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  1. organizing code and folder structure
  2. $txt line
  3. keystone php3 app log and pastebins trying get rid of errors on php 4.3.9 on redhat linux httpd 2.0.52
  4. sending variable to include file
  5. php ignoring code after greater than sybmol
  6. keystone php3 eating memory on my new box using php 4.3.9 apache then errors
  7. Cannot run DRUPAL a content management system
  8. parsing template using preg_replace_callback()
  9. can't get php to read ini file.
  10. Sessions Problem
  11. preg_match_all Maximum execution time of 60 seconds error
  12. help! I'm getting "out of memory" errors when trying to resize an image
  13. even after proper error checking, I still get PHP warnings
  14. Pear Install ?, WinXP, php5.2
  15. elaborate PDO documentation: recommendations?
  16. Command line PHP: installing on Debian
  17. Why no television programmes about php ?
  18. How to check remote file...
  19. PHP4 -> PHP5 issue
  20. PHP4 XML DOM
  21. To download a pdf file
  22. install php editor
  23. Full Text File Search with Indexing Service on Windows
  24. calling a function in php
  25. does require belong inside a class?
  26. Child construct parent
  27. not getting OO
  28. how to make selected drop down menu to create another drop down menu
  29. Why Not it doesn't Work???
  30. simple question : regular expressions
  31. Using PHP to parse emails and print to specific printer
  32. Create Hyperlinked Images within a Auto Cascading Table PHP
  33. Is DOMXML module unstable when running on the server?
  34. search the network & cronjob
  35. POSTing data to a page without using a form submit.
  36. Open the existing pdf file Using PHP
  37. using fopen with PUT method - failing to open resource
  38. getting and storing favicon.ico as an image
  39. beginner question: directory handling & sorting
  40. PHP Mail List Problem - Can't Unsubscribe - Help Is Appreciated
  41. Does current JAVA/PHP Bridge version support servlet?
  42. Form validation with PHP/Javascript
  43. Classes / Functions / Autonomy
  44. programming wiki needs you
  45. Keyword array
  46. Is there a more efficient way to do this?
  47. phpthumb - html/xhtml validation problem
  48. reccomend a simple MVC ?
  49. Help with php POST form submit/resubmit
  50. Variable Argument Function Calls
  51. retrieve individual rows from mysql_fetch_array not using while loop
  52. Setting up an online chat system
  53. retrieving data from session id??
  54. Same CSS style in php segments.
  55. Using APC? What's your system setup?
  56. Input Filter?
  57. Opinions on best DB interface
  58. Convert HTTP Header Last Modification Date to Integer
  59. Bother checking wether got response of your topic?
  60. Where to Find Pipe Information?
  61. js options - required input
  62. PHP, MySQL, $_GET and If statement problem
  63. Alternative PHP Cache - not caching??
  64. Update query issue...
  65. database info in forms
  66. Form to append text to end of choice of URL's
  67. PHP/MySQL on Windows 2003 Server 64bit
  68. Weird Probelms With copy()
  69. Regular Expression Problem
  70. Login script for php
  71. insert into table using array(for)
  72. No GREEK???
  73. Getting variables from another file
  74. SWF Screenshot with PHP
  75. Needed: PHP People Timesheet/Scheduler App'n
  76. index.php not loading HELP
  77. query db to return all related rows to a given row and all related to those and so on and so on....
  78. PHPbb
  79. iterate through function arguments by reference
  80. Call function from a <form>
  81. Unable to create socket
  82. Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): 5 is not a valid MySQL result resource
  83. suggestions for feedreader/web desktop
  84. Regular Expression Problem
  85. PLEASE HELP - How to add URL to options in drop down list
  86. get object value
  87. cURL, PHP, Forms and Cookies and passing it all - where to begin?
