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  1. Why do I get "error: declaration of ‘operator<<’ as non-function"?
  2. STRCPY seg fault
  3. case study in c
  4. Error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
  5. Weird behavior of a pointer
  6. Can I define a global variable in a "if" loop?
  7. Internet Explorer 8 or 9 Plugins/addons
  8. Is Any Windows API for registring a DLL??
  9. Array of structures in C
  10. Calling ansi C application from C with STRUCT
  11. How to retrieve pdf files from remote computer?
  12. how to end the cycle
  13. Creating Random elements in an array
  14. Simple Rounding Function for ansi C (using double)
  15. Need help concatentating 2 strings and an int.
  16. HP-UX WDB(wildeBeest Debugger) fails to run
  17. Print all suffix of String in C
  18. why the complete string is not getting printed?
  19. function pointer problem in COM
  20. Formatting issue sending data
  21. How to add our own functions to C library?
  22. &(address oprrator) in scanf statement?
  23. How to delete duplicates in characters?
  24. Access Violation error
  25. Hex to Dec in C
  26. Converting text file to UNEDIFACT EDI FILE
  27. Finding the user's AppData folder on Windows
  28. Problem with 'std::bad_alloc'
  29. Simple C program not running as expected
  30. question about arrays
  31. Processing an array
  32. Is subnet is private IP address like 192.168.1.x?
  33. about fflush function.
  34. Need help with compiler errors for a simple C++ program using strings
  35. Implementing generic stack
  36. delete node using only one pointer
  37. Local Settings & Application Settings on Macintosh
  38. Converting UINT IP address to string format in MSVC++ 6.0
  39. How to create a directory in C
  40. Pointers stored in the list getting corrupted??
  41. Structure offset
  42. Why (cast) when we don't have to?
  43. too many types in declaration
  44. General protection fault/stack fault
  45. (win32 xp) how do i create a toolbar icon?
  46. typedef Matrix from newmat
  47. collect2: ld returned 1 exit status error
  48. C - Macro problem with nested structures
  49. dynamic memory allocation
  50. Array using stack
  51. fscanf and pointers
  52. Borland C++ crazy Access violation error
  53. Replacing break and continue with structured equivalent
  54. Convert header in C to C#
  55. RSA keyblob size
  56. C++ union equality
  57. Handling Logoff event in ActiveX Controls
  58. How to convert long to string in c++
  59. C++ exponents table
  60. cout no operator matches these operands error
  61. CTreeCtrl selected item text
  62. issues with overloading the + operator
  63. 2 unsigned shorts make a signed int ???
  64. pragma data_seg not share regularly
  65. What's going on here: error: no matching function for call
  66. checksum generate
  67. Multiple functions in a single DLL
  68. Parsing a character into an array - C only
  69. Problem while reading through socket
  70. passing a non string type to "fputs"
  71. mixing c and c++ code in one project
  72. Unexpected result of condition statement
  73. Keyboard input via getchar() only works when window in focus
  74. Correct the memory alloc for int (*q)[10];
  75. warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type
  76. Method to continuously read and display data in a file as it is updated
  77. How to print date created of a file in a C program?
  78. Does C language sprintf library support printing text in Bold?
  79. Flushing the serial port buffer before a write operation in VC++
  80. c++ that reads height and weight and print shapes
  81. Disabling dead code stripping in vc
  82. free memory for a pointer to struct
  83. 'identifier display cannot have type qualifier'
  84. Installation of Fltk toDev-C++
  85. process a timer interrupt and massages between 2 diffrent programs
  86. Error in reading fom a binary file!
  87. How to write integer values to a binary file?
  88. How to get memory usage of an adjacency list / transitive closure?
  89. Destructor is not called while delete **p
  90. 2D dynamic allocation
  91. How to write a c++ program that processes the integer values stored in a binary file?
  92. how to read from a file and save some changes on it?
