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  1. how can i disable in printing "page 1 of 1", "http:sitename/filename.php" and other
  2. How to save object positions?
  3. How to get page to redirect after login
  4. how to use your own upload.php script with uploadify
  5. PHP and AJAX Session not persisting.
  6. How to increment Usernames so they are unique
  7. How can I ban a username on my site using php & MySQL?
  8. How to remove whitespace from PHP output and preserve indentation
  9. Connection from php to sql server 2005 database using sqlsrv_connect()
  10. session management
  11. What kind of password begin with *9D87... in the database?
  12. PHP on IIS using <? ?>
  13. How do I do an insert to mysql on the onsubmit using object oriented coding?
  14. How to pass variables
  15. email send using localhost
  16. Problem with checkbox value
  17. option box selection results in text file display
  18. How to register session if register globals is off?
  19. I am trying to add a new book to my database via the browser
  20. is it possible to send messages in a lan network using php?
  21. how to completely end sessions..
  22. Forgot password script
  23. Drupal or not
  24. Use Javascript variable in PHP
  25. php mysql WHERE clause Syntax error
  26. How do I dynamically set the meta tags in an included header from each html page?
  27. Email read notification
  28. Process form validations above web root?
  29. Bulk redirection, how to keep text as is And only convert the http link
  30. How to generate a response that matches wsdl
  31. How to Insert curent date into mysql
  32. Pixel calculations in bitmap file
  33. How to insert an HTML page into Excel ?
  34. email with multiple attachments
  35. Pulling the right answer from MCQS system
  36. How to use comma in URLs
  37. Special character (") in textfield
  38. php generating not valid images
  39. How to identify control characters in a url and remove those using php
  40. Getting URL parameters after URL rewriting
  41. Cron Alternative to Solve 5-Minutes-Limit at My Web Host
  42. How to output string using html_entities function inside text area
  43. Getting just day of month from DATETIME mysql database
  44. Search and replace all image files in HTML document
  45. Regular Expression?
  46. Looking for easy to implement contact us form
  47. Subtracting day from date
  48. How to extract some unknown text following a known value in a string?
  49. Mysql data display in a HTML Table layout, with alt row bg color Using php
  50. php script why if else not working
  51. How to format webpage by geo location?
  52. preg_match matching non english char
  53. Selected responses on form are not picked up on 2nd php page
  54. Radio button data failing to be inserted into MySQL.
  55. how to insert array generated by Preg_match_all in database
  56. Function to trim space also removes zeros
  57. how to map form fields to a pre defined form??
  58. How to use multiple button in single php form with validation?
  59. how to create an auto update drop downlist in php
  60. How can i retrieve the last inserted record Using insert and select query
  61. How to output COUNT in php array?
  62. Why does this php symbol come up instead of what's in the php file?
  63. How to return the current password and not create a new one
  64. something like crystal report or active reports for php?
  65. How do I add 12 hours to NOW()
  66. How to compare file data array() with normal array
  67. how to connect scanner with php application
  68. Is it possible to create a computer timer using php/ajax like internet cafe?
  69. Getting FastCGI timeout error... ISS running a php form. How to get error log?
  70. Apache returns 1 byte occasionally
  71. How to return the average of one field of a recordset
  72. How can I disable links that redirect to other pages until they check the agree box
  73. buid filename with concatenation
  74. Get reason for false-return when using file_put_contents?
  75. Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`kims`.`question`,
  76. Problem in getting current page number in this case:
  77. Array in IF statement?
  78. Filter array based on a value from another row?
  79. You have an error in your SQL syntax
  80. mysql db and godaddy .php
  81. Can i use .NET to add to a website built in PHP and MySQL
  82. Check if link is valid
  83. bulk update in php or drupal?
