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  1. Pointer to structure required on left side
  2. Need a C++ constructor to initialize each members of an array
  3. read through files of a directory name passed as an argument
  4. does not give a valid preprocessing token
  5. While(1)
  6. error coming in the following code (member identifier expected)
  7. thread appears to run after SetEvent
  8. Print binary numbers from 0 to M. Size N bits. Ascend
  9. Command Box Disappears just after showing number without me clicking anything !!
  10. 2D danamic arrays, how to create and give values(i,j)
  11. Number of palindromes between a and b
  12. I need to put file into 2D array and then transpose it.
  13. Applying heat flux on a surface
  14. paint program program help I have started the program but need some help with the roo
  15. Fixed "Welcome" text during program run
  16. Find the index in a n*m matrix where the element is present
  17. Write a seating reservation program
  18. algorithm question - selecting bits
  19. How to save entire web page as image (.jpeg format) using c++
  20. ATM program in C
  21. I am trying to impliment line simplification using c++. any help will be appreatiated
  22. how to make a header file
  23. Case bypasses initialization of a local variable
  24. Delete Linked list
  25. what is difference between fork and vfork?
  26. Implementation of a Vector of structures in C
  27. Using turbo C++, when I compile the program it shows the error as "UNABLE TO OPEN INC
  28. why while(10) excuate body infinity times ???
  29. problem of a quantum harmonic oscillator in 1D, whose exact solutionTo approximate th
  30. print 10101 and 01010 series using for loop
  31. C++ Overtime and Payroll Calculations
  32. I need help to limit the loop into the next 4 interations
  33. Which programming language should i learn?
  34. connecting text file and functions in c++
  35. about adapter enable and disable
  36. reading x,y coordinates in text file c++
  37. how to use graphics.h header file in redhat for line draw
  38. I have problem in embedded c coding for digital password lock it gives the message "p
  39. so i'm getting this error: Error 14 error C2360: initialization of 'levelTwo' is skip
  40. What are good c++ books for beginners and advanced programmers?
  41. linker error unable to open file classes in turboC 7 by akki
  42. how to increase stack size ten times ? If it is possible whose memory is going to occ
  43. How do I use fstream functions in a class?
  44. two dimensional array uising insertion sort
  45. How to fix error "expected unqualified-id at end of input"?
  46. how to random a question with the right number?
  47. how to return an array of integer from a function?
  48. C++ Calculator App, can't get MIN & MAX to work.
  49. Segmentation Problem at 1024 size matrixes multiplication
  50. how to fix expected unqualified-id....
  51. system function usage in C Please help
  52. how to subtract two string containing numbers?
  53. In C, is there a way to printf after scanf and return to the scanf?
  54. Problem with copying all files from one folder into an other folder in c++
  55. stringstream >> operator not space delimitating
  56. multi threading program with timer to run two threads in C - Linux
  57. int main error. Help!
  58. .about c++ i want to more why do we use & and % signs in c
  59. program to read a sequence of N integers and print the number with maximum occurance
  60. segmentation fault in strlen () from /lib64/
  61. Compiling error: local function definitions are illegal?
  62. Graphics in c
  63. system("cls");
  64. accessing pointer inside a nested structure
  65. exponents solution do not give right answer if last number ends in 5
  66. Static functions are not thread safe in C++
  67. Difference between unsigned int and signed int
  68. setw() and <iomanip> Header
  69. The line of Constructor is showing an error
  70. system("PAUSE") and getline function
  71. uable open include flie stdio.h
  72. Showing multiple web pages with ShellExecute
  73. TCPIP socket client programming in redhat linux using Eclipse CDT
  74. Class and Structure
  75. USB Visual Studio 2010
  76. Difference between a static array and a dynamic array
  77. converting BMP To strings of 0's and 1's (Binary Format)
  78. serial port doesnt send anything ..
