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  1. Export function name to excel
  2. How to repeat the game?
  3. how to read and write in text file
  4. Mouse Buttons, Windows CallBack
  5. displaying number of students in each course
  6. What is the solution for error: redefinition of 'main' in C?
  7. error C2297: '*': illegal, right operand has type 'real [3]'
  8. Program to show employee salary
  9. what is the following assembly doing
  10. calculating and printing the sum,mean,variance and standard deviation of 7 numbers.
  11. warning no new line at end of the file
  12. harmonic Series to compute the sum of a harmonic series where n=1000
  13. How to Write random hex code to android .so file
  14. write a c++ function that takes in one integer parameter and retrun 0
  15. rewrite the following for statement as an equivalent while statement
  16. Find out the Longest Common Prefix in an array of alphabets,No prefix is given.
  17. Parse error and getting preprocess failed
  18. implementation of merge sort using divided and conqure
  19. UNIX Socket Programming in C
  20. handle .csv file
  21. How to : Write a C language program about website tables ?
  22. How made decoder.
  23. Dice game
  24. how to call parameterized constructor in derived class
  25. How to fix parameter and first argument of EdsCreateFileStream?
  26. convert problem
  27. reading from file and storing in array for Linear Regression (C)
  28. How to raise different floating point exceptions in C?
  29. How can i change the color of the button when the mouse hovers over it. I am using wi
  30. what is an" uniqualifed-id before "{"token message referring to
  31. can the alignment of array elements letter than element size?
  32. Where to go from here?
  33. String will not output from catch block inside do/while loop
  34. Problem with POW
  35. error: invalid operands of types ‘float’ and ‘void’ to binary ‘operator+’
  36. 'parameter name omited' these error occured in my c program .plz help me how to sole
  37. C code for Newton Raphson Method
  38. How can I get my code to wait for me to scan my second RFID?
  39. template declaration while passing Iterator as an argument
  40. continue statement not within a loop error
  41. Draw the activation record instance. Assume it uses stack-dynamic local variables
  42. multilist implementation for registration problem
  43. Why does my function give an error when I ran it?
  44. How to Concatenate three strings
  45. Exception Handling
  46. Conflictions among java and C
  47. Error for expected unqualified-id before '{' token
  48. can the alignment of array elements letter than element size?
  49. Do __attribute__((aligned(16))) take active for every element or the total variable?
  50. How to open text file using c++
  51. First In First Serve Using Data Structures in C++
  52. what is this mean: if( Hex.length < 5 )
  53. how to carry the tenth place number of the elements while adding 2 arrays?
  54. How to Read and Display 2D text file?
  55. Compare One String With the Multile Strings with for loop
  56. Please help.. cin is not giving me anything
  57. Design an “as is” process model on the basis of the above description. If the scenari
  58. if 'X' is occupied 1 byte then how many bytes occupied by "X" ? I want to know that E
  59. C2664 error SetTimer Cannot convert void to timerproc, suggest me what to do....
  60. how to display the item order if choose checkout
  61. Products
  62. VS plugins
  63. Printing a table of numbers power to 2
  64. socket library for dos with less size
  65. how to do user defined program for accepting two values and add them using single var
  66. Another vending machine problem. This is only the first part tho
  67. if we write return 0; at the end of the function then it means that the programme was
  68. using c how to read the boot sctor of floppy disk
  69. CMAKE Windows program prints nothing
  70. thread context swetching
  71. already done the code but the output come out wrong , some one help me
  72. How can i compare each row in 2d array & count how many rows are diff?
  73. no match for call to '(std::string {aka std::basic_string<char>}) (char&, const char
  74. hi,i need to create a program that reads grades from external file and calculte the a
  75. Linked Stack
  76. Calculating mathematical expressions in C with getchar()
  77. Input.csv file to Output.txt file
  78. C++ question ihave problem with it
  79. Create a enum to choose what operation need to be perfomed like (Display class inform
  80. <command-line>:0:21: warning: ISO C99 requires whitespace after the macro name <comma
  81. <command> expected but found 'int'
  82. c++ POS source code ( Using Class)
  83. input file and output file .csv file to .txt file
  84. to draw a circle inside a rectangle.
