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  1. How to output data from array?
  2. What is the difference between md5 and crc encryption in php?
  3. How to fetch ip address of another computer?
  4. How to encrypt a string in php?
  5. " Notice: Undefined index: prod_rep in F:\xampp\htdocs\isys\products\process.php on "
  6. How to import CSV data into MySQL with php?
  7. How do make extract values from serialized data?
  8. Odd subject line in php e-mail
  9. Select a Item from a tree
  10. Getting blank when hyperlinking in PHP
  11. Can i use break(); and continue(); statement inside if loop?
  12. How to make web application for both desktop and mobile?
  13. How to store pictures from an application form with data via php into database?
  14. Updating a text field back in to the database.
  15. How to import Spreadsheets(excel) particular column to mysql using php?
  16. error in your SQL syntax
  17. Can I post an array for 'submit'?
  18. How to edit theme for mybb?
  19. How can i make a simple scoring system in php?
  20. Posting forms on another website...?
  21. How to fix preg_match Compilation failed: error?
  22. Dynamic Drop Down Lists using PHP/MySQL/AJAX
  23. Sending an email to one of the people selected in a form.
  24. How to export multiple tables into an excel file with separate sheet for each table?
  25. If or While and How to do this?
  26. Php code where is the error?
  27. Screen scrapping
  28. How to display data from specific MySQL row via PHP?
  29. How to pass Additional Parameters to register_shutdown_function()
  30. connect two tables on php
  31. connect three table in a database coding php
  32. setcookie() doesn't work anymore?
  33. New user confirmation scrip not sending mail
  34. In nuSOAP, how to return simple data type having multiple occurance as response?
  35. How to pass javascript variable to php on javascript generated page?
  36. how to set maximum nuSOAP webservice access frequency in php??
  37. Why do i get some acsii chars displayed everytime i use require()?
  38. Trying to get in image on the php page to link back to itself with new images.
  39. Group by Date - Datetime Problem
  40. Zend Framework library copying ?
  41. Problem with converting XML string into array
  42. How to copy/store an image from mysql database stored as longblob?
  43. How can I make this code simpler and sexier?
  44. Need Help Figuring out why my customer form will not send email.
  45. How to redirect a PHP page to another page?
  46. How to integrate another tools with php?
  47. Why won't Longtext data type display?
  48. stdClass undefined property after PDO::FETCH_OBJ using ibm DB2
  49. How to replace particular element's content in xml file using php?
  50. How to send an email to 2 different email addresses using sendmail and PHP?
  51. How can i check that PHP PEAR's Mail installed on my server or not
  52. Is it possible to create a "Shortcut" class to lead to another?
  53. how to retrieve data from mysql via php form (how to pass whole query in parameter)
  54. php problems with ubuntu
  55. How delete old updated images with their Alternates?
  56. How do I return an array from a PHP SOAP service?
  57. How to combine PHP and C language in webdevelopment.
  58. Only the first character shows up after assigning one var to another
  59. Template engine doesn't show output of a class
  60. cUrl yahoo login,mail verification problem.
  61. How to work with Live Street CMS ?
  62. Multiple products on a shopping page, but only last product's option is being passed.
  63. call super class, run all subclasses
  64. How to fix "syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE"?
  65. Does a blank space sent to the browser before header statement get ignored?
  66. How to retrieve checkbox array values?
  67. Why does download script never save the last chunk?
  68. Is there a way to embed windows media player and control its parameters with PHP?
  69. How to editing a PHP website for a newbie?
  70. How to do curl Authentication?
  71. How to stop PHP from generating blank line for first character of XML?
  72. How to get zip code from IP Address?
  73. How to load a JPEG image and make the background transparent?
  74. How to fix "failed to open stream: No such file . ." error after uploading Joomla?
  75. How to receive Contact form to multiple email addresses
  76. unexpected T_STRING in $_FILES['userfile']['tmp_name']
  77. How do we check whether the checkbox is checked or not in php?
  78. how to retrieve .docx file using php?
