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  1. Coin flipping game: Optimization problem
  2. Structures and unions
  3. why sizeof is not changing the value
  4. how to write a program in c++ to convert currency?
  5. Ascii value of EOF
  6. uninitialized reference member
  7. can someone assist me with my newton raphson code
  8. adding array into array of strings in c
  9. i have project on hotel management in c++ but it is giving error
  10. Could someone explain me the logic??
  11. error C2051: case expression not constant in VS2010
  12. Thread speed and cores hogging
  13. How to control the executable speed of a thread?
  14. how can i create dll from cpp class for using in c#
  15. Integrating c files in a c++ rhapsody project
  16. how to write the C code in Linux to find the time taken by the binary search algorith
  17. give
  18. Why the output is so ?
  19. How to recieve a jpg from server using socket programming?
  20. how to identify dependency between statements automatically
  21. Create a class named CleverBookMark
  22. C helps learn C++?
  23. fork help
  24. What is the execution sequence for the code (x = i++ + ++i) ?
  25. how to use bind.exe (windows)
  26. program to store students information using linear hashing with linked list in c++
  27. Suggestion for a function for checking fraction number
  28. Why gets() function dangerous to use???
  29. What caused a Non numeric error in C formula I've several hours but no luck
  30. how to convert Basic table to C ?
  31. What is console?
  32. What is c++?
  33. How to retrieve System Information in Free Dos using Application made in C
  34. maze question: inputting it into 2d array
  35. how can i get every possible answer with one dimension array(brute force)
  36. Sparse arrays in C++
  37. integer to hex (another question)
  38. pre and post increment
  39. hi, can u tell me what is the meaning of this code? volatile BOOL GotSUD;
  40. Can i send data to my printer through ms-dos based c++ program?
  41. Virtual Methods
  42. wstring is causing a win32 console application to exit
  43. i need to know whether i can implement RMI for C++ objects. I
  44. How to perform operations on 200 digit numbers!!!!
  45. c increment & decrement
  46. how to export function in namespace to dll
  47. increment
  48. shows error unable to open include file iostream&conio.what can i do?
  49. How to find and READ the IMAGE_IMPORT_DESCRIPTOR structures in a WIN PE
  50. How to clear these warnings?
  51. how do I convert the following statement to C?
  52. Del *.txt
  53. How to rename file to date name's ?
  54. Is a union variable's size is the sum of the size of its members ?
  55. text height and width
  56. How to find RAM configuration of a system by using C program ?
  57. A c++ prog 4to enter an integer & print its total value based on followin formula
  58. what is c++
  59. what is header file and how it works in c/c++ programming?
  60. How can I fix my add method?
  61. Need 64 bit Compiler flags for .mak file
  62. modify code 4k.cpp for Z=(inverse,A)*(B*B)+3*(A*A)*(inverse,B).
  63. linking .../sssm.exe this is my error message how to rectify
  64. wchar_t crashes when return from a function
  65. While solving diamond of death problem how many VTABLE will be created?
  66. How do you create a method within a method?
  67. how to write a c code to compare alphanumeric characters ?
  68. arrays
  69. virtual copy constructor
  70. how to make a menu program?
  71. stat() does not work for me on Cygwin/Windows
  72. How to fix the given compilation issue with VS2010?
  73. This should get the first letter of every word in a string?
  74. how to create cursor using gdi+ c++
  75. Constants in Arrays
  76. Compile error on templated STL map class
  77. c++ gdi+ double buffer problem
  78. Suggest a better code
  79. does anyone know how to define the method/function The positionOf() method
  80. What is the output of following code?
  81. Need to convert a char array to std::wstring. How?
  82. Outputing top to a file from a forked process
  83. What is the difference between if and #if(preprocessor)
  84. HELP: pair-value search & replace?
  85. how can we use protected keyword?
  86. the system tell me "the days is not defined":will there anyone help me?
  87. gcc doesn't warn about calling a nullary function WITH parameters?