  85. What is the purpose of a continue statement?
  86. Creating graphics or windows using C programming
  87. the temp and exception about C++
  88. Facing an error like... EXPECTATION 13:generalprotection fault at 08C7:210E error cod
  89. GDI Leaks Detection
  90. need explanation for its output
  91. How to merge managed and unmanaged DLLs?
  92. code for random movement of mouse in c mouse cursor should move randomly after every
  93. Sorting 2D Dynamic array of integers , Snake Style
  94. Help with C program project
  95. MoleBox alternative
  96. bits and bytes
  97. I need to modify my code to sum the rainfall per year?
  98. function pointers
  99. How to protect my code?
  100. Why is the code coming out wrong
  101. Functions
  102. functions and pointers
  103. Loop Issues
  104. Check for min and max value in a for loop
  105. what is the problem in this code?
  106. how to remove spaces and special characters in a string using isalpha?
  107. About pointer defining term like int p(char *a) ,int(*p(char*a))[10], int *p(void),
  108. Declaration Error, C++
  109. Clearing buffer
  110. How many operands are associated with a unary operators?
  111. Coding help please!!
  112. justufy c++ as object oriented programing lnguage
  113. Portaudio wants a callback function pointer, but I have the data in a class
  114. What is the complexity of Nested loop
  115. class and objects
  116. How do I convert an alphanumeric # to a numeric in C
  117. expression-cannot-be-used-as-a-function
  118. increment and decrement operators
  119. scanf how to return an invalid sign.
  120. Hi, Could you please help me convert the following pseudocode to C? Any help would
  121. convert a hex variable of type "0xffffffff" to a decimal variable "4294967295"
  122. Error: identifier or '(' before '{' token
  123. Bad array Declarator
  124. How to store numbers greater than 64bit in c++
  125. what is the meaning of anonymous array
  126. Make templated member function instantiate object of given class type
  127. Template Member function undfined
  128. Vector at()
  129. Hello, i would love to compare a number of strings, but strcmp allows me to only comp
  130. Urgent help!!!
  131. coding in CPLEX (from a mathematical model)
  132. How to send hexadecimal commands to the COM port in Windows using C++?
  133. I've tried this from all angles and its proving to be difficult
  134. Division with precision of 10,000 decimal digits
  135. std::queue::empty() returns true but the size() is -1
  136. ftp command socket is blocked after uploading a file?
  137. Plotting Points Dynamically (While Program is Running)
  138. compare towers
  139. how to formatting and printing comma just use argument which returned from function.
  140. passing float value to a function convert the value to zero
  141. Hey all I am getting the compiler Identifier Expected on the following code.
  142. how to do this i don't understand this pls explain
  143. How to calculate the size of int array?
  144. How to avoid pressing enter while taking the input?
  145. Explaining the output for this code
  146. Finalize the program
  147. Functions common to ofstream and ifstream.
  148. How to save the the details of performed operations to a file?
  149. Screenshot my screen
  150. How can I print 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 ???
  151. How to convert from double to std::vector<double>
  152. What is the role of C++ today and how widely C++ is used for game development?
  153. There are three can i fix it?
  154. mqtt publish error MQTTclient failure in C
  155. C++ find dangling pointer deletion
  156. Telephone directory program using struct
  157. program for a seat allotment system
  158. algorithm
  159. C++ template class pointer polymorphism
  160. C++ not-template base class of template base class
  161. C++ inheriting template class from non-template base class
  162. Sorting an array of pointers to struct based on an element inside the struct
  163. algorithm to find first n even numbers
  164. How to use CUDA programming to calculate and process the correct number
  165. beginner question about programming
  166. can i get my errors correct so that the program runs
  167. Find out code error for expected ','or',' before 'menu_to_screen' and '}' at end of i
  168. data compression with svd in c++
  169. Sorting names in ascending order
  170. C++ for loop pseudo code examples
  171. Array values are not being output nor being passed to functions
  172. Getting error as expected unqualified-id before if .
  173. passing 2d array to function,error occurs
  174. Help with modular functions and looping
  175. c language for loop and ascii input1 output= A then small letters a=27 so on
