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  1. How can I use a string as a file name?
  2. Write a structure onto a file
  3. C++ array find the average mark, highest mark, lowest mark, number of students passin
  4. date validation
  5. rethrowing exception says source code not available
  6. convert date based on timezone in C/C++
  7. How to get the length of unsigned char ?
  8. one fstream member instead of ofstream and ifstream - acceptable practice?
  9. Compile c file in Windows
  10. Error in exception handling
  11. Why is this simple program not working?
  12. Access XML documents in C++
  13. How to convert Float variables into Network byte order format
  14. How to resolve "Error:initialization from incompatible pointer type" ?
  15. Pointer and Array
  16. invalid use of incomplete type struct...
  17. Windows API DefWndProc default message processing
  18. what is the difference between declaring a static variable inside and outside of main
  19. IOMX.cpp:408:42: error: '#' is not followed by a macro parameter
  20. Sending and Receiving a struct over TCP Socket in Linux
  21. Error C2228: left of '.getWithdrawl
  22. Find all Permutations of a list
  23. Memory address 0
  24. Scope error in C++
  25. About CRC4
  26. 'segmentation fault' error
  27. pass Enumeration to function in c++
  28. Delete last 4 characters from a given string.
  29. Operator overloading
  30. how to display this date format : 0x/0y/0z
  31. A* toh
  32. Phone Number search algorithm
  33. Issue parallelizing this c code with openmp
  34. Convert a while loop to a for loop
  35. Two Hard-coded Arrays WITH DIFFERENT SIZES into One 2-Dimensional Vector
  36. will someone help me fix the errors i am trying to make a ascii card deck
  37. Bad Ptr in COM
  38. building a project in C++
  39. A problem with VS C++ 2010
  40. string combining
  41. How can i align the input text to the left?
  42. dll compiled using VS2005 8.0.50727.762 can't be "found" on other computers
  43. What does char *blank=".html" statement means ?
  44. Two Hard-coded Arrays into One 2-Dimensional Vector
  45. converting string to date in c++
  46. [C++] Reading text file into a struct.
  47. Valgrind problem in C code. Please help me.
  48. Best IDE in linux for C++
  49. Number of vowel
  50. Expected primary-expression before "else"
  51. Heap size
  52. why not the answer of l is twenty four?and how to solve it!
  53. permute or next_permutation
  54. How to get system Date and Time and display it ??
  55. How to fix an error GETLINE should have a prototype error
  56. how to link elements of an array
  57. getting help with 89v51rd2 serial port data receiving using C
  58. Bit Stuffing in C++
  59. Limited time for user to enter a value, or do something in c++
  60. Strings in C
  61. GM862-GPS via MSP430
  62. Issue using std::map find() method
  63. size of integer in dos
  64. problem with passsing array to a function
  65. boost dynamic_bitset block size issue
  66. Pgm Image processing in c++.
  67. How can I write allpowers of 2 from 2^0 up to 2^12 in C++ ?
  68. C: Self-referencing struct
  69. segfault
  70. How do I know that data written to a shared memory segment in Unix is stored properly
  71. Stack Overflow
  72. socket programming
  73. Determining whether given IP exist in CIDR IP Range-for IPV6
  74. Comparision of excel and csv
  75. Error c2660 in C programming
  76. add click event to button array
  77. gcc compilation
  78. why construction called when i overload the operator new in c++ by calling malloc
  79. Problem with ICMP ping echo reply
  80. programming old NOKIA mobile phone
  81. how to use sqrt in c
  82. Function within a Base Class
  83. invalid operands of types `int' and `int ()(int)' to binary `operator-'
  84. std:vector::resize in gcc4.2
  85. C passing a global pointer
  86. cant get a basic input/output program to work.
  87. Why is the invalid letter not showing?
  88. Reading unicode characters from file in C
  89. a bug of boost uBlas?
  90. different behavior of "strcpy()" when dest buff size is less than src buff size
  91. Making C read a string as a variable name
  92. linking excel file & c program
  93. check for maximum connections per IP
  94. an error handling code doubt
  95. C/c++
  96. STRTOK crashes saying access viiolation
  97. formatting fscanf
  98. How do I pass an array to a constructor?
  99. not able get the core dump
  100. linux driver problem
  101. c string array
  102. how to create a user defined library and add functions to it?
  103. Procedure Oriented Programming
  104. array of string
  105. vfprint as macro
  106. how to read x y position of touch screen in linux
  107. Crashes when runs?
  108. Increment and Decrement operators
  109. how to convert number into words in c++
  110. who can tell me what's means of "INT_MAX"?