  88. wrtite a c program to solve a linear system of equations take input through txt docum
  89. write apro read a file in c++ to read afile and store each word in a new line in fi
  90. write aprogram in c++ which reads afile and store its alternate lines in other file
  91. What is return type?how can we use it?
  92. c++ creating animation help gdi and repaint window win32
  93. Output of following prog is 00.000000 why?
  94. Diffrence between "/" and "\"
  95. c++ gdi animation problem
  96. Modifying the add method
  97. parse http header
  98. description about error in following prog
  99. What is void type how can we use it?
  100. How do I print the displaydata() function?
  101. Does any one know IDE set up for Visual C++ 2005 Express edition? ---
  102. c++ win32 command line
  103. WM_COMMAND in Win32
  104. how to implement shannon fano coding in c++
  105. How to develop an application in C++
  106. minmum and exeding value and maybe avg
  107. error: 'static_cast' : cannot convert from 'void (__thiscall CShimiHalDlg::* )(void)'
  108. Is it possible to use gnu stdlibc++ in Visual C++ (2008)?
  109. How do I use MapViewOfFile() to read an array of structures?
  110. How to add up the totals in a column?
  111. why doesn't the compiler recognize the function although I included the right libs?
  112. Is switch statement is alternate of if else staement ?
  113. Call virtual functions during construction
  114. I want 2 recive data CONTINOUSLY frm COM port & simultaneously want 2 write to file
  115. What caused this error: c4430?
  116. Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime library Runtime Error?
  117. line in rectangle in mfc
  118. Arcto(...) function in mfc
  119. Why am I getting these errors?
  120. Constructor/destructor
  121. Circular linking of libraries in C/C++
  122. how to find no. of active threads using mysql global variable in C/C++?
  123. How to store and search trie(strings) structure from a file..
  124. How to read textbox text property into an unsigned char array
  125. How we can implement a circular array?
  126. Prototypes and function return types in C
  127. Workflow IDE
  128. Need help with scanf
  129. Does MinGW (GCC compilers) support Microsoft Structured Error Handling (SEH)?
  130. how do i send and receive a classType over aTcp network in Qt.
  131. how do you solve a C2065 error?
  132. fseek does not fail when input ".." as filename.
  133. unhandled exception c 0000005 @ 012D1040
  134. My c++/c program is not running, but it is getting complied.
  135. How to get specifik name of comport?
  136. why the global variables in c are initialized to 0?
  137. /usr/include/bitsstring3.h:90: error: old-style parameter declarations in prototyped
  138. How can move picture with mouse in a dialog box
  139. Converting 8 bytes to integer
  140. char * in array of int
  141. How to make a rectangle using loops
  142. Source file cannot compiled (dev-c++)
  143. What is c++ ?
  144. how can declare a global class?
  145. how to connect turbo c/c++ program to database ?
  146. where i declare class obj
  147. I have no idea where to go from here.
  148. problem linking .asm with obj to create .exe
  149. regarding format specifier %lg in sscanf
  150. Why is the gap between an address of a file pointer, to the one after it, is only 32
  151. select() i sreturning very big integer values.
  152. How to convert inline assembler to .asm file
  153. compiling a db2 problem
  154. get data from a box in mfc
  155. how to take integers out of a scrambled text?
  156. Detecting Virtualization
  157. break a while statement
  158. I want to do a callback function to dll
  159. What is the difference between Enum and Static Enum in C++ ?
  160. release mode and debug mode
  161. Problem with convert and data input
  162. Objective-C, "Shuffling" an NSMutuable Array
  163. How to catch & change form data on client side at firefox browser
  164. When i enter strings during execution i get error
  165. PSP application in C++ where it can traverse the files of another device
  166. what is the use of carriage return (\r), form feed(\f),bell(\a) in c++?