  176. what are some of the examples of the static and dynamic arrays
  177. finding mode score
  178. Compile linux program under windows.
  179. Getting started with OpenGL using 'C' (not C++)
  180. Multiple Bouncing Balls Program in C
  181. A good book for beginners (C++)
  182. how can count how many variables from file in c code and also find how many function
  183. What's the next higher whole number to .888?
  184. assignment of read-only parameter N
  185. gcc.exe.Application error,when i run c programming
  186. Input statments in C using Visual Stdio 2015
  187. warning: passing argument 1 of âtcflushâ makes integer from pointer without a cast [e
  188. Arduino to control LED using serial monitor
  189. can we consider fstream fin(filename), fstream to be class & fin to be class object?
  190. Urgent help on errors on variable definitions (declarations) and arithmetic operation
  191. How can I make a multiple bouncing balls program in C?
  192. How to input the complete polynomial at once and arrange it's terms in a linked form?
  193. What are the advantages ans disadvantages of employing the
  194. error: redefinition of ‘main’
  195. Please help!!!
  196. Write a program that prompts the user to input a positive integer. It should then out
  197. Read a specific column of data from a text file
  198. Pointers
  199. minimize DFA c++ code has error
  200. Why is this Xlib program not detecting focus change events in C?
  201. tell me the output of the following c program and the reason behind it
  202. How to make a c program which takes input until it is greater than 18
  203. How Do I Subscribe To A New List/Topic Of Interest?
  204. recipe for target'trigo.exe'failed
  205. Detect all the possible errors in C++ code
  206. Segmentation fault in C code that I need help in identifying the issue
  207. a c++ program to convert currencies
  208. HOW TO FIX illegal use of pointer error
  209. How to calculate and print out the gross pay of 7 employees
  210. Weird error of expected unqualified id before
  211. Does a binary search work for odd number of elements ?
  212. Converting Numbers from Indian system to International system
  213. conditional program without if else
  214. plz tell me how to do the below program
  215. Using C++ in resource constrained environments
  216. How Do I Generate A Linked List of Unique Random Ints?
  217. recursion problem, getting "stack smashing detected", but i dont know why?? please ex
  218. Declaration syntax error and statement missing ;
  219. I want to build a calculator with Global variables that are also functions
  220. Send/recv struct over TCP
  221. what is the \r escape sequence
  222. replace double-quote (" ") character by ` ` and ' '.
  223. syntax error :'=' and fatal error, trying to do a 'for' loop
  224. How can I create an array of pointers C from 2 Arrays of Pointers?
  225. Deleting and inserting a 2 dimensional array in c++
  226. inserting and deleting a 2 dimensional array in c++
  227. gauge vidio recognition
  228. calculating the min and max from a loop
  229. Error passing strings and char to bool function
  230. Header file
  231. Logic for update function
  232. I want to implement this code in c++. please help
  233. How to prevent the previous result from showing
  234. C:Functions not returning any value/output
  235. c++ map
  236. how can we detect infinite loop in our program?
  237. New to programming, tried a calculator, help?
  238. Getting syntax error. ...
  239. While compiling this code i got
  240. How to rectify "Linker Error Unable to open "TV LIB" File in C program in Turbo C
  241. Explanation of modifying data
  242. Learn C++
  243. Control statement in infinite looping concept from c programming
  244. control statements in c Infinite looping controls
  245. tengo un problema al copilar el copilador me dice: expected unqualified-id before '.'
  246. using splint with cmake for static code analysis of a large project
  247. Dynamic structure
  248. dictionary extraction and store
  249. "f" is an assigned value that is never used
  250. Needing some help on Classes and Constructors and proper definitions
  251. Modern (SDL2) OpenGl 3.3 Not Drawing
  252. can Logical operator use in the switch case in the case
  253. How to make two simultaneously running infinite whiles in C?
  254. how to split a string without using strtok()
  255. how to change a file's extension in C ?