  79. How to remove error function 'capture' should have prototype in c++ ?
  80. can someone please tell me the Function Prototype Layout (we just started learning it
  81. Program isn't working properly
  82. how do i implement Pointers to call the function
  83. getting many errors in this new tcwin4.5
  84. error: no match for ‘operator<’ in ‘__x < __y’
  85. How to define string of unknown length
  86. adding a new protocol with ns2.34
  87. This is my bubble sort program but i need to show each pass.What should I do?
  88. [Medium] Program Linkage
  89. my problem here is INQUIRY and WITHDRAW.. what should i do? cn u pls help me?
  90. FIle:Data structure
  91. What are the differences between the following if loops???
  92. Create n copies of each element in martix, means for a[i][j] need to create n copies
  93. Barcode reader,i don't know how to put code to just recognize 2 bar codes
  94. Creating wrapper on c/c++ code to access it as assembly in c# code
  95. Linked List
  96. make: *** No rule to make target `CORMAN/mobileEXOR.o', needed by `ns'. Stop.
  97. Assignment to std::complex number real and imag separately
  98. how to print a coloured output in borland c++ version 4.5
  99. timer stop after a interval of millisecond in c
  100. Differentiate between Objects and Classes
  101. Simple Linked List
  102. Convert a file's name into a string - C Program
  103. How to convert single char to long in c
  104. printing of array of strings is printing null instead of printing the result
  105. C Program - Gets/Prints IP Address
  106. what should i do?
  107. Socket Programming
  108. Add Resources to C Program
  109. how to define "b" in the following program... also want to solveother errors...
  110. Problem with garbage value in string
  111. what is the need that we use pure virtual insted virtual funcatio
  112. calculates radius of the cylindrical rod in inches
  113. How do I convert this pseudocode to C++?
  114. Compressing a raw file
  115. Deleting a middle node from a single linked list when pointer to the previous node is
  116. How can I print more strings (the strings may contain spaces) ?
  117. debug programsfor c and c++ language
  118. project based project devwlopment kit and some help in it?
  119. PlaySound message saying File format not recognized Please help me
  120. my question is window(,,,) in visual studio
  121. Why in exceptional handling program try is undefined symbol indicates?
  122. fatal error C1014: too many include files : depth = 1024
  123. I would like to know how to convert this C++ program to pseudo code
  124. Why won't this program output my full name? - scanf() function, Xcode
  125. nested comments in c/c++
  126. copy the content of a file into a structure array
  127. C++ Both class should inherit same base class. Add methods
  128. Loan Calculator Formula Help, C++ Code
  129. Problem with malloc and struct
  130. Iterate Vector of Strings Backwards
  131. How to delete a specific line in a text file using C program
  132. show all subset of a sub
  133. what print?void main() { int i=0; i=i-- --2; print("i=",i); }
  134. Puts And Cout
  135. Digital Clock using pic18f8680, counters, external clocks
  136. what is c nested loop clock funtion source code
  137. How can i combine these two codes?
  138. How to define a dynamic 2D array
  139. I am making a timer but i have an error blocking the way. Please help me
  140. casting
  141. There is a problem in my algorithm, where I am not being able to incorporate the clas
  142. How to open a file (text file) from a specific location using C?
  143. Having input from a user and making each word in the input on its own line. If it is
  144. about strings converting integer value to string
  145. C Program - Escape Key as an input string
  146. The timer is not stopping
  147. What is the meaning of "statement missing" in turbo c program
  148. Create text file with name as the current date using fopen()
  149. programming error for coding on hospital management in c++ programming for board exam
  150. 2-d array for printing both the digonal elements of a matrix...
