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  1. Postgre with vc++
  2. Sending array from JAVA code to Postgre
  3. indexing, limit problem
  4. Reg Postgres Data Base Server Will Be slow
  5. After OS upgrade from XP to Vista postgre user password does not work
  6. COPY command error
  7. Basic Question - Open Source DBMS
  8. Converting an Access database to Postgresql
  9. Image field in SQL Server 2005 to lo field in PostGres 8.2
  10. database cluster for general user
  11. execution of python function from a postgresql stored procedure
  12. retrieve problem
  13. Relation one-to-one-of
  14. Function returning uple?
  15. How to get password once from user and use that in entire MSDOS batch file.
  16. in postgres sql
  17. when restoring the dump in postgresql 7.3.4, no functions are available
  18. How to enable PITR on all POSTGRES server
  19. Batch file + psql problem
  20. getting started with v 7.4
  21. how to append the string to SQL queries in stored procedure of Postgres....
  22. Creation and modification timestamp
  23. to change datatype
  24. Problem in converting float4 type to float8
  25. postgreSQl chennai trainingc enter
  26. returning columns from different tables, in plpgsql function
  27. Names of columns with foreign keys
  28. Error: relation with OID 22938 does not exist
  29. how to qeuey this in paadmin like mssql
  30. Can you use a stored procedure in a subquery in postgres?
  31. Installation fails
  32. Encoding problem in create database
  33. Address already in Use, postgres doesnot restart
  34. Restoring the dump in a new database does not contain oids
  35. Selection in pgsql using dynamic tables.
  36. Table Creation Problem
  37. Connecting to PostgreSQL using VB.NET
  38. BYTEA convertion to TEXT
  39. PostgreSQL Tablespace Creation Problem
  40. doubt in CASE command
  41. Can I connect to remote DB using psql?
  42. Installation Problems with Windows XP
  43. return type of function wen having different datatypes
  44. round to the nearest integer
  45. Is there a PHP cursor?
  46. Bitemporal tables sequenced unique triggers
  47. postgresql
  48. syntax to view the structure of a table using sql
  49. Running ACT! 2008 Database on two Laptops
  50. getting tuples of result
  51. how to configure Pgpool-II to replicate postgres database in linux
  52. Restore from plain text
  53. Problem in executing sql file
  54. trigger problem
  55. double quotes inside single quotes => ' " ... " '
  56. How to show time stamp in postgres pg_log/TodaysFile
  57. plperl problem
  58. How to setup a Arabic compatable Postgres DB
  59. postgreSQL user permission denied
  60. Postgresql database connection error...
  61. doubt in update query inside a function
  62. CREATE LANGUAGE cannot load library
  63. Need help with a slow UPDATE query
  64. PostgreSQL logical storage
  65. pg_restore in C - language how to...
  66. Physical files
  67. Problem in Select Query
  68. PostgresSQL server connectiong problem with C-language...
  69. Transactions
  70. converting POINT(-43.16 -0.876) to Latitude and Longitude
  71. doubt in exporting a file into database
  72. datamodel
  73. executing a query daily
  74. Error in following query
  75. PG archiver problem
  76. PostgreSQL dump restore from client
  77. Online replication of Postgresql databases
  78. Performance Tuning
  79. Postgresql Reinstallation problem on Windows
  80. problem in using unicode datatype
  81. current transaction is aborted. queries ignored until end of the transaction block
  82. Problem regarding a function
  83. install postgre
  84. install postgre
  85. why did not suppert Rollback? postgresql
  86. doubts in slony
  87. difference
  88. PostScript Reports
  89. stupid misstake with DB encoding
  90. Query about 20,000 record problem(slow)
  91. Problems with unique key constraint.(CASE INSENSITIVE)
  92. Insert data in win1251 encoding to base with utf8 encoding
  93. Problem inserting into a view
  94. Updating a coloumn value by comparing coloumns from two tables
  95. Top Value in a Table
  96. PostgreSQL equivalent to MySQL LOCATE()
  97. pg_dump backup doesnt restore everything - things missing... restore howto required
  98. Using the result of a function that RETURNS SETOF
  99. Closing a database
  100. doubt regarding rollback
  101. database connection problem
  102. logically-delete a row rather than actually remove in from table in postgreSQL
  103. Restore after server crash
  104. Add not null column in a table
  105. Rules in Postgresql
  106. FATAL: role "root" does not exist
  107. postres triggers
  108. Problem: Retrieving Records based on the From & To Date
  109. doubt in arrays used in function
  110. PostgreSql Documents
  111. how to move the data ,because of the partition table
  112. doubt in function
  113. MySQL and PostgreSQL
  114. Reading into FoxPro via psqlODBC
  115. how can we use partition table ?
