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  1. help converting php code to c#?
  2. where to look when mysql_query returns false?
  3. mysql issues (no real group for mysql)
  4. what the heck does "permissions 33279" mean?
  5. New ITX (HTML_Template_ITX) user needs help!
  6. Method Not Allowed The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /rob.html.
  7. require_once() not foolproof for me, still getting class redeclaration errors
  8. array_count_values
  9. PHP Stops
  10. Stuck With Oracle
  11. htmentities does not translate german "umlaute"
  12. WS-Security
  13. Sending email from my php registration
  14. break a string into an array of characters
  15. Can a control statement go within a mail() function?
  16. focus my edit box when page loads
  17. Passing Variable Length Argument List to Parent
  18. Setting up a page that will intercept all pages that do not already exist?
  19. SWITCH with a $_GET
  20. Connection Character Set MySQLi
  21. PHP5, Windows Installer and MySQL
  22. Mysterious problem with INSERT query
  23. php and corba
  24. Which PHP versions support MySql 4.1?
  25. PHP Classes
  26. Obtaining file attribute - title, PDF, Word, Excel
  27. PHP Classes
  28. image quality (using GD library)
  29. What is best way to spit numbers into an array?
  30. Session varibable problem, please help
  31. import_request_variables isn't importing my changes to my globals
  32. Sending emails to a large group
  33. Simple question about Next and Previous
  34. Keep DB Connection Alive
  35. Exporting csv file
  36. PHP Mysql Creating a Subform
  37. ASP Form Security
  38. Help with mail using php and apache on windows XP
  39. Having problem senidng E-mail using PHP and apache
  40. Dealing with Dates
  41. Need opposite of array()
  42. MySQL - Delete across two tables. OT
  43. How to send username/password to htaccess?
  44. check site
  45. Help: FTP Client using socks proxy
  46. No mysql when running phpinfo.PHP???
  47. PHP5 DOMDocument: specifying encoding programmatically
  48. gethostbyaddr returns IP
  49. What is being sent to server?
  50. checking if image generation is supported and image resize
  51. $HTTP_SERVER_VARS['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] - getting all GET vars too?
  52. WHats wrong with this code
  53. generating a css file incude using $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'];
  54. change using str_replace then parse php
  55. Fatal error: Session variable IsAdminLoggedIn is not globally defined
  56. changing the include standard error message
  57. too much if() and stuff at top of page? - or is there a more efficient way?
  58. FTP Function just wont work! help!
  59. trouble using variable in fopen
  60. PHP Database Connections
  61. I want to edit the table content from www level.
  62. Parse Ini File
  63. simple eregi not working (PEBCAK)
  64. how to find if domain name exists
  65. Need some recommended books for PHP.
  66. reading zip file contents
  67. How to get MySQL to work with PHP?
  68. how to count max in SQL?
  69. Phantom Session Variables
  70. ocifetchstatement performance
  71. problems with sorting an array
  72. cannot load mysql extension
  73. Input string and date format
  74. mysql_real_escape_string addslashes....
  75. Getting there with ereg() but..........
  76. CURL form posting to self referencing form action
  77. HTTPS authentication
  78. PHP, Visitor IP address and invisible proxies
  79. Capturing PERL script output into PHP variable
  80. Problem with include
  81. Server directory monitoring with PHP & cron ?
  82. Converting from MySQL commands to Oracle: HELP!
  83. Off-the-Shelf PHP Solutions - Dynamic Image Creation
  84. MySQL5 & PHP5
  85. PHP5 SOAP not adding namespace to parameters
  86. Window's property resets on refresh!? can it be preserved???
  87. HTTP Authentication with multiple attempts
  88. Set Path in *nix
  89. changing the values of xml nodes using PHP
  90. paypal and oscommerce question
  91. Help with email address validation using eregi()
  92. Where to publish a script?
  93. Help with navigation
  94. phpinfo system and build date
  95. URL hiding ...
  96. complete newby who is keen to make a search page
  97. Detect javascript
  98. right button click on any URL posts that url to a server-side form
  99. Are you looking for work?
  100. Flash embeded in PHP file accessing Mysql database....HELP
  101. phpBB forum, pjirc chat and connected users...
