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  1. I want to drop a tablespace, but it says tablespace is not empty. What am I missing?
  2. PostGreSql BDR replication issue
  3. pg_rewind failing to sync second database
  4. Issue with using limit with offset
  5. While installing pgadmin getting error 'no module named flask_login'
  6. pg_upgrade Failing with missing libraries ( 9.2 to 9.6)
  7. Is It Possible To Have An XML Output by a Query
  8. nvarchar in postgresql
  9. Memory and hard ware calculation
  10. how to set up master-master replication in pg
  11. Postgre Function returning output
  12. postgresql backup and restore internal process
  13. Need information on Postgresql DBA Certification
  14. Can I RETURN SET OF typeX or typeY in a function depending of a parameter ?
  15. Sample database with tables used in the documentation
  16. Benchmark testing with pgbench in postgres BDR set up
  17. Could someone check my Postgresql spatial queries
  18. DR replication Stoped after failover
  19. could not accept SSL connection: ccs received early
  20. Unexcepted chink number
  21. Need Postgres RDB Support for Production & DR servers
  22. pg_restore error Command was: CREATE OPERATOR |> ( PROCEDURE = plv8x.json_eval,
  23. Postgres Restore Performance concerns
  24. Custom Policy for OSS on Alibaba Cloud
  25. Postgres vector computation. ERROR on Alibaba Cloud
  26. Duplicate rows for same primary key in Postgres 9.3.14
  27. Trigger function at particular time after inserting record in a table
  28. Database collation and Character Set
  29. Unable to set up or access Postgres on Wireless LAN
  30. How do I do the spatial join?
  31. Stack depth limit exceeded
  32. Recursive functions and best practices
  33. Fiscal year in Postgres Database
  34. Create PostgreSQL DB & Documentation in parallel
  35. streaming replication lag time
  36. LSOpenURLsWithRole() failed with error -10825
  37. PostgreSQL server failed to start. I would appreciate any helpful suggestions on how
  38. Query about PgAdmin3 tool
  39. Step by Step Documentation for Installing Postgres 9.5 on RHEL 7.2, Advanced Install.
  40. Very high WAL log generation in postgres9.5
  41. Migration from Postgresql 8.3 to 9.5 - dblink
  42. PostgreSQL cluster set up
  43. PostgreSQL v9.3
  44. Different sub Directories in a database
  45. Error during: CREATE EXTENSION plpython3u; on PostgreSQL 9.6.0
  46. equivalent command for ON COMMIT REFRESH in Postgresql
  47. How to process new line in fields while copying data from a file using COPY command
  48. Docker based Postgres Replication Master/Slave
  49. Error while Insert "could not extend file "base/../..": File too large"
  50. Host_Name() in SQL Equivalent In Postgres
  51. Unable to add Array of table data type to function as IN parameter!
  52. How to create replication of multiple clusters?
  53. Return dynamically created table from function
  54. Performance leakage while Joining views
  55. Can PgSqlException and NpgsqlException be used interchangeably?
  56. PostgreSQL, Database Table Size Grows Unusual
  57. Read just one row (primary key) and display each column of the row
  58. Query for duplicates
  59. ETL process
  60. Nullif syntax in a query .......pls help
  61. convertion of query from mysql to postgresql is not working
  62. Setting up Date Language in Postgresql
  63. how to highlight a record(row) in postgresql with a color (red or green)
  64. How to update an a postgreSQL unique key constraint
  65. Posgre view is performing very slow
  66. Connecting PostgreSQL to a Windows CE App
  67. Convert a 'pltcl' function to 'plpgsql' function (postgresql)
  68. How to find duplicate points(poi) in an area by creating a radius for each points and
  69. Using LOOP with set returning functions
  70. I need alternative for the packages in postgresql
  71. I just want to ask if you can upload binary files (ex. jpg, doc files) to the postgre
  72. Active - Passive cluster on Suse Linux
  73. Unable to connect pgadmin to remote DB
  74. encrypting json columns and json indexes
  75. org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: FATAL: sorry, too many clients already
