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  1. PHP & SSH2 getting console output
  2. Reading file character by character and stored into database
  3. edit data
  4. Secure download problem.
  5. Retrieve value of a textarea with PHP
  6. Log in page
  7. Having Trouble with Storing Image Path in mySQL field
  8. not go to right page after login
  9. PHP hidden download
  10. dynamic server side validation!
  11. can't recover spaces from text put into mysql database table
  12. Data truncated on passing a value from a drop down menu.
  13. What are mouse over events in PHP ?
  14. What does the "<<<" symbol mean?
  15. How to read values from "$newdom1 = $proc1->transformToDoc($inputdom1)"
  16. How to dynamically delete rows from database
  17. cache dynamic page
  18. Form help using Html and php
  19. problem with configure PHP with IBM-DB2 driver for connecting Apache derby database
  20. subscribers
  21. Displaying SQL Query results as dropdown list
  22. email link not working
  23. Security on remote files
  24. mysql error: You have an error in your SQL syntax;
  25. How do i remove this error from my code:Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in C:\wamp\www\im
  26. Why do I keep getting this error message?
  27. How to convert wma files to mp3 at runtime in my website that builts by php, mysql
  28. c sharp script inside php
  29. changing the content of iframes dynamically
  30. Download Table to Excel in secure https for IE
  31. chain select only by using php
  32. About Software Development
  33. how to fill date in input box using calendar?
  34. unexpected T_VARIABLE
  35. Best way to setup a proxy via php on a websever?
  36. How do I get a webpage-thumbnail-maker running with PHP ?
  37. Proper Format for REST service ?
  38. Validate Multiple E-mail ids
  39. problems echo variable, it show as "T" instead of the varible
  40. PHP PDO MYSQL problem
  41. How to get your site root via code
  42. How do I get the final url from a redirection?
  43. execute php script in crone job
  44. pagination problem
  45. Array and Loop problems.
  46. Not passing correct value into shopping cart (wish list)
  47. how to pass PHP array to javascript
  48. How to persist data in multiple databases as a single transaction in PHP?
  49. update database with dropdown menu
  50. Cake bake in cakephp
  51. error
  52. Converting Mysql data to Excel
  53. Skip in a loop
  54. parse error expecting "(" in line 93
  55. Switch statement undefined index error
  56. Insert data into database with oop structure
  57. how can I change category status from 1 to 0 and from 0 to 1 in a single query ?
  58. watermarking a PDF file using PHP...
  59. problems to use php mail() to attach more than 1 attachment
  60. how do I return to a different directory in PHP
  61. phpmyadmin problem with firefox but not with IE
  62. How to write PHP tags in PHP string?
  63. Regular Expresions Query
  64. using .xml file for language change
  65. php form validation
  66. problem about date()
  67. PHP login script displays blank
  68. Can you imagecreatefrompng() & imagecopymerge() in one go?
  69. What have I done wrong when creating this array ?
  70. Insert and fetch value in MYSQL through textarea tag
  71. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
  72. file exist on other server
  73. Imagettftext () function not working
  74. PHP captcha class is not displaying the image
  75. Redirect mac and pc to different places
  76. problem with SSL socket
  77. send attachment without upload using mail()
  78. Replicating class functions
  79. stay logged in & remember me - PHP sessions and cookies
  80. hi there
  81. Code Explanation
  82. check if an error has occured
  83. xampp shell asks for a password
  84. Help for complex query?
  85. Not show all errors,notices and warnings
  86. redirect to a new page on button click
  87. Php file upload - (large file size) - (blank page, no error)
  88. conditional testing - help
  89. how to send disabled textbox value to next page
  90. how i can retrive files from folder on hard-disk and how to display uplaoded file dat
  91. NOt able to update existing data of a application form.
  92. Left Outer Join with Where clause
  93. how can i verify my login name if exists
  94. records are not being updated as well as no error is shown to me............
  95. php mail() not working
  96. how to optimise a mysql table using php
  97. storing into multi dimensional array
  98. oci8 not being shown in phpinfo
  99. can you explain me the algorithm of md5
  100. how to embed logo in to photo
  101. find top five highest value using php
  102. Need help with linking
  103. my update query is inserting a <br> into the database
  104. stop listing of directory using url
  105. php and mysql update
  106. editing items via a button listed in the while statement
  107. Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter
  108. XML sitemap geneatation for Dynamic Big website!!!
  109. How to develop multi lingual websites in PHP
  110. How to make php_gd2.dll working
  111. CodeIgniter Users: best path for css / javascript
  112. problem with mysql, two tables
  113. Why will this session not pass through?
  114. fwrite error when trying to create a file
  115. insert DOB using html form into database using php
  116. how to search using php and sql server as database
  117. how to retrieve cookies ?