  102. Strings are being cut off
  103. License Question
  104. [PHP5 & DOM] element extracted from doc suddenly not found in insertBefore() -- NS problem
  105. Style class css or PHP?
  106. PHP Editor/IDE
  107. Beginner in php. Where to start? help
  108. metaphone(), levanshtein() and similar text
  109. include
  110. Drop down menu redirection
  111. dynamic dropdown box
  112. Complicated Php
  113. Import/export problem with CSV/PHP/MySQL
  114. Serving files and redirecting using headers.
  115. reading an html file into a string
  116. Difference between $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] and $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']
  117. is there a quick way to remove non numeric chars
  118. php 4 or 5?
  119. PHP & Cookies
  120. SQL not returning value even though it's there...
  121. 2 column listings
  122. Opening php Script for Execution
  123. Interactive PHP shell - can it be done?
  124. Limit on the size of an array in $_SESSION?
  125. Writing cookie to disk
  126. trouble with set_error_handler()
  127. Buy Programming Books
  128. trouble with preg_match
  129. upload and unzip on server
  130. htmlspecialchars() problem
  131. PHP send mail with attachment problem. help
  132. How to stop multiple Log In's under the same Username
  133. upload a csv into a database
  134. Need a script to tell me where a hyperlink originated
  135. Which Version to Learn On
  136. PHP redirection
  137. identify visitor's country
  138. Soecial thumbnail creation with GD
  139. Two complaints about phpBB
  140. PHP+MSSQL
  141. Odd data column display problems
  142. History mechanisms [was: browser cache question.]
  143. Pear DB for PHP 4.3.6 & MySQL 3.23.49
  144. getting started
  145. create new record with rs.addnew
  146. MySQL and PHP (Windows)
  147. Web based IDE?
  148. mail error when using PHP
  149. Breaking up a string into individual words
  150. problem when outputting an xml file using php
  151. move records (change sort order)
  152. time based actions
  153. sync my mysql database with outlook calender and contact
  154. JavaScript and PHP
  155. Insert Spaces
  156. Suggesting available username
  157. PHP vs. ASP
  158. PHP with Informix database
  159. Problem with Firefox/Mozilla and Cookies.
  160. ftp always puts 1kb file on server
  161. Dynamic Images
  162. Dynamic Images
  163. get class name of static method
  164. PHP Post, then HTML Post?
  165. Reload.
  166. Loop Through GET and POST Variables
  167. ASP's Equivalent of the Get Last Error() function
  168. 500100 pages
  169. insert query in sql server
  170. Reports in PHP
  171. Dealing with Word special characters
  172. dynamic $_POST - help please
  173. ecplise plugin
  174. Simpel event calendar for a school website
  175. Teaching a Crawler to Identify a Blog
  176. max number of processes
  177. Parsing $_SERVER array problem
  178. Editing a post in Character Replacing. Is this possible in PHP?
  179. RESULT: comp.databases.mysql
  180. CSV parsing
  181. eMails durch PHP mit digitaler Signatur
  182. how to manipulate text variable
  183. MySQL link, PLEASE help!?!?
  184. Any Php5 help for a newb
  185. Compile PHP4 with SNMP
  186. how do I check against the PHP version?
  187. header() for download - pb in ns7
  188. How can I recognise a <BR>
  189. Hex to floating point
  190. Downloadscript und Norton Firewall
  191. RFD: comp.databases.mysql
  192. How to obscure database info in PHP pages
  193. Using an array to insert data into a table.
  194. mysql_connect failed in apache 5.0.22
  195. Correct syntax for table variable names containing a space
  196. How to create a downloadable windows shortcut using PHP?
  197. Optional By Ref Argument?
  198. empty $FILES
  199. Script Dying At include()
  200. I found this great little site
  201. PHP + MS Access + How to increase the speed scripts are executed at.
  202. Optimise Counting Query
  203. Using arrays in a global scope.
  204. method for addresses masking
  205. missing charset or bung server settings?
  206. simple query question
  207. Meta-tag Redirect?
  208. Any math guru's out there?
  209. how do I name an image when I create it?
  210. To abstract or not
  211. How to print directly from PHP code using CUPS?
  212. Intermittent Session Errors
  213. Page reload
  214. checking room availability for hotel booking system
  215. sorting roman numbers
  216. Replacing words in a string
  217. how do i INSERT a value that contains a variable into a mySQL database?
  218. Is PHP the easier web programming language?
  219. Is PHP the easier web programming language?
  220. PHP: The next step for me (Much rambling)
  221. Static CMS
  222. email activating a web page impossible?
  223. PHP and download problems...
  224. Create mask for textbox?
  225. how to get massive amounts of info from the database?
