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  1. how to convert a bmp image to a binary file?
  2. how to print a multiple characters?
  3. What is the Header file for sleep in Keil Operating system?
  4. Function that can swap elements in a singly linked list
  5. to get the output of c in a text file?
  6. '=' function as left operand Errors?
  7. Program arguments
  8. Calculating code size for shared libs
  9. problem with a function!
  10. Operator Overloading
  11. templated class problem
  12. Return a double variable
  13. Passing C++ const char* (String from JAVA) to C#
  14. Read integer numbers from a file and return the arithmetic mean
  15. Allowing 1 input only
  16. how to increment i value wit a interval of 10 ?
  17. what is wrong with my copy function?
  18. What is the address of Heap created by HeapCreate() function?
  19. Using pthreads in VS .NET 2003
  20. GDB source code need to compile for PowerPC
  21. read text file into formatted struct array
  22. C/C++ Matrix/Vector Calculation
  23. Multidimensional sparse arrays using linked lists
  24. root - polynomial
  25. Filling a string with characters '#' and space to create bar-graph
  26. How do you write to a file one line at a time?
  27. using of POSIX threads
  28. template inheritance
  29. how to add+multiply matrices
  30. question related past question on how to use not equal to for two numbers
  31. i need a c program code with the answer for it
  32. need a code for this problem.......
  33. Error with threads opening files
  34. How do I say not equal to more than one number?
  35. How to validate IPv4 & IPv6 in C?
  36. Write a C++ program to roll 3 dice, show the values of these dice, and show the total
  37. How do I write the code for the championship sort of a set of numbers?
  38. Header Errors
  39. Reading integers from a file into classes.
  40. hi all, I dont have any clue how to accomplish this. Pls provide ne clues ...Thanks..
  41. parsing a 2d character array
  42. another "does not match void* (*)(void*)" error
  43. Quadratic equation solver
  44. what is wrong with line 27 and 31?
  45. Diff b/w C and C++
  46. matrix multiplication and addition
  47. using math opertion
  48. ".....exe stopped woking"!!
  49. please let me know as soon as possible
  50. I have posted the question below...i have understood logic but not the code...
  51. help , im doing a program and cannot get it to work. The reg does not follow on .
  52. Share Data between C & C++ Function
  53. Random int 1-255 to character in C
  54. Loop problem
  55. syntax error before { line 29 and syntax error before } line 45? gcc mac.
  56. Privileges for registry editting
  57. How to extract RGB as unsigned char * from unsigned char * of 24 bit BMP Color images
  58. Issue Sending byte from C to java
  59. help with function that calls another function
  60. How do you input size into a Class Function?
  61. when it reaches end-of-file (stop=1) segmentation fault
  62. how the height of any tree can be calculated
  63. mat[i][j] = *(*(mat + i) + j) here mat is a pointer to an array of r elements an
  64. sockets question about multiple IPs on one computer
  65. How to find the source code of functions?
  66. When I try to compile I get : "too few arguments for format" - ln 22 whats missing?
  67. c++: getchar() doesn't work on conditional control statement
  68. My first quistion
  69. Exceptions in Release mode
  70. overriding virtual function, can the return type be either a pointer or a reference?
  71. How to connect oracle with C programming?
  72. How do I get user input into a string array then display the data entered?
  73. int arr[10]; //in file1.c extern int *arr; //in file2.c main() { arr[0]=1; } //
  74. what r the application of templat function and templat class
  75. how to declare the member functions in fuzzy set using c++
  76. Read live stock quoted from a website using qt4 c++?
  77. What are <Bad Ptr> in visual C++?
  78. Automatic variables + stack
  79. declaration syntax error
  80. error detection
  81. how to use a native C++ dll in an ATL dll
  82. error: expected unqualified-id before '.' token??
  83. Comments on my code?
  84. How to sort structure arrays
  85. How do I go about writing positive, neg, zero, and even or odd???
  86. Prime Number Generator.
  87. Error while writing integer calculator
  88. How to display data in a bst in tree format using C++?
  89. Using custom classes
  90. Not getting requierd output in C
  91. realoc failed
  92. Multithreading in C++
  93. How to decompile exe into source code.
  94. int main(void) { func(); func(6); return 0; } int func(
  95. Problem when terminating application.
  96. f=++i||(k++)&&1; how are such expressions evaluated??
