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  1. Language Translation for web Page
  2. clear cache tag in PHP?
  3. function checkOK($field)
  4. Entering credit card number without spaces and dashes
  5. Checking PHP version for compatibility?
  6. "nested" recordset paging
  7. php --without-pear
  8. need to create and make download link for csv
  9. Enabling sockets
  10. How to debug Pear XML/fo2pdf
  11. Why does this foreach loop fail to work?
  12. I keep getting this error in in_array. Any ideas why?
  13. Search & replace
  14. Get Email Message from File
  15. Creating SubDomain with PHP
  16. PHP, MySQL and BIT field
  17. domain cookie problem...
  18. PHP (5.1.4) MSSQL functions do not work through Apache (on Fedora Core 5)
  20. save query result in a file and download it
  21. Feedback Email setup
  22. Sending Information to an email - but need new lines..
  23. php notice: undefined variable
  24. I need a genius for this one!
  25. W32api DLL
  26. If statement inside please
  27. How to show or write text on status bar at browser
  28. Drag and Drop insertion in MySql
  29. i'm unable to send HTML email
  30. Preventing Browser-caching between Frames
  31. how to use Smarty to write a text (ex. an e-mail)?
  32. Passing a HTML variable to a PHP file using include
  33. database retrieval problem while formatting
  34. html in xml, php & flash
  35. Installing php,mysql,apache to my PC
  36. Designing a shopping cart
  37. preg_match question
  38. can one set post_max_size in form?
  39. Ajax chat system - Active HTTP connection?
  40. Something wrong with $_POST
  41. PHP Libraries and PECL (2 simple questions) BEGINER
  42. Mail sending problem
  43. Wild card aliases...
  44. PHP Debugging script help!
  45. script help
  46. error_reporting() does not show error
  47. Help with sockets needed
  48. converting http to https
  49. counting an array
  50. email system
  51. arguments from function
  52. conversion of date field string into date
  53. open file in read and write mode..w+
  54. Sending e-mail in PHP
  55. Retrieve the next record id
  56. php
  57. simpler version for incryption
  58. Embedding MS Word in php page
  59. What's wrong the the logic in this code?
  60. Pls suggest me - Query on submitting dynamically creating rows
  61. php variable continaing php code
  62. getimagesize() not working
  63. Issue with Super Globals
  64. DST & getTimezoneOffset()
  65. Does PHP "cache" scripts?
  66. Random Password PHP code help req.. only gettinh 3 letters?
  67. adding static option to variable option drop down
  68. smarty problem
  69. users file system
  70. pytanie o klasy
  71. deleting distinct from database
  72. creating forms based on radio button selections
  73. Problem with $_SESSION and header("Location:...
  74. drop-down position
  75. DOMDocument Node HTML
  76. curl and download
  77. preg_replace backreference value as a key to array
  78. problem with "if-else" statement
  79. PHp
  80. hi banfa ! pls give some idea
  81. printing from php script
  82. Is it good to include unuse files?
  83. An endless loop
  84. trouble configuring php with openssl
  85. Report PDF
  86. Help with URl
  87. Help with URl
  88. Onclick Alert popup in php
  89. Will pay for PHP programming
  90. Opinions on Zend Core for Oracle over PHP 5.1.4?!
  91. Exec and Redirecting Output
  92. Run CGI in php
  93. function parameters by reference "&"
  94. i am new the php
  95. losing STDIN
  96. how to share a Session
  97. getting values of unchecked checkboxes
  98. dynamically creating rows + submit fails
  99. File Download NOT open
  100. Problem with force download while downloading a 2-byte char filename using php
  101. database value by javascript
  102. Performance impact about unquoted strings
  103. Retrieve Data Using Store Procedure
  104. 255 char limit on sybase_fetch_*
  105. php5 and the location of my databases
  106. Adding "<", ">" to a string
  107. Replace the registered trademark "" symbol.
  108. Compile time configs
  109. Better way of swapping between localhost and server?
  110. installing dynamic extension: http
  111. rare, intermittent bug with getimagesize ?
