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  1. A 2D array wrapped in a structure
  2. Return a 2D array using pointers
  3. Why there is no distinction between signed and unsigned float types?
  4. Calling Webservice from C
  5. 2D arrays in pointer fashion issues
  6. error: expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or ‘__attribute__’ before '{' token
  7. Storing words in 2D array from text file
  8. read bits from unsigned int
  9. HELP ME! - Colored graph problem
  10. conditional statements
  11. Simple question about classes...
  12. how to write a "long" value to a text file?
  13. trying to run subroutine from a different file
  14. i dont know what wrong with program..please help me
  15. How can access variable from different class?
  16. How to take input from user and create class object??
  17. i wanted to know do the variables of a structure get atumotatic initialization in C
  18. how to display two timer?
  19. Program to find factorial of 100
  20. que on Pointer to a class instance which is stored in a global variable
  21. Can you use seekp without ios::binary?
  22. If something evaluates at 0 in c++ does it make it true or false?
  23. why can't I create an output directory?
  24. measuring RMS Current, RMS Volatge, Power factor - any sample prog in C?
  25. Undefined reference to "sq"
  26. return type for overload operator []
  27. Can we replace a CByteArray object with vector?
  28. how to avoid a value is override for other value in a loop in c++.
  29. disable resizing the column width of a clistctrl (report view)
  30. I'm trying to use a do...while within a do...while in my program...
  31. How do you combine vb and c code
  32. callgrind output
  33. c ++ primer ex 4.34
  34. error "identifier not found" for MIN & MAX .beginner with a advanced program
  35. Counting rows and colums in a flat file
  36. how to get a 32 bit cpu to recognize massive numbers
  37. const int still not enough for case statement?
  38. creating dll for mdi project in vc++ 6
  39. need help setting up a loop?
  40. Requiring & operator for one member of struct, but not for another.
  41. Gtk+ gdk_window_xwindow
  42. best method to convert list of string to vector<int>?
  43. number of elemnts in an array
  44. segmentation fault in using vectors as members of class
  45. inheritance or friendship?
  46. Cygwin sockets: getaddrinfo undeclared
  47. how do i make an if statement repeat itself in c?
  48. how can i access activex control in MFC?
  49. how can i study more about this program?can i get one project for study about this an
  50. how to create wrapper class for selectfile class activex control in MFC?
  51. how to combine this? help plz..
  52. when to use recursion and is it better than a function c?
  53. combining two overloads operators
  54. overload operator problem
  55. Help in template
  56. Vending Machine Simulation Successfully Executed, but Logic Errors?
  57. vector<int> to list of str
  58. Playing with Multimap
  59. microsoft foundation class functions
  60. What is the default type & size of a numeric constant in C?
  61. int main error
  62. GetPrivateProfileSection
  63. Create shell namespace extensions for windows
  64. can comment about this and help to check the error. its related to my previous post.
  65. Enter two strings and pass as const char* and char*
  66. decimal places (float/boolean)
  67. Having trouble with pointers
  68. comparing two objects of the same class
  69. What is the reason for this strange floating point result
  70. How to get the http header?
  71. can someone tell what is this question want actually?
  72. need help with constructor
  73. Using sizeof with global structure
  74. Structures
  75. Mapping the data
  76. Cannot call member function without object
  77. float/double
  78. difference between declaration and definition
  79. can anyone help me with this? im really lost..
  80. Having trouble with this source code
  81. about backlog queue
  82. expected `;' before '{' token and expected `}' at end of input
  83. designing proxy in C
  84. Rice grains on a chessboard
  85. Does a compiled C application have the complete standard library?
  86. Using namespace across multiple files
  87. Library
  88. how to use arrays
  89. Macro expansion in Visual Studio
  90. multiplication of long integers
  91. socket and pthread
  92. Can I concatenate a char[] and int?
  93. problem in struct string
  94. SIGSEGV on delete[] problem, recursive function calls
  95. Scope error
  96. TO print sum of series of numbers
  97. skp6.c: In function ‘initList’: skp6.c:48: error: expected expression before ‘)’ toke
  98. Equation 0.05 - 0.04 = 0.01 is not correct?! Help!!!
  99. problem: string in struct
  100. missing initializer?
