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  1. Another "while loop problem": anyone, help me please? :-)
  2. gernerics type checking is not bullet proof
  3. Tic Tac Toe
  4. How to read from keyboard
  5. Need Help
  6. help with linked lists
  7. JTables question
  8. Gui Help ( toolbar )
  9. Vector in Java
  10. gui help
  11. Progress Meter on Opened Window never finishes
  12. DELETE query in Multi Threads
  13. JAVA-ByteBuffer
  14. How to start Java in windows ?
  15. Need help with a loop statement
  16. java applet variables: extraction in to php
  17. Jave Client and Delphi Server
  18. Java errors on open view service desk 4.5, SP 17
  19. How to Compile java files in windows
  20. jtable selection
  21. Google SOAP API and to get definitions of entered query
  22. need help with Queue program
  23. about ClassLoader.getSystemResource("xyz.xml");
  24. Storing prompted values in array.
  25. java
  26. need help with a program for school
  27. New Window
  28. How Java Database connectivity with swing ?
  29. Help Anyone!!!! Asap Please
  30. loading a text file to populate values in external application
  31. Avoiding imports
  32. Java and LDAP search
  33. Storing Cookies in a Java servlet
  34. Help!!!
  35. Can I Ask For Help? I Badly Need It...
  36. Sorting of Date and Time
  37. asynchronous java
  38. please help me about mouseover and mouseout
  39. How to come out from frame
  40. An Experiment using Swings
  41. How it improve
  42. Detecting devices (USB, Firewire) in a java application
  43. some object array help?
  44. Header comments
  45. VB for DB to Javascript Google Map
  46. Help on TIMER
  47. Job Posting in Virginia- Java Developers
  48. Error Message Exception
  49. Disabling autocomplete in Struts
  50. how to add more lines to an early created file using FileWriter
  51. Still learning and am trying to teach myself java-Please help!
  52. need excess define functionality of google
  53. midp - rms record ID
  54. Fatwire
  55. How to create a Dynamic grid in JSP page ?
  56. when should we use swinglets
  57. Error in writing Document object to the XML file
  58. Noob Question - getFocusOwner not working?
  59. stop command (I need help)
  60. Need help in JSF(Java Server Faces)
  61. Need help in JSF(Java Server Faces)
  62. How do you use a Timer?!
  63. Can You Please Help Me with this "while loop program"?
  64. returning element at a certain position in a linked list
  65. Java help needed, brain ready to explode!
  66. Appointment Book
  67. jsp:getproperty always null
  68. Help, can't get this to work
  69. Can we set the request Headers
  70. POI excel parsing
  71. Wrong result
  72. applet loading of images -- network or JAR approach faster?
  73. Java 1.6
  74. How can i add value to a textarea or any other elemeet in another frame on some event
  75. jsp:getproperty setting to var
  76. Can somebody please help?
  77. pattern matching using only character arrays (KMP algorithm)
  78. Please any one can help me in Email-system
  79. please I need help
  80. Creating Class
  81. Creating Classes
  82. how can I open up my file (numbers.txt) and read it into an array?
  83. dividing a linked list
  84. Inheritance
  85. Multiple choice questions..
  86. Big Oh Expression in Java
  87. Generating HMTL pages using Java
  88. J2ME: Loading an image using Canvas class
  89. java codes for dropdown menus
  90. assistance
  91. subclass confusion
  92. transposition cipher
  93. I dont understand this!!
  94. find the output...
  95. Arrrgggh...validation not defined
  96. DB2 Temp space
  97. Need Help reg core java
  98. How can I change the code?
  99. Internet Explorer Script Error
  100. Can someone please help now with this problem???
  101. OnClick Password Validation
  102. Need help implementing Console-based program pauses (Press Enter/Any Key to continue)
  103. Cant view CVSROOT Module in SMARTCVS
  104. Almost got it, need just a little help with this java grader program to output correc
  105. User I/O loop question
  106. Help with for loops, please!!
  107. Can someone PLEASE HELP with these methods!!!
  108. reading strings..
  109. How to invoke a method with same name as class
  110. outputStream.flush() not flushing?