  167. DirectX Window error
  168. [C] Is this proper way of passing an array to be manipulated
  169. how we can avoid ambiguty in multiple inheritance
  170. How to implement two periodical processes in C++ under Linux?
  171. BCD to decimal conversion in C program
  172. Header files problem ... recursive includes
  173. random generation of number
  174. Help understanding linking errors
  175. typecasting using pointer
  176. Use a class defined vector to store "paired" data in each element
  177. Advanced Functions
  178. How do I combine C / C++ with Assembly
  179. I am trying to pass nested class to webservice and i get the following error
  180. Problem with DataGridView Usage as it uses a lot of CPU
  181. print the values of the predefined symbolic constants
  182. need help with splitting a string into two and assign them to two variables
  183. time and date functions in C?
  184. what is difference between static and dynamic polymorphism?
  185. scanf not accepting space as part of string
  186. Incompatible types in assignment
  187. Pure virtual methods cannot be inherit?
  188. error in recursive makefile
  189. how to write a cast-to-reference-to-array operator for a class?
  190. does adding a dummy parameter to constructors of a class to solve calling ambiguity,
  191. which kinds of constructors may be applied during compile time as optimization.
  192. how does an optimizing c++ compiler reuse stack slots of a function?
  193. relation between access specifiers and using initializer lists for POD types in c++0x
  194. a macro to extract characters of its input text and generate a code using them
  195. Can C language be used on windows files??
  196. Help with code
  197. Thank you. Now i get new error.
  198. To use or not to use threads
  199. I have a problem in the linklist please help me?
  200. Error C4439 'main' : function definition with a managed type in the signature must ha
  201. how can we update or delete the perticual record by using c language?
  202. randomize 2
  203. How to stop printf from printing???
  204. tty manipulation
  205. HI I get the following error while run the command makefile in Ubuntu 9.10?
  206. How to read the file given below in C and print the numbers in an array?
  207. storing info into array
  208. class/struct question
  209. randamize
  210. FILE I/O problem please help
  211. compile time and run time
  212. how to create a header file in c please explain by defining simple function?
  213. What happens to VTABLE when base class has virtual function and derived class does?
  214. Need help on sempahore & semaphore set?
  215. How to create combinations numbers without repeating in C++
  216. what is virtual base class? What is its use?
  217. allocation of memory
  218. Repeated realloc causes crash in glibc
  219. Will this initialization syntax be valid in upcoming c++0x standard ?
  220. regarding fread,fwrite and fseek functions
  221. Radio button in groupbox is not generating WM_COMMAND
  222. c in linux os
  223. How does the compile/link process work
  224. doubt in static variables
  225. how to declare a multi dimensional array?How to call the values in the array?
  226. when i compile this,. it is showing segmentation fault.. can anyone help me,..
  227. What is command line arguments? how should i declare it? what is its use?
  228. Initialising a 2D vector in a constructor!
  229. Program not working correctly
  230. Input a sequence of integers and output omitting repeats
  231. constructors not allowed a return type
  232. Multiplication Without Carry in C (using GMP Lib)
  233. output of the code cout<<a+ a++ + --a; comes out to be 16 when a=5 what is the logic?
  234. doubt in graphics
  235. To get back original indices of a vector after sorting it
  236. Unknown Class
  237. Have a problem in the insertion in the linklist?
  238. what is the difference between compiling and linking?
  239. How do I save the memory state of a C program so I can jumpstart later
  240. Subroutine uses wrong value
  241. How to convert infix to postfix using stack of data structures
  242. Usage of const char * const name
  243. int i=2; printf("%d %d",++i,++i); how can o/p be 4 4 with any order of evaluation
  244. template function call
  245. focus change
  246. find 5th smallest element from array?
  247. what is the output of this code?
  248. I am having trouble getting my code to compile.
  249. about header file
  250. errors with operand "!=" ???
  251. How to show input in Text Entry to Text View in Glade (program coded using C)
  252. how to give typedef for a function pointer?
  253. Memory leak due to new object
  254. how to find out size of the give directory using VC++
  255. error C2451: conditional expression of type 'class fstream' is illegal Ambigu
  256. POD type sizes on a 64bit processor
  257. How to parse address string using any language
  258. Memory leak due to ostream in C++
  259. Memory leak due to RWCstring
  260. How to get the Exe name of a process spawned through CreateProcess with cmd.exe?
  261. How to parse a .config file
  262. doubt in storage class
  263. Segmentation fault in determining closest pair
  264. i need turbo c program for controlling led's using push buttons or switches..