  226. PHP includes vs .shtml SSI's
  227. Is there a function which returns the line number at which the cursor is?
  228. read a value written in the first tab of the last line of a text file where values are separated by "\t"?
  229. "\n" does not break the line in Notepad
  230. image magick and mogrify
  231. business potential of PHP/MySQL
  232. Programista PHP/MySQL do WSPOLPRACY poszukiwany
  233. How to include configuration data
  234. Best books
  235. blog software with login
  236. Simple POST?
  237. OT? Split variable, then POST?
  238. Copy Selection? from .chm
  239. E-Mailing examples help.
  240. Errors returned by System()function
  241. local error log is not working
  242. mysql_insert_id
  243. netcasting
  244. valid rss feeds?
  245. What do you think of this way of doing DB in PHP?
  246. Client-side function to resize ".jpg" images
  247. php5 cli on pocket pc possible?
  248. Round and Ceil problem
  249. SunONE 6.1 / PHP 4.3.8 / Solaris 8 -> _db_return_ errors in log files
  250. PHP Upload ! Storing Image data in MySQL
  251. usort() Behavior?
  252. When to use single or double quotes
  253. CSWS 2 (apache) / PHP 1.2 (php 4.2.3) / Oracle 9i OCI8 connectivity under OpenVMS
  254. Advice - Script Search site with over 100,000 resources
  255. PHP error message page
  256. permissions problem with unlink()
  257. fputs() never puts!
  258. session
  259. file upload - not so simple...
  260. Segmentation Fault in PHP???
  261. Begininger to PHP, requesting a little help
  262. Retrieve php content from mysql
  263. Looking for a ICQ PHP Friend
  264. Error on 'make install'
  265. PHP/MySQL fulltext search relevancy formula update
  266. Uploading a file without a form????
  267. can I "dispose" of an array?
  268. No output in calling HTML ?
  269. Programming help
  270. Help with MYSQL and PHPBB on Server 2003 Standard
  271. PHP session on IIS
  272. unexpected cli behavior
  273. session variables?
  274. 63127 Mining the Web :Searches with Kriging, Inverse DistanceWeighting, eigenVectors and Cross-Pollination 63127
  275. php blob - display in html table
  276. No Input file specified
  277. MySQL backup
  278. No Privlages for phpMyAdmin
  279. Directory listing with file info
  280. problems loading libgd2
  281. Php function run twice, why?
  282. PHP5
  283. convert a jpg image to a favicon, is it possible?
  284. timer in php script
  285. quotations problem with echo("") command
  286. Default parameter
  287. instantiating a database object?
  288. PHP to create CSV that Excel can read
  289. Dump image object information
  290. Regex for checking Email format?
  291. $_SERVER['HTTPS'] - undocumented feature?
  292. Have been hacked ????
  293. ODBC ressources problem when installing PWS
  294. get windows client login
  295. Sending multipart html emails with PHP script
  296. how to unzip a file?
  297. Popuo window and loader refresh.
  298. "Class '1' not found" - caused by mysql_fetch_object!
  299. Grab all XML of Node (PHP5)
  300. Looking for a good project management program
  301. is this possible?
