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  1. What is the mathematical relation between font size and printer output?
  2. confusion in array of pointers
  3. I got the error syntax error before string constant what do I do about it?
  4. How to return a NULL to boost::sharedPtr
  5. Scaling 32 bit data to 16 bits
  6. The value of i is huge in this for loop !?
  7. how can control my program to start wit the first cout when there are a lot of them?
  8. How to fix Error 40:Undeclared identifier 'Name' in flexlint?
  9. How to get a program to display entered information?
  10. how can i solve this error?
  11. What will be the result of the following code?
  12. How to read an input from a file at command line?
  13. System("pause") inconsistency
  14. How can I connect Mysql to C program?
  15. I need to read data from a data file of the nature attached below
  16. end of file found before the left brace { !!!
  17. facing a problem while running my c++ program (run time error)
  18. How to select/insert data in mysql table using C++
  19. namespace or class or specific function content
  20. How to use Message Box with using console application?
  21. What is an infinite loop?
  22. Difference between object and variable?
  23. Why do I get a different result for pi then what is listed in math.h?
  24. Role of iostream.h and iomanip.h in C++?
  25. AES CCM code
  26. How to find OS information in Linux like Top?
  27. How to calculate CPU and Memory usage of a process in Linux
  28. C++, I want to write a date class
  29. What's the quickest way to learn C++/CLI if I only know C and java now?
  30. Is it possible to read a Fatal Error ?
  31. Getting a really weird compilation error with g++
  32. i have a struct node and i put it in an to make pointer to it insid array?
  33. invoking operator by using pyObject in python
  34. SSL algorithm with BSD license
  35. Create text file with the name as System date
  36. What does Box<Object> mean?
  37. Finding smallest number from user input(array) ?
  38. How to input ands save data in register of 16 bit
  39. how can i cout this shape in dimen array
  40. How can I replace an element in array using scanf function ?
  41. /proc information in linux
  42. trying to multiply two matrices filled with random numbers
  43. what is difference between structure and class?
  44. How to get printer name properly using PRINTDLG struct and PrintDlg Function?
  45. How to convert 4 byte's to float?
  46. typdef problem with C source files in VS 2010
  47. What does the ":" mean in the following statement?
  48. How to expose python to c++?
  49. how to Open Sub Directory to access a file in linux
  50. is there packet generator in c/c++ ?
  51. error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not...
  52. linked list related
  53. what is difference between getch() and getchar() in c language ?
  54. data transmission from a bluetooth module to computer, need C code help.
  55. c++ decimal convert to octal, hex, binary, (needs a reverse cout)
  56. How does new know how much memory to allocate??
  57. What means expected unqualified-id before string constant on C++?
  58. how to return an array from the function
  59. i want cpp code for packet reordering
  60. how do I copy the code with line numbers
  61. How can i keep an environment variable from C
  62. error: expected `;' before iter ?
  63. USB programming in Linux
  64. error: extra qualification âGenMIBLex::â on member âNO_FILE_NAMEâ why i am getting ?
  65. How to Read very large file with formatting (file size > 1 GB)
  66. illegal indirection and syntax error.
  67. how can display the % symbol to the screen in c
  68. Where does the output of the function system("dir") in C go?
  69. How do you manipulate what is stored in a buffer?
  70. How to define the range of integer variable?
  71. when i am running the C prog after compile, it is not showing the result.
  72. Gcc doesn't seem to get my scanf right, but Visual Studio does, what's wrong?
  73. How to write a callback routine for a clr ext from an unmanaged dll?
  74. Declaration and initialization of the same object name
  75. Problem with "time.h" library
  76. I need to wright a compiler for COOL is there any resouces that can help me?
  77. How can i calculate the frame rate, CPU load, and execution time for my C coding?
  78. What does a NULL pointer do?
  79. how to design a beautiful output window in c++??