  84. how to use php date in mysql query
  85. How to add rows,columns dynamically?
  86. CSV attach + Mail sending
  87. Limit output after sorting an array?
  88. How to match only a single value in field with multiple values?
  89. Problem with CURL for a page using AJAX
  90. How to read and add to an array then write it to a text file
  91. xmlhttp get + innerHTML + php embedded coding
  92. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in on line 7
  93. How to receive data from my database in a webpage format
  94. php script not working for large csv files(20,000rows)
  95. Three Array values to export-csv
  96. How to change a variable in a URL?
  97. Syntax hightlight?
  98. How to update data in the database when deleting
  99. How to get today's date and compare it with database
  100. PHP session Problem
  101. how to get the updated sandbox paypal site return values like txn_id?
  102. Bug in printing time in php.
  103. How to update a user selected drop down menu value to database
  104. How to post a message from PHP page to twitter
  105. How to delete a line with certain format from files in a directory
  106. How to select more than two variables in a mysql_fetch_object while loop
  107. Random number generator on HTML program - only select 5 out of1-100 and no dupilcates
  108. Can anyone explain these error messages?
  109. ftp file transfer
  110. how to debugging the php code in eclipse
  111. Problem in PHP Calendar Event
  112. How do I loop over one function and then move onto another?
  113. How to store the images in mysql table and retrieval using php?
  114. Add Pagination in PHP code
  115. trying to code a chat client in php would appreciate any tips please
  116. Is it possible to download a large file in smaller parts over ftp?
  117. Apache HTTP with PHP 5.2.14 ,on XP HOME
  118. Need help with Joomla 1.5.2
  119. auto-papolate values in corresponding textboxs retriving values from my database(MySq
  120. Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started a
  121. pcntl_fork suport instaled but not working correctly
  122. Clean URL's in drupal on Windows Server
  123. Page title with MULTIPLE include pages
  124. Search with a dropdown menu by value
  125. How to divide two values from a data table ensuring that it is not divided by zero?
  126. Help needed in appointment booking:(
  127. PHP Fatal error: Out of memory
  129. filter results from a check box
  130. Populating City,state from Drop Down Menu
  131. How to confirm payment in paypal using IPN
  132. Drupal bootstrap documentation
  133. how to calculate the upload time
  134. is it worth using a framework or just adopt a modular approach?
  135. preg_match may not fail on 4 and 5 octet sequences, even though they are not supporte
  136. Display img sec using PHP
  137. What's wrong with my MIME Header? Visi is rejecting emails.
  138. I'm trying a php code but i don't know what's wrong!
  139. Table formatted foreach loop to display images.
  140. How do you email form values in html?
  141. Why getting parse error in PHP at line 20?
  142. how to display counter immediately after update
  143. Am getting the error " Bad Request HTTP Error 400"
  144. Composite controllers?
  145. dynamic object creation by string
  146. Ajax value's not retrieved when form is submitted
  147. Recommended php book(beginner)? internet tutorial sites?
  148. How do I get my web server to read PHP?
  149. PHP form some data from mySQL how to send total back to mySQL?
  150. PHP MySQL select not returning information
  151. I am getting a Parse error: syntax error... need some help on login php please?
  152. write option values in drop down menu in php
  153. Multiple image randomizer?
  154. localhost not working
  155. How can I call a C function from php (with argmts) ?
  156. how to group result in subgroups
  157. Restriction in Adding Events in Calendar
  158. Login Problem-using session()
  159. How is it possible to select a value from a field but pass another value to the URL?
  160. Twitter OAuth issue
  161. type hint method/function return value
  162. whats wrong with my update query it resets date to 0000/00/00
  163. How to connect to multiple database via
  164. Problem in downloading a excel file in IE6 & IE7
  165. image uploading script
  166. How I can mainpulate keystore created by java using php
  167. dynamic data population using html dropdownlist control
  168. "Address in mailbox given [ ] does not comply with RFC 2822, 3.6.2."
  169. php 5.2 and MSSQL (sqlsrv driver 1.0) - tipe Bytes (links)???
  170. I have a problem getting my PHP to run from my website subfolders.
  171. i want submit a form continuosly selecting some values from the database
  172. Notice: Undefined index
  173. importing zipped database through phpMyAdmin
  174. Empty results with fetch_array, though DB cell is NOT empty
  175. Registration with image upload
  176. How to insert radio button data into mysql
  177. Member registration with Image
  178. PHP and MySQL multiple table search query help
  179. How to get variables from FLASH through $_POST method then submit to Aweber?
  180. I need a php age calculating script for multiple D.O.B.'s on a single page
  181. About creating an array at php.
  182. How to create an answer submit button?
  183. How to prevent the display of these 'dots' with opendir function?
  184. Problem using require in a class
  185. how to enable PHP CLI (command line) on a hosting?
