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  1. Signature verification
  2. Select data help...
  3. voting ballot in php
  4. Pagination in php
  5. DB2 Database with Java multithreading giving Exception "statement is closed. ERRORCO"
  6. Php log out problem
  7. file_get_contents() request not working on server
  8. How to call .exe file from Php
  9. Multiple galleries on single page
  10. How to search from multiple tables in mysql. (PHP)
  11. Show article content just inserting URL
  12. Set your default SESSION expire time
  13. mysql support in phpinfo is not found
  14. Problem in smarty section loop in smarty templates
  15. how to download html table in excel format in php
  16. for loop with update query?
  17. preg_match issues
  18. mail function is not sending mail in php
  19. PHP email
  20. regular expressions in php
  21. how to set default date in mysql query
  22. how to pick date from datetime format
  23. reference files from external server
  24. How to insert multiple images path to database
  25. can i avoid the line '<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>' ,using openWYSIWYG ?
  26. Can I check post and get method at once
  27. PHP mySQL resource query?
  28. PHP CMF that caters for Mobile Apps
  29. Different Tooltip position in different browsers ..
  30. Insert data and Images using same php form
  31. order a variable to display from the highest to the lowest
  32. how to changes my variable from seconds to minutes
  33. how to get values from a html table
  34. Staying Logged In
  35. how to get values from html page
  36. How to validation in php?
  37. PHP and a dynamic array
  38. Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at I:\xamp
  39. Paypal integration issue on my custom cart
  40. Getting relative URL out of an absolute one
  41. PHP script dies after while loop
  42. Problem With Script - when SELECTING from database for logged and non logged in users
  43. PHP Match two fields in a row via my search
  44. PHP Two Search boxes
  45. Trying to Full Join two tables in a search box
  46. Use <div> in php page
  47. Help on how to insert data into two different tables?
  48. How can I make each search result clickable and have its own page?
  49. What are some php projects for a beginner?
  50. why doesn't my jquery work on my paypal button ?
  51. Extracting URL from a link containing a specific string
  52. why doesn't my paypal ipn work ?
  53. Match two fields in MYSQL table via php search
  54. How to retrieve number of fields,number of rows and name of feilds form ADORecordSet_
  55. Space bar + Submit button returns all data. HELP!
  56. how to get the data from database into .doc file as same as .xls using php
  57. inserting & deleting multiple records in php
  58. PHP form returns all MYSQL data, help!
  59. How to check if check box is clicked and send info to mySQL?
  60. what is my host name for plesk or where can i find it ?
  61. Concatenate variable in image file name
  62. What Logic is Used Behind "add to favorite" feature on a member based website?
  63. XSLTProcessor: Do I need xml-stylesheet declaration?
  64. exporting data into excel using php
  65. Undefined index
  66. Can I send mail from my localhost ?
  67. crypt() in php
  68. How do you grab the title of the current page?
  69. Show Default Image if Profile Image is Null
  70. how can i have a form upload to a database and direct to paypal at the same time ?
  71. Help with mysql and php connecting!
  72. Creating a dynamic website
  73. php send email with variables pulled from POST form
  74. php
  75. Auto login to get access automatic
  76. Retriving data from database and displaying on tooltip on mouseover.
  77. Comment System
  78. FPDF Font Issue
  79. filter the results of a database search based on choices from multiple select list
  80. Loading an Excel spreadsheet in the background from PHP
  81. Base64 packet transfer to PHP [solved]
  82. Reading large log files
  83. Is there any software/script that can check for phishing inside php files?
  84. Backend pagination problem in joomla1.7
  85. facebook application problem?