  80. How can-i read integers from a file, where the first line contains unknown elements?
  81. Whether NULL character is same as space char? If not then what exactly a NULL ll do
  82. Sign-Magnitude Method of a signed 16bit int
  83. RegGetKeySecurity failing with error 14
  84. How to declare user defined function with variant no of arguments in c? like printf.
  85. How to print random words in C?
  86. How to search the files in the directory with CFTPFileFind.filefind?
  87. Returning a Two-D Array?
  88. Brain-ache on this new operator
  89. How do i alter the string so that it can contain spaces?
  90. [Warning]assignment makes integer from pointer without a cast
  91. What is the best way to read data from oracle database and write it in a text file
  92. program in C for Telnet in unix/linux based system
  93. in the printf the program remove all the strings after the space why???
  94. Why are vectors and strings better than arrays?
  95. i cannot use getch() function in linux , but i need to ask the user to press enter
  96. How can we delete a Column in the FlexGrid?
  97. Unreachable Code in C++ ?, When use my file management code, other wise all right
  98. How to use a variable in separate class when forward declaration fails?
  99. How to use switch s and functions
  100. Why does code give bash: syntax error on Linux but runs on Windows?
  101. How can I get html document and save it with BHO?
  102. problem with void* in struct
  103. How do I read from, and write to, a bash pipe in C++?
  104. How to use isdigit function?
  105. Project Euler 22 - What am I doing wrong?
  106. How to fix compiler error: "Namespace name expected" ?
  107. text to speech
  108. How to print With C/C++ to printer?
  109. How to create dynamic char array?
  110. How to display a circle by c++?
  111. How to link Visual Studio C to Fortran DLL?
  112. Why do i get uncaught exception and the program exits?
  113. How to fix errors relating to pointers in C?
  114. Programming GM862 in C
  115. How to find Logged In user type in C/C++?
  116. error linking c++ and asm
  117. I see std::plus<T>, but where is std::assign<T>
  118. How to write a FTP Client application in C under linux?
  119. How to trace a file among downloading?
  120. How to get garbage value when using int phonenumber in C++?
  121. read sparse matrix with liked list
  122. I want to copy the rows of a multidimensional table to a "simple" table at a time
  123. problem in pointer to pointers
  124. connect gps logger by serial port
  125. How to generate random number in gaussian distribution?
  126. How to find the ASCII value of the contents of a char variable?
  127. MFC Child Window Problems
  128. How do I make a C++ program close before shutting down?
  129. problem with menu driven that adds data to existing data in c program
  130. Why doesn't my cygwin work with the cURL example?
  131. What is the scope of V C++ in next 3 years?
  132. New c++ compiler
  133. How to program lex and yacc to work on partial file?
  134. Under what conditions is it impossible to put an inspector method in a source file?
  135. std::vector of objects
  136. How to remove syntex error from the followin code
  137. I am writing a program passing functions to arrays
  138. How to pass parameters to base class and call its function?
  139. Why does my dateclass class gives the wrong date?
  140. Declaration syntax error
  141. what is the Condition to be given to enter into both if and else loop ?
  142. class template with static member functions problem
  143. segmentation fault with sprintf
  144. confusion of storing variable?
  145. Registry Changes in C/C++
  146. Turbo c uses 100% cpu
  147. Reading inputs to vectors
  148. How do I fix the function string?
  149. Memory mapped, forks and unnamed semaphores- doesn't always give the same output
  150. C++ directx picking is not working
  151. How can I fit this integer into the string?
  152. How to make a character invisible when the user is typing from keyboard?
  153. Why does fstream fail to open file, but ofstream opens ok?
  154. Filling a 2d array from file, where the parameters are the first two values
  155. hi, i recieve this error in my programms:iostream.h:no such file or directory
  156. why static member is required to redeclare outside the class ?
  157. AVL (Height Balanced) Tree
  158. How to pack struct in C for non-aligned data?
  159. How to get _T( ) macro definition for UNICODE?
  160. How to define macro to get bitwidth of a constant?
  161. How to hide a Dos session running a batch file that calls a C++ exe program
  162. How to Produce OR (|) Character From the Keyboard
  163. Memset might be causing a crash !!
  164. How to get a HTTP Status code in a C program?
  165. How to generate a random number
  166. how can you do an analog write to a digital output
  167. How to output an array backward ?
  168. plugin in C++
  169. invalid type argument of 'unary*'
  170. ''warning C4715 not all control paths return a value'' What does it mean?