  265. virtual feature in inheritance
  266. How does a static_cast work?
  267. function to copy data
  268. Computer vision recognition using c++
  269. how to remove ctrl+M character from makefiles?
  270. Array Performance: fix-size vs dynamic
  271. Visual Studio "Error: type name is not allowed" [SOLVED]
  272. reading large array from stdin ?
  273. what are memory management operators?
  274. problem using rpn
  275. Ever heard of Image lab in C++? Need some help!!!
  276. matrix invertion in C prog lang
  277. Matrix Inversion C code problem
  278. matrix inverstion code in C
  279. *** glibc detected *** ./a.out: corrupted double-linked list: 0x0000000000a5e240 ***
  280. Address stored by pointers is PHYSICAL or LOGICAL
  281. please explain me the size of int ,float.,char,double,and pointers in 16 and 32 bit
  282. Preprocessor recursion depth counting
  283. Unsigned Short Int
  284. C++ - Single Linked List - Ideas
  285. C++ Coding Logic - Various Ideas
  286. How to stop code from infinite looping?
  287. How to write a c program to generate a self avoiding walk in 2-D?
  288. can't open file - says no file or directory
  289. GRAPH.h from "Algorithms in C"
  290. Is C a Object oriented language...?
  291. size of struct with pointers and function pointers
  292. I have digital video camera connected to PC, how I will know what kind of packets it
  293. STL errors in VisualStudio 2010
  294. C++ Server Application built using VS2008 compiler is slow
  295. How do I print stubs?
  296. Find the result of n X n matrix
  297. Why do we need self-referential structure?
  298. Unable to open include file 'stdio.h" in turbo c
  299. letter exchange algorithm
  300. C++ Singleton
  301. if data hiding can be done in C? If yes..How??
  302. How to dump data from a file into tree
  303. arithmetic of random bit using gmp library?
  304. getifaddrs - Memory leak
  305. MessageInterceptor object
  306. How to remove one character on a string? HELP!
  307. Why the server got so many connection requests from an invalid socket?
  308. Doubt related to ptr-to-ptr
  309. fopen returns NULL after many times do fopen and fclose, any idea?
  310. how is size of pointer calculated?
  311. How to use char* in map instead of using string
  312. How to Turn Array of integers into image file
  313. How can we find the full path to a directory?
  314. How to use Getline?
  315. File handling related question
  316. shmget: Permission Denied
  317. declaring char* in header file
  318. Undefined reference to '...' error under gcc
  319. Is there any way to speed up seperate graffics in a program?
  320. how to use cryptographics techniques in C program in linux
  321. virtual function??
  322. virtual class in C++
  323. Troubles with Glib/Gtk dependend 3rd party libraries... Gwyddion
  324. Help with "identifier not found" error.
  325. Sorting a linked list of structs on multiple parameters.
  326. atoi() not giving correct answer
  327. how to get data(coming from an actual hardware DAQ through USB) into a c/c++ program
  328. How to implement dynamic data structure in C++ like vector?
  329. how do I access a member class of a class template from a template child class