  256. JavaScript Basic:Write a JavaScript program to construct a pattern using a ested loop
  257. how to make alias struct name with our input name
  258. I made a program but when i compile it, it says error to many types in declaration
  259. Unwanted errors in codeblocks
  260. Showing me Unwanted errors in codeblocks
  261. Sharing a variable between two c files
  262. I learnt the following program online but when I run the program the output is blank
  263. c language of nielit o level. pls tell me answer of this question.
  264. prototype means in c++ iam getting confused in it asit is not compiling
  265. a few simple bugs in this code I wrote
  266. lvalue require error .i know the meaning of error but i cannot comeout from this.
  267. What actually does it mean by Objects, Classes and Methods in C++?
  268. Zero pad a string using strncpy and strncat
  269. maximum number of dimensions an Array can have depends on what
  270. how to tweak the code into modular programming?
  271. want to know the complexity of my program ,new way to find prime numbers
  272. Template Engine
  273. Why aren’t my functions printing when I try to access them in the main function?
  274. need help understanding a c++ program
  275. I need a toggle button so when a key is pressed it starts then stops when the key is
  276. how can i read a .doc file in c program.instead of using .txt
  277. profiling memory
  278. Passing 2D array to a function using single pointer .
  279. i have a problem with sorting in c
  280. I want to write programe in c language like this way i want those name in array who
  281. Problems with consts and arrays
  282. How does pointer arithmetic work in case of printing addresses for a 2D array ?
  283. C/C++ _Pointers and array
  284. algorithm to display odd numbers from 20 to 1. And further add the odd numbers from 2
  285. what is the size of static data member
  286. Parse nmap XML output using tinyxml
  287. pseudocode to find standard deviation
  288. confused about ? and : in a line of code for lcm
  289. Expression syntax in function
  290. How can change the implementation of my code to make it more secure?
  291. why underscore is exception while declaring the variable in c
  292. Function that takes int argument and return 0 if the given number is prime else retur
  293. i got some eror like "not a member" "parameter is never used" "undefined symbol" any
  294. Generating Bitstream_Showing Compilation Error
  295. how Conversion 2 c++
  296. How to enable try catch in C++?
  297. please change this c++ code into pseudo me please...
  298. c programming for converting Rwandese money to dollars
  299. need help... it keep warn me bout possible use and never used..
  300. infix to postfix string translation error
  301. C++ program to calculate gross pay in dollars
  302. asterisk algorithm
  303. list the latest c compiler available in current market
  304. Char assigned value
  305. how to insert a string in vector c++
  306. getting the smallest number
  307. A stack of words in C (Sentence Palindrome)
  308. Right and Wrong Outputs.Language C
  309. Read a file in windows using linux
  310. What programming language using to develop the game?
  311. Remove a list of characters from a char array/string
  312. when i prints struct type variable it prints more byte then it has data type bytes.
  313. Why do my if-else statements keep outputing the same message for valid planets?
  314. Minute doubt
  315. Small doubt
  316. Error expected unqualified -id before '{' token
  317. Write a program to print out the binary value of a 16 bit number.
  318. Program doesnt execute,even though there's no error
  319. Is it correct that changing ENSM state or setting TXNRX would cause the BIST to stop?
  320. Vim Editor
  321. have 3 errors could not able to find it can some help finding them
  322. OOP the inheritence, classes, and fuctions,
  323. are strings passed by value or reference ? Output of below pgm not understood.
  324. How to implement password access to specific file type in Linux/Windows programmatica
  325. declaration syntax error
  326. What is the point of pointers?
  327. What does it mean when a function returns an argument?
  328. Program closes immediately even with getchar()
  329. Statement missing ; error in C++
  330. time in and out difference in c++ using the the normal time with the military time (i
  331. Update an element of a vector
  332. Function does not take 2 arguments. Why?
  333. deprecated conversion from string constant to char
  334. here i can't input address, after getting salary it takes input hire_date, what shou
  335. How to use PDF.js to view PDF in C++ application
  336. expression syntax error
  337. '+=': function as left operand error
  338. how to use increment and decrement operators in c++ using single variable
  339. can't find time needed to load 6 file in a linked list?