  86. $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] returns null or blank
  87. How to insert a line break
  88. Clear data after click on the submit button
  89. Add Error message in PHP
  90. Nested WHILE loops?
  91. ADODB recordcount returns 0 although is should be 1
  92. Problem connect with SQL SERVER database
  93. how to write this in php
  94. How to insert data from database using oops php concepts?
  95. SMTP server error: 5.5.1 Error: nested MAIL command Error
  96. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in C:\wamp\www\fuction\conn.php on lin
  97. add white spaces between charactesr and special symbol in PHP
  98. Returning two request from an ajax call
  99. Show first letter of a list once?
  100. pass parameter
  101. Configuration on the php
  102. Assistance and Guidance needed on Home Project
  103. ereg_replace replace with preg_replace
  104. Postfix and PHP
  105. Magic method __call() like function for global scope
  106. Adding text to PDF file download
  107. How do i run CakePHP in Windows?
  108. Single quotes enclosed in double quotes not showing
  109. How to make a new line in the array
  110. Initializing System Variables
  111. What is the difference between PHP and PHP/MySQL?
  112. How can I create a new line in an index of an array?
  113. How can i download torrent files with php?
  114. How To Make A Forum With PHP ?
  115. Hidden Input Value Not Saving In DB
  116. cURL Issue: prompt user to save file
  117. embed php within an HTML hyperlink
  118. How to secure .htaccess links to user profiles? (vanity url)
  119. Readfile() replacement cURL?
  120. Need help finding this syntax error
  121. Email confirmation during registration
  122. PHP with CodeIgniter
  123. Weird DirectoryIterator behaviour
  124. writing between text
  125. update php and mysql form
  126. syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in C:\xampp\htdocs\ajax.php on line 6
  127. Error-Undefined index
  128. How to handle temporary file on Linux and Windows
  129. Keep % sign using sprintf()
  130. dimmed list/menu
  131. Fsockopen file upload fails
  132. .doc to .pdf conversion
  133. Problem in running javascript
  134. Help on Registration Script
  135. Form to E-Mail Problem
  136. How to fix Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_VARIABLE or '$
  137. how to create a BIRT line chart programmatically +php?
  138. Showing retrieved data from multi tables
  139. unable to insert data in mysql
  140. How to change the foreground color of animated GIF image using PHP?
  141. Electronic Company Forms with PHP
  142. FOPEN and name of file
  143. Multiple select values & wordpress
  144. PHP MYSQL data fetching problem
  145. on duplicate key update only null values
  146. How to query a single data on mySQL database using PHP
  147. How to get the values of an HTML <select> tag using PHP
  148. Multiple "supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource" errors help needed
  149. When press on a link on my page one text area opens and the others close
  150. How to define "Absolute Path WITHOUT trailing slashes " in the following case.
  151. Uploading problem to the server host ... specialy in putting a right directory
  152. Which cms system for an online shop?
  153. How to display in html special char like using php?
  154. joomla installation error
  155. How to get products from categories in magento?
  156. How to select image from folder, when image has random name and extension?
  157. detecting an odbc_connect timeout if server is hibernating
  158. How to filter and display MySQL information by - This Day, This Week, This Month etc.
  159. Auto genered numbers and check transaction
  160. cURL, JavaScript and Php
  161. Defense Against the Dark Arts
  162. Php Through java
  163. phpmailer 0.9 errors from php.ini
  164. Getting NOW() into PHP Variable
  165. How to show different content on the page, depending on selected id of article?
  166. Limited Apache/PHP connection, Same IP at the same time
  167. How to set LIMIT in mysql_query to infinity ?
  168. How to send mail by using PHP?
  169. What's the best way to download software from a website
  170. Getting error when try to access php script - any idea?
  171. phpMyAdmin - #2002 Cannot login to the MySql database
  172. How to replace image form folder by another (NEW) image uploaded by user?
  173. encryption method to store passwords
  174. Secure variable for logged in members
  175. changing the 'from' address in an email in php mail
  176. Failed to connect to mailserver error in mail() function
  177. php Google analytics api. To sort result while in the loop.
  178. Best Option For Redirect
  179. php mail function error
  180. How to check if image is in database and if not display default image?
  181. email part doesn't work
  182. How can i convert a multidimensional array to string and vice versa using php?
  183. issue with pdo inserting to database
  184. Japanese Kanji in forms and passing via POST
  185. copying to a virtual domian which is pointing to another drive on my computer
  186. Display table based on checkbox selection
  187. recordset gets messed up by EOF/ reading in it ?
