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  1. Functions for variables
  2. how to open a php page automatically
  3. eircom & php?
  4. Getting info from a website.
  5. Getting info from a website.
  6. Excel to MySQL through PHP?
  7. Is there a PHP equivalent to this gift card script?
  8. PHP default host best practices
  9. lookup fields
  10. Application Generators
  11. Forum / BBS / Message board with UTF-8?
  12. filehandling and system() permissions.
  13. What's with the dog?
  14. Multiple instances of body tags in a page due to the includes each having a set.
  15. looping until today
  16. Another mail function question
  17. Please, need help with a mail function
  18. Website's Internalization
  19. Someone please explain what this does?
  20. body tags in an include?
  21. creating directories
  22. Unable to load dynamic library
  23. mail() From: headers not working
  24. idea needed: Longrunning PHP-script/continious stream/browser 'pagerenew'
  25. PHP5-JAVA integration - no file creation
  26. Looping through arrays with foreach
  27. mod_vhost_alias
  28. updating form values without submit
  29. Illegal Immigration, the Non-Issue of the Week??????????????
  30. array problem
  31. syndicating content
  32. Popups from links
  33. Concatenate, conjoin, meld, extract images
  34. php/RSS question
  35. Track Users Online with Sessions?
  36. Strange MIME problem with AddHandler
  37. oracle connection question
  38. cannot chmod file via ftp or php
  39. Protected objects serialization on SOAP sessions
  40. imap/c-client integration with php5.1.1
  41. PHP - Changing the font sizes of HTML output
  42. Is there a PHP logging and analysing utility ?
  43. Is there a PHP logging and analysing utility ?
  44. Session Variables How Many?
  45. 1 Form, 2 Actions?
  46. Does a fopen with 'b' mode suppress magic_quotes_runtime ?
  47. Strict types
  48. PHP HTML Form mail question
  49. relative vs. absolute links in php driven pages?
  50. Any decent Newsletter systems availble?
  51. JavaScript to PHP?
  52. Installation Problem w/libxml2
  53. Php4 to Php5 problems summary?
  54. preg_match_all
  55. reload isn't reloading
  56. weird error with file() and implode()
  57. Fatal error undefined funtion pg_connect()
  58. Displaying a list of all modules (extensions) installed
  59. Money() function
  60. PHP-JAVA bridge
  61. Trouble compiling/installing php at pear
  62. Some simple security
  63. Handling PDO Exceptions
  64. php/DB Access
  65. MS Word to HTML
  66. PhP database design question
  67. Content Management System
  68. file_exists for streaming ressources
  69. securing
  70. charsert question
  71. How to create a dynamic link in a RTF document
  72. Retrieving special characters
  73. file() and line_num display
  74. how does one send a large string as a POST to another web page?
  75. validation on amount
  76. Using mod_auth_mysql w/ PHP
  77. Something Broken When I Went To 5.1.2...
  78. Strange apache error log messages when viewing PHP scripts
  79. MS SQL + Sharepoint + PHP....Doesn't Work...
  80. How to strip header section from an HTML page?
  81. Move File Path?
  82. sporadic execution
  83. PHP redirect timeout
  84. Ajax script to search domain name availability in php
  85. PHP:Socket binary message to c-server
  86. Partially Uploading Files via PHP
  87. Session questions
  88. Avoiding timeout while mass mailing
  89. selection from a list box.
  90. regexp help please
  91. Urgent Help needed plz
  92. help with setting time out in my application
  93. Insert/update
  94. Help with Fatal error: fopen(): Unable to find the wrapper "https" - did you forget to enable it when you configured PHP?
  95. Combination or Permutation question!
  96. Urgent Help with currency exchange
  97. PHP as directory
  98. What's the best way to protect/track php software with licenses and remote detection of who is runnng it?i
  99. server push
  100. (PDO) database entries are not possible, even without errorfeedback!
  101. phpBB installation, permissions
  102. removing php on a mac with tiger
  103. hotmail/gmail contacts
  104. Loginf Form Action points to File Outside of Server PHP/MYSQL - How Can I Get This to WORK?
  105. is_uploaded_file() is TRUE but move_uploaded_file() fails - why?
  106. automatic PHP execution?