  171. can you give me the keyword to represent a space in c language?
  172. How to initialize const char **str
  173. operator[] does not work
  174. Faster way to update datagridview?
  175. Objective C to Visual C++
  176. AVL Tree Insertion/Removal Repairs
  177. What happend about my tcc..?!
  178. How Can I Compare More Than Two Values in an 'if' Function?
  179. What is the exact functionality of fflush(stdin) or fflush(stdout)?
  180. converting strokes from c++ to c!
  181. How to use System::Security::Cryptography to hash a vector?
  182. stdext::hash_map question
  183. Finding lowest/highest values in 2D array help
  184. undefine sysbol comm_init(int)
  185. C++, How do I overwrite a .txt file?
  186. Concatenating multiple strings into single string while preserving terminating NULL
  187. i get a fatal error c1075 and can't find where i need to add another curved bracket
  188. I'm getting an Expression Syntax error and I can't figure out what's wrong.... :(
  189. Linux Kernel - Shared libraries auto load when app starts up
  190. Do While loop
  191. Having to store size of structure in structure
  192. Assign to const pointer in C
  193. Why am I recieving this error C2061: identifier 'cout' while trying to complile?
  194. How to get position of a search in the text file?
  195. High address of stack in C
  196. What do "int *p(char *a)" & "char (*p)(int *a)" mean?
  197. "#if defined" clause intersected
  198. prototype for mciSendString,sleep,beep
  199. How to integrate RTL-8954C with PJSIP?
  200. How does a 32 bit windows OS have a calculator that can sum numbers bigger than Long?
  201. Constructor/destructor call order
  202. How to access microphone in C++ is there any library for this i am working of EMG?
  203. Why a vector<long long> can't be assigned a vector<int64_t> on a Linux 64bits compile
  204. how to simulate a mouse click using opencv (c/c++)
  205. how do we read heterogenous linklist?
  206. Why read function does not read data when client sends more than 1000 bytes?
  207. How to get a structure variable in function?
  208. Can we save memory address in int variable?
  209. How to determine origin of incoming message (uincast/multicast/broadcast)
  210. Does #include "..." mean it's a user defined header file?
  211. How to Implement Callback Function
  212. How to implement a byte * to point to structure of array elements
  213. How do you make a large array of strings?
  214. How to access and modify TextBox text in a Visual c++ Express Forms app.?
  215. Recover source from binary with debug symbols
  216. Why does this not compare 2 strings and how do I fix it?
  217. Euclids Algorithm code problem
  218. Code Blocks question
  219. how to access interrupt vector table in windows
  220. I want to re-arrange elements depending on input
  221. Small Game - Ascii image in Console Application
  222. How to save XImage as bitmap?
  223. output 6 values per line
  224. I am trying to open Fiesta Manager for MP3 Panda, get runtime error
  225. How to pass sub-portion of an array to a function
  226. how to pass values from one c program to another c program ?
  227. Too many types in declaration on Class declaration.
  228. What is the name of the namespace in C source If I mix C and C++ source in vc .net?
  229. Is any constructor necessary in C++?
  230. Multibyte character font In Windows.
  231. can I get some feedback on why this IF statement is failing me?
  232. can I get some feedback on why this IF statement is failing me?
  233. fatal error C1075: end of file found before the left brace '{', how do i fix this?
  234. Why does this loop not work?
  235. Problems templating a class for the first time
  236. Used to unix now i got visual c++
  237. what happens if i call a base class virtual function in a derived class constructor?