  188. Dropdown list + adding values to existing ones
  189. Reporting tool for php
  190. How to develop "favorite" feature (put liked post into favorites list etc.)
  191. Display SQL data in HyperLink
  192. How can display the image preview before saving an image to folder using cakephp?
  193. Not able to access my url in CakePHP..
  194. how to pass non form field values from one website to another for verification fields
  195. How do I select a field of one db based on the value of a field in another db?
  196. Need help with php class ezpdf
  197. FTP Upload from my server to other server
  198. Wrong date conversion
  199. enter the date in data base avec zend
  200. dynamic breadcrum in php
  201. joining two tables from different servers
  202. SQL Fetch Array Error
  203. Error in SQL Syntax
  204. Notice: Undefined index:
  205. mysql connecting to two databases
  206. access stdClass object called '$result'
  207. how passing sequence name in postgresql using php statement?
  208. How to make php parsing script to insert "<option> from <select>" into database?
  209. Why the zend db doesn't see the Postgre sequence if it has capitalize name?
  210. Php mailer won't send attachments
  211. Profiling debuging tools for PHP applications
  212. Is it a good idea to store images in MySQL database instead of folders?
  213. Is CakePHP any good to create social website? Or should I just stay with normal PHP?
  214. assigning an value to array
  215. Is this behaviour expected - Addition using strings
  216. javax.servlet.ServletException: Servlet.init() for servlet PhpJavaServ
  217. str_replace case insensitive issue?
  218. Save Checkbox Value (1 or 0) With mySQL
  219. Cannot refresh row as parent is missing'
  220. How to implement phpMyAdmin lockout policy after 5 tries
  221. How to embed javascript code in head tags after uploading an mht/html file using php
  222. PHP/Mysql image problem
  223. How to get more than one row of information from MySQL query
  224. PHP login script
  225. Check the hosts that can be accessed via the icmp protocol.
  226. What's the logic behind Youtube "Subscribe" feature and how to make same system?
  227. PHP headers already sent!?
  228. Extracting a paragraph
  229. how to decode the email subject ?
  230. Question|Post to Page Wall
  231. How to get round values from excel sheet using php?
  232. difference between layout and views in cake php
  233. Help/Thoughts on Photo Sharing Web Site
  234. MySQL, How to add values for SMALLINT? And Than How to filter by value?
  235. What are the tools to run PHP on local
  236. redirect url to some other url using .htaccess
  237. URL file-access error when generating a php file with file_put_contents()
  238. php if statement not being tested
  239. Rearrange Array Elements
  240. Making new table on a same page, using values entered by user.
  241. php related mysql
  242. Having problem in easyphp & phpmyadmin?
  243. Undefined index in php
  244. onclick display insert form
  245. div loop onclick show recordsets results
  246. How to fix this error object of class variant could not be converted to string?
  247. While executing PHP scripts, in which segment of Memory, variables are stored?
  248. How to fix Undefined offset: error?
  249. For loop to retreive form data - Probably simple fix
  250. Overriding an interface method
  251. How to pick values from the list box using php?
  252. How to limit/filter scandir() response
  253. How to validate excel data rows and columns using php script?
  254. Embeded PERL in PHP
  255. How to store content in MySQL Database by selected category?
  256. Storing files on a Microsoft Access Database using PHP
  257. How to import the Excel data in mysql database using php script?
  258. how to access adodb object in recursive function of php
  259. Page name(URL) displayed when sending mail through PHP
  260. Unable to send emails with php function from website
  261. Onclick image displayed from DB
  262. Stop HTML output writing to file stream
  263. Problem with uploading images to my localhost
  264. How to make moderation system in MySql? (For showing or not showing articles)
  265. Reading files from a different computer
  266. How to draw nodes with arcs in PHP?
  267. str_replace and include() together
  268. How to sort and filter information by categories from MySql to Web?
  269. Newbie need help with a solution of the syntax error?
  270. How do you capture the dynamic data that comes in with a URL?
  271. Radio buttons group and array validation problem
  272. Is it possible to create a "most popular" search?
  273. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE, expecting ',' or ';'
  274. How can I pull a specific part out of a serialized data?
  275. How to return the last 10 rows of a database
  276. can anyone decrypt this
  277. How to compare a mysql table field value with selected radio button value with php
  278. How to escape quotes when passing data to javascript from PHP?
  279. How to search in mysql databse using php?
  280. How to make third radio button option?
  281. How can i pass a string with multiple line to a javascript function ?
  282. How come my RSS feed doesn't always load?
  283. how to use the db class to other class....... i cannot display the records.