  151. Help with my array/ search function
  152. coding of the back of the iostream.h
  153. [Error] expected primary-expression before 'xor' token
  154. Why do we require double and triple pointers?
  155. How to allocate a 2D array of size M*N using single pointer and double pointer?
  156. How many space is allocated by new int[z]?
  157. create a directory/folder using c in visual studio
  158. what is the output of this program
  159. Find the maximum of three numbers given by user?
  160. really need help on some coding
  161. I knew this meaning (int *p).But I want this meaning (int *)
  162. How to convert bytes to string in C programming
  163. code C++
  164. client\ server program with RTP and gstreamer API
  165. want to convert Video to Audio file
  166. Trying to create a triangle but with spaces leading the * (hope that makes sense)
  167. Programming C - searching for same words from text file
  168. Using expressions as arguments of printf function
  169. Iterate a 2D matrix in order to exchange columns and rows using pointers
  170. How to split process into each core for parallelisation
  171. reading hexadecimal bytes from a file
  172. the value of variable changes after the end of for loop
  173. Can i use flush method in C programming -visual studio . explain me with a syntax/
  174. getting problem in receiving data from serial port
  175. inserting elements of array into another one
  176. How to write class' objects to as a text file
  177. How to count the number of digits in a file?
  178. returning matrix
  179. i want user to enter the string and not stop taking string when press enter but stops
  180. the small program dosen't execute
  181. i am getting a problem it dose not give me the correct out put
  182. Make a structure for date containing two function
  183. How to modify the linker configuration file in visual studio ??
  184. what's wrong with this program?
  185. i am gettin an Error Identifier 'display' cannot have a type qualifier in function cu
  186. how do i turn on & off internet proxy with a button? Visual Studio Express 2013
  187. With which c++ we can find the average value of some numbers ?
  188. regarding file handling and conversion of data
  189. regarding file handling
  190. 48: Missing Statement and 86: Misplaced Else
  191. Stroustrup's text book solutions to chapter 12?
  192. write a program when we enter 30 char or program automaticlly terminate.
  193. Any one solve this program I am thankful to him and estimator
  194. c++ help sorting arrays
  195. How to find the top 10 highest and lowest numbers from a text file
  196. How do I open a file and store the contents of that file into a character array?
  197. For, do while& while loops in C Programming in Quincy
  198. Arrays
  199. What is wrong about the DrawEngine?
  200. vector as a Member Data of a Class
  201. Too many initializers in MikroC for PIC
  202. some help porograming c++ (word length on host machine) and (matrices)
  203. i want some help in c++ on how to organize an array?
  204. Problem With The Size Of Characters
  205. Delete a certain lines in txt file?
  206. programme array (scanf inside loop) problem
  207. convert 1st letter of each word to uppercase and then display only the last word and
  208. scanf () function used for character in gcc
  209. How to export c output to excel
  210. fatal error-unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header
  211. how can i debug an error saying illegal structure operation ??? plz help
  212. Program is not compiling
  213. Need help in this program.
  214. How can i save my word in character:
  215. problem with GNU C++ 4.8.1 with opensuse 13.1
  216. structures declaration and definition
  217. differnce b/w pure virtual and virtual.......
  218. about typecasting malloc (), is bad practice, why ?
  219. preprocess source to automatically set structure field
  220. Suggestions for C++ Programming Books
  221. knuth-morris-pratt algorithm
  222. Can u please tell what is the error in the program
  223. std::list<some class> question
  224. need to call managed code from unmanaged c++ code !
  225. Brute force string matching problem
  226. how to create multiple textboxes dynamically
  227. in c++ language how work a backspace number
  228. Having trouble editing a record from a list of students
  229. declaration terminated incorrectly
  230. Please, can I operate a char string to a function at C programming?
  231. help me on this C language problem
  232. expected identifier or ‘(’ before ‘{’ token
  233. reading from file
  234. Having trouble with printing and performing doubles (very basic)
  235. Explode in C. Problem with pointer to pointer and realloc
  236. Prefix and Postfix
  237. Help with function to print out a description of wht my program is about.
  238. pronunciation of some symbols used in c language
  239. How to get void insertnameoffunction() to match insertnameoffunction() in int main()
  240. C || reading hex values from file and printing them in decimal
  241. appending char to string in c
  242. how to make logic for problems??
  243. regarding increment and decrement operator
  244. answer of sum comes up short
  245. Retrieving a contain of an Array using pointer
  246. Expected ';' ',' or ')' before '{' token
  247. how to write a program for a0/n!+a1x/(n-1)!+a2x^2/(n-2)!....a^nx^n?
  248. Please help me to debug this thanks
  249. int & j- j
  250. 'endl' was not declared in this scope
  251. how results came ?