  186. Create many variables from a loop
  187. how to pass session id between MULTIPLE pages
  188. How can I check if the string variable is empty?
  189. How I can navigate to different pages from a single page using different buttons?
  190. how to convert a sting into integer in php
  191. How do i PHP code a maximum order limit .
  192. Iam getting an errors like session_start[function.session-start]: How to solve this?
  193. Program not working
  194. sting to integer conversion
  195. how to compare fringer print using PHP
  196. How to call an option in php?
  197. How to do models for car inventory database
  198. Is there a simple PDF class that converts HTML output pdf file?
  199. need to calculate value for dynamic formulas,
  200. how to null code using php?
  201. PHP fatal error
  202. Need help in epub validation in php
  203. i want to create a login page in which one has option to register his/her profile?
  204. connect with postgreSQL
  205. how to display mysql_fetch_array results with a template.php file
  206. poker tournament in php (cant increase blinds)
  207. How to use mysqli _construct with database connection
  208. Last word of string UpperCase
  209. Get between square brackets
  210. Path related problem
  211. put ids into array from mysql query
  212. how to use ASP with Apache?
  213. include every half-a-second a file
  214. How to pass the php variable into Javascript..?
  215. how to get the dates of folders to change reflective of the newest data uploaded.
  216. Ajax Script problem...
  217. Get all (selected or unselected) items in a multiple select box
  218. Why this happen? and how can i fix this?
  219. How to delete emails using checkboxes
  220. How to read word document file using PHP?
  221. sending mail in php problem
  222. Is this a MySQLi function?
  223. How do I pass the selected values from one div to another?
  224. whether 4.2.3 supports php mail() function?
  225. how can i fix this?
  226. the addalbum.php is unable to upload the image any idea what i'm doing wrong please
  227. Uploading xlsx file to mysql database?
  228. how to upload video in php
  229. get wordpress php file access on wordpress hosting?
  230. Form to submit, but also display data?
  231. Trying to resolve file path issue
  232. How to include only a few rows from a file
  233. Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage
  234. Get File size
  235. How to use form values in mysql query
  236. why i get the download dialogue box while previewing php page
  237. How to create a email feedback form for my existing website?
  238. How to show the warning after we redirect the user to the same page?
  239. khtml2png errors on X Virtual Frame Buffer
  240. [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: Invalid argument
  241. & changes to &amp; how can I revert it back to & on view
  242. connection to sql
  243. Dreamweaver and PHP in ODBC connection to database
  244. PHP script not recognising mysql database
  245. Need Help in Facebook comment
  246. Simple Web Post Form Error (Parse error)
  247. how will I going to retrieve the data from the database? i used $_GET and $_POST
  248. php mail function not working? why?
  249. Can't make INSERT into MySQL work...
  250. imagecreatefrompng - Why am I getting the "Page cannot be displayed"
  251. converting to DATE format
  252. can't connect to mysql
  253. Correct syntax 7 lines of php code for wordpress template
  254. Wrong datatype for second argument
  255. How To Redirect If Already Submitted?
  256. How to display the image within a div tag..?
  257. Mysql LIKE Search query - How to get most accurate row first.
  258. in this page, the user must specify his username and his password, then it supports d
  259. How can I get information about some other server called a file from my server ?
  260. Content-Type
  261. How do I find out if any array is empty?
  262. [ASAP] Row 36!