  302. js array -> php array
  303. using parse_ini_file() in safe mode
  304. Authorization NTLM and PHP
  305. Upload Script: Setting Permissions on Windows NT
  306. HTML file generation with PHP.
  307. Account with php.
  308. PHP and FORMs
  309. Parsing variable with <a href>
  310. Problem with class constructor
  311. WinXP SP2,Apache 2.0.52, MySQL 5.0.0, PHP 5.01
  312. php4.3.9 - apache 2.0.55-mysql 4.0.16
  313. Help with variables and POST
  314. Absolute root path
  315. PHP script needed
  316. Enabling PHP error log
  317. browsing the files of a folder online
  318. Array Problems
  319. Regular Expressions help!
  320. extension PHP Qt
  321. Removing ToolBar from browser...?
  322. Keeping window open after running php file from the command line?
  323. Home automation
  324. PHP File Upload Problem
  325. ftp_get problem
  326. No Permissions
  327. Memory Leak ?
  328. Using PHP to calculate MySQL fulltext relevancy scores by hand
  329. Running PHP 4 and PHP 5 together as modules, same Apache
  330. what is wrong with this piece of code
  331. locate mouse cursor
  332. mysql_pconnect() not defined
  333. Apache.exe running twice before started (XP)
  334. php/mysql programmer wanted
  335. how to send mail, that nobody sees the adress
  336. Always local Time & date format?
  337. Capturing results of a Form Submission
  338. select and echo problem
  339. Optimising MySQL queries against huge databases?
  340. Missing something in passing form variables
  341. Multiple database crosstab MYSQL & PHP
  342. Test whether string is valid integer
  343. Why ???
  344. How to store HTML code (with " ", ' ') inside a variable in php script?
  345. greenhorn question
  346. auto detect CLI
  347. Php / Apache / OS X Server 10.3.6
  348. Thanks to all that helped!
  349. GD Installation problem
  350. Can't figure out the error.
  351. Browser caching ?
  352. game freaks - game like utopia
  353. ZLib: Use gzuncompress (PHP) after compress (C++)
  354. zip_open + PHP 5
  355. select and then perform task (PHP and MySQL)
  356. zip_open + PHP 5
  357. php on html?
  358. Is it possible to enforce changed in php.ini without re-booting (w2k)?
  359. Include files not working on PHP documents in Frontpage 2003
  360. script doesn't terminate
  361. Graphics in Web pages
  362. Have PHP start a background thread/process
  363. Help Understanding Arrays
  364. Character Encoding Issues
  365. GD/PHP 4/Apache 2/WinXP Pro problem
  366. Finding Parts of Speech (Grammar)
  367. Is this Possible - PHP/MySQL
  368. word-frequency program - Language Shootout
  369. Error in trying to pass large amount of data in textarea?
  370. Does PHP need the .php extension ?
  371. Currying a function
  372. DB Error: mismatch
  373. MySQL backup w/o dump?
  374. String replace help
  375. file_exists alway returns false
  376. Variablenübergabe mit method="post"
  377. The "@" preceding xslt_process()
  378. framework for creating forms, phplib good, are there any options?
  379. PHP for everything ?
  380. Transferring a MySQL database from local PC onto an ISP server
  381. Newsletter Program
  382. Reading Folders
  383. How to Pass PHP variables to JS?
  384. Tracking Arrivals & Sending Email Notification?
  385. Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and "smtp_port" setting in php.ini
  386. List of available locale strings
  387. Distinguish between binary and text files
  388. http-get and headers
  389. Back after logout
  390. Login Scripting
  391. Session example problem
  392. Excel and PHP COM programming.
  393. PHP IDE quick answer wanted.
  394. How to split a string by number of chars ?
  395. Why 3 NGs for php?
  396. New CMS
  397. browser statistics
  398. Can someone spot what I'm missing here...
  399. ssl ignoring php bufferring?
  400. wiki recommendations???
  401. Problem with file_exists
  402. Getting database name for a given query
  403. reading not from cache
  404. PHP Stops after change in code
  405. From POST to GET: $_FILES empty
  406. Submit won't pass parameters
  407. Delimit char for value parm of <input> tag
  408. How do I use a pull-down menu with PHP? Or can I?
  409. Absolute positioning controls
  410. Memory allocation question with NuSOAP and XML parsing
  411. using quoation marks when assigning values in php.ini
  412. Dynamic graphs from MySQL queries?
  413. PHP and Javascript tutorial links needed
  414. reading a file
  415. the role of php.ini
  416. Parse embedded html tags within XML file?
  417. IPC
  418. PHP5: const and class scope problems
  419. php MySQL works on remote server, only partially on local server
  420. Best PHP5 Web Hosting?
  421. cannot expire cookie
  422. Dyn var use in Forms Proc. Loop
  423. Replace special characters by non-special characters
  424. How do you make a script run automatically?
  425. Hey guys, when do you guys think of 5.0
  426. implementing login/logout (new to php)
  427. imagepng/jpeg/gif, permissions, Apache and CRON scripts - help
  428. How do I use PHPRC to tell PHP where my working directory is located?
  429. HTML Textarea Replacment
  430. A good image scaling program?
  431. Is there an HTTP server that parses PHP that will run on the Axim x3i?
  432. Global array for application config?
  433. Exporting from multiple tables in a db.
  434. Global Variables
  435. php.ini settings not taking effect
  436. python
  437. problem using array and substr
  438. problem using an array element and substr
  439. This is going to sound stupid but... Reload PHP without reloading page?
  440. How to test a string for invalid chars ?
  441. Problem with XHTML parsers with embedded HTML (e.g. firefox et-al)
  442. Can this javascript be replaced by pure PHP ?
  443. PHP, Galeon, sessions and Content-Disposition wierdness
  444. Binary Encryption
  445. xml & xsl parser method?