  101. Using Regex3 on windows
  102. c,c++ help
  103. An allocated double array question
  104. config file
  105. video edit in c++
  106. C++ String encryption /Decryption
  107. Dec C ++ Program will not run
  108. Calculator Question
  109. string in C: confusion
  110. How to verify a preprocessor macros defined with no value
  111. How do I get started in making a guessing game?
  112. definitions of compiler, standard library, standard template library, etc. (c++)
  113. What is warning "C4090"?
  114. Multithreading
  115. i need to use linked lists in my next assignment but am finding it hard declaring one
  116. custom logger allowing streams and logging to file or screen or both
  117. Programming an equation
  118. can i enter main() within a class in c++?
  119. Rounding form a float to an int in C++
  120. how to read notepad text file data using C++ programm?
  121. how to specify architecture information to gcc
  122. system hash code
  123. simple recursive function: display the first n even numbers
  124. Suppose this might be a noob question:
  125. Hacking protection. How to do that?!
  126. Using __pool_alloc or some other allocator?
  127. cout & cin problem
  128. problem to solve this expression
  129. Compile errors in a MIDL generated _i.c file
  130. Fibonacci's Problem 4.
  131. For loops
  132. bubbleSort
  133. How to convert std:string into basic string
  134. Can we use variable length in printf program
  135. Boolean in C
  136. Is there any limit on the number of conditions to be added in an if stmt
  137. C: swap function (linked list)
  138. Letter question
  139. Stringifying a vector
  140. Help me please { function }
  141. how oracle database connectivity done using c lang.
  142. Which are Best available tool for project development in C programming language
  143. Can we Have ODBC in C Project? How? What are libararies, header files,api's requird?
  144. what is the capapcity fo mmap?
  145. How to use map in shared memory
  146. Beep sound
  147. sorting link list
  148. C programming incorrect encrypting while loop
  149. macro
  150. string
  151. a question I can't find is how do I make a windows form from scratch in C ?
  152. How to send audio data to speaker
  153. Detect if character is number and add delay time
  154. fgets function problem
  155. cout manipulation
  156. Visual Studio Express on 64bit OS
  157. Systray icons
  158. Converting a char to an int
  159. Animation using pure C/Win32
  160. Basic Errors
  161. Passing strings to and from functions
  162. Visual studio debug - set a condition on a particular variable
  163. C create linked list
  164. C programming if statements
  165. Address allignment
  166. subtration of bytes using array of bytes
  167. STL's key_comp()
  168. To Write a Program in C to find the eigen values of a matrix using QR method
  169. create a menu bar with help of functionpointers in c++
  170. oops
  171. linked list
  172. Meaning of desktop application
  173. How to compute given expression using given program ?
  174. What is the use of third argument in bind system call
  175. hello everyone...addition of bytes which s declared as array in private of class
  176. cyclic dependency in template instantiation
  177. Declaration Syntax Error on line 155?
  178. Why are global variables considered bad?
  179. malloc & pointers.
  180. a program of matrix multiplication using pointers in C++
  181. unable to write a object in a file
  182. private virtual
  183. Division (C language)
  184. does C++ standard class string's data function dynamically allocates space?
  185. what is the difference between a reinterpret_cast and static_cast ?
  186. Local Vs Global variabls
  187. How can i communication with USB in C?
  188. for loop is terminated by semicolon... why????
  189. wht function terminated by semicolon??
  190. streams again
  191. size of the data types.
  192. the question is about file streams.
  193. Is it possible to handle a C# COM DLL's events in a VC++ 6 Application?
  194. How to call function from c++ file from one project to another (Visual Studio 2005)
  195. Adding student marks to a Linked List
  196. Data structures
  197. data base connectivity
  198. Anybody have experience/opinions about <iohw.>?
  199. Having a large array
  200. how to return a value true if a given char is a vowel and false if not?
  201. C - How do you assign more than one char to a single case (switch function)
  202. How to expose API from executable?
  203. using define label in a string
  204. IP address of host...
  205. Linked lists and arrays
  206. compilations
  207. Help Me Get Up and Running With DLL
  208. How to change an unsigned char array to bit map file in 'C' langauge
  209. freeing memory allocated for char* using malloc
  210. call of nonfunction
  211. c program
  212. Pointer to Member Function
  213. String Concatenation Programe in C/C++
  214. Active Directory Authentication from computer NOT on domain
  215. How to differentiate local copy and global copy of a variable with the same name
  216. difference between buffered and unbuffered stream?