  111. Inheriting methods and from a super class
  112. Reading a txt file and replacing words in <>
  113. In a JSP how to display images stored in Access database
  114. Need a little help getting started. Trying to figure out how to convert temps...
  115. Problem with JAVAPOS
  116. problem with downloading JRE
  117. sending value of textfield without using form tag
  118. Monitor JBOSS
  119. reading from a USB port
  120. How to read outlook data files (*.pst) thru java code.
  121. Please Please help on easy program
  122. Java exercises PLEASE help...should be easy for most java users!!!!
  123. Need help with code for Rotating an image
  124. prob with factorials
  125. Jsp Help ....Beans
  126. Java Database connection issue, please help
  127. Hashmap help
  128. How to access EJBs from JSF page...?
  129. Help!
  130. start script for JBOSS on Solaris
  131. org.xml.sax.SAXException: Deserializing parameter XXX. Deserializer Not Found
  132. how to get values submitted in a form on other jsp file.
  133. converting 2d object to 3d in java
  134. can i create a new window or frame at onsubmit in a form
  135. How Can Run The Java Programe
  136. Extending Panel
  137. wsdl problem
  138. How to know the window name.
  139. HELP! i need the finishin codes
  140. clear screen command
  141. Applet (Event Handling)
  142. Removing blank spaces
  143. different records in differnet windows...
  144. access remote database using applet
  145. need help.
  146. Help with func
  147. caterpillar application help!
  148. JDBC type-4 driver and DB2 connect
  149. extracting text from .jpg / .gif images other than Asprise OCR
  150. Print function in portal
  151. how to read objects from a file
  152. Files - How to create a form on word and convert into pdf?
  153. Help needed Urgently with multiple result sets !!
  154. Preventing duplicate form submission
  155. Problems with FileImageOutputStream
  156. Help extending Shape class with Circle and Rectangle classes
  157. help with an array
  158. code for shortkeys
  159. Need help urgent.
  160. I can't get out of a while loop!
  161. java.lang.InternalError while ant build
  162. displaying data in a jsp
  163. java problem
  164. How to run plugin program in netbean IDE 5.0
  165. how to populate values based upon any unique key attribute
  166. Java Exercise
  167. Re: Java exercise
  168. Re: Java exercise
  169. How do you declare a variable that has letters and numbers? ex: 98F for 98 fahrenheit
  170. really need help solving this problem :S
  171. Help on looping in java
  172. Nested loop structure
  173. help please ...!!
  174. download problem
  175. String replacing Help please
  176. Client Server application code
  177. almost got it .. Help please
  178. Own implementation of an interface
  179. Error messages! area(double, double) cannot be applied to ( )
  180. help with singly linklists
  181. Auto resizing of a background and a no scroll bg function.
  182. Need help on I/O
  183. How to connect a shell script through JAVA
  184. hi all
  185. Need some help please
  186. How to Sort the following
  187. Main to this programme(Pls very urgent)
  188. xsd:SimpleType
  189. how to put buttons into two subpanels..??
  190. J2ee Projects Developpe For You
  191. Need help with a prog
  192. arrays
  193. Using JFileChooser to select only jpg, bmp, and gif files, then create ImageIcon
  194. How to get one digit per line...please help, beginner :(
  195. JAVA B+ trees source code(Urgent)
  196. JSF - Display Items horizontally beside each other
  197. Importing data form csv and store it into databse tables
  198. sorting objects in arraylist in java
  199. code for Security
  200. Treatment of decimals in java
  201. Need imput in box
  202. sending/recieving data with a python program
  203. JBOSS Error : No ManagedConnections available within configured blocking timeout
  204. Xml parsing error
  205. Desperate for help - Java beginer
  206. Running Multiple Instances of JBOSS on Single Server
  207. important ....Loadind graphs
  208. crash serialcomm in java ??
  209. Program running problem
  210. static functions
  211. Java Design Patterns Urgent Help Required
  212. String Manipulation //Just cant handle
  213. database scan
  214. 3D & web application ?