  97. assignment operator and copy constructor
  98. sorting the arry of pointer to string
  99. how to make easy graphic with gcc in my Ubuntu 9.10
  100. puzzle on c statement
  101. Attempted to read or write protected memory while importing function from c++ dll
  102. write a program using one dimensional array to display the even and odd numbers out
  103. expected unqualified-id at end of input
  104. Trying to do Simple Multiplication
  105. const char* and char* concatenation
  106. Loop to run the program again?
  107. need help with a C++ code for class?
  108. regarding the buffer
  109. Passing Structures from C++ to a VB .NET DLL
  110. I'm having trouble with my code compiling, "error: return type defaults to 'int'"
  111. Marshaling a C++ two-dimensional fixed length char array as a structure member
  112. linker error: unresolved external __fastcall
  113. Marshaling a C++ two-dimensional fixed length char array as a structure member
  114. What is the recommended directory structure for tests?
  115. process time
  116. I am reading data from a text file into a structure?
  117. How do you get a 15x15 matrix using an ifstream
  118. Looking for iptables rule to enable FTP and e-mail and disable after some time
  119. been working on this prog need help getting results to show up correct when compiled
  120. c/c++ sparse matrix library
  121. is there any probiem if we do malloc and free inside infinite while loop..?
  122. HOw to bulid Hans Boehm Garbage Collector using Visual C++?
  123. Passing arrays to a function
  124. error: expected identifier or ( before { token ??
  125. How to print the keys in VC++ like sendkeys.send() i
  126. Error compilation
  127. STL vector
  128. passing a string as file name to a ifstream
  129. Help with sine taylor series
  130. running minicom to access serial port usinh putty to Linux machine from windows
  131. returning dynamic array from function
  132. Running a C++ Program during the execution of a C Program
  133. finding a number even or odd without using if,else or arithmetic operator
  134. private constructor
  135. reading a file multiple times
  136. c code is dumping
  137. Design issue
  138. : undefined reference to `pow'
  139. Access Violation
  140. programing error in writing own manipulator.
  141. Beginner Socket Programming Error
  142. Runtime error ?what is this ?why it appears after installing games
  143. Linker error
  144. How can an object ask to be deleted?
  145. looking for c function for this
  146. Change order of how input is collected
  147. factorial
  148. How to add sockets in select() while waiting?
  149. W8004 'Object' is assigned a value that is never used
  150. connect script failed
  151. 2D Vector in C++
  152. strcpy and strncpy
  153. Application Cleanup during Linux Shutdown
  154. make a c++ program for loops ..
  155. How sort and do a list after giving struct?
  156. segmentation error
  157. Trouble seeing output with visual studio
  158. Assigning data member while object initialization
  159. Array of Linked Lists
  160. malloc struct
  161. Exception order
  162. software for barcode system
  163. CImg: What is meant by a "pixel value"?
  164. Problem with Visual Studio 2008 and release configuration (struct and vector)
  165. c++ and assembly: undefined reference to
  166. splitting 'unsigned long long int'(uint64_t) to 8 bytes(int8_t).
  167. how to save event logs (in table) across reboots
  168. Memory leaks detection in C++
  169. Do i need to modify 'c' source to make it compitable with c++ application ?
  170. Windows I/O Filter Driver
  171. print derived class object contents
  172. Load image in CMYK format to DIB
  173. calling derived class objects simultaneously
  174. Hi I was wondering if you could help me with the following errors.
  175. runtime entity & load time entity?