  76. Encryption/decryption in postgrsql using pgcrypto
  77. composite primary key
  78. How to restore large postgresql file ~8GB~?
  79. Nonrepeatable Read and Phantom Read possible?
  80. Table rows are reordering after I delete a primary key column
  81. Select a group of numbers in sequence
  82. Why do sql queries with two conditions take a long time?
  83. copy from a txt file on a network drive
  84. Service not starting.. Timed out waiting for server startup
  85. PostgreSQL DB staring issue after migrating to new server
  86. I have a problem with postgresql when i go to make a new database is give me an error
  87. streaming replication on postgresql-9.3
  88. how to configure PEM alert Mail Notifications
  89. remote postgresql 9.1 database access on windows platform
  90. How do I view pg_toast table to find and or repair a corrupt row?
  91. Not able to execute insert query using EXECUTE command in procedure
  92. What is "Transparent Huge Pages parameter"
  93. PostgreSQL DB Outage: logfile & trace question
  94. Npgsql mono under Windows Integration failed
  95. Problem with streaming replication
  96. get raise notice/exception message on PHP
  97. how can i change my data folder????
  98. benchmarking tool & testing tool for PostgreSQL
  99. Local buffer and local buffer cache
  100. Retrieve columns in multiple table where some columns are in both tables
  101. DB2 timestamp query - Query optimization
  102. How i can scan OLD and NEW trigger's record?
  103. invalid input syntax for type timestamp:
  104. how does postgres handle invalid pgpass entries?
  105. What is the best way to get the Transactions per second in PostgreSQL?
  106. A query that return alternatively values of a field
  107. CrossTab Queries : crosstab parameter rowid, category return type order chaged
  108. CrossTab Queries: How to work with crosstab2 function
  109. i waana create parameterized function with trigger its simple function which is help
  110. foreign key to view colom are permitted?
  112. CREATEDB takes too much time.
  113. how to calculate number of days between two dates excluding weekends
  114. Recovery using continuous archiving
  115. How to get the performance statistics in postgresql?
  116. What is the best way to get Frequent Refresh of database ?
  117. Is the server running on host “” and accepting TCP/IP connections on port 54
  118. When loading tree structured XML file into postgresql is it necessary to remove the C
  119. Is commit() operation delay is possible due to indexing/vaccuming of database when DB
  120. Is it worth using diverse database replication?
  121. cannot create a user defined function
  122. Creating a dynamic view for a union query based on a rolling date
  123. Can't set variable without an error
  124. how can i insert the data of a texterea to a postgresql?
  125. Recover deleted data without backup
  126. search data by date in jsp from postgresql database
  127. Should a database be cleared before restoration?
  128. how to retry a transaction in postgres
  129. I am facing Database Restore Issue,
  130. ProgrammingError('column credentials_postcode location does not exist\nLINE 1
  131. PostgresSql Hebrew dictionary for full text search
  132. how to connect a remote database in postgresql
  133. format string from given pattern
  134. Equivalent command of "select connection_id()"
  135. Suggest automatic failover tools for postgres (master/slave)
  136. Removing replication between primary and hot standby
  137. PG_BULKLOAD data loading issue with index
  138. How to split one table to many by column
  139. postgresql WAL file internals
  140. Syntax for Last day of last Quarter
  141. Insert all sundays and second saturdays in a holiday table.
  142. UPDATE Problem in PostgreSql DB
  143. Whole word Search in Postgresql
  144. Connecting to command prompt to generate keys by GNupg in PostgreSQL query
  145. Corrupt Data error in Decryption in PostgreSQL using GnuPG
  146. Operation must be updateable Query
  147. autovacuum error
  148. can't access postgresql database
  149. psql function to get substring from the last capital letter in a main string
  150. auto complete input text box
  151. Postgres: Prevent grant privileges to be dropped
  152. build.xml to start and stop postgres Windows service
  153. ImportSchema
  154. Randomly Choose One Million Rows
  155. IntegrityError
  156. display result set in function
  157. unable to retrive the user records from database.
