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  1. I need to redirect to a page only once - problem more complex than meets the eye
  2. Fatal error: Cannot re-assign $this
  3. How to parse XML with SimpleXML
  4. How to pass combobox value to another page?
  5. Odd, _GET variable is missing from my form submission...
  6. Image placement with echo '<img src="https:/.....
  7. How to not display image if blank
  8. immediate help - destroy session while an user is dead in one page
  9. How to convert simplexmlobject into an array
  10. Problem sending formatted html mail()
  11. dns lookup using php
  12. set session out in every 30 min
  13. Restrict Duplicate entries
  14. flv to mov and other format converter
  15. Strtotime and/or Date functions not working correctly
  16. Radio Button Single Result to Database
  17. SEO Friendly URL Rewirting
  18. How to update page after a file is uploaded?
  19. How to send email with from data in headers
  20. How to create a soap client in PHP
  21. User input his/her date of birth and php script calculate how old person is??
  22. why JS's alert() not execute before header()?
  23. How to handle json data in zend while using flexigrid
  24. How to handle change event of select box in php?
  25. problem with stored prodedure :-(
  26. Radio button in multi row and column
  27. INSERT MySQL query always causing an error.
  28. How to redirect a form after submit(form sends email)
  29. track all email msges
  30. dicom library(metadata)
  31. How to create an order form using drop down selection boxes
  32. debugging PHP code
  33. Best Database Class
  34. create new mysql table by html checkbox value with php code
  35. about session cookies and cookies and session
  36. Find dynamic number before static string
  37. Notice: Undefined index:..
  38. Crystal Report link with php script
  39. How To make SEO Friendly URL
  40. Checking URL bar
  41. How to get the exact time of the user's country when he commment
  42. display image from mysql stored in blob format
  43. using from tidy plugin php for clean piece of html in page
  44. PHP_SELF causing problem
  45. How to display the next image from database when i click the next button?
  46. creating thumbnail in php
  47. PEAR extensions
  48. stop resending data when click refresh
  49. I have an error in your SQL syntax;
  50. Wha is the SQL Query for showing the top-rated films involving people (in any role)
  51. How to echo text from character 2-27 in a file
  52. How to draw barchart in php
  53. Fatal error: Call to undefined function login() in C:\xampp\htdocs\project\checklogin
  54. Form Action
  55. Program Error...?
  56. Circles and arrays
  57. Can I update one table with values from another table?
  58. reading a blob...
  59. problem in php
  61. Print a PDF using PHP
  62. sqlsrv_connect function cant connect
  63. passing variables from current url in new href url in HTML code.
  64. Get video dimensions (width & height)
  65. Deprecated: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated
  66. Connection problem using $link = mysql_connect
  67. multiple search fields
  68. How to reply with html email using php form
  69. error, unexpected T_STRING in
  70. How do I retrieve items from an array in random order?
  71. Return to a form from PHP using Ajax?
  72. How to connect to REST server with fsockopen
  73. ffmpeg to flv conversion
  74. How to make SEO friendly URL structure using PHP?
  75. parse error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  76. mysql_connect cannot connect localhost
  77. difference between die and exit in php
  78. unexpected $end error
  79. Retrieve current URL aftr
  80. mypage.php not working properly
  81. Dropdown menu adding wrong value to database
  82. difference between php4 and php5
  83. create link attach function
  84. PHP - Interpreted or Compiled Language
  85. PHP progress bar?
  86. i have made an upload .php and i need to know why this is wrong
  87. Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated
  88. Parse error: parse error, expecting `T_STRING' or `T_VARIABLE' or `T_NUM_STRING'
  89. Including files from a different server / domain
  90. slot booking mechanism
  91. How to maintain array values over multiple accesses?
  92. Why does mysql_connect() keep causing Apache 2.2 to stop working?
  93. What are some good PHP content management systems CMS?
  94. Can I connect to two different databases in PHP?
  95. how to print a username in 2nd page using php
  96. not displaying username come back from another page
  97. Getting html entities into the database
  98. configuring paypal with php
  99. Error in imagettfbbox function
  100. I want to optimize my scripts and need to remove some code
  101. Search simplexml_load_file() object
  102. What kind of databases can we use with PHP?
  103. PHP_SELF not working
  104. How to activate PHP in XAMPP?
  105. Can't include page on another php page
  106. Having issues with php code for a contact form.
  107. database usage
  108. PHP drop down list from MySQL database that will post to another table.
  109. recursive in table
  110. Is development and design of joomla free?
  111. Image uploading code, help me modify it
  112. Find array value?
  113. use loop and in_array
  114. When i use Simplexml_load_file, how can i close or end the load file process?
  115. Loop logic problem
  116. How can I pick and show a specific line from a text file with PHP?
  117. locating document root?
