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  1. Any easy way to analize log files with php?
  2. variable scope problem?
  3. PRADO v3.0 alpha version is released
  4. Problem filling an array
  5. Sending authentication mails
  6. Session id keeps changing
  7. Saving to a floppy?
  8. How do you get variable to the other side of a script
  9. Parse error
  10. Populating "Month" Dropdown Menu
  11. PHP and LDAPS
  12. phpMyAdmin & mbstring
  13. Auto-documenting existing code? (not just PhpDoc)
  14. Possible to bind all sockets transparently to an IP?
  15. LoadModule & AddModule in httpd.conf
  16. help understanding an ereg expression
  17. Variable passed in GET or POST array
  18. Update Access database
  19. accesing to members of objects
  20. posting variables from forms
  21. Base functionality for a PHP based website
  22. Security in an process started with exec
  23. PHP and LDAP
  24. Visual feedback during a lenghty operation
  25. simplex algorithm in php
  26. Xor bug in all PHP versions
  27. Problem - sessions
  28. Exc Handling and User Friendly, Secure ErrMsgs
  29. Sending text messages to cell phones
  30. DOM doc - simple find element
  31. file upload
  32. CMS question
  33. how do I ...
  34. --with-mysql ?
  35. Aren't session variable preserved using "Header('Location: xxx')"?
  36. four or five shopping cart design questions
  37. Setting Interbase dialect to 3 using ADODB Ver 4.70.
  38. sessions - two with same session ID as the same time
  39. Hiding database connection info
  40. How do check what version of PHP is running on my web server (Windows XP)?
  41. PHP , WAP , POP3
  42. need help with RegEX
  43. freeing objects
  44. PHP IMAP Functions
  45. Converting PHP serialized objects into C++ classes
  46. extract website into string
  47. can't connect
  48. Detecting the servers OS
  49. odbc_error() questions
  50. Some assistance with MS SQL injection and PHP please
  51. EXEC() Runs process in background
  52. API for handling users and templates
  53. How do you read/write UTF-8-encoded XML scripts using PHP?
  54. PHP Access to MySql
  55. adding more fields to a form
  56. Object Oriented PHP Book Suggestions
  57. FormatDateTime Revisited
  58. Is this a good idea?
  59. How would I get the dates from the previous wednesday to the last tuesday?
  60. Explicit declaration of variables
  61. XML DOM Functions in PHP
  62. match regular expressions in a webpage, not the entire source
  63. Sending an array from a form
  64. Help: If isset query_string return 404
  65. Small php 5 library
  66. NIS module and PHP 5.1.1
  67. using heredoc for SQL statements
  68. PHP 5.1.2 and using PHP w Apache2 and MySQL
  69. plot graphic lines and text dynamically
  70. Session_start()
  71. Defining a callback Func for preg_replace_callback(), within some class's method
  72. returning a true 404
  73. sqllite
  74. how to draw a graph (nodes and arcs)?
  75. Strange error while trying to set a cookie
  76. Testing the presence of a given cookie
  77. Sage php mysql integration via XML..... Fun!
  78. JSP equivalent to PHP $_SERVER?
  79. Stress Testing a PHP server: A wee bit OT
  80. confusing >> results
  81. mySQL delete query
  82. Post query ending up in $_GET?
  83. Merging unknown arrays
  84. Calling an FTP location in PHP
  85. mail() function question
  86. Clear Thinking Power for Comp Developers
  87. PHP sessions - user login webpage - preventing autologout due to inactivity
  88. Help with regular expression
  89. arithmetics with timestamp?
  90. Totally lost! "Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect()"
  91. Formatting the contents of a text area form field
  92. Mpg movie stops playing in browser
  93. Differentiate between NULL and 0
  94. Need education: Question about indirect referencing
  95. CGI to ISAPI, now no MySQLi
  96. Updating Records
  97. PHP was working, now after loading PHPEclipse, it doesn't
  98. Displaying pictures
  99. Extract numbers from string
  100. Problem with form variable that begins with a number
  101. putting a word doc in a mysql db?
  102. finding data in an array
  103. dropdown list dependent to the first
  104. New DataGrid article
  105. Local IMAP/POP and FTP server
  106. Local IMAP server
  107. singular or plural output string
  108. The Singleton Pattern in PHP 5
  109. How to create PHP DLL Extentions?
  110. Why PHP Mail Not Sent
  111. Weird registy problem in php script
  112. how can you use flash files while NOT allowing users to get those files?