  118. When I click on ‘remember me’ and after sign out, when I try again to login cookies a
  119. Warning: Cannot modify header information
  120. What SVG lib to use?
  121. How to display an image in php using MySQL?
  122. From MySQL 4 to 5
  123. Grid view php
  124. populating second drop down list box based on the selection of the first
  125. Need GD Library Imagecreate to display on same page
  126. Form data to email
  127. Coding a Music Chart System?
  128. Multiple queries with mysql and php
  129. different output depending on folder name
  130. Nested foreach loop for array comparison driving me crazy.
  131. why is my text getting cut?
  132. Getting an error "table insert failed for eventLog" any idea what is the reason?
  133. session help - copying mysql variables from page 1 to page 2
  134. Form Issue
  135. Generic Function for differing XML structure
  136. help with T_IF error
  137. 1062 - Duplicate entry '' for key 2 error
  138. Resize and Save an image in PHP4
  139. php asynchronous call and getting response from the background job
  140. removal of directories from server
  141. Upload Excel files and update mssql db
  142. How to capture MSSQL SP output / multiple select statement results?
  143. Hello friends, how to extract data from pdf & enter into mysql database in PHP
  144. selecting multiple rows from a table and printing it in the same line
  145. How do I access my script from another site ?
  146. how can i write my data from text file into database
  147. If yes then echo this, if no echo that in PHP-simple array?
  148. the session gets expired in the php after login by the users!
  149. $this = OtherClass::modifyMe($this) on construction
  150. across reboots loosing eventLog info from database
  151. How can I get a variable containing digits to display?
  152. generating reports and display the records in txt file
  153. drop down populate
  154. how to secure the pages of php by using session
  155. How to insert captcha in php form?
  156. how to apply cookie in php how to store data in cookie how to reset it in php page..
  157. php broken after upgrade/downgrade
  158. $_SESSION array.
  159. problem with hash function
  160. can’t send cache limit cheaker and problem in back button session variable still dis
  161. How to insert image in php
  162. Permission problem in Domain
  163. move up/down a record pulled out..
  164. php MSSQL server logon error
  165. delete the records using checkbox from database.
  166. Why is my script writing 500,000 records ?
  167. How can I combine strip_tags and substr ?
  168. php and oracle on apache
  169. how to delete record from database through html form
  170. Textfield input to link on submit
  171. How can I resolve my form mail script error?
  172. PostgreSQL error: type "nextval" does not exist.
  173. PHP based web site being hacked
  174. Convert special characters
  175. How to get the value of the HTML title tag?
  176. Wordpress Gallery Plugin
  177. Code help please, don't care what form
  178. problem occured while inserting records from form into database
  179. Mobile Browser detection and redirection
  180. POP UP Confirmation
  181. Data not going to db
  182. Algorithm problem
  183. How can I verify if a domain redirect to another?
  184. How can I verify if a domain is online?
  185. passing a variable from page to another page
  186. How do i add pictures from a dir into a table(no limit on rows either)
  187. how to connect 2 databases simlutaneously using php
  188. Serial Number Incrementation
  189. Php configuration in iis
  190. multiple insert inot mysql table commands
  191. How posting Shipment details to Merchant Account Through PayPal
  192. Add to cart and shopping cart not working
  193. PHP is not displaying any results in the browser
  194. How to insert an image into MySQL??
  195. How do we start designing databases for a CMS ?
  196. array as “class constant”
  197. php date function
  198. Implementation strategy: Registering and unregistering entities
  199. how to send hidden variables through URL?
  200. How do I filter/limit the number rows in the query output ?
  201. Express Checkout flow
  202. Problems with uploading file: Filesize is zero
  203. How to order XML while using XmlReader Class...
  204. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '"' in ....
  205. single quote mark error is script
  206. Regarding php!
  207. Retrieve HTML array created from a list box
  208. Can I use max and minimums for row results ?
  209. My php script is not picking up the xml info.
  210. session data / header question?
  211. Rotating Proxies and Lists
  212. Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Access denied for user 'ODBC'@'localho
  213. img loop from mysql stored path.
