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  1. what is this mean " illegal structure operation"?
  2. Error is " functions containing switch are not expanded inline
  3. Do I need to lock socket access when transferring data in multi-threaded application?
  4. How to use swprintf() under linux in C?
  5. How to get a process address space size information
  6. Display problem: graphics not initialized error
  7. how does a C program gets executed
  8. Develop GUI Window to display keyboard commands?
  9. How to pass an array of struct's to a function?
  10. graphics in Turboc++
  11. Keeping one data structure through multiple classes.
  12. GUI for Robot Programming
  13. Lvalue required in function main
  14. Output problem with hiragana, wchar_t and unicode
  15. Just A Simple MKDIR code please.
  16. C/C++ Link errors
  17. how to multiply two matrix
  18. i get error c2886( when i use using std::cout; using std::string;) i change to using
  19. what is wrong need to change lowercase to upper without toupper()
  20. how to manage C++ program
  21. Bit masking
  22. connecting my database to a c++ interface
  23. doubt in static
  24. write a program to print following output?
  25. explain this output of this program
  26. In my program my fgets funtion wont read inputs when i execute program...whats wrong
  27. rpn calculator
  28. Accessing functions of another file
  29. c function/code to test number
  30. C/C++ getvect question
  31. what is the meaning for tat line?
  32. how to write delay code in c
  33. C/C++ Setvect question
  34. Pointer Issues ( I think)
  35. what does the following declarations mean.
  36. reading binary .stl files
  37. number to word
  38. Dev-C++ Problem
  39. i just wanna know wht hapen on array and for loop and what is result of that program
  40. create a kenken game in c++
  41. what is difference between Array and list
  42. How dll will works in application exe?
  43. Reading data from a file into a dynamically allocated array
  44. named pipes in c++
  45. I have a simple doubt.
  46. STL map.find problem in using a compare class
  47. Recursivity Explanation in c++
  48. Can't seem to pass array correctly
  49. Arrays + reinterpret_cast Help
  50. an error in my program
  51. How to get the execution time for a bubble sort ?
  52. Merging of arrays
  53. Displaying progressbar using threading in win 32 applicaition!
  54. Function for dynamic allocate two dimensional array in c
  55. Print .pcap file content on cosole/file that should be similar as Wire shark
  56. C by Dissection chapter 12 exercise 11
  57. Returning an array from a function
  58. How to solve a general equation in c program
  59. Error while compiling
  60. How to provide buffer size dynamically.
  61. Iterating on std::map results in segmentation fault
  62. play audio in c or c++
  63. how convert fixed point to float
  64. changing output color
  65. Delete a word from a string
  66. function in C/C++ that never returns due to some reason
  67. What is difference between printf and cout?
  68. Creating windows based OS out of C++
  69. How to create button in C++?
  70. avoiding multiple free calls on dynamically allocated memory
  71. detect merged linked list
  72. Memory allocation during object formation
  73. how convert hex file to c or assembly
  74. C++ code to read an as400 work file and form the data structure.
  75. Selecting text in webrowser control
  76. c++ getting the filename and path of an ofstream object
  77. optimal binary search tree(obst)
  78. still having problems with entering truck name and truck number
  79. Help needed with using continue in loop
  80. Why sizeof is an operator rather than macro or function
  81. How to handle C# events in C++
  82. Conversions of integer using shift and bitwise logical operations
  83. scanf getting {space}
  84. AVL Basic Operation : Insert, Delete and Search
  85. Highest and lowest values in a two dimension array.
  86. error LNK2019
  87. crc32/checksum app
  88. How to get an array to sort
  89. Software installation at home pc
  90. Software installation at home pc
  91. Problem in Free() on 2D array
  92. How to develop C++ software on home PC?
  93. Union of sets
  94. Any utility software using C++
  95. C++ Polymorphism conversion error
  96. atoi conversion problem
  97. If an integer is positive or negative
  98. Import functions/classes by offset?
  99. malloc for long long array?
  100. Calling Java from C++
  101. How to initialize a structure variable to the size of the structure at compile time?
  102. Void function returns value of 1000
  103. Pattern Matching in C/C++
  104. Error C2040
  105. float to demoted integer conversion
  106. troubles with exec() :(
  107. C Programming ATM Machine Project Issue
  108. Use Iterator to obtain vector index
  109. C: Implementing a series
  110. all paths between two nodes
  111. Is there any way to calculate factorials of large no ie of about n<500
  112. How can we extract first k digits of n^n where k is <9 and 1<n<10^9
  113. strange behavior in Windows COMBOBOX
  114. Error in Simple Program
  115. Could somebody help me find the cause of a Segmentation Fault error in my program?
  116. How to print the '0' (zero) value after the modulo operator - % ?
  117. Add reverse function to doubly linklist class
  118. advantages of using FUNCTION in C++
  119. can someone tell me why nothing happens when I run this(codeblocks)program on my mac?
