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  1. how can I invert this statement to look upside down
  2. expected ; before string constant
  3. opening word document in turbo c++ or any program in word format
  4. problem changing code from TCP to UDP
  5. timer for getline() function
  6. how can I use EOF to terminate inputting data. How the EOF works in C
  7. why it is causing a stack fault..??
  8. Getting compilation error
  9. I am doing a calculator when i use float it gives me an error in the remainder (%)
  10. String Error "Lvalue required"......?
  11. suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value
  12. Largest element in array, variable query
  13. 'IDR_MENU1' : undeclared identifier
  14. Error: C requires whitespace after the macro name
  15. I have a problem compiling a simple "Hello World" Statement
  16. Importing data from a .txt file and doing something with it.
  17. use of modulus operator: how can we use modulus operator with double type variables
  18. Coding PHP extensions
  19. general form of input an array using gets function
  20. how to know commandline is empty or not ??
  21. Trouble understanding a shift calculation
  22. How can I change the root path that an application uses to upload a file from?
  23. c code for a server that creates a log file
  24. what do you mean by seekg and seekp
  25. const variable in C++ can be changed using aliases
  26. Convert C++ code to C code
  27. two arrays merging into new array minus duplicates
  28. function recv(p,h) of class Phy in ns2.35------only ns2 users
  29. to divide a number by 128 without using division operator
  30. How to run a process from memory
  31. can we declare a multidimensional array without providing size to it?
  32. what is meaning of ~ operator?
  33. Question about adding in C
  34. debug error output disappears in seconds
  35. kbhit function and its use?
  36. What is the call by value in function?
  37. Need help on modifying an array to vectors
  38. what's wrong with the code below?
  39. converting a number into binary or hexadecimal or octal using arrays
  40. need help with error generated in slot machine
  41. Explicit Initialisation of Function Templates
  42. Another question about unaligned access
  43. how to send .jpg file from client to server using c program..
  44. using the 'delete' operator on array of structures
  45. how to take input from particular position in c using graphics
  46. addition of infinite numbers using string
  47. turbo c++ 4.5 crash when compile no error message
  48. program using area() and perimeter() function
  49. Prime Number chilliad program calculation adjustment?
  50. I want formatting types such as \n, \t, etc... in c / c++
  51. How does the huge pointer work in the c language
  52. implementing dfa for a binary string with at least two 0's after every 1
  53. remove memory leak from this function strcpy
  54. header file related to goto
  55. What is "underlying type" for wchar_t?
  56. what is the difference between printf and scanf?
  57. method to add to file
  58. no matching function for call to `std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std
  59. suddenly cannot debug....
  60. i want to do up and down arrows
  61. string display error
  62. Converting currency to words just like for checks
  63. Why is i++ used instead of ++i in array for loops
  64. trouble in call my own function
  65. Calculating the formula of a dice roll using rand?
  66. meaning of identifier expected for any variable
  67. C programming using linux terminal
  68. How to operate very big integer number in C?
  69. storage class specifiers concept
  70. how to use register selectively
  71. How to analyse the core dump in gdb? <repeats 21 times>
  72. Extracting strings from files (C++)
  73. Arithmetic using a for loop
  74. Some help on how to complete this program in C.
  75. How to move an object in c++?
  76. what mean this " return x < 0 ? 2 - y : y;" in the end of function
  77. Multiple Malloc Calls on one Variable
  78. Simultaneous Reading and write from and to a text file using Multithreading in c/C++
  79. Data File input sorting question
  80. jpg-file to a bit image in Mountain Lion with C
  81. Simple Network Simulator in C
  82. Tell the syntax to execute code if number in range otherwise exit
  83. saving Objects on binary file
  84. how to open a word document in C++?
  85. Testing to see if user input is a number
  86. Ostream &operator to work in C++
  87. which header file should i include for using delay function in visual studio ultimate
  88. object oriented programming
  89. Trouble with File Input/Output concerning loops
  90. what is while(5)? Is it the same as while(1)?