  340. getting conversion error between int and char
  341. Struck inside a struct
  342. Exiting program from inside void function
  343. program that uses two other functions calculating grossPay for an employee and calcul
  344. bit by bit file reading
  345. Regarding increment operator implementation and output explanation
  346. error: request for member ‘length’ in ‘k’, which is of non-class type ‘int’
  347. Expected unqualified-id before '->' token
  348. c++ query
  349. why do these pointers not point to the addresses as expected?
  350. [Error] rand.cpp: No such file or directory
  351. Data Bulk in Database Write
  352. Printing number of zeros the user asks for
  353. Limiting duplicate entries in a matrix. How to make it look like a sudoku?
  354. I am trying to run a program on C and I'm not sure how to start the for loops.
  355. what is the purpose of using void keyword
  356. How do I convert fraction to whole number?
  357. error " macro names must be identifiers"
  358. '==' operator for int==float
  359. heat flux as function of wall temp
  360. How to add the gtkmm lib to visual studio
  361. SFML setup errors
  362. Write to struct, Read struct into textBox2 using Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Express Wi
  363. Error rectification
  364. How to find the product of all elements of an array modulo 10^9+7 ?
  365. best way to represent square root of 2
  366. what is the meaning of a & b. what will be the meaning if that expression is used in
  367. How to find maximum product of two prime numbers in an array ?
  368. How do I convert this string array to an array of dynamic strings in C
  369. Access variable in "main.cpp" from other classes
  370. Write a program that reads a string from the keyboard and tests whether it contains a
  371. How to scan multiple lines using scanf when we dont know the end of input ?
  372. how to find the path of shortest distance between two vertices in a graph using bfs
  373. how to write a program that reads a line of text.
  374. how to program the square astrisk that the user is inputted
  375. segmentation fault when comparing string with NULL in strlen
  376. please help me with this problem its urgent
  377. How to list down hard disks connected to the linux server and hex check them in C++
  378. draw a square its lenght of line should be 100 cm and draw a circle that toched with
  379. Please tell me how we use the array of structure and pointer?
  380. Please tell me how we use the array of structure and pointer?
  381. C++ program to print how many positive numbers are entered, how many negative numbers
  382. how this code works
  383. find the highest value within an array of complex numbers
  384. problem with fscanf for reading matrix from text file.
  385. Opengl 2D Angle Movement
  386. Given an integer ‘K’ and a tree in string to solve below problem ?
  387. Initialization of pointer to a vector
  388. creating bit packed Global structures in C
  389. Shift a string by receiving a string converting it to ascii and then shifting it and
  390. Differences between BOOST 1.33.1 and latest version
  391. Printing all STL objects of .cc code in GDB
  392. Problem regarding a solution in uri online judge
  393. Pls identify the error in the following code. It is showing declaration syntax error
  394. why is the below code not printing the ASCII value of the inputed character ?
  395. Problems using gcroot -> AccessViolation when calling managed functions in native C++
  396. What are Precedence rules for % and *?
  397. how to solve this program errors
  398. plaese correct the error
  399. i am running a c code to respond to a circuit for controlling electrical appliance co
  400. How do I send input to the program through the batch file?
  401. Whenever I try to compile the C program, it compiles with no errors but results in an
  402. how to fix the error
  403. How to convert a uint32_t to Ascii in C.
  404. How to change the assembly code in this shell for make it work with any IP and port?
  405. Why am I getting this wrong? bitset<32> assignment.
  406. Read images from two different folder, apply optical flow method and store results as
  407. assigning special characters to arrays
  408. how to fix the error for this program
  409. Am I doing this right? (about getting output)
  410. C++ flush input buffer correctly, not a question
  411. How do you increment a vector for classes? C++
  412. encryption decryption of Ascii codes using substitution
  413. Instantiating an abstract class error
  414. Can I access single bits from a vector<bitset<N>>?
  415. how to fix the error for this program
  416. Can you please explain what this code does?
  417. home security system using microcntroller at89c51
  418. invalid arguments in sendto()!!!!