  112. Error Compiling PHP 5.1.2
  113. How to Insert to foreign key table
  114. Writing Images to MySQL 4.x
  115. PHP with XML
  116. evaluate date where > 2 weeks ago
  117. new commer to php field
  118. connecting to more than one table in mysql
  119. regular expression : {link}
  120. CRYPT_MD5 on Mac OS/X via mhash/mcrypt/md5/etc etc?
  121. A quick array Q ..
  122. How to properly handle lengthy operations?
  123. apache php and oracle
  124. University Research: Survey about searching for open source code on the Internet
  125. String parsing bug
  126. Force number input to string
  127. Problem with Arrays and For Each
  128. Comparing values before and after POST
  129. Whats the best way to do this?
  130. FCK integration problem within PHP
  131. Sorting an object array by an object property - how do you do it?
  132. Filling form with database info
  133. UPDATE query appears to complete but nothing changes in data
  134. OCI create segmentation fault on Apache
  135. Interpretor woes
  136. Adding up arrays
  137. sampling content from other website with php
  138. Folder list with Pagination
  139. unlink from server problem ?
  140. Which array function?
  141. custom error script taking too long.
  142. Split two different users on log in page
  143. tag or attribut for correct Image-size
  144. hi, regarding my final projects
  145. Displaying text with include file.
  146. Login script which only works some of the time...?
  147. Smarty: Checkbox Validation
  148. How to use GET method to encrypted the password to transfer?
  149. adding table rows at runtime
  150. getting the name of the PHP file
  151. Multiple Dynamic Drop Down Population
  152. Using mysql_result() Deletes Row From Result
  153. PHP.ini location
  154. Array comparison
  155. Automatic requery
  156. What is wrong with this code?
  157. MD5 Length
  158. Content Mangement System/Wiki for writing
  159. Can't get Apache to run PHP inside html from localhost - works fine from /var/ww/html
  160. Data format in application or database?
  161. Looking for a programmer for gaming site
  162. system() command background process??
  163. performance issues sorrounding the use of multiple includes
  164. PHP HTML - Analyzer
  165. GD Libarary Question
  166. Dynamic pages without with directory structure instead of parameters
  167. MSSQL slow on IIS 6
  168. Post request, server side php scrript: not using forms
  170. checking valid email address
  171. Database Dump with PHP
  172. Problems with PDO and MSSQL (SQLserver 2000)
  173. Interesting Image Problem
  174. Getting the HTTP response code that is sent via a cell phone
  175. PHPMailer On Behalf Of
  176. terminal php
  177. sych contacts with apps like outlook and ical
  178. Disadvantages of GET/POST/COOKIES
  179. phpmailer class converted to plain on some servers...
  180. Extract Content Between Style Tags with Preg and PHP
  181. SimpleXML & Google images
  182. Receive file and save or echo the content
  183. Receive file and save or echo the content
  184. _POST variable only visible to the program after I print it?
  185. Wikipedia XML -> PHP?
  186. Populating Arrays via code
  187. PHP GD Text - Unit Problem
  188. System() and ImageMagick
  189. flock and file(myfile.txt)
  190. Quick two Code questions..
  191. Quick question
  192. Tutorial for posting an image attachment
  193. Book example doesn't work here
  194. PHP memory for multiple websites
  195. Form not sending data to MySQL-DB
  196. i cant insert or update a record in postgres using PHP
  197. differences of two files?
  198. php and cron
  199. Php initializes extensions as root
  200. How to remove specific function calls from source code...
  202. pdf form
  203. error on page
  204. Session with Database
  205. quotes in file names
  206. About SESSION varaiables
  207. Content of text box into a PHP cariable
  208. How to explode array from file?
  209. Passing values back & forth between other pages
  210. Executing another PHP page
  211. Handling different headers with a form
  212. trouble with include files
  213. Uploading a pre-defined filename to a server with PHP
  214. How not to send headers?
  215. Sessionhandling with OpenLDAP
  216. Forum Guide
  217. Where can I find a good PHP IDE ?
  218. Concatenate string and variable to make up a constant name
  219. fopen failed to open remote URL
  220. Can anyone tell me why this doesnt work please
  221. How to use CUrl
  222. How to execute a command from php file?
  223. How to run command line from php
  224. RADICORE v1.14.0 released
  225. slow pages passed by PHP interpreter via locale network
  226. entering html and php into a db and display this in a textarea without it being processed as code
  227. PHP, MySQL and crontab
  228. SoapServer::setPersistence
  229. php and email authentivation
  230. php & javascript interaction
  231. Accessing a document's properties/metadata
  232. Looking for a PHP Forum
  233. Help using tar through php
  234. fopen bloody problem
  235. AJAX Job Tracking
  236. Javascript avail test without get_browser and browscap
  237. what happens when client press "Stop"?