  118. downloaded flv file is not playing
  119. SimpleXML Question
  120. SQL count display distinct query
  121. set parameters in HTML page for a PHP page
  122. My website is infected with JS:ScriptIP-inf [Trj]
  123. count by click problem
  124. String Manipulation - Textbox searching question
  125. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in***holder.php on line 108
  126. How to make a thumbnails from the uploaded image in php?
  127. How to display messages from mysql database in rows?
  128. How to fill user/pass field of a prompted form with php?
  129. need for using is_uploaded_file() function while uploading in php
  130. posix_setuid() is broken on snow leopard. why?!
  131. Content within a while loop isn't echoing
  132. Menu bar link does not open the specified php
  133. how to upload/download vedio /audio files using php and play them back
  134. IVR in PHP
  135. urgent: install php 5.2.10
  136. Distribute array to other array
  137. How to display messages from mysql database in rows?
  138. echoing the content of a document
  139. How can we restrict an area from normal users and grant access only to a set area to
  140. Could you send me a description of the reserved words of php?
  141. which OOP Pattern to use
  142. when to write a new controller in a OO php
  143. ezpdf - how to display a table which is already displayed on a webpage
  144. Row indexing with pagination
  145. how to read a binary file and display in html from mysql in php (not image display)
  146. How to display contents from mysql database in Order?
  147. Drop-Down Directory...Subdirectory..Files
  148. PHP OOP Help
  149. adding radio buttons to form (using GBCF-V3 by Mike Cherim as a base)
  150. Format mySQL data to stack in table
  151. comments within a scrolling div gets cut off at the end
  152. rpm problem
  153. Image upload with progress bar or please wait screen.
  154. PHP Form / MYSQL newbie question
  155. how can i use excel tables, put the data in arrays and then compare them
  156. PHP JSON Google maps
  157. PHP and GD question
  158. SOAP - Unsupported HTTP response status 403 Forbidden
  159. display results of mysql query in template
  160. numbers in php
  161. Parse Error
  162. php_gd2.dll download
  163. Message generator
  164. Space in a preg match function
  165. Deatils of Registration
  166. How to fix the error require_once(...) in PEAR:SOAP?
  167. mysql query
  168. how can i change this from insert to modify
  169. Does anyone know of simple screencast or video for HTML_Template_Flexy PEAR package?
  170. JGraph
  171. Retrieve images located outside web root using php
  172. how can we perfom two function on the same page
  173. two types of user in php
  174. open flash chart 2 right y axis legend
  175. Email validation
  176. using <<< notation within a function
  177. IE does not see external css file
  178. Is it possible that pass a function name as a argument in an other function?
  179. unable to upload files larger than 1MB
  180. How to Delete the all browser cookies..
  181. Where can i get a tutorial to write PHP Web Services?
  182. form data not sending to php... php page comes up blank
  183. Unable to turn off notice errors in php 5.3.2
  184. about include() function.
  185. Forgot Password Script Help
  186. how to change or update password
  187. multibyte string
  188. How to use pagination with PHP and MySQL
  189. Array arguments
  190. Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 503 valid RCPT command must pr
  191. install GD library
  192. forgot password email works but registeration doesnt
  193. repeat password doesnt work
  194. calling cvs from php
  195. directory link problem
  196. Invisible hit counter in php
  197. dynamically load extension
  198. Host says "Check php include path"
  199. Warning: mysql_num_rows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL
  200. create a personal url for my users
  201. php on apache 6.0
  202. where can i get good tutorial to create preview edit buttom
  203. how do i insert 3 values into same database field
  205. Multi Dimenssion Array
  206. php resole relative to absolute
  207. Warning: mysql_num_rows(): problem!!!
  208. Tips on MYSQL
  209. Redirect after running PHP script
  210. file handle operation
  211. how to make list menu dependent
  212. Sending results of an SQL query via email
  213. How to load data in extjs using php
  214. change all output words in a page?
