp
  309. Java command passing args, help?
  310. help to compile java
  311. hashmap to treemap
  312. How do i implement password encryption in Spring framework??
  313. how to store and retrieve doc and pdf files from data base using struts2
  314. Eclipse xsd problem
  315. enum and 2D array
  316. Help me in using mouselistener
  317. incorrect listing
  318. Where can I get the tutorial of sun.misc ?
  319. code to copy and paste a folder from cd to a specified destination folder
  320. can anyone explain me fibonacci number program?
  321. how to develop application using MVC pattern?
  322. Derived class mystery
  323. How to read a txt file with ObjectInputStream
  324. why do we really need to "throw " exceptions in java programing??
  325. Differences in increment operators used in a while loop
  326. how to apply color to an edge in prefuse by using source and target node id?
  327. Cross-Domain Cookies
  328. How an can call a method from
  329. i have 2 cannot find symbol errors, one for method getCurrSkillLevel(int).
  330. if javascript is not object oriented language then why we use methods in javascript?
  331. steps for creating a histogram for binary image in JAVA
  332. How do I make a network game on JAVA?
  333. i m unable to solve this problem in netbeans:
  334. Error message: symbol cannot be found
  335. Runtime errors while getting property file in netbeans 6.5
  336. problem in getting already existing values
  337. how to set no data when no data from db in jasper report?
  338. Quick Velocity Template Example
  339. Doesn't displaying image in servlet ?
  340. problem with the path with Class.forname() method
  341. How to add xml schema attributes using JAXB?
  342. how to do checking of the value
  343. Add two copies of a JPanel to a program's main JPanel with Netbeans GUI editor
  344. problem in deleting the file
  345. How to add xml schema attributes into the java object using JAXB?
  346. JAXB @xmlSchema and error
  347. Netbeans labels not showing
  348. Write a program to enter the 1st 20 perfect numbers in an 1D array. Use For loop.
  349. unable to view my file in browser
  350. servletconfig
  351. how to view the existing xml file
  352. Is the syntax of the url for getConnection() method in jdbc correct?
  353. What does the following codes do?
  354. Why the command prompt specifies "Could not find the class '
  355. sample code for maplet framework ?
  356. Why am I getting a n exception with these codes?
  357. How to get a .jrxml file using java?
  358. How can I create a jar file?
  359. Am I using the SecurityManager class welll?
  360. what is the problem in the following code?
  361. createFilteredReader - how does it work?
  362. How to use the Date class to get days in month, day of week for date, etc
  363. java.lang.NullPointerException Error when compiling java application
  364. eclipse problem PermGen Space
  365. I had a doubt on how to use How it works
  366. Error java.lang.ClassNotFoundException using loadClass
  367. how to print the highest length of word in a string ?
  368. How to correct format of the output
  369. How do I tag parts of speech to tokens(substrings) in my java program?
  370. Why JVM is in RAM
  371. reached end of file while parsing - Help?
  372. add attachment using webdav
  373. how to parse an address string
  374. What is wrong with the following java boolean codes?
  375. unable to get the output value in format
  376. How to create a database with java
  377. How do I get this result in the following expressions?
  378. How can I use the following operators in java?
  379. How to send email using data from PDF form
  380. Can Java do drag and drop object creation?
  381. What is the function of a channel in java?
  382. Reflection
  383. Maven Is Complaining that Eclipse is Running in JRE, and Not a JDK
  384. What is the difference between core java and j2se?
  385. thunder head tool
  386. Java countdown application
  387. DB Connection
  388. how to eliminate weird characters?
  389. getelementsByTagname()
  390. ectract the content of <div class="abstr">
  391. In hibernate is it necessary to use Transaction while reading?
  392. Error in Displaying Image
  393. what is drill- down report in jasper i report?
  394. I can't get this program correct. Someone please help me.
  395. how do i tokenize a string on the base of special characters such as ' and . ect?
  396. Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors
  397. Why i am I getting "Connection refused ":connect error ?
  398. Please Helpi to Debug My Java Program....
  399. How do I download a Java Compiler?
  400. how to fix "Cannot find symbol"
  401. Pass by Reference in java
  402. how do i get rid of my error
  403. Doctype for ie8
  404. an example of class and subclass program
  405. ip automatic configuration on LAN through server source code
  406. Regarding Excel file Location
  407. Multicast in java
  408. Convert Java to Servlet
  409. Change .jar image
  410. How to change DIV IDs onClick
  411. How to find data into the class database?
  412. How to create java mobile application?
  413. Parse a string to int.
  414. passing value from servlet to html
  415. About JDBC
  416. Beanshell string manipulation
  417. how to store data in xml file...
  418. how can i raise the error massage in jasper i report if no record found in database?