  107. Migration Website Apache
  108. super easy questions
  109. Problem Displaying 10 rows of Different Categories
  110. Meeting Scheduler
  111. LDAP PHP
  112. "Three Strikes You're Out" rule fails
  113. Changing parser output MIME type
  114. Calling member functions from expat parser
  115. How to autohide control when fullscreen?
  116. Can ActiveX controls work in PHP running on Apache On a Windows Machine?
  117. very strange ... reloading doesn't get current version of page
  118. Migration from mysql to postgresql
  119. MSN Block Checker Problem (ASP or PHP)
  120. Can't find script: checking availability users
  121. can you redirect every existing html page through a php function?
  122. [error.php]Which location?
  123. Multiple database access Bug in adoDB and It's Solution
  124. unexpected ELSE
  125. shell symbols and exec problem
  126. remove all lines starting with b
  127. strcmp problem
  128. stuck on pear
  129. save webcam snapshot in mysql using php
  130. PHP_INT_SIZE and PHP_EOL for older versions
  131. Problem Passing File Names
  132. php and MySQL
  133. php and MySQL
  134. mysql_connect() losing connections from cmd line
  135. Insert radiobutton value into database
  136. Pulling a synopsis from text
  137. Checking all chars in a string
  138. Trouble uploading image
  139. Using Cyrillic Letters
  140. simple mysql table browser with sort / filter and edit option
  141. forms value and php echo stops after first space
  142. reading multi-lines in a file...
  143. How to retrieve the text of a drop down list after a POST?
  144. Database Retrival Problem
  145. How to create symbolic link within a PHP script?
  146. onclick won't open new window until after refresh
  147. Subtotals and Totals
  148. Pagination Problem
  149. IIS with Apache 2.0.5 in the same server + PHP +SQL
  150. Preserving MP3 Header Info In PHP download
  151. php and XML question
  152. refering header problems
  153. html output lines
  154. Reading a text file in PHP
  155. Category checkboxes problem
  156. new to group - check this
  157. thumbnails from videos
  158. User Authentication and Sessions
  159. How to create subdomain for each member when they registed on my site!
  160. simple opt-in script?
  161. Create new line
  162. seeking flat file 5 star rating script
  163. Problem with simple PHP login Script
  164. PHP5 simplexml
  165. Retrieve Checked values in php
  166. Array Association
  167. php - inserting info into a database
  168. php email receiver
  169. Question about array syntax
  170. 2 multidimensional array questions
  171. [PHP 5 XP IE6]header("test"); does not display
  172. error using mysql_num_rows( )
  173. self closing
  174. echo Vs print
  175. calling a variable in javascript from php or vice versa
  176. typo3: generate dynamic website, show only the pages that include content
  177. GD2 Libary question
  178. how do you initialize global variables once?
  179. pdf in php
  180. windows iconv help needed
  181. [multibyte-safe htmlentities()]
  182. mySQL security
  183. How can I achieve efficiency and speed for high traffic dating web site
  184. Can I use an either/or query?
  185. Extract Select box with data from HTML
  186. Simple php form Help
  187. Using PHP to load another page or html page
  188. Multiple Multiple Select Boxes
  189. Running PHP/Apache on a user mode linux machine, where to stick mysql?
  190. General PHP applications
  191. get all the email addresses from a text file
  192. IIS Vs Apache on Windows 2003
  193. How to setup GUBED Debugger in suse9.3
  194. PHP/IIS: File Read/Write OK, File Unlink Denied
  195. fyi - combination of outlook and php - create stationery for MS outlook using PHP engine ;-)
  196. "Cannot modify header information" with large HTML FORM options
  197. Parsing and replacing in PHP
  198. DOM formatOutput issues
  199. PHP, MySQL and extended characters
  200. Problem with regular expression and preg_match
  201. Calling a stored procedure with output parameters using mysqli
  202. Form fields don't persist after, form submit, browser back
  203. How to convert HTML special characters to the real characters with a Java script
  204. Forking a PHP process into the background in a web server environment
  205. Forks of non-maintained projects: APD, phpDocumentor, PHPMailer & ADODB
  206. testing framework/tools?
  207. Can't work out reason behind "unexpected T_VARIABLE" error
  208. How to send array from a XMLRPC PHP Client to a XMLRPC Java server
  209. autofill data using php/mysql
  210. revision control through file upload
  211. session_set_cookie_params() question
  212. session_set_cookie_params() question
  213. session_set_cookie_params() question
  214. hidden php file extension
  215. drupal php incorrectly reading domain folder into php_self etc??
