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  1. Undefined symbols: _poll
  2. postgres start problems with memory
  3. how to encode/encrypt a string
  4. problems with lower() and unicode-databases
  5. Upgrade 7.3.3 to 7.4.5
  6. Java application and SPI...(?)
  7. WinXP + PgSQL 8 beta3 = impossible?
  8. Multiple Rules - an example
  9. Out of memory errors on OS X
  10. How to get user's role?
  11. zero-length delimited identifier in pg_dumpall file
  12. initdb on Debian
  13. 7.3.4 vacuum/analyze error
  14. Index Analysis: Filters
  15. dangling permission on tables after drop user.
  16. COPY FROM STDIN not in local file
  17. failure to restart postgresql service after improper shutdown
  18. Converting to Java date example
  19. string is sometimes null ?
  20. Setting search paths inside a function (plpgsql)
  21. Multiple Rules :: Postgres Is confused !!
  22. Composite Type Argument Construction to a Function
  23. sql script confusion
  24. About PostgreSQL's limit on arithmetic operations
  25. error: unicode characters greater than or equal to 0x10000
  26. Indexes on Expressions -- Parentheses
  27. Controlling order of evaluation?
  28. PostgreSQL Installation Question
  29. mssql linked server to postgres
  30. compiler for functions
  31. To OID or not to OID
  32. postgres v8béta3 on AIX5.2
  33. Custom Functions
  34. FYRACLE better then PostgreSQL ?
  35. Hardware recommendations
  36. .net
  37. Getting an out of memory failure.... (long email)
  38. renaming sequences
  39. Aggregates ?? Datamart (to whatever it has implemented a DataMart using Postgres)
  40. Foreign key order evaluation
  41. Syntax Issue in Trigger Function??
  42. limiting execution time of queries
  43. using ltree with tree structured data
  44. How to terminate an individual client connection gracefully?
  45. could not create socket for statistics collector: Protocol not supported
  46. doubt about the database
  47. core dump on select
  48. Is linked servers possible with postgresql?
  49. inheritance
  50. checksum
  51. Pg8.0 beta2 psql error
  52. Use of 'interval'
  53. IN or JOIN
  54. serial data type
  55. SMgrRelation hashtable corrupted
  56. psql password prompt
  57. Modifying users password in pg_shadow from php
  58. figuring out if there was a transaction in this connection already
  59. cvs update: waiting for anoncvs's lock
  60. Returning a list of fields in a composite type
  61. Optmizar query
  62. porting a full Ms Sql Server to postgres
  63. pg_dump: what is advantage with schema and data dumps?
  64. BiggerSQL-1.3.7 released
  65. 8.0 logging question
  66. How to insert values in BYTEA?
  67. Removed and then missing pg_clog file
  68. Postgres inherited table, some questions...
  69. Is linked servers possible with postgresql?
  70. PostgreSQL 8 on Win2003 AD server
  71. How to pass initdb LC_COLLATE & locale parameters when using windows? (with or without pginstaller)
  72. formating interval question
  73. plpgsql-fct. fails on NULL in record variables
  74. Large arrays give long lag on server side before command executes
  75. books/sites for someone really learning PG's advanced features?
  76. default value problem in postgresql 7.4.5-2
  77. data modeler
  78. self referencing table structure and constraints
  79. Restore a especific function
  80. Comparing a varchar of length > 32
  81. How do I disable: Adding missing FROM-clause
  82. using COPY table FROM STDIN within script run as psql -f file.sql
  83. mailing list archive search form broken?
  84. Returning recordsets with functions
  85. pg_hba behavior
  86. v8 on AIX5.2
  87. varchar of length > 32
  88. file
  89. download documentation as HTML (not PDF)
  90. What lock to use?
  91. start psql
  92. brand new user - should I start with v8?
  93. Trouble with query logging
  94. difference 7.3.xx vs 7.4.xx
  95. Unable to drop DB in latest CVS version
  96. the current scoop on ilike and indexes
  97. Prioritizing queries
  98. Set return function with union all
  99. Oracle / Postgres Interface
  100. abnormal data grow
  101. Stored Procedures
  102. basics on User Defined Functions
  103. Austin User Group
  104. Any reason not to use inheritance?
  105. using database for queuing operations?
  106. New PayPal Donate Option
  107. How to get most frequent and least frequent values in a column?
  108. Weird behavior with selects and composite data types
  109. using schemas to create a virtual DB?
