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  1. Multicast UDP in VS6 C or C++
  2. Student Name Class
  3. I have a small doubt on fprintf and fwrite.
  4. I just confused about Register storage class.
  5. UDP Client socket in Visual Studio c++ ver6.0
  6. How can I write a stucture record into a text file using fwrite..
  7. finding arc length of a curve
  8. To calculate number of years for an investment to double
  9. run again c program
  10. creating nd calling function
  11. sum of square of multiples of 3
  12. How does the compiler calculates the address of the last element in the below array?
  13. Compiler asks me to put a semi-colon after for loop ending brace
  14. hex string conversion to integer
  15. why do we need to empty input buffer
  16. Tax Rate Array
  17. need easy way to print a report using C++ printing API for ubuntu or any Linux platfo
  18. How does an int gets type promoted to a char ?
  19. hello guys i am new in coding, i want to learn c++ so i started a simple and my first
  20. game program "snake.c" line 528 error
  21. how to develop a animation
  22. Zero matrix in C
  23. GDI+ DrawImage leaks memory but I don't know why
  24. I am trying to write a string to a file, but the file contains random codes instead.
  25. how to recover the tclass.lib error can solv..... please tell me
  26. how to convert #define from c to java ??
  27. error: expected identifier or ‘(’ before ‘{’ token {
  28. Can someone explain the mistake in this code
  29. Data File Handling question related to putting of pointer
  30. using pthread_exit
  31. Find highest and lowest value in a multidimensional array in C?
  32. i need to increment my variable in fastly.
  33. Can someone explain the misbehaviour of this code
  34. Accessing variables of C++ in Tk
  35. size of o/p screen and use of clrscr function
  36. Can someone explain the misbehaviour of this code
  37. Why are we not allowed to return the address of the local variable from a function ?
  38. while reading a text file which contains repetitive 0,1 and 2 using fgetc ....
  39. Can someone tell the value of "pthread_exit(NULL);" in main
  40. What would be the output, if the user entered integer value 3 for number1 and integer
  41. What value will be printed by the statement 'cout << val'
  42. Can someone explain why output is printing only 4 times
  43. Need help converting a hexidecimal to integer
  44. Add Control over recursive function
  45. Work on a remote C++ project with Eclipse via SSH and SVN+SSH (2 remote Linux)
  46. Run time error
  47. Covert int array to char array in C.
  48. How can write statement of clear screan?
  49. Why does the below code not produce any output ?
  50. doubt on these special charcharcter in c++ where we use them and how we use them.
  51. char * and char *& what is the diffrence.
  52. why is the below code produce compile time error rather than run time error ?
  53. Printing datatypes problem
  54. build fail
  55. Connect C with Oracle db
  56. execution time of c++ code in code composer
  57. Why can't I assign a character from getchar() into character array?
  58. Syntax errors
  59. MASKING of 16 bits into 14 bits to perfom multiplication with it
  60. fstream,ifstream,ofstream
  61. text converet into srt(subtitle) format
  62. How does a pointer declared with const keyword considered as a pointer to a constant
  63. How does a global variable declared as extern differ from a global variable declared
  64. during compilation of a program its showing error that "recipe for target 'mainn.o' f
  65. why is typedef considered as a storage class ?
  66. How to make function XYZ able to call ANY arbitrary function ABC?
  67. what is the representation of a signed number in unsigned form ?
  68. How to take only Int Input and show error message when another type of input is given
  69. what is the error in this multiple inheritance cpp program?
  70. code a function that receives an array with duplicates and returns a new array keepin
  71. How to build a predictive parser in c?
  72. Pointers to characters, which one is correct
  73. How to generate the tokens from a C file and identify the type of token ?
  74. Memory allocation in
  75. linker error: unable to open TCLASSS.LIB/abc.exe file
  76. how to take IPV6 input in c++ need help
  77. what is the prototype?
  78. Why is the size of empty constant 1 byte ?
  79. why is there a warning in this code while we perform addition of NULL to an int ?
