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  1. preg_match explanation
  2. Include title in header
  3. Installing APACHE, PHP and MYSQL in Windows XP environment
  4. Get the server's ip address
  5. Changed servers; odd problem
  6. Formatting Problem
  7. Newbie having trouble finding the good loop
  8. Can't seem to create a simple pattern matching function due to character than won't allow me to escape it.
  9. Return value of 'each', 'current', 'next', 'end'
  10. Javascript to PHP Array
  11. PHP Profiler
  12. problem installing pear
  13. PHP/MYSQLI Persistent connections
  14. dealing data in a file as in a db (with sql). How?
  15. header()
  16. Output Buffer
  17. Redirect and mask address using PHP?
  18. session_set_cookie_params and session_save_path
  19. Catching "File name too long" errors
  20. how to get multiple=multiple values from an optgroup ?
  21. Access Violation @ odbc_fetch_row - but why?
  22. switching between different versions of xampp
  23. Regular Expression Q
  24. Store in mySQL or Files
  25. PHP fwrite EOF?
  26. Programmatically generate jpg thumbnails
  27. emacs - indenting HTML nicely
  28. PEAR Auth - check on each page
  29. Help Plz.
  30. pear checkauth and getauth - what's the difference!
  31. [SOLVED] Backslahes appearing in $message when using mail()
  32. everything after ' character is not displayed
  33. Get locales without shell access?
  34. Two Frames, one action, update both, How??
  35. What's wrong hee?
  36. PHP read large file line by line?
  37. session
  38. [SOLVED] Retrieve value from one phpfile to another.
  39. custom permission system
  40. Best php web server frameworks?
  41. Reusable modules and code organization?
  42. PHP flat file vs DB for a small website
  43. using javascript function in php function??
  44. Syntax Highlighting using XML and regex
  45. Membership software or script
  46. Server-side XForms processing with PHP
  47. uploading known files
  48. textarea selection
  49. What is a good book from beg to adv?
  50. url arguments ?
  51. REGEXP problem
  52. partial page loading problem
  53. speedy code? (with 2 databases)
  54. Enable php extensions on shared server?
  55. readyState 1 wall
  56. http fopen problem
  57. PHP Session Variables
  58. backslash problem
  59. How to avoid "Read Timeout Error" ?
  60. Difference between 'const' and 'define()'
  61. Difference between 'const' and 'define()'
  62. PHP5.1.6 Compilation
  63. Call another php file
  64. file upload problem
  65. Allowing a DASH to pass as numeric
  66. php and mysql
  67. Multiple users for different databases
  68. Stop user access
  69. print $str
  70. [SOLVED] URL parameter value containg the plus sign?
  71. right encoding for multi-language website
  72. how to use the pear modules?
  73. SWFShape::drawArc confusion
  74. Unique Identifiers & Select Queries to MSSQL in PHP
  75. Disable global error reporting
  76. Efficient Uniqueness Check
  77. ISP turned allow_url_fopen off
  78. Mod_rewrite and file_get_contents
  79. DOM importNode
  80. Looking for an event trigger
  81. allowing single quote in preg_match
  82. get button in iframe to change location of parent page
  83. Which (free) PHP IDE ?
  84. New Software Development Articles Directory
  85. PHP and FTP Server - Synchronizing users
  86. Font color in jpeg image (nearly) always orange
  87. illlegal characters for ini file values
  88. fileio in php
  89. Help with forgot password reminder
  90. Site management - removing redundant files
  91. Send XML from PHP to C++ Server
  92. find a process occupy your server
  93. Displaying user defined select
  94. mysql_real_escape_string() cannot connect to database..??
  95. form-pop up
  96. How can I keep data for users that are not logged in yet
  97. Help Plz Related in javascript
  98. Security Hardening a calendar app
  99. [DOUBLE POSTING] doubt about "upload the phpfile to your webserver"
  100. selective recolor an image
  101. Using array to pass data
  102. what does this operator do ->
  103. Script to be able to upload pics?
  104. How do you delete a zip file from a directory?
  105. eval() or call_user_func() ???