  88. create video screen cap with PHP
  89. evaluate expression inside array
  90. Weird problem with PDO/ODBC and Access
  91. get html file
  92. Simple mailling list framework wanted (not email)
  93. In search of a span of class.
  94. PHP5.1.4, DOM using CDATA in XSLT
  95. insert into table using array
  96. Get Last Modification Date from the header list
  97. real time systems
  98. Help with Lighttpd PHP PATH_INFO support...
  99. How do I change the description of my site???? php what???
  100. session hang problem
  101. catalog/shopping cart/payment system in PHP
  102. insert into multi table with specific field
  103. how do you make a string of binary numbers from an array
  104. Delete Script
  105. headers sent issue
  106. Yahoo Mail includes trailing angle brackets in links
  107. GD thinks it's installed, but won't work
  108. Problem with conuting users visiting site
  109. Reg. Ex. Problem
  110. apache doesnt get php code
  111. Search in Mysql...
  112. Upgrade Methods, php, pear, phpdoc
  113. PHP_SELF __FILE__ and the likes
  114. declaring session variables
  115. cURL not always working
  116. New To PHP - Error In My Class
  117. Some help with a php script..
  118. Young PHP programer wanted in Trento - Italy
  119. CGI-error and IIS
  120. Uploading a file and $_FILES
  121. phpmail and attachments
  122. Clarification about Radio button in php
  123. Looking for php mail form w/ attachments
  124. The most efficient encryption method?
  125. sk
  126. character conversion
  127. Help please: just a simple search..
  128. PHP Outputting XML file
  129. Encrypting emails with a certificate?
  130. PHP Select box value
  131. How to reference array returned by MySql?
  132. Help to automatically traverse a login session
  133. Variable extracted out of one form not there anymore after submitting another form
  134. how to use server certificate to encrypt data, then use private cert/signature to decrypt?
  135. Cannot load libphp4.dll into server: Permission denied (Cygwin)
  136. Php5 with support for https and ftps
  137. LoadModule vs. action
  138. Problems with 'if' statement
  139. Creating a table in mysql using a php form?
  140. Failed to connect to mailserver
  141. Q: Algorithm/Solution for finding words in non delimited string
  142. RewriteRule - "No input file specified."
  143. PDO prepare and execute woe
  144. Uninstalling compiled php4 install...
  145. getting files over ftp/http
  146. help with unset
  147. Compare Form Data to Database
  148. XML instead of text
  149. PHP 4 of 5?
  150. imagecreatefromgif not working
  151. Eclipse PHP IDE
  152. createimagefromjpeg memory error
  153. Change color in php message
  154. right problems, get crazy
  155. Warning: domdocument() expects at least 1 parameter
  156. Conversion Script for postnuke to Joomla
  157. conversion from jpg to bmp
  158. File reading and deleting a pattern (beginner)
  159. Stock Photography Store Application Needed
  160. Convert from BMP to JPG
  161. Need update query--Remove the coma ","
  162. User Name Logout Problem
  163. PEAR install gone strange
  164. PHP Operators
  165. Why won't this code work in Postgresql and php?
  166. size of "images" created by imagestring
  167. problem with mb_detect_encoding
  168. Updating Excel in debugger only
  169. Image attachment ???
  170. Help needed with DB_DataObject
  171. how do i increment inside a loop?
  172. how do i avoid typing the keyword "$this->" every time inside a class
  173. How to iterate throut an array?
  174. extract array from mysql
  175. mySpace blog on Homepage
  176. How do I use wildcards when searching in array?
  177. Converter for phpBB to VBullettin
  178. Satan and the evil
  179. QuickFom question
  180. Run a local executable from php
  181. create php package instaler
  182. Finding key level in mutidimensional array
  183. detection of a robot in php
  184. PHP File....refresh page using submit button
  185. PHP global functions ?
  186. GD2 Producing Empty Images
  187. PHP and Access
  188. How to write the new line existing pdf file using php
  189. Disabled mail function workaround?
  190. Backbone Gains GUI
  191. Populating three list boxes
  192. iconv or xmlsimpledocument with windows-1250
  193. replacing www... with hyperlink
  194. How can I increase the Import Maximum Size for MySql
  195. modal dialog in Firefox
  196. Test for the existence of a null property
  197. URL Validate
  198. how to send a plain text version of an email with html
  199. Errors?
  200. Example of How to Make an HTML/Javascript Desktop and Windowing System
  201. Regd: Programming a Video Converter
  202. Querying a HL Server
  203. setting include_path on shared server
  204. cannot send email to myself
  205. simplexml and CDATA
  206. Sending an HTTP request and reading the response
  207. Changing between times
  208. Form with 2 submit buttons...
  209. IMAP_OPEN problems
  210. number of pages of a pdf file with php
  211. date field and formats
  212. Populating drop down menu with remote file list
  213. Re : Curl error : Empty reply from server
  214. Printer Friendly page
  215. PHP Marph
  216. Need a php snippet script
  217. PRADO 3.0.3 is released
  218. strange behaviour using arrays to update records
  219. Un-zipping file problem
  220. Email injection on a contact form
  221. need a pointer on OOP with php
  222. PHP- SQL Injuction
  223. Is foreach the fastest way to do this?
  224. array bugs?