  80. For loops(financial Application) in C++
  81. What is the difference between %x and %p format specifier ?
  82. Where does the uninitialized pointer point ?
  83. Creating 26 A's followed by another 26 B's up to 26 Z's
  84. Difference between #pragma pack() and #pragma pack(n)
  85. Need help with Grade calculator code.
  86. when i writes my program when once i started it & puts value, it closed very fast
  87. array
  88. Large Files & Binary
  89. Visual Studio C++ System C - Error C2370 Redifinition; different storage class
  90. ambiguates old declaration
  91. Purpose of using a void cast char* as a statement
  92. Wrong answer by multiplying float and integer
  93. square matrix, assigning number to diagonals and top row
  94. what is the value of int c if int c= --2
  95. FunctionElement.cpp|13|error: 'argument' was not declared in this scope|
  96. Embedding PDF document in MFC application
  97. what will be the output of following program? please explain.
  98. Why do i have error expected '}' before 'else'?
  99. Read the data from Serial port......
  100. setiosflag under the flow of the program
  101. How to setiosflag ios::app/ios::out
  102. Pass by value/ result/ value-result/ address/ name problem
  103. Read from file to linked list c++
  104. Why value of second variable is irrelevant after adding space or new line ?
  105. It gives me error in the initialization of array along with lot more errors.I tried a
  106. read from the file into a 2d array
  107. Why zero at the beginning of int variable gives error?
  108. sort linked list alphabetikally
  109. function for even and odd
  110. can we program a hardware with c++ ?
  111. Value return by a method does not change???
  112. Get input without using the enter key
  113. If Statement Missing Missing error is coming
  114. How to get the address of 1st node in <list>
  115. Error: invalid operands of types `double' and `double' to binary `operator%'
  116. syntax error before '<' token . idont know why but i cant run it
  117. How to pass the address of private data through main() function?
  118. Can STL be used in user defined class ???
  119. I am trying to rotate Device 90 Degrees from landscape to portrait with live preview
  120. 3 function aside from main in factorial function
  121. see
  122. Error] cannot convert 'float**' to 'float*' for argument '1' to 'void fill(float*, in
  123. how to capture sequence no. and time stamp of RTP/UDP packets
  124. Linker error undefined function Plzzz solve it
  125. difference between null and zero!
  126. Trouble with college assignment [Level 6/Beginner]
  127. wanna ask about string and converting it into float
  128. i was 2asked to develop a project to make mathematical opertaion on matrix but i was
  129. How to assign a textbox control in cpp?
  130. how do i overcome Stack Exception processor fault in ths program........?
  131. Related to string to binary conversion
  132. linear search
  133. How to make a copy of a Class that is passed by a pointer.
  134. how to lock a folder using c++ which no one can access without password
  135. how is line 2 & 3 getting the second and first bit?
  136. Can someone find the error "floating point exception" in this program
  137. error by using map.find() - no correct function found
  138. The main advantage of using a static member is to declare the global data which shoul
  139. Unexplained syntax error in variable definition
  140. error in location
  141. oop by robert lafore, exercise 10, chap 7... help?
  142. Errors occuring after checking all syntax errors
  143. 421:1: error: expected unqualified-id before '{' token Error c
  144. error c2679, error c3847, error c2601, error c1075
  145. 3 bit data type in C/C++
  146. can running kali in virualbox effect the output of addresses and their pointers?