  113. Beyond PHPMyAdmin
  114. pear automatically crashing
  115. PEAR:DB Extension not found
  116. How do I do date math on 'mm/dd/yyyy'? Example: 10 years earlier than today.
  117. Content Management System question
  118. New build of Blog script available
  119. PHP Blog Trackbacks
  120. socket_connect() fails only when called from apache
  121. PHP brain teaser
  122. Problems with mail function
  123. 5.1.2 woes
  124. Image Code Verification with PHP/MySQL?
  125. Integrating multiple php files
  126. Any possible reason why "$line.serialize($rs2)" refuses to execute?
  127. Sage MAS200 and PHP
  128. php extension: returning array of arrays
  129. PHP and .htaccess
  130. A (hopefully) simple regular expression question...
  131. forgot admin password to website
  132. Sending mail using password?
  133. Moving functionality out to modules.
  134. Abode Forms and PHP Script
  135. php_printer printer_get_option($my_printer, PRINTER_PAPER_WIDTH) function
  136. Testing if a server is running with almost no permissions
  137. PHP & Openssl
  138. ucfirst and utf-8; setlocale
  139. Testing if a server is running with almost no permissions
  140. Acrobat Reader 4 breaks Unicode PDF generated with TCPDF
  141. How do I do this query?
  142. [CfP] Dynamic Languages Day @ Brussels
  143. Multi-languages website : problem of architecture
  144. Compatibility problem, php 4 vs php 5? Using wamp 5, having some problems
  145. html textarea --> php mail function produces additional line break
  146. command line ODBC connection problem
  147. regexp problem
  148. php without a server
  149. Php Uploading Applications
  150. Array pointer for internal(?) functions
  151. Having problem while downloading some files.
  152. embedded HTML in php code with 5.1.1
  153. standard coding...
  154. Dictionary principle
  155. Can I get the value from an assoc array that is returned by a one statement?
  156. feedback wanted
  157. Version differences
  158. Developing a search field
  159. Latest build of Blog script available...
  160. Here is how to 'do PHP' without leaving a page. (+ Question)
  161. Reading complete page content
  162. How to create excel charts from PHP
  163. anyway to exceed max execution time?
  164. UML diagrams drawing soft
  165. Objects saving and restoring with MySQL
  166. is stream_set_timeout cumalitive?
  167. configuring Gmail smpt in php´
  168. GeoLogX GPLed locative page hit logger and mapper
  169. Checkboxes, $_POST array, and switch statement
  170. PHP news bulletin site
  171. Is it better to open connection with DB at beginning and close at end, or after every "object run"?
  172. eregi and eregi replace
  173. Mysql result to array
  174. How to get un-escaped text from a form field
  175. UTF-8 Headache --
  176. Virtual Xml DOMDocument
  177. Clash of session variables - 2 windows, same or different application
  178. adding unlimeied cattegories,sub categorie
  179. os commerce search
  180. ssh2.sftp
  181. calling CVS in PHP
  182. Odd cookie behavior
  183. Analyzing and maybe optimizing a query.
  184. BIG PDO issues with StoredProc output params with PHP 5 and MySQL5
  185. How to get url of current url from included script on different server
  186. php form 'sometimes' works
  187. Display Multiple Rows From MYSQL Database with PHP
  188. mail() returns false but mail is sent
  189. Why does each page repeat?
  190. Mailing list manager, send to list
  191. [php +pear] Probleme mit Mail_Queue
  192. MySQL Date please.
  194. strip Tags problem
  195. php embedded
  196. URL description
  197. IIS Cacheing
  198. httpd.conf and XAMPP
  199. error_log not working
  200. Check php config from Linux command line?
  201. Make selection in array
  202. How to create a jpeg bar chart with php
  203. Is anyone else able to see my search results?
  204. Is anyone else able to see my search results?
  205. MSN Messenger via PHP
  206. Is anyone else able to see my search results?
  207. MSN Messenger via PHP
  208. php using javascript objects
  209. sending an http request with php
  210. sending an http request with php
  211. Is anyone else able to see my search results?
  212. why would a large not upload, when a small does, when it is still within the POST limit?