  79. How to view and open uploaded docx file?
  80. How to skip reading of a content of a particular tag in xml file using php?
  81. Why do ComboBox(Drop Down) values pass even with no selection or data?
  82. How to fix error "Call to undefined function: curl_init()" when opening file?
  83. Why is the data in $_POST variable be incomplete?
  84. How to suppress a value with ( ) ? : ;
  85. How to start learning PHP?
  86. How to pass values from my combo box?
  87. How to increase the value of a certain variable with buttons?
  88. How to insert image binary from xml data to mysql in PHP?
  89. How to replace a perticular tag's content of an xml file with < instead of &lt; ?
  90. How to list XML element attributes?
  91. How to define the speed limit for downloads from FTP?
  92. How to simplify this long if else statement to for loop or an array
  93. How to display 20 results per page, with a next and previous page?
  94. How to use the values selected in a drop down list to be processed?
  95. How to use phpinfo() on hosting provider?
  96. How to query and output data in a nested loop?
  97. How to fix "Notice: Undefined offset" while inserting uploaded images into db?
  98. How to subtract login and logout time?
  99. how to send mail using smtp authetication ?
  100. How to query mysql for data that has "#" in the string?
  101. Why is registration Email Confirmation code not being sent?
  102. Could some explain the syntax of MySQL functions in PHP?
  103. Why does php page output full source code when run in browser?
  104. How to resize selected image from database?
  105. Why the errors occur when more than one header function given in a PHP coding?
  106. How to update the game count within a query if the Raw Score is greater than 0?
  107. How to fix SMTP "Server Response: '550 5.7.1 Relaying denied" error?
  108. Why is the strpos function always returning a false?
  109. What might be the reason to get different values for session id in php?
  110. How to use input data from a form with multiple values in a sql search?
  111. How to clear the cache memory?
  112. Why can't I connect dyndns using php?
  113. Why does email not get sent in this password reset script?
  114. How to import the data of an Excel file into Oracle table using PHP
  115. How to fix "ailed to open stream: No such file or directory" error?
  116. How to send mail to multiple emails at once with mail() function
  117. How to adding variable to conditional?
  118. How do I dynamically update a classes properties?
  119. What is output buffering in PHP , why should we use it ?
  120. How to do password expiry in php or mysql?
  121. How to use array to submit Multiple Values In Form?
  122. How to get a set of .ssi files to execute automatically upon access to my website?
  123. How to execute of a php file without providing input?
  124. how to attach files residing on the server
  125. Why online users script doesn't show proper user count?
  126. How to constantly copy login data from one sql database to another?
  127. How to redirect a 404 to another url same domain?
  128. How to set cookie in php?
  129. Why does this not parse xml?
  130. How to sort the sum of columns in a delimited txt flat file?
  131. Retain Whitespace through textarea/js/ftp_fput
  132. Why is cookie never set after login validation?
  133. How to get the country, state, city, zipcode and timezone in PHP from the IP address?
  134. How to update data in table using form and a checkbox?
  135. How to replace int ID from one table with a string in another?
  136. How to use an array to auto fill a form?
  137. What is extension for include file in php .inc or .php?
  138. How to Install ffmpeg in php 5.3 in windows?
  139. How to fix "Can't connect to local MySQL server" error after PHP Melody upgrade?
  140. Where to get resume parsing api for php?
  141. How to fix "Unable to connect with the server:" in simple AJAX script?
  142. Do parent class share memory with extended classes?
  143. Which php e commerce programme is best for develop a website like eBay?
  144. How to select radio button and then show more options?
  145. Can I get an opinion on this class, and the features it offers?
  146. How to set default value for <input type='file'> field in HTML?
  147. How to suppress db and file info on connection error?
  148. How to share session data across multiple domains on same server?
  149. How to fix "Unexpected character in input" error?
  150. How to use mkdir to create dynamically folders using textbox?
  151. How To fetch a data from the table?
  152. empty() returns false for 0.00
  153. How to insert an array into an array?
  154. onchange event multiple selection
  155. Why won't data in Form won't post to PHP page?
  156. How to setup an autoresponder and deal with spam issues?
  157. How to change system date using PHP for Windows and Linux?
  158. How to use use file_get_contents() with the requester's IP?
  159. How to add multiple pinpoints on Google maps from mysql database using PHP?
  160. security and required fields with php not jave ..