  147. Menu_Control_Uno.ino:249:2: error: expected unqualified-id before 'if' Error compilin
  148. Too many arguments in function call
  149. Segmentation error, running kali Virualbox
  150. How do I send a ppm to a function in another file
  151. class does not name a type error
  152. i cannot find bug in this c code
  153. Compatibility of a program written on XP
  154. Low Byte into High Byte. Bits conversion.
  155. Sieve of Eratosthenes Help
  156. Difference between *variable and variable*
  157. read binary file and save in text file
  158. How do I make a program so that the user inputs the amount of strings he wants to ent
  159. How to use 'press any key to continue' in c - visual studio
  160. Connection to ODBC usinf Borland C++
  161. How to merge c++ code into Visual C++ studio project?
  162. how does the following code work {(L%2!=0)?(cout<<ARR[L])<<
  163. increment operators question int a=5; cout<<++a<<++a;
  164. find number of 1's in an array for error detection
  165. Trying to install MSI package silently using quiet flag - still dialog popup
  166. What is mean error?
  167. Time in c program
  168. illegal structure operation
  169. How to run a c++ program using namespace
  170. Double comparison for range is not working correctly
  171. While loop application, if they continue iterating continuously?
  172. pointers
  173. I am getting an error by the bool function 'expected unqualified - id before '{' toke
  174. Divide code on parts in C
  175. What/Where are the visual C++ graphics commnads?
  176. Is adding two integer and store the result in long int possible?
  177. String is getting printed even after the size of array is exceeded
  178. Expected declaration specifier in for loop
  179. can anyone find the logical error in my program
  180. Trying to guess the value while having an exception
  181. Adding Base-n's through strings (between base-2 and base-36)
  182. Why can't we use variables inside a case in switch construct?
  183. why does the switch construct does'nt allows negative values to be used inside a case
  184. Win 32 AppendMenu SteamFriends problem
  185. total of students by using two array ??
  186. Friends pls Help me to Solve this prototype ErrorHow to face this PROTYPE ERROR
  187. I need some guidance -- where do I go from here?
  188. How do I create a payroll system using arrays?
  189. How does the comma acts here as an operator or as a separator?
  190. can you help me fixing problems i have with the sintaxis im really having a hard time
  191. have to parse the text file containing I>;AT=20&AUT=OR&AWH=0.00&CW=2044.0&ED=02202015
  192. this error"too many arguments to function"
  193. atoi does not work converting my cstring vector into ints.... why?
  194. fatal-cpp 1967: out of memory
  195. Random rock paper scissors game... errors in code...please help
  196. Palindrome identifierrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  197. How to transfer images from client and server using TCP/IP sockets.
  198. I can't get the Largest and Smallest numbers using functions in C++.
  199. can anyone find why is this program to solve postfix expression giving runtime error
  200. How do i fix a "expected unqualifed-id" error?
  201. i have V C++ and i want to install on windows xp
  202. can anyone find why is this program to solve postfix expression giving runtime error
  203. ERROR.......non-lvalue in increment
  204. How to find outputs from a block of code??????????
  205. can anyone tell why my program for solving postfix expression is not working
  206. how to access the element in an array in structure
  207. What is the cause of declaration syntax error?
  208. Declaration syntax error handling
  209. Need help with error thrown by compiler
  210. A program that accepts the information and calculated CGPA
  211. const std::string SOME_STRING =
  212. can anyone findout the error in this program
  213. can you please give differences between default and constant arguments
  214. what is the difference between these two programs
  215. Simple input-output, keeps returning $0.00000
  216. initialization of 'fin' is skipped by 'case' label
  217. Some error occurred in program of Single Linked List
  218. How to create a txt file, read, write in c++ open for more information
  219. Find the average of 2o students by using a file and array & use 1 dimensional array
  220. Where to apply C/C++?
  221. Typecasting of a unsigned value to signed integer
  222. #INF00 error Dev- c++ I'm messing around with some C code using floats and I'm getti
  223. c0265 undeclared identifier in msvsc 2012 ultimate
  224. Write C++ program that calculate students CGPA and store in to file name
  225. function 'system' shuld have prototype.
  226. How to build and compile apache Thrift on Solaris
  227. Inheritance (Need Help to solve this question)
  228. my do while loop never repeat... plese help!!
  229. expected `;' before '{' token and expected `}' at end of input
  230. Operator overloading in c++
  231. jsp connectivity
  232. sorting linked list alphabitecally
  233. Binary Operator Overloading using member function in C++
  234. I want to overload operator with friend function using constructors.
  235. My code is work but the answer didn't appear.
  236. open file in run time in c . that was we can open file using file functions in static
  237. Where to learn pointer and dynamic memory allocation??
  238. Quiz Program based on Data File Handling
  239. %d\n need help to understand what this is
  240. Understanding operator << overloading
  241. I want to let user to add and delete as many TextBoxes as he wants. How to do this? I
  242. Making a date format input, what's wrong with my code
  243. count the number of occurences of a string in another string
  244. Unused variable warning while using a pointer
  245. Steam API problems...
  246. Adding and Deleting
  247. Advice for a Beginner at Programming & C++
  248. trie of struct in c by using stricmp or an nother fuction
  249. how can i make a pattern move in c++ ?