  330. Deserialize Binary data between applications
  331. How vtable and vptr works in c++
  332. How access to struct in .h , from my principal program
  333. Please explain why the program seg fault?
  334. Call a phone from PC, then play wav file when it is picked-up
  335. Static Struct
  336. How to make Nested class, which use default constructor parameters?
  337. JNI : calling native code from java
  338. define class constants in C++
  339. Printer Language PPLB & sending soft font
  340. Reading from a file
  341. String output functions dilemma....
  342. string expressions to integer
  343. Have a problem in finding the output of an program.
  344. clr and clr\pure
  345. Extern
  346. matrix formulation
  347. Why does rand() give me the same number each time
  348. cin in c++
  349. How to find the size of structure?
  350. Linux network: Network interface parameters
  351. Need help with the Structure
  352. non-lvalue in assignment ERROR
  353. Compiling with 32-bit libraries on a 64-bit HP PA-RISC
  354. error in compling C code (warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type)
  355. drawing a moving abject on a bitmapped background in dialog
  356. detecting cd or dvd in disk drive
  357. Tic Tac Toe
  358. How to sort a 2D array.
  359. Linux Network Programming: send() crashes program
  360. Seriliazing threads
  361. Not free'd malloc memory issue
  362. Error *conversion from ' ' to non scalar type ' ' requested...
  363. Network Programming: Returning your ip (Linux)
  364. read data from excel
  365. how to convert hex to ascii
  366. Newbie compiler questions
  367. help with CHDIR function
  368. What does fflush(stdin) do?
  369. Equations ( polynomials ) multiplication
  370. Program Output Using Multiple Increment/Decrement
  371. Doubts related to C/C++
  372. Having problem with illegal function definitions
  373. What does "unqualified-id before" mean?
  374. why we should not apply bitwise operators on float values?
  375. Understanding a recursive function call
  376. help formulating strcmp calls
  377. C++ Switch Statement within program to perform multiple functions
  378. Whats the standard here and why?
  379. gets(whatever) not work in some places
  380. GDI: Pixel intensity to grayscale bitmap drawing issue, MFC
  381. Reading external File or File processing in C
  382. formulating matries based on polynomials entries.
  383. parsing problem with lex/yacc - yylval returns unintended value for $1
  384. extracting integers and floats from a file
  385. basic question in C
  386. Problem with inbuilt sort() function in c++
  387. global getline vs istream::getline()
  388. Regarding array operations using pointers.....
  389. Problem with "goto" in c
  390. Reading from a file with different no of columns
  391. How The Address or Value Access from 3D array using pointers?
  392. Return type from a sub-function
  393. Shuffle a group of numbers
  394. bool findTitlePrice function code help
  395. Arrange elements of vectors randomly
  396. Setting two structures at the same adress
  397. toupper() function implementation using Bitwise operations --- Speed difference
  398. Simple SIn Curve
  399. return value by reference from a sub-function
  400. data type for result of conditions in C
  401. How to open a string data file, reads, and assign to an array
  402. How to compare rows into a 2D array.
  403. File Handling in C
  404. Trouble understanding "Double" Pointers.
  405. how to correct error of " the function getch() should have a prototype"
  406. How to use putty code for telnet server
  407. How to play MP3 in my program
  408. clrscr(),gotoxy();not working
  409. inputs limiting and conversion in C Programming
  410. dynamic storage allocation for array
  411. Need help WritePrivateProfileString
  412. How to answer Printf Interview question
  413. How to create more space between two lines of data
  414. using timer in serial communication causes unhandled exception
  415. how to know the size of a matrix?
  416. formulating polynomials in C
  417. Build error no C2297
  418. C++ STL Maps problem
  419. How to compare arrays to see if they are equal
  420. Functions to allocate and de-allocate memory.
  421. Data Reading and Displaying....
  422. sort.c(13) : error C2371: 'shellSort' : redefinition; different basic types
  423. time complexity of a program
  424. Marshalling data to a char array
  425. How to manipulate the huge addresses?
  426. Error when using from absread()
  427. Multi-Dimensional variable in struct in C program
  428. How to assign a 2d array to a memory address.
  429. Segmentation Fault during memory allocation
  430. c++
  431. How to convert C++ code to C?
  432. how to solve include header files problem?
  433. Help Void Skip Blanks ()
  434. Unix and Windows style CR LF in C program
  435. Array and Define
  436. Cannot compile any program using dev C++
  437. DirectShow
  438. Object Picking with OpenGL in a Win32 Project
  439. What is the best book for understanding C?
  440. after compiling a programm it shows could not open stdio.h file and conio.h file
  441. Data Types
  442. display jpeg file format program in c
  443. Replace Between
  444. to input a date (dd/mm/yy) and check for validation of the date
  445. doubt in EOF
  446. spliting string.