  111. Huge Integer problem
  112. how to check for an integer
  113. Trouble sorting an array
  114. Calling functions in c++
  115. Split Vector
  116. How can I apply file handling in my program ?
  117. Bitset to_ulong() function not working fine!!
  118. Searching a "multimap" in C
  119. about argc argv
  120. Matrix To Vector
  121. borland c++
  122. how to get special section info runtime--compile with gcc?
  123. How to identify the end of input?
  124. R6034
  125. map/set iterators incompatible
  126. Array of a big order
  127. Help with Min/Max Value loop
  128. how to use sqrt() in gcc compiler
  129. Reading and Writing Files
  130. C internal keyword
  131. How to multiply matrices using threads
  132. Printing a string in this weird way.
  133. Handling damage in a game
  134. Incorrect vector subscript out of range
  135. C program
  136. Periodic Arrays
  137. Inheritance of Classes
  138. Error when compiling
  139. enum in a structure doesn't work passed to a function?
  140. guyz jst asking after compling and it shows errors how do u see them in turbo c
  141. std::ostringstream to get CString::GetBufferSetLength()-like functionality?
  142. Why does my benefit class run in my program without me calling it.
  143. Calculate Algorithm Run Time
  144. I keep coming up with error 2504 base class undefined
  145. Barcode Read using C++, Visual studio
  146. Drag and Drop
  147. Display my sensor's output with Uart coding
  148. Converting from HP Basic 5.0 into C++
  149. What do I do when I get the error, "undefined reference to WinMain@16"
  150. Unrecognizable template declaration/definition
  151. segFault in linked-list
  152. use a timer to count the time of a period signal in millisecond.
  153. My C++ code is not running any numbers ???
  154. how to find length of array in visual c++ ?
  155. C++
  156. producer consumer implementation, output misses some data
  157. error C4430 please help ...
  158. HRESULT: 0x80010108 (RPC_E_DISCONNECTED)
  159. C++ compare two arrays and display duplicates
  160. sprintf
  161. automatically close of the command prompt
  162. Link problems
  163. specialisation for templates that have template arguments
  164. Compile errors on casting
  165. setprecison
  166. What do I do when I get this message... trying to use Commission Streamer on Windows
  167. game in c-language
  168. 1>c:\documents and settings\wigundlach\my documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\count
  169. c++
  170. Is comeau compiler for student
  171. : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'isotream': No such file or directory
  172. Random number generation
  173. code for file handling operation in C for window OS
  174. Using Multiple Getlines() Language: C++
  175. Cout will not print variable
  176. Trying to compile but get some errors
  177. operation on files, replace data in C
  178. Take address of non-member operator
  179. calling GNUPLOT functions with straight C from WINDOWS gui
  180. gsoap C server creation: help needed for newbie
  181. measuring running time of a C++ code
  182. Help in c++, Using itpp library
  183. C++ code for flash cache deletion
  184. data structures
  185. PICC Define a variable
  186. random function generator without stdlib.h in C
  187. Alternative for <graphics.h> in msvc++
  188. Effecient Prime Number Sum until Max Number
  189. Reset Switch app
  190. error C2601: 'det' : local function definitions are illegal
  191. lvalue error
  192. does kbhit() works like a while loop?
  193. C or JAVA.... CONFUSED!!!
  194. can function call it self then how explain
  195. how to correct this error here the code is given below. "Lvalue required"
  196. SolidEdge Customization
  197. game checkers : function rulls .
  198. DeviceIoControl fails
  199. i keep getting a error , termination terminated incorrectly
  200. \LinkList.h|55|error: expected initializer before '<' token|
  201. error c2064
  202. Can you tell me the command to check the stack
  203. c/c++ or php?
  204. macro to call lists
  205. Create Reports in Excel WorkBook using MFC of Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0
  206. Hexadecimal Addition
  207. Array: Call by value and Call by reference
  208. Code forgeted
  209. C++ templates
  210. how to write macro to replace _beginthreadex
  211. what does <<endl mean
  212. extracting data from files
  213. linker error
  214. C programming IN command line arguments
  215. separator in scanf
  216. format ‘%X’ expects argument of type ‘unsigned int’, but argument 3 has type 'int *'
  217. std::max() vs (std::max)()
  218. Console flashes when ran.
  219. VC++ radioButton1_Click called with loadind form, why?
  220. Effect of integer type in bitwise operations performance
  221. malloc inside loop
  222. C++, creating classes in runtime
  223. Circular inclusion problem (forward declare)
  224. Array
  225. Counting unique elements in a very large array
  226. Convert Hexstring to date in VC++ 6.0
  227. how can input 5 datas in a file an then output all tthem.