  176. heap object question, and RAII advice request
  177. I want to learn C++ GUI programming. I have been looking at Qt .
  178. handling reference member variable in assignmnet operator
  179. to define node class ,each whose object contain an integer data number n next pointer
  180. Code Required C++
  181. How to make an iterator for my Matrix class
  182. passing dynamic 2-dimensional array to function
  183. how to show time in dev-c in graphic program(c)
  184. How to speed up this problem by MPI
  185. How do I convert string type to int?
  186. 32 bit allignment
  187. how many no of tcp connections can be made at a time
  188. Scripts with extension .lua for database update/restore - what language it is?
  189. doubt about ./a.out
  190. write a program which can calculate the date after 1 year when some date is entered.
  191. difftime() returning incorrect value
  192. How to get pixel color while in windows logon screen mode
  193. Forward declaration usage/problem
  194. How to change BMP file to JPEG/JPG file using VC++/C++
  195. GetModuleHandle function stack overflow and memory leaks in VC++
  196. setbuf does not seem to work.
  197. Any debugging commands for USB card reader?
  198. benchmarking linux and C++ program
  199. Undefined behaviour
  200. How to install tclsh in gentoo environment
  201. calling function in print
  202. Why my loop does't work?
  203. Know The percent of file is open in other program.
  204. Scope of an identifier defined within a function, declared static?
  205. how to start a C# program from a C program ???
  206. unwanted value in file reading
  207. 4-byte char from hex to float
  208. How to read the content of zipped file without unzipping in C++
  209. Unable to link math library in GCC compiler - Ubuntu
  210. Makefile gets overwritten with opensource package
  211. gdb list command - doesnot show source - where I should copy source ?
  212. Solve the following.Using C/C++
  213. Editable input
  214. How to read unicode (utf-8) / binary file line by line
  215. Compilin GDB source under gentoo - gets command not
  216. Converting from char[] to tstring
  217. php dll with C/C++
  218. my list error!!
  219. How To Add Noise to an image loaded in a matrix
  220. Looking for memory leak detection tools for C Prog - I know valgrind, other tools?
  221. C++ brushing-up..., class forward declarations Q?
  222. awk related questin
  223. How to set timeout in CreateProcess in vc++
  224. what is the difference between array, arraylist & vector?
  225. Why scanf asks for one more entry/value?
  226. Whats wrong with this program?
  227. compiler design
  228. executing Linux commands from shell - do I need to append /dev/null?
  229. printf dont print anything
  230. wap to print all the pythagoren triplet ranging between 100 to 500.
  231. explain pointer arithimetics?
  232. Programming MS Visual C++, David J. Kruglinski - missing files needed
  233. stack trace points to uninit data in below routine
  234. How to get ShellExecute () in vc++/c++
  235. fatal error C1004: unexpected end-of-file found
  236. Doc++ using TWO include directories.
  237. Any idea why "SQL error: database is locked" why this comesup?
  238. Reading from a binary file
  239. Can someone help me with this
  240. Replicate in C++, in Unix, this command: ps -A | grep argv[1] | wc -l
  241. getting invalid atoi value for the below program
  242. executable permission changes to 444 during ftp transfer - any reason?
  243. valgrind error - "failed to start tool 'memcheck' for platform x86-linux" no such fil
  244. what can be the o/p of following code?
  245. Undeclared identifiers after program tidy-up?
  246. How to pick system date using pure C
  247. Delete operator overloading with multiple arguments.
  248. How to use Hans Boehm Garbage Collector, on windows?
  249. code for matrix
  250. Anybody using valgrind memory leak detection tool?
  251. Memory leak with pcsc-lite for smart card app - how to debug on embedded board?
  252. i have a byte array question
  253. i cant find where to put/move the bracket, and getting a error because of it.
  254. i need some help with these errors that i am getting on my program.....
  255. How to [share/ transfer] an array [char/int] between C & C++ programs !!
  256. question about using ctime
  257. installed vsftpd on SUSE, allows only anonymous login - I can't transfer files at all
  258. I got executable - how I will know what are obj files it buit from ?
  259. I copied "ldd" script onto LINUX target - not getting any outout for this command
  260. C++ MultiThreading
  261. Accessing the global variable inside a function when we have a variable of same name
  262. Why doesn't destructor work?
  263. Getting compilation error
  264. Multibyte Character to WideChar
  265. GridView in Visual C/C++
  266. How many levels of nesting must be supported by a computer ?
  267. How to change Left Click to Double Click?
  268. function that accepts 2 parameters an unsigened char and a pointer to character
  269. max integer array size with 512mb ram
  270. VCL, TIdTCPClient Assertion Failure
  271. Difference between CObList and CList
  272. calculation of 32 bit CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Code)in C
  273. Function Pointers
  274. can we send mail with attachment using c program in windows ?