  110. NULL/0
  111. import/export or moving data between databases
  112. Problem in converting int to timestamp value - why?
  113. order of row processing affects updates
  114. pgAdmin III creates dud SQL for create table
  115. pg_restore peculiarities
  116. Vacuum related question
  117. converting FK's to "DEFERRABLE"
  118. Import an Excel table to a Postgresql one
  119. Default value if query returns 0 rows?
  120. Is it possible to get the 7.4.1 static docs in HTML form anymore?
  121. UTF-8 question.
  122. 8.0.0beta2 and plpgsql
  123. 8.0.0beta2 and plpgsql
  124. Not even JPEGs are safe?
  125. Postgres memory usage
  126. Postgresql <--> webservices?
  128. Stemmer integration in tsearch2 / $libdir error
  129. lexicographical ordering in postgres
  130. problem with pg_restore and user privileges
  131. table partitioning
  132. Invalid large object descriptor : 0 with autocommit
  133. pg_dump in cycle
  134. ECPG & Mac OS X
  135. 8.0.0 beta 2, void type
  136. support on postgres
  137. Hide databases from users?
  138. pg_locks with users
  139. How to find a column name
  140. Returning Errors from User Defined C-functions
  141. Simple getting-started guide
  142. Getting track of foreign keys
  143. psql error - "unrecognizable command" V8.0.0 beta
  144. division by zero issue
  145. Converting varchar() to text
  146. Creating a two-column sequence?
  147. what is flushed?
  148. Updating another table using a trigger
  149. OS X Mac pgAdmin equivalent?
  150. psql + autocommit
  151. schema level variables
  152. Problems with SPI memory management
  153. Tsearch2 adding additional dictionaries
  154. plpgsql assigning RECORD := RECORD
  155. Checking regex pattern validity
  156. 8.0 postgres book??
  157. fedora core2 pgaccess
  158. postgres book
  159. Spacing in output
  160. different results inside transactions
  161. Changed a column type from "integer" to varchar
  162. 8.0.0 beta 2, void type
  163. Grant
  164. PG case sensitivity
  165. logging rule execution?
  166. plpgsql - raising exceptions with open cursors
  167. Rollback on Error
  168. psql exit status varies for scripts on STDIN
  169. Index inheritance
  170. how to use geometric shapes?
  171. Deadlock removal
  172. Corrupted Data?
  173. Trouble EXITing plpgsql labeled BEGIN blocks with DECLAREs
  174. about C-JDBC for postgreSQL
  175. Number of Active Connections
  176. Building plpython on Mac OSX...
  177. Index inheritance
  178. Autonomous transaction
  179. Questions about Postgresql 8.0
  180. LOG: failed to commit transaction_isolation
  181. Network problem
  182. View efficiency questions
  183. Synchronizing Databases
  184. pass an array as parameter to a function
  185. table with a variable name???
  186. Storing birthday data
  187. PL/pgSQL Function Problem
  188. Text search performance vs MY SQL
  189. Auto increment/sequence on multiple columns?
  190. how to constrain a query to return 1 or 0 rows (or >1 or 0 rows)
  191. Speeding up LIKE with placeholders?
  192. SMgrRelation hashtable corrupted
  193. Best practices for migrating a development database to a releasedatabase
  194. What is the postgres version of mysql's "ON DUPLICATE KEY"
  195. Canceling Query due to user request
  196. unicode and varchar
  197. PhpPgAdmin login weird...
  198. Time zone string not showing
  199. incorrect checksum in control file
  200. pg_attribute.attname
  201. Memory exhausted (leak?)
  202. Where does postgres store records of DROP-ed columns?
  203. referential integrity preventing simultaneous insert
  204. Obtaining the Julian Day from a date
  205. pg_dump/pg_dumpall do not correctly dump search_path
  206. MOVE doesn't return number of rows
  207. Text Search vs MYSQL vs Lucene
  208. 8.0.0beta2: Ownership of implicit sequences after dump/restore
  209. Text search performance vs MY SQL
  210. Migrating from MaxDB to postgresql
  211. postgresql hanging (blocking) with smp kernel
  212. national settings
  213. FYI, Sybase performance study on Linux
  214. function calls in WHERE clause
  215. postgres start error
  216. information schema table names in 8.0.0
  217. Returning multiple values (but one row) in plpgsql
  218. Grant Issues with groups
  219. 8.0.0beta2: gcc: unrecognized option `-pthreads'
  220. 'order by' in an insert into command
  221. SQL query - single text value from group by
  222. Need Help in interface..
  223. Heritage
  224. Function caches wrong OID of temporary table?
  225. Postgresql and scripting
  226. Starting and stopping database by JAVA
  227. ERROR: parser: unterminated quoted string
  228. Another Security Question: User-based Roles vs. ApplicationBusiness Rules
  229. Firewall Security Requirements for Postgresql Access
  230. Restoring dump of multiuser databases
  231. Selecting columns by position?
  232. supressing NOTICE messages on Windows/cygwin only not working?