  120. File handling String related question
  121. ofstream/ostream flush() error check
  122. I make this for balancing paranthesis of equation but i think it is wrong check and c
  123. Problem in file handling!
  124. Warning: Assignment from incompatible pointer type
  125. declaration or definition
  126. convert a file to hexadecimal equivalent
  127. scan complete machine
  128. Write this without lib and string.h files
  129. Help needed with the while loop
  130. want to search in a text file if it contains the words present i a 2d array..
  131. Hash Function
  132. semi colon, the difference in loop without body
  133. sprintf equivalent for the string class <string>
  134. Access violation in accessing std::map
  135. How to use getpixel() and setpixel() in C program for selecting pixels
  136. nodes to adjacency matrix
  137. NULL reference
  138. Parenthesis and internal arithmetic equation with operation
  139. date difference problem
  140. Define a base class person that will contain universal information, including name
  141. how many constructors will be called when object of type D3 i will be created?
  142. Filling matrices: is there a missing or extra character I can't see?
  143. Is it me or my compiler?
  144. The method in the C
  145. max array size?
  146. Casting to void*.
  147. waitHandle class
  148. Nested if statement syntax issue
  149. Finding min/max with c++
  150. keybd_event in windows CE
  151. Give me the code in c++ to create symbol table?
  152. caling gnuplot from c++
  153. help needed in C++ with the if-else-if ladder.
  154. function pointer as function argument
  155. increase integer limit?
  156. define header files?
  157. Reading from LPT1 using MS VC++ 2008 on Windows 7(x64)
  158. Structure Initialization
  159. interchanging int and static
  160. What is wrong with this program, loop endless and "evens", "odds" output dummy values
  161. recursive function
  162. geometric sequence
  163. I have to create an abstract class "shape" with one pure virtual function print, tha
  164. C++ Array Question
  165. while loop question
  166. editor option in a C IDE
  167. design a class member Type
  168. Longest common substring
  169. 3rd party dll interface to c++/cli .net 2.x
  170. error while executing a matrix multiplication program
  171. HLSL in Resource Files
  172. Q function
  173. two pointers same address
  174. please help me to check the code..
  175. divide first column from a txt file
  176. Passing pointer to double array to function
  177. Cannot copy files to a path of this type \\\folder
  178. semaphores question
  179. can't send WM_KEYDOWN correctly?
  180. pulling data from array and adding it up question
  181. Windows Forms in C++
  182. How to create movement with a graphic in C?
  183. floating point execption
  184. How do I add the date to it?
  185. (parallel) sorting pthreads
  186. Error: "va_start used in function with fixed args"
  187. VA_LIST on 64-bit
  188. Pointer to array within a structure? Bus error?
  189. help with arrays and pointers
  190. How to set if else within a flag for a makefile
  191. what is wrong with compiling error
  192. Segmentation fault help
  193. Freeing unused memory crashes program
  194. How to create an array of records
  195. How to define a new class "Matrix" based on "Vector<Vector<T>>"?
  196. make vs shell
  197. All Permutations - non-recursive
  198. Infinite while loop
  199. Format output into table
  200. doubt in declaration
  201. what's wrong with my copy function?
  202. Dynamic Array Confusion
  203. Dynamic Arrays
  204. multiplication of 2D array (matrix) with function and pointer
  205. Syntax error before = sign
  206. Importance of operator overloading
  207. Why does the compiler tell me this?
  208. compiling header file
  209. having trouble with string array
  210. Nested Loop
  211. Rotating a matrix
  212. Algorithm for sorting array of integers w/ respect to another array (c code would be
  213. How to sort a table of arrays
  214. how to declare ostream???
  215. Bushfire spread simulation
  216. No matching function to call
  217. trouble opening my .txt file
  218. indenting using recursion.
  219. Display output in table format.
  220. Help me with arrays.....
  221. Debug c++ dll vs2005 with test exe ( No debug Info )
  222. Correct forum
  223. how to use a third party dll
  224. How to access direct disk access under windows xp environment in turbo c
  225. Using return value functions and switch statement for c++
  226. dynamic array function
  227. dot operator before member variable
  228. How to incorporate a function.
  229. Null issues raised by scanf
  230. Main arguments
  231. Reading in text file in c++
  232. IME mode convert
  233. how to load and execcute program in C
  234. fgets / buffer issue
  235. [IPC, Shared memory] Design and implementation ideas for a server-client program
  236. sbrk function on Windows
  237. Fibonacci Sequence - Function within C
  238. Character Stuffing
  239. Any way to forward declare a function prototype?
  240. data type length dependency on word lenght of machine
  241. Access violation writing location 0x00000020
  242. calling a DLL from a thread
  243. Large Digit Addition
  244. problems with new / delete
  245. how to break colour image into RGB components?