  275. Functions and Member functions
  276. how to massure cpu time to evalute sorting algorithems
  277. Macros Vs typedef
  278. Including header file
  279. How to rename all symbols of an entire library make it other library
  280. Size of null
  281. How to learn c++ open gl is there any free tutorail online please provide
  282. Exact difference
  283. Parametrized ADO Stored Procedure from C++
  284. macro?
  285. Working with non byte aligned data values in memory
  286. Memory handling
  287. how to convert a binary array with hex values into decimal string
  288. my c++ is not producing outputs in any of my progs
  289. Delete Folder + Files
  290. How to use Assert micros in c++ error handling ?
  291. base class's para. const. not called from the virtual derived
  292. Reads input endlessly
  293. Advice needed: splitting a project into modules
  294. using web e-mail can I sign and encrypt (openssl)?
  295. Pointer and integer expressions
  296. Why?
  297. c++
  298. c++ program
  299. how do i get OS name and other system info using VC++
  300. I would like to get the item index of a string located in a comboBox.
  301. What is difference between c++ and c#
  302. How to write kernel in c++ ..
  303. fgets is executed before any other code is run
  304. what is the main function of class in c++?when we have to use class ?
  305. 1 K or 1 G Array
  306. How does one become a C operator?
  307. Passing char from C to C# using dll
  308. after learning c , c++ , vc++ what can we do ?
  309. Error from a matrix class
  310. Making a Queue
  311. How to call C++ like constructor in C
  312. How to control parallel port with c++ programming
  313. How to make a clipboard to be pasted with "top and bottom" wrapping?
  314. what is swaping ?????
  315. Inforrmation member funtion in C
  316. what is the use of \0 in array
  317. Doubt in program
  318. how to write a code for a virus is detected and deleted in a system??
  319. How to do pick random math operations in a C program?
  320. How to display elapsed time in seconds (C program)?
  321. For loop direction (newbie)
  322. error c2065
  323. Look-up tables: finding index of a value below a given number
  324. Camera Systems
  325. Return type is an incomplete type
  326. Looking for full DVDvideo tutoring series on C++. Somewhat basic to advanced windows.
  327. images loading with pure C
  328. Sum of subsquares
  329. Traverse matrix in clock-wise manner
  330. Sparse Matrix Addition.
  331. Occurrence of letters in String
  332. Occurrence of letters in String
  333. I cross compiled code for PPC - when I run on target - I get "GLIBC_2.4 not found
  334. How do I make a C sharp application?
  335. swapping........!!
  336. Replace but delegate to global operator new and delete
  337. socket() returns -1
  338. search for string from string array without using strcmp
  339. Multiple destructors called in relation of vector<> structure
  340. vector<>::clear() problem with const data member
  341. Random number in output of my C++ file
  342. How do I create a folder in C?
  343. writing a simple server in c for windows
  344. WM_CHAR issue
  345. Is XML is closely work with C programming?
  346. Downloaded PowerPC cross compiler tool chain for LINUX, trying to compile - error
  347. Saving and retrieving output screen
  348. help me!!!!!!!