  214. Display Content Dependent on URL
  215. php not working
  216. PHP Ranking System, how do I go about doing this?
  217. anyone read these books?
  218. Login does'nt works
  219. how to create a subdomain in php
  220. Complex Graphics Generation via PHP?
  221. Two methods of running this php query, which is more efficient ?
  222. What is the best editor to use for PHP development?
  223. How to insert data if I have foreign & primary key multi tables
  224. How to get a PHP script to load an arbitrary text file and return a modified version?
  225. Reloading a page increments my session
  226. Online Exam in php
  227. Not able to access phpmyadmin in wamp after installation of MySql 5.1
  228. how to use php to send fax via my fax machine?
  229. PHP require_once() all files
  230. problem with inserting file name in database
  231. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  232. unlink() file
  233. how does mysql_fetch_*() work?
  234. Is this php script going run into memory problems?
  235. read more link
  236. Wordpress Template changes
  237. Help for Login
  238. image gallery
  239. Create an html table like this one
  240. logout in php
  241. What's the best way to maintain sessions on two domains?
  242. A question about emailing with php
  243. How and where to learn PHP
  244. Configering an extension in easyphp
  245. not writing data to db
  246. Warning: fread() [function.fread]: Length parameter must be greater than 0 ...
  247. how to integrate bse/nse live data on your web site
  248. remember and display name of a session user
  249. Does anyone know of a good shopping cart software?
  250. Problem in understanding php code
  251. How to upload images using php as frontend and Oracle10g as back end ?
  252. can help me spot the error?
  253. how can i extract the values from an array
  254. Why doesnt $_GET ['$example'] Work?
  255. ftp_rename overwrite
  256. How to have garbage collection in web ?
  257. mail not sent when headers are used
  258. How to limit login attemps?
  259. parsing error
  260. How To Implement Live Radio Broadcasting
  261. login session not behaving
  262. Doctrine with SQL View
  263. help for broken link
  264. CURL and login form
  265. problem for showing output of php file
  266. generating 1500 files to the server via php
  267. mktime() Error
  268. delete based on input
  269. How to involve php in visual basic
  270. Modifying .htaccess and RewriteBase
  271. php onmouseover help please
  272. Upload files and provide the url - header error
  273. How to make mailbox in php ?
  274. How to Receive email in php ?
  275. creating registration code
  276. How to send mail from php script !
  277. How to find multiples of 1000 for comparison ?
  278. PHP text Search as in this forum
  279. How to change unix date into day-of-the-year integer ?
  280. Meta Refresh does not pass on PHP variable?
  281. How can I get OUT parameters from a call to a stored procedure in MySQL using php?
  282. How can I parse this textfile?
  283. Why is my script not updating my db table ?
  284. Remember session till the next time I log in
  285. Sql Syntax Error when i did serveral checks
  286. text editor with imageshack uploader
  287. how i get the hardware and software information in php script
  288. Trying to customize paypal variables with radio box results
  289. Best way to store this type of data?
  290. PhpMysqladmin field maximum length...
  291. Checking string for multiple values
  292. Do any of you experts use CakePHP or Zend ?
  293. using input value in same page without refreshing page
  294. mysql_fetch_array() Warning
  295. how to authenticate a login username and password using php
  296. Apache, PHP, $_POST and Windows XP
  297. Difference between two datestamps
  298. Polling Process
  299. google smtp with php
  300. Passing resource value
  301. how to fix edges of dynamic transparent generated PNG images from text
  302. How to create an email box in my domain
  303. dropdown list - help pls
  304. help in moving files from old host to new host ?
  305. How to connect oracle 10g with php ?
  306. Header() with querystring in php
  307. sending email with php
  308. class_exists and autoload
  309. mails go to spam folder
  310. which is the best web hosting in your opinion ?
  311. Inserting text into textbox after submit button is clicked
  312. mysql fetch array not iterating through the records
  313. php form not working with IE
  315. configuring mysql with php, apache
  316. stdClass Object output to a list
  317. Page / Tab Submit Issue
  318. DateTime to string
  319. PHP Session Issue
  320. How can I Display code as text like in these forums?
  321. not able send mail to gmail, yahoo..... etc with this code
  322. php image resizing script (PHP Thumbnailer) is not working
  323. Fsock object value
  324. sessions and cookies
  325. Proxy on website
  326. Creating Fonts for GD Graphics Libary
  327. retain form data
  328. is there code to auto reload images if it doesn't loaded first time in users browser?