  238. error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support defaul
  239. Creating sockets in c++
  240. Need help with functions and end of file loop in c++
  241. Roman Numeral calculator Functions help in c++
  242. ' date ' part from unix timestamp is not correct
  243. How to get more than one thread to execute at a time?
  244. How to search for an image on screen
  245. Function needs to return the correct value in C++
  246. How to translate C++ pseudocode to MIPS assembly language instruction
  247. Pure GUI apps for Win/Linux/Mac in C++ with G++
  248. How to dynamically populate an array using kbhit() and getch()?
  249. Unreachable code in function main()! cannot make it work!
  250. Unreachable code in function main()! cannot make it work!
  251. print currentprice, upcomingprice and the difference
  252. Interactive C need to repeat program
  253. how can one resolve a linking problem in c graphics.h
  254. How to convert real number into fraction
  255. What is the unix equivalent of win32 API "WritePrivateProfileString()"?
  256. memory allocation questions
  257. How do you get a previous date in C++?
  258. a=0.7 resolves to a<0.7?
  259. Error in C++ on linux: error: uninitialized const in 'new' of 'const TCHAR'
  260. how to make a code thread safe?
  261. Is it posible to use only stdio.h library to find roundup value, and find all the
  262. Function call with HANDLE or string as parameter, difference
  263. BSD Sockets - Selecting Source Address
  264. How to sort string list without using .net methods?
  265. the entries in a logbook store information about a specific month.
  266. How to read each line of a file to array?
  267. windows form listbox.selectedvale
  268. how i cal write vga driver when vga has more than 64kb
  269. How to access the window handle of a parent, and handle user defined messages to it ?
  270. how to search string from a text file also after searching searching it should change
  271. What does it mean to pass data by value compared to passing data by reference?
  272. How to call a VB6 function from C
  273. How do I read a file into an array?
  274. C++, using Curl, code to copy source of webpage causes errors
  275. Illegal Use of pointer
  276. which one will execute faster flag==0 or 0==flag and why?
  277. Assign one array to another array
  278. What is the function of "%[^\n]" in a scanf?
  279. What is floating point error in C ?
  280. About finding name in dependent base classes
  281. How would I determine the number of machine instructions needed to run a main loop?
  282. How to convert .NET dll to normal dll (vs c++) with export functions?
  283. What are the methods of combining more than two programs?
  284. Logging response times to input/ storing responses.
  285. How to access the WMI Library or MSAcpi_ThermalZoneTemperature in C?
  286. why '&' sign is used in copy constructor?
  287. C++0x. Lambda: difference between the captures [&] and [&,this].
  288. how does the recursion in the code is actually working
  289. where can i found my declaration syntax error?
  290. How to copy a source of a website using C++?
  291. How to make a C++ program read numbers from a web site?
  292. about saving the input from the keyboard as a .txt file
  293. How to read data from files
  294. help me in threads
  295. How to compare strings using awk?
  296. How to solve call of nonfunction in function main[]
  297. problem in understanding the concept of function overloading in inheritence?
  298. Problem with linked list and strings
  299. C++0x. Lambda expressions: access to member functions. Is "this->" required?
  300. why array index always starts with 0?
  301. accelerated c++ 9.5
  302. I can't seem to get the syntax correct for a pointer to pointer to const length array
  303. how to write an algorithm for send a file in linux useing c i've code for it pls help
  304. Stuck on using for loops to redesign this paper, scissors, rock game...
  305. How to break up a number into it's digits and analyze it.
  306. floating point parameter not linking
  307. How would I make *nextitem the next item in my delta list?
  308. what is the process to generate a BMP image if I have got the pixel and headers
  309. function not following usual Parameter Passing Sequence
  310. what is buffer overflow attack?
  311. error in the scanf in the do-while loop
  312. int x=3;float y=3.0; if(x==y) is both equal if yes why???
  313. Priority Queue,Using custom compare function
  314. what is operator overloading and function overloading?
  315. what purpuse this logic is used
  316. [Warning]comparison is always true due to limited range of data type, line 14
  317. what is the corect syntax for gcc<source code.o> -o <file name> in command prompt
  318. error calling of non function
  319. How can I find out the word size of my processor?
  320. i have declared an array a[20]
  321. wpf
  322. Friend functions error
  323. How to send send images via IdTCPClient
  324. How to stop a loop before it gets to the last one
  325. Modifying cout to display custom text at start
  326. fatal error LNK1313: ijw/native module detected; cannot link with pure modules
  327. Assignning same char value on same location from multiple threads
  328. Not getting right output for this while loop
  329. How to remove one color in a image.
  330. My determinant code isn't working
  331. what is the difference between exit(1) & exit (-1) ?