  252. why cannot run...mention there are fatal errors cannot open file "Debug
  253. How to get started on a assignment that performs fast string matching
  254. cant find error:expression syntax
  255. How can i learn Gaming With C++?
  256. Help me please .. i got this error "case bypasses initialization of a local variable"
  257. How to create a .txt file comparing the two rows from a file ?
  258. How to read specific column from a file ?
  259. How to write plugins for text editor?
  260. STL generate algorithm and functions
  261. storing values in arrays using the for loop
  262. gcc equivalent to icc's -debug inline_debug_info
  263. constructor starting ..Demo &operator=(double x) {.....}
  264. error 'for' loop initial declaration used outside c99 mode
  265. How to create a single instance of a child exe (COM Server Type exe)and use it throu
  266. i m a student oly.
  267. While I use switch case in parameterized constructor I get an warning..
  268. using recursion
  269. Perform actions from another program
  270. concrete discounts determined by the amount bought
  271. Problem with WHILE loop?
  272. Best way to read one bit at a time from a binary file?
  273. Epression syntax error for function
  274. Question about realloc/free - pointer to pointer
  275. im trying to write c code for imagedisplay,and at the basic stages i get struct of pr
  276. how to handle floating point error
  277. How using pointers to enter data.
  278. Reverse each word of a string ??
  279. How to get complete file path of a file currently opened in a notepad in another app
  280. bubble sort ascending help?
  281. My program has only one error and i dont know how to fix it! Help!
  282. how to find the sum of even factors
  283. How do i rectify the following errors in c++ because i am not able to look and rectif
  284. Read From file c++ SEquential files
  285. Calculate XOR of array of bytes
  286. atoi
  287. threading in classes instead of main
  288. How to Thread in a Class file Outside int main() C++?
  289. file management as used in object oriented programming
  290. Making new Class Instance and adding to linked list
  291. I have Warning and the result after debugging is rubbish values
  292. Decripting does not happen properly.
  293. Error C2512 with Template Linked List
  294. find repeated words in string and symbols between them
  295. Declaring an array using sizeof
  296. C Program for AES Encryption/decryption of text
  297. Link For Online Exams IN c/c++/java Pravin Mangalam
  298. why i got type mismatch in re redeclaration of function ComputeMeters ?
  299. please give me a solving for the problem in my code
  300. object oriented programing
  301. classes and function overloading
  302. I have four errora that I cant find nor can I fix so I kinda need help with this prog
  303. Difference between two dates
  304. Is there any built in formula for calculating the range of float &double in c?
  305. bug with adding numbers with unsigned long long var
  306. there are illogical results by using try and catch block
  307. quicksort with linked list and random pivot
  308. swapping of position of elements in a sequence
  309. can anyone rectify the errors in this prg.???
  310. I want to start Hardware programming in c/c++ . from where i can start please suggest
  311. how to take Address of a Member Function in C++
  312. What is the default type(int, float, char,....) of output of simple expression in "co
  313. how to access files of a computer through c programme codes
  314. What is problem in type declaration FLOAT?
  315. how to implement virtual memory in pintos
  316. an application to calculate the area and perimeter of geometric shapes.
  317. how to implement file system in pintos (i.e os)
  318. Attribute Packed
  319. difference between return 0 and retuen -1
  320. How to swap the nibbles whit dev++?
  321. making buttons visible again messes up the order of the buttons when they appear
  322. hardware controlling through c++
  323. How to ask a valid input in C
  324. explanation about x=x/10 in counting the number of digit in an int
  325. C++ Binary Multiplication Program
  326. a parse error at end of input in a C++ code while compilating
  327. Should I use packed structure to simulate memory?
  328. cli::interior_ptr<Type>' to 'cli::pin_ptr<Type>'
  329. Input 2 matrices ??
  330. why we write return 0 at the end of program
  331. RSA algorithm C program bug
  332. How do you print the right-left diagonal of a 2d array ??
  333. how compiler perform Padding in size of structure
  334. c code to open a binary/raw video file
  335. Write a function called count10 to read integers until a negative is read in and retu
  336. Find an angle & radius of the given point of a circle
  337. I keep getting syntax error that my coding is wrong...please help me ASAP!!!
  338. can any one plz help me 2 edit errors in this program.........