  263. how to convert doc to pdf / image with php
  264. What’s missing with Switch Statement?
  265. How to redirect a website?
  266. problem with format_number and fwrite()
  267. Why can't I get this mail() script to work
  268. Error displaying records from MySQL database
  269. Session won't work.
  270. Downloaded file automatically saved and overwrite previous
  271. Upload image to picasaweb from our site(php) without goin to picasaweb site
  272. How to place line number in the Textarea ?
  273. how to fix this query error
  274. PHP Postcard Notice: Undefined index: Notice: Undefined variable errors
  275. How to parse XML product feed using PHP??
  276. What should I do with funky '’' characters?
  277. Open new window
  278. retrieving data from database
  279. query works in mysql(phpmyadmin) but not in php
  280. Benchmark tool
  281. httpd.exe Visual C++ runtime error on running ImageMagick with Apache
  282. when i run php page the date picker control position is getting changed
  283. insert keywords, tags into database
  284. what is the code for this php prog?
  285. how to print checkbox results rows by rows using php?
  286. can i use php to know file name..?
  287. Notice: Undefined index: Scales ...but it is defined? :S
  288. select strings from a table and return them as an array
  289. litle ajax + php+ mysql...
  290. what i can do hide the gride view form the magento category view page?
  291. php how to write query to retrieve data from checkbox that have been choose
  292. Header Location
  293. google checkout get custom variable at continue url
  294. php installation not working
  295. Turn based web game in PHP - communication issue
  296. Trying to read a .aspx page with php
  297. Php Parse Error
  298. Can anyone help to do timer in Ajax with php?
  299. Website won't recognize my .php file?
  300. $_POST problems
  301. I need to take an HTML form to an Excel file... HELP!
  302. mail not working
  303. update status when closing browser window
  304. how to add values in the previous textbox and display the result in current textbox.
  305. Converting Documents (PDF, WORD) to tiff image
  306. Need opinions.. Comments Script with captcha..
  307. fopen() and fpassthru() limited file to under 4kb
  308. how to save imageString into database
  309. is any other way to connect php and mysql?
  310. MySQL array needs string just simply presented
  311. from
  312. xml-rpc
  313. hey,i m newbie to php.i wan ask how to passing value from dropdown menu to database ?
  314. i had a site that was already built, i had the Domain name changed, now several link
  315. How can I prevent caching on my website?
  316. Help with Parse Error in PHP
  317. y do i get this error? Unknown column 'imagePath' in 'field list'
  318. Categories with subcategories in Columns ?
  319. How to pipe an email to PHP and resend certain parts?
  320. why do i get this fatal error? function name must be a string
  321. Making Login Library... Want some opinions
  322. Time to Decimal
  323. Insert into mysql from .txt file depending on Date
  324. how can print the most recent statuse of a user among multiple statuses
  325. problem with incllude() function
  326. ajax in php Problem
  327. Echoing out subcategories and all their items
  328. How to send multiple emails at once using php mail?
  329. keep oracle connection in main.php form --not working
  330. I need a API/class for my PHP site to communicate with Salesforce
  331. There has been an error processing your request? how to solve this?
  332. Parsing Raw email data
  333. How to use check boxes dynamically and store the choice in a database.
  334. How to Redirect a page with listing and pagination to proper page
  335. Open a file from php script
  336. $_post doesn't work on IIS 7
  337. data not storing into the mysql database?
  338. magento upgradation pblm?
  339. how can i print a returned array's multiple results
  340. cookie related accounts
  341. Empty tables are being created..?
  342. Creating Search Code ?
  343. Echo Problem
  344. how to add an rss feed to my site that created in php
  345. php script on personality test
  346. need regular expression for <a href=\"/default/imp/compose.php?\"
  347. Remove links for anchor tag <a href=\"/default/imp/compose.php?\"
  348. I am not able to connect Access through wamps5 1.7.3
  349. how to enable certain fileds based on previous filed values?
  350. Is it good practice to detect browsers like this..?
  351. how to maintain the selected value of the drop down list after reloading it thrice?
  352. how do i extract values from an array to show on a html page
  353. Class_Name::$_static_property
  354. how i can display numbers ?
  355. using variable variables with static variable
  356. How I can add different types of video in my site!
  357. how to retrieve hindi text from mysql database using php
  358. How to update multiple rows (php/mysql) for little league database
  359. i need to get the client's computer name using php.
  360. Wampserver installation shows directory not phpMyAdmin
  361. link to a child window inside a php tag?