  246. C++ Class Function/Method Friends?
  247. Too few arguments for format.
  248. When I call a function it won't print the information to screen.
  249. converters using c
  250. std::for_each with class method
  251. using function getting the address of string into a pointer
  252. Declaring an array with size in C++
  253. Arbitrary Precision for C++ Program
  254. Converting an integer to string
  255. Pointers and arrays in c++object orientated programming
  256. divide by zero
  257. Backtrack in maze
  258. calling pass by value functions
  259. function that takes care of turn
  260. Struct, char array and pointer problem.
  261. strcat not running normally
  262. How to get a "Resource String" from the Resource Table in C++ compiled with /clr:pure
  263. Problem Multiple definition of enum
  264. Output an asterisk rectangle
  265. Turbo C and C++ editor: Editing Shortcuts
  266. How many times a pointer can point to another pointer>
  267. Convert TCHAR [] to const ***
  268. Fastest C++ Matrix Library ?
  269. reading more than 1 string in c
  270. what is the best solution to create an array of variable size.
  271. scanf doubt
  272. MemoryMappedFiles header file
  273. Sort alphabetic into lower n in ascending order
  274. Deriving an ordinary class from a COM class
  275. C++ Value Return Function that produces a true/false
  276. How to change/show permissiosns in C
  277. Getting array values using strtok
  278. Run-Time Check Failure #0 - The value of ESP was not properly saved across a function
  279. how to convert this code into function...
  280. Trying to combine three codes in 1 code. Error came out
  281. C++, timetabling data, bin picking algorithm
  282. Converting A Basic Program to A C++ Program
  283. String, char problem. Location on the screen.
  284. changing from array to pointer format?
  285. Open Directory In C, Return File Descriptor
  286. difference between \v and \t and \n in c
  287. Does Eclipse comes with C/C++/Java compilers for college students to do some project
  288. ERROR (C++): 'main' : not all control paths return a value
  289. Driver development in windows platform
  290. code to separate and identify strings of code from an outside file
  291. Converting from One Computer Programming Language to Another
  292. Compiling wxbasic in C?
  293. Trying to bringup xterm, getting error "unable to display"
  294. Overloading classes problem...
  295. a code problem
  296. Passing pointer as parmaneter
  297. My question is that HowCanISeperateThisSentence into words in C?
  298. graphics magician and bits
  299. ISO image of a DVD video in c++
  300. Calling a main program's non-global function from a library
  301. time of execution
  302. antivirus code in c or c++
  303. Storing data in a linked list
  304. UB or not
  305. negative index in array
  306. How do I divide integers that equal float C?
  307. game of life C++ difficulty
  308. Parse a data frame in C?
  309. COnverting CString to Unsigned short
  310. LNK4221 and LNK4006 warnings!
  311. Add characters into a string
  312. sparse matrix multiplied to a vector using multicore programming.
  313. to implement hand written lexer and parser
  314. Linking error: Undefined symbol in _module
  315. Error: statement missing at line
  316. Create array of records and store in file
  317. How to convert Cstring to variant /variant to cstring
  318. Rotate an image
  319. DES implementation in C
  320. error occur during compilation a program
  321. syntax/logic errors
  322. forward declaration of class does not work
  323. How I create my own data type in c
  324. Using pipe to have one command read from another , command1 | command2
  325. How can i find the sum of divisors of a given number in a faster way?
  326. Merging C++/CLI Console App with dll's
  327. Object counter for classes
  328. implementation of stack using queuqe
  329. how to make an import library in vs2008
  330. How can I judge the if the input is over in C language?
  331. "= : left operand must be the l-value"
  332. Sigalrm routine using MS CL compiler
  333. Print a number in words
  334. Open the game supporting files
  335. Making a 16 byte datatype in C++
  336. display square corners
  337. How to convert code into a function
  338. Nameless temporary objects in c++
  339. Converting alphabetic phone number to numeric
  340. Switch Statements will not recognize a char comparison
  341. Loop won't iterate
  342. Networking: getaddrinfo using different ports
  343. Error downloading video streams from metacafe via inet_ntop()
  344. Unable to launch a xe when using Createprocess
  345. reading stdin for key presses vs a redirected file
  346. Counting the number of times a user makes input errors
  347. acces denied at running remove()