  215. How to Handle Null Connections in JBOSS
  216. how to align things
  217. B+ tree Algorithm (very urgent)
  218. JBOSS Query
  219. JAVA B+ tree programme for give data from files(Given by us externally) in preorder
  220. algorithm help Due today.
  221. Need help with a program
  222. System.out.println()
  223. prime numbers
  224. Eclipse Bug ?
  225. Help with unwanted java script emails
  226. Robotics
  227. JSEE certification/exam
  228. beginner trouble with window listener, nested if statements
  229. Guideline for project
  230. Java applet with image effects, could you help me please
  231. Extracting class data from a jar
  232. applet not initialized
  233. new to java
  234. cross word puzzle cont 2dn part
  235. cross word puzzle java program
  236. Preventing second click
  237. Parking Ticket Simulator
  238. Trigonometry in Java
  239. Help with program
  240. Storage and Retrievel of Data with B+ Trees
  241. Big-Oh
  242. Help for a total beginner
  243. help on simple problem
  244. Construct B+ tree and perform searchching using JAVA
  245. time conversion
  246. undetermined string constant error
  247. more info on my question, ADDING LARGE INTEGERS, in java arrays
  248. Java GUI, take input from JText class
  249. how to convert image file to text file
  250. Security in java
  251. JApplet implementation
  252. problem with iframe
  253. Send PDF file to Required Email Id
  254. swing
  255. Too much Java to memorize
  256. Cannot Resolve Symbol
  257. am new to java , will appreciate help
  258. Beginner
  259. Interfacing USB in java
  260. Help with Fraction Project
  261. Compare 2 array
  262. Newbie needs HELP:)
  263. user authen.
  264. creating jar files
  265. please help me
  266. javacomm api
  267. due in 45 mins help! check input for double or integer
  268. Converting String to Double Problem
  269. Struts automatic Validator issue
  270. i need some help please.