  225. Redirecting Pages
  226. Thread-support in PHP6?
  227. ftp_fput() error help
  228. Phpbb
  229. Source Displayed With include_once()
  230. OO Form Framework Seeks Assistance
  231. Image Post method / PHP help
  232. Translate into php
  233. Using PHP CMS
  234. Technique for creating variables within a loop
  235. mysql_pconnect usage
  236. exec shows window
  237. Edit all_url_fopen in Runtime
  238. interpolating variables
  239. imagecreatetruecolor sometimes causes forced-download of index.php for some JPEG images
  240. Selecting which IP address to use when connecting to a remote
  241. PHP IMAP Attachment issue
  242. mysql-question
  243. Recursive function problem with variable
  244. display provider name form hostname
  245. why does foreach display each loop twice
  246. Convert Php nuke to Joomla
  247. ascii to hex
  248. phpDocumentor beta giving unexpected results
  249. outputting XML from PHP
  250. help with regex
  251. php_zip installation problems
  252. Returning a null reference in PHP 4.4.2
  253. Problems installing PEAR on WinXP
  254. Put today's date into a MySQL "date" formated field
  255. Stranded PHP processes and ProcessExplorer
  256. Pear directory structure...
  257. Calculate time between 2 timestamps
  259. Retaining form values in PHP
  260. Is it possible to do this??
  261. Time/Date Stamp for csv.php file
  262. Server quits when upload exceeds 60 seconds
  263. File processing before sending in the client side)
  264. Accessing content from another server
  265. Getting file and dir as settings
  266. PHP and MySQL issue
  267. Character Set Conversions
  268. pear error
  269. how to pass authorization to another application
  270. Keeping the formatting of text
  271. PHP5 with PDFlib
  272. uploading several docs at once
  273. Use file() function to read a variable name, not a literal name.
  274. Use file() function to read a variable name, not a literal name.
  275. creating image/area maps on dynamic images
  276. parsing an xml file via php
  277. excel sheet read in php
  278. Returning data from functions?
  279. printing collumn names then contents from mysql query
  280. PHP harm on WebDAV
  281. Replace character (UTF-8)
  282. "failed to open stream no such directory or file" apache suse 10.0
  283. server response slowing down
  284. mail(): carriage returns get scrambled
  285. fgets not blocking
  286. socket timeout being ignored
  287. Duplication of Records
  288. How can i use Mail Server with PHP?
  289. How set the sendmail with php5?
  290. IIS/Apache related problem
  291. fsockopen commands
  292. register_globals
  293. Possible to calculate localtime based on Country/State?
  294. php 5 - how to integrate Java to PHP 5
  295. ISAPI and CGI
  296. sessions headache...
  297. PHP doesn't access root directory using forward slash "/"
  298. mime multipart shows up as attachment
  299. Duplicate values from database
  300. How to code "multipart/form-data” in a PHP script ?
  301. Site defaced
  302. Automatic email creation in cpanel ----PHP
  303. Complete dhtml windowing-system in 600 lines (24kb)*
  304. question about GMT and UTC
  305. godaddy login via curl php script
  306. MySql support in PHP 5.x
  307. Hello world
  308. modifying 'for... loop ' with php to leave out one number
  309. Question Regarding Form Security
  310. Inserting Japanese characters into UTF-8 MySQL database via php
  311. Best selling hosting
  312. PHP on IIS
  313. problems with $_POST returning NULL values in php 4.4.2
  314. Project file
  315. Learn PHP online
  316. br html line breaks and htmlentitities
  317. fopen() problem
  318. PHP vs. J2EE
  319. Mozilla Firefox and PHP
  320. cross platform problem - advice needed
  321. Using MySQL, can I SELECT rows only within a certain range (ie. rows 11-20)
  322. Php & Mysql to retrieve the result in the form of Recursive format
  323. authenticate using PHP_AUTH_USER & PHP_AUTH_PW
  324. PEAR installation problem.
  325. How to create a snapshot of a URL in PHP?
  326. A few questions about PHP blocks in relation to search function
  327. odbc_exec() issue
  328. Not working form
  329. uploading form data then submitting form to payment site
  330. Przeladowanie strony po wyslaniu formularza.
  331. Error in Converting GIF Image to Black & White
  332. please help me!!