  348. what do ~= and ^= mean in C
  349. source code of apriori algo in c
  350. How to implement case insensitive fncs?
  351. Pointers Adresses and getting data byRef from a functions
  352. Static local variable and boolean function count
  353. linking error
  354. Connecting to Databases
  355. How to rotate an image by 180 degree clockwise and counterclockwise using C codes?
  356. Return the smallest of 2 doubles
  357. More problems with sprintf?
  358. Converting hexadecimal to binary
  359. Rebuild App when update one of resource file
  360. How do I call something in to a for loop?
  361. deleting node from linked list
  362. Continuation of a program in C
  363. Simplifying a fraction
  364. Getting started with computer programming.
  365. How to find size of a dynamically allocated array
  366. Without using browser I want to send one HTTP link to server
  367. How to use input from first operation as variable in second operation
  368. C ISAPI Code (Redirect)...
  369. Confusion with constructors and classes.
  370. Reading Zebra printer status
  371. give me a suggestion about an anti virus software
  372. Convert a rounded float to a string with sprintf?
  373. How to represent values of arrow keys using getch
  374. How are character constants stored in memory map
  375. Order of invocation of constructor and destructor
  376. How to format output to look like barcode
  377. Evaluating Expressions
  378. Incompatible type errors for the 2 arguments I'm inputting in main
  379. Server control won't bind to database
  380. How to use an exponent?
  381. How to write a program which sums the digits of a 4-digit number?
  382. array size declaration using const int
  383. 2 dimensional array addittion
  384. declaration syntax error
  385. What is causing this error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversi
  386. I cant figure out why my program is crashing. Please Help!!!
  387. To retrieve username and static IP addr in linux platform
  388. Software to run C programs on Windows 7
  389. Get the Serial number of the hard disk
  390. Passing a dynamic array of struct to a function, the returning the same array
  391. buy ticket (with link list and struct)
  392. Calculate the time difference between two file names
  393. what is wrong in this codes?
  394. Implement member function Homework
  395. how to develop a algorithm for mean value
  396. how do I convert a string to char array to find a substring within a string?
  397. How to write a function code which can convert data strings to signal wave like Sine?
  398. Confused by passing character arrays?
  399. No match for operator<< when using std::endl
  400. Printing Structure Element
  401. error: invalid use of incomplete type
  402. Prevent console open on popen?
  403. Rewrite a open file?
  404. C++ Calling Out Arguments inside the Functions and its funcion it'self
  405. No Display in VC++ MFC Windows
  406. Typecasting for Class of Template Data type to unsigned char *
  407. How do you declare a data type with 1 bit size?
  408. typename & inheritance errors also typename & iterator definition errors
  409. behaviour of strtok()
  410. to find all armstrong between
  411. Declaration syntax error
  412. How To Put C# Console App On A Web Page?
  413. Error C2061: syntax error
  414. Centering text on a display?
  415. Fatal error C1010: unexpected end of file
  416. Copy selected characters between strings?
  417. how to store and retrive a video from database using c/c++
  418. how to convert a bmp image to a binary file?
  419. how to print a multiple characters?
  420. What is the Header file for sleep in Keil Operating system?
  421. Function that can swap elements in a singly linked list
  422. to get the output of c in a text file?
  423. '=' function as left operand Errors?
  424. Program arguments
  425. Calculating code size for shared libs
  426. problem with a function!
  427. Operator Overloading
  428. templated class problem
  429. Return a double variable
  430. Passing C++ const char* (String from JAVA) to C#
  431. Read integer numbers from a file and return the arithmetic mean
  432. Allowing 1 input only
  433. how to increment i value wit a interval of 10 ?
  434. what is wrong with my copy function?
  435. What is the address of Heap created by HeapCreate() function?
  436. Using pthreads in VS .NET 2003
  437. GDB source code need to compile for PowerPC
  438. read text file into formatted struct array
  439. C/C++ Matrix/Vector Calculation
  440. Multidimensional sparse arrays using linked lists
  441. root - polynomial
  442. Filling a string with characters '#' and space to create bar-graph
  443. How do you write to a file one line at a time?
  444. using of POSIX threads
  445. template inheritance
  446. how to add+multiply matrices
  447. question related past question on how to use not equal to for two numbers
  448. i need a c program code with the answer for it
  449. need a code for this problem.......
  450. Error with threads opening files
  451. How do I say not equal to more than one number?
  452. How to validate IPv4 & IPv6 in C?
  453. Write a C++ program to roll 3 dice, show the values of these dice, and show the total
  454. How do I write the code for the championship sort of a set of numbers?
  455. Header Errors
  456. Reading integers from a file into classes.
  457. hi all, I dont have any clue how to accomplish this. Pls provide ne clues ...Thanks..