  93. read line of string to array of chars
  94. vtk display problem
  95. Is it possible to derive a tree from two different parent classes in C++?
  96. linked lists polynomial help
  97. How to read user input into a struct and add to a csv file?
  98. Binary Tree Help!!
  99. how to understand this typedef
  100. convert vrml v1.0 to vrml v2.0
  101. Using list through another class
  102. CSV/C++ Problem
  103. Cin user option to variable.
  104. Why have I understanding this correctly?
  105. this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way
  106. error LNK2001 and error LNK2005
  107. move from windows forms to WPF ?
  108. About: "warning: function called through a non-compatible type"
  109. Basic Boolean Algebra. Help!
  110. reverse a string with recursive function it is to be terminated by space not by enter
  111. In the build of basic code, warning: control reaches end of non-void function
  112. winform c# dataGridView binding to array
  113. winform efficiancy
  114. not a structure or union error
  115. Boost in an MFC app on NT4
  116. How to find a free space on a partition without using drive ltr?
  117. Why is not a=0 in the following code..?
  118. Static array in function
  119. use of CPP std output in win32 application
  120. i want to read image form c and compress it
  121. How to write on serial port ?
  122. Advanced File I/O questions
  123. invalid operands of types `double ()(double)' an
  124. compress a file using bitwise operation
  125. how to change the subsystem option in visual studio 2008
  126. get path
  127. Problem with file opening by C
  128. 0xC0000005: Access Violation.
  129. How can I input an EOF value to end a while loop?
  130. Selection Sort - strange output
  131. program crashed
  132. What does this Code Mean
  133. Reading a file into an INT array?
  134. Dynamic allocation of memory to 2 dimensional Array in a Single malloc Call
  135. How to parse a XML format Barcode string using C++ Visual Studio
  136. Why the constructor is not called in this case?
  137. Error Check.
  138. pthread_Create with g++ compiler error
  139. Display Student Record..
  140. C# Compact framework Managed and Unmanaged code
  141. What kinda error is this 'UnfairDivision::albertsShare' : must return a value
  142. creating multiple instances of a class dynamically
  143. How convert Hex string into Hex _int64
  144. How to catch the System Error(1450) "Insufficient System Resource"
  145. Invalid conversion from void * to char *
  146. I am trying to write a networking software -firewall in server, proxy?
  147. what is an initializer, unqualified ID and a constructor
  148. How to search any pattern in a file.
  149. Define boolean in C
  150. check the array element length
  151. errors with malloc,arguments,memory leak
  152. compiler error with size_t
  153. getting an exe. has stopped working when my code runs, what does this mean
  154. I have a problem with the "free()" function in a program written in C.
  155. How to find signal handlers definitions in Linux kernel?
  156. copy constructor issues
  157. Why does cin.get() function like this?
  158. Handling scanf(reading values) in a program at once while executing the program
  159. string arrays and pointers
  160. error in the sorting code it removes some output from the linked list
  161. Help compiling a conditional statement in C?
  162. ERROR :nonstatic member reference must relate to an object
  163. Access a C# MemoryStream object from a C programme.URGENT[48 hours]
  164. Error occur in programming C++ language
  165. can not rectify the problem, initialization of file skipped by case label.
  166. I need help to resolve these, error C2057, error C2466 and error C2087
  167. CSingleLock Waiting Threads Execute in Order?
  168. Showing Array, and showing Records
  169. C programming question Word Count for all files in a directory
  170. need both c and c++ output statements to work together in one program.
  171. Problem using gdb. Unwanted optimization?
  172. Comparing string in C
  173. How to sync Outlook with database with c++ app?
  174. negative zero in float calculation
  175. Memory is added to the heap or taken from the heap?
  176. if and else write statement in c
  177. how & what command is to use in Pro*C programm to page eject after 66 lines?