  419. soft demodulation using itpp library
  420. Pointer's subtraction or arithmetic
  421. The unknown encoded in emf->EMR_EXTTEXTOUTW->EmrText->OutputString
  422. Expression syntax error
  423. consol color
  424. how to give color for each print out indivisualy
  425. I built a program and when I submit it to the online checking system, it says runtime
  426. identifier box cannot have qualifier
  427. How to obtain a perfect value for the cube of a number (Whole/Decimal)
  428. Why won't this code open the .txt files?
  429. How to use suffix in the name of a variable?
  430. How to left rotate a given string by k positions ?
  431. command to check inline function replacement
  432. no output in compiler.....why?
  433. stopping a loop
  434. Visual 2010 giving debug assertion error
  435. What is the fastest way to read and write .bmp file in C?
  436. entering specific amount of integers
  437. Parse x509 certificate without openssl in C/C++
  438. what will be the result of the integer division,5%
  439. calculate saletax price
  440. basic C code question, what does this in code mean %f,%f\n
  441. why does the below program terminate giving segmentation fault ?
  442. How do I port MS Visual studio code (specifically HANDLE type) to c++?
  443. Problem in comparing string of integers.
  444. C header library is not there in /usr/include/
  445. Difficulty in getting iterator upon using find algorithm of STL
  446. Difference between byte stream and bit stream
  447. What does #include<process.h > header file on c programming does??what does it link w
  448. small windows code snippet to enable Wireless LAN and disable Wireless LAN
  449. Can any help me to write program using Fork in C to generate this tree structure?
  450. Problems with srand(time(0)) returning the same value for a coin flip problem
  451. "variable cannot be used as a function" error
  452. what is the advantage of int and double?
  453. try and catch block not executing in c++ program
  454. try and catch block not running in turbo c++
  455. Finding out Segmentation Fault Problem
  456. Microsoft Visual Studio, does not display unsigned char in debug, truncation of int t
  457. what u know about float and plzz give reason???
  458. illeagal pointer included what soul i do to correct this type of error as im not able
  459. Nibbles replacement
  460. Counting the number of times a word occurs in a 2-D array of strings in C++
  461. getting segmentation fault (core dumped)
  462. how to get rid of Illegal structure operation?
  463. FILO and why it is not working in properly in VBox
  464. [Error] 'ConvertTO25' undeclared (first use in this function) it shows this error in
  465. how can i get keyboard key press event in c++ using bgi graphics library
  466. merge two nodes of adjacency list
  467. Increment and decrement
  468. Cannot convert 'int**' to 'int*' for argument '1' to 'void shw(int*)' ?
  469. how to use if else loops in structure
  470. please tell me the solution of this problem.
  471. Library Management C++ program...?
  472. Cannot have a type qualifier...?
  473. Project Euler #29 alternative solution
  474. Anyone know phone transfer library in C++ or Java?
  475. even odd with addition or subtraction logic only
  476. Live audio peak detection from microphone
  477. function containing for are not expanded in line = for(i=0;i<nosr;i++)
  478. How do i extract data from an excel file and use it in a c program?
  479. help i hv that code but he is giving me an error in "if" help ;D
  480. how many bits are set in a given number...?
  481. what is the output in if-else statement
  482. Compilation error while using dev-C++ IDE
  483. Can anyone help me in this question?
  484. How does the file descriptor work on given C code
  485. Working with libevent library
  486. what does possible use of 'i' before definition in C++?
  487. Weird behaviour of compiler
  488. Comparing one string and one string from an array of strings in C
  489. prototype error in my turboc in windows 7
  490. copying contents of 1 dimensional array into 2 dimensional array in such a way that t
  491. Using the Bluegiga library with C++Builder X5
  492. Add an exception about bad_alloc in a vector of vectors
  493. Need a sample code to measure rms current in embedded C
  494. Measure the execution time of if then and if then else statment
  495. C fread into a struct
  496. Highest and lowest number in one structure
  497. Setting a string using cin then making the string into a list between spaces
  498. Error - An unhandled win32 exception occured [472]
  499. convert number to words
  500. Basic struct serialization operation on C
  501. Array of File Pointers
  502. Pointers
  503. quiz game in c
  504. initial value of reference to non-const must be an lvalue during my sorting equation
  505. pointer to array of pointers
  506. Reversing string from one text file to another new text file
  507. Neural Network assert crash
  508. Implementing SFML
  509. unqualified id before delete which i use as function what's the error
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