  91. the function printf() should have a prototype
  92. How to delete memory for std::vector<unsigned char>
  93. While loop expression
  94. error(c213): left side of asn_op not an ivalue. Can anyone suggest a solution?
  95. Explicit Specialization cannot have a storage class
  96. In c++ I am getting unable to get obj file error
  97. Why am I getting the error: identifier 'last_code' cannot have a type qualifier?
  98. Warning in GCC Compiler
  99. Getting a divide by 0 error when using a modulus with a number below 1.
  100. how to avoid array subscript problem, unknown size
  101. what is the use of textmode() in c++
  102. how to give a color to the text that displayed in output screen
  103. General Protection Error in C++ code
  104. unable to allocate memory in middle of file
  105. what is the real meaning of NULL?
  106. Is it necessary the function main() should return int?
  107. Programming the volume of a sphere based on user input
  108. compile and execute a cpp code file with visual studio command line
  109. Passing NULL to atoi() Function results in Segmentation Fault
  110. Why write return 0 at the end?
  111. gets() shows warning in gcc compiler - how to remove?
  112. in c language how can I use a long long integer? also printf and scanf?
  113. Template specialization of a single method from a templated class
  114. Why is sizeof(a) zero? where a is int a[0]?
  115. problem: function should have a prototype
  116. algorithm to find first n odd numbers
  117. permission denied, ld returned 1 exit status in dev c++
  118. header file inc
  119. at present what is the default return type of a function?
  120. in turbo c output is not clearing even after including #include<conio.h> and clrscr()
  121. how to convert float to unsigned int
  122. command prompt window disappears before output
  123. 'Statement missing' error in C++
  124. Output is Getting scattered after using curses function
  125. program for prime numbers in c language
  126. delete record from binary file in c++
  127. How to put function inside structure? [C]
  128. Set background in C++ using OpenGl
  129. accept items in a singly linked list and sort the nodes
  130. How to use map in multithreading in C++?
  131. Application fails to create custom eventlog on 2008 server even when run as admin
  132. Library has no exported symbols
  133. any dangers to storing map iterator in vector?
  134. Error using USER_LDFLAGS in executable make file
  135. How to reverse diagonals in a 2D array in c++?
  136. compiling cpp in mostly c
  137. cannot open header files stdio.h and conio.h...
  138. Will C++ application in .net VS 2003 with no dll reference work without framework 1.1
  139. what is a run time entity? why do we call an object as run time entity?
  140. How to set each bit, if the variable is short
  141. C++ Offset function inside Class
  142. What is the actual concept of delete operator?
  143. vector to vector assignment question
  144. getting "windows don't send" error
  145. Can we use a virtual function in the class in which the virtual function is defined?
  146. Debug Log size restrictions
  147. c++ programming minimal dfa
  148. expression syntax error
  149. splitting numbers into separate digits
  150. MFC CEditView redraws twice
  151. std::vector<struct> insertion question
  152. Move the circle by shares of the keyboard
  153. Getting error while using OpenMP along with map in c++
  154. Without using constructor, we can create object in following way?
  155. qsort program giving unexpected answer
  156. Expected primary expression before ';',"int" comes because...?
  157. equivalent linux header files for windows in c language
  158. C++ see template instantiations
  159. 64 bit application crashes due to unknown memory corruption in linux
  160. how to enter person's last name and first name seperated by space and comma
  161. solaris to linux migration : build problems on linux while trying to compile c++ code
  162. OpenGL errors. error: '...' cannot be used as a function
  163. What is while(1) loop?
  164. "error: perl was not declared in this scope" when calling perl script that sends sms
  165. pc based digital clock via parallel port using c language
  166. I'm getting error C2088 and error C2040. I don't know how to fix them
  167. Rename using windows command for a c++ project
  168. double wil not display correct value's.
  169. Fix my c++ code please Error C1075
  170. Is it possible to append numbers to the end of variable names during runtime?
  171. Explicity Constructor
  172. Explicit Template Argument Specification
  173. conversion from Javascript to C++
  174. how to convert from HEX to ASCII conversion in embedded c
  175. Discussion: Should Arrays Ever be Used
  176. how to find the address of a library function??
