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  1. this code work on wamp server but not on my site web
  2. What’s the difference between unset() and unlink()
  3. Delete a specific information in database
  4. Undefined variable: con Call to a member function query() on a non-object
  5. How to check color font in php for checking data form
  6. Blocking the address bar using sessions
  7. Array value to new instance
  8. Select maximum amount and name from database based on the product id
  9. How can I create chat popup with php
  10. Alibaba Cloud in Spanish?
  11. Type Hinting
  12. merge two select queries of same table and filter details
  13. Which PHP Framework is better, Laravel or Codelgniter?
  14. I want to select data from one table and want to insert it into another table with ne
  15. how we can insert the select box value when more than option have same value
  16. The explaination of uidf what does it mean and who it is
  17. php curl_exec() method reports Error 500 on Alibaba Cloud
  18. The new communication SDK of Alibaba Cloud keeps reporting getProfile failure errors
  19. php mysql horizental looper in one mysql table
  20. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '$true' (T_VARIABLE) in C:\xampp\htdocs\downloa
  21. We are looking a a programmer to join us
  22. PHP Post $_Cookie without curl to external site
  23. Php registration and login code
  24. Extra record being added to table through subform
  25. adding a reply button to my message system
  26. Is there a way to convert js to php?
  27. Parsing JSON with PHP
  28. How to keep a session or cookie alive after visiting and leaving a page
  29. Addinng data to second optionlist based on first optionlist ID
  30. Delete images from database using php and mysql
  31. Where is the problem of my php code?
  32. Google Charts Dynamic Arrays PHP Without SQL
  33. how to rectify undefined variable in line 35 of campus recruitment system project
  34. Hey!am developing my first website thou am having challenges, Kindly assist thank you
  35. how to run a query
  36. How we can serve pdf using range header in php?
  37. how i cant reverse its contents, and write the result back to a new file.
  38. count function for select query
  39. Is Not BigInt Or VARCHAR (40) Not Big Enough To House sha1?
  40. detect user in incognito mode when they visit later
  41. Avoid duplicate value in PHP MySQL pagination with rand()
  42. i have to validate telephone number in php .
  43. How To Control Uploading, Downloading & Streaming With Php ?
  44. How to display decrypted AES in php form
  45. Mysql Row Deletion Fails
  46. How To Grab Cookie Token From User Hdd ?
  47. Are These Persistent Cookie Ideas Safe And Interesting ?
  48. Persistent Cookie Help Required!
  49. Why httpS Fails To Load ?
  50. Accounts, Sessions, Proxies And Intermittent Errors!
  51. How To Add Remember Me Feature With Cookies ?
  52. Finding Banned Words On A Page And Not Within Other Words!
  53. Finding Banned Words On A Page And Not Within Other Words!
  54. How do I resolve this error?
  55. Why UI Text Box And Button Not Display When iFrame Present
  56. Which One To Use ? mysqli_stmt_fetch Or mysqli_fetch_array ?
  57. Which Suits My Purpose get_result Or bind_result ?
  58. Converting PDO OOP To Mysqli Procedural
  59. Login With Username or Email And Password - Cleaning Up The Reg Page
  60. How To Auto Type In Search Box And Click Search Button ?
  61. Why str_replace Failing On "action =" ?
  62. Why Am I Failing To Log in With The Password_Verify Function ?
  63. SMS verification
  64. PHP sql Subtract two dateTime fields to a millisec
  65. Php code sending 2 mail with attachment - Please help
  66. Undefined Variable
  67. fetching the data from database
  68. i have a made a php file that is taking input from a html file and saving it in a txt
  69. dout on register_style.css form
  70. Breakdown of the design process for a wordpress site please.
  71. PHP URL ID Help?
  72. Catchable fatal error: Object of class stdClass could not be converted to string in
  73. How to convert param value of variable in to byte variable
  74. php
  75. php coding
  76. Json encode UTF-8 error
  77. Serial device control through rs232 via my own web page
  78. useless js and css files included into all pages
  79. what am I doing wrong here ?? order confirmation email received before confirming