  233. Problems importing data from plain text file
  234. explain with placeholders?
  235. Dumping pg_shadow and pg_database as SQL using pg_dump
  236. Salt in encrypted password in pg_shadow
  237. Pb with ecpg and include file on PG 8.0.0
  238. error: insert has more expressions than target column
  239. Access MDB Schema Import Tool?
  240. ERROR: canceling query due to user request
  241. Postgresql and scripting
  242. changing the password of postres
  243. Help supressing NOTICE messages
  244. restricting non superuser from accessing other databases
  245. postgres 8 performance
  246. resilient transactions
  247. Pb with ecpg and include file on PG 8.0.0
  248. Datatypes Documentation
  249. FAQ: Having Trouble Getting PL/pgSQL Going?
  250. PL-PGSQL language
  251. Passing RECORD variable from func1() to func2()
  252. tg_relation doesn't seem to have the attribute names!
  253. radius authentication
  254. DROP TRIGGER permission
  255. One Database per Data File?
  256. how to query the size of an array in a table
  257. Schema and Group permissions question
  258. Confused with db client encoding
  259. Indexing Order By columns
  260. RAD with postgreSQL
  261. hebrew with MS Access Front End
  262. cygserver -S crashes under Windows 2000/cygwin
  263. initdb crashes under Windows
  264. building postgres for windows 2000?
  265. HOWTO: Get a table or database definition
  266. psql leaking?
  267. Index on TEXT versus CHAR(32)... fast exact TEXT matching
  268. How do I list the schema for a table or procedure?
  269. Where can I get pgsqlodbc now gborg is down?
  270. (NONE)
  271. pl/pgsql exceptions
  272. postgres "on in the internet"
  273. Ingres versus PostgreSQL
  274. disk performance benchmarks
  275. Overloading || ( text,text ) operator
  276. "echo"ing a psql command in a bash script
  277. postgres "on in the internet"
  278. Debugging
  279. How to determine a database is intact?
  280. How do I do update if insert fails?
  281. location of postmaster.log on V8 Win 32
  282. pgInstaller project dead?
  283. psql \o weirdness
  284. Nicer way to access field
  285. Display of text fields
  286. unix socket error in cygwin postgresql-7.4.3
  287. Can we return a table from a function?
  288. "\d tablename" to get column name, and column type by using JDBC
  289. C Function causes backend to die in 7.4.3
  290. Ensuring data consistency - main table and multiple 'details' tables.
  291. search_path problem
  292. Foreign key locks
  293. vacuum full for all databases
  294. plpgsql function
  295. The future of built-in geometric data types
  296. Interval literal not ANSI compliant
  297. materialized view
  298. Understanding pg_autovacuum CPU Usage
  299. can't build libpq with beta 2
  300. beta2 not finding openssl
  301. possible memory leak in 8.0 beta 1
  302. stand-alone psql
  303. PostgreSQL and Fedora?
  304. VISIO and System Tables
  305. pg_autovacuum (7.4) nss_ldap oddity
  306. <> syntax legal?
  307. Join efficiency
  308. insertiing an image file (blob) into postres...
  309. Importing data from MS Access
  310. Exporting/moving Postgress Instance
  311. Performance on 7.4 vs 7.2?
  312. Python Postgresql support?
  313. Error Message Importing Into PostgreSQL (Using phpPgAdmin)
  314. Suppress output from psql?
  315. expected both swapped tables to have TOAST tables
  316. Rule/sequence weirdness
  317. Large Databases
  318. zombie primary key lurches out of database to devour the brains of the unwary
  319. About "lock file" Error , cannot setup postmaster
  320. Substring result short by 1
  321. Types and SRF's
  322. Not able to build libpq for Windows
  323. Multicolumn Primary Key
  324. Microsoft Project and PostgreSQL?
  325. Change config of running PGSQL
  326. functions/stored procedures
  327. sequences in schemas
  328. problem..
  329. Overloading '<' operator
  330. Storing a query plan to disc...
  331. Problems inserting data in Unicode format
  332. DB failure?
  333. psqlodbc-07.03.0200 --with-iodbc won7t compile on Mac OS X
  334. Forcing a stored procedure recompile
  335. Conditional foreign key?
  336. update trigger performance
  337. functionality like Oracle's "connect by"
  338. Copy Table from Text File; Start at Line Number X Rather than at Beginning of File
  339. Generic/Common trigger
  340. Hebrew support -- please help !
  341. Problem with select and null
  342. Representating a family tree
  343. is last modified timestamp for tables recorded in any system table(s)?