  177. using Astyle to format the C code
  178. Image overlayed five consecutive times on a live video
  179. Why can't one specify which overloaded function to use in transform (a, b, c, d)?
  180. Storing and Retrieving a large amount of data
  181. How to Split a string into various types (integer, float, char)?
  182. Help me fix this code: Finding the missing number in the array
  183. i am reading an xml, wiht XMLch [] , but when characters above ascii reached then thi
  184. How do I delete part of the String?
  185. What settings has to be made to run language c in jgrasp?
  186. Dynamic creation of classes in c++
  187. replacement column and row between two arrays?
  188. recursion in stack to get the maximum element and copying stacks
  189. error: expected expression before '}' token
  190. code in c language forintrosort also known as introspective sort
  191. How to print the value at memory address?
  192. equivalent header file for standards.h in linux
  193. How to change calling convention in C?
  194. For given 2d array Count the number of positive elements in each row sum
  195. Get file list from a directory by name in c
  196. Why overloaded copy constructor is not getting called here?
  197. finding the type of an argument in c?
  198. give explanation of given 2 lines: sum=sum+(i*rem); i=i*10;
  199. How to properly overload the == operator?
  200. Using vector for first time and getting strange results
  201. how to write byte in 8051 Correctly
  202. expression syntax
  203. what does << mean in c plus plus ?
  204. writing into a text file using a nested for loop
  205. add copy constructor to my class
  206. Can anyone explain me the meaning of the following code block
  207. I'm trying to increment a char** and I am unable to understand the dynamic of it
  208. C++ .Net UDP Socket Endpoint question
  209. where did i write wrong? It just writes 1 star
  210. linking of excel sheat in C as input two dimensional array
  211. Class vs struct
  212. how to get CTRL-Z to close a pipe?
  213. How to read and write data in C++ (random access)?
  214. pre post increament?
  215. How did i get "Run-Time Check Failure #3 - The variable 'arr' is being used without b
  216. Plugin not work properly in ie ?
  217. Can we use modulo to compare two floats?
  218. Internet connection
  219. too many type declaration is shown for a function
  220. How do I Displaying bytes of a given code bellow?
  221. Any better C++ operator precedence cheatsheet?
  222. how many bytes in a string and how many bit in a string
  223. string copy into struct doesn't work
  224. Gcc compiler does not detect multiple definition error
  225. How to update and delete particular record
  226. Can I use strtok for splitting a string with a certain pattern?
  227. How to print a huge unsigned long int number by using printf?
  228. Calculate the result of 2 numbers that the user entered
  229. What's the use of the $ symbol in C?
  230. What statement can I use to increase the character size of my output in Dev C++
  231. What's the function of printf?
  232. regarding c console input output operations
  233. Two thread callbacks on an async serial com port
  234. how this c code works?
  235. Opt++ Configuration
  236. Permission denied? chapter 2 exercise 5 from book of Francis Glassborrow
  237. system() problems
  238. too many decimal points in number error
  239. Hello World in C programming does not stay long after i compile and run
  240. TimeStamp Problem - VS2008
  241. Writing an Easy Input/Output C Program
  242. JDBC Connection for C++
  243. implicit declaration of function 'printf' is invalid in C99
  244. Make program to square the numbers from 1 to 20
  245. An alien variable suddenly in an array
  246. Program that solve two difference times
  247. antivirus system
  248. fatal errors what does this mean w
  249. VC++ application UI is distorted when launched on WIndows 7 machine
  250. pointer type casting:---please explain this program
  251. What could be wrong in this program code? Help me...!
  252. c program to display first 10 largest numbers present in a file
  253. how can I find the addres of function
  254. what is the size of int in 64-bit machine?
  255. Is it possible to initialize char value into int value?
  256. my msdos cannot include the header files??
  257. error while using file i/o operation in ansi c
  258. what does exit(10); mean in C language program?