  178. Initialization of Vector in C++
  179. Question on user defined conversions
  180. arrays through pointer representation issue
  181. issues with overloading the output operator
  182. Why Visual c++ 6.0 getting closed on clean , build or any action?
  183. Can't covert 'int' to constant 'char*' in strncpy
  184. Select Sorting
  185. how comes the two addresses equal while the digit are different
  186. Can anybody explain the following declaration ? I do not understand
  187. Try catch
  188. calling the function directly works but …
  189. template class friend of a template class
  190. what does cmod |= 0x04 mean please it is the | i don't understand
  191. pointer/array/function difficulty
  192. convert double* to float*
  193. in Embedded C, how to convert a Returned Hex value in the form of “Unsigned Char”
  194. send /receive frame serial line
  195. invalid initialization of non-const reference
  196. About using nonstatic data member as a default argument
  197. expected unqualified-id before ‘:’ token
  198. error: 'something' does not name a type
  199. How to create a Makefile?
  200. what is the meaning of the **argv and **++argv in the code below?
  201. Visual c++ Unresolved extern symbol error
  202. "vector iterators incompatible" error
  203. Kinda stuck, a bit rusty
  204. C function multiplying matrices using dynamic allocation
  205. Need help with some c++ code.
  206. How can I detect color of a pixel in borland c++ for dos?
  207. How to check a string to see all the characters are number or space?
  208. How I can resolve the linker problems in Visual Studio 2010 C++ ?
  209. What is a Good IDE for C development (on Linux) ?
  210. Filter data and write in log file
  211. Where is the mistake please?
  212. How to read data from a file and read into a vector?
  213. Anyone have a description for this problem?
  214. send() and recv() through a TCP socket
  215. about typedef the name of a function
  216. Memory allocation failure?
  217. Double pointers!
  218. getch should have a prototype
  219. Avoiding #if defined (xxx) typos
  220. help with viewing web pages through a socket
  221. Array negative indexing
  222. How to display asterisk when user enters password?
  223. How to avoid garbage values at the time of output
  224. Stack Overflow in C
  225. Why am I getting a Segmentation fault?
  226. the >> operator wont work in my program
  227. How to display the tag id and the power value?
  228. Please help with this C code on files.
  229. how to complete the main function on one value parameters
  230. convert file .dat to image
  231. VC++ 8.0 Xerces Linking Errors
  232. Problem writing into File
  233. Can we define a struct with out any elements in it? for example...
  234. "parameter name omitted" error message?
  235. How to fix "syntax error before numeric constant " error message?
  236. Allocating memory to structure.
  237. Reading Data from files.
  238. name of the array decays to pointer..
  239. expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion
  240. Fatal error C1014: too many include files
  241. How can I store output of linux system calls into a file or a variable?
  242. Windows Named Pipes between Windows 7 and Windows XP
  243. What is the meaning of #ifndef AND #define AND #endif in C++?
  244. regsvr32 from custom build in VS 2010 fails
  245. Validation problem
  246. How to generate random characters in c language?
  247. what endian system c compiler follow for data types
  248. Function Pointers
  249. why we can write "stdio.h" instead of <stdio.h>
  250. help sending a html page through a socket ?
  251. How to add button in visual c++ gui ?
  252. unresolved symbols
  253. Is it possible to increase the font size in c using turbo c editor?
  254. what is the difference between const and #define ?
  255. How do you get up one line on a compiled and run C++ Program?
  256. Convert a HexaDecimal char array to a Char Array Or String in C
  257. how to extract file path from a table of file in c++?
  258. problem with multi-threading parameters ( C pthread )
  259. How to deal with very large integer having to increment it a lot
  260. How to print address of enum?
  261. Error when compiling the code
  262. How to convert char* byte[ ] to array?
  263. Error in a function
  264. For macOS users, is there any where I can find the directory of my C Compiler?
  265. What is a good C/C++ Audio codec that gives good signal quality?
  266. How to read from a text file?
  267. Does each running program / process have its own stack, and a heap too?
  268. Malloc and calloc,real difference?
  269. Writting into file.
  270. How to convert hexadecimal to decimal integer?
  271. how do i change the size of a console window in C programming language?
  272. Is memory allocated on stack or on heap?
  273. Error message in C project help?
  274. what role does a space play in scanf function ??
  275. Create LogFile
  276. What functions to use to create a webserver?
  277. How to Receive Image Bytes From HTTP Response Through C Socket Programming?
  278. how can i nest a listview inside a datagrid...and also bind the data?