  284. How to break text from database and have "Read More" button?
  285. error...right syntax to use near '=1WHERE id_poll='1'' at line 1
  286. Display delete link near comments for that logged in users
  287. I want to block some websites with using database(Mysql)?
  288. How to insert "include ('autosuggest.php')" into a combobox?
  289. add items in drop down menu dynamically
  290. How can I index (SEO) a shortened HREF link?
  291. image display in second if
  292. How can i use mysql transactions in cakephp ?
  293. I have a contact form that no longer "makes contact"
  294. how to overwrite upload image file (with same name but with diff extension)?
  295. How to send Bits or data to serial port using PHP ??
  296. subtract time. Day is same
  297. Tweet button count not working correctly
  298. How to bring the inserted records of one form to a drop down list in some other form?
  299. Same URL to redirect to different sites after every access
  300. Replacement for document.write
  301. Reading pdf file
  302. How to POST a file without a form?
  303. where do i put the <head> tag here?
  304. activated the link from xml with php?
  305. why ODBC socket server cannot open another table in the same MS access database
  306. how to redirect login page to two different users
  307. Is database content added with php search engine friendly?
  308. How can i lock the row of a table ?
  309. URL Rewriting issue
  310. how to create a dynamic table
  311. how to send the mysql data as a mail by selecting checkbox in html form
  312. how can we use {section} inside javascript code in smarty
  313. how to draw a line on map by using php?
  314. How to write the 3 fields on the first page of the form (entry page) to the 2nd page?
  315. How to prevent reposting of values
  316. Problem in downloading docx file
  317. Why its not working in browser?
  318. Upload image interface
  319. Want to create a TXT file while running from the Browser.
  320. I want to redirect from mail.php to thanks.html
  321. How to use tooltip in php using ajax
  322. Login Form Issue
  323. Autofill a textbox without refreshing the page
  324. How to send email after few second?
  325. How to use tooltip using ajax in php
  326. Object of class stdClass could not be converted
  327. Why won't my simple PHP script work?
  328. My LAMP server rejecting WYSWYG styled POST data from a Form to a PHP page
  329. I want to redirent from a php page to html page
  330. How to Display multiple data using preg match?
  331. POST with curl
  332. I need my php to call certain parts of a table from mysql
  333. How can I break out of an endless loop by clicking a button?
  334. downloaded flv file is not playing
  335. Form redirect after validation
  336. caching index.php file
  337. php website on localhost using wamp but not working on liveserver
  338. error [function.session-start]:cannot send session cache limiter-headers already sent
  339. Website showing wrong time
  340. Include problem with ignored PHP
  341. <script> tag not been processed in textarea
  342. Why include Show All the Code of included file.
  343. Using php without database inserting table
  344. How to enable Email Archive in Newslette Pro
  345. How to make an alert in php after some time interval?
  346. How to make PHP NOT consume OCI8 Errors.
  347. how to break result page in between to be continued to other one.
  348. Drupal (get content using ajax)
  349. $_FILES [var]['size'] returns 0 for small (30KB) file - why?
  350. Removing "PHP" extension
  351. Can you add IF statements to this piece of PHP code?
  352. Using the results of a query in another query
  353. Using a variable in a hyperlink
  354. Send a file online
  355. How do I enable php on mac? I am a novice when it comes to php
  356. Why won't data save in PHP code?
  357. Post Array short
  358. why is php so stupid?