  259. what should i declare when i am making a program titled order menu having a amount on
  260. Given a person's birthdate or any other date, will display day of week
  261. Problem with Master/Slave program
  262. Canvas->CopyRect shifts 1 pixel by zoomed image
  263. Problem with printing Barcode on cognitive HCLabel printer from Windows server 2008
  264. The syntax for inserting strings into a list, maintaining alpha order.
  265. Help please: "Declaration not allowed here"
  266. File Renaming: Permission denied
  267. Unable to resolve an expected primary expression error
  268. what does [0] = 0x6D mean where last two can be any hexadecimal
  269. Why to use return type for string function as char*?
  270. Thread: create local instances of a global variable?
  271. numerical solution for first order of differential equations
  272. Imagine a tollbooth at a bridge. Cars passing by the booth are expected to pay a 50 p
  273. linker error:unable to open file 'tv.lib'
  274. header of a file compressed by gzip
  275. how to retrieved a stored procedure functions in c?
  276. Assigning A-Z with 1-26 without having to assign every variable
  277. Seperate byte of array into nibble for new array
  278. questions is related from c and the topic is string.h (this is a headder file in c)
  279. Error
  280. how to convert entered ascii value to float
  281. Sorting Names in a Structure. How can I sort the names in this structure using bubble
  282. why is there no effect !!!
  283. cashiering program for my project., this cashiering program is Mc Jollibee....
  284. Immediate audio playback from Mic
  285. how to connect c with oracle database
  286. identifier expected,declaration terminated incorrectly
  287. What is the meaning of no matching function for call to ‘RunAction::fillPerEv
  288. vc settings
  289. how to retrive matlabfile in c language
  290. Recording Mic and Speaker audio simultaneously like Skype conversation
  291. bad alloc error in c++ of linux
  292. How to use Windows command-line commands in code
  293. how to convert byte array with hex number to equivalent decimal value
  294. Rewriting Program to Use One vector instead of two
  295. error message saying expect unqualified-id before '{' appearing whenever i try to run
  296. I have Borland CBuilder project, Is it easy port to Visual Studio?
  297. writing structure to file I am getting with some random charaters
  298. Virtual Pointer - accessing VTABLE of a class inside a program
  299. Using math library problem
  300. Write a program that will read the gross salary of an employee and calculate the net
  301. Two Atmega16 serial communication?
  302. Microsoft Visual C++ programming: How to write an algorithm?
  303. expression syntax in function main
  304. How to Save an new input using the output?
  305. linker error unable to open tv.lib
  306. New to programing keep getting error. Please help!
  307. malloc and calloc reg
  308. IF Statements
  309. Repeated dynamic memory allocation
  310. SOCKET connect C/C++ to PHP
  311. C++ tutorials for mobile development
  312. How do you change an image source using two or more drop down menus?
  313. redefining stdout/stderr
  314. Allegro problem on dev c++ 64 bit windows
  315. triangle determine if it is isosceles, scalene or equilateral
  316. How connect dll to C# - project?
  317. int abc[]={1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10}; array behv
  318. header file reg
  319. centering context menu
  320. Distance from a point to a line/segment
  321. what about LPCWSTR in the c in that code?