  332. Splitting uint32 to two int16 and reconstructing them again
  333. Is it possible to run a polymorphism in C.
  334. Can I have two .h files that #include each other?
  335. What knowledge must I have to analyse DLL assemblies coded using VC++.?
  336. How to calculate highest and lowest score using a while loop
  337. Borland Builder c++ faster syntax highlighting??
  338. How to transfer a large file into an array whose size is unknown
  339. how does recursive backtracking works?
  340. Anybody know of a program that sifts through a large number of zipped .txt files?
  341. Cross language serialization
  342. Using AVIczp in C++ sample code ??
  343. Struct initialization error: multiple definition on TuBL
  344. how do i read words like "can't" using getline and keep the apostrophe?
  345. How to create a random number x times and only show it once
  346. Problem with scanning
  347. How to measure memory required for a c++ program
  348. Why am I getting an infinite loop when I add a while statement?
  349. Why y^=x^=y^=x doesn't work
  350. How to put together a string
  351. If stdio.h is missing in my system ,then what should I do and How?
  352. What is wrong with my Insertion Sort function?
  353. Automated UDP message deserialization program.
  354. What is wrong with my function for Selection sort?
  355. Check error in Arrival time of SJF scheduling
  356. Can we copy structures with "=" operator?
  357. c++ code for inserting single quote in database
  358. Array or not?
  359. How do I program a C:/> prompt to find files in C++?
  360. checking the keyboard input?
  361. how to monitor hard disk activity in C/C++ or VISUAL BASICS programs
  362. How to convert decimal string to float?
  363. memory allocation fails
  364. How are STL Map stored in memory?
  365. What are the advantages of using STL vectors over STL deque?
  366. Converting one dimensional array into two dimensional array
  367. What is this? "this->operator [](mySize) = "
  368. how to use vector of user defined type(user defined class )
  369. How to convert a string iterator to a char*
  370. how can i make a user defined 2d array program and then will sum up all the values?
  371. ICU Message::format failing when libraries built in non debug mode on solaris
  372. Why is ifstream not opening my file?
  373. how to write this pattern code in c langauge?
  374. add a newline to an array of unknown size
  375. C++/CLI OleDbException Error
  376. How to edit registry, delete a file & start/stop a process using C & C++..?
  377. Type conversion error: cannot convert from 'char' to '...*'.
  378. Problems compiling this program
  379. how to deploy cgi application using c++
  380. convert char to wchar
  381. Doing Shifts In An Array
  382. the following code does not accepts floating number and i want input in same order