  213. problems using cURL to access https
  214. mail() function error
  215. Setting value of session variables
  216. Formmail.php brings up error message about configuring "sendmail_from" line
  217. How to retrieve javascript object value in PHP ?
  218. working with session variables
  219. Aligning multiple query results
  220. problems using cURL to access https
  222. php using javascript objects
  223. PHP is rendered like a txt file
  224. why would a large not upload, when a small does, when it is still within the POST limit?
  225. Gah!!
  226. MSN Messenger via PHP
  227. php_self problem
  228. Where do I find definition of use of curly brackets?
  229. Book Recommendation on PHP
  230. How can I get GIF histogram data using PHP?
  231. htmlentities
  232. reading contecs of a file
  233. i am going nuts = new session id just will not work
  234. Indent PHP script for VIM version 1.21 released
  235. chart
  237. how do I make a variable global
  238. PHPEclipse - localhost and documentRoot preferences
  239. does PHP automatically run rawurldecode on any any URL to figure out what pass parameters to capture?
  240. aligning multiple query results
  241. Creating a printable report simply, rtf or PDF
  242. Trying to execute Java command on server via PHP
  243. what do you use with Eclipse to program in PHP?
  244. SOAP: Procedure 'foo' not present
  245. Mysql fetch_field gets table alias, not real table name
  246. Simple game design overview please
  247. Problem with table...
  248. Finding fourth instance of a string? (4th, 5th, whatever)
  249. php5 and zip file functions?
  250. Php Date-Formatting Help
  251. concurrency, locks, multi-user app.
  252. directory does this work?
  253. Cannot process forms in PHP
  254. PHP doesn't allow me to manage forms
  255. clean currency input
  256. Sessions in a load balanced setup
  257. Server load too high
  258. detect bytes written on abort
  259. DOMDocument parsing problem
  260. perl and php, horses for courses?
  261. Processing and adding numbers from lines.
  262. Is there a limit of mssql_bind calls you can make when calling mssql_execute?
  263. How to invoke remote php file from php?
  264. Ballmer Exposed as Evil Robot
  265. FormatDateTime in PHP
  266. PHP and Internet Explorer
  267. Baffling Problems With Class
  268. Q: Browser ID assumption - Not able to differentiate multiple users on 1 PC
  269. zend studio 5.1
  270. Returning an array from javascript to php variable
  271. latest PEAR on W32, refers to PHP5, bug
  272. Socket binding
  273. "\90" != chr(90)
  274. upload big file
  275. Gnuplot with PHP
  276. [PostgreSQL] Unescaping escaped strings?
  277. indenting
  278. mysql question : CASE
  279. DO WHILE with OR not working?
  280. Access by user in php
  281. PEAR gives open_basedir restriction on IIS server
  282. Session Cookie Problems
  283. Building a forum PT. II, unknown query
  284. Having connection timeout problem when calling a php script while downloading a file from the same server.
  285. Dates before 1969
  286. Open Source Blog Script - New Version Available
  287. sending mail from php and correct MS Outlook receive
  288. HTTP tunneling with PHP (prefereably PHP5)?
  289. Accessing Windows DLLs from PHP
  290. php script for webcomic navigation
  291. php webcomic navigation script
  292. php webcomic navigation script
  293. php script for webcomic navigation
  294. php webcomic navigation script
  295. webcomic navigation php script
  296. PHP switching sessions
  297. php script for webcomic navigation
  298. smarty template - unable to write to $compile_dir
  299. include file in class
  300. Porting a themes engine to OO
  301. CD Image upload script?
  302. how much more RAM does PHP5 use compared to PHP4.4?
  303. new freelancer site [post work, bid for work]
  304. Can GD load an image from another php script?
  305. php and Worldpay account type setup.
  306. Manage image without exhausted memory
  307. sum two arrays by indexes
  308. Black Bars
  309. Advice on forum to built
  310. cURL, header & POST.
  311. [pear] persistent parameter with HTML_QuickForm_Page
  312. Reading and saving URL content
  313. passing variable using url - what's wrong?
  314. php editors
  315. Any easy PHP Screen Layout Tools?
  316. Automatic W3C validation?
  317. What's a good place to post code?
  318. Simple Home Page - Template
  319. .htaccess Logout
  321. Issue with cache and pictures
  322. does a directory out of the web root need to be in the INCLUDE ini setting to be accessible?