  228. switching between file names in c code
  229. Headerfiles and its fuction...
  230. Disc drives.
  231. if else statement
  232. error C2057: expected constant expression
  233. Program working in Dev C++ but fails in Turbo C
  234. How to Produce EXE File from C++
  235. linker error
  236. Plotting contour graphs in C/C++
  237. having error in c++ program as declaration syntax error
  238. segmentation fault error!
  239. rotate an 8byte array
  240. k&r chapter-1 question, creating a syntax checker
  241. c 2d array to pointer
  242. writing to files in using c++
  243. c++ compile errors
  244. static declaration in functions follows non-static declaration
  245. pointer to an array
  246. CMFCButton and CButton behave differently
  247. C language
  248. to counting the number of the occurrences in the input data and sort it in alphabet
  249. how to use the struct in C
  250. program that prints the frequency of words in that file.
  251. call of nonfuncytion in function main()
  252. Excel to csv conversion
  253. Main function error
  254. How do you install the mouse with allegro?
  255. about cpp
  256. plz tell why is the reason of this error :
  257. Not Reading Anything At All.
  258. add subtract large numbers C++
  259. Hash table with chaining
  260. Undefined symbol X..:(
  261. Invalid preprocessor error
  262. Why do I get a segmentation fault when I dereference a typecast?
  263. Type Cast Pointer, Child and Parent Interaction
  264. Visual C++ Forms problem w/conversion?
  265. How to merge the same method of different classes in the clean way
  266. error C2259: 'user_param::UserParamB2<std::string>' : cannot instantiate abstract cl
  267. logarithm of a variable in C
  268. Training material for a beginner C programmer
  269. windres syntax error
  270. bcd to decimal conversion
  271. About Base 34 or Base 36 string encoding
  272. c++
  273. how to write a direct3d camera and make it move like a first person game
  274. iso c++ forbids declaration of 'Collision' with no type
  275. A C++ syntax that I don't know.
  276. looking for a way to use Excel LINEST( ) in c/c++?
  277. Failed to compile in C++
  278. How to use a List Box as a selector for data to show in another txtbox
  279. Searching parallel arrays
  280. How to modify about box
  281. program to show pressed keys.
  282. Need to clear a form using a button control
  283. c++ webbrowser
  284. iteration over several variables
  285. i have a unqualifiedified-id
  286. Try/catch undefined
  287. What is the purpose of ADC in robot tracer/robotics?
  288. how can i check my data type?
  289. Expected an expression
  290. Pragma
  291. Multiple clients connect to server
  292. Pro*C & SQL
  293. How to code large integer constants
  294. cannot run this program
  295. Analog-Digital converter interrupt timer
  296. Weird Output
  297. How to perform indexed search of records in a file( not hashing)?
  298. Help with #defines at compile time.
  299. C++ daylight saving
  300. How do i split this two ? C++
  301. modulating dtmf codes in visual studio 2008?
  302. question about labeling entry data
  303. Map with two keys and a single value
  304. much error and i'm newbie..
  305. using getchar
  306. TLIB.exe under Windows 7 64-bit
  307. convert one letter string to a char
  308. View contents of created file in TCW4.5 with Fstream
  309. regarding char array size
  310. scope of global static variable
  311. how to search all the content of stack
  312. Memory allocation for Structure Pointer within Structure Pointer
  313. Nuance PP PRO 14 & Omnipage 18 freeze my new i7
  314. how can i use sscanf to read in input from the command line
  315. how to initialize a vector of queues
  316. Need Help with a Counter
  317. Compress Array From Lage To Short
  318. Which of these for loops will iterate faster?
  319. Lnk2019
  320. 2 dimensional array
  321. Assigning a value to an array
  322. output 2d array help
  323. [Warning] comparison between pointer and integer
  324. "new" always returns the same pointer
  325. Sorting array list
  326. Having a logical error.....Help please?
  327. Is it possible to execute a parallel C program in windows OS??
  328. error LNK1120 and LNK2001
  329. Linked list with persistance
  330. Input a string into an array and output the array string in uppercase
  331. Question about Sorting Strings
  332. How to make a string array convert to uppercase
  333. Compare two arrays for same value in same position. Use function to test
  334. fork() in a for loop
  335. Way to retrieve calling function's ID to print an error?
  336. Syntax error in hailstones sequence program
  337. it says-missing statment on line 10, why?