  329. generate pin numbers for patients
  330. How to access stdClass
  331. Please help on this preg_match
  332. md5 file
  333. Adding different data to different jquery tabs
  334. form post not detecting input fields added via AJAX
  335. drop down sticky in php
  336. making fsockopen variable global
  337. how to load .php file to .html file
  338. ereg conversion to preg_match help
  339. PHP Telnet connection from a router to another router
  340. how to get dynamic chained select boxes
  341. Display results in one page having link as next
  342. how to insert value from select box into database?
  343. wordwrap, chunk_split or something else can help me?
  344. help finding "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING"
  345. drop down menu using MSSQL connection
  346. Polling in php, ajax, mysql
  347. php session doesn't work
  348. help please in this code ?
  349. What regex do I need to use to make this into a hyperlink ?
  350. PHP ezPDF Class - Tables
  351. SOLVED: nuSOAP returns empty object
  352. database item and apostrophe
  353. MySQL, ORDER BY Multiple, 2nd ARG is ignored.
  354. is there a code to crop bottom border from an image ?
  355. If / else statement inside echo needed
  356. How to allocate in dynamic array in PHP
  357. Multiple file upload error?
  358. Wampserver 2.0 and php
  359. make two columns
  360. Error Unknown column 'quotation' in 'field list'
  361. Need forgot and change password script
  362. how to Sending Email in PHP with special characters using Swift Mailer
  363. php download script failing on Droid phone
  364. how to find if the query was successful
  365. is there anyway to hide php error messages ?
  366. how is this variable can be done ?
  367. How to numbered line when using wordwrap to break line in long string?
  368. Check if Input was filled, if not - continue with script
  369. Edit a file's div section only using PHP
  370. Use button to change PHP variable
  371. How to print multidimensional array?
  372. sessions gone wild
  373. Requesting data from php in javascript question
  374. How to separate a long string to short string with space each 5 character in php?
  375. Link directory template in PHP?
  376. How to force php to don't read $text$ as a variable ?
  377. Convert from Scientific Notation
  378. how to convert entities into unicode
  379. How to store multidimensional array in database?
  380. need help with mysterious array initialization
  381. same query return rows in mysql but not on php page
  382. Submitting form to mysql
  383. cross compiling php for ppc fails: no rule to make target
  384. code not working
  385. File upload...
  386. Your opinion appreciated: a good php foundation course.
  387. How to pass a DateTime object from php to .Net webservice
  388. Trying to access data inside Twitter json object
  389. php4 dom
  390. I don't have internet at home, how can I learn php?
  391. How do I get rid of these duplicate rows?
  392. Is it possible to insert data to two tables at one time using one form only?
  393. Site Development
  394. php and javascript question.
  395. Need help concerning php sessions.
  396. search question
  397. month date sorting
  398. How to automatically insert data to mysql database without submit button in php?
  399. Is it possible to save local system file path in php session
  400. page url problem
  401. foreach returns ONLY the first row of a joined query
  402. view photos in a folder via the mysql
  403. how to get values in array on other page and then enter it in database..
  404. Using PHP to clean up my client list.
  405. php xml parsing problem
  406. chance of php file gets deleted
  407. how can i fix my mail function error
  408. Database table not populating properly by php script
  409. very strange Session behaviour
  410. LIMIT problem!
  411. Ask substring
  412. Session in php
  413. How do I display SQL query results in a repeating table?
  414. Need steps to cross compile PHP for Windriver linux
  415. Folder permission for include folder
  416. how to change php code to
  417. Problems copying image name locations from one database to another
  418. Checkboxes
  419. call to undefined function:loadXML()
  420. create simple article (in urdu language )submitter
  421. unicode characters
  422. retrieving multiple values with one mysql query
  423. Using local php.ini files
  424. Confirming deletion of records
  425. Insert new row into middle of array
  426. Update Item price based on prices of gold and silver.
  427. Combox data selecttion
  428. php connection problem
  429. HTML email shows as text plain
  430. best way to display a word file on a php page in the same format
  431. Displaying data based on URL
  432. mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL
  433. Sliding menu of images
  434. PHP Memory Limit
  435. I am working on happinessworks website and in that i have upload the image of product
  436. "[function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream" error on virtual domain.