  161. storing database fileson server and protecting the directory
  162. How to code a job board?
  163. How to replace DOT by COMMA?
  164. How to install ffmpeg in windows php5?
  165. Why MySQL won't update via php?
  166. How to get all elements of a dropdown list into a variable of type array?
  167. How to backup database in *.xls format file in web-based?
  168. How to connect web and printer using wampserver2?
  169. How could have my sites been hacked?
  170. How to split uploads up and concatenate them back together in PHP?
  171. Access denied for user ''@'localhost' to database ??
  172. How do I use this code?
  173. How to pull date specific data from mysql database?
  174. How to check email password and expiry date during authentication?
  175. How to convert a dynamic web page to pdf?
  176. session_destroy(); is not working
  177. Problem when create login form with DreamWeaver CS4
  178. How to update a text block using PHP?
  179. I am making my first dynamic site and have an error
  180. Where to download free PHP video tutorials?
  181. Problems with User registration on WebPage.
  182. How to edit an xml node removing its declaration tag?
  183. automatic time table generation
  184. How to change language of the complete website by clicking on a link?
  185. Advice on best method for redirect
  186. How to redirect sign up form in WordPress?
  187. PHP does not work after XAMPP installation
  188. How to create a word doc using php?
  189. How to fill textbox based on combobox selection ?
  190. How to convert any uploaded video to flv as dynamically>
  191. How to insert one item from PHP drop down?
  192. Using regex to add multiple restrict conditions to preg_replace array
  193. How to apply SMTP Authentication to my mail?
  194. How to fix my search issue
  195. Cannot Send Session Cache Limiter
  196. How must I insert the php5apache2_2.dll file correctlyso that apache will start?
  197. unable to upload file
  198. How to get selected index of checkbox?
  199. How to send mail through localhost using xampp?
  200. PDF won't open using PHP
  201. Where can I find script to build a website instantly?
  202. How to display office documents in PHP?
  203. access varible value from a function in a class
  204. Need an Email Form that automatically Emails the user a confirmation Email?
  205. How to have all the pages of my site reference the same HTML code?
  206. looking for a basic meta-search function
  207. What is a default value mean when setting up a multiparameter search in dreamweaver?
  208. How to setup a Browse to Upload a Picture filed in a form?
  209. What is the code to add a default subject to a Email contact/orderform in PHP?
  210. Script that reads formatting marks
  211. How to create pdf files using php?
  212. Checkbox problem
  213. PHP retrieve problem
  214. How to move data to other database ?
  215. Registration date
  216. How to get the value of dynamically created radio button.
  217. USPS Tracking API
  218. Dispaly image dynamicaly.
  219. HTML <option> Tag in a if statement?
  220. Want AutoBidder to wait until seconds left to place bid.
  221. Need help identifying PHP code syntax error for a form I created for my website.
  222. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')'
  223. how to reuse the result array ?
  224. script that tracks progressive pledges
  225. Does anyone know how to create a PHP / Javascript Shopping Cart with credit card use?
  226. C++ back end. Web based front end. Best option
  227. setcookie not propagating info
  228. phpmyadmin not accepting mysql password
  229. How can i Make Required fields in php not js
  230. show data of html file in php
  231. Why does the connection time out?
  232. How to pass array to javascript function in php?
  233. Character set problem in other languages
  234. ajax response getting null from the remote server?