  158. Whether Transaction control statements like COMMIT/ROLLBACK/SAVEPOINT in POSTGRES 9.x
  159. Case Insensitivity not working with character(255) data type
  160. invalid byte sequence for encoding "UTF8"
  161. Questions of information_schema
  162. Delete cascade with FK
  163. how to make sql server 2005 to support other languages
  164. When I try to connect to a database, I get the following error : psql teleflowdb8
  165. When I try to connect to a database, I get the following error : psql teleflowdb8
  166. How to upgrade postgresql database from 9.0.5 to 9.0.6
  167. cannot resotore my backup
  168. Connectivity with postgresql
  169. postgresql limitation
  170. PostgreSQL Unit Test
  171. Data dump using pgAgent
  172. How postgresql 9.1 streaming replication achieve load balancing?
  173. Access to Linux PostgreSQL from XP
  174. Command history
  175. How to stop databases which are not in use?
  176. Postgresql database clustering (Replication)
  177. Get UNICODE data using libpq
  178. postgre query
  179. Recover data.... urgent plz help!!1
  180. trigger function to replace insert with update
  181. importing excel to postgresql database
  182. How to stop adding/updating duplicate username and email?
  183. DLL name entry missing from powermart.ini file.
  184. SQL Show only duplicates
  185. comparing table structure
  186. Can I recover database and roll forward
  187. What are the disadvantages of using SQL?
  188. Insert Checkbox value in mysql using php
  189. how to sort the version number in postgres
  190. Invalid input syntax for type date
  191. Updation of value in one field depending on change in another field in postgresql 9
  192. pg_dump fails with error "The database system is starting up"
  193. \COPY in plpgsql function
  194. PGDATA directory 50% smaller then size give by select pg_database_size()
  195. Calling External 'C' Function in PostgreSQL
  196. pgpool multi insance configuration
  197. Integration PostgreSQL with Firebird
  198. View & search_path
  199. string representation of binary to integer
  200. Open source SQL query tool for PostgreSQL
  201. Subtotal SUMs in different columns
  202. why " DROP TABLE IF EXISTS "error??
  203. psql /copy to weirdness - data not showing up when selecting from table
  204. "Communication closed during authentication"
  205. How to use copy in a loop in windows?
  206. Communication closed during authentication.
  207. How to use pg_dump to backup a database?
  208. Postgresql Query return XML
  209. Is it possible to search and replace in database?
  210. How to import schema?
  211. how to remove pgagent
  212. Can we run dumpall at application working time
  213. copy command in postgresql
  214. What is the privilege name of the select operation?
  215. to store text files,their descriptions and a dictionary in our database
  216. How to store annual hourly data in a database
  217. sql server generated “Text File” data importing in to postgressql using copy command
  218. How to restrict a user to access a specific database?
  219. Why does a copied version of the default data folder not work when restored?
  220. How to use Copy Command in a loop?
  221. How to write stored procedure in plpgsql to connect to the sql server 2005?
  222. How to debug deadlock detected in logs files?
  223. Which one is better way to join tables ?
  224. please convert this query to postgresql which is already in oracle
  225. Problems in running multiple instances of postgres
  226. error in reading columns from pidgin database
  227. How to insert special characters in psql?
  228. How to store image in byte format in postgres (with PHP )?
  229. Inserting column values from one table to another
  230. SQL not exists clause
  231. Idle connections not closing
  232. How to remove a schema in catalogs from a database
  233. How to create a bool function for the creation of check constraint in plpgsql?
  234. job won't work on pgagent schedule
  235. renaming a schema and column name while importing data into a postgresql
  236. New database creation takes about 60 seconds when >400 bases in PostgreSQL
  237. About how to query trigger enabled status
  238. sql to extract the column details of a given table
  239. how to get a list of indexes created on a column of a table in postgresql?
  240. How to remove ODBC drivers?
  241. How to use execute statement? Getting error: syntax error at or near "USING"
  242. is there a bind variables in PostgreSQL?
  243. Why do cyrillic characters in Postgres from ESRI Pers. (mdb) via ogr look like '???'?
  244. What is the maximum size of data can I retrive it in postgresql?
  245. What is the maximum query length in postgresql?
  246. what is the table space for the indexes created implicitly?