  116. Combining two fields data into one field in the same table
  117. Need Help In Postgres
  118. COPY Query fails in postgre release 8.2
  119. how can i use the initdb?
  120. Optimal architecture for a postgres DB?
  121. Open Source Application Server (PostgreSQL Perspective)
  122. function in postgreSql
  123. How to speed up a query
  124. Cannot change column data type
  125. query the results of a table function applied to all the rows of a different table
  126. Project On Postgresql
  127. Duplicate a DB
  128. how to retrieve number of fields in the table
  129. Installation Issues
  130. Lock Problem
  131. How to create Function for executing query ....
  132. DISTINCT or GROUP BY don't seem to help
  133. Multiple Group by
  134. ERROR : relation "master"
  135. Error while running createdb from a batch file in windows xp
  136. Are queries different between sql and postgresql?
  137. Integer array in where clause
  138. copy command
  139. Partitioning database in Postgres
  140. how to get column names of a table
  141. copy command
  142. Using cursor for update
  143. Enterprise Wide Deployment
  144. syntax for copy command
  145. Benchmarking tools for PostgreSQL on Linux (fedora)
  146. ERROR: return type mismatch in function returning tuple
  147. ERROR: SELECT query has no destination for result data;
  148. inserting data in time field
  149. Get the generated value of serial type field (primary key)
  150. Slony-I questions
  151. Select For Update
  152. Function To Return Insert Statements In Postgres
  153. Extract date from timestamp
  154. Exporting data from postgresql to oracle
  155. Is there separate package for client and server in postgresql
  156. Server - Client Application
  157. doubt in a datatype
  158. syntax to view the structure of a table
  159. Is Pg replication used for multi master or two master asynnchronus replication
  160. explain
  161. ERROR: column "nr_first_name" of relation "gistl_new_request" does not exist
  162. Cant view table description
  163. PGCluster-II version 1.3 implementation
  164. Error:: 'more' is not recognized as an internal or external command
  165. What replication are people using
  166. Import data into Postgresql
  167. how to post to the forum
  168. Understanding End of Cursor?
  169. A far cry - but here's hoping - PostgreSQL Replicator
  170. Too many clients already
  171. Installation of PostgreSQL on Windows XP
  172. Help with Tags database design.
  173. retrieve two tables in a single query
  174. Returning SETOF in plpgsql
  175. oid problem
  176. How to add a column to the table
  177. Convert data from char type to byte tape
  178. Stored functions
  179. Mapping select results through a function
  180. Stored functions books
  181. I couldn't install 8.2 ( Instead of I got a lot of Error messages :)
  182. alias name inside the function
  183. What is the output statement in PostgreSQL
  184. Regarding Installation of postgresql as a client - server
  185. syntax error at or near "TYPE"