  215. How to send email via PHP when ISP blocks port 25
  216. onreadystatechange not firing in IE
  217. How many databases do I need...
  218. Urgent Question!! on PHP!! It's simple!
  219. How to print sql statement after bind using oci8
  220. credit card gateway system
  221. create image from text and image
  222. File remains empty
  223. PHP Problem with Dolphin
  224. decode or encript URL in PHP
  225. cannot store textarea with newline to database
  226. Extract content showed by IFrame, saving it in database
  227. sending multiple cookies with file_get_contents()
  228. Passing a timestamp to mysql as a variable not working
  229. problem in $_POST
  230. not show sub folders echo getcwd()
  231. Could not connect
  232. question on the php code please!!
  233. Write .txt extension for $filename
  234. Problem in php web application framework of codeigniter
  235. public_html/get.php on line 24
  236. Help? with Coding database modification script using a webform & frames?
  237. when submitting a form php code comes up blank
  238. Drop down box problem using mysql
  239. multiple instance of same 'delete ' button
  240. Using preg_match_all to retrieve HTML data
  241. how to upload a file location from a php form to a varchar table in mysql
  242. bin2hex()
  243. How to open php forms using only links.
  244. mysql/php... strangely not processing
  245. vietnam language support with dompdf
  246. how to keep checkbox checked after click preview button
  247. How to use MySQL procedure in PHP?
  248. load file name from URL cannot select folder
  249. shopping cart project cost
  250. Clear the cache problem
  251. how to retrieve multiple values in checkbox checked
  252. mysql update not working inside loop
  253. Book suggestion for beginner PHP programmers
  254. Problem In Uploading Large Image Size..
  255. automatically downloading and installing an exe file
  256. problem in gif and function.imagecreatefromgif
  257. Undefined index and constants question
  258. PHP Font Help
  259. how to do sort / mixing in php
  260. Extract 9 Consecutive Numbers from URL
  261. php mysql limits
  262. Error .... right syntax to use near ' 0, '1',
  263. How do I search a string within a text input box? (String Manipulation)
  264. how to submit multiple form on single submit button with different actions
  265. retrieve file from other server
  266. next / previous buttons
  267. 'PHP_SELF' and 'SCRIPT_NAME' Questions
  268. transfer
  269. Function doesnt work with drop down
  270. Can I use a php variable in a javascript function?
  271. Nested Object reference
  272. Formatting plain text
  273. about last login date in cookies
  274. Use jquery to retrieve a lot of data
  275. How to validate drop list as long user select from one of the list options
  276. PHP sockets Vs Logic
  277. how to embed image(png) to Excel using php
  278. How to display information from database using value selected in listbox
  279. How to check whether query executed or not
  280. Can PHP detect page load or image load?
  281. Best PHP Login Tutorial?
  282. problem in saving date in database and displaying
  283. query with wild card characters in pg_query_params()...
  284. Add values of multiple selected checkboxes with comma
  285. Access selected value of a <select> field
  286. How to implement DRM 2.0 in PHP
  287. how to display data an image using php from a database
  288. Crawl/Spider the website
  289. how to integrate paypal to do direct payment with php?
  290. convert mpg to flv using php
  291. building an url
  292. passing the result of a click on hyperlink to another page in php
  293. How to make a page display a different image based on url ?
  294. Displaying the data from DB in the textfiles
  295. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  296. php extracting xml
  297. PHP form submit but no email
  298. Problems with the Monket Calendar
  299. help with displaying php content on another website from a different server.
  300. mysql data into form for search display, editing and re-saving
  301. How do I add the values of an array
  302. download & upload script not to and from database
  303. Access denied for user to database
  304. How to calculate mark using check box
  305. Confused about WAMP
  306. How to translate my web site to other language
  307. City State or Country State from Database in select.....
  308. using not GET method
  309. HTML coded text from database do not display properly
  310. How to go next page in PDF generation using PDFLIB
  311. How to call base class function in sub class?
  312. Parsing text file with PHP
  313. syntax error, unexpected $end
  314. syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
  315. Line feed not working in windows (notepad)
  316. changing password in php
  317. Search through website source code using fopen
  318. changing value of empty session variable with another variable defined in form
  319. How to remove iframe malware?
  320. Some looping issues.
  321. facing a strange problem...
  322. PHP local installation without access to port 80
  323. How to open files with shell_exec() PHP function ?
  324. Company Internal Website(Intranet)
  325. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in LINE 27
  326. How to run java bat file from php and how to pass paramters to this bat file
  327. Email doesn't send using phpmailer class via SMTP
  328. send email automatically
  329. Output array values using function
  330. php code to receive image from cellphone
  331. What is the best way to go about learning the Twitter API?
  332. showing data from mysql in horizontal manner using php and html
  333. Problem using includes in subdirectories
  334. Display data in table format
  335. Recieve Variables from Flash.
  336. How to make the path in the web browser not to be seen/encrypted
  337. how to insert value selected in the dropdown to backend?