  339. type mismatch in redeclaration of rect
  340. to put element in two dimensional array
  341. Reading image
  342. how to get sum of float number in c ? like if i enter 12.56 then answer should be 14
  343. Have anybody else heard of Nokia DVLUP Program??
  344. Windows library Size
  345. employee payroll calculations program for a C++ class
  346. How to declare a bit string?
  347. class bag can you make implementing class bag in cartesian plane ?? i don't k
  348. code error with a recursivefunction
  349. conversion of language.
  350. Integer division in c++ as opposed to real division
  351. what does it mean by VOID DOESNT RETURN ANY VALUE in C?
  352. help with warning in c programming-confused(quick)
  353. turbo c++ full screen window
  354. Read encrypted file windows form application c++
  355. C++ Or Java For Programs With GUI ?
  356. convert string in to integer
  357. compiling problem with microsoft visual C++?
  358. Has gcc `-ftrapv' ever worked?
  359. undefined try symbol
  360. why can not use strcat() in below c code?
  361. conversion of time in seconds using structure
  362. Aligning Decimals Problem in C++
  363. Object represent a value and add/remove cart
  364. My c++ program is error free but it not running
  365. Are array are passed by value or reference
  366. how to convert pseudo code to C++ ?
  367. increment and decrement operator
  368. getting prime factorial of an integer
  369. reason for the output of this program
  370. Error C2084 function 'main' already has a body
  371. Why is an implicit int approach taken with no specifier only for global variables?
  372. Writing a program to print out the binary value of a 16 bit number
  373. recursive functions with arrays as parameters
  374. Visual Studio backslash problem
  375. Trying to get this program to take negative integers and display the average
  376. I don't know what doesn't work with my c++ equation's type of root test: It doesn't d
  377. I need help with this assignment,i typed up the code but i think i made a mistake or
  378. 1.#INF00 problem while trying to calculate pi
  379. "expected unqualified-id before '{' token " what am i doing wrong
  380. * sign in C
  381. Can we use eof() function in binary files??
  382. help to detect errors in this simple proggramme
  383. delete object "couse" return crash
  384. Accessing protected base class member over a protected base class static array in a d
  385. Word Finder Game in c++/ PROGRAMMING(GAME)
  386. comparing char arrayin c++ i want to compare these char arrays, i store a na
  387. how to store 50 digit number in c laguage?
  388. Exception handling
  389. C++ Reading in 16bit Audio File - data size not correct
  390. Error: failed setting key 'CLSID\{36E0D2B2-1D7F-4081-B124-221DC7693579}' to value 'Si
  391. is extern int i - a declaration or defination?
  392. Virtual Magic
  393. Writting data into a NorFlash Device
  394. Returns the positive integer that you get when you reverse the digitsof parameter n
  395. How to add animation to a program or code?
  396. error while saving c:\tc\bin\tcdef.dpr
  397. what is an array of pointers to pointers?
  398. *HELP!!* Lottery prog.. numbers matching are repeating.
  399. char a[5]="abcde"; printf("%s%s",a,&a); print same o/p why?
  400. exception handling program in c++
  401. I need help getting a vector to print out 12 items per line
  402. Access variable using extern in a paricular file
  403. function pointer like atexit which we have no need to declare and define the function
  404. pointer
  405. Passing CComSafeArray<double> x, through a reference using x.GetSafeArrayPtr(). Destr
  406. how can we add two matrices in the example given below?
  407. how can we make resize function for Matrix2 Class in c++ ?
  408. Why we not go for private and protected Inheritance in c++ ?
  409. prefix and postfix operators in C
  410. can user declare the size of array?
  411. not able to initialize structure variable inside main whose structure is defined gl
  412. How to give validation for a character string in c++?
  413. how to get the last line 10 char in a text file if the last line is null?
  414. interfacing printer by coding in c
  415. Concatenate the sqlcmd, send it to the system() function in C++
  416. get reference to a text object with the name of object
  417. c program for alternate records
  418. COM port local loopback
  419. Unicode Characters Size
  420. Microsoft hard drive reformate
  421. Initializing constructor in CPropertyPage
  422. Debug ndebug _debug
  423. Adding a line that will output some information to a text file in a C program
  424. Problem Copying String into Another String
  425. Template Return Type
  426. How to use a text files as a sql fields to edit,delete and modify records using c++
  427. is this possible to make a class without any data member ?