  447. Tic Tac Toe - Every time it comes two the second player it tells me space already use
  448. a recursive function to print all possible permutations of a given string
  449. write a c function to sort sets of integers with a time stamp
  450. Rotate an array by 2 places Ex:array a[]={0,1,2,3,4}; final : 3,4,0,1,2
  451. clear for loop doubt
  452. Program that press a key every X time (HELP)
  453. implementing data structure
  454. Object Oriented problem
  455. Dev C++ error code
  456. Binary search
  457. What is the best GUI library?
  458. What costs more space: a structure or switch statement?
  459. square puzzle program
  460. Dos Attack Prevention Code
  461. Need help retrieving image from database into MFC project
  462. How to edit a file or add sometrhing at a specifiede locatioon in a file?
  463. fprintf doubt
  464. Multithreading in C++
  465. How to use vector <const char*>
  466. invalid use of array with unspecified bounds
  467. Canít Display Bitmap of Higher Resolution than CDC area
  468. How to make a menu in C++
  469. functions
  470. Main menu for a video club
  471. How to get the selected text in an EditBox?
  472. What to learn first: .net, win32 or MFC?
  473. mingw ld.exe problem
  474. quit a programme by pressing "esc" key
  475. can argv[0] be null in C?
  476. trying to understand C string pointers
  477. print triangle as below
  478. print triangle as below
  479. how to delete a specific word
  480. Regarding Taylors Sinx Series...
  481. Have a Prob in finding the output
  482. Help writing a C++ program to do decimal-binary number conversions.
  483. how to change the array in for loop
  484. How to input values from file
  485. How to send/receive a byte to/from a USB port?
  486. How to an array to a function
  487. Validate gender
  488. How to create a new win32 console application with C++
  489. Prob in opreator?
  490. swapping values
  491. Using Pointers Display Students details
  492. Exponentation?
  493. how to print first 30 twin primes?
  494. String handling in C/C++
  495. Reverse a string
  496. C++ string use strtok, strlen, and strcat
  497. How to detect end of line?
  498. image read display on window using c
  499. Confusion in c program?
  500. allocate memory on the heap
  501. with Qt readFromFile() pls help
  502. How to display ASCII characters on C++
  503. Errors in "stl_algobase.h"
  504. help me start this thing
  505. Addition of digits in five digit number as an character array.
  506. Maintaining Frontmost Display Handheld-Windows Mobile
  507. problem with virtual functions
  508. Defination of a varibale/ function in C
  509. how to print first n primes?
  510. prob in finding the size of an pointer?
  511. Problem in finding the output of c programe?
  512. String searching algorithms in C
  513. How to approach to the following program
  514. Program for circular linked list
  515. Copying a row of a two dimensional array into a one dimensional array
  516. I have 8 errors I can't find? Help than post the correct code please.
  517. memory leak
  518. Program Help
  519. can u suggest a c language book?
  520. Linux USB programming in C
  521. loading and saving large binary .stl (stereolithography) files
  522. Float Point Exception trouble
  523. How to square a number with C++
  524. how to generate fibonacci series (lesser than 100)
  525. How to read a text file into an array
  526. How to format output of strings in array
  527. Random Number Question
  528. how do you loop through date
  529. this is a hand written lexer..its showing segmentation fault.can any1 help?
  530. C++ better language for animation / direct3d?
  531. Write a program that estimates the of integer numbers 1 to N
  532. functionaility of macros
  533. How to write named pipes application
  534. How can I calculate the complexity of a c++ code?
  535. can't able to get output in pointer
  536. How to find index of a maximum number in an array?
  537. ansi C 2 dim array
  538. Lock one Form to another
  539. strange output when formatting char
  540. Passing a pointer to a function ... how?
  541. convert codings to software
  542. Run Length encoding
  543. C programming Language : Array
  544. can't able to get output
  545. How to get data in file before the end of long execution time
  546. How to convert std::string to DWORD
  547. Conversion between datatypes on basis of blocks of bytes
  548. Sequences in cpp
  549. dialog box not showing until pressing ALT
  550. what is this mean " illegal structure operation"?