  216. Integrating PHP and C++ or ASM for web applications?
  217. XML inline images?
  218. coding tip to prevent comparisons becoming assignments
  219. header("Location: ..."); NOT WORKING!?
  220. How do I format this floating point number in a line?
  221. rewritting a short ASP script to PHP
  222. Using PHP, PDO, and DOM on CLI and having problem.
  223. Kernel.php ??? Limit all execution to this...
  224. Is it possible to stop the parser during file scan
  225. How to fix PHP/HTML webpages that display Word resumes with funky characters
  226. how to enable permissions in htaccsess for php file.php script problems
  227. launch an independant process
  228. $_POST value is set but always = null even if you enter something
  229. Have you ever considered of mousing ambidextrously?
  230. __LINE__ in include
  231. php oop for dummies
  232. php arrays
  233. form to Unicodestring problem with arabic
  234. mirror image
  235. String variable read from Mysql DB + echo = Newline problem
  236. Help understanding a script
  237. Authontication problem
  238. Photo Album
  239. mouse click
  240. Removing elements from an array -- key sequence ...
  241. phpexcelreader, help needed
  242. print "...."; Question
  243. Sending two fields via a form
  244. xml parsing for an open project
  245. create or resize transparent .png - drop shadow - GD IM
  246. help with Http POST data
  247. Problem with HTTP Auth
  248. Going OO
  249. Installing PHP on Mac Intel machine
  250. Pass parameter to new page
  251. resultsets - deleting from while processing safe?
  252. fopen error with accessing a shared network drive
  253. NULL expected, won't show up ...
  254. ampersand before var in function
  255. mysql_connect error
  256. Populating form item from SQL enum set Rev#2
  257. really big integer
  258. What is the difference between raw cmd execute on server, and executing by Apache/PHP
  259. file download through php
  260. Microsoft SAPI problem with PHP
  261. Open a https url on a special port ? (asp/ajax inside)
  262. how to prevent "memory exausted"
  263. http header
  264. Script termination and reload after 5 minutes
  265. ssh2_exec() with Cygwin on Win2003
  266. Multicast sockets
  267. Query SQLServer
  268. Retrieve fields with similar values from 2 tables?
  269. How to replace a backslash character in a string?
  270. Session
  271. Croning a script in Windows
  272. CURL and PHP Redirect
  273. Hosting Referral
  274. default argument values
  275. Truly bizzare 'echo' problem
  276. advantages to PDFlib?
  277. Yahoo and PHP mail()
  278. preg_replace() problem
  279. XML-Stream empfangen
  280. Site multilingue - Liens + extension
  281. navigation multilingue page existante ou non
  282. which software will replace my mmcache?
  283. Selecting alternate master dictionary with pspell functions
  284. online text editor w/mail merge capabilities
  285. web browser to ftp client script
  286. Strange behaviour of shell_exec
  287. making a query string
  288. Code coverage tools for PHP applications?
  289. Presentation graphics w/PHP
  290. PHP or ZEND bug or what ???
  291. PHP X xbase
  292. Odd warngs with MySQL and PHP5.1.2
  293. QB 2006 Oracle DB
  294. Need to substitute #where# with $where
  295. password checking
  296. comparing day and time
  297. passing vars - popup window problem
  298. Right Shift
  299. random without replacement
  300. How Do I Query Amazon's Product Database
  301. Type function name, get help right away.
  302. XML parsing of new lines on PHP4 and PHP5
  303. Uploading problem
  304. diff between 2 DATETIMEs, SUMmed & GROUPed BY project
  305. error reporting
  306. PHP on command line issues: Function registration failed - duplicate name
  307. Refreshing multiple frames' contents?
  308. Falling back to PHP's session handler
  309. web site Screen scraping in PHP?
  310. Losing one session vatiable, rest are still intact
  311. gd-php
  312. date diff - please help
  313. Losing one session vatiable, rest are still intact (repost)
  314. Dynamic Variable Name $$var
  315. abused mailscript => How did they do it???
  316. search engine in php,mysql
  317. Line feeds with MIME-Version: 1.0\r\nContent-Type:text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\r\n
  318. PDFlib formatting question
  319. Line feeds w/ MIME-Version: 1.0\r\nContent-Type:text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\r\n
  320. AES_ENCRYPT() / AES_DECRYPT() question
  321. Including a page w/ GET arguments
  322. multidimensional array in to a MySQL table
  323. Newbie Question - How to import arrays from textfile
  324. Disable (grey out) a button.
  325. flickr xml-rpc
  326. PHP calling TCL proc causes thousands of server errors - HELP
  327. links
  328. what is userful for: set_magic_quotes_runtime ?