  359. My php contact form works brill but how do I get it to use hotmail address?
  360. SEO for different language website
  361. Can anybody spot the error?
  362. url rewriting
  363. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in single.php on line 64
  364. Having trouble with combobox
  365. Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() even though i added php_mysq
  366. how to declare the uploaded picture on submition page
  367. No Nested Classes in php? How would I set up the following...?
  368. Getting PHP veribles from CSV
  369. PHP Script for Datepicker to slect and display database from Mysql required
  370. Delete SimpleXml node by xpath?
  371. Can you help with my shopping cart?
  372. Php display product list..image and description
  373. undefined variable
  374. How to send email after few second?
  375. Error when sending email
  376. First value in array not found with array_search( )
  377. how to print OR work with a value Outsede of DIV Tag Taking From That tag
  378. How to compare two mysql tables in php
  379. Problem when refreshing DIV with jQuery
  380. Is any changes require in .htaccess file after installing SSL crt in PHP Cpanel ?
  381. Want to execute a file which has a space in its name using exec()?
  382. How can I list all pages of a website & store them into array variables?
  383. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in D:\Hosting\7659316\html\sendmail.
  384. php problem
  385. error log tells about decrypt.php
  386. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING
  387. how can pass querystring value using thickbox ?
  388. PHP MySQL JavaScript innerHTML
  389. Unknown Syntax Error, When Echoing Out Content
  390. PHP Variable Troubles - $_GET
  391. Unexpected : error
  392. Problem with values on a foreach loop and how can I assign the correct value
  393. Passing 3 javaScript parameters with php
  394. when i submit my email form the php is not executed but an open/save prompt comes up?
  395. How to create video thumbnail in php while uploading video?
  396. how to compare two arrays and find the count of match elements
  397. Zend formatter problem
  398. exec() doesnot work??
  399. how to show this php code submit result at the same page
  400. preg_match not working
  401. How can I echo the values of an DOM object?
  402. Which is better ASP.Net with C# or PHP?
  403. I have SSL certificate but not display content of HTTPS page and showing following.
  404. Force a file to download using php
  405. 2nd line indent on wrapped text?
  406. Is there any way to Add Youtube Videos to PDF using PHP?
  407. how to put div id content in the ajax into a input box in html page?
  408. Normalizing a timestamp to an interval
  409. Why does my file not save on Windows 7, but does on XP?
  410. Renaming file before uploading to ftp via php
  411. PHP COM (Ms WORD)
  412. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING, expecting T_STRING
  413. How to access command prompt using php?
  414. after logout from my registration form,when i click back prevoius data is appearing
  415. Eliminate duplicated values in an array that is being populated from a query looping
  417. How to connect to two Postgres databases, and, if possible, return one $result?
  418. how to use PHP to write the PDF?
  419. How to enable or disable the form on the OnLoad event of the form?
  420. XML - urlencode - iTunes
  421. Using PHP, how to copy files from a unix server to a client Windows PC
  422. How to store profile Images?
  423. How to create a blog for a webpage?
  424. CKeditor flash videos
  425. Can't use function return value in write context
  426. Sending form to specific email address filtered by subject using PHP
  427. Find next Monday
  428. Joomla website
  429. How to send mail from php form?
  430. anyone used csXImageTrial.ocx for php scanning?
  431. printf and msqli don't work
  432. Php file upload outside root directory
  433. Why does "var_dump" give me different data than "echo"?
  434. Can the switch statement only evalute ==
  435. Apple pushnotification
  436. How can I donwload many files with php without the server getting confused?
  437. Reading Data from Fixed-Width Text Files
  438. How to convert a php output putting into a pdf?
  439. how do web page convert into pdf?
  440. Is it possible to receive email using plesk .If yes how can it possible?
  441. how i fetch image and data from table using select box in php.
  442. how to count age from date of birth to the current date
  443. How do you allow a user to replace part of a url?
  444. Why put '@' symbol while returning a function in PHP?
  445. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE on line 110
  446. Is this class unsafe to use in my public PHP-scripts?
  447. Does my localhost have a build in temporary file to store images?
  448. How to update database rows with a form?
  449. Create a timer for php pages
  450. PHP form send random blank emails
  451. Terms and Conditions Form, 1 Checkbox redirect to another page
  452. How to convert an array into a string?
  453. help with foreach loop that builds a recordset access database
  454. Notice: Undefined variable:
  455. how can i replace all links with nothing?