  349. Socket problem - state looks CLOSE_WAIT and queue count goesup
  350. Is there a function that returns the number of bits used to represent an integer?
  351. what does !!a means in C programming
  352. First word not being processed correctly.......not urgent.
  353. Visual Studio stdcall and disassembly.
  354. How can I make this program work? Problem with arrays
  355. LPCWSTR error i have in my C code
  356. Bus Error(core dumped)
  357. build script return throws an error when build fails
  358. help I have an exm tommorow
  359. Does target .net Framework matter for DLLs?
  360. audio record!! in c/cpp
  361. Retrieving string out of token and put in array
  362. doubt in virtual funtion
  363. need some correction in implementing TrimLeft(wchar_t*)
  364. Looking any kind of PowerPC compiler tool chains?
  365. Errors in code for Miracle C Compiler
  366. Date int64 in C++/VB
  367. dijkstras algorithm
  368. Looking for cross compiler tool chain for Freescale Power PC, where can I find?
  369. I have many build scripts to compile, can I use single variable to pass CFLAGS info
  370. Generic stack problem
  371. Take screenshot of full-screen applications in C++a
  372. STL error message in g++
  373. dlopen success, dlsym returns undefined symbol
  374. Structure and relationship of memory and point
  375. How can I open text file to the screen
  376. Segmentation fault
  377. Any way to determine which object void * point?
  378. merge two memory (char*) buffers to one
  379. Does anyone have some sample code for the sentinel hardware key?
  380. Mobile apllications in Visual studio
  381. C++ Data Types from Templates
  382. How this peice of code will execute?
  383. Need help in pointer
  384. pointer to an array
  385. How to write std::list into a file?
  386. Error while trying to make library in code blocks
  387. is this funtion possible? i am to cancel an element to an array...
  388. static and dynamic linking a dll
  389. multiple instances of executable using static library instead shared library
  390. Maximum optimization and fine-tuning flags for C code to get bext benchmarking number
  391. C compilers and IDE
  392. how to add null at the end of wstring?
  393. Bit masking in C???
  394. can anyone suggest me a good topic for database structure and algorithm design
  395. array
  396. want to see some example code on bit masking?
  397. implementation of boyer-moore and quick search algorithm
  398. Ranking
  399. increments
  400. Question about arrays and pointers, please help
  401. How to create a library?
  402. how come i can't view my reservations?? here's my code....
  403. some doubts on undefined behaviour
  404. is that safe: V.push_back( V[0] );
  405. Exchange 1st & last letter in string
  406. 0 errors but no output.. any advice??
  407. CAB file creation in visual studio 2005
  408. does anyone know what this means?
  409. Finding length of Dynamic Array in C/C++
  410. Arrays in C#
  411. Convert to .h file - damn urgent
  412. Templates conditional type
  413. error: expected expression before 'int'
  414. externl linkage
  415. Identifying threads in VS .NET 2003
  416. My function is not compiling....I need advice (Thanks);
  417. Error while reading text file using VisualStudio. (duplicate lines)
  418. why am i getting a segmentation fault in my output?
  419. Creating a Template
  420. The Problem is on my 'int main( )' what do you suggest???
  421. DLL's, Borland & alot of Frustrations
  422. where can i post my program where i can ask privately... i need proffesional help pls
  423. Implementing CString with std::string and std::wstring
  424. Any way to print out template typename value?
  425. VC6 and VC2008 Socket Compatibility
  426. comma operator
  427. GDIplus :: Resizing an Image
  428. sorting a structure...?
  429. unhandled exception and Forms
  430. pthread_mutex_unlock() returns 1
  431. malloc array of structs + a little more
  432. returning a string array from function on stack?
  433. Project in C
  434. Size of primitive types platform vs language
  435. How does srand() use time to generate random numbers?
  436. accept/epoll problem
  437. image processing using c
  438. Problem with classes and structures in classes and overload operator [][]
  439. Vector Iterators, Erase Loops and Frustration
  440. terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range'
  441. vectors and inherited classes
  442. Convert an int to a char then concat it to a string.
  443. after stripping all debugging symbols in static lib, final link fails
  444. Destroy all variables of a thread
  445. simulation problem
  446. A question regarding the portability in "alligned memory allocation" post...
  447. Usefulness of multiple levels of indirection.
  448. Does an object in C++ of std::string type terminates with null character?
  449. adjacency lists
  450. Doubt regarding extern usage
  451. Can a function call itself?
  452. Trying to create a Directory using system call - not working
  453. Windows command _mkdir, can I replace with system("mkdir") in Linux
  454. LNK ERROR:Using 'dlopen' in statically linked apps requires at runtime the shared lib
  455. I need your help...
  456. why 'x' is taking always 1.