  329. displaying thousands and thousands of records via PHP/HTML
  330. Which is better for an eCommerce Site, CMS or PHP Framework?
  331. ascii or binary
  332. reading an html page.
  333. Building a news management system (full story)
  334. Building PHP with mysql support on CentOS
  335. retaining form values
  336. numeric column names in mysql?
  337. multidim array sort
  338. IP information
  339. create file (image) based on header
  340. php libraries for exporting to quicken?
  341. storing object in session
  342. Static photoblogger or photo gallery script wanted
  343. Output as csv
  344. Enable soap, mysql PHP5 windows xp
  345. fgetcsv delimiters
  346. charts layering problem
  347. Date picture taken?
  348. To Get a Date into MySql: there must be a better way.
  349. String Of Text (Number of Pixels / Pixel Size / Pixel Length)
  350. log4php
  351. php + cvs = temwork ?
  352. Create PHP pages from list of files in directory
  353. shorten array handling
  354. How to handle apostrophs and semicolons
  355. PHP, MySQL and IP-addresses
  356. str_ireplace() for php4?
  357. get id/pwd from .htaccess/.pwd control ?
  358. my script pauses - no calls to database or file system - but a long pause
  359. how do people feel about the PEAR db class?
  360. Extracting a numerical value with a comma
  361. Fedora 4
  362. php best practise
  363. Display selected record that has been passed to URL
  364. site help
  365. Language translation using PHP
  366. Lopping through a URL
  367. Difference between get_cfg_var() and ini_get()
  368. cURL, PHP, and SSL
  369. getting other webpage results in to php page
  370. include part of a text file
  371. calendar program (help)
  372. HTML code in eval
  373. PHP does not report errors!
  374. Limiting access to a website
  375. Form Security
  376. pqsql fieldnames
  377. Text relocation remains - Error building PHP 5.1.2
  378. Problem Solving Skills
  379. Regexp question: ()'^% etc => _
  380. String 'starts with' function
  381. CSV file into an array
  382. Is there a reverse $_GET?
  383. Update statement causes mysql varchar field to be set to empty string
  384. Strange warning when trying to create a class
  385. How can I run shell command without getting return?
  386. Form value submission problems
  387. FLASH MX
  388. FLASH MX
  389. TCL/PHP problem involving a PHP function that has to utilize a TCL proc
  390. Problem iterating thru associative array created by using SQL query.
  391. Apache 2.0, php 5 and mysql + win xp
  392. Problems with $_GET
  393. New to OO programming
  394. Comparing indexed MySQL datetime columns
  395. Php configuration - include path problem
  396. pdf to text
  397. Tracking user activity in PHP
  398. HOw to prevent simple View source to retrieve password
  399. PHP5 considered Beta
  400. Need help with simple code
  401. Zend Framework Help..(Where to start)
  402. Help
  403. Multilingual translation
  404. [PHP 5]- Win32 Fatal error on call to gd_info()
  405. Compiling PHP 5.1.2
  406. Summing specific values in a cookie array (newbie)
  407. Godaddy Hosting blocks port 43 (newbie)
  408. Creative a regular array from associative array?
  409. Sleepy database
  410. include large file - right choice ?
  411. problems changing point for coma...
  412. Hlep with w2k LAMP configuration, I think.
  413. Variables being APPENDING in URL and Address bar. Why ?
  414. MySQL PHP problems
  415. PHP equiv of perl's last label or goto?
  416. Better Ways Compare Strings: Exact Matches
  417. CMS Evaluation Questionnaire
  418. Custom Error Message Pages
  419. Zend framework and Rasmus' "The no-framework PHP MVC framework"
  420. Complex Associative Array to XML FIle and Back
  421. Web-based PHP IDE
  422. Sent data truncated?
  423. $request problem
  424. How To Make Page Variable In Height
  425. phptarsier-0.1.1pre-alpha release!
  426. Changing (jpg) Image size
  427. preg_match not working
  428. How to generate month options in a menu?
  429. PHP - Dynamic Drop Down Menu
  430. Control SSL error page or detect capable SSL connection?
  431. PRADO v3.0 beta version is released
  432. PHP and IIS permissions
  433. PHP online documentation
  434. print_r and large arrays
  435. HTTP POST problem
  436. Truetype/Freetype rendering
  437. Restricting Access to Menu Options
  438. zone alarm (pro) - block referer
  439. Checkbox array
  440. Stop PHP for Virtual Host block
  441. Link Problem.....
  442. how to draw arrows in PHP using GD function?