  338. does php require a database or server?
  339. display multiple image from database in php
  340. is it possible to use a contact form to send information to an email inbox?
  341. PHP create thumbnail
  342. multipart email with php -- multipart question
  343. Error when trying to add listing
  344. php page blank after submit
  345. How to get only the first path from Mysql?
  346. which one is faster isset(), array_search(), in_array()
  347. Dropdown data insertion
  348. how to share a session with other websites(subdomains) ?
  349. database is not recagnized from server
  350. problem in logout session
  351. No data inserted into database. Am I wrongdoing it?
  352. Create a instance from a string
  353. i want text editor in my php coding
  354. Problem in Sending mail and a responce mail.
  355. passing Itemid through Joomla controller object
  356. Php pdo::fetch_*
  357. check textarea variable in a form if there is a url
  358. Problem in file permission
  359. SSH nightmare
  360. tpl & php
  361. prograamming a formular which involves squareroot and inputs from the form
  362. searching dynamic pages
  363. Dynamic Inlcude Question
  364. Pixel Tracking using PHP
  365. Error at sending Email confirmation
  366. Newb problem: "if" statement returning multiple results as true
  367. mysql_affected_rows
  368. Calling functions from an included file
  369. php function to ensure array is serially indexed
  370. Iterating through two MYSQL Tables
  371. how to call a java method from php
  372. chat witjh popup messanger
  373. warning error message by using mysql_num in the mysql_fetch_array()
  374. assigning $_SESSION
  375. Writing Form Data to Text File
  376. MS Access ODBC error with PHP
  377. problem mysql_connect with php
  378. Insert an array into db mysql
  379. how to setup security tab for phpwebsite
  380. Automatically copy a file by clicking a button or link...
  381. Server-side printing of a file...
  382. should i use a loop or write each repetition
  383. MySQL timing out when selecting one record out of 9 million
  384. How to get the file in PHP include to parse
  385. How important is using password() encryption function ?
  386. Notice: Undefined variable
  387. How to upload a pdf file without user interaction
  388. display image stored in BLOB field using php
  389. How to encrypt the code in PHP
  390. Cannot display php code in test file on WAMP server
  391. Email validation in php application
  392. string manipulation
  393. Call to undefined function snmpget()
  394. PHP Web service over SSL
  395. how to get all values from an select box when no value is selected
  396. Manually add MySQL access to PHP via php.ini
  397. PHP lib built too big
  398. Sockets vs while loop?
  399. Error reporting based on characters preceding php open tag
  400. href to pass variables
  401. MDB2.php not found error
  402. Looking for sample SOAP applications to test
  403. Problem with ldap_connect()...
  404. can i insert value from another page into next page query
  405. Fatal Error: Access level to class must be protected
  406. Localhost not working on WAMP server
  407. Using google search engine results in an application
  408. Passing variables to pages via Sessions
  409. echo <<<ENDIT
  410. The php form redirect to the next page when click at the javascript calendar
  411. input and display bulleted list through php-mysql
  412. inserting values from option box into database
  413. CURL with JS Query
  414. php script which can convert pdf to image
  415. single signon using cURL for php web applications
  416. Can any one tell me good SVG-chart library similar to google API
  417. How do I convert doashes to underscores?
  418. practical example where to use htmlentities
  419. Insert 1 million rows from text file into MySQL database
  420. how to assign textbox value as php variables?
  421. Warning: mysql_numrows(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource
  422. passing & in url variable
  423. Searching for a pattern in a file
  424. configuring wampsever to send sumitt form
  425. secure file sharing within departments inorganisation
  426. Attempting to Output Multiple Values through Forms in PHP & SQL for Search Tool
  427. How to know if there is a mysql syntax error from pdo
  428. Using the new MySQL Native Driver
  429. <select> boxes in PHP
  430. Error creating WSDL: no class found with the name 'array'
  431. How to use smarty {section} within {literal} JavaScript?
  432. read a file n convert it to its hexadecimal equivalent
  433. traverse through a directry recursively
  434. How to consume php login soap webservice to
  435. how to generate WSDL for soapwebservice in php
  436. Call PHP function in PHP extension?
  437. What does PDO (MYSQL) return when there is an empty result set?
  438. How can I check the size of an image file ?
  439. MySQL-Link resource not valid
  440. how to combine textfield with counter variables?