  80. Hi IPN listener is not adding an action when a post back received to the notify url.
  81. how to get message after the file succesfully downloaded
  82. TCPDF does not generate PDF file under ajax call
  83. How to code comment box with PHP and mysql
  84. data is not fetching into the combo box while generating html controls dynamically
  85. How can get my ajax method to properly valid textboxes?
  86. Date of birth must not exceed the date tomorrow
  87. if data exist in another table remove from drop down list
  88. Ignoring Errors in PHP
  89. Ignoring Errors
  90. sql triggers for sending birthday wishes automatically
  91. delete data from two tables using php and mysql database
  92. Formmail from Tectite - Setting target email address
  93. Dropdown selected text
  94. How to find out total memory space on server
  95. How to display decrypted AES in php form
  96. store data from either of two controls in single column of databese
  97. Encapsulationg the jsquery in php button to show and hide the password
  98. MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1
  99. Need to use INSERT command using complete variables
  100. Payments not storing to database
  101. Getting last ID inserted into DB - value returned is "array" string?
  102. update database when a file is downloaded
  103. Uploading of photo into form
  104. What's wrong with this code?
  105. Error 500 (Internal Server Error) between API Laravel 5.4 and Angular 2
  106. Adding a search box to a site
  107. I have 3 selectbox ,if i select two checkbox that value only insert to database ?
  108. current time minus the submitted time
  109. MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1
  110. How to security of Payment Getway Integration in Payu?
  111. How to Retrieve Data in Slim Framework?
  112. How do I retrieve output parameter values by using PHP and ODBC?
  113. PHP script for TWILIO keyword response
  114. There the PHP pages are successfully worked inAdobe Dreamweaver CS3 with localhost!
  115. PHP writing a TXT Configutation File
  116. Updating tables in mysql database using table name
  117. undefind index issues
  118. undefined index problem
  119. Convert ID Number to Birthdate, gender and age as of 31/12 of current yr
  120. data is not get stored in database?
  121. Which is the better Document Management System on PHP-MySQL?
  122. I want know about <? =@variablename ?> in php
  123. How to access dll in php
  124. How to display ppt Slideshow from db in php
  125. Is there any way to block ads/popups from embeded video directly on my server?
  126. Mysql update large table too much long time
  127. convert pdf to text content in db
  128. Pass multiple queries to a view in Laravel 5
  129. serial port
  130. Order the options of a select list
  131. how to restrict users from entering admin pages from url
  132. Where Can I Learn Php7 Top To Bottom?
  133. How to use ftp_chmod function using php?
  134. on upload file it get submitted.and submit button show no reaction
  135. why this code show error of T_VARIABLE? How can i fix it?
  136. Can't read read uploaded file in FTP server.
  137. Open login page programmatically for a user
  138. how and where to insert image resize function
  139. how keep checkboxes when dropdown selected
  140. Notice: Trying to get property of non-object on execution of my code.
  141. How to install mongoDB on Bitnami WAMP (windows) for using with symfony 3 ? Windows
  142. Converting .doc, .docx to pdf conversion using php code
  143. Location selector for field input
  144. if same product in multiple rows and contain invoice number
  145. Making Input text editable on click?
  146. How to add custom code into codeigniter frame work
  147. How to capital and small letters array from array
  148. insert into database # saparated value
  149. How to get controller and methods from $_REQUEST['url] ?
  150. ecshop does not run the require_once statements
  151. How to recover deleted data in phpmyadmin
  152. Setting php sessions
  153. How to Link Slider to Posts of Web
  154. How to store login forum password and email
  155. Validation Error for feedback Text area
  156. MySQL to JSON, trouble while creating a nested array.
  157. Find difference of two time in unix format
  158. Where am I going wrong with the function below?
  159. cURL not working while fetching Google API data
  160. inserting the values of dynamically generated table.