  443. preg_match quastion
  444. PHP Problem displaying unserialized data from cookie
  445. simulate send data with POST and get data from a Web Page (whith a session)
  446. getting month and year from a date
  447. PHP GUI app to manage pictures
  448. Case Sensitive, Case Sensitivity, $_GET
  449. RSS with PHP and MySQL
  450. <a href="#raleigh">Raleigh NC</a>
  451. dynamic variable name
  452. How to get referrer parameters?
  453. Pretty URLs
  454. PHP Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array
  455. imagettftext failing in remote browsers?
  456. Negative SQL Query
  457. dba_replace and inifiles
  458. HTML tables
  459. ubuntu php5 xml support
  460. I have a weird database problem: it is returning spurious rows withall the fields concatenated into one
  461. Permissions
  462. OCIRollback problem
  463. Diff Between 2 Dates
  464. How can I redirect and pass the POST data?
  465. 70 characters limit when sending mails
  466. Compiling PHP on MACOSX
  467. How can I create a postfix mailbox in php
  468. Automated Server Scripts at Intervals
  469. PHP mysql query from 2 tables
  470. Loading a PHP file/code via Javascript.
  471. Array Processing
  472. & behaves differently
  473. Difference of & in perl and php
  474. Getting values into a form: PHP (Server) or Javascript (Client) Side?
  475. Accessing constant and static members of a class name held in a variable
  476. How to replace an item in the url search string
  477. Return array in web service
  478. Issues working with complex math
  479. Redirection limit problem.
  480. Original file datestamp in uploads
  481. Can't read remote Web page from local Apache/PHP
  482. getting first day and last day of month
  483. Reccomendations for a good file manager script.
  484. Testing Cool URIs on localhost in Windows
  485. PHP script as a cron job
  486. countdown with tracking time
  487. Anyone built a statically linked PHP?
  488. ssl and php (generate certs)
  489. add a stripe on an image
  490. custom user session handler + PHPSESSID in cookie
  491. rsa encoding - php
  492. Using checkboxes instead of a link
  493. security issue
  494. replace all _self with _blank
  495. XP exec background process
  496. imagejpeg generating string not image even with header("Content-type:image/jpeg")
  497. How to upload media file?
  498. Mysql count(condition)?
  499. Mime Multipart messages
  500. Access $_SESSION values via an index instead of a name
  501. Call to a member function on a non-object
  502. no-one likes my map
  503. recommendation for a newsletter php class
  504. seeking mod_rewrite solution
  505. Rich Text Editor
  506. PHPMailer issue
  507. PHP speed vs HTML
  508. Interesting problem
  509. Finding out about html_doc()
  510. design question: sessions vs arguments
  511. MySql VCHAR column converted to float by PHP :-(
  512. PHP, DCOM, IIS 6, Application Center Installation
  513. counting total in/after while loop
  514. Quotes from Db into textfield
  515. Where did my Hard Returns go?
  516. avoid error output
  517. how to print data on paper with header in each new page?
  518. using clob in where clause
  519. Turn off Register Globals gives me a headache
  520. Losing Session Variables in IE6
  521. PHP & DOM XML : Formating the output file
  522. want to start tomcat from php
  523. basename() returns blank?
  524. How would I write a regexp on a MySQL query
  525. optimization
  526. delete from database
  527. phpguarddog
  528. php code from plsql using owa htp.p
  529. Session/Class help
  530. UTF-8 and question marks
  531. UT
  532. Include path issues
  533. call to undefined function php5
  534. Glue together variable and string
  535. file which tries to find itself and can't...
  536. help starting w/ user, group mgmt and mvc's
  537. Cannot instantiate non-existent class
  538. Paradox and PHP 5.1.2
  539. empty variable if/then
  540. Access Active Directory (of WINDOWS SERVER 2003) via LDAP
  541. how to document a website/database
  542. PHP5 core programming
  543. Getting LABEL for=...
  544. Problem with the Discussion Forums code
  545. Any GUI to import/export MySQL?
  546. SQL Anywhere 5.5 Odbc connection
  547. variable question
  548. Warning: Unable to complete network request to host "abc".
  549. Oracle/PHP problem
  550. Getting SOAP request (POST body)