  186. Postgresql supports Map Info's Easy Loader and MapXtreme-- Java
  187. Hybrid Environment
  188. Too Many Client Connections -- Error -- Need Help
  189. Hello everyone, I am new to this site and SQL server
  190. Building an aggregate function
  191. "is not scalar Variable" Error
  192. scripts for converting dbf or mdb files to postgres
  193. array parameter in plpgsql function
  194. Keeping two db's in synch across continents
  195. order by for varchar datatype column with numeric values
  196. Functiion Problem
  197. starting psql in windows
  198. Postgres backup and restore
  199. PostgreSQL Database Backup at System Shutdown time in OS Windows XP
  200. shp2pgsql Help with syntax
  201. pg_restore is not recognizing dump
  202. maximum function
  203. What is commit_delay & commit_siblings?
  204. Problem with function
  205. Start of Year
  206. migration tool
  207. All About - PostgreSql
  208. PostgreSQL and OleDb
  209. Need help with triggers
  210. using ILIKE xyz where xyz is a function parameter
  211. Pgsql 8.4 on Vista starts and stops automatically.
  212. bulk copy from flat file to postgres dbserver
  213. output parameters in functions
  214. Postgres 7.x and Legato backup
  215. Postgres8.1 Database Server could not be started
  216. How to store binary files in the PostgreSql database table?
  217. How PostgreSQL searching Queries?
  218. Constraints vs Indexes
  219. Create function question...
  220. Transaction Problem
  221. Improving date(timestamp) searches
  222. crystal report
  223. How to set TG_ARGV values
  225. How to replace characters in dblink
  226. getting latest filled row
  227. problem with date
  228. How to get column name
  229. Auto mail sending using postgresql
  230. syntax is not supported error
  231. need an sql query for the following situation
  232. Copy Table to other database
  233. Cannot compile plpgsql function
  234. pg_dump Failure
  235. Aggregate/concatenate function (flattening columns into a row)
  236. Temporary tables
  237. User and Role
  238. How to copy data from one table to other table
  239. Function declaration for MSFTSql developer
  240. function execution
  241. using array data type
  242. What would my SQL statement look like?
  243. Database connection problem
  244. Error Installing PostgreSQL 8.1.9 on XP
  245. no lock
  246. unsorted column
  247. how to convert a query from SQL to HQL(hibernate Query Language)
  248. Beginning with PostgreSQL
  249. How to configure static ip PostgresSQL 8.1 for windows XP system
  250. How to find out that SSL is activated
  251. Postgresql 8.2 connection problem on static ip
  252. Stored Procedures in PostgreSQL
  253. execute funtions in psql
  254. SUM with possible NULL values
  255. Connecting to PostgreSQL through SSH (putty)
  256. Exporting tables from Postgres to SQL
  257. Installation of PostgreSQL 8.0 on Solaris10
  258. Stored procedure
  259. problem in querry
  260. Adding new column to existing table
  261. Support for ROWNUM and ROWID
  262. Size of table and size of database
  263. Use Of Dblink
  264. how to export postgresql tables
  265. psql won't connect, though other clients are OK
  266. Serverless/embedded PostgreSQL database
  267. Date difference
  268. count months between two dates
  269. 24 hour time format
  270. Substract hour into a function
  271. import Excel to postgreSQL
  272. Retrieve number of rows in table
  273. Invoking psql at command prompt
  274. Migration from SQL Server to PostgreSQL
  275. How to recover the deleted fields with values from bakup.
  276. recovering fields in tables
  277. Postgres Violates Primary key and OID
  278. hai i am new here.i have question,please give me reply as soon as possible
  279. Function returning setof
  280. PostreSql function
  281. Migrating IBM Universe Database to Postgres, date format Problem
  282. Run Unix Shell Scripts With Postgres Trigger
  283. server closed the connection unexpectedly
  284. getting current date
  285. For Report Generate
  286. Usisng PQgetvalue
  287. Database Design Help
  288. Need help with query involving automatically decaying values
  289. psql copy
  290. Getting Parse Error at or near and at character......
  291. Variable column name
  292. Transfer of Data from Oracle to PostgreSQL
  293. create database if not exists
  294. data fetch and insert
  295. Oid
  296. Foreign key problem
  297. How to assign a primary key
  298. pg_restore doesn't work for postgresql 7.2.3
  299. How To Execue Queris Fastly
  300. Posting Guidelines. Please read before you post in a forum!
  301. Inheritance Problem
  302. Help : what this Error means
  303. Installing PostgreSQL 8.1 on VISTA
  304. load balancing
  305. how retrive this problem
  306. Problem in function with CREATE ROLE with parameters
  307. BackUp and Restore PostGreSQL8.1
  308. HOW TO exit from a query
  309. controlling postgres I/O and CPU processing
  310. performance tuning postgres 8.2.3 on windows with shared server applications