  235. PHP MS SQL connection error
  236. In need of php code to automatically send email to user...
  237. Search feature like's
  238. how to get http response from Java Servlet
  239. Create image from url: multiple problems
  240. How to display data in a PHP variable at a HTML page?
  241. Why record is not inserted in the DB
  242. How to fix errors in XML file using php program?
  243. Codes in Translating Whole Pages of my Website
  244. How can i create a view using php
  245. unable to update database. php mysql
  246. MySQL export into CSV : number cells are not recognized as numbers
  247. passing variables with forms
  248. How to install or configure php for mssql on sun solaris 10
  249. Do you Know a news controler page (NEWS ADMIN PANEL)?
  250. How do you retrieve images with PHP & MySQL?
  251. need help with an if statement
  252. Secure Method $_POST
  253. How to send email from PHP on XAMPP?
  254. I have a problem preventing double booking of a ride using php and mysql
  255. How to finish off a Form post with validation?
  256. Unable to open a specific URL
  257. How do you embed images into Excel through PHP
  258. strlen coming up with wrong value
  259. how to limit the values in array variable?
  260. How to delete a file in the server with using php
  261. Say i select US from the dropdown option it should automatically show all the states
  262. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';'
  263. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';'
  264. Oscommerce Product Name and attribute to PayPal account
  265. How to place text inside a table from ajax form
  266. how to access php application in a LAN?
  267. How can I generate an include with a random number inside it?
  268. How to proceed results from checkboxes and retrieve them from MySQL using PHP
  269. How to display complex array result from database in user side
  270. store session values in same page using php.
  271. Running PHP in windows
  272. How to upload files above 1 MB in size?
  273. textbox data not available in post variable
  274. I have query with anchor tag in php mysql?
  275. How to make a form generator script? Or dynamic generation script?
  276. Fatal error: Unsupported operand types
  277. Search engine with textbox, dynamic dropdown with MySql. Need Help
  278. how we can retrive browsing history through php??
  279. Odd things in server logs
  280. How to convert files of extension with .doc,.xls,.ppt to PDF in php
  281. How to Send Mail with account activation link after filling up registration form
  282. Form validation with both PHP and Javascript
  283. How to the numbers which start by a number given in a database?
  284. How to fix connection not established error for FTP connection code?
  285. How to use image definition in SQL query?
  286. Why is preg_replace replacing only last occurance of target in string?
  287. 500 internal server Error
  288. Unstable session id after session_regenerate_id()
  289. How do I create a PHP form that collates Text & Images then displays when searched ?
  290. Problem With login page particularly in IE....?
  291. Pass var from one class to extended class
  292. how to include remote server database in php ?
  293. Access denied for user 'www-data'@'localhost' (using password: NO)
  294. I need to initialise PHP Variable inside javascript??
  295. Possible to run a socks4/5 proxy/ssh tunnel on a non-dedicated web server?
  296. Does PHP offer a way to insert into MySQL in this format?
  297. How to fix my link problem
  298. How to select a value from the least
  299. How to fix "unexpected T_BOOLEAN_AND, expecting ',' or ')'" Syntax error?
  300. getting Bad Request during opening a querystring file in CURL
  301. How to have PHP create a XML file from 2 tables?
  302. Can someone take a look at this httpd.conf file section
  303. how to use 2 patterns for preg_match_all function PHP
  304. How should I do this constructor...
  305. how to increment a variable inserted in database
  306. Php class question..?
  307. What is my error in the following query?
  308. How to create search engine inside the website without using a database?
  309. how to use two different colorbox in one page?
  310. How to use GD library in php to resize an image
  311. How to extract mysql data into json using php?
  312. html table in php code
  313. How to fetch comments field from MySQL Table?
  314. Is it bad for SEO to put PHP code inside the head tag?
  315. is it possible to create mail server in php?