  458. parsing a 2d character array
  459. another "does not match void* (*)(void*)" error
  460. Quadratic equation solver
  461. what is wrong with line 27 and 31?
  462. Diff b/w C and C++
  463. matrix multiplication and addition
  464. using math opertion
  465. ".....exe stopped woking"!!
  466. please let me know as soon as possible
  467. I have posted the question below...i have understood logic but not the code...
  468. help , im doing a program and cannot get it to work. The reg does not follow on .
  469. Share Data between C & C++ Function
  470. Random int 1-255 to character in C
  471. Loop problem
  472. syntax error before { line 29 and syntax error before } line 45? gcc mac.
  473. Privileges for registry editting
  474. How to extract RGB as unsigned char * from unsigned char * of 24 bit BMP Color images
  475. Issue Sending byte from C to java
  476. help with function that calls another function
  477. How do you input size into a Class Function?
  478. when it reaches end-of-file (stop=1) segmentation fault
  479. how the height of any tree can be calculated
  480. mat[i][j] = *(*(mat + i) + j) here mat is a pointer to an array of r elements an
  481. sockets question about multiple IPs on one computer
  482. How to find the source code of functions?
  483. When I try to compile I get : "too few arguments for format" - ln 22 whats missing?
  484. c++: getchar() doesn't work on conditional control statement
  485. My first quistion
  486. Exceptions in Release mode
  487. overriding virtual function, can the return type be either a pointer or a reference?
  488. How to connect oracle with C programming?
  489. How do I get user input into a string array then display the data entered?
  490. int arr[10]; //in file1.c extern int *arr; //in file2.c main() { arr[0]=1; } //
  491. what r the application of templat function and templat class
  492. how to declare the member functions in fuzzy set using c++
  493. Read live stock quoted from a website using qt4 c++?
  494. What are <Bad Ptr> in visual C++?
  495. Automatic variables + stack
  496. declaration syntax error
  497. error detection
  498. how to use a native C++ dll in an ATL dll
  499. error: expected unqualified-id before '.' token??
  500. Comments on my code?
  501. How to sort structure arrays
  502. How do I go about writing positive, neg, zero, and even or odd???
  503. Prime Number Generator.
  504. Error while writing integer calculator
  505. How to display data in a bst in tree format using C++?
  506. Using custom classes
  507. Not getting requierd output in C
  508. realoc failed
  509. Multithreading in C++
  510. How to decompile exe into source code.
  511. int main(void) { func(); func(6); return 0; } int func(
  512. Problem when terminating application.
  513. f=++i||(k++)&&1; how are such expressions evaluated??
  514. assignment operator and copy constructor
  515. sorting the arry of pointer to string
  516. how to make easy graphic with gcc in my Ubuntu 9.10
  517. puzzle on c statement
  518. Attempted to read or write protected memory while importing function from c++ dll
  519. write a program using one dimensional array to display the even and odd numbers out
  520. expected unqualified-id at end of input
  521. Trying to do Simple Multiplication
  522. const char* and char* concatenation
  523. Loop to run the program again?
  524. need help with a C++ code for class?
  525. regarding the buffer
  526. Passing Structures from C++ to a VB .NET DLL
  527. I'm having trouble with my code compiling, "error: return type defaults to 'int'"
  528. Marshaling a C++ two-dimensional fixed length char array as a structure member
  529. linker error: unresolved external __fastcall
  530. Marshaling a C++ two-dimensional fixed length char array as a structure member
  531. What is the recommended directory structure for tests?
  532. process time
  533. I am reading data from a text file into a structure?
  534. How do you get a 15x15 matrix using an ifstream
  535. Looking for iptables rule to enable FTP and e-mail and disable after some time
  536. been working on this prog need help getting results to show up correct when compiled
  537. c/c++ sparse matrix library
  538. is there any probiem if we do malloc and free inside infinite while loop..?
  539. HOw to bulid Hans Boehm Garbage Collector using Visual C++?
  540. Passing arrays to a function
  541. error: expected identifier or ( before { token ??
  542. How to print the keys in VC++ like sendkeys.send() i
  543. Error compilation
  544. STL vector
  545. passing a string as file name to a ifstream
  546. Help with sine taylor series
  547. running minicom to access serial port usinh putty to Linux machine from windows
  548. returning dynamic array from function
  549. Running a C++ Program during the execution of a C Program
  550. finding a number even or odd without using if,else or arithmetic operator