  161. index an array
  162. Routing issues with CodeIgniter
  163. How i assigned to key of table other table and return that
  164. undefined index error
  165. link html to its respective php codeat back end and connect multiple html forms in t
  166. how to find how many users are login code display in php
  167. is it possible to create pdf with php
  168. how Do I Insert multiple values of Checkbox & textbox corresponding to it in database
  169. Some time data inserted in database and some time not
  170. duration calculation
  171. Doctrine2Fatal error: Call to a member function format() on a non-object
  172. Refresh a Modal Popup
  173. How to show only the last row of database table
  174. ServiceManager::get was unable to fetch or create an instance
  175. how to display loop in mpdf file in
  176. Need to learn a new skill, help?
  177. SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1267 Illegal mix of collations
  178. Regarding additions to XML via PHP
  179. SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation
  180. How do I change font color in php
  181. PHP Code on browser
  182. So what's gonna happen
  183. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in C:\AppServ\www\hello.php on line
  184. insert the email id its not exit; if exit only update the row do not insert again
  185. What is the best free PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript code editor
  186. Is the file hosted in my database? phpmyadmin
  187. MySQL: How do i know what table and database my php code is work with?
  188. How do I add more than one post id to this "if" statement?
  189. Image mapping in web application
  190. can i get rid of a button after usage
  191. retrieve multiple record data from mysql database and store it on separate dynamic cr
  192. Can't login to my own forum, that sucks
  193. Find strings between {} using regex?
  194. Deploying Symfony2 application, working example
  195. andres-montanez/magallanes in Symfony2
  196. Symfony2, doctrine/migrations installation complains about php version, correct
  197. Javascript and MS Edge behaviour
  198. how to get better
  199. Multiple Check Box Values into MySQL Database ERROR
  200. How to retrive image form oracle database using php
  201. How To put session In My code??
  202. auto generate student id, php function
  203. File can not be moved in Upload folder
  204. which is better php or java feture growth ?
  205. File/Media Manager for CodeIgniter 3?
  206. How to validate checkbox???
  207. different appearance when minimized
  208. php sees html input as a code
  209. How To Retrieve Data After Login
  210. Search data between two dates in php
  211. Full path for include files (differences between 5.3 and 5.6)
  212. php validation help to match email and password
  213. Export to excel in php limits data
  214. Json
  215. What's the best way to learn PHP?
  216. How can i replace CRLF and Tabulation with space
  217. how shall start updating a web site
  218. How can i add chaine caractere in chaine string
  219. How can i found the chaine of charactère
  220. Function str_replace
  221. Multiplication of 2 matrix using 2D array in php
  222. my mysql server is not allowing me to create databases.
  223. Repeating comment when refreshed
  224. Login form advanced
  225. How to bubble sort 2d array?
  226. Wordpress Like Templat Selection System
  227. Call macro VBA on script PHP
  228. i don't seem to find error, Undefined variable: EmpDefaultRestDay,week&getDataValues
  229. how to get negative numbers from string?
  230. Matching a textbox value with column value using php
  231. What is going on here?
  232. How to walk trough 2d array in ONE loop?
  233. First times are hard
  234. How to print a row from 2d array?
  235. max sum of row and max sum of column 2d array
  236. How to understand $this->get('user_locator')->getUserGeoBoundaries();
  237. Find minimum and maximum value with loop
  238. what types of curl function is used for develop a dailymotion video downloader
  239. how to display((echo) count and group in php
  240. Checkbox if else statement for choosing one only
  241. Not all database table cells in FPDF showing
  242. Can I use the same PHP program to call itself?
  243. How to pass array as parameter to controller action?
  244. Severity: Warning, when i try to update am using codeigniter.
  245. Where can I get the PHP parser
  246. Handling arrays with GLOB item
  247. Rewrite profile URL with username.
  248. How i filter the balise start with Fmt%
  249. I want to uotput my images horizontally please can anyone help me my codes
  250. Why is my data not displaying on form? below is the MVC.
  251. Limiting rows of table and appending rows.
  252. how can i do upload multiple files(jpg,jpeg,png..) ans save these into database table
  253. phpspecs is not working from command line, Windows
  254. php , path
  255. Registration form using javascript and php
  256. How to use php_ssh2 to connect a linux service through a relay swich
  257. mysql_fetch_array not display first row
  258. Php, recurrent function is not working
  259. CMS, login
  260. Php, Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required
  261. Php syntax, what means @ prefixed to the php function ?
  262. Php, getInstanceByName
  263. Symfony, CMS tutorial, do not understand where is my mistake
  264. Symfony, CMS tutorial. How to know config.yml syntax? How routes are mapped?
  265. undefined offset 0, someone help identify where the error is. am using codeigniter.