  250. How can we create .msi file by calling Windows Installer APIs from C++
  251. Visual Studio 2012 lib can work with VS2008 app on Win8
  252. Read bytes from a data file
  253. Vector Sum and Median Trouble
  254. How to use MPI for parallel processing
  255. Shapes Menu
  256. Dividing two integers will return an integer value, what's wrong
  257. Expected Expression with strcmp
  258. How to use this for killing array of threads?
  259. Return value
  260. writing to file
  261. how to use fscanf
  262. Address of an integer variable
  263. How do you use a string copy?
  264. Implement Multi Threading in C & kill the remaining Threads when you come out of any
  265. Program is running but it won't stop compiling. What am i doing wrong ?
  266. how to initialize multiple loops
  267. Checking if a key is pressed using the gcc compiler in windows
  268. atof, strtof and strtod return incorrect values
  269. midpoint rule
  270. key++ problem generating keys ..!
  271. I keep getting an error with my solution because I cant use strtof in visual studio d
  272. compare 2 strings in structure using function it is giving error: expected ‘;’, ‘,’ o
  273. cant run the program because of error
  274. cascading in c programming that is the increment operators
  275. Getting segmentation fault while initialising nested structure variable
  276. how clear screen in c++ without clrscr();
  277. I'm having trouble with getting the correct tip
  278. Size of empty structure
  279. How to count in Preprocessor C
  280. Problems implementing an equation in C
  281. I'm trying to make a very simple hangman program work.
  282. from a string remove all characters of a given alphabet
  283. I want to find maximum element from a tree (not a binary tree ) ????
  284. How to compare strings ignoring case
  285. What really pointer is? Should i first learn assembly language before C?
  286. Too many declarations error and function should return a value error
  287. Getting problem while executing strlen() in C++
  288. C++ how to execute for loop and generate a random number??
  289. Beginner In C++ help!
  290. how can i disable the button add, edit and delete
  291. I need to know what a symbol means in a batch program
  292. find if a string contains a quoted string
  293. Highest and Lowest scores of a series of test taken, if the test could be taken as ma
  294. Error invalid operands of types 'void' and 'int'...
  295. Compiling with One Header File.
  296. find out the C Scientific notation of numbers - 1300, 123.45, 0.00426.
  297. how i repeat enter number of rows agin after output
  298. I need how to create a folder in mfc
  299. How to count how many times the largest number appear
  300. A strange problem with Visual Studio (error C1075 and C2601)
  301. Editing a .dll file that has some kind of timer
  302. How to get decimal division with 2 variables
  303. Taking a string as an input and making it as a whole array (string literal)
  304. I want to do something the user enters the letter Q
  305. Disease Prediction using Decisional Trees
  306. Statement Missing ; . Compound Statement Missing }
  307. How to find smallest and largest number?
  308. GCC not finding stdio.h library
  309. computer supplies point of sale
  310. navigate down in submenu
  311. starting new program with clear screen
  312. Sum function of a for loop for a dice generator
  313. I dont see what im missing to find out who is first in the class
  314. ++i is faster (or) i++ is faster in a for loop???
  315. How can I fix this custom dice roll program to work correctly?
  316. to genarate random matrix where the elements of the matrix should be generated random