  322. Virtual Comm (serial port), C code ?
  323. C network programming
  324. c FILES
  325. Reading from a txt file
  326. How can we write a menu using switch statement?
  327. Why Garbage value is getting printed???
  328. Unable to Include a header into my application
  329. Want to create a process in D stat on Mirror disk
  330. C++ error LNK2001 issue
  331. Jump table instead of Switch cases
  332. # regarding
  333. ı couldn't undestand
  334. How to execute C program through Command line with arguments
  335. setting edit text of combox
  336. Prototype Declaration Error in RPC
  337. Error "Syntax in function main"-thing
  338. What are templates? Do they have advantages over polymorphism?
  339. [CORBA] Getter and setter for CORBA sequence of objects
  340. What is pop in C++ ?
  341. Read an input file character by character
  342. Error in output:some unknown characters printed
  343. Number of zeros in a factorial number
  344. C4droid (C compiler for android)
  345. How to Parse a CSV formatted text file in C programming
  346. Synchronize Database
  347. Surveillance Timer
  348. A calculation problem in c
  349. char * to wchar_t * conversion
  350. About header files
  351. macro
  352. Why must the struct (;) be deleted to avoid error
  353. How to access UI thread in C++/CLI?
  354. Google C++ Testing Framework- I do not know what's the final step to get started.
  355. Copying value from one vector to another
  356. Convert one function procesr(n,C) in matrice[i][j] ant print it in the screen
  357. linkage error: unable to open cos.obj error
  358. How do you create a table with variables from multiple structs?
  359. Error configuring event listener in C++ with .NET CLR support (managed and unmanaged
  360. Buggy Function
  361. Hash table
  362. how to make a recursion count up and stop at its input
  363. isdigit to work with negative numbers
  364. Get return type of function in template parameter
  365. C++ editor with a cross compiler
  366. how to display a message for a specific time
  367. finding the type of the variable given in the program
  368. rotate an array by 2 places
  369. How to display a message for specific time using timer in C
  370. Tinyxml produces 50 compiler errors in my application
  371. Converting key combination to CString
  372. Read A Line with 8 bytes of data from a file
  373. CTreeCtrl - GetTextExtent problem
  374. finding unused variable using c
  375. How to get text input ?
  376. multiple class in a map
  377. pseudocode: accepts 10 integers. determine and print the minimum integer
  378. Point in polygon
  379. Base Class Undefined
  380. C linked list within callback of sqlite
  381. How to call function in ALT project C++?
  382. Calling by same function name
  383. Get Warning LNK4222 , How to fix it ?
  384. How do I pass a path in file handling with C++ to create or open a file?
  385. Conversions in C
  386. Template Metaprogramming
  387. specification of path in file handling
  388. How to pass the arguments as a two-dimensional array of typedef to function
  389. Fastest/most efficient way to add two fractions
  390. How to read a line of unknown lenght from a file by using dynamic memory allocation
  391. Cannot convert float to float
  392. is dragonfiresdk legit?
  393. multiplication element of vector
  394. setfill(*) and setw() help needed!
  395. string manipulator help
  396. How to compare the time fetched from two week number of different year using C,C++.
  397. Ask a question
  398. Unable to create an Event Source on the remote machine
  399. SQL report server Header info
  400. Call of nonfunction & Misplace else
  401. How to print a float number using %d as format string in c language
  402. Why does printf not print after a while or for loop in C?
  403. I am getting a error code for this C program. It says that FILE is not undelared.
  404. how can i cheak if the file empty or not in c language (i have function(FILE* fopenOr
  405. can specific data be deleted in firefox cache ?
  406. How to overlaod ++ operator for a object having 2 data members?
  407. How to increment data members of dynamically created object?
  408. Floating Point Calculation
  409. how to send many images through socket ?
  410. Identifier 'deposit' cannot have a type qualifier
  411. find average of 10 numbers passed to an array using function. the array should be con
  412. difference in between const char* n[ ]={"name1",..};, char* a[ ] ={"names1"..}
  413. unqualified id before token '{' what is wrong to my code?
  414. outportb() function
  415. scan for ints in a process
  416. coding for timer in consile application of codeblock
  417. Solved: Threading: how to invoke it properly?
  418. Is it possible to initialize values to a single variable using '( )'
  419. mp3 file to play
  420. input/output
  421. input/output
  422. integer constant expression
  423. difference between auto and decltype in c++0x
  424. Explanation
  425. Splint warning in gcc compiler
  426. lcc compiler bug report
  427. Output wrong..
  428. Renaming(All) an existing vc++ project in Visual Studio 2010
  429. Can anyone plz tell me the good book in c,i want to be master in c.. plz asap
  430. A to the power B question
  431. static array
  432. static reg
  433. #define reg
  434. Solved: C programming: confused by void *
  435. declaration syntax error
  436. How to store the big values either int or floating values like our pc calculator?
  437. Arrays Question
  438. boost threads
  439. 5 login users
  440. Program crashing while executing a certain part of the code.
  441. baffling printf error in c++
  442. Help.. regarding string to float and float to string converion in C
  443. Counting charecter occurences in a file *Simple*
  444. getting syntax error !!