  238. Hi guys! Got stuck with this..
  239. PEAR Modules HTML_QuickForm
  240. can i have an array as a class variable?
  241. ? character displays instead of pound sign
  242. Creating CSR with multiple values for attributes
  243. Session variables missing
  244. IE cache problem
  245. php to html?
  246. How to get continent->country->city data.
  247. send file with resume download
  248. execute ant with php
  249. Feedback Forms with php SUEXEC
  250. PHP more development time?
  251. Any idea how to do this?
  252. Hacked with system()
  253. Delete cookies from client side
  254. upload multiple files...
  255. I have DOM angst
  256. ping
  257. Storing database resource links
  258. preg_match(): Compilation failed: regular expression too large
  259. send HTTP_RANGE to a HTTP request
  260. PRADO 3.0.4 is released
  261. reproducible random number series
  262. stopping <a> from loading new page but still performing onclick action
  263. How long do session variables last and how do I change this?
  264. Consuming .Net WebService with PHP and NuSOAP
  265. Incorrect password
  266. How to check the valid email address?
  267. Wiki and PHP advise
  268. PHP and MySQL
  269. Access to the $_SESSION variable
  270. Problem in External Mailing Feature
  271. problem in mail send
  272. How to upload form data containing special characters correctly?
  273. need help in coding
  274. UPDATE and increment by 10
  275. "for" loops with variable names...
  276. Find out number of pages in a file (Doc,TXT.PDF .etc)
  277. DBG for PHP client (duplicate name problem)
  278. PHP script to show IP, Location, OS name/version/platform, Browser name/version
  279. Image upload + posting text. How?
  280. mail() Getting An Email To Go Through
  281. strftime function problem
  282. hack this code :)
  283. Help with pdf to text
  284. Writing a PHP and Javascript generated page to a PHP variable...
  285. How many users currently viewing a page ?
  286. Noob php error question
  287. |OT| Joel Spolsky on RoR
  288. how to solve the problem of web port
  289. Creating a view
  290. Doing something silly in installing PHP
  291. PHP Database Class Instantiation
  292. Post to self?
  293. newly created blog page giving php error
  294. html within php works, but php within html doesnt
  295. how to count age
  296. Use Google Ajax API from PHP
  297. Troubles having PHP send database table info to an email address
  298. call remote html to get response
  299. do professional PHP programmers use error checking in their code?
  300. Export table to csv
  301. Printing results from query
  302. setting password for root
  303. ReOrder result set, Save a trip to DB/Srv
  304. this function never pads integers with leading zeros - help
  305. Month number increases but month name does not
  306. phpmailer.class messages are been converted to plain text...
  307. Something like eval...
  308. sessions in php and asp
  309. PHP does not want to run
  311. Fonction STR_REPLACE
  312. Database structure help
  313. what keys should I use on my 3 way join?
  314. php Web Frameworks
  315. Well Known Sites Made in PHP by me
  316. unicode entities from characters
  317. Compile PHP 4.4.4 and CentOS
  318. convert PHP/HTML to PDF
  319. Percentages: Not a php question, but still...
  320. Delete file after headers sent
  321. $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] weird browser problem
  322. Converting MySQL dates
  323. just installed punbb but thinking about phpbb
  324. Newspaper script in php
  325. html into xml tag?
  326. php 4.3 and file permissions
  327. (Off topic) Cyberwar question
  328. Mail() Problem - 'Errors parsing file.php'
  329. I cant able to direcly open file in IE(force download)
  330. how to get url ?
  331. ucfirst
  332. wirte javascript in .tpl file
  333. interview question in php?