  217. Defining a 1-D array of 2-D Arrays in C
  218. What is UDP1 protocol?
  219. Should i learn Objective C or C++?
  220. Problem with string and 'operator+'
  221. Going through a node and it's children
  222. sub matrix
  223. C++ classes using each other
  224. What is synchronous and asynchronous function?
  225. Why does this code snippet not work in C ?
  226. input and output
  227. [STL] using foreach in member function
  228. INI file reading in C
  229. switch case syntax
  230. scan variable from user .
  231. binary search
  232. loop for finding possible odd divisors
  233. Pointer help
  234. define size of array.
  235. MPI + Parallelization of Image Processing + First Class Functions
  236. working code stops working
  237. how to save 2 shorts and a bunch of unsigneds in a char* array?
  238. what is the use of standard exception classes??
  239. How to create a Graph with linked-list representation ??
  240. To reperent a number into minimum number of digits
  241. How can I force a derived class to override a base class member variable?
  242. incompatible types in assignment?
  243. what is the difference between unbuffered and buffered stream??
  244. External Static
  245. Where do I get it?
  246. Print number as a sum of sequential numbers
  247. the new c standard
  248. sum calculate
  249. Advanced Allocation/Deallocation in Memory
  250. What is the use of a void* pointer?
  251. a question of iterator
  252. fibonacci sequence
  253. error in c++ progm
  254. I am learning c++ from c++ Primer( Fourth edition). I am writing a program on page
  255. [ANSI C] strtoq implementation for C89...
  256. null char in c
  257. Regd Exchange Server 2007 programming
  258. Can't Find Unresolved External Symbol LNK2019
  259. Pointer Swap local vs. global func, whats the difference?
  260. modifing .dll file
  261. c++ clinet and php server
  262. Flushing the standard output
  263. how can i delete any of my post from this website??
  264. What is Reentrant function?
  265. can some 1 help me plz???
  266. Array starts at 1 and not 0
  267. greedy colouring of vertices using Welsh Powell algorithm
  268. can i create a basic data type of my own choice??
  269. replace a character
  270. Hide text in a List Control
  271. Data structure
  272. i want a c code for northwest corner method from computational mathematics
  273. Allocating memory to a pointer to an array in another function
  274. Cannot get string input to work
  275. To access the bytes of floating point number
  276. about visual studio editing
  277. Shared memory for communicating between two programs
  278. newb: ways to display an array of pixel information
  279. writing 10 gives 10 and 13
  280. a question of pointer
  281. split char*
  282. Why the prgram crashes when somebody tries to add two pointers?
  283. iterate over tuple
  284. How to remove chars from a string pointer
  285. what is the difference between sprintf and snprintf?
  286. Error in opening serial port in Visual Studio 2005
  287. Math equation
  288. Windows application to the browser
  289. "Best" compiler for windows
  290. Linker error in Hello World program
  291. Stupid Linker error LNK2019
  292. Splitting large datas into smaller pieces
  293. which increment is usefull
  294. What is CrtIsValidHeapPointer(pUserData)
  295. Is C++ is really faster than C# in terms of processing?
  296. malloc inside while loop
  297. Problem with own class
  298. CString will not go to cout
  299. where is qwidget.h?
  300. usage of system() function
  301. invalid use of nonstatic member
  302. ineed help...
  303. Must elements of a std::vector be contiguous?
  304. How good is your C?
  305. difference between if-then-else and conditional operator?
  306. Problem with standard in copy/ostream_iterator
  307. Displaying Bitmap Images
  308. How to wakeup/interrupt sleep()
  309. How to Compile Aix C++ Codes in Window platform?
  310. Able to write integer to char without cast.
  311. beginners question on unary_function<>
  312. Is C++ Suitable for Avionics? (DO-178B Level A)
  313. Sqlite3 and C++
  314. execute php from c++
  315. a problem of iterator
  316. using RFC2616
  317. error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol
  318. How to detect mouse click in C?
  319. segmentation fault help needed..please.
  320. Need some assistance
  321. A little help with this code!
  322. segmentation fault with fgets
  323. difference between?