  317. Why my matrix array will stop working when I compile it??.
  318. Large Factorials in C++
  319. Problem with class example
  320. How can I declare an array with an undefined size in C?
  321. how to pad a characters in RSA cryptography technique
  322. value assignment to a structure member inside the structure
  323. Can log4cplus be used for perl as well?
  324. C++ missing terminating character and int main function error
  325. A program that converts Mexican Peso and USD.(C++
  326. Investment program C++ interest rate declines
  327. Dev C++ Compiling error missing seperator
  329. Return File Contents as String
  330. Program to compute Length of string Enterd by user in C++ By Class
  331. Print out a table showing the total balances at the end of each year for various inte
  332. simple
  333. C++ int main error while compiling and two different errors.
  334. How can I swap the first and last letters of the input stream in this program?
  335. Operator overloading problem
  336. convertion of negative integers to string without using atoi function
  337. C++ What is the use of a implict default constructor provided by the comiler ?
  338. Working on a dice Game in C++
  339. Meaning of c++ line in ns2 program
  340. How to create or establish connection between C and VB?
  341. Why the size of empty class is 1 byte?
  342. Beep is produced when an item in ListView is selected. How to disable? Please help
  343. what is the value of a,b,c,d after increment operation?
  344. how do i remove the constant expression required in this program?
  345. Need help c++ reference.
  346. array variable not working, x[0] is getting over written with value of xx[1]
  347. facing problem with ref key word in Managed C++ using In WCF(MSE 5.0)?
  348. I have tray icon, select icon popup 3 choices, when I select one, other two grayout
  349. Help with Loop until "X" please
  350. how to solve infix expression
  351. Lvalue Required For Function Main
  352. how to skip the value in printf in c
  353. difference between char *key and (char*)&key
  354. Making a Quiz with 3 Choices in Turbo C
  355. ARM Assembler Directives...?
  356. TableRow and TableCell class are working in web form but not working in window form
  357. using namespace std not support in c++
  358. Matrix Multiplication without using arrays
  359. How to run time initialize array of structures
  360. Getting error name Function should have prototype
  361. Function call did not function.
  362. how to solve too many arguments in function call ?
  363. unable to delete a node in double linked list
  364. how i write a 0`s or 1`s to binary file in bits not in bytes how can i do that
  365. c pgm to find number of digits in a number
  366. getting statement not reached at z=s;
  367. what are actually the header files like, for example stdio.h .what are pre processors
  368. No output for own implementation of strcpy in c
  369. expected expression before ‘{’ token
  370. external variables are not working...
  371. Define math operators as variable in C
  372. Calling main menu is displaying sub menu
  373. a program to demonstrate how objects represent a counter variable
  374. Trying to draw sin graph in c++
  375. how to find the average of thee groups of values?
  376. Problem creating a menu
  377. CASH REGISTER. How?
  378. task is to find out whether the given string is a super ascii string or not.
  379. Understanding structures and pointers..?
  380. C: Progam not working
  381. Matlab's polyval and polyder in C++
  382. How to find Highest and Lowest with 3 inputs in different control statements
  383. Enum Types
  384. What is the difference between call by value and call by reference in c++ ????
  385. Why we cant insert two concecative charcter in c?
  386. statement missing.. please help
  387. How to estimate the sizeof(ptr) and izeof(*ptr)
  388. problem in getting host ip using gethostbyname() and hstent structure
  389. scope of preprocessor definition
  390. Web Service Web Methods not accessible from a WSDL file
  391. about make a program to find max and min
  392. write the programe in c++ which find the maximum among four numbers
  393. Getting various errors and warnings.
  394. Confusion regarding C++ namespace .
  395. check the rational or irrational numbers after we take the square root
  396. Error in Qt
  397. Convert bytes data from const void *data to double
  398. C programming - enum switch case with TCHAR
  399. Why Does it Write Only Once to File And Never Again
  400. C - Segmentation Fault with passing pointer into another function.
  401. 1) identifier 'getcount' cannot have a type qualifier 2) at the end of program, it di
  402. Software dll update checker?
  403. most repeating element in command line arguments
  404. Revisiting how to implement __property in ansi c++
  405. required file in my project
  406. reading barcode card scanners output
  407. i want to ask about NULL
  408. Identifier Length/limit in C++....??
  409. Struggling with DES implementation in C
  410. Return from incompatible pointer type
  411. Help with storing IPv6 in character array
  412. program to add/ remove entry in host is not working
  413. Convert String to integer ( hh/mm/ss )
  414. Time out during capturing image in v4l2 driver
  415. block unblock a site not working
  416. moving starics
  417. applied control systems and C language
  418. not able to understand the problem in execution of a basic program
  419. ld: entry point (start) undefined
  420. empty structure in C
  421. Use libusb functions in Dev-C++
  422. Not getting the program to read out lowest number?
  423. how printf(100) works in C
  424. pointer array
  425. building a heap. problems with the void insert function
  426. Trying to get void getscore() to read from a file Please help!
  427. C pointers with char array
  428. not to read the data from buffer line by line
  429. plzzz explain me this stuff?