  362. How do I install runkit on an existing Windows XAMPP installation?
  363. how to add data from html table(rendered from a page) to mysql database using php..?
  364. How to search the mysql database using php
  365. How to implement the database queries as web services.
  366. SMARTY template array search
  367. Download file from database ?
  368. how to download a file using php?
  369. png image crop
  370. How to parse xml which has some prefix before element name?
  371. How to export data to multiple excel worksheets using php
  372. php mysql updating a field in db
  373. Locating an object
  374. Create such a graphic with PHP ?
  375. Sending data to users browser by server push
  376. How to verify password stored in database
  377. AJAX post returning 500 Internal Server Error on Live Server
  378. how to export data from sql server and import to mysql automatically
  379. How can I use ajax twice on one page to call different php pages
  380. Passing array of Variables by Reference
  381. Getting started with PHP and helloworld not working
  382. session variables lost unexpectedly
  383. Request for PHP Object Oriented Programming Interview questions
  384. How to find words from .txt file using specific pattern
  385. How to manipulate array data in smarty
  386. How to pass a numeric value as $9 = $_POST["Queensland"];
  387. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ']' in /h
  388. Creating a checkbox array
  389. Why does MySQL insert appear to work but not insert anything?
  390. How to escape "#" character in URL using PHP
  391. Displaying entire row into different text boxes
  392. Nusoap - fix empty xmlns attribute for the response
  393. Illegal Offset & Other Assorted Errors
  394. the query is correct but why form didn't display?whats wrong?
  395. how i slove this "Array ( [0] => Certificate failure for mail." when i use imap_open
  396. How to programmatically transfer a file from linux php server to windows .net server?
  397. HTTP Status 500 in php java bridge!!
  398. Another php session problem
  399. Copying file gives 0kb file
  400. php session problem
  401. why I am getting method not allowed error (405)
  402. Problem with my SESSION
  403. Show latest itens added, instead of oldest
  404. PHP Explode ...?
  405. echo the multidimensional array in the table and echo all the information foreach
  406. having a problem with error message whilst using date/time function
  407. How to update remote databse from local databse using PHP ?
  408. Problem with $_POST variables.
  409. Process Management
  410. How to parse the following xml using php
  411. Execute .jar file from PHP through command prompt
  412. error in com object
  413. Quitz in php with ajax and JQuery
  414. strip html tag by replacing comma at the end of each tag
  415. update xml value
  416. Need you help in PHP i want to read .db file please help
  417. $_POST not working
  418. Variable in url via echo
  419. php reciprocal link script very simple ??
  420. How to insert a variable in a database which is calculated by 3 form fields
  421. how to check IP on the basis of IP Range?
  422. Convert Hibrew etc to Unicode, CSV
  423. Do we need to install any software for using AJAX or it works as javascript?
  424. webdav with Exchange 2007 is not working
  425. how to upload file with textbox using mysql into php
  426. Custom Chaging Page Title with php
  427. System or Server Current Time
  428. to save pictures to the database (PHP) error
  429. How can I set some code to be a variable?
  430. file_get_contents a bad idea?
  431. Acceptable characters are a-zA-Z0-9 and ; in php regex how can I do this?
  432. is there a possibility of getting rid of this error message?
  433. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected
  434. Upload multiple images at once
  435. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE
  436. php - exclude number in while loop count
  437. Is it a bad idea to declare an array as array(-1) ?
  438. monitor computer health through network
  439. How can i serialize session in php
  440. How to send and receive email via a website
  441. How can I keep certain hidden text values after submitting a multi-page form?
  442. How to add phone number to contact form and send with email
  443. Error getting when insert data after truncate the table in mysql
  444. file_get_contents & permission errors
  445. How to pass OR assign a variable to a drop down menu in php.
  446. Adding a redirect after submission, not sending if user does not agree
  447. procmail for invoking php script?
  448. Post multiple items from sel2 with selection in php
  449. Klarna API integration
  450. how to get value from dynamically generated textbox in php
  451. Google data update
  452. I keep getting this error message and would love your help
  453. How do I get My SELECT query to select the information for the 3 ticked Items I chose
  454. How do I insert an Image into and echo tag that is in an images folder?
  455. how can I display more than one image in my table???