  383. Function Pointers to Function Members
  384. runtime crash in Release mode but working in Debug mode
  385. How to call a function dynamically from a DLL?
  386. Can << and >> operator works on float variable?If not then why?
  387. cannot use __try in functions that require object unwinding
  388. Why do I keep getting this message: error C2065: 'centrigrade' : undeclared identifi
  389. how do i add currency value which i retrieve from the database to a number
  390. how the *q value is being changed in the else statement
  391. How do you split a string of multiple words into single words
  392. Overloading assignment operator in a class with inheritance?
  393. how to delete a folder using c with example
  394. how to copy the contents of one file to another file one block at a time
  395. data structure for ARP table
  396. multiple definition of " " first defined here
  397. Finding size of an integer array after the array has been passed to a function
  398. Using C++ for equation, Gaussian probability
  399. Is number and NuMber identical
  400. std::bad_alloc - HP-UX
  401. Arithmatic in c
  402. How to count characters in a sentence eliminating spaces?
  403. Searching an 2d array using pointers
  404. dowhile doesn't work out properly
  405. How to access the individual bits of a value stored?
  406. Output Array to a new file
  407. Loading file into an array line by line
  408. What does a class in C++ look like in assembly?
  409. How are References internally implemented in C++?
  410. Exception handling
  411. I get an error message can not find the curve (RESD)
  412. Message from udp server can't reach udp client
  413. TypeLineEdit' is not a member of `ZSingleCaptureDlg'
  414. Is there any mathods for validating the date and time?
  415. Arithmatic functions in c++
  416. Member function redeclaration not allowed
  417. How to convert a base 64 string to byte array in C++?
  418. How to write to a file without deleting information in it
  419. cygwin sockets, fd_set compilation issue
  420. How to write an application that generates a password from a five character string
  421. Regarding function default return value?
  422. i am not getting this program
  423. what is a diff b/w extension .c & .cp
  424. Linked lists and inserting nodes (c++)
  425. what is a nameless object
  426. Corrupt MSWSOCK.dll
  427. CScape Legacy Code continued
  428. How to create a variable that can store whole numbers only ? is int numItems = 0; c
  429. redifinition error
  430. How to get more than one value from function in c
  431. Whats wrong with this why does it not add all the numbers together and display them
  432. fork function working procedure
  433. How to avoid NULL character when using fwrite
  434. Volatile bitfields
  435. How to link a datagridview to a msaccess database in VC++ 2008
  436. How to connect to MS-Access using C (I am using Cygwin)
  437. Need some help with shared memory and fork system call
  438. what is delimiter?
  439. Downloaded and installed Intel C++ compiler and it won't start up
  440. c++: How to transform a map iterator which point to pair into a “regular” pair pointe
  441. Suggestions for a C/C++ Compiler for Mac OS X
  442. how can i move my turbo c to desktop
  443. how the program gets executed by the c++compiler?
  444. Is ((char **) &var_name); a cast to char array giving existing pointer to var_name?
  445. Strange Behevior when trying to create a Template containing maps
  446. How to change ASCII to Alphabet.
  447. what is linker error in c
  448. how to interrupt a c program periodically?
  449. Malformed if statements and program flow help
  450. invalid type argument of ‘unary *’ (have ‘int’)
  451. Why does C++ give the wrong answer
  452. C and LEGO Mindstorm
  453. Visual Studio problem when debuging C++
  454. how to handle big numbers uisng string?
  455. Parse input file in C
  456. stack and queues
  457. ImageMagick output in browser
  458. why c programming language is named as c
  459. Explanation of spin_lock function from net/socket.c
  460. Mask Password Input
  461. How do you get a program to figure out a percentage like time and a half
  462. how to add functions in tuboc 3.0
  463. Visual C++ .NET 2005 Bitmap problem
  464. Scope of Dynamically Allocated Arrays in class member functions
  465. How to split the chinese characters[ double bytes] without getting them truncated.
  466. How Complier Distinguish Between const_iterator begin() and iterator begin()
  467. Present Live audio data (an updating Floating point Array ) as a file
  468. Des implementation in C/C++
  469. what to do with "the specified file was not found"?
  470. Getting an error msg and needed some help!
  471. How to make C++ code Portable?
  472. How do you check whether the 5th bit and the 2nd bit of the same number are the same?
  473. A dice game
  474. If a given point in the plane lies inside, outside, or on the boundary of a polygon ?
  475. what does this statement exactly do while (*x++=*y++)..?? this is in C.
  476. Matrix Multiplication using multi-threads gets segmentation fault
  477. difference between liner and nonlinear data structure
  478. Search & Replace a uchar* to a char array
  479. debugging C
  480. problem with strlen
  481. Return a const pointer from a function
  482. why do i get a "Nan" as an out put when trying to calculate something?
  483. c++ calling link lists in main..serious help :/
  484. can you please locate where is the error in my code?
  485. Programming C : combinations of n int from m sets
  486. pointers
  487. Converting strokes from C++ to C!
  488. program that read weight in pounds & ounces & will output the equivalent in kg and g?
  489. printing hexadecimal value in c++
  490. Developing a GUI
  491. why the line "int n =++i+ ++i+ ++i;" gives an compile time error in c language
  492. how to add function in my own library in c 3.0 using tlib.exe
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  542. i want to use c++ as my backend with vb as front end
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  548. Kindly clarify the ambiguity in the output
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