  333. Links about joomla
  334. insert video to mysql
  335. move_upoaded_file permissions problem - Does something need configured on server?
  336. PHP 5.1.4 / Apache 2.2.3 / XP Home Install Problems
  337. PHP and Java
  338. PHP and Java
  339. PHP Web Hosting
  340. Fatal error: main() [function.main]: Security alert: Include filename is an URL in Unknown on line 0
  341. Passing Ampersand to browser plz help
  342. problem with phpMailer
  343. correct format for .php&redirect=
  344. operater xor (^)
  345. Dynamic & auto updated XML Sitemap Generator for “Google Sitemap system”
  346. PHP adds hidden value
  347. Authentication session variable being lost between pages
  348. send an email with php
  349. Send form to email in url
  350. Parsing txt file
  351. _SESSION weirdness behind a NAT firewall/router: bug?
  352. breaking up strings
  353. Output stops after while loop
  354. mktime and daylight saving
  355. Attendance list in PHP??
  356. get server timezone
  357. Php Mailer Problem
  358. Problems with unicode utf8
  359. Listbox -- issue -- PHP
  360. Where's error? Simple shoutbox code... with a few features
  361. using array_intersect() without keeyping keys from the array1, i.e. re-number intersect array keys.
  362. Equivalent of Django/Turbogears for PHP?
  363. prevent re-posting of data
  364. Retrieving information from website
  365. Thread on Slashdot
  366. HELP: PHP search query SQL error
  367. Comma delimited file
  368. help with the mail function
  369. $_POST question
  370. Must have books on PHP?
  371. using simultaneous arrays
  372. php+membership
  373. GD2 and PHP4.4
  374. PEAR: is it really necessary?
  375. I need one WikiParser of php
  376. ,php to .htm to ms word
  377. php form issue ..
  378. Script to crawl email id from a file
  379. SimpleXMLElement problem
  380. Magpie RSS - fetching HTTPS
  381. PHP 5 relative paths don't work??
  383. Traps and pitfalls when writing web apps?
  384. session-based authentication code not working on shared host
  385. Weird result?? php 4.4.0
  386. fgetcsv limitations?
  387. Please help PHP Beginner
  388. Installing php 5.1.4 and Postgresql 8.1.3 on redhat Centos 4.3
  389. Apache Module of PHP on WindowsXP
  390. Quotation marks in form input
  391. storing checkbox data using implode
  392. index.php
  393. Illegal offset type for array. Object to integer convertion
  394. array_multisort and locale support
  395. This is my first posting
  396. help with php.ini include_path?
  397. using [] inside eval function
  398. 1 - 2 millions files in one folder?
  399. ->Drop down menus automatically updated?<-
  400. templates into dreamweaver
  401. PDF to html conversion --php
  402. Storing images into MySQL DB
  403. sending http requests with curl but closing before reading the response
  404. regular expression inquiry
  405. String parsing question...
  406. domxml
  407. error not recognize
  408. PHP behind proxy - fopen, include
  409. Incoming data into array?
  410. str_replace() external file
  411. HELP - sure is a piece of cake for you
  412. Locate an image file on the server, extract data, resize and then output new image - can this be done?
  413. PHP and Javascript
  414. upload a file without user having to browse or enter file name
  415. Using PHP to read XL Spreadsheet Files?
  416. phpMailer error
  417. Using SELECT INTO to Backup a Database
  418. Wrangling Javascript from PHP
  419. Embed tags for objects in HTML for PHP
  420. File Browser Form Tool
  421. Combinatorics algorithm
  422. preg split
  423. php and default salt length
  424. warning "Maximum execution time of 30"
  425. performance mySQL 5.0.11
  426. Query 2 MySQL databases in 1 statement
  427. Encoding / Protecting PHP script
  428. Array to simple variables assignment
  429. Using arrays to take records from a html table and update database
  430. FastCGI and DB connections / global variables?
  431. What's a good program for managing a mixed html-PHP site?
  432. How to format at date field output
  433. sql query builder
  434. objects,inheritance and insane abstraction
  435. java php integration
  436. Using local php.ini files
  437. questions about curl
  438. ActiveRecord and Foreign Keys
  439. Multi-Dimensional Arrays In PHP ... ???
  440. Load multiple pictures into MySQL?
  441. php 6 dev
  442. Class method returns both TRUE and FALSE at the exact same time!!
  443. HTML call
  444. Problem with executing a command from within my script
  445. Question about sessions_start and header()?
  446. HTTP Authentication against vB-Accounts Intergration
  447. files saved in UTF-8, PHP5 sends UTF-8 BOM ;(
  448. Simple Admin Panel
  449. Reading SCRIPT_FILENAME thru cron
  450. password() and select statement
  451. XML-RPC
  452. Unusual behaviour opening Word document
  453. mail problem (mail server is running) but mail() is not working.