  271. javax.z Yet Another Collections Library
  272. be fast tab index
  273. "Learning Java 3rd Edition" - O'Reilly
  274. assign value to hidden field
  275. how to run .exe from link with no confirm box
  276. counting and listing all permutaions
  277. need assistance
  278. Need Help With Try, Catch -new Student
  279. Enummeration/Loop help
  280. Question in using GregorianCalendar
  281. need help
  282. Java Tutorials
  283. beans in jsp
  284. Need Calendar script
  285. How to check whether the thread had been stopped or not
  286. Attendance report
  287. SQL server
  288. How to use hastable array
  289. Hi all java gurus
  290. button has to be clicked twice for method to be called
  291. Help please Java
  292. plz help me for this difficult project
  293. DataInputStream problem when run in different pc
  294. Hi its me again. About writing to parallel ports using java...
  295. Freshman
  296. Scanner problems Easy for people who know Java (I dont!)- Need Immediate Help!!!
  297. calculate interest from text file with Java
  298. iso8859-1 to pc850
  299. Parallel port programing. Need Help! thanks.
  300. Need to write up a justification document for using Java
  301. Hi all java programmers
  302. Math.floor
  303. Java scanner
  304. About Signout Problem In Jsp
  305. Jsp
  306. Problem with public parameters in WSRP portlet
  307. JFrame Title bar change
  308. StringBuffer
  309. capture request to a web service
  310. J2ME, reading data from a text file
  311. Using Java, how could we register a Windows Service?
  312. Problem in setting max thread
  313. JavaScript Dice Game
  314. Javascript: appearing in my url
  315. Need solution very urgent
  316. creating mspaintapplication using applet
  317. Pliz help....
  318. help adding applet to website
  319. Project Atten!!
  320. file upload problem
  321. Java help needed.. badly.
  322. How to call a java class when the databse table updated
  323. Using Java,how could we register a Windows Service?
  324. I am not able to access http:\\ URL in JEditorPane
  325. simple java sender/listener program
  326. MS Sql Server Connections
  327. Please help me soon
  328. Reading from a file
  329. Need help with this program
  330. onchange forms
  331. File upload stored in tempary folder
  332. Problem with Decoding
  333. arrays with info used from a text file
  334. air ticket system
  335. send mail using smtp to hotmail
  336. Java problem
  337. Intricate Inner Class Question
  338. Java BlueJ
  339. Changing java system properties permanently
  340. Download jar files
  341. Input/Output Problems
  342. org.hibernate.dialect.DB2400Dialect (hibernate3)
  343. java packet capture
  344. WS Security and user authentication
  345. Reading MS Access Bitmap images into JDBC/ODBC Applet
  346. Grades
  347. Triangle Size
  348. test scores
  349. Student Records
  350. pefect numbers
  351. help me for this java program
  352. Opening a URL from JAVA swing application
  353. Help with Salary Program
  354. Array Copy And Expand
  355. Java Oppoortunity in Jersey City, NJ, great salary, Signing bonus and/or referral fee
  356. Java Connection With OLAP
  357. HW HELP! Input not being read?
  358. Simple Stuff...for someone..
  359. How can fetch more than 200000 records from database using PreparedStatement
  360. running two separate applications at the same time
  361. jsp forwarding request to another jsp
  362. Help with r w from an arrayList to a binary file
  363. New Thread Per Object Possbile?
  364. Editing values in an array..
  365. Even Division Print Loop
  366. java real time question?
  367. Help me for Java Programming
  368. Help! My java script liks won't work
  369. printing problem in linux
  370. Crystal report is
  371. Add a dropdown menu on onclick event of button
  372. Struts html:select
  373. how to retrieve some contents from text file
  374. JSP/XSL help !!!
  375. How to read client machine name from a servlet
  376. Objects in array.
  377. How to read characters in an Image file
  378. Retrieving values of datatable..
  379. Comparison of an object to null
  380. Please I need HELP for File Format in Java
  381. Reading files into a program
  382. encoding and decoding messages
  383. JDK 5.0 help
  384. JDBC to SQL Server Connection Issues
  385. How i can populate all fileds dynamically in jsp page based on contents found in xml
  386. calculate string
  387. Annotations
  388. how to get runtime value
  389. problem in LookupDispatchAction of Struts
  390. Copying an array effectively
  391. interactive java program
  392. Is This Double Linked Function Correct??
  393. problem with "realtime" JNI C++ threads with java 1.4.2 on linux FC4
  394. Can somebody please help me finish this i started but can't finish
  395. Parsing POST submission data with JSP
  396. help with this program...
  397. Socks Host and Port numbers
  398. can anyone help me fix my program its urgent
  399. send xls file from JSP to Mainframe through JDBC
  400. program to find a perticular string in a file using java
  401. parallel processing of threads in java
  402. ODBC settings
  403. Swing GUI application with strings using split method
  404. switching between 2 people in
  405. hiiii
  406. need help in sql stored procedure and java
  407. cannot run JAR file on cellphone
  408. Are struts tld files generated automatically using netbeans?
  409. Searhing merthod reference programmatically
  410. Servo Motor Controller Using Java
  411. Java Applet
  412. Please help in systax on access Sql Server database via function
  413. what is the command to obtain softwares installed in my pc
  414. web services
  415. apostrophe in returned value causing error
  416. Using Struts
  417. get the integer value using isNumber()
  418. HEllppp
  419. simple help
  420. Sending MS Outlook Meeting Request
  421. Sending a data to a URL
  422. How to call mysql stored procedures in java
  423. check if the input is integer
  424. session.invalidate is not working to logout the session in struts application
  425. system information with GUI boxes
  426. help with this program??
  427. beaweblogic installation
  428. can somebody fix my simple program
  429. how to know softwares that are installed in a pc using jni interface
  430. IsUserInRole() not working with IIS
  431. How to get script value in jsp
  432. struts
  433. Looking for Struts code resources
  434. Questions about Java
  435. Java and C#
  436. chessboard
  437. plz help me
  438. Class Cast Exception
  439. Calling exe in jsp
  440. practive questions for generics required
  441. help me
  442. want to add some delay between functions
  443. Error on my Jsp page
  444. logic of the code
  445. Starting the weblogic i am getting this error
  446. ow to get system info and software installed using Java
  447. Homework HELP!!! Add/Sub/Mult/Div Fractions
  448. what is the difference between request and page scope in jsp
  449. Create a file .doc in JSP's page.
  450. Error?
  451. Fail To Load Main-Class
  452. Scanner class and last line in a file
  453. Embedding Swing Components in A Web Browser
  454. array Loop, help please !