  457. how to choose a random string of character in c++
  458. undefined reference to "operator new" and "operator delete"
  459. error "syntax error before numeric constant"
  460. Changing a pointer type to my defined type
  461. About creating a font using a path in the facename.
  462. Struct + dynamic memory allocation + free ()
  463. how can i abort a running process using c language
  464. About Arrays
  465. math.h problems
  466. Recolo(u)ring a typedef
  467. How do I have access to private variables in classes?
  468. hi guys i got question and i need help
  469. Windows SetTimer equivalent routine for Linux?
  470. converting exe to elf file format...
  471. how can I create a header file ?
  472. How do I fix this?
  473. std::istream& operator >> (std::istream& is, String& s)
  474. sending microcontroller data to matlab
  475. Does anyone knows how to read a data from the other file?
  476. Hi i want to declare a datatype of size 3 bytes
  477. why do we need references ?
  478. Why is there a need of reinterpret_cast ?
  479. I have this function that should count how many characters are letters in the English
  480. how to read a txt file into an array
  481. ISO C++ forbids declaration of ` pthread_cond_destroy' with no type
  482. How can i see another Software Code
  483. About Pointers
  484. In what circumstances should I choose to use deque over list?
  485. What is an alternative to a goto statement?
  486. how to make shell in linux usssing c language?
  487. vc6 get process state
  488. Looking for a Makefile to create shared lib in Linux
  489. Runtime Error "glibc detected"
  490. Please help with this RunTime Error
  491. RunTime Error
  492. Error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol
  493. vc6 set process memory usage
  494. cannot find -lobjc
  495. use<unistd.h>OS-xp
  496. design a program to get a 24 bit integer datatype
  497. Runtime Memory Error
  498. code to convert from desimal to hexsa desimal
  499. Clarification in free
  500. Need help in writing to a file with delimeter
  501. Compiler say I cannot use newCDInventory as a function. Any suggestions??
  502. how to read off files?
  503. Rational Class help. Reduction funtion doesnt work. Linker error in Dev cpp.
  504. Instead of overloaded functions I have an overloaded brain!
  505. question in c
  506. regarding vectors of arrays in C++
  507. why some operators cannot be overloaded?
  508. recursion
  509. object accessing
  510. how to calculate the logical length of a file?
  511. Can I push on TCP stream socket?
  512. game of 21, person vs. computer. first closest to 21 without going over wins help fin
  513. how to implement the CFileFind class in c++
  514. vc6 modify process priority
  515. instance project
  516. vc6 get CPU, RAM
  517. Can anyone help me to do these 2 questions ?Thanks a lot for your help~
  518. Linker error for constructor and destructor of CList
  519. can we replace __int64 with something OS independent?
  520. How do I make my keyboard work?
  521. how can i set jump from a function to the main function??
  522. Templated friends syntax
  523. How do I get percentage output from a csh script?
  524. help regarding in c,c++
  525. nuber of occurence of each caractere using tree loops
  526. What is the use of class CTypedPtrArray?
  527. How to use std::fixed
  528. Problem with afxdb.h
  529. Question about including files and a generic header file.
  530. finding the error
  531. how can I write a given SENTENCE in triangle ?
  532. How do you write a function with integers used outside without using globals?
  533. How do I implement RetieveData?
  534. strings
  535. can anyone help me to invert c++ code to c code....
  536. How to Write Antivirus code
  537. where do they store??
  538. Server-Client with this with these functions
  539. struct losing it's value when in a global array
  540. Sorting help
  541. linked list template class doesn't compile
  542. using new/delete in a called function
  543. Array initialization to NULL gives Link error
  544. printf not working for float - how can I convert float on consloe just like integers?
  545. How to get started with C++
  546. Segmentation Fault using fprintf (really weird)
  547. const char *Str_Replace(const char *c, const char *sub, const char *s3)
  548. How do I grab the first Node?
  549. Code that is supposed to find perfect numbers
  550. want to write outstream operator <<, arguments are more than two different types...