  316. Dates do not POST right- I think
  317. How to fix: "Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc(): supplied argument is not a valid . . "?
  318. How to get the last 5 topics from a miniBB table?
  319. HOW to upload to two places?
  320. How to both name and $_GET variables in a URL?
  321. php error_reporting(E_ALL) problem
  322. mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, ...error in your SQL syntax
  323. How to convert string to integer with (int)/intval?
  324. PHP code when a link is clicked a new page opens up w/o user interference?
  325. How to fire a PHP function on button click?
  326. How to get time in 24hr clock format?
  327. php mySql_connect() function
  328. kannada unicode entity code before insert into database
  329. How to password protect wordpress site?
  330. What is a response code in PHP
  331. php tag is not working in javascript tag
  332. How to use if statement (it is false in all time)?
  333. Dynamic Variable gets an Array Value
  334. Call function automatically every 5 mins
  335. Selection Form
  336. How to provide user Edit Profile option?
  337. Invalid mysql result resource error
  338. Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Access denied
  339. How to get dynamic settings in installation process
  340. Why on Facebook login on IE6 gives blank page popup XD proxy and leaves open?
  341. I want the values of the check box checked alogn with other information
  342. file_get_contents returning a 404 with a valid and working URL
  343. The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled. Please tell me feed burner
  344. move_uploaded_file working fine locally but not in server
  345. I want the values of the check box checked alogn with other information
  346. Build dynamic table with 4 columns at most
  347. I need help if PHP operators
  348. How do I invoke super class's method within subclass's method?
  349. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting ')'
  350. How do I get my WP front page to refresh after quick press widget?
  351. Notice: Undefined variable: db_host in C:\wamp\www\cbmall\index.php on line 7
  352. Why won't this PHP/Javascript form POST to my MYSQL database?
  353. Fcgi with Apache worker module
  354. How can i validate a select option data?
  355. is it possible function available to use multiple headers in a page
  356. Inserting image and on clicking goes to another http page
  357. How to parse nested xml into php?
  358. best way to translate a backoffice
  359. How to fix Parse error in PHP code?
  360. How to store the data into an array in numeric form?
  361. code shows up as code on webpage instead of executing...
  362. Why can't I set this cookie?
  363. Why is directory with permissions 777 not writable?
  364. How to Connect SQL database from server2005 over dyndns in php?
  365. Is it better to display an error if user input is invalid or automatically fix it?
  366. What is the best PHP UI Layer - Open Source - that can support Data Grids and others?
  367. PHP Pagination and POST/SESSION variables problem
  368. How to Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in . . .?
  369. Change the text in nav tab
  370. reset array pointer weird behavior
  371. Family Tree Using PHP
  372. Is there script for testing any kind of a php file?
  373. How does one change the <title> for each page to show in navbar?
  374. I have problem in sending message in contact us form
  375. require_once and direct script access security
  376. How to create an editable datagrid in php
  377. php mail not working
  378. What is the SWIG behaviour when I refresh a Php page ?
  379. Facebook login integration on my site
  380. How to send free SMS from a website?
  381. how to set session timeout in php.ini file?
  382. Another One of Those T_DNUMBER Errors
  383. mysql_connect() doing nothing at all
  384. I'm a novice at PHP! For every code I write for the file it never works why is this?
  385. How to insert characters like or in a PHP file
  386. 2 drop down filters not working
  387. Calling function
  388. I want to display just the state with last, first, areacode and phone number
  389. how do I get user id from radio button name in an array. The value is a variable
  390. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING
  391. Help In Object of class could not be converted to string
  392. How to remove the error Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in
  393. How to Find out the current USER/GROUP of the php script
  394. How to call xml from php file to another file
  395. How to create a feedback form in my website?
  396. PHP is the Delivery Boy
  397. How do I select this type of data using MySQL and PHP?
  398. detecting orignal file format
  399. Get Information Over LAN
  400. How can I include a file betweeen <td> tag?
  401. i am trying to switch array value but i get this error message: Undefined offset 2
  402. error with mysql_fetch_assoc()
  403. How to retrieve CPU information Using IP address?
  404. When my query is returned and posted in a text box only one word is posted
  405. uppercase surname with apostrophe in php
  406. How to send info across domains? cookie, header redirect, etc.
  407. How to receive data via POST from paypal?
  408. How to create report generation using php codes
  409. How to upload files via a php script on a plesk server?
  410. How to keep a session alive from an iPhone?
  411. How to count & rank words from PDF files?
  412. How to insert data in PHP without the extra character ''
  413. How many Checkbox associated to Select Multiple?
  414. How to use checkbox to select items retrieved from a query?
  415. how can change the control of aPHP code to JS code write in same program?