  334. Paginating Result Sets
  335. Problem to transfer selected multiple value from select box to PHP page
  336. PHP file upload
  337. Advanced topics book?
  338. Nested loops help please?
  339. php 5 soap question
  340. Clarification about Barcodes
  341. Testers Wanted
  342. sending mail - error . how to solve
  343. sending email in php
  344. How to check if uploaded file is binary or ascii?
  345. Text is missing its Paragraph seperation
  346. question about passing field name in sql statement as variable.
  347. how to Replicate Session in new window?, target _blank
  348. Need php help? Check
  349. get attribute value from an XML tag
  350. PHP/Perl/Unix Virus: delete config.php files asap
  351. tutorial problem
  352. displaying categories/subcategories using modified preorder tree transversal
  353. easy php1-8 problem
  354. dynamically populate drop-down list and dynamically include html file
  355. mcrypt blob upload problem to MySQL
  356. connecting to a mssql database
  357. The Template Pattern in PHP 5
  358. Problem using PEAR
  359. How to implement range header in PHP???
  360. What editor is the most common in PHP developer?
  361. odd mt_srand behavior
  362. _POST superglobal empty
  363. Typecast problem in PHP 5.0.4
  364. "Cannot send session cookie ..." I truely DON'T output ANYTHING before calling session_start()
  365. send mail? help me!
  366. problem with fetch rows
  367. locale fr_FR.utf8 and str_word_count()
  368. Is web server down?
  369. phpMyAdmin display Japanese
  370. the Strategy Pattern in PHP 5
  371. last line of data written twice
  372. Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' PDO exception
  373. odbc_num_rows() returns -1 on SELECT query
  374. Serving a website based on source internet address ?
  375. Need some help
  376. POST variables not coming through
  377. exit not working
  378. site visit counter
  379. searching a website - including all new added pages
  380. dymanic populating checkboxes
  381. mail() only works when connected to mysql
  382. [Hello - about GD and GD2] Images don't display
  383. Re-using POST data
  384. using php to read emails
  385. PHP help
  386. php.exe has generated errors
  387. Ordering mysql results
  388. Auto prepend problem
  389. Is there something wrong with PHP5?
  390. Interfacing PHP/Perl with MATLAB
  391. fatal error: out of memory when trying to use imagecopyresampled
  392. removing odd characters after socket_read
  393. PHP 4 vs. 5? Why 2 version?
  394. Better image resizing code?
  395. How to secure downloads for authenticated users?
  396. "<<previous<< 2 3 4 5 >>next>>" scheme
  397. Email form
  398. using msMSL and stored Procedures (EXEC)
  399. video thumbnail
  400. printer
  401. List/Menu
  402. Video file Uploading
  403. pb compiling php (4&5) on debian sarge w/ ldap module
  404. Announcing phpsh -- an interactive shell for PHP
  405. GD lib using PHP
  406. PHP and Google MAP API how can i integrate?
  407. Move folder in Mila function using PHP
  408. pHp introduction please
  409. problem accessing HTTP_COOKIE_VARS
  410. how to do video streaming?
  411. PLEASE HELP - How to find number of check boxes created dynamically
  412. cron not working when calling php script with mysql on linux box
  413. The Interpreter Pattern in PHP 5
  414. Best place to transform XSL
  415. PHP IRC Bot?
  416. SmartyPagine and mod_rewrite
  417. operator
  418. Include and Header(Location: ) not working together
  419. Retrieving information from Active Directory through OLE-DB
  420. Customisable map for Joomla
  421. PHP or HTML Question on Forms
  422. echo with question mark
  423. MySQL Query
  424. locale and different encoding
  425. htmlentities is not working for me
  426. Fishing for a way to search a humongous database
  427. Get internet connection, provider,..
  428. mail() To: header in PHP 4.4.4
  429. i write a date calculator, but there always get a one-day-distance wrong
  430. How to extract domain from string with regex?
  431. Problem with layer plz help
  432. Handling session destroy and logout issue. How to handle ?
  433. How to create an plugin architecture?
  434. The Proxy Pattern in PHP 5
  435. regular expression space and 2 byte space
  436. Querys result importance
  437. % conversoin character with money_format
  438. formtomail
  439. Creating Images in php
  440. Generate MySQL "WHERE" clause from a Google-like search string.
  441. Ordering inserted database values
  442. Bug or not bug
  443. PHP in JS?
  444. How do mysql_fetch_assoc/mysql_query work?
  445. fsockopen uses?