  247. How can I store the character '\' in the DB?
  248. create synonym command and pg_synonym table aren't exist
  249. How can i establish the connectivity between back end psql and front end in html
  250. How to calculate the average of columns
  251. Is it possible to execute query in shell script??
  252. /o myfile - Permission Denied
  253. Raising a Debug Message while insertion in Functions.
  254. Convert query using outer join from Oracle to Postgresql
  255. how to restrict a user from accessing a specific database?
  256. Backup and restore
  257. searchpath reverts to default after each server restart
  258. (Newbies Problem)Installing Slony-I on SUSE enterprise
  259. currval of sequence "my_seq" is not yet defined in this session
  260. I want to use phpPgadmin (the web based tool for postgresql) but I have a problem!
  261. I keep getting "type does not exist" on compile of this SETOF function (list 2 table)
  262. I'm writing a function which uses cursor and I have an error when executing it
  263. concatenate duplicate
  264. connection between php postgres
  265. How to select the duplicate value if both are in the same interval
  266. sum() is not working
  267. PK field & Inheritance
  268. how to configure the replication in postgres databases?
  269. How do I add date with timestamp? I am getting an error while inserting row
  270. Design a database with or without inheritance
  271. PL/TCL trigger error "can't read "tgname": no such variable"
  272. How to edit oid of database?
  273. How to get count of arguments of procedure and pass them dynamically
  274. Server doesn't listen
  275. Split array data and fill the coulmns in the table
  276. Exception handling in postgresql
  277. problem with variable
  278. 1. List the emps whose sal is 4 digit number ending with zero
  279. How to give the privilliges from super user to normal users
  280. what is the main difference in between function and stored procedures in postgresql.
  281. how to decrypt the user password
  282. trigger to distribute the data in other tables (by conditions)
  283. How to get field value when field name is in variable
  284. How to Copy a Table that includes a BLOB
  285. trigger creating table
  286. Encrypt Postgres functions to hide business logic
  287. reading postgres sql connection string
  288. How to Install PostgreSQL 8.0 on WINDOWS 7?
  289. Display image problem??
  290. connection to data base failed
  291. How to check for unique value depending on another column value...
  292. PANIC: read of clog file 3165, offset 0 failed: Success
  293. lead and lag problem
  294. Deleting a record
  295. return resultset
  296. How to select a row from a table that has a lot of rows?
  297. using Trigger update another database's table
  298. How to join to get unique values from tables, if table have one to many relation.
  299. Automatically Insert
  300. Changing output file name dynamically using \o
  301. missing separate debuginfo for... (postgresql installed on opensuse)
  302. Backup&Restore Postgres DB
  303. Postgres create a new index
  304. cannot read block 432382 of audit: Success
  305. Invalid page header in block 592826 of 319584981
  306. Using Postgresql Function via PHP
  307. SQL suggestion???
  308. How we improve query execution of a bulky database..
  309. date between problem
  310. passing table field name in postgres function
  311. postgresql..
  312. postgresq failed
  313. Problem: Error:relation "pg_autovacuum" does not exit?
  314. how to Speed up the query execution in a bulky database
  315. C# Data type for NHibernate
  316. Learn Postgresql
  317. How can i effect Autoincrement in my table
  318. Multiple instances of PostgreSQL on the same server?
  319. What is a good approach to PostgreSQL database backups?
  320. pgAdmin, Maintenance - "cannot open the logfile" ?
  321. pg_type
  322. creating a trigger to remote database
  323. plpgsql update cursor where current of with dynamic query
  324. why Postgres inserts null value for parameterized statement?