  428. How to create Function to Delete record of Binary File in C++
  429. when we use pointers in predefined string functions why is gives runntime error.the c
  430. Summing two Parallel Arrays to display the sum of both arrays
  431. Error, Insufficient contextual Information to determine type
  432. gdb core generated after C++ Application gets terminated
  433. Clueless to this C++ programming and need all the help i can get!!!!
  434. I keep getting this error warning: unknown escape sequence '\H' for this line strAu
  435. remove vowels from user input string
  436. Call another Exe file in C code in Turboc++ IDE
  437. Reversing a string/ char array in C
  438. Display the given number with commas.
  439. Please help me regarding to my assignment
  440. what is the meaning of this "~"symbol in c++?
  441. output of following program explain
  442. Сhange background color after pressing a key (C graphics)
  443. How to selectively choose only numbers greater that 1000 in the array to be used
  444. service error code 1053
  445. How to add OpenGl in C++
  446. how to solve iiegeal structure opearion error in binary opeartor overloading?
  447. Difference between int and double???
  448. how to create a service and run in service control panel
  449. run packet capture program bye winpcap in dev c++
  450. why c++ not allowed mutlipication and division operation with pointer aritmetic?
  451. Difference between putch() & putchar()
  452. MFC - problem with RichEdit and ES_NOHIDESEL
  453. How to get Computer C certificate
  454. It should count the Files and Directories in root folder with every folder infomatio
  455. unable to open include file sdkddkver.h,excpt.h
  456. is it possible to obtain data from WMI using c++
  457. Catching base class Exception as Reference.
  458. updating Path variable using c++ programme
  459. Please Find out the logical error
  460. printing through c++. want to use printer to print through c++.
  461. to get time and write it to a file in c
  462. image processing- Converting a coloured image into a black and white image)
  463. Boost.Python linker errors
  464. Whats wrong
  465. Program inputs .txt file, reads from it, calculates values, and prints to output .txt
  466. spoj question BISHOPS. getting wrong answer. heres my code
  467. on Lvalue based program in c++ for beginers
  468. error before numeric constant location
  469. question regarding the declaration of clrscr()
  470. Vc++ - mfc
  471. mystified by compiler error
  472. C++ Error (NEED HELP!)
  473. Finding the smallest of two double values
  474. how to draw a rectangle inside a circle using c program?
  475. what does c=sizeof (233L) mean?
  476. How to fopen a large file in linux using c++ coding?
  477. Multiple "int Main()" errors(NEED HELP!)
  478. A more efficient loop structure?
  479. ERROR: Function 'intigraph' should have a prototype.
  480. linking error: unable to open file sample.exe
  481. Read from a .txt file, calculate and output to a txt file
  482. Undeclared identifier and must point to class/struct/union?
  483. Fingerprint sensor Not image fill in Picturebox control
  484. invalid type argument of `unary *'
  485. error: invalid type argument of unary ‘*’ (have ‘int’)
  486. how to printf the results on screen without using printf?
  487. mudflap and/or valgrind explanation?
  488. typedef
  489. UDP bind to define which source port to use
  490. How to protect my application such a way that no one could make it portable?
  491. what data type is the result of a caculation on an int and a double?
  492. how to connect oracle with C/C++
  493. postfix prefix of c++.... i am unable to solve the problem... please kindly help me t
  494. need help in structure assigning value from struct member to outside the structure
  495. sharing balance
  496. running fabonacci in c programming.. someone please help me...
  497. can we declare like this how many times the loop executes while(flag)
  498. what will be the output b=3; a=b++;
  499. Dating service program in c++ using text file, and linked lists
  500. static assertion about inheritance
  501. Sdl surface not rotating properly
  502. what is the return type of printf()
  503. undefined reference to ' header::header() '
  504. template friend classes
  505. How to learn C++ programming?
  506. What are some credible sites to get an C++ certification?
  507. what is the difference between a compiler error & a warning
  508. Game Lobby Program
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