  446. most recent dated
  447. str_word_count
  448. sort multi-dimensional array
  449. php 5.1.4, apache 2.2.3, and libxslt
  450. How to get rid of warnings?
  451. upload files
  452. redirection based on not connecting to url (fsockopen)
  453. Limit folder (with subfolders) capacity
  454. Parse error: parse error in...line 36
  455. Brackets across includes
  456. Two different POST actions? Possible?
  457. PHP sending whitespace after headers?
  458. Cannot connect to postgresql
  459. how to refer absolute path in image src?
  460. File upload errors
  461. select & input
  462. Dynamische Website
  463. html special character in the when submit form
  464. nslookup problem
  465. Includere una DLL e usarla con PHP
  466. Sanity Checks?
  467. The Flyweight Pattern in PHP 5
  468. I want to write a function that removes the second CSV column of its content
  469. Getting limited amount of data from text mysql-table
  470. Problem with queries format
  471. Language and currency changing script ?
  472. PDO::prepare and SELECT WHERE LIKE
  473. Location of file (fopen)
  474. Pear detects wrong version of PHP
  475. Yet another Regexp question
  476. php based file downloads
  477. Suggestion for porting function to PHP5??
  478. How to hide javascripts in php page
  479. SAFE MODE Restriction in effect (with or without calling any php-file)
  480. simple scheduling script
  481. XML String processing problem
  482. Session losing variables?
  483. php e c++
  484. array multisort question
  485. HTML_AJAX and $_GET['m']
  486. PDF in PHP
  487. Hide right click option usnig php
  488. How to modify CSS with PHP?
  489. autogenerating html
  490. Checking File Size Before Upload
  491. The Adapter Pattern in PHP5
  492. Srv OS compatibility and $_ENV
  493. license issues for developers
  494. Installing zziplib on php4?
  495. PHP and Regex
  496. How to detect if post_max_size triggered?
  497. APC cache performance
  498. sorting numbers
  499. Is this a security issue
  500. Usefull PHP docs
  501. Test for PTR Record
  502. can php program clog the rental web server?
  503. Proper object extension convention
  504. how could i keep the session and use fewer system resource
  505. Full Text File Search with Indexing Service on Windows (cont.)
  506. cannot get the values specified inside of another file using include or require_once
  507. How do I set Session Variables
  508. Scope of php variables outside <?php ?> blocks
  509. content type header for .ai
  510. my code is too slow, how do I speed it up?
  511. Finite $_POST loops infinitely - help!
  512. PHP compressor
  513. 'No element found' error
  514. Unknown IP address?
  515. PHP Time Question
  516. need help with php code on this site
  517. Help: PHP 4.4.2 & mySQL?
  518. CMS v Static html
  519. php shortcuts
  520. dumb quesstion may be - PHP vs HTML?
  521. How to solve header - error -PHP
  522. Show the status of counter
  523. Insert link in a mail message
  524. How do I get the middle of a string?
  525. Help debugging
  526. Create and append external DOMEntity's?
  527. PHP - ExcelReader
  528. valid chararcters
  529. Entering a big string as a block...
  530. send request with encoding
  531. Flash & PHP Session
  532. Get dynamic link's name with onClick?
  533. File name: foo.php OR foo.htm
  534. Cannot connect to MySQL through php on WindowsXP
  535. Date Extension
  536. Div tags with PHP
  537. Apache Triad on WindowsXP?
  538. ftp_nlist "425 Can't open data connectoin"
  539. XML communication suggestions
  540. indexcity script Link index
  541. How to rotate top page banner using php
  542. Permission problems with unlink()
  543. PREG search for multiple values in one pass?
  544. what is a segmentation fault, and why is it killing PHP on my server?
  545. HTMLPurifier - Standard Compliant HTML Filtering
  546. PHP Redirect Problem
  547. how to convert date format in postgres
  548. Problem with Date in Email Header
  549. pdf & utf8?
  550. Problem with preg_match with capturing and back-reference