  311. Retrieving values from tables
  312. stored procedure in postgresql
  313. Problem with Windows PostgreSQL 8.1 service
  314. download old version of PG
  315. restore problem
  316. how to compare two tables
  317. what is the keyWord DELETING
  318. Strange result using transactions
  319. How to Upgrade Postgres 7.x.x in RH9 to new Postgres version 8.x.x ??
  320. Postgresql installation problem??
  321. php objects in postgresql
  322. odbc call failed
  323. Starting More Than one Transaction
  324. Fatal error: Call to undefined function pg_connect()
  325. Connection Exception
  326. joins
  327. How to know the Number of Connection made with the database
  328. how to write the select query for this situation
  329. C# .NET ===> postgreSQL
  330. Pagination in Postgre
  331. If criteria is Null then show all.
  332. Test Suite for Postgresql
  333. How can I display the stored image?
  334. Storing files in Postgresql database
  335. Interface to posgresql
  336. How to check a query execution plans in PostgreSQL
  337. HOW TO merge two strings
  338. need copy table sql example in postgres
  339. use of client-side \lo_import and \lo_export commands
  340. Server doesn't listen
  341. SHA function?
  342. Fastly Inserting Records
  343. how to release locks when instance crashes
  344. HOW TO Use transaction control statements inside a sored procedure
  345. Back Up And Restore
  346. Functions and Commits
  347. how to write this sql statement
  348. Nested use of found doesn't seem to be working
  349. Alter table doubt
  350. Driver for postgresql
  351. Redundant data in postgres
  352. Migrating data between dbs with different schemas
  353. Postgres Newbie - Case Problems in queries
  354. Multi dimensional arrays, sub selects...
  355. Error When creating the table
  356. String was not recognized as a Valid Date Time
  357. Postmaster is accepting TCP/IP connections error
  358. Data Migration From Excel to PostgreSQL
  359. date queries with portions of the date unknown
  360. How to Fix Corrupt Tables
  361. Unable to connect
  362. Postgresql Compression Across Network
  363. limit database size
  364. limit database size
  365. query and subquery in python
  366. retrieve column array values
  367. how to execute script from file within function
  368. retreive values from an array into column
  369. Can PostgreSQL initiate a message through a socket?
  370. how to insert image
  371. which is the best interface for postgresql
  372. unable to set 'Owner' column to different role
  373. username
  374. inserting values into array column
  375. Query regarding odbc connection ??
  376. how to give login in a table
  377. limitation of postgresql
  378. how can I fetch data from the database and display it in form of a editable html form
  379. ALIAS error
  380. postgis function
  381. FATAL ERROR on Solaris 10
  382. postgresql function
  383. invert an array
  384. postgresql installation fails on windows 2000
  385. accessing last element of an array
  386. How to cast varchar into timestamp in postgres
  387. How to make a copy of data in RAM ???
  388. update multiple cols in trigger
  389. How to make cross-database reference in Postgres
  390. nesting joins
  391. How to insert multiple sub columns inside a column ??
  392. on delete set null problem
  393. Databinding bool fields
  394. Increase the Cache Size
  395. Query regarding SQL commands ?
  396. how to make a Postgre DB setup on windows
  397. PL/PGSQL function
  398. getting the last record using timestamp
  399. create database test if not exists
  400. Writing DDLs in Functions
  401. Writing DDLs in Functions
  402. Postgre Sql on Solaris operating system
  403. urgent help!!
  404. Sum of “sales” for each date in a timestamp column
  405. How to know that a schema exist?
  406. Web Development Team Needed - Prefer Croatian or Eastern Europeanbased
  407. PHP Postgresql "All-In-One" CRUD Needed
  408. need help
  409. a problem when I create a trigger procedure.
  410. Postgres on XP / ODBC setup / Visual C++ API
  411. Transaction Logging Mechanism
  412. SQL question??
  413. TCP/IP Connection Error
  414. The MySQL command LEFT() counterpart in PostgreSQL?
  415. Exception Handling
  416. current transaction aborted
  417. SQL problem, help if possible please.
  418. How can I support multimedia with postgres?
  419. Postgres Connection Error
  420. HI all
  421. Restoring dump files completely
  422. PostgreSQL - JDBC2 lose connectivity after a while
  423. hi all
  424. .NET Questions
  425. postgresql module
  426. Copy / Paste in PostgreSQL from remote server.
  427. postgresql installation
  428. functions in postgresql!!!