  325., PostgreSQL and Unicode
  326. oracle to pg
  327. How To Clear The Commands In Postgresql,In Command Line
  328. Help making a multi table query
  329. backup plan for postgresql
  330. Triggers and Domains
  331. Error in psqlodbc configuration
  332. Dropping a tablespace - windows
  333. How can I limit a query to 2 of the same value in one col ordered by another col?
  334. Comparing the same attribute with two different date ranges
  335. Six PostgreSQL questions from a pokerplayer
  336. Insert value to auto increment colomn
  337. PostgreSQL incremental backup & PITR
  338. PGAdmin connection to PostgreSQL
  339. PostgreSQL 8.3.7 installation problem
  340. Help with query
  341. postgre function
  342. Dynamic Fields
  343. Search Postqresql server on the network
  344. script required for installing postgres db on windows
  345. script required for installing postgres db on windows
  346. Minimum System Requirement fro PostgreSQL 8.x
  347. About tables
  348. Help for Data Migration
  349. Vacuum
  350. how to export table data in postgresql
  351. how to export table data in postgresql
  352. Pseudo-type record seen as column by an older PostgreSQL version
  353. questions about stored procedure
  354. How do I catch the raise output from PL/pgsql in PHP coding
  355. SRF function : missing library on PostgreSQL 8.3.6 on Windows?
  356. Function C and INOUT parameters
  357. ERROR: cross-database references are not implemented
  358. how to subtract month from current date
  359. Logs for PostgreSQL
  360. Remote access from a client on LAN
  361. Triggers in PostgreSQL
  362. Insert records
  363. DB Mirror
  364. DB Server load
  365. Random sample of rows
  366. Query to get total rows in a table in faster way.
  367. Client Encoding in postgresql
  368. Invalid Input Syntax for Type date
  369. Sum of a Sum
  370. Doubt in vacuming and indexing?
  371. Cannot kill Postgresql 8.3 in Windows Xp Service Pack 3
  372. a doubt in database restoring?
  373. How convert array elements to rows?
  374. Convert Oracle outer join query to PostgreSql
  375. Executing function dynamically
  376. PGOLEDB connection from visual basic 6
  377. Database gone a bit wild
  378. Converting PostgreSQL DB to MS-SQL DB
  379. create table MyVariable
  380. Global(shared) variable in postgresql
  381. need some help in function
  382. Installing PostgreSQL on WEPOS
  383. Running function as superuser
  384. PostgreSQL Database backup from a C# application
  385. weekday from timestamp?
  386. Bad date error
  387. day from date
  388. set Locale?
  389. Postgres to Oracle
  390. Dreamweaver CS3 , PostgreSQL and PHP
  391. Is index on column updated if the column is updated but data does not change?
  392. How can i use shared memorry in postgresql using c functions
  393. How to connect to a remote postgresql via http
  394. access or postgree
  395. Database Design
  396. large database
  397. (select Extract(dow...))
  398. Can I know the disfference between postgres restart and reload?
  399. Passing tablename as argument into function
  400. select not using index
  401. connection statement
  402. Problems with empty sets?!
  403. Exception::=>>Object or Provider is not capable of performing requested operation
  404. shared buffer cache monitoring
  405. PostgreSQL to Oracle migration
  406. Postgres "could not write to hash-join temporary file"
  407. Not showing the rows which is having the digits < 6 !!!
  408. ALTER TABLE command?
  409. psqlodbc
  410. Postgres can't talk on TCP/IP connection
  411. How to execute PlPgSql from Command line
  412. Writing a user defined function
  413. database backup to include circular dependencies
  414. Restore data without any backup file
  415. calling functions which are stored as values in a table
  416. Postgres Service start fails
  417. Automatic deleting views of table in PostgreSql
  418. connection to database
  419. checking if the Database exists (by running a batch file)
  420. PostgreSQL object datatype
  421. Triggers in postgres
  422. using a dictionary with Npgsql
  423. Searching across 155 tables
  424. Migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL
  425. one trigger for two different tables
  426. DB Synchronize
  427. table name as a column datatype
  428. Scalability issues....
  429. Customers of PostgreSQL
  430. how to make this function work....