  279. Why main() works also only with argc but not argv?
  280. Continue statement not within loop?
  281. Capture the return status from a shell script using system call
  282. Filter Data and put Error Trapping Message
  283. Help with a pointer. Dereferencing a null pointer issue.
  284. ODBC 64 bit Development
  285. How do I use WebClient in C++?
  286. How to store a value in a buffer in C?
  287. What is u_int32_t?
  288. How to fix unexpected in macro formal parameter list error?
  289. VS2010 giving me Debug Assertion Failure in C++
  290. Caesar Cipher in C Help
  291. How to remove the Focus Rectangle from Tabcontrol in VC++?
  292. How to block keys on the keyboard using following source code?
  293. Linking error
  294. How to fix "expected identifier or '(' before '{' token" errors?
  295. static function in c++
  296. What is the difference between #include <iostream.h> and #include "iostream.h"?
  297. How to create a global variable?
  298. Creating Smaller Memory-Mapped Views on a Huge 2G+ File
  299. How to link Berkeley DB and Visual C++?
  300. I get "expected primary-expression before '<<' token" error don't know why
  301. Can i have a single template object based on the type given by user?
  302. What kind of language is this text?
  303. Reading files character by character into char array...
  304. How do i enter values into a one dimension array and use them in another function?
  305. GDI CreateCompatibleDC behave different in user machine
  306. Need help with developing a hierarchy chart, flowchart & psueocode
  307. Converting DWG to script
  308. why #if defined(SOLARIS) is not detecting solaris operating system in my source ?
  309. Timing a C++ Program
  310. error too few arguments to function: 'generateQuestions'
  311. using for loop and functions to create a basic menu
  312. buffer confusion
  313. reading a file that doesn't exist
  314. VISUAL C++ resource.h/rc madness mess?
  315. compilation error with sort(Comp)
  316. While reading character data from a file.
  317. Dire help needed in writing a multiplication program!
  318. I would like to filter and capture only SIP Packets using libpcap
  319. implmenting a DFA that accepts at most 3 a's and any number of b's
  320. how we can dynamically allocate memory to a string ?
  321. Is c#/c++ not 'managed' by default in NET framework?
  322. How to fix Access violation reading location error?
  323. MFC MDI tabbed app: want to add non-document windows to tab group
  324. do i need to free local function pointer?
  325. How to increase heap used by a C program beyond 3gb?
  326. Problem With Deleting characters from string (C)
  327. How to make an INDENTATION module.
  328. Beginner having trouble with invalid memory
  329. Exception 0xc0020001 in mixed mode (C++/C#) application
  330. How do i send a data or volt via USB in C++?
  331. DirectShow problem
  332. error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "double __cdecl setTotalCost(void)"
  333. Compile two .cpp files together...
  334. Convert separate digits into one whole number...???
  335. c++ library with c interface
  336. Find the highest n second highest numbers in an array within a single iteration.
  337. Hash function: hash key (name of data object) to XY coordinate
  338. How do I use a generic array class inside another class?
  339. How do i use the random number function?
  340. string taking garbage value. while fetching data from csv file.