  338. Strings and file read in
  339. Split number into digits
  340. C++ strings and output
  341. Problem in assigning an enum variable of another class
  342. find out the largest and second largest number in an array
  343. can't find c++ on new comp win 7
  344. Cannot understand function logic
  345. Can someone tell me why this code wont work ?
  346. read in a numbers of line in a file and compute the min, max & mean of each line
  347. Testing for unreachable code.
  348. store fscanf data in a struct array
  349. Ues pointer to find the mode of a group of value
  350. Invalid Operands of types int and double to binary operator
  351. expected ';' before '{' token please help ?
  352. single line
  353. multiplication test
  354. How come my counter isnt working?
  355. Alignment issues in network programming
  356. Byte alignment
  357. strcat overwrites
  358. Unknown Error - Solution?
  359. Help with infinite loop
  360. Multi Linked List Data Structures in C
  361. PrepareStatement issue with more than 255 characters in libodbc++-0.2.4pre4
  362. turbo c IDE is not showing on full screen
  363. Turbo C++
  364. lexx/yacc incorrect analyzing?
  365. how to do pointer typecast?
  366. Unable to include stdio.h
  367. Printing a float in a grx20.h
  368. charArray and string comparison
  369. Visual Studio 11 compile error
  370. C++ TIC TAC TOE game help please (OXO GAME)
  371. How to stop a floodfill printing problem.
  372. Reading from array into the file - with encoding ascii characters
  373. Padding of datatypes in C
  374. How to redirect D3D9 calls to Direct3D 10 or 11
  375. How do I limit storage in the arrays so that not so many incorrect things print?
  376. Windows Forms button click activates console command
  377. Working with Media Player in Multiple forms
  378. Error: win32 thread to read COM port and send data for processing
  379. Is it possible to store multiple strings in a vector?
  380. Converting Hex String to Bmp file
  381. file output for circle points and radius
  382. declaration of array list in c++
  383. Dynamic memory allocation in C
  384. float in structure
  385. GPS application implemented as executable, I need to convert that to library, how?
  386. why wont it work
  387. conio.h lib files
  388. MinGW Console Issue
  389. how to display various pattern using for loop?
  390. storing data into pointer array?
  391. How to convert CString to float in mfc
  392. manipulating .csv files (containing Time Series data) in C++
  393. case label does not reduce to an integer constant
  394. what is malloc in C++
  395. Retrieving the address of a record in a text file
  396. A* 15-puzzle return path
  397. NonBlocking Sockets retries
  398. expected "}" end of the input
  399. overloading assignment operator
  400. "A non-static member reference must be made relative to a specific object"
  401. variable names
  402. How to write programs with array easily
  403. set the data members for Stack.h
  404. How to cast a const type to another const type
  405. BMP decoding
  406. How can i limit number of inputs in for loop and while loop?
  407. Loop back to the start of a program?
  408. Disconnecting from server
  409. Error message 'non-lvalue in assignment', any suggestions?
  410. error C2297: '%' : illegal, right operand has type 'double'
  411. how to assign the datagrid row amount to a varaiable
  412. converting coding from mfc to console
  413. Execution time before main
  414. count vowels from string using isvowel, how do get vowels from the string
  415. expected } before else
  416. Search for word
  417. pointer and function arguments
  418. While loop won't run
  419. Add file data to tree
  420. How to Program Variable Number of Loops in C++?
  421. Binary Data Conversion
  422. fscanf issue
  423. Read XML nodeValue when it conatins all character as white space.
  424. Segmentation Fault Error
  425. Seg fault: invalid pointer error
  426. Comparing float and double value
  427. error in c++ code
  428. C++ how to reverse singly linked list
  429. Problem with loop in random characters generation
  430. using (char*) in switch statment
  431. Help with a Triangle Pattern in C language
  432. how to use strncpy
  433. count the frequency of letters in an array with random generated letters
  434. (void*)0 : what is this cast?
  435. list::insert(iterator position, size_type n, const & x); failed to compile
  436. initialized a reference member of a class
  437. sort int decending
  438. Input floats from command line using streams
  439. Copying Data from an Edit Control to a variable
  440. Bool variable and if/else statement.
  441. blocking and unblocking USB MassStorageDevices
  442. How to wrap vc lib file into dll file
  443. How can I check input characters one by one as part of an array
  444. Dialog Refreshing in Visual C++ 2008
  445. Comparison of two waveforms of audio files
  446. LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file
  447. Reverse of string using pointers
  448. C++ Menu with Design Pattern
  449. Giving hyperterminal commands from c++ app
  450. how to view Visual Studio *.pdb?