  323. PHP5 - CLI ("php -a") help plse?
  324. simplexml with xpath, getting index of results
  325. copy()-problem over a network
  326. Query Problem
  327. Sendmail
  328. PHP5, MySQL & libmysql.dll
  329. Message for Tony Marston
  330. Altering users passwords
  331. Displaying Images form a Directory
  332. mt_rand
  333. Pear class Config.php and UTF-8
  334. Dealing with large number of files?
  335. what ftp site to get the PHP software? I use linux ftp command but can not find correct ftp location
  336. Abstracting a database class
  337. Mapping the Path
  338. Message box
  339. PHP Tokenize a String by its length
  341. Apache 2 and PHP stable yet?
  342. Integrated Query Question
  343. fopen() question
  344. SQL Function works in 5.0, not 4.4.1
  345. Hey need help with PHPMailer and checkbox form fields
  346. _COOKIE[] unique?
  347. Mail form problem
  348. Cannot get this one correct and working, though simple!
  349. Listing objects
  350. Execute php with back button
  351. Users/permissions/files - LAMP
  352. filtype() Problems
  353. A Calculator Bug
  354. Reloading a php file?
  355. is there any XSLT php engines, that are pure php, no dlls?
  356. Use the php4apache.dll to interpret pages, Win2K/XP
  357. I am not able to use calendar options for PHProjekt 5.0.4
  358. PHP Certification
  359. php_domxml.dll DOM, XSLT 2.0
  360. How can I get just one row from selected column?
  361. what resources did you use to pass the Zend PHP Certification exam?
  362. How to tell if Mime type matches contents
  363. poll script working on sourceforge
  364. Table with 3 queries
  365. What is wrong with this if test?
  366. Blog hosting and blog software needed
  367. Cookie Security - Array Values: Implode or Serialize?
  368. SESSION puzzle
  369. Query inconsistency (MySQL vs PHP)
  370. problem while including two scripts...
  371. Squirrel mail
  372. PHP file sends headers the moment it's included!
  373. sendmail account setup
  374. Alternative for strripos
  375. preg_replace
  376. file() doesn't work
  377. Form Data Validator
  378. PHP on Solaris (2.6) and integer overflow
  379. URL Disguising
  380. Why appear " ? " ?
  381. Form related question
  382. How to tell if Mime type matches contents
  383. short if else
  384. unordered word search
  385. PHP Array Creation
  386. iframes question
  387. Cannot get mysql_connect to work
  388. want to run PHP 5 on Apache 2, not easy to do - should I just run apache 1.3?
  389. PHP 5 won't load on Apache 2.0.55
  390. PHP URI
  391. How to tell if Mime type matches contents
  392. Session problem
  393. Bind variables compatible with postgresql 8.1?
  394. PHP URI
  395. Object unexpectedly overwritten after upgrading to PHP 4.4.1
  396. custom server variables
  397. update table for several records
  398. How to tell if Mime type matches contents
  399. white space in select option
  400. Install PEAR on Shared Host
  401. Choice of web server?
  402. Session problem
  403. Mantain a variable through several scripts like global.asa variables in asp
  404. Writing ITPC codes to TIFF files..
  405. replacing in string
  406. MySQL question, here?
  407. SUM of array
  408. SUM of array
  409. Get only part of the remote file?
  410. Can I make error msgs appear in the browser window?
  411. check this cool ajax based MVC framework for PHP5
  412. e Learning PHP5
  413. how to get started on php mambo
  414. Weird problem with download
  415. fopen for write fails
  416. Confirmation
  417. Wrap text around image?
  418. Background color
  419. thumbnail from videos ?
  420. Forcing the user to type
  421. Calling java program from PHP?
  422. Hide key value in drop-down
  423. PHP is an Eclipse-project now
  424. Help with $PHP_SELF
  425. Sessions not Working on WAMP
  426. Ken Coar's Podium App'n
  427. path to includes
  428. what is www.
  429. new to patterns - example of simple PHP page controller for login and database driven pages?
  430. PHP5 and phpinfo()
  431. Manipulating image data loaded from SQL database.
  432. How do I line up SQL query results 3 across the page?
  433. convert integers to hex
  434. mysql question
  435. Setlocale problem (PHP on Linux)
  436. PHP on Windows missing features
  437. MSSQL connection from PHP slower when server is remote (crosspost)
  438. Transparent GIF
  439. telnet problem with PHP
  440. file protection
  441. Guest-book with admin options
  442. send email with schedule
  443. Scripting error
  444. Programming
  445. date periods?