  266. Symfony, CMS tutorial, routing
  267. Make the title of post it's link.
  268. Symfony, instalins CMF does not work
  269. Symfony, instaling CMF Core Bundles does not work.
  270. Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Exception\Pa rameterNotFoundException
  271. chain select error undefined index
  272. Use jQuery to show errors while submitting registration form.
  273. Display blogs in mulitple columns.
  274. Update php 4 to php5
  275. Not showing insert data in database
  276. Code for login gone wrong.
  277. I want to destroy a session when there is no user activity up to some amount of time
  278. How to replace DOT by COMMA in number?
  279. message - windows can not open a radio.php file
  280. Symfony, where is defined the Controller method getRepository?
  281. Problem setting cookies to recognize logged in user.
  282. How can i test all scenarios of firstname and lastname
  283. follow user system
  284. i was creating a social network but , but i have a trouble, please help
  285. Changing follow to unfollow on click
  286. undefined index error wen clicking next page for pagination
  287. retrieve data from database based on my form input, want to display all the submitted
  288. How to auto accept of trade in steam using php or js, any web based.
  289. WEB PHONE - How to create a sip web phone that could call a phone number?
  290. How to use open id for steam with codeigniter?
  291. why can't upload file into ftp target directory with curl?
  292. PHP Session issue with different directory
  293. Validation from sqlsrv rows
  294. File uploading form with data about file
  295. Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in /public/sites/ on line
  296. yii2, CRUD, GridView::widget
  297. upload and download file using php code
  298. PhpMyAdmin How to add the same variable into multiple rows without getting error?
  299. How do i get rows from two database tables into the same while loop?
  300. How do I change for toy,boy,etc?
  301. change password
  302. I need to press a specific button which open a pop up form automatically
  303. Displaying Posts and comments specifically like Facebook
  304. user restriction (PHP, MYSQL,HTML)
  305. in image comparision ,Warning: fopen() [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: No su
  306. directing users to specific pages
  307. I have an alert box and i want to pass message with url using meta tag
  308. php to html page redirection after performing a db insert query
  309. Php login Advanced Validations
  310. I want to filter my data like this ..
  311. unable to send mail from local PC
  312. laravel session logout not working
  313. if user name already exists in data base
  314. Session Timeout Redirect in a php app
  315. Auto Populating another drop down based on a previous dropdown selection
  316. How do i check if a form key is working?
  317. How to pop up an alert from a mysql result?
  318. Contact us form
  319. Validations to the max!
  320. i want to search the database table from the selection made from the form
  321. copy() command doesnt work for file in other hosts
  322. Strikethrough text formatting in php excel reader
  323. PDF content to DB
  324. I want to retrieve the images from mysql list in my php from
  325. Increase Default Session Timeout Time
  326. Need help with functions
  327. php, regex, preg_match
  328. I have a php script with me. I have a doubt on a few lines of script regarding progre
  329. i have created a form and i have a field for image so i want a code to browse the ima