  431. Execute statement in postgres
  432. Can postgres functions return multiple values???
  433. find the position of character in a string
  434. how to build the source of postgresql 8.3.1 for windows
  435. libpostgres.a
  436. primary key problem on delete
  437. change the datatype of a field
  438. postgres in java
  439. change ownership
  440. a problem of function return setof
  441. Disabling Autocommit
  442. Unable to restore postgres-dump-Version-8.2.4
  443. Transaction Isolation Level
  444. offset, limit problem
  445. max count
  446. connection problem
  447. on a table
  448. postgres server recovery
  449. What is the best free Postgresql frontend available ?
  450. Error restoring bytea from dump
  451. how to add/merge varchar2s(Strings) in PL/SQL
  452. Can anyone help me to writ a function in postgresql
  453. How to writ function in postgres?
  454. 'case column' in HAVING clause
  455. Need help on how to backup a table!!!
  456. Help inserting record to PG with MS Access frontend
  457. ERROR: column "dtype" of relation "xxxxx" does not exist
  458. Inheritance problem
  459. Execute A Psql Commands Through Batch File (*.bat)
  460. How to change character encoding of an existing database
  461. How to close Opened Connections to 'Postgres'?
  462. Size of the database
  463. OdbcDataAdapter Insert Command
  464. What datatype should i use for year?
  465. shapefile database
  466. interface - python - postgresql
  467. Details
  468. Compilation error "Absent rule for target assemble `utf8_and_shift_jis_2004.o'"
  469. PostgreSQL multiple databases
  470. postgre vs MySQL
  471. how to view output of postgreSQL function?
  472. Connection to postgres database failed
  473. Internal Server Error in connecting Postgresql Server
  474. Nonclustered indexes
  475. PHP or PostgreSQL problem?
  476. HELP: Indexes
  477. Postgresql Upgrade from 8.1 to 8.3 on windows
  478. how to run postgresql on debian terminal
  479. Abort transaction due to error
  480. Running two different versions of PostgreSQL
  481. pl/pgsql triggers - Problem with NEW.*
  482. Using Npgsql with .net
  483. changing postgres code
  484. Copy data with several delimiters
  485. How to convert date format in PostgreSQL
  486. Keeping cursors across page reloads/changes
  487. get back deleted data from a table in postgres
  488. AutoBackup Available in PostgreSQL
  489. inserting time into postgres
  490. sample database
  491. regular expressions
  492. plj help
  493. Returning 0, possibly OUTER JOIN???
  494. how to declare the cursors in a stored procedural function
  495. hi
  496. Problem in closing connection in postgresql
  497. export data in excel format
  498. importing into postgreSQL from oracle
  499. Reg Update Local Server to Remote Server
  500. postgreSQL installation problem
  501. database problem
  502. Features And Data Management Strategies Of Postgresql
  503. Not able to drop the database in PostgreSql Server
  504. pg_dump, pg_restore
  505. extracting a month
  507. Trigger problem
  508. More Constraints
  509. PostgreSQL connection in CGI-PERL Script
  510. Advanced Constraint
  511. How to read the content of psqldump
  512. Comparison of Open Source databases
  513. How to find duplicate values exists or not
  514. postgreSQL restore problem
  515. Where can I find detailed information about pl/python?
  516. pg_dump: SQL command failed
  517. how-to - trigger function with argument / parameter
  518. user defined data types
  519. transfer tables from postgre to oracle
  520. Connectivity to postgres from
  521. How to synchronize data from Postgre to cache
  522. Conversion of MySQL spatial query with intermediate tables to PostGre spatial query
  523. SQL server to Postgre
  524. how to transfer datas from oracle to postgre
  525. how to transfer datas from postgre to oracle
  526. Reg Windows Master Linux Slave
  527. Prepared Statement for IN function
  528. i18n support in Postgresql
  529. Postgre subquery help
  530. Rounding Problem in Stored Functions
  531. Input file:permission denied
  532. constraint problem
  533. Relation Does not Exists
  534. Reg Incremental Backup and Restore In Postgres 8.1
  535. to connect PostgreSQL from VB.NET
  536. The "first day" with PostgreSQL and trouble with this
  537. Copy select query result to a file
  538. PostGreSQL Clustering Installation
  539. Postgre with vc++
  540. Sending array from JAVA code to Postgre
  541. indexing, limit problem
  542. Reg Postgres Data Base Server Will Be slow
  543. After OS upgrade from XP to Vista postgre user password does not work
  544. COPY command error
  545. Basic Question - Open Source DBMS
  546. Converting an Access database to Postgresql
  547. Image field in SQL Server 2005 to lo field in PostGres 8.2
  548. database cluster for general user
  549. execution of python function from a postgresql stored procedure
  550. retrieve problem