  419. Why I am not getting an alert dialog box?
  420. Can't shuffle
  421. extracting Html tags usin HTMLUNIt
  422. JAVA project, Urgent help needed
  423. extract URLs using HtmlUnit
  424. Triple DES encryption
  425. dynamic array of string
  426. class, interface, or enum expected error
  427. Open source text editor to turn into application
  428. java: create zip-file with password
  429. Could not find the main class: javaapplication3.Main
  430. Hi , can you help me to make a main method (test method ) for this application ?
  431. Sudoku, just need help on generating random numbers... and then checking
  432. one - jar Unable to locate com.simontuffs.onejar.Boot in the java.class.path:
  433. Fitting image on Canvas Control
  434. utility of java in web based applications
  435. How to edit existing record using jsp
  436. Do you have any answers?
  437. How to create a jar file?
  438. double cannot be dereferenced error
  439. Identifer expect error
  440. Multplication table
  441. how can i draw more rectangle?
  442. java,socket,,ports
  443. Accessing java Control panel properties in java
  444. Throwing exception makes window freeze
  445. java synchronization
  446. Why won't this these links work?
  447. scrollPathToVisible() problem
  448. SHA1 C# Encryption to Java.Digest SHA-1 Encryption
  449. why is the equal method of Object class is getting called?
  450. How to retrieve value from database
  451. Running multiple instances of Javaw.exe
  452. Display result from db onto webpage
  453. Java array that gets sum, mean, highest num, lowest num, and exits on input Zero
  454. Windows calculator
  455. Using JOGL with Eclipse under Ubuntu 10.05
  456. Insert a number at a specified position
  457. What is wrong with my java codes?
  458. print setup
  459. constant height of a table in Itext
  460. Related to adding java source to test jar in Maven
  461. Is it safe to call a instance method from constructor?
  462. How to embed java code into a jsp scriptlet
  463. 2 dimention bubble sort
  464. throw and throws
  465. Store the numbers in a array in Java
  466. Java application to copy as400 data to sql server database/table
  467. How to send data from a client to a server via the POST method.
  468. How to read data from a file and splitting them into an array list (java)?
  469. Null field . I got this error : java.lang.NullPointerException
  470. How to overwrite a file in Java
  471. causevalidation issue
  472. how to get the pixel of tha image
  473. get pixel value of image which is already displayed
  474. 2ways ssl not working: bad certificate
  475. programming a game of azad
  476. Alignment working properly in IE and not in Mozilla
  477. How do I prepare for a scjp java exam
  478. Populating a three demensional array from a file
  479. benes looping algorithm
  480. How to write to the .doc file using apache POI
  481. Encrypt/Decrypt
  482. Textboxes array
  483. java Gui actionListener help
  484. How to load a big XML file in Java
  485. How to display progress image while waiting?
  486. How to fix servlet threw exception error
  487. How to set the environment variables for new processes
  488. How to send SMS over/using GPRS MODEM
  489. How to deploy common library in Tomcat
  490. java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  491. How to fix variable radius might not have been initialized error
  492. how can i move the text ?
  493. Configuring ENVIROMENT
  494. onclick not working in IE6
  495. Usage of net.sf.saxon.TransformerFactoryImpl
  496. Using Regular Expression (regex) in Java Programming
  497. Trouble with arrays
  498. combo box with ajax
  499. Print String array values
  500. How to fix 'Symbol not found' error
  501. How to sort the contents of dataTable component using tomahawk
  502. Match a part of String using Reg Exp
  503. Can we create a database in DB2 using JDBC drivers.
  504. stringTokenzier....
  505. lulea alorithms program required
  506. random prime number generation for RSA
  507. a program-inventory management
  508. having trouble with finding and counting the unique numbers
  509. Extract Descriptions
  510. How to copy the contents an incoming XML from an application and store it in a file
  511. How to insert data to database using hibernet & struts
  512. How to load database values on a JSP page
  513. tell me any site for java excrises....
  514. Help with "ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" on code using Vector class and methods
  515. explain the effect of the cut (!) predicates in PROLOG?
  516. cannot find symbol
  517. path,classpath problem in my system
  518. How to replace a specidfic character in a phrase
  519. invalidate session
  520. How to display asteriks according to total salary
  521. JSP: JNDI to SQL Server 2008
  522. How to drag many JLabels contain images to JPanel?
  523. regd "class,interface or enum expected error" in java
  524. Check whether the user enterd values is blank or not
  525. Problem on Import struts2 plugin in netbeans 6.8
  526. Tree
  527. Distinguishing integer numbers from if statements?
  528. How to get checked boxes parameter into database using Java Servlet?
  529. " '.class' expected
  530. Having Trouble with tables work in Firefox but not in IE
  531. Java GUI help !!
  532. regarding jsp
  533. deck class constructor
  534. dismiss modal JDialog
  535. can we used .class file in a java program
  536. opening a file after hitting the go button in gui
  537. automatic email generation code in java
  538. How to use images in JFrame's and JComponent's
  539. Why does Jbutton disappear after click?
  540. What language should I choose for training? Java .NET or C++
  541. Can StringBuilder Methods be usable in JCreator?
  542. Concatenating wav files
  543. string builder
  544. need help with if statement actions
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