  416. How to download an image saved in mysql?
  417. How to get the check box value using POST method in PHP ?
  418. How to know where to direct the php form and where to place in html?
  419. How to save radio button data in a database and extract it?
  420. How to get strtotime() to recognise dd/mm/yy?
  421. How to redirect user back to their original search result
  422. How to fix parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in
  423. How to collect data which is in table at web page?
  424. How to redirect the user to a specifed page
  425. How to fix: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF
  426. How to refresh login page after hitting back button results unwanted login
  427. How to change the time format of RSS feeds in php?
  428. How to get exec function to run image creation command
  429. How to Extract a website from a string / plain text?
  430. How to upload a predefined filename on a server with PHP
  431. What is the proper Syntax for if statements in regards to checkboxes
  432. Function in php to update session using two parameters?
  433. is header sent already?
  434. Data not showing up in database but can be extracted as usual
  435. Call to undefined method
  436. image files not displaying
  437. how to run a C++ .exe file on server through a hyperlink using php?
  438. How to Open a new webpage in new window after 10 seconds in php?
  439. How to intercept calls to the variable?
  440. How to check specific words in a textarea?
  441. How to compare values in associative array
  442. Why is the feedback form is not submmiting
  443. How to export the data from php to CSV
  444. How to build an auto suggest Search Function same as google
  445. How to create a web service to call xml
  446. how to export from php website to excel
  447. How to fix error with mail function
  448. how to reset a session variable at logout?
  449. Which version of PHP should I use with IIS7 and SQL Server 2008?
  450. How to fix my date problem
  451. Payment Standard & notify_url
  452. how to convert time from (yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss) this format to simply (hh:mm:ss) ?
  453. require_once() error prompt suddenly
  454. Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required
  455. OOP calling static method of unknown class
  456. How to convert span tags in a String?
  457. How to display name instead of 'Array' when displaying multidimensional array in form
  458. Using css to alternate dynamic table row colors
  459. insert php array into mysql
  460. Is the speed of PHP Sockets good enough for a chat server?
  461. How to compare your dates in database mysql?
  462. What am I doing wrong with the rating code?
  463. How can i make this code 100% sql injection prove?
  464. How to display answers based on drop down selection?
  465. How to access cookies strip out comma and replace?
  466. How to find a maximum price
  467. how to store user login time?
  468. how to find the difference between two times in PHP?
  469. How to grab screenshot of website through PHP?
  470. php inside an "if"
  471. How to update database tuples from web page?
  472. They say CURL is causing the problem
  473. How to access the database field using PHP and display it in webpage?
  474. Why is Wamp Server not letting me access MySql via PHP?
  475. How to handle an uploaded file without using separate script file
  476. how to create a mysql table (n fields) from n substrings of another table (1 field)
  477. Change database from mysql 4 to mysql 5 affects my calendar event page
  478. problem in displaying images from database
  479. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting T_CATCH
  480. How to find the system is idle using php?
  481. Coding Help :: PHP & Wordpress using categories and custom fields referencing dates
  482. Why can't pages ending in .php be viewed?
  483. How to use a value from a drop-down as a filter in a SELECT query?
  484. Automatic Login to websites where form action = 'relative path'
  485. Read blob over ODBC from db2 to file
  486. PHP myadmin not working
  487. Search by drop down list and checkbox
  488. Undefined index: client_firstname in C:\Program Files\EasyPHP-5.3.3\www\client_search
  489. <input type="radio" name="a<?php echo $i;?>" value="good">good
  490. PHP Send Mail Error with Multi-Line Messages
  491. Pre-selected Option of a Select, coming from different page?
  492. How to grab image from variable in URL
  493. I want to send email using php ... But it is giving an error.
  494. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in /home/gree
  495. How to shuffle an array?
  496. Why sessions aren't working on a php login page for admins
  497. Creating a PHP API?
  498. Apache hangs when executing svn update from PHP
  499. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL
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