  341. Pointer gets lost when calling one construction from another
  342. Validate a leap year
  343. How to Terminate a program with invalid input.
  344. How to return the correct value of M2 in the Matrix Multiply function?
  345. How to rename or move file owned by "TrustedInstaller"?
  346. Is it possible to link application compiled in GCC 3.4.6 and another in workshop 5.9?
  347. How to read particular column values from file?
  348. How to emulate producer / consumer architecture without threads?
  349. How to swap in string function in c++ language?
  350. How to transfer 8-bits from computer to another one using C language ?
  351. How to find a string in another string?
  352. Why do i have to assign this iterator pointer to a variable before i can use it?
  353. Why is first line of file not read in properly?
  354. How to fix "Vector.hpp:271:70: error:" errors?
  355. How to fix error: "request for member which is of non-class type"?
  356. How to initialize jet/dao DB engine?
  357. How to print a file through printer in C++ code?
  358. How to pass objects to constructor?
  359. How to fix "C2679: binary '>>' : no operator found" error?
  360. How to read bitmap image using C?
  361. How to search a string and replace the string with another word in C++?
  362. How to call functions from main section of program?
  363. Writing C code for sin(x) using taylor series
  364. How to control passes without stopping at scanf?
  365. How does one goe about connecting to a printer via C#?
  366. How to sort binary file?
  367. What is the square function with long long variable ?
  368. How to export a template class without explicitly instantiating it?
  369. Why macros are created?
  370. Why <<,>> operators are overloded to perform input and output?
  371. How to fix "WINAPI event undeclared identifiers" errors?
  372. What would be the return type of this function?
  373. How to resolve "illegal,left operand has type 'double" error?
  374. How to get control points of a cubic b-spline from interpolation data points?
  375. How to fix "assigned a value that is never used " error?
  376. How do you convert characters from ASCII to Int w/o using the atoi function?
  377. Can a bitwise #define be used to assign an integer?
  378. Is it better to use MPI vs Pthread to write results into multiple files?
  379. How to get both a line and an integer in a program?
  380. How to copy an .exe to a new .exe file using C/C++?
  381. How to fix invalid conversion error while using pthread_create()?
  382. How to fix illegal pointer use error?
  383. How to partition 8 bits into two set of 4 bits each using bitset<>?
  384. Is it ok to create a Simple memory pool using singleton and a queue of pointers?
  385. How to Create Bool Function and Check the File for specific characters?
  386. How to set up visual studio to run this program?
  387. How to write the content of a text file in CLOB using c and Pro*c?
  388. How to pass an array to a function?
  389. How to parse string with sscanf that have a empty field?
  390. How to use Codegear Compiler to get image from webcam using C++ language?
  391. Can void pointers be dereferenced?
  392. How is an external variable is accessed from one file to another?
  393. What is garbage value in c/c++??
  394. How to give another starting point for program rather than main?
  395. Why strtok() don't work with char *?
  396. How to fix EAGAIN error on recv when socket reconnects?
  397. How to fix error "expected unqualified-id at end of input"?
  398. How to make matrix operation which displays choice for multiply, add, subtract, exit?
  399. Does vector function reserve() allocates space?
  400. How to create userdefined library using turbo c++
  401. How to fix linker error with function template?
  402. Does return type need to be same in function overloading?
  403. How to extract jpg image from hex?
  404. How to store grid layout in array?
  405. How does this vector table initialization code works?
  406. What does getchar return if it reads the "enter"...?
  407. How to write an algorithm for a horse's movement on a 32 square array?
  408. How to write output on multiple files using multithreading?
  409. How is it that the structure pointer is declared with same name of the structure?
  410. How to define range for a standard type?
  411. What is the difference between virtual and pure virtual?
  412. What is the difference between cin.get(ch) and ch=cin.get()?
  413. How to implement a program to determine the endianness of a machine?
  414. How to read and manipulate an avi file in C?
  415. How to link graphics to c language ? what are the procedure for the linking?
  416. Help linking header file
  417. Problem with graph implementation using adjacency lists
  418. How to fix "error LNK2019" in implementation of heap?
  419. Segmentation Fault in C when trying to parse on "\t":
  420. How to add C / C++ programs in HTML?
  421. How to obtain current date and time with milliseconds in a Embedded C program?
  422. error C2660: 'System::Math::Pow' : function does not take 1 arguments
  423. Why won't file open with this code?
  424. How to fix compiler error "c :unable to open include file stdio.h"?
  425. How to replace the contents in a memory location?
  426. How to recieve a jpg from server using socket programming?
  427. What is full form of printf function?
  428. MemoryPool Failing from Efficient C++
  429. How to make an animation slow down?
  430. How to use pointers in this example?
  431. How to read an audio file in C?
  432. How to reuse the dynamically allocated memory inside a function in main()?
  433. How to return arrays from function using pointer_segmentation fault?
  434. How to multiply 3 arrays?
  435. string "equal to" don't work
  436. what is the output?