  456. how to display data which is get from data base in html bage using ajax
  457. Notice: Undefined offset: 49
  458. Why is my PHP script hanging?!
  459. php,dom, xml
  460. Error: the xajax Javascript component could not be included. Perhaps the URL is incor
  461. how to call function php($varible) into javascript withod ajax
  462. How to update a record using ajax php
  463. Need help with implementing a feature in php based web application
  464. How can I show some links/navigation to logged in users in wordpress?
  465. Loss of precision when using the sum() function in php?
  466. dependent multiple list menu
  467. Why is if else statement not working
  468. Warning: imagejpeg() [function.imagejpeg]: unable to open '../photos/uploads/40y.jpg'
  469. How can I send email to multiple recipents
  470. How to change XML attribute value with PHP
  471. how can verified the champ the formulaire with jquery
  472. How can we get pci card details and its location using WMI?
  473. how to avoid error no :150
  474. UTF-8, Internet explorer
  475. How to use an html list box to populate another list box
  476. How to export to CSV Script
  477. i have problem with php syntax?
  478. how to convert a 'asmx' file to xml file?
  479. search box that searches multiple tables
  480. I don't know how to do this pattern!!!
  481. query about php
  482. how to read file names within a folder?whats wrong with my code
  483. How to pull hourly averages for a week's worth of data (5 minute intervals) in MySQL?
  484. How to fix Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent error
  485. The HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed while submitting form
  486. HTML Tag analysis
  487. How to create mobile websites
  488. Passing java output to variable in PHP code.
  489. AWK error in PHP code:
  490. how to get list of functions in webservices with nusoap methods?
  491. How to echo 4 word from a sentence
  492. How To Populate A Field In A MySQL With uniqueid()?
  493. How to seperate Model Numbers from a string
  494. sms option in php usin GSM modem.
  495. MYSQL Update Query Syntax
  496. rating bar system with database
  497. Reloading image after upload
  498. CHMOD back and forth in same script?
  499. make pdf with php
  500. break text to sepearte strings in php
  501. URL use "/" instead of "?" to send variables
  502. Add to text box dynamically in jquery
  503. The code for PDF attachment (system generated)via Email
  504. "Apache HTTP Server has encountered a problem and needs to close.
  505. php radio buttons and mysql
  506. Problem with preg_match not giving desired result.
  507. How do you insert in to MYSQL 4.1.22 with PHP 5.2.8?
  508. file_get_contents() not showing new lines
  509. how can i embed text which i get dynamically on an image?
  510. How do I specify charset and line breaks in files?
  511. Displaying a blob image using php
  512. how to show a long list box into short
  513. Specific Regular Expression (PREG) Help
  514. mysql_connect() timing out... No idea why... help?
  515. tutorial the begining with zend framework
  516. Flash Cache Issue in IE
  517. Displaying content from another site
  518. How to save Excel sheet data into MYSQL database using php?
  519. Connect logged in username to Chat box
  520. auto populate multiple list menu based on mysql
  521. Php ldap ii 6
  522. User posting wait time question
  523. sms option in php using GSM modem
  524. How to Crystal report use in php?
  525. View only results in table with certain information (only when conformation = No)
  526. changing data in a table
  527. PHP Code Insight for HTML webpage
  528. How to get desired URL
  529. deleting a row (php hyperlinking)
  530. How to create Combo Box
  531. php config for mysql
  532. 19,000 thumbnails in 1 folder
  533. Auto generate text boxes for submission
  534. Display image from database
  535. Using JavaScript validation with php
  536. Apache error "requested operation could not complete" after PHP installed
  537. how to display values
  538. Keeping only 40 comments for each product
  539. How to call soapheader function in soapclient php5?
  540. Help integrating a flash uploader with a vbulletin mod!
  541. Getting error 500 internal server error
  542. Browsed Time Problem.
  543. free hosting sites for wordpress
  544. Date conversion with mktime
  545. DES encryption, (php) mcrypt and (c#)
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