  446. GD fns and memory leak
  447. PEAR Installation problem
  448. hi all ... i need php programmer for joint working
  449. Susan - desperately seeking ...
  450. Need Guidance On this one
  451. quandry using GET
  452. please help with this fpdf label printing
  453. webpage screenshot?
  454. second issue
  455. javascript not passing variable back to PHP
  456. $_SESSION issue
  457. Timezone conversion
  458. process ID
  459. php iis & session storage
  460. Eating your own dogfood
  461. a PHP script works fine when called from the browser but not as a shell script
  462. fetching web pages
  463. [PHP4] accessing constants outside class body
  464. Noob security question
  465. Image Gallery help needed
  466. Globals
  467. Completely new and dumb PLEASE HELP !
  468. Server push using PHP ?
  469. $_POST question from newb
  470. Commercial Content Management System
  471. A "good" PHP SOAP tutorial?
  472. php email problem
  473. referring to an object member
  474. Page reloading problem
  475. Opening Excel on client side
  476. arrays of objects
  477. session_start causes Apache to crash (Win32, PHP 5.1.1)
  478. Quick and simple way to order a set of meetings by day of week
  479. Downloading files with ftp_get
  480. RSS 2.0 question - why are "=" characters not allowed in URLs, even inside the <link> tag?
  481. forwarding a form to another server
  482. URL parsing in order to use as a variable
  483. file is 777 yet is_writeable() says it is not writeable
  484. PHP Version Number Comparison issue
  485. Using backreferences within a pattern using eregi_replace
  486. How can I get X (or another value) from this string "asdfsadf[www]X[/www]"
  487. I need to host a softwer like Majordomo, mailman, minordomo...
  488. Breaking backwards compatibility - good or bad?
  489. File Writing Issue
  490. Needed Optimization for byteconversion function
  491. Pricing a php project
  492. pretty_print meets var_dump() ?
  493. Very Simple Problem in include
  494. Website Registration - URL Confirmation - Give me indepth details
  495. Ouvrir un feuille Excel en PHP
  496. file 'upload'
  497. posting Forms
  498. Connection pooling in PHP ?
  499. reload php page on browser back button
  500. Simple Smarty Template Engine Question
  501. How to test if Recordset is empty using PHP and MySQL
  502. PHP not connecting to MySQL?
  503. how to create list of people with Yes/No radio buttons for each, then process form
  504. Resin adds PHP
  505. PEAR Install in PHP 4.1.1
  506. ssh and php
  507. displaying the result of a COUNT query in MySQL
  508. get and html text
  509. Select problem with Apache, php4.3 and Jet 4.0 via ODBC on Win 2k/xp
  510. Connect to Exchange Server
  511. problem with select count(*)
  512. Accessing platform developped by PHP with VB
  513. File Size Conversion
  514. My mind is going? empty($_SESSION["not_there"])
  515. PHP and Google Earth?
  516. Is PhP/mySQL right for this project?
  517. modrewrites (different rewrites but same destination - is this possible) ?
  518. Can't make php to work with apache in xp
  519. Automated file upload to mysql database
  520. wrapping a long string at 80 chars
  521. Image basics
  522. what are the system requirements/resources needed to run PHP on Linux?
  523. Can Anyone Help me to Install Apache PHP and MySQL
  524. Cannot compile php and mysql together, looked around quite a while
  525. Recursive PHP?
  526. event driven PHP
  527. spaces in array_keys($_GET)?
  528. Selecting more than 1 item on drop down menu ??
  529. Differences between Python and PHP
  530. PHP profiler
  531. Sort order of a sorted array
  532. Sessions are driving me to insanity
  533. XSS: Ways to disguise JavaScript tags?
  534. XSS: Ways to disguise JavaScript tags?
  535. which connection is best?
  536. fsockopen's timeout parameter
  537. Password protecting downloads
  538. PHP 5.1.1 and Oracle 10
  539. Upload folder (and subfolders)
  540. dynamically adding to multidimensional array
  541. Scheduling PHP on Win XP
  542. Need to capture only 5 random urls from a directory of hundreds
  543. Application Recommendation: PHP/MySQL Clinet Contact Management SW
  544. Accessing CSV File for PHP Parsing from Remote Server
  545. Problem installing PHP
  546. How old is this RSS file?
  547. special browser cannot display page ...
  548. PHP CGI or ISAPI
  549. Log and Error/Info Message class
  550. Create/Update Php Session with Javascript