  344. Process locked in INSERT: how to debug?
  345. European dates with Win32 version
  346. Technical recommendations
  347. timestamp and date behaviour with '-infinity'
  348. weird error during pg_dump
  349. malformed array literal in 8beta1
  350. RSS Feeds are dead on Web site
  351. Single Row Table?
  352. Primary key inheritance problem
  353. Equivalent to Oracle's inline CURSOR in a SELECT clause?
  354. Migrating between versions. Problem with regexp
  355. Functon no longer supported. Why?
  356. Regression errors on beta1?
  357. SPI query...
  358. Introducing another primary key field?
  359. PSql won't Let me Set Varchar Column to 'true'
  360. Problem with sql COPY command
  361. pg_autovacuum start-script
  362. job for sql, pl/pgsql,gawk,perl or ??
  363. Primary key inheritance problem
  364. Strange difference in query execution time
  365. Audit
  366. grid things and postgres
  367. postgresql, odbc and escape characters?
  368. owner orphaned databases
  369. performance of IN (subquery)
  370. Creating Functions in Separate Schema
  371. space taken by a row & compressed data
  372. detecting a dead db not seeming to work
  373. unsubscribe
  374. stone-age maintenance procedures ;-)
  375. Trigger question
  376. Stored procedure failure
  377. Alter field type?
  378. FK question
  379. Querying large record sets
  380. Constraints to Guarantee unique across tables with foreign key?
  381. EXPLAIN ANALYZE total runtime != walltime
  382. Variable record fetching
  383. IP clash in the PC
  384. Aggregate query for multiple records
  385. update table from internet site
  386. Timestamp with Timezone
  387. pgTcl and Refcursors
  388. The Slony General List
  389. any solution for full text search in Postgres for partial words
  390. help with trigger
  391. Display of text fields
  392. copy a database
  393. monitor+keyboard+mouse together
  394. Missing FROM clause
  395. Ordering by IN
  396. Substring RegExp Extract path
  397. no JDBC driver source with 7.4.5?
  398. Deadlocks caused by referential integrity checks
  399. Gentoo for production DB server?
  400. NAB : insert into <table> select distinct <fields> => when used on null, distinct causes loss of type knowledge
  401. Is this legal SQL? Is it a good practice?
  402. Checking whether postgresql is running
  403. Using Postgres with large number of databases per server
  404. PLPGSQL Install Help
  405. SELECT to an external file
  406. Is it possible...
  407. Not able to build libpq for Windows using 8.0.0 beta1
  408. pg_stat_activity versus ps
  409. Invalid input for integer on VIEW
  410. select ... where <column>='' does a seqscan [auf Viren geprueft]
  411. problems with pg_dump
  412. Bad planner results
  413. replace array values in a select statement
  414. Possible to insert quoted null value into integer field?
  415. pg_dump/psql fails on win32 beta 8.0
  416. Problems with building libpq for windows
  417. Deadlocks -- what can I do about them?
  418. database troubles - various errors
  419. libpq on the server
  420. Connection to a PG 8.0 Beta 1 win32 server
  421. postgres replication only some datas
  422. select columns and its data types
  423. view triggers/procedures
  424. Catching server shutdown in C
  425. pg_dump in stand alone backend
  426. Pgsql beta 8 on windows starts and stops automatically.
  427. restoring a .dmp file to another table name
  428. Python and 8.0 beta
  429. Greatest/Least functions?
  430. About inheritance
  431. Few questions on postgresql (dblink, 2pc, clustering)
  432. Killing a session
  433. ERROR: duplicate key violates unique constraint "pg_class_oid_index"
  434. how do I select unions into a temp table
  435. Cross-datatype Comparisons and Indexes
  436. Log Clutter
  437. problem with postgresql-dump while upgrading to 7.4 format
  438. Postgres filling up hard drive with swap files
  439. Adding missing FROM-clause entry for table "customer"
  440. Libpq and Stored Procedures
  441. Stored Procedures and libpq library
  442. 7.4.5 release
  443. insert waiting
  444. Indexes
  445. 8.0 release schedule?