  330. users Pages
  331. Why I cant to retreive image from database via php?
  332. How to stop downloading website from httrack
  333. how to fetch data from remote server
  334. Why does my 'database insert' not work in production?
  335. parent child query
  336. Why is my image not uploading?
  337. Frame Source
  338. notifications
  339. Fatal error:call to undefined method stdClass::xpath()
  340. Kindly help me solve this problem
  341. How to save an option in a dropdown menu as a php session variable?
  342. Is it possible to set the value of a dropdownlist to a session variable by using php?
  343. how to display session varialbe in text box
  344. PHP Getting row from database by Id
  345. Authenticating user in PHP
  346. PHP form won't save date to database
  347. Warning:simplexml_load_string()expects parameter 1 to be string
  348. PHP Insert adding wrong values
  349. Authenticating Users
  350. Delete Button
  351. problem after publishing website
  352. View PDF
  353. How i declare the variable in application.ini zend framework
  354. How can i put the result in table
  355. How can i parse this result
  356. Passing form data from one web page to another web page form with PHP
  357. how to insert string into mysql contains double backslash
  358. Unable to parse XML from PHP
  359. What's wrong with my php query?
  360. Am I using the right version of php?
  361. Not connecting with database , what is the universal code
  362. Best practice for storing a single username and password
  363. generate random 64 bit client id integer
  364. Read excel file exactly same as formatted
  365. Fill List/Menu box
  366. Displaying Data From A Drop Down List php
  367. Natural logarithm Ranking System
  368. Gmail SMTP Limit
  369. login and session management using mvc in php
  370. Parsing HTML With Muiltiple Foreach Loops
  371. How to compare 2 variables
  372. Download file problem
  373. How to open a popup window if login successful
  374. Php read socket stream/push data from local app
  375. Insert data from form to database
  376. Is it possible to set up a Windows development server to run PHP?
  377. Could not check username error, php & mySQL
  378. How to extract html code from a PHP/text File
  379. Using the value of dropdown
  380. My sql connection error
  381. Diet problem solver in php by using simplex algorithm
  382. Inserting a date from form into mysql server.
  383. Issue with checkbox on zend framework 1
  384. Dynamic Link with php content from database doesn't appear
  385. Mouse pointer send back to same text box
  386. this warning occur and record not display
  387. setvalue on element form on zend framework
  388. Mimic firefox with php curl to load https contents
  389. How to run composer on server?
  390. ehco on simillar page after submission of data to the data base forexample user regis
  391. codecept is not working, phpunit , Yii framework, PHP
  392. posting dynamic arrays as distinct variables using java script
  393. Protect pivot table from mass assignment using eloquent
  394. How to update users in the DB by their email
  395. PHP Code being output to the browser
  396. Hello, i have ipcam and i try to check when is online or offline, but always i get of
  397. How to insert a PHP array into a javaScript array
  398. unable to insert dynamic row data to database
  399. how to store time picker value to database
  400. Need to display the body of content while sending mail to server
  401. Phake Framework and Stripe
  402. How to send Username/Password and a Cookie with stream_context_create
  403. Is there a way to see how php runs from "entering url" to "seeing view" ?
  404. What's the best regular expression you have or have seen for validating emails?
  405. passing over variables from a form to multiple pages
  406. How can i prevent users from registering twice?
  407. This is my php code. whenever i am clicking on submit emails are going to everyone in
  408. Number 1 is concatenated to the end to array element. How to get rid of this?
  409. MVC, seems class is not loaded
  410. Server Error
  411. Symfony, services,
  412. Bugs with SMTP and PHPMailer
  413. twig, how to convert array in the object to string?
  414. How to make a dynamic dropdown box send corresponding ID to the database
  415. how to display an image with alphanumeric id
  416. Can you see why I am not uploading the right file name to MYSQL?
  417. How to sending mail with attachment?
  418. Upload file in website
  419. Add else Update if exist on table zend framework 1.
  420. How to log errors in Php?
  421. Insert my data in option(select) or combobox to other programming language in php
  422. Upload image or file
  423. How to send email in php from localhost?
  424. Can PHP connect to an Access database?
  425. Hi guys, I have a problem. I have created a login system where user can register the
  426. Symfony 2.*, doctrine:fixtures:load givesPHP Fatal error: class not found
  427. Symfony, property is not recognised, "Notice: Undefined property:..."
  428. symfony, doctrine:migrations:diff
  429. decoding file with multiple character types.
  430. PHP confusion
  431. How to send attachment in email?
  432. How to delete a file selected by a dropdown list
  433. Creating a form to input numbers using plus sign and negative sign.
  434. Killing a MySQL query during execution with PHP and AJAX
  435. can I save date as array to database in php
  436. Difference between PHP and JavaScript!!!
  437. how to store date and drop down values to database
  438. i want to fetch column name which contain -id-, from the database.
  439. apache periodic restart needed
  440. Can use session instead of include to call a function in php?
  441. generating pie charts in php using the libcart package
  442. php/mysql help needed - if not exist, get proper value
  443. Notice: Undefined index Error. Help!!!
  444. Content Management System with Twitter Bootstrap
  445. Delete multiple records with pagination by selecting checkboxes
  446. Adding a list of 5 folder names to an array with error correction (array_fill, isset)
  447. PhP login with linkedin oauth
  448. Mail pdf attachment gets file corrupted
  449. Warning: file_put_contents(): failed to open stream:
  450. [MyBB] Plugin, How Cache Read?