  106. Help needed with trying to make a detail page
  107. executing programs on a server
  108. curious if this can be done
  109. Help with If ...else statement
  110. Php Beginner mail format....
  111. Foreign languages and PHP
  112. Starting a Download
  113. Pass by reference via 'return' a variable...
  114. includes and modrewrite
  115. Quick way to generate links?
  116. <? Deprecation
  117. Passing an array as a reference to a function
  118. php+flash
  119. Parse PHP, capture output and use as string??
  120. Help Plz
  121. File download vai header
  122. Problem with htmlentities function in xmp tag
  123. mysql parameterised query
  124. Getting php to work from the root
  125. sharing php object in a different language
  126. Session across subdomains
  127. Pass by reference question
  128. Bolden text in an email
  129. radio buttons
  130. Get your client's email and name sent right!
  131. exit link url variable?
  132. php noobie
  133. Posting Guidelines. Read carefully before you post in a forum!
  134. session_start issue
  135. problem with session variables
  136. Pass Word Protected Directories
  137. input/search databases
  138. javascript and php form
  139. PHPSESSID problem
  140. CodeIgniter
  141. [SOLVED] Date formatting
  142. Redirecting on the server side?
  143. Returning a URL from a user search
  144. update syntax
  145. preg_replace_callback, class method?
  146. Checking for EOF (for any rows)
  147. Hi New to PHP and got a probs
  148. php condition in a tabel with html and php
  149. Unable to configure PHP with DB2
  150. PASSING ARRAY between URL
  151. phpnuke Header function dont act online but on localhost does perfectly
  152. How To Pass Array Between Url
  153. memory_get_usage() and benchmarks
  154. opening a page with the sole purpose of running an sql statement
  155. Upload problem
  156. products as a calendar
  157. Pin Number Downloads - How?
  158. setcookie issue
  159. date problem
  160. using onchange to retrieve a checkbox value.
  161. Variable in select row
  162. how to read with php from .csv file?
  163. Image displaying
  164. forum, guestbook
  165. Skip 'Insertion' Page
  166. php
  167. Looking for very simple and dynamic photo gallery based on directories...
  168. Pagination
  169. What is the definitive method of install PHP as a CGI on Apache 2.2 in Windows
  170. Forms and PHP
  171. Repopulate form after validation error
  172. for loop problems
  173. Problem retrieving an object from an array and calling a method on the object
  174. How to remove blanks at runtime??
  175. plain PHP implementation of hash function
  176. Oracle and Encryption
  177. DOM XML Compile Problem
  178. PHP/REGEXP to inject data into html string
  179. how to stop variable rounding up after a division
  180. Syntax errorr
  181. can anyone help me??plzz...
  182. Creating Dynamic URLs
  183. PHP download on MAC
  184. [CLOSED] how to install font when the page is getting accessed
  185. Can help to check and correct my search engine code?
  186. Help with regex to validate URL format
  187. [CLOSED] Database results in columns
  188. XForms and PHP
  189. form with dynamic questions
  190. excel exporter
  191. include won't work for some reason
  192. Forcing the user to open a link in a special way.
  193. radiobutton name unknown
  194. fread, explode, and eof problem
  195. Checking variables in an include
  196. sunrise/sunset
  197. Treating .html pages as PHP
  198. how to create a prompt up message to confirmation of submit the form
  199. Image popup from E-commerce store
  200. PHP::Auth requiring valid email address to authenticate
  201. ldap_search timeout?
  202. Parse error: parse error, unexpected ':' in ......./wp-rss2.php on line 1
  203. Creating an image - speed issues
  204. Errors in my login script
  205. New Server Made my Include code not Work!
  206. XML parser
  207. [SOLVED] how to close td tr after every three mysql record ?
  208. pdo_mysql
  209. $x = fopen ressource as as get parameter.
  210. difference betbeen...............
  211. mysql query in PHP
  212. header problem...................
  213. PHP and running DOS bat files and capture console
  214. post of fetched value fails
  215. Header Problem
  216. exec() on Windows
  217. problem with php mysql iis
  218. Whats wrong with this code
  219. Advanced Telesoft LTD - causeway bay
  220. Class question. Where am I going wrong?
  221. How do I exlude an empty field from being submitted?
  222. How can a GIF image < 1KB use up 100+mb of memory with imagecreatefromgif()?
  223. What is the best trainer for PHP code.
  224. help please
  225. Running multiple threads
  226. i dont understand the undefind index error in my code.can check for me?