  430. Embedded c program for to ON led after 2 sec OFF led in atmel at89s52 8051?
  431. c++ com interop use c# dll memory leak
  432. eeprom stores in int to char convert
  433. class arrow has no member named print
  434. Need help (inorder-preorder-postorder)
  435. value of ++a+++a when a=8,how comuter calculate this?
  436. error C2360: initialization of 'c' is skipped by 'case' label ?
  437. i want to be expert in c language... can anyone tell me...books required for me to ta
  438. error message:cannot convert 'unsigned long' to 'char far*' . Please suggest how to h
  439. program skipping lines
  440. Implement settings?
  441. How to resolve this warning : 33 16 C:\Users\prcm\Documents\mutex.cpp [Error] 'sleep'
  442. How to debug stack smashing detected here
  443. undeclared (first use this function) problem
  444. how we can create .txt file in embedded c
  445. Whats wrong in this short script
  446. incompatible types when assigning to type ‘double’ from type ‘void *’
  447. About learning c language, source of info etc.
  448. 1.#inf00
  449. 1.#IND00 error in equasion solver
  450. pointers to 3dimensional array?
  451. Is there any inbuilt function in C similar to TRT ( test and translation function) in
  452. what is case sensitive define clearly?
  453. i am having an error with int main() and also with my code reading the case's properl
  454. Alphabetical Order
  455. include (Text) files from directory (1 by 1) automatically and print what in it.
  456. Stack Fault in Turbo c++. Well this program should show the maximum value from each c
  457. word searching program (but it is not searching for some words).
  458. nested for loop
  459. cannot convert float to float assignment.. Someone can help??
  460. How is output 0?
  461. C++ ftp upload error
  462. i did not run this program.then i want to know where are eror this code.
  463. how to remove and replace some char in a file(in c++)?
  464. how to remove the linker error in cpp programs with a class
  465. Ftp error c++ (Using external .h file)
  466. Counting Button Presses: I am trying to program an ATtiny13A to count the number of b
  467. Hash map implementation problem
  468. Need help with controller Dll files (combining code ect.)
  469. File handling programs problems
  470. HOw to take data input from message box in Visual stuio?
  471. What will happen when typecasting 8 bit pointer to 16 bit pointer?
  472. Difference between parameter and argument
  473. HOW to work with exception handling, i have error UNDEFINED SYMBOL TRY IN C++
  474. text file compression
  475. is it better to know c++ in detail or java
  476. what is the purpose of the ArgumentList class i.e what facilities does it provide i
  477. How to do GMT coding for visual c++?
  478. tables initiated with pointers issues !
  479. How can calculate pixel size of an image?
  480. How to initialize an array of pointers to an array of characters?
  481. int i=00100 error in TC++ for C programing Language
  482. Doubt in the output
  483. error in command prompt
  484. Program to calculate 1/3^1 + .... + 1/3^n
  485. I am interested in learning Turbo C++, Please someone help me.
  486. How to check if a .exe file runs in c++
  487. Collatz Conjecture
  488. Trying to understand some random excerpts of coding. I believe is C++
  489. Too many types in declaration in a basic structure program
  490. GPS with C++?
  491. A Question about C++11 relaxed atomics
  492. Got a C++ programming competition at university. Need a list of programs to practice.
  493. invalid indirection
  494. if statement missing )
  495. C++ operator overloading problem
  496. Help me understand a particular floating point error.
  497. BMI Calculator problem
  498. How to make a ."something" command in c++
  499. Origine of things !!
  500. Open-source C application with process-based parallelism, shared-memory IPC
  501. Concepts: Searching and Sorting
  502. how to count contiguous and common zeros in various arrays
  503. I have a task that is that the user enters a string and the deside if it is aligned r
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