  324. Usage: server port?
  325. How to implement cyclic redundency check in C?
  326. C++ progrrame to find the greates integer...
  327. Dinamic Array Allocation problems
  328. Best way to exit a C++ Class Constructor
  329. BEGINNER c++ programmer help please
  330. how much memory does this consume...
  331. question on c++ code
  332. Visual Studio 9 intellisense and .pcp extension source files
  333. Gnutls & libgcrypt - Debian VS Redhat ?
  334. C XML Parser
  335. Is it Possible about embedded tcp stack???
  336. SEGFAULT when declaring input file with ifstream
  337. Read unknown number of strings from a file
  338. 5 erroer in level by level func
  339. Constants Help in C!
  340. pass argument, concatenate string
  341. Confused about this question!!
  342. Storing 15 million items in an array
  343. storing index map in memory
  344. Help with this problem in C language!
  345. performance, boost mmap files, fstream
  346. Help on NCC (Source code analyzer)
  347. Returning an object that contains a pointer to data
  348. How to know the know calling function name by C programme
  349. C learning resource
  350. Linking
  351. Data structure for storing serial port data in firmware
  352. overloading operator
  353. i have problem with this thread...
  354. Looking for a macro equivalent to strlen()
  355. Win32: Detect actual physical memory when /maxmem is present
  356. nee help with linked list to delete duplicates
  357. how to create .msi package with serial number validation?
  358. Question about #ifndef fileName_h???
  359. error while installing
  360. problem with creating .exe file with multiple cpp files
  361. running a c++ program to invoke hyperterminal
  362. Linux Wireless Network Testbed
  363. input and output file (txt file)
  364. in c++ how to compute the value of Pn by this formula
  365. Efficient program ?
  366. How to search the text from indexed file using clucene
  367. Converting grayscale - RGB to other colours
  368. Open file using fopen
  369. Getting Winsock.h instead of Winsock2.h MSVC++ Problem # 2
  370. Error C2040: ... differs in levels of indirection from ... MSVC++ Problem # 1
  371. Getting a float random number in a given range
  372. qt with vc++
  373. coppy image to the cursor variable
  374. Anyone Familiar With Delphi?
  375. display 3D space
  376. Quick Quetion: GetCursorPos()
  377. HEX to DEC
  378. Thread class: need help!
  379. Writing to a file.
  380. "was not declarded in this scope"
  381. Floor and ceil function
  382. R, G, B channels from RGB
  383. Good guides for C++ threads?
  384. two dimimension array...
  385. problem with setupcomm
  386. havin an error, need help
  387. Implementing a forwarding web cache
  388. Sinlge linked List -> Delete Using One Pointer
  389. Max and Minimum value in arrays
  390. Problem with libodbc++
  391. Threading and Sockets
  392. mysql_real_escape_string wrapper problem!
  393. Bit fields in structure vs MACROS - any difference?
  394. Changing the size of an array passed to a function problem!
  395. Speed help
  396. Troubles on linking C++ with Fortran at VS 2005
  397. Given there are N people, .....
  398. Print all combinations of a number N, as a sum of positive integers?
  399. 8051 Code migration
  400. for loop issue
  401. Another file copy problem
  402. C++ : Do not allow letters in a float validation?
  403. Question about user interaction with Curses
  404. Null cipher question
  405. for loop issue
  406. sorting linked list in alphabetical order HELP!
  407. try catch
  408. what is the wrong with this function?
  409. Creating an iterator for a vector of POINT objects.
  410. error: non-lvalue in assignment
  411. Pointer issue on IA-32 and IA-64
  412. List files in directory
  413. linking GSL with C++
  414. Flash a random number
  415. Pre-processor query
  416. What's wrong with my Do While Condition?
  417. Forward declaration in C++ not working
  418. Need help for the pointer datatype
  419. How to initialize a static class variable
  420. looking for a pre-built function to compute the num of elements in an array
  421. Help with a loop that's suppose to remove all non-digits
  422. String Question
  423. What's wrong with my if loop??
  424. read() help
  425. Chinese/Japanese Characters from ofstream
  426. Char***
  427. capture Mouse Movement on Linux screen
  428. C beautifier
  429. Passing a 2-dimensional array as an argument
  430. How to pass a pointer from a function to an other??
  431. Playing with array's structures HELP
  432. [C++, ASM] Calling member functions of unknown type
  433. C++ converting string to a float
  434. length of double???