  227. How do i make a numeric field
  228. Whats wrong with this code?
  229. refreshing flash....
  230. PHP Warning Unknown()..?
  231. Dynamic email images..
  232. Xoops at a new website
  233. process a BIG string
  234. Header Problem
  235. Concurrent session issues. Currently our website can have only one window open. Help me solve this.
  236. plese help me
  237. Redirect without changing `address` in your browser?
  238. php connection error
  239. How to execute a program using PHP ?? using $WshShell = new COM("WScript.Shell");
  240. The best method to send a large file to client?
  241. Oracle + PHP + long process
  242. Static Column amongst Multi-Column Loop
  243. $_POST
  244. How do I make that if the form is empty, it cannot submit?
  245. Can't get \n to work.
  246. Split a string into some more lines
  247. Non-local SMTP mail function.
  248. Makeing multiple MySQL queries in a single query.
  249. emi ucp sms socket connection
  250. Why can't I navigate to parent directory for a PHP function?
  251. Question about PHP/Zend extension development?
  252. stats_standard_deviation
  253. Http 401 Unauthorised
  254. processing 2 things in one form. is it possible?
  255. How to read from an xls document?
  256. Can someone direct me to...
  257. stub function question (simulating data retrieved from a database)
  258. Problem with Apache2 and PHP
  259. IIS doesn't read PHP.INI
  260. no-cache
  261. how to end up session
  262. PHP hangs!!
  263. ODBC String Quoting in odbc_exec
  264. driving me nuts...not that's a long trip
  265. Protect call to php script
  266. [CLOSED] Filtering dropdown box
  267. How to download from websites that use PhP
  268. Creating Large zip files in php
  269. ming text....
  270. Varaible Syntax
  271. How to hide username / password when using FTP functions
  272. POST Method
  273. cookies
  274. Serving files stored on an IMAP server
  275. help needed!!!!!
  276. Put my function as default function?
  277. "error_reporting" setting not being recognized in my php.ini file
  278. multiple row insert
  279. load dll
  280. issues writing a image path to mysql database
  281. php ->sh ->php
  282. arrays
  283. including content
  284. secure server-to-server transmissions
  285. crazy script prints variable value from other scripts?
  286. atomic file saves
  287. Saving formatting in variables
  288. Something wrong with this?
  289. grouping in a table
  290. PHP Javascript forms
  291. multiple users
  293. Searching and Replacing Character Entities
  294. Who has php-5.1.1 ?
  295. PHP & open connections
  296. crystal reports - iteration
  297. A question on predefined variables
  298. Plotting mysql values in a dynamic image.
  299. Ideas Please
  300. Generate all possibilities
  301. GD help
  302. Javascript function can't read variables set by php
  303. ~error,insert query failed....AND undefined index~
  304. PHP echo does not apear in html
  305. RegEx and exclusion
  306. Need Help with GD Creating a Watermarked Image
  307. some php code needed
  308. Looking for PHP code for printing function
  309. Looking for a Job?
  310. Require variable definition
  311. Help with syntax - if domain name exists
  312. PLEASE HELP - Drop down list related question
  313. Problem with PHP upgrade
  314. odbc: mysql vs. postgresql
  315. what function will split text
  316. [SOLVED] Php And Mysql
  317. Multiple Fonts in Email Message?
  318. Help with loop
  319. ssl and php
  320. Directory-View with PHP
  321. Cannot connect with mysql from php
  322. Problem in uploading files
  323. ereg statements
  324. php code
  325. How to retrieve data from mysql using drop down menu with text search field.
  326. Black Page Issue?
  327. PHP with no file extension
  328. Error - Cannot pass paramter --> Failed to open stream
  329. php and unicode
  330. Date Formats, Current/Historical Mode, LAMP env
  331. Tikiwiki running on PHP and MySQL
  332. $_POST shows nothing, how to debug ?
  333. ftp transfer large files?
