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  1. Highlighting Benefits & Drawbacks Of PHP
  2. Creating a simple Bar Chart with SQL Query
  3. Add Custom tab in system configuration
  4. Object Oriented mysqli connection function
  5. Passing REFERENCE SESSION variables (session number, etc) INTO Frameset
  6. Retrieve a Random Image URL From Google With PHP
  7. How to Send an email using PHP for Beginners
  8. how to work with sessions when cookies are disabled
  9. How to Produce first-pair RGB, Hex Color value from a percent value
  10. Setting a timeout for PHP sessions.
  11. PHP - Common Newbie Pitfalls, 2: Supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
  12. PHP - Common Newbie Pitfalls, 1: Headers Already Sent.
  13. Display Emoticons in Your Guestbook
  14. How to minify (not obfuscate) your JavaScript using PHP
  15. PHP: Using variable variables.
  16. Neat way to use Headers and Footers in PHP
  17. Uploading files into a MySQL database using PHP
  18. Making A History Page For BIG Sites
  19. XSRF: What is it, How does it work, and How can you thwart it?
  20. Configuring PHP 5.2.3 with GD support for Mac OS X
  21. Using HTML Forms to pass data to PHP
  22. PHP Sessions
  23. Creating a Data Abstraction Layer in PHP