  435. How to sort array and eliminate duplicate array?
  436. Reading Data from a CSV file
  437. cout not working with macro?
  438. Query reg file handeling..
  439. Query regarding optimization of my code
  440. MFC application
  441. Array size
  442. Why the control is not going into the loop?
  443. How to create directory in C++
  444. file indexing in windows and unix
  445. String itteration
  446. array of array of strings in C
  447. Query about strings and pointers
  448. Problem analysis
  449. Palindrome string using stack and queue C++
  450. need to understand
  451. parser c++
  452. compare content of file text with letters in array
  453. c++ class about strings
  454. Question on ofstream
  455. error C2679
  456. Can reading (not writing) a bad pointer cause the program to crash later ?
  457. bitwise operations.
  458. C++ client upload to PHP server
  459. What is Gvq?
  460. Difference between null and zero
  461. msvc v7.1 to v9 performance issues
  462. class and arry
  463. Vector deletion
  464. Undeclared Identifier, Only found solutions, not reasons
  465. socket programming in C + multiple socket, same port num
  466. OSP (Operating Systems Programming)
  467. Search and replace char in same text file
  468. Cyclic dependency in throw declaration
  469. Trouble using .NET dll in Borland C++ Builder 4
  470. Printing Formal Parameters
  471. QT and LGPL 2.1
  472. Construct followed by setter
  473. How to create a file of fixed size
  474. Convert String to Char*
  475. Synchronous events? (c++/cli)
  476. General Protection Exception error
  477. comparing character arrays
  478. Using C to call other programs
  479. Array question
  480. Memory question
  481. deriving from std::exception and overiding what() to construct dynamic messages.
  482. name of the calling function
  483. serial programming plz explain
  484. how pass an __int64 to unsigned char [16]
  485. incomplete type error
  486. Memory Map in C++
  487. Sorting map with value
  488. Array access errors
  489. adding data to TFileView
  490. memcopying to a variable
  491. Having problem with this program
  492. reading txt file into class and inputting into a vector
  493. Array subscription
  494. Problem in Singly Linked List in C
  495. can this be done with fuction pointers
  496. vc++ 6.0 extern values in global.c/global.h file gets corrupted after use
  497. any body has expereince with Numerical recpies in C++
  498. How to check that a type double is not being used in the code.
  499. Capturing MS Word Document Open event from addin toolbar
  500. end of file help
  501. Getting substring on given position
  502. help with files and delimiters
  503. How to convert a file into fixed length binary file.
  504. Finding smallest and largest string
  505. string to pointer
  506. Sequence points while evaluating function arguments, Unspecified or Undefined behavio
  507. prefix to an integer
  508. assigning 64-bit hex values to unsigned long variables
  509. Ragged array
  510. [Help]Random Walk
  511. Void pointer
  512. How to capture window close [x] event in C++
  513. Cannot open the file in binary mode
  514. const problem
  515. No taskbar button with qt
  516. Checking dependencies
  517. switch statement problem
  518. opportunity for assembly language...
  519. Reading a file randomly to find the value in given range
  520. Connecting to database(flatfile) on unix server
  521. template of template error
  522. DLL export array reference to C#
  523. How to set unlimited size of array of characters??
  524. return array mismatch
  525. I can't install Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0(Help!!!)
  526. File Handling Questions(Turbo C)
  527. Segmentation fault
  528. Detecting keypress and select()
  529. How to index the flat file like mysql
  530. how to print report vending machine using c++
  531. static const map
  532. Stack access
  533. Stringstream skipping first line
  534. Reading Hexadecimal
  535. query
  536. Searching in B Tree
  537. Hexadecimal to Binary
  538. Help how to convert videos
  539. having trouble with select()
  540. Indexing of file in C++
  541. TRUE/FALSE values: Point / Counterpoint
  542. Ternary operator
  543. Difference between compiler
  544. getline for string will not work
  545. Iterating through a 2d vector of type string
  546. IUP Library
  547. inputing a formula with powers and trig functions?
  548. How to convert Hexadecimal number to decimal number
  549. trouble with fork() and exec()
  550. Check string for blank spaces