  334. Problems with a form
  335. upload_tmp_dir
  336. Prado: Set and load cookies
  337. how to create dynamically edit table entries
  338. graphical day-time representation
  339. HTML problem
  340. Hi
  341. different session for multiple tab browser
  342. Connection pooling in PHP
  343. Automatically validating each page as it loads
  344. I am looking for a php software that allow me to add comments to my code
  345. cookies
  346. Let script conitnues even users close their browser
  347. trying to use php and sendmail to generate e-mails from form data
  348. Product Category tree
  349. Let script finish even users close their browser
  350. Russian characters in MySQL and phpMyAdmin
  351. Joys of CVS
  352. Complicated pagination logic problem
  353. Mail function on IIS
  354. Troubling warnings using PHP decrypt functions
  355. Parse Errors & Quote Marks
  356. Connection problems - PHP MySQL
  357. Embedding secure scripting language in PHP (req PHP internals expert)
  358. php + ajax - clearing xmlresponse object
  359. Singleton design pattern relveance in PHP
  360. Creating a bookstore database using phpmyadmin
  361. installation frameworks for php
  362. Connection pooling in PHP?
  363. require_once() driving me MAD ! - please HELP
  364. Where does php session cookies stored
  365. Looking for metasearch software
  366. PHP session_start() errors
  367. JSON in PHP
  368. Seeking editor for serialized files
  369. New Window
  370. Anyone use the PAJAX Framework?
  371. php mySql question!
  372. How to sort 2 dimensional array by primary and secondary column?
  373. How do I check if javascript is enabled in PHP?
  374. Apache+php on Windows
  375. A little help please....
  376. open source ajax/php html editors?
  377. Pass same info to successive pages
  378. mbstring extension not found; how to find it?
  379. need code snippet to verify input strings
  380. what is php
  381. HTTP problem, wrong characters sent (HTTP pro's needed!)
  382. Persistent global variable?
  383. Wrapping HTML Form Output.
  384. How to check for multiple @'s
  385. PHPMailer vs mail() function
  386. XP Development Environment
  387. Retrieving the multiple values set by a form
  388. PHP enabled per virtual host
  389. MySQL Backup Script
  390. form shortcut
  391. why is which not working?
  392. Is it worth it to return a resource by reference?
  393. can i make one value to many option ?
  394. Computer Language Popularity Trend
  395. specifying a new window when using Location:
  396. Trouble decrypting data
  397. Need regular expression or some easier way to do HTML query string text substitution
  398. get data into an array
  399. Passing parameters from HTML to PHP
  400. Using PHP to query a MySQL Database table
  401. Global variables
  402. Complex Form Question
  403. Unkowingly Took PHP Job with undgodly PHP Gurus ...
  404. Using get with special characters
  405. summer time issue in mysql
  406. Form Data -> Variables or an Array?
  407. xampp for solaris x86, need zipped file
  408. a search script to search all our pages - including dynamic ones
  409. Function with reference-passed variabel
  410. Tutorial for MySQL questionnaire
  411. Deleting a Record
  412. strtotime() pre-1970 ?
  413. how to get request parameter from one php page to another page
  414. special char + eregi()
  415. Any idea what's wrong with this code snippet?
  416. Hylafax and PDF
  417. permissions problem
  418. Form Mail Help
  419. How to display chat request alert on the remote side
  420. 100KB image that takes up 2mb of memory uses up all 8mb of memory - help!
  421. problems with uploading files
  422. submit form help
  423. email reciept
  424. Directory Recursion and Multidimensional Arrays
  425. static member of a class and inheritance
  426. May I know what does this sentence do "select * from category c left join"
  427. Make a function that returns more than one value?
  428. while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) error suppression
  429. Multiple query variables based on str_word_count
  430. encoding
  431. Document catalog
  432. hiding / replace To: email addresses ...
  433. Javascript /CSS code accessing DOM objects introduced via PHP include
  434. send data form to an e-mail!!
  435. Count NULL fields in a form
  436. epoch date -- Expires: Thu, 19 Nov 1981 08:52:00
  437. Exclusive session
  438. PHP zombie sessions
  439. Is making your own content mangement system a good idea?
  440. Dynamic Drop Down
  441. PHP MySQL quck question please help.
  442. How to send data in xml format to PHP script
  443. where am I?