  446. Setting a Custom Error Log
  447. looking for PHP & MySQL for RH 7.2
  448. how to include a file from another dir
  449. arc text with PHP
  450. Query String
  451. Weird authentication issue
  452. CSS changer - how to implement spanning multiple subpages? (Second try - no response on last post)
  453. Loading Mysql database from file
  454. file rights are wrong after move_uploaded_file
  455. database connection problems?
  456. reciprocal link checker script
  457. ampersands in database fields
  458. PHP Session Trouble on Multiple Include
  459. how to use htmlspecialchars in the form - help
  460. Mysql: next and previous
  461. templates
  462. Are ampersands in my DB messing searches up?
  463. PHP 404 document's REQUEST_URI does not hold expected value in $_ENV and $_SERVER
  464. Compiling PHP 5.0.2 and mysqli extension: error on 'make'
  465. starting executable
  466. SESSION variable gets cleared
  467. adding negative numbers on Solaris
  468. Sessions? Other means?
  469. curl: posting form variables results in redirection
  470. Problem with mail attachments
  471. generating thumbnail from video file ? can gd to this ?
  472. If / then statement
  473. How to split the page from php
  474. Help.. Dates & Locales..
  475. Error in syntax for search results
  476. Error reporting turned off
  477. Someone knows Simple Machine Forum
  478. Search for string and then take string next to it.
  479. gd library bug? image lost colors
  480. Best way to store monitored devices status for further reference
  481. PHP PRINT statement with OnChange event
  482. Error Logging
  483. How to create a book swapping site?
  484. perl style in php ?
  485. Extract records from HTML of another site
  486. Time Zone...
  487. Looking for PHP library to develop windows like apps through the web - is there one?
  488. Why is $_SERVER["REMOTE_ADDR"] returning multiple IP Addresses?
  489. PHP 4.3.8 on WinXP - no sapi folder??
  490. librerie GD per windows
  491. members login
  492. eregi whitespace detection problem
  493. cool script but how?
  494. extensions to phpBB to provide image galleries ... what's out there
  495. Random Selection of String Value
  496. clients editing information w/o authentication--advice needed
  497. Choose random image from dir and display it
  498. libtidy
  499. Problem Writing To File
  500. Which RAD ?
  501. getting information from http header
  502. Has anyone had problems with IE not showing thumbnailed gifs when Firefox and NN show them fine?
  503. Downloading a File
  504. Populating form item from SQL enum set
  505. Headers for streaming files
  506. Job for computer scientist in Greece
  507. site builder written in PHP ?
  508. Preserve imap stream?
  509. question about magic quotes
  510. Time again
  511. Coding suggestions for easy maintenance by non-coders
  512. Variable Scope of Files Included Within Functions
  513. Uploading images to mysql database
  514. security of sessions
  515. PHP/Soap not possible to return a complex type or array??
  516. Searching text
  517. Modify Session Cookie on Every Page Load
  518. How to transfer variables from a .php script to an .html page that will display the results.
  519. Build MySQL table with a query
  520. wiki tags parser
  521. how to pass an xml string as a get parameter
  522. click a hyperlink to query MYSQL w/PHP - how?
  523. Storing formatted numeric data
  524. finding linked files in project
  525. PHP equivalent to javascript window history?
  526. How to make string of numbers shorter?
  527. PHP explode and line terminators
  528. Date/time calculation
  529. Forms and PHP V5.0.2 with APACHE V2.0.50
  530. preventing external access to directory
  531. Print Output from log File
  532. When will PHP properly support UNICODE
  533. sending signals to processes as a different user than owner using php
  534. PHP mySQL - table of images
  535. mod_rewrite help: More than 32000 directories on Linux problem?
  536. CLI and Windows
  537. is fgets causing these line breaks
  538. modifying entries in an ldap server through PHP
  539. Turning this into a function (Beginner Level)
  540. automastically create and post an email to each customer of the same content
  541. Formatting the MySQL Timestamp in php
  542. Base MySQL par defaut (plutot que mysql_select_db())
  543. ftp_quit($conn_id) necessary?
  544. Does mod_php also handle static HTML?
  545. Removing space characters from a string
  546. Please help me with PREG_MATCH
  547. Reading (and keeping) Accented and Special Characters
  548. session variable problem with PHP
  549. PHP/Mysql/special characters problem
  550. Security