  455. Java won't work HELP
  456. how to stream video in java
  457. how to get values.....its urgent
  458. menu selection
  459. token separation in array
  460. Object v/s Thread
  461. illegal char r present in html file which i hv generated by converting dco using POI
  462. Problem with strictfp
  463. read the .doc file with checking
  464. Google Search results
  465. Server DoS Problems
  466. Please Review This Short Code
  467. Needy Java Gamer
  468. wsdl problem
  469. how to calculate file tranfer rate
  470. removeChild() function
  471. how to create tree structure on jsp, guide me
  472. Corba java apllet client communication problem
  473. Java/Corrba applet client communication problem
  474. Corba java apllet client communication problemI hava a problem with communication between Java/Corba server based on JDK ORB with Java/Corba client (applet)
  475. beginner's question
  476. Netbeans debugging problem
  477. Coordinates
  478. loading jsp page sequentially
  479. Mouseover and Mouseout
  480. export excel to access
  481. weird problem
  482. error encounter " org.xml.sax.SAXException: Fatal Error" while running WSDL2Java tool
  483. create a fake MOUSE CLICK in a Table
  484. URL- is it a directory or page
  485. Hello eveybody......
  486. how to read word file using java
  487. Generate abstract classes for WSDL
  488. how to generate pie chart into an .xls file using POI API
  489. Calling C api through Java
  490. Method is not calling
  491. Useronline for websites
  492. onClick not working in cfform tag
  493. How to generate image(Graph) into an .xls file using jsp/servlet
  494. Java is too vast
  495. multilevel security on DB2
  496. error encounter " org.xml.sax.SAXException: Fatal Error" while running WSDL2Java tool
  497. Decimals in Java.
  498. Swing Cut info
  499. blinking image
  500. parallel port programming in java
  501. Text Disply
  502. Tomcat windows closes within seconds
  503. Downloading J2SE SDK
  504. j2me on palm - transferring data to PC
  505. JUnit Report using ANT. I NEED HELP!!!!
  506. plz help me
  507. div height and scrollbars
  508. JavaPOS introduction
  509. reading an inventory.txt file and placing the price and item into an array
  510. Need help with this super simple decryption
  511. Can Java Store Procedure increase performance?
  512. Hi every one..... :(
  513. Java Newbie Exercise Help Needed
  514. Client drive letter to UNC from server?
  515. deprecation warnings
  516. Running single Instance of java application
  517. Need help with code to prompt for and read double for monetary unit.
  518. Command execution in runtime
  519. How to call EJB's in JSP's
  520. Source code for Display MS Word file In JSP
  521. Runtime Error
  522. xml parsing
  523. Ant scripts for .war .ear .aar
  524. Doubt about the how to monitoring
  525. String size in bytes
  526. Java under as400 ccsid 5026
  527. Java scripts...HELP
  528. how to convert image in one format to aonther in java
  529. WSDL with SSL
  530. Hashtable
  531. getDocumentBase()
  532. linklist programe
  533. merging 2 MS notepad text files (Java)
  534. Job Market for Java - Is it rumoured to be good right now?
  535. how to display database table`s data and field
  536. vector
  537. How to create an interface and player Class for games?
  538. Problem of displaying Chinese & Thai font in Java J2ME games on Samsung D520
  539. How to send automated mail
  540. Help me to overcome OutOfMemoryError
  541. DSn creation
  542. display a Character Repeatedly
  543. Passing Parameters to SQL Stored Procedures
  544. J-Interop: Open Source, DCOM Access without JNI
  545. Please any one answer thease questions
  546. Servlet to call another Servlet?
  547. Java validation for a sequence of numbers
  548. how to set the title for javaw
  549. how to return .xml file from web service?
  550. I need an scheduling program!!