  437. file get contents
  438. Can't figure out what's wrong with my variable passing
  439. building location bar breadcrumb
  440. Implement read/unread like in email
  441. remove all session of user with onclick close button of browser
  442. set text while english and persian is together
  443. simple xml and php
  444. php text file read/write
  445. PHP mysql survey
  446. Installing buttons on videos
  447. help:-Undefined variable
  448. unable to insert data into database through php , using xampp
  449. Connecting my Mysql Database with my web server
  450. fush not flushing as expected
  451. Unexpected $end and the If...Else statement
  452. CK Editor
  453. sorting problem
  454. PHP Pick a date + show results?
  455. Get the data from client system
  456. multiple forms in a single page
  457. pagination error
  458. difference between uploading and attaching a file
  459. Loading Dll
  460. How to check the user function existance?
  461. how can i make chess like pattern image using gd library
  462. Get values with .htaccess url rewrite
  463. How to check if a Single Array is part of a Multidimensional Array?
  464. HTML Contact Form PHP Code Please Help...
  465. Script works as localhost but not with domain name + IIS6, PHP5, Windows Server 2003
  466. Problems with PHP coding error
  467. uninstallation of JSecure Authentication plugin
  468. file name doesn't show in url
  469. My Update function cannot successful update to sql table even don't have any error.
  470. C Code and PHP
  471. a textbox with character like ", how to insert it to database?
  472. How can I get client's local time and date
  473. How can I improve this regex ?
  474. Trying to decide on PHP or .Net
  475. PHP script
  476. Could do with a little help with this preg_match()
  477. Rotational view of paginated listings
  478. Best way to subtract one word set from another ?
  479. Can we convert xml format to other xml format like (OEBPS)
  480. How to get input box value as <a href=?
  481. Version number and Build # generator for PHP
  482. additional variable breaks script
  483. updating database using a function
  484. Urgent question : Online payment by Paypal and other gateways
  485. passing variables in url -- help
  486. Transfer data to Pricerunner & kelkoo & ...
  487. What is best way to find 3-word groups in text?
  488. block ratimg for second time
  489. ODBC SQL PHP pagination query
  490. can we define a php function within a php function..??
  491. Php Drop Down Menu Passing Last Row In Array
  492. Freeing memory when using Databases
  493. parse error syntax error unexpected - using php sendmail
  494. Scrape parts of a page (php)
  495. How can I get this link to work ?
  496. php and wml variable problem
  497. Searching all fields at once
  498. Multiple choices .. if / else
  499. Help me with Login System
  500. When the condition is false the statment insdie false condition is not showing.
  501. Geeting error:PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Swift_RfcComplianceException' wit
  502. Tracking PayPal orders by order ID
  503. parked domain
  504. SMTP Error
  505. I need to display 20 characters for everyline from a longstring...?
  506. Problem with my curl download script
  507. When printing SQL query, only the first result is not displayed
  508. implementation of photo gallery
  509. Modify PHP file from another PHP file?
  510. Assignments in conditions should be avoided
  511. dynamic select box from DB
  512. parsing php array to javascript
  513. Creating SQL queries through PHP reading in XML file
  514. Pros/Cons of turning off error warnings?
  515. Help with Mysql database for Little League
  516. How to get html code css inside php file?
  517. Database to lisbox...ok but onchange, I need some help please
  518. about getting form variables
  519. php programme is not working
  520. Site Idea: .exe to .zip/.tar etc
  521. php is not working
  522. uploading file with large size
  523. Delete accounts not working
  524. What is best way to turn local link into complete url?
  525. PHP server configuration
  526. Is this possible ?(pdf with mail function)
  527. Submitting data to database after drag and drop.
  528. php to pdf
  529. Problem using fwrite function, passing a variable as parameter
  530. developing a school report software
  531. ranking!
  532. Which do you use most and why: fsockopen, curl, fopen, file_get_contents
  533. codeigniter flashdata
  534. php mysql and pdo
  535. How to show all main and sub categories in PHP script?
  536. Re CAPTCHA with Tectite Formmail working but small problem
  537. simplexml_load_file problem
  538. Mail function not working properly
  539. I want to write my own web crawler.
  540. how to get DPI value of an uploaded image using GDI library
  541. Image Pagination
  542. Creating Dynamic User Friendly Form
  543. How to run file from php ?
  544. mysql_num_rows() argument is not being recognized, any help would be appreciated
  545. Jasper Ireport
  546. post/request value in php
  547. ahref link with dynamic data
  548. how to sell scripts
  549. Oscommerce strange characters
  550. code that check if some password is good