  454. Modify $_POST
  455. mysql_connect error Apache Web server to Windows hosted database
  456. PHP Templating
  457. New PHP/MySQL Table Editor
  458. Displaying an image based on URL origination-URL Redirect
  459. mail sending within a while failed
  460. HTML email include PHP
  461. Magpie RSS Caching
  462. check if a file exists on an FTP server
  463. count files in a directory
  464. Check that input is supplied from a particular PC?
  465. Find out encoding of a file with php, and convert it to UTF-8 encoding
  466. Php and theory of languages
  467. white spaces in uploaded html file
  468. 11 line random quote system
  469. enabling gd on PHP5
  470. modifying link tags.
  471. equivalent of mysql aes_decrypt in php?
  472. PHP, MySql and Encoding
  473. Converting argv to variable
  474. PHP and AJAX
  475. Trying to get constant from array but get literal string instead
  476. Stripping HTML from RSS feed
  477. Web/DB Dev Internship, NASA/ARC, Mtn View, CA
  478. how to switch to ssl and back again from same php script?
  479. realm is missing in HTTP authnetication
  480. mail forward
  481. What is current status of frameworks? Which to choose?
  482. Running php file everyday on scheduled time
  483. Redirect to html page
  484. Connect to remote MySQL server
  485. getimagesize():failed to open stream:
  486. Capturing user login Information of windows
  487. Oh please oh please oh pleeeease
  488. A webserver (PHP 5) with a few database server (MySQL)
  489. idea/ concept behind creating breadcrumbs
  490. imagecreatefromxbm exists but imagexbm doesn't
  491. Regular Expressions crash course
  492. How to set a session cookie with a path?
  493. Why Redhat Linux has no RPM for PHP 5?!
  494. $HTTP_REFERER crashes my system like clockwork
  495. ANNOUNCE: Data-centric PHP framework (GPL)
  496. PHP Skin/Template system
  497. setup.php
  498. PHP Installation issues on WinXP and IIS
  499. Storing and passing secure passwords to MS Exchange
  500. Hebrew in php
  501. Need to install Tidy with PHP 5.0.4
  502. mysql_connect()
  503. Array and Search function
  504. How to do folder security in php
  505. New to php and MySQL
  506. converting array $row values to $string
  507. Need help preventing spammers in guestbooks
  508. Organizer for internal site?
  509. Sending encryption keys as cookies
  510. Pie Charts & Graphs in PHP
  511. Problem with Oracle selecting object types
  512. Timeout in HTML
  513. user supplied forum text and htmlentities
  514. PHPDocumentor Error nothing parsed
  515. time limit on exec()
  516. php's dns server?
  517. Sockets
  518. Suggestion needed on data storage format in text file
  519. Must GET/POST Parameters Have Values? (And What is the Syntax for GET, If NOT)
  520. serving xhtml with php
  521. Multiple select list in PHP
  522. PHP Group/Mailing List script - GNU Mailer like
  523. Open Source Forwarding/Groups system
  524. php yellow page search
  525. Read an flv with php?
  526. MMAP extension for PHP5
  527. reload php-image
  528. cPath if, else - help - Trying to use WILDCARRD, cPath
  529. Dependant Drop Down Box
  530. Help with attempting to add time to a MySQL field from PHP?
  531. undefined index
  532. Self location....
  533. PHP to edit files
  534. -> Data processing in IExplorer failing / Firefox ok: why? <-
  535. Maximum file size that can be handles with a PHP script
  536. Two functions and one problem
  537. php -fck editer issue
  538. Pfpro enabled, but function not found
  539. Hi.. About PHP & Javascript Develop Environment
  540. PHP select form
  541. Problem with " being replaced with \"
  542. acquiring value of primary key from uploaded file
  543. PHP 5 DomDocument
  544. Random Number Excluding Specified Value in Array
  545. Image_Graph Problem
  546. Login / Password
  547. MyDocket software author
  548. Hiding warnings
  549. textarea curiousity
  550. php installation prolem