  444. eval problem
  445. carrying over string value to other pages
  446. for loop and formatting its output
  447. Problem Connecting to MySQL
  448. DOM removeChild Problem
  449. Reading File in php
  450. how to generate hyperlink for entire column of number ID in a table
  451. Why my search engine function are limited
  452. how to create a search engine with text field and radio option
  453. Help with writing data to MySQL database using PHP
  454. collecting data from forms - when to save
  455. PHP - AREA tags - replace shape coords with strings
  456. Please. I need aid with FPDF.
  457. PHP standalone: charset setting
  458. What is php daily include missing?
  459. Help: image button
  460. Help: creating a button with mulitline of text
  461. Dynamic JS Form Variables
  462. Is an ORM tool really necessary for web applications?
  463. Looking for PHP learning classes
  464. Serialize string contains line feed?
  465. Trouble connecting with FTP
  466. if pathname query
  467. PHP and COM
  468. how to built a search engine
  469. Starting a PHP script in the background?
  470. Vacancy in Bombay for Professional PHP Developers
  471. How to get data from .CSV file using php & store it into Mysql database
  472. Add forum feature php application
  473. Purpose of Enctype attribute in Form tag
  474. How exactly does mcrypt implement rijndael-256 and how to make compatible
  475. Urgently need help
  476. Generating PDF file and sending as email attachment
  477. Start with php
  478. URGENT NEED :: PHP DEVELOPMENT TEAM MEMBERS, $ 45 - 70 / hr, Santa Clara, CA
  479. File Downloads
  480. Confused About PHP!?
  481. Having problem with Apache and PHP
  482. configure php with ibm-db2
  483. No help at all
  484. Pulling variables from str_replace
  485. HTTP Post with *
  486. Source of the user
  487. Session time out
  488. inventory
  489. hi guyz
  490. Unable to access session values/variables
  491. now what
  492. float to integer convertion
  493. (BELLmailer.php) PHP inside TPL
  494. Hi Banfa suggest me
  495. flock won't non-block at all
  496. Session Variables and Domain Redirection Problem
  497. NEED HELP!?! echoing image
  498. <? and <?php directive
  499. framework for MySQL and PHP5
  500. Database lookup
  501. Problem with classes
  502. fgetcsv returns false in dynamic read vs. hard-coded read ??
  503. Getting username
  504. Open source projekt for Discussion Forum ?
  505. Retrieving the Description meta tag of a remote page
  506. blank pages
  507. Cookie problems (simple code included)
  508. Looking for a php script to embed window media video
  509. Need to Flush before Sleep but I'm blank.
  510. Php code for server listen to the port 29999
  511. FormsAuthentication to PHP
  512. guru question
  513. smarty for ajax
  514. CURLOPT_POST question
  515. Pagination Proving Problematic
  516. check syntax before include
  517. JpGraph and PDF
  518. smarty for ajax
  519. What is the Maximum limit using POST Method
  520. Execuete Executable file
  521. Hide Url
  522. PHP & Crystal Reports - Can't quit ActiveX Designer session
  523. Have problems with in_array statement
  524. Undefined Index
  525. Download with a timeout
  526. Poor man's captcha: why wouldn't this work?
  527. Contest to create php script
  528. Combine two arrays? Well, sort of...
  529. php/curl works from commandline, not browser??
  530. Create variable for deletion
  531. initial value in a month array
  532. PHP to RSS
  533. How to sort array of classes based on the value of property
  534. installing curl
  535. Array to hold multiple file content
  536. need help with $_POST variables
  537. Error Trapping Within Classes
  538. can php loops be continued throughout html
  539. Error: File does not exists favicon.ico
  540. .htaccess
  541. Compressing a string with URL safe characters
  542. Export events to Outlook
  543. Technical Question
  544. Language Translation for web Page
  545. clear cache tag in PHP?
  546. function checkOK($field)
  547. Entering credit card number without spaces and dashes
  548. Checking PHP version for compatibility?
  549. "nested" recordset paging
  550. php --without-pear