  451. Adding set of generated random numbers
  452. default constructor and another constructor
  453. Segmentation fault when passing file pointer
  454. Undefined reference to 'Score'
  455. utf-8 to uppercase in Redhat Linux
  456. undefined reference
  457. printf errors
  458. C++ program to open an image
  459. compile error2
  460. compile error
  461. multiple storage classes in declaration specifiers
  462. Read info from ini with specified range
  463. How to get Substring from Batch Script variable?
  464. How to read zip file?
  465. C++ constructor help!!
  466. floating points and precision
  467. declaring minimum/maximum values of function
  468. Call of non-function in function main......??? :/
  469. Displaying sum of digits without loops
  470. How to convert efficiently double to int
  471. Argc and Argv
  472. Calendar calcuation: months with odd number of days
  473. Writing byte characters to a binary ofstream
  474. Network program compile error missing files
  475. Formatting C++ output text
  476. Printing in a Tabular format to the screen
  477. Why am I getting segmentation fault?
  478. Free function compiling error
  479. A Function that Rounds to the nearest significant value
  480. Stack Overflow with getline () ??
  481. OCX import in Native C/C++ ( Win32 Programming)
  482. Comparing two like strings returns not equal
  483. Which works? outportb or inportb
  484. memory segments in c
  485. Local function definitions are illegal?
  486. Creating peg solitaire game in C++?
  487. Where can I download ANSI C++ compiler?
  488. Saving data into docs and reading it out.
  489. Is main() is user defined or predefined?
  490. BinToHex conversion
  491. Else/Else if statement for pay program
  492. scanf problems with strings and chars
  493. Initializing c++ array and values
  494. Reversing a String
  495. Segmentation Fault at memalign_check api
  496. Drawing Bitmaps during Run-Time(Visual C++ 2008)
  497. A function with an array as argument
  498. Displaying a Jpeg picture on a dilaog
  499. error:expression syntax in function main
  500. Clear screen in dev c
  501. Reading a .jpg file in binary.
  502. Runtime_error class with LINUX
  503. how to extract vector fields from the image
  504. subclass template
  505. How to scramble a bmp image and storing a bmp image in a
  506. Komodo and Coda C programming
  507. Why we cannot use float in switch?
  508. not getting the correct answer
  509. characters and word count
  510. Timeout in Visual C++
  511. HEX to bmp Conversion
  512. Merging 2 binary data files together in C
  513. error: none of the 2 overloads can convert parameter 1 from type 'char [7]'
  514. Split a line by whilespace or tabcharacter (\t)
  515. checking that user input certain integer
  516. Make QT Widgets semi-opaque
  517. Loop while ENTER is held down exit when released
  518. how to create link
  519. Measure time elapsed
  520. How can i make a program in C++ which will search a user entered word in google or in
  521. Particle Engine
  522. Eclipse CDT search entire project for includes
  523. How to handle missing values in C++ using strtok function?
  524. error: too many arguments to function add_two_numbers
  525. How to read content at an absolute memory address the quickest
  526. type mismatch in redeclaration of remove
  527. Segmentation Fault
  528. Easy way to Compile old g++ 2,95.3 code with newer g++ 3.4
  529. [VC++] Winsock2 Error 10049. Trying to build IRC bot.
  530. C doubt in preincrement and post increment operator?
  531. linux c++ error: ‘ostream’ does not name a type
  532. Error in integer output!
  533. main function regarding
  534. error:Call of nonfunction in function main()
  535. Downloading (a webpage) in C++
  536. counting milliseconds in C or C++
  537. looser throw specifier in gcc 4.0.1
  538. Arrays and functions
  539. convert Adobe PDF into MS Word from C++
  540. Multidimensional array with 1 element in all dimensions
  541. How do I access data lists created by yyparse ??
  542. Error: structure required on left side of
  543. Crypto API: encrypt with the private-key, then decrypt with the public-key
  544. Using recursion, sum all digits of any positive integer
  545. copy array from one function to another
  546. truth table
  547. access and display pictures
  548. Hierarchical Inheritance
  549. How to read in the RGB value of a certain pixel on the screen which is broadcasted?
  550. how do i get a selected item in the list box