  441. convert a date formate in php
  442. Error running shell script in php
  443. php4 to php5 issues
  444. loading xml from another site (not the same domain)
  445. apache_get_modules() solution
  446. Web based system management software
  447. Preg_replace whole word only
  448. Assigning a value to a sql query
  449. combo box value not display?
  450. How to set the font for the PDF using PHP in windows ?
  451. _Get problems with character # in url
  452. accessing web server locally by different ways
  453. php.ini file entries in .htaccess file
  454. Having trouble with Multiple Select box in form processor.
  455. Transferring data from one table to another
  456. I want to ask about integrating paypal?
  457. Easyphp problem
  458. Picasa API Issues
  459. Writing arrays into text files.
  460. Php: passing variable to new page, but database returns first record
  461. Using MySQL value as default for Drop Down List of Form
  462. salted hashing
  463. extension=php_gd2.dll by .htaccess file
  464. Notice: undefined index: dec in...
  465. Getting PHP to read the clean URL created by .htaccess
  466. testing php scripts
  467. using sql stored procedure on php
  468. Rebuild form with origional data
  469. class automatically extended ?
  470. How to display image from mysql
  471. take the user name entered in text box to another form??
  472. How to show a litle contents of articles?
  473. Suggestions for PHP backoffice CRM
  474. Argument is not a valid MS SQL-result resource
  475. Php Debuger
  476. code meaning in zend
  477. how to copy directories/files from a remote directory using php?
  478. Regarding combo boxes in php
  479. selected option value
  480. How can I save this image?
  481. Using multiple whitelisted IP's to fetch data of a single user without break
  482. update one field from one table to another table within same database
  483. with PDO_MYSQL how to make a group_by return an array
  484. How to view the source of a PHP file
  485. can i execute or include a c program through php
  486. Format store hours in PHP from MySQL timestamp
  487. Keep session alive till browser closed
  488. problem while using datediff function
  489. 500 CGI error (session variables)
  490. Add whitespace between letters
  491. Create image in image
  492. POPUP in a php site
  493. Problem using include() in subdirectories
  494. Check dates against weekdays
  495. ftp_put() can not upload file correctly on server. plz help
  496. Removeing blank spaces
  497. using ajax
  498. validating mmddyy in php using javascript
  499. Formatting zero results
  500. printing ordered by query results as a header and table
  501. Change language - click 2 times...
  502. Google Checkout execute PHP code first.
  503. please show me simple php webservice using nusoap library
  504. Error in Downloading the text file
  505. php float problem, 1-1 = 2.22044604925E-16
  506. sending saved messages to different people via cron program
  507. Query Failed Problem
  508. How to implement round robin in an application?
  509. How to handle an exe from visual basic through php
  510. PHP excel output with graphic(.jpg, etc)?
  511. print_r(ini_get_all()); does not work!
  512. Unable to decrypt data with mcrypt ..
  513. Parse error
  514. Open and unzip with the ZipArchive class fails
  515. Debugging php code
  516. counting rows with mysql and php
  517. Does anyone know what this file error means ?
  518. How to compare values within an array
  519. help with query to divide all data to pages (per page 10)
  520. Select Menu and if else statments
  521. post data to form, failed.
  522. How do I replace this line ?
  523. Problem with EVAL
  524. Time redunduncy
  525. password encryption
  526. PHP $_SERVER/'PHP_SELF' Issue
  527. Chat code
  528. How to upload a file using HTTP (without using FTP) ?
  529. from a .net fellow to a php / mysql know how, why can't I can't remotely to a mysql
  530. creating a popup from menu bar
  531. single and double quotes problem
  532. want to insert record from txt file as well as from another table
  533. capcha
  534. Problem with character encoding in mail
  535. Please help with this reg expression.
  536. How to set attributes into request object in PHP
  537. Why is this code trying to send header information
  538. PHP Nested Loop for site Navigation
  539. help with news script with image upload feature (limage not displays when not added)
  540. Saving Image into mySQL
  541. Gather fields under category in loop
  542. Greek Letters Problem: Help for Suggestions:
  543. php to derby database connection fails..urgent ..pls help!
  544. PHP & SSH2 getting console output
  545. Reading file character by character and stored into database
  546. edit data
  547. Secure download problem.
  548. Retrieve value of a textarea with PHP
  549. Log in page
  550. Having Trouble with Storing Image Path in mySQL field