  451. Warning my sql fetch array() expets parameter 1 errror.
  452. problem with php code and the wamp.Dont know what is wrong with the my wamp
  453. ADD/EDIT/DELETE ALL RUNNING at same time
  454. Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (o
  455. PHP header redirect in else statement not working..
  456. Having trouble with PHP script that searches a database... Please help.
  457. How to get current html page's title using PHP?
  458. Passing url variable not working for
  459. send one table values to another table with new fields how?
  460. Click image and view it full screen HOW?
  461. Authorize with curl and login into a page to parse html not working
  462. File upload problem in website through App
  463. [php][ajax][javascript]run periodically php with ajax
  464. How can i display the uploaded image in that page into another page?? without using D
  465. How to make a static Wordpress site dynamic with PHP?
  466. Variable conversion PHP to Javascript.
  467. Session Timed out in php web application
  468. Can't get the $_GET variable...
  469. i want to insert the mem_id in $p
  470. Infinite redirection in AngularJS
  471. Difficulties in uploading file.
  472. view record using id
  473. update image and text at a time in database what is the query for that.
  474. How do I output this array into another PHP?
  475. Calling mysql from PDO returns error unknown field?
  476. Get attribute value of parent node
  477. .net post request gatting blanck
  478. Is php is a mutllingual laguage
  479. login page php wouldnt redirect
  480. PHP steamed output not generating proper HTML
  481. WordPress Hook
  482. Execute Code in Parallel in PHP to minimize execution time
  483. How do I take information from user submitted HTML form and put it on a webpage
  484. how to fetch data in cake php
  485. radio button validation in php?
  486. getting Warning: mysql_result() expects parameter 2 to be long, string?
  487. Add second recipient to email
  488. reply for comments form
  489. How to avoid php variable moving before html
  490. To alter status "hidden" to "show"
  491. Response Error (invalid_response)
  492. Is it possible to generate a text file for download from memory
  493. Format of file uploaded at server
  494. Php uri
  495. retrieved Image is displaying as placeholder
  496. How to use javascript variables in PHP? (Without using $_GET)
  497. Php data fetch into javascript for timer countdown process
  498. Contact Us page
  499. Displaying "Sum()" in php
  500. Combo Box
  501. mail function not working correctly
  502. Padding a string with blank spaces
  503. PHP calender for choosing dates for a particular event.
  504. Sql query in php put in a function
  505. Blog Tile Layout Read More Link
  506. Trouble getting SQL SUM to work with $variable table name
  507. how to pass php value from one div to another div within same page
  508. How to call a field name from database and link it with another database in php
  509. XAMPP and WAMP not working!
  510. php send bulk mail from local computer
  511. PHP mail() sending emails wrong
  512. PHP or JAVASCRIPT??
  513. Access denied for user ''@'localhost' (using password: NO)
  514. i need to make left click disabled
  515. Warning: file_get_contents(): Filename cannot be empty
  516. Query with "_" in where gives incorrect result
  517. My Google analyitics is showing a good percentage of visits from random sites that im
  518. In my code, .mp3 files fail to upload but image files are uploading. What am I doing
  519. Local Area messaging through PHP
  520. Problem uploading files into MySQL
  521. how to convert php output design into excel?
  522. problem in value printing in a textbox which is in another page
  523. need wamp version support dbf and 2009 supported functions
  524. HOW TO SOLVE Notice: Undefined index: IN PHP
  525. use pdf class in php and mysql
  526. Help with login form
  527. php code executed but not displayed in XAMPP
  528. saving customer details to a database
  529. strcasecmp not working with database value
  530. how fetch from database with horizontally ?
  531. Date math and string conversion
  532. How to send e-mail to multiple recipients from database individually
  533. Notice: Undefined variable
  534. when is send mail it show an internal server error
  535. What does this line do? type var is null
  536. I have some problems in php code to insert data from drop down list into database
  537. Fatal error: Call to undefined method PHPMailer::SetFrom() in
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