  446. libpq or Embedded SQL in C
  447. need help
  448. int8, primary key, seq scan
  449. need help with copy function
  450. How to setup default value "0000-00-00" for "date" type under PostgreSQL?
  451. function runs on Windows not on solaris
  452. multimedia on postgresql
  453. Fw: Strange UNICODE sort order
  454. Forwarding kerberos credentials
  455. Postgresql 8.0 beta 1 - strange cpu usage statistics and slow vacuuming
  456. Finally tsearch works ... somehow... remain a few questions
  457. Stored Procedures woes
  458. possible bug in exception handling code? (postgres8.0beta)
  459. select count(*) from pg_stat_activity in V8.0.0
  460. PostgreSQL 8.0.0 - Win32 C-Language function how to?
  461. Vacuum, per table or entire database? what is better?
  462. BUG: 8.0 beta1 does not run on Windows 2000 Terminal Server
  463. Managing caches for multi-cluster HP-UX box
  464. Could not create a table named "USER" under postgreSQL
  465. can postgresql handle these large tables
  466. Could not create a table named "USER" under postgreSQL
  467. FATAL: invalid frontend message type 8
  468. Installing FullTextSearchTool tsearch2
  469. Postgresql feature
  470. scripting & psql issues
  471. Postgres and JBOSS
  472. manually setting a 'for each statement' to 'deferrable initially deferred' -> any unforeseen side effects?
  473. psql - user defined SQL variables
  474. pg_dump feature request: Exclude tables?
  475. indexed column not working as fast as expected
  476. Fw: libpq or Embedded SQL in C
  477. Problem analyzing performance of query
  478. pg_dump feature request: Exclude tables?
  479. (S)RPMS for 7.4.4 released.
  480. PANIC: btree_split_redo: lost left sibling?
  481. Any recommended forums/wiki/blog s/w that uses PostGreSQL?
  482. apple uses Postgres for RemoteDesktop 2
  483. [Fwd: Slony-I release 1.0.2 includes PostgreSQL 8.0 support]
  484. Problems using count() with a join
  485. pg_clog and pg_xlog empty, postgresql refuses to start
  486. pg_dumpall outputs incorrect sql
  487. Pgsql 7.3/7.4/8.0 on IA64 HP-UX 11i?
  488. making two tables with identical schemas appear as one
  489. Thousands of parallel connections
  490. could not find block containing chunk 0x8483530
  491. Does a 'stable' deferred trigger execution order exist? Is housekeeping for deferred trigger fire events done in one of the system catalogues?
  492. distinct and equal operator
  493. major database breakdown
  494. PostgreSQL 8.0.0 - Win32 C-Language function how to?
  495. postgres in freebsd jail
  496. Error codes to go with errors?
  497. PHP and PostgreSQL question on identifier limits.
  498. (libpq) listen/notify messages are converted to lowercase and/or are case insensitive
  499. PgSQL 8.0.0 - contributed: problem compiling
  500. exception handling support in pgSQL
  501. postgres error handling mechanism
  502. idle processes
  503. Web application: Programming language/Framework
  504. psql wishlist: value completion
  505. Autoincremental value
  506. Postgresql 8.0 beta 1 service issue
  507. Postgres 8.0 -> BEGIN EXCEPTION END Syntax????
  508. ODBC Driver Standards
  509. pg_get_result() hangs for query length > 65535
  510. REINDEX problem
  511. heap errors - should I be worried?
  512. /contrib binaries for win32
  513. pl/pgsql trigger table attributes
  514. pg_dump in windows postgres 8.0
  515. pl pgsql grammer file contains error
  516. datpath error
  517. Access restrictions on rows depending on value of the a column
  518. PgSQL 8.0.0 beta1 compile problem + patch
  519. PHP Postgre-MySql call redirector
  520. case insensitive search with greek characters
  521. upgrading in RH 8
  522. PG 8.0beta: psql suggestion
  523. Changing from base type to inherited
  524. Clustering, mirroriing, or replication?
  525. My admin left the job and I am stuck
  526. disabling autocommit
  527. POSIX RE starting with a (
  528. the behaviour of timestamp on postgres.
  529. How to write soundex query in postgresql??
  530. Resultset problem or BUG !
  531. type cast for ERROR: function chr(double precision) does not exist???
  532. Slony setup help needed
  533. How to identify which query is running - reg.
  534. lock conflicting with another
  535. postmaster does not shut down
  536. Locks in functions?
  537. Sorting varchar w/single digits
  538. dump/restore from 7.4.3linux to 8beta1 win32
  539. psql: immediately exit after an error?
  540. pg_restore with Fc fails with [archiver] out of memory error
  541. 7.4.3 server panic
  542. Transaction blocks
  543. BIGINT indexes still with problems
  544. hostory tables with a generic function?
  545. Replication options?
  546. Problems with MS Visual Basic 6.0
  547. Relation does not exist
  548. User Defined Types and SQL2003
  549. Copy data from one table to another, where some records might already be present
  550. BIGINT indexes still with problems