  445. memory leak, debugger
  446. syscall.c:2210:21: error: storage size of ‘sbuf’ isn’t known
  447. i need help to tokenize the string taken from the file
  448. Button with Right click events ?
  449. about wincodec
  450. how to use fread?
  451. what is clrscr() equivalent in gcc? I tried for system("clear") but it exits prgm
  452. can't find or compile zlib with minizip
  453. switch no default output
  454. C2712: Cannot use __try in functions that require object unwinding
  455. how do you get multiple source files to run one after the other?
  456. numeric constant
  457. precedence and associativity reg
  458. what does "cout<<*this;" do?!
  459. vs2010 express c++ showsa message "this project is out of date" when i hit f5
  461. variant records in c
  462. pointer to char array
  463. Eigenvectors from eigenvalues in c
  464. Basic Code not working
  465. Newbie Help! - "Request for member ' ' in something not a structure or a union"
  466. how can we use switch statement 2 times in a program????
  467. visual studio 2010 erroes C2601 and C1075
  468. ostringstream return value
  469. temp=tmpfile() lose all its contents?
  470. compilation error: conflicting declaration
  471. LNK 2019 unresolved external symbol
  472. need help fixing if statements
  473. program to check data from server
  474. general protection exception is written when execute my program why is it happen.
  475. Segmentation fault - using char pointer to read int data
  476. Data Table and Combo Box
  477. Changing complexity from O(n) to O(1)
  478. how to use semaphore in this situation
  479. what the function of ansi_c.h, where can we find it
  480. How to link an external library in my C++ application?
  481. How to make public member of a class, private in the derived class?
  482. Linker Error:Undefined Symbol ATM_c::run() in module Project.cpp
  483. Using strings and if statements in C++
  484. how to display the contents of a binary file at an indexed location?
  485. Optical mouse as position encoder
  486. How to fill gradient colors in a rectangle?(gradient effect may be lenear, diagonal,
  487. error: 'cpp cannot convert `float' to `double*' for argument
  488. How to access field of a class by name
  489. I get segmentation fault with "shmat" function
  490. Program that outputs numbers divisible by two values
  491. How to get active application's title through API.
  492. OPENSSL RSA Public Encryption
  493. Read a video frame by frame through a c program
  494. atoi and itoa
  495. File Managment
  496. Does objective C run on multiple platfroms?
  497. A C program that uses the radius to get area
  498. divisibility programs
  499. this is related to postfix and prefix
  500. Error when using infile in C++
  501. polymorphism, is their a better way to do this
  502. What happens when a half constructed constructor throws exception
  503. Unresolved external symbol
  504. multithreading programing in c
  505. i keep getting this error and i dont know how to fix it
  506. there is a declaration syntax error in the code i couldn't locate it plz help me find
  507. Help in snake game
  508. storage of global variable
  509. no matching function to call for
  510. How to open a filename which is in one class & then use that in a different class
  511. How to add strings to vectors?
  512. generating random numbers betwee 0 and 1
  513. Adding strings to vectors
  514. how to define default constructor for a template list class
  515. Looking for a standard book on C
  516. Get dimension of pixel in mm
  517. error related to pointer to member function
  518. about mean in gcc
  519. Please help my Update doesn't want to work!!
  520. Dice roll generator
  521. Syntax error in code
  522. implicit declaration of function
  523. how to handle exception in constructor
  524. How to produce 3D graph Using MathGL
  525. pointing a variable to a member function outside a class
  526. How do I reset a TIMER?
  527. Receiving error on a simple code and don't understand why?
  528. need help figureing out why my if statements are not working right
  529. why does the program below work without #include<stdio.h>?
  530. How can I use a string as a file name?
  531. Write a structure onto a file
  532. C++ array find the average mark, highest mark, lowest mark, number of students passin
  533. date validation
  534. rethrowing exception says source code not available
  535. convert date based on timezone in C/C++
  536. How to get the length of unsigned char ?
  537. one fstream member instead of ofstream and ifstream - acceptable practice?
  538. Compile c file in Windows
  539. Error in exception handling
  540. Why is this simple program not working?
  541. Access XML documents in C++
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