  429. select distinct with datatype point
  430. an urgent question
  431. data conversion
  432. select-where anomaly
  433. Migration od Database
  434. installation error
  435. inserting values in relational main tables
  436. Hash index creation problem
  437. How can we manage PK and FK using inheritance??
  438. Are Primary Keys Necessary for Linking Tables?
  439. filename extension postgreSQL
  440. DBF to Postgres using DBF2PG
  441. Bulk Extract and Load data in PostgreSQL
  442. error in logs file
  443. To insert 60million rows to database
  444. can't get the full results from postgresql
  445. What is ODBC Query timeout error
  446. How to configure postgres for max disk space usage
  447. web interface library/classes
  448. Sql Case Statement
  449. Problem with executing Postgres function from javacode
  450. pg_clog errors
  451. table creation
  452. Postgres and ESQL
  453. Postgresql Vs. Mysql -- Need advice
  454. How to write postgres query with time comparison ?
  455. Hey i need advice!
  456. Subjectre31
  457. Reg Postgres Sql Replication Concept
  458. Reg Postgres Sql Database Instal On Windows 2000
  459. Syntax error doesn't make sense...
  460. just some info you might be intersted
  461. Tickets
  462. Create UNIQUE KEY
  463. Reg AutoVacuum
  464. Garbage Collection with Custom Session Handlers?
  465. Performance problem with joins
  466. plpgsql FOUND unexpected behaviour
  467. Need Clarification About Replication Concept In Postgres Sql
  468. How to convert from sql to postgresql (stored procedure)
  469. 7.4.13 LANG=C, order by still wrong
  470. Recieving notification when a table changes
  471. Limitation in query result from postgresql table
  472. date format in postgresql database
  473. libpqdll.lib
  474. Help with Database Solution
  475. Linking Tables from 2 databases
  476. Ora2PG exporter and UTF Characters
  477. alternative to distinct on?
  478. How to Use "If Exists" in PgSql
  479. Postgresql Stored procedures
  480. Postgresql
  481. Money datatype?
  482. Performance Issues PostgreSQL on Solaris
  483. Two general, simple questions
  484. Postmaster Problem
  485. What architecture for a Large Database with PostgreSQL
  486. XP Embedded and Postgres No Happy Campers
  487. Fedora Core 4 & PostgreSQL
  488. xml export tool?
  489. Dual servers
  490. Python x Postgresql Thrreading Problem
  491. Outer Join on 3 tables
  492. Conditional delete
  493. Timestamp not working
  494. is there a function which elminates spaces?
  495. OLAPy stuff crawling a bit
  496. async queries (libpq)
  497. Looks to me like MySQL has a change coming
  498. Generate/Manage a PostgresSQL database using Visio?
  499. PostgreSQL Linked server question with MSSQL2K
  500. Urgent: Input of values to execute dynamic queries
  501. 1991 and 1992 Black Box Catalogs
  502. Happy Fish Database Designer
  503. Need Database person
  504. Need Database person
  505. encoding question
  506. Where can I download HTML manual?
  507. linking access using ODBC driver with geometric data
  508. Good Portal for data mining resources
  509. Tablespace layout question
  510. scroll cursor bug or me?
  511. SQL Profiler
  512. How to copy a PG database
  513. ordering text field with non-alphanumerical character
  514. crosstab error 'query-specified return row and actual function return do not...
  515. Statement-level Triggers
  516. DateAdd function ?
  517. views, functions and parameters...
  518. ADO and PostgreSQL functions
  519. How to return a record and sets of record in plpython
  520. Great News Blog!
  521. Query Optimizer Failure / Possible Bug
  522. Bitwise operators for bytea
  523. can't update bytea field with function
  524. resultset to xml
  525. Tsearch index not set by UPDATE in PgSQL 7.3.2
  526. function no return
  527. Installing PostgreSQL 8 on Debian
  528. how to run function?
  529. SQLDescribecol in driver 8.00.0100
  530. Postgresql 8.0-beta2-dev3 on Windows 2000
  531. Adding pgAdminIII Server - Passwords?
  532. Good page with Oracle x PostgreSQL comparsion
  533. PostgreSQL and XML
  534. Danish users
  535. simple query runs very slowly
  536. using OLD variable in DELETE trigger
  537. Please Help with libpq and unicode
  538. eval function?
  539. Postgres+XML
  540. SQL Query
  541. libpq location?
  542. pgsql user account in pgadmin doesn't need password
  543. SuSE Linux and PostgreSQL
  544. What is future of partitioning?
  545. PostgreSQL/PHP/UTF-8?
  546. Oid Type
  547. The second RFD is in news.groups.
  548. Table name as parameter in function
  549. Upcoming Changes to News Server ...
  550. I need to add a column to a table