  437. How to parse the Port Number from SDP using C language?
  438. How do you make sure you have the right pointer type?
  439. What is the best C++ commercial compiler on Linux?
  440. How to test against aplhabet input ?
  441. Are the 'using' & '#include' directives in c++ are similar in functionality?
  442. How to extract my file ?
  443. Pre-increment in C++
  444. Enum with name string, best implementation
  445. How to use my .h file in my spearate .cpp file?
  446. How to compile yarrow PRNG?
  447. VC++ 2008, Debug Assertion Failed File: ../crt/src/memcpy_s.c Line:55 Expre dst!=NUL
  448. How to extract file back in order ?
  449. how to check if file exists ?
  450. About namespace statements?
  451. Why do several functions in iostream and fstream have identical name?
  452. What is the Syllabus Of C++ ?
  453. Time dependant triggering
  454. How to append text inside an existing file without overwrite?
  455. What is a null pointer assignment error?
  456. How to extract python dict from c++?
  457. How to allocate FFTW input and output arrays?
  458. how can i extract a file in c ?
  459. How to store images at 24 location coming from telescope for real time application ?
  460. Lvalue required in function main what can i do !!
  461. What does return mean here ?!
  462. How to fix "expected declaration" error at the end of input?
  463. How to copy char * to char *array?
  464. Why doesn't my ifstream object work?
  465. How to change alphabetical phone numbers into numeric form?
  466. I would like to ask the code in C about truth tables?
  467. Solution for handling boost::thread with member functions
  468. typedef , arrays, pointers
  469. hello, i use code ::block 10.5 what todo when i see expected indentifier before while
  470. HEX to ASM to C
  471. how to program with hyperterminal interface?
  472. how to render vtkMultiblockDataset?
  473. Using flag for excluding double quotes...
  474. XML read/write using C
  475. how to get memory address of active programs?
  476. My question is about file system or file handling.
  477. Why stderr redirect to stdout
  478. swapping of array
  479. What is the mathematical relation between font size and printer output?
  480. confusion in array of pointers
  481. I got the error syntax error before string constant what do I do about it?
  482. How to return a NULL to boost::sharedPtr
  483. Scaling 32 bit data to 16 bits
  484. The value of i is huge in this for loop !?
  485. how can control my program to start wit the first cout when there are a lot of them?
  486. How to fix Error 40:Undeclared identifier 'Name' in flexlint?
  487. How to get a program to display entered information?
  488. how can i solve this error?
  489. What will be the result of the following code?
  490. How to read an input from a file at command line?
  491. System("pause") inconsistency
  492. How can I connect Mysql to C program?
  493. I need to read data from a data file of the nature attached below
  494. end of file found before the left brace { !!!
  495. facing a problem while running my c++ program (run time error)
  496. How to select/insert data in mysql table using C++
  497. namespace or class or specific function content
  498. How to use Message Box with using console application?
  499. What is an infinite loop?
  500. Difference between object and variable?
  501. Why do I get a different result for pi then what is listed in math.h?
  502. Role of iostream.h and iomanip.h in C++?
  503. AES CCM code
  504. How to find OS information in Linux like Top?
  505. How to calculate CPU and Memory usage of a process in Linux
  506. C++, I want to write a date class
  507. What's the quickest way to learn C++/CLI if I only know C and java now?
  508. Is it possible to read a Fatal Error ?
  509. Getting a really weird compilation error with g++
  510. i have a struct node and i put it in an to make pointer to it insid array?
  511. invoking operator by using pyObject in python
  512. SSL algorithm with BSD license
  513. Create text file with the name as System date
  514. What does Box<Object> mean?
  515. Finding smallest number from user input(array) ?
  516. How to input ands save data in register of 16 bit
  517. how can i cout this shape in dimen array
  518. How can I replace an element in array using scanf function ?
  519. /proc information in linux
  520. trying to multiply two matrices filled with random numbers
  521. what is difference between structure and class?
  522. How to get printer name properly using PRINTDLG struct and PrintDlg Function?
  523. How to convert 4 byte's to float?
  524. typdef problem with C source files in VS 2010
  525. What does the ":" mean in the following statement?
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