  456. How to integrate my website to facebook?
  457. How can create email id using shell_exec or exec commands in php?
  458. How to embed image while genrating excel report in php?
  459. How to convert doc to image file?
  460. How to create Multidimensional Arrays?
  461. How to check if a different user is logged in?
  462. Strange characters when importing text file into database?
  463. How to collect OS type from user agent?
  464. How to open page in Same Window?
  465. how to serialize() and unserialize()?
  466. what is the function of <?=$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']?>
  467. how to do pdf file as email attachement in php?
  468. mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result
  469. retrieving multiple variables in php from ajax using $_POST
  470. Allowing underscore in preg_replace
  471. Calling PHP function from Javascript Function
  472. PHP Thumb library is not working in my code
  473. Screenscraping form results from an asp-website
  474. How to insert multiple rows data into database using php?
  475. select which fields to display in resultant table
  476. How to implement live streaming?
  477. Min to hours convertion problem
  478. Why can't I add data into the table?
  479. How to import excel data into mysql using php?
  480. how to split the string?
  481. How to connect scanning devices to our php based web applications?
  482. Why does WAMP server stop working after installing .NET framework?
  483. PHP/AJAX Response issue
  484. External Hit / How to forward my users to a link with my site idendity
  485. Elgg 1.7.7 Installation - Blank Page after Database Settings
  486. multiple option in checkbox
  487. PHP button's won't function with jQuery
  488. How to set index.php in wamp server?
  489. MySQL error when trying to secure wordpress by changing table prefix?
  490. MySql date conversion to IST format
  491. How can i make a datagrid view in php file with edit and delete option ?
  492. High quality PHP Classified Ads Script?
  493. how to filter out bad words from database in php?
  494. serialize() value store, in to a database using update query
  495. How to send a response to one of the user between the two?
  496. how to redirect using anchor?
  497. How to output data from array?
  498. What is the difference between md5 and crc encryption in php?
  499. How to fetch ip address of another computer?
  500. How to encrypt a string in php?
  501. " Notice: Undefined index: prod_rep in F:\xampp\htdocs\isys\products\process.php on "
  502. How to import CSV data into MySQL with php?
  503. How do make extract values from serialized data?
  504. Odd subject line in php e-mail
  505. Select a Item from a tree
  506. Getting blank when hyperlinking in PHP
  507. Can i use break(); and continue(); statement inside if loop?
  508. How to make web application for both desktop and mobile?
  509. How to store pictures from an application form with data via php into database?
  510. Updating a text field back in to the database.
  511. How to import Spreadsheets(excel) particular column to mysql using php?
  512. error in your SQL syntax
  513. Can I post an array for 'submit'?
  514. How to edit theme for mybb?
  515. How can i make a simple scoring system in php?
  516. Posting forms on another website...?
  517. How to fix preg_match Compilation failed: error?
  518. Dynamic Drop Down Lists using PHP/MySQL/AJAX
  519. Sending an email to one of the people selected in a form.
  520. How to export multiple tables into an excel file with separate sheet for each table?
  521. If or While and How to do this?
  522. Php code where is the error?
  523. Screen scrapping
  524. How to display data from specific MySQL row via PHP?
  525. How to pass Additional Parameters to register_shutdown_function()
  526. connect two tables on php
  527. connect three table in a database coding php
  528. setcookie() doesn't work anymore?
  529. New user confirmation scrip not sending mail
  530. In nuSOAP, how to return simple data type having multiple occurance as response?
  531. How to pass javascript variable to php on javascript generated page?
  532. how to set maximum nuSOAP webservice access frequency in php??
  533. Why do i get some acsii chars displayed everytime i use require()?
  534. Trying to get in image on the php page to link back to itself with new images.
  535. Group by Date - Datetime Problem
  536. Zend Framework library copying ?
  537. Problem with converting XML string